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Thread: "Knockout Part 2" with Chloe Moretz

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    fanfiction "Knockout Part 2" with Chloe Moretz

    "Knockout Part 2"
    With Chloe Moretz
    Written By: Thugnificent

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    Her aroma filled the room; I licked more and more.

    "Mmm...Yea lick deeper!!!" she moaned as my fingers penetrated her tight hole.

    "You like that?" I asked as I gently added another finger to her blazing cunt."Mmm, your smell is intoxicating,"

    I picked her thong and held it to my face, which turned her on even more as she started rubbing faster and faster.

    "Ohh, OMG!!!" she yelled as she watched me take in her scent from the soaked underwear.

    I gently removed her fingers and place my tongue deep inside her cunt, slurp by slurp I knew it was only a matte of time before she....

    "Ahhhhh, FUCK YEA," she moaned loudly as my mouth filled up with her juices, dripping at the sides.

    I could only watch as the orgasm took over the petite body as it thrashed and squirmed in the bed.

    "OMG," she could barely speak still shaken by pleasure, I stuffed my cock in her mouth and she took it without resisting.

    "Mmmmppphhh!!!" she gagged as I went to deep, I gave her a sorry look but I couldn't take it having her swallow my meat in her warm little mouth.

    Just when I thought things couldn't get better she started to massage my testicles to which I had no words to explain the pleasure flowing through my nerves.

    "Mmm... You like that?" she noticed my eyes rolled back into my head, “how about this?" she positioned my meat to poke out her cheek while she bathed it in saliva.

    "'re too good at this," I mumbled.

    "What?" she teased," you like when I suck your big cock?"

    "Yes, don't stop I’m almost there," I grabbed the back of her head and shoved pole down her throat sending my load with it.

    " taste good," she swallowed my seed like it was nothing."Lay down," to which I happily obeyed.

    She began to tear off my clothes and pulled my pants down to my knees then took them off completely.

    "Wow, you're pretty ripped," she admired my physique then started to rub my abdomen while licking at my tip.

    "My turn," she whispered in my ear before she then proceeded to take off her dress and unhook her bra, nude before my eyes, my cock swelled at the sight.

    Her body was truly something to behold, her angelic face, supple full breasts and those toned legs that drove me crazy.

    "Like what you see??" she asked before taking a sexy pose, I could only watch and rub my cock.

    I really didn't think it through as a violently bent her over and impaled my 7 inches in her ass.

    She was speechless for moment before I realized what I've done. Chloe had never taken it in the ass before; I could tell from how tight her hole was.

    "Ow, Nando that really hurt," she whined almost sobbing. I couldn't control myself as I started to pound her ass harder and harder.

    "Please... Stop!!" she yelled between gasps as I continued to ram her uncontrollably. I stop and pulled out from inside and observed her gaping red hole.

    "I'm sorry," I whispered kissing her neck and back," I'll be more gentle,"

    I slowly and gently penetrated her only this time I began to gently thrust in and out.

    Not like before she now complained about my speed so I resumed the pounding," OMG, YES FUCK MY ASS!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

    For having such a pretty face and petite body, Chloe was a freak!!!

    "Ughhh... Mmmmmm," she moaned into the pillow as she had experienced anal for the first time. A long thick string of cum spread as I pulled out of her.

    "I've never had such a tight, juicy ass," I complemented her while tonguing her gaped hole.

    "Ohh, god that felt so good," she exclaimed

    "I know, I'm just getting started," I smiled at her while she glared back in horror knowing I haven't had her pussy yet.

    "Wanna take a break?" I offered, she quickly nodded in agreement.

    We laid on the bed rubbing and stroke each other while having a deep conversation about our personal lives. She told me about being an actor which is surprisingly very hard.

    She didn't fail to mention how she would work very for a role then only to be disappointed when she didn't get it.

    Boxing was similar; I trained for a few months putting my body through hell then only to be beat by some punk.

    "Wait you're a boxer?" she asked," that's where I saw you before!!" she pointed out, it's true a couple of my fights where on TV.

    Didn't mean shit, she had movies I had some guy punching me for four rounds for a measly three-hundred dollars.

    "What's it like?" she asked while stroking my cock.

    "It's exhilarating," I answered,” truthfully I never was good at anything else,"

    "Ohh you aren’t?" she questioned playfully," well you mind showing me a few moves?"

    I pulled her close kissing her soft lips then shoving my thick tongue into her mouth. She flicked her tongue back at me only causing my cock to awaken again.

    "Come here," I picked her up and placed right on top of my cock, facing me.

    She gripped the tip of my cock and slowly impaled her self onto to it and began to ride me like a pony.

    "Ugh!!!....You're so BIG!!!" she moaned, Laying right on top of me allowed me access to her breasts.

    I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples only encouraging her to start grinding up against me.

    "Ohh FUCK, Play With my ASS!!!" she insisted, to which I obliged.

    Lick the tip of my finger I shoved knuckle deep into her puckered hole.

    "OHH...FUCK MY ASS," she moaned, driving me to finger faster harder and deeper.

    I suddenly felt her shake as I knew she had reached her climax.

    She moaned and cussed for a few more seconds before dropping on top of me.

    "God I fucking love your cock," she whispered.
    I gave her a wet kiss then lifted her ass in the air giving her a few more thrusts when I saw something that blew my mind

    Looking outside to the hall, I see Chris holding hands a making out with Selena Gomez as they head over to the other guest room.

    "Let's get back to the party," she suggested

    I got completely dressed but Chloe needed help with her dress zipper, I zipped it up kissing every inch of her back.

    "We should do this again," she giggled as we went to join the party once more........

    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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    Sure enough, this series only got better in a truly hot second chapter. Well done Thugnificent

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