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Thread: "Ice Cold 2" with Jennette McCurdy

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    fanfiction "Ice Cold 2" with Jennette McCurdy

    "Ice Cold 2"
    With Jennette McCurdy
    Written By Thugnificent

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    A/N: Hey guys, sorry for the wait but I didn't have time earlier but anyways I'll be doing Ariana Grande next.

    Grabbing a fistful of hair, I bobbed her head on my cock vigorously fucking her mouth.

    She took my whole length without resisting.

    "Mmm...mmmphhh..deeper!!!" she mumbled between slurps. She pushed me to the couch and tore off my shorts.

    Jennette pulled my meat out and spat on it before taking my whole pole down her throat.

    "Holy shit!!!" I moaned when she took both my balls into her wet mouth.

    "You like that?" she teased while tickling my left testicle with her tongue, I could only nod in agreement.

    She laid me on the couch and started milking my cock. She shoved my tip into her mouth and showered it with saliva while rubbing my pole. She bobbed my head up and down until I finally popped in her mouth.

    "Mmmm," she moaned swallowing my whole load.

    She laid down on the couch, and opened her legs inviting me to devour her.

    I thrusted my head between her legs and devoured her soaked lips.

    Rubbing my nose hard against her clit, I shoved my fingers knuckle deep inside her.

    "When's then last time you had some cock?" I asked Jennette. She could only bite her lip and shrug.

    "Answer me or I'll stop," I threatened her.

    "A long time," she finally moaned shoving my face deeper between her legs.

    "Well that's about to change," I grabbed her full breast in my hand and squeezed it causing her to jump at my touch.

    Her nipples were now at my disposal, I suckled them both I'm my mouth.

    I kissed every inch of her chest finally making my way up to her face and neck.

    I wanted to taste every inch of her soft, silky skin.

    "OMG...FUCK...YEAH!!!" she moaned as she finally cane all over my hand.

    I savored her juices then gave her a taste.

    "Mmm...yummy!!!" she licked her essence off my fingers.

    I leaned in for a kiss but she flipped me over and slowly impaled herself on my cock.

    She rode me like a wild bull, shaking and grinding her hips against mine.

    "OH FUCK!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. I went to put my hands on her mouth but she slapped it away. This girl didn't care if anyone heard.

    I covered my middle finger in saliva then
    fingered Jennette's puckered hole. As I went deeper her moans and yelps got louder and louder.

    "Jennette, seriously shhh!!!" I whispered to try and calm her down but my efforts were useless as she buckled and screamed with my every thrust.

    She wanted to play dirty? Okay two can play at that game. I switched positions and delayed her orgasism but she didn't seem to mind.

    I had her bent over her dresser and rammed her ass, her breasts slapping against the glass.

    "OH FUCK YEAH, HAVE THAT ASS!!!" she moaned while getting off her reflection in the mirror.

    Getting closer to my climax I increased speed and started to rub her nipples, only a few moments away she switched to doggy style on the couch.

    I couldn't believe she pulled that on me. Well, the joke backfire as a few seconds later I let off my load in her tight round ass.

    "OH FUCK!!!" she moaned, I pulled my length from her and pumped the rest of my seed on her lower back. She scooped up a finger load and tasted me.

    "Mmmmm!!!" she licked her fingers clean. She starts to get up but we heard a slight knock on the door.

    "Jennette?" the voice was Miranda. "You coming to get some pizza?"

    "No thanks, I'll catch up with you guys later," she answered looking at me nervously.

    "Are you okay?" she asked Jennette with concern.

    "Yea I'm fine, I'll be right out," she answered getting dressed.

    "I'm sorry," she whispered." We'll catch up later?" I told her to be at my hotel room at eight. She happily agreed before kissing me goodbye.

    I had sneak out her window and drive back to my hotel room in my boxers, so that was weird.

    I quick shower and a few hours later in had the room service ready and the hot tub blasting. Some champagne on the side really added class.

    Wearing nothing under my black gold trim robe I laid on my bed watching late night television before hearing a knock on the door.

    I ran to the door only to be disappointed by the manager asking for some ice. I resisted but I wanted him out as fast as possible, so I gave him all of it.

    Another knock and I went to put that manager in his place but instead Jennette greeted me with a soft kiss.

    "I'm sorry for bailing on you," she apologized.

    "Well, you can make it up to me," I teased her." Lose the clothes,"

    She obeyed completely and now stood there in her underwear.

    With another passionate kiss I pulled her panties off and unhooked her bra. She blushed at my touch and still resisted me a bit.

    "What's wrong?" I asked kissing down her soft warm neck.

    "I don't know," she whispered. " I don't feel comfortable,"

    "I'm sorry, Jennette," I handed her underwear. " I don't want to make you do something you don't want to,"

    "No, I want to," she tossed her panties aside and wrapped her hands around my neck.

    "So what's the problem?" I asked between kisses.

    "None of the guys I've been with treated me so politely, they usually just attack me." she giggled.

    "I'm not like that, I want you to enjoy every second," I assured her.

    I gently pushed my tongue past her lips and licked at her tongue. She returned the gesture.

    Now completely making out I reached down to squeezed her tight plump ass for the first time. She moaned in my mouth when my I shoved my had between her yummy legs.

    "Come on," I grabbed her had and guided her to my queen sized bed.

    She jumped on my bed pulling me with her. I positioned myself between her legs and nibbled her whole upper body.

    "You taste so good," I said feeling every inch of her heaving chest.

    Moments of hot licking and rubbing was interrupted by her ringing phone.

    "Hello?" she answered still shaken." Now? But I'm busy,"

    "I'm so sorry," she started to get up but I stopped her." I gotta go,"

    "What the fuck Jennette?" I asked her angrily.

    "I'll catch up with you later," she said defensively.

    She quickly got dressed and headed out faster than she came in.

    "I'm sick of all these "stars" pulling this crap on me," I thought to myself. " I need a vacation,"

    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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    And he lands another hay maker! Awesome set Thug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yossairian View Post
    And he lands another hay maker! Awesome set Thug.
    Thanks, i think you're going to like my next story...

    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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