With Ariana Grande
Written by Thugnificent

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

With three title defenses under my belt I thought it was a good time for a vacation. My mother quickly noticed my fatigue and suggested I visit my father in Rome. The airport was hell just like always, especially since I bought our tickets there. People quickly started to gather around when they saw me at the gate. Some guy even challenged me to a fight but was quickly turned down by my security.

The actual flight there wasn’t bad; I got to see a lot of the rural areas of Rome which were breathtakingly beautiful. “Look at that!” my mom pointed out a huge field of rice. Three painful hours later at was at the roman airport ready to meet up with my father and his new wife.

“Nando!” my father ran over to give me a huge bear hug. “Look at you, you’re so tall!” he then greeted my mother with a grim look.

“Hey pops how are you?” I returned his hug then greeted his new wife Sarah. “How’s it going Sarah?”
I looked around everywhere but couldn’t find my little red head step-sister Ari. I asked my father but he told me he hasn’t seen her since yesterday.

“What?” I asked him with concern. “Do you have any idea where she is?” he nodded in denial. How the hell don’t they know where she is? We headed straight home but she wasn’t there either. He then gave me the address of her friend’s house where she might be. I drove down to the city to find my self in front of a building with huge wooden doors.

I rang the door bell but none answered, but fortunately some guy was exiting the building so I walked right in. my father wrote 4C which was probably the apartment she in. I went up three flights of stairs before finding the right door. I knocked but no one answered.

I knocked again only this time harder. “What the fuck do you want?” a voice answered.

“Is Ariana here?” I asked getting a little irritated. “Tell her it’s Fernando,”

“She isn’t trying to see you dog, get the fuck out of here!” he answered.

“You got three seconds to open the door,” I warned him backing up to the hall. He laughed at the comment but the laugher ended after I kicked the door in revealing a bunch of Italian kids gathered around smoking pot. I looked around for Ariana but couldn’t find her anywhere so I went to the room. Ariana laid on the bed while some guy kissed her neck and face pulling his pants down.

I pushed him off and tried to wake her up but she was high as a kite. He got up to confront me but I sat him back down with a straight to the temple. I tried to get all of her things before throwing her over my shoulder and heading to my rental car.

Driving back home I tried to wake her by yelling her name and shoving her a bit but she was out cold. She finally came to halfway there and asked me who I was, what the fuck was in that weed?

“It’s me, Nando,” I tried to jog her memory but I didn’t ring a bell. “Your big brother,”
She just smiled back and went to sleep, typical. I finally got home after twenty minutes and was able to sneak her into her room. I laid her on the bed and took her heels off; just then a sick thought crossed my mind of taking advantage of her but feeling disgusted I brushed it off.

I went down stairs to wait for her to sober up before we had our talk, she was lucky our parents went to dinner. Two hours later she came down in her pajamas and was “surprised” to see me.

“Omg, when did you get here?” she asked hugging me. “I missed you so much,”

“Cut the crap, Ari,” I pushed her off which seemed to have hurt her feelings. “What the hell where you doing at that party?”

She knew her little sweet girl charade wasn’t going to work so she fussed up. She started to blame for ruining her night with her so called “friends”. I let her know how I found her then she tried to lie by telling me that was her boyfriend. After twenty minutes of arguing pointlessly, she broke down.

“I’m so sorry, please don’t tell daddy,’ she begged sobbing on my shirt. “I’ll do anything you ask,”

“I don’t want anything,” I hissed. “You’re lucky they’re out or I would tell them right now,” she pleaded but her tricks aren’t working on me. She then got angry again telling how I was the worst brother ever. I brushed off the comment and headed to my room to unpack and catch up on my book. I heard a knock at the door when I was on the last chapter.

“Can I come in?” asked Ariana with a sad tone in her voice. I gestured her to come in before setting down my book. I must have looked ten years older with my reading glasses on.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked her, she quickly nodded and sat down on my bed. “What were you doing, Ari?”

“I was having fun, or so I though before Philip tried to pulled that crap on me,” she mumbled back. “I’m sorry you had to see me that way,”

“So am I,” I quipped. “I didn’t think you changed so much over five years, I guess you’re not the little girl I left here,”

“I’m sorry Nando, I’ll do anything---,” she began before I cut her off with a kiss. She wasn’t completely surprised considering it was me who took her virginity. She blushed and then returned another kiss this time with some tongue.

“I almost forgot how good of a kisser you are,” I complemented. “And you’ve really grown since I last saw you,” she knew I was talking about her tight luscious body. She jumped on top of me bathing me with kisses.

“I missed you so much,” she moaned between kisses. I flipped her over and suckled and kissed her warm soft neck. “Oh god, you can have me,” she cooed, I immediately stopped.

“This isn’t going to shut me up you know,” I whispered in her ear. “It’s going to cost you,” she smiled at my blackmail, she’s enjoying this way too much.

“And what exactly did you have in mind?” she teased pulling her pajama bottoms down, revealing hello kitty panties. She tore her top off to reveal her pale perky breasts which she started to rub and pinch.

“Jesus, Ari what happened?” I was blown away by her new found beauty and then found myself openly rubbing my pole. “You can start by taking those panties off,” she pulled them down her sexy sleek legs and threw them in my face. I could smell how wet she was.

“Are you kids alright?” Sarah asked startling both of us. Ariana quickly threw herself on the bed and pulled the cover over us. Sarah walked in to what she thought was brotherly love but she had no idea what was happening under the sheets. Ari could barely talk as she felt my fingers penetrate her soaked slit under the covers.

“Well, good night,” Sarah said turning the lights off. Ari and I felt saddened relief and excitement; we finally had the room to ourselves.

“Now the real fun can begin,” I whispered in her ear exciting her even more…