"Obsession 2"
with Ariana Grande
Written By Thugnificent

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

A/N: Hey guys, I was wondering if I should include Elizabeth Gillies in my next story or not. Tell me what you think.

The hot steamy scent of sex filling the room, I slowly spread her legs to devour her dripping teenage sex.

Her moans and squirms of hesitation only drove me to lick deeper and faster. Her warm juices filled my mouth. I shoved my fingers knuckle deep causing her to jump in pain and pleasure.

I laid down on the bed and sat her down on my face leaving myself an all you can eat buffet . I couldn't believe it's been five years since I tasted her sweet, sweet nectar.

"Ohhh, Mmmm...deeper!!!" she moaned while rubbing her fully erect nipples. I had to cover her mouth or they would surely hear her moaning downstairs.

She leaned in to the 69 position, taking my throbbing meat all the way down her throat. She licked and slurped on the tip before devouring it fully again.

"Mmmmphhh...Mmmm!!!" she cooed between slurps, now fingering both holes I kissed and suckled her perfect round ass cheeks. She trembled and squirmed to my touch.

Losing the track of time I look up at her clock to see that I've been lost in her pussy for a a good forty five minutes. I could feel her jaw tighten from exhaustion so I suggested we take a break.

"God can't remember the last time someone ate me like that," Ari admired. "I missed you so much big brother."

"Oh, I missed you too sis," I placed another soft kiss on her, I felt kind of a jerk for leaving her alone here.

She admitted she's always had a thing for me ever since we were eight. I had to admit myself about a couple fantasies.

"So why didn't you make a move then?" I asked pinching her nipple with my thumb and index finger.

"I don't know, I thought you won't like me," she mumbled, she was blushing noticeably.

"Why wouldn't I like you, look at you you're beautiful, talented and not to mention a star," I complemented. "you're a little too insecure for your own good,"

"but you're a world champion, who doesn't know who you are?" she answered still mumbling under her breath.

She was only playing this bad girl role to piss off our parents, I knew she was a sweet girl. I told her from the beginning that it wouldn't work on me.

We started to get lustful again when a sudden feeling of disgust hit me. I pushed her off and told what I felt.

"I thought you wanted me," she whined still trying to get me aroused.

"I do, but I don't know," I told her removing her hand from my cock. " I feel like I'm taking advantage of you,"

"You're not, I want to do this just as much as you do," She assured me. " Here let me do all the work," she pushed my head back to the bed and spread my legs.

Bobbing on my tip she slurped and licked then took my whole length in her mouth causing her to gag. She licked and rubbed the underside of my meat, slowly making her way up.

My little sis was giving me a full raging blowjob, I actually was falling in and out of sleep from all the pleasure. Her sexy red hair waving back and forth as she swallowed my pole down her throat, it was amazing.

"Damn you look good with my cock in your mouth," I told her grabbing the back of her wad and pushing her up and down on my meat.

Her widened when I sprayed my load down her throat, pulling out my cock some of it landed on her chin and chest. She scoped up the rest and swallowed it like a champ.

"Mmm... I forgot how good you taste, bro," she said licking the remainder of my seed off my meat.

"I bet you taste even better now," I responded pushing her on her back and spreading her legs, ready to devour her.

"Oh, fuck... Chew that cunt!!!" she moaned rubbing her clit vigorsly. I happily obliged shoving my tongue between we soaked lips, Flicking and licking deeper and deeper causing her to moan at the top of her lungs.

Only a few licks away from her climax, I flipped her over on all fours. She turned to complain but I shut her up by shoving my fingers knuckle deep inside her. She leaked her juices all over my fingers.

"You don't know how bad I needed that," she was panting and heaving. Putting my fingers in her mouth she licked all her essence.*

"When's the last time you had some cock?" I asked rubbing my tip around her puckered hole.

She hesitated but I told her I would tell dad about the party so as became all submissive.

"It's been a while, since you left," she finally mumbled. I couldn't believe I was the last one to have her sweet, sweet ass.

I showered my finger with saliva then tried to penetrate her but she tighter than spandex. So I thrusted myself inch by inch making her yelp every second or so.

She had the tightest hole I've ever had, I could barely deal with the friction. I could feel her expanding and adjusting to my cock.
She slowly started to grind in unison with her hips, slowly catching up with my rhythm.

My abs tingling, I knew what what coming next but then I suddenly heard a sound that turned me off completely. The door knob was turning left and right as someone was trying to open the door. I quickly pulled out from Ari and tackled her to be bed ten covered us with the sheet...