"Obsession 3"
With Ariana Grande
Written By Thugnificent

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

My heart almost pounding out of my chest, I held Ari in my arms waiting for the door to open. I was finally able to come down as Sarah walked through the door.

"What's going on in here?" she asked with both hand on her hips. She must have heard Ari's yelling. She was giving me a weird look.

"Sorry, we were just watching some movies," Ari responded, I could tell Sarah wasn't buying it, the TV wasn't even on.

"Get up," she demanded. When I heard that I literary felt my heart drop. We were completely nude under the covers and she wanted us to stand up???

"But...I..." Ari started to say but I shocked both of them as I stood up and kick the covers off me. Sarah's jaw dropped when she saw me completely nude right in front of her.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry," she tried to cover her face but she couldn't take her eyes off my still erect junk. She literary bolted out the room and left Ari and I hysterical.

Two more kinky rounds of sex and we finally passed out from exhaustion. All I remember was falling asleep with Ari's tongue in my mouth.

The next day was great just as the night before. She kissed me every time our eyes met and couldn't keep her hands off me, discretely of course.

With my birthday coming up we had planned to fly back to NY but I decided to fly everyone to Rome instead. We rented out a huge hotel to throw the party at. While my parents planned the party, Ari and I shopped for clothes.

We went to the Gucci store down the street. Nothing really caught my attention, so Ari finally picked out a suit and some shoes for me. While walking to the cash register Ari pulled be into one of the dressing rooms.

"You excited for your birthday?" she asked wrapping her hands around my neck. She pushed me to the wall and placed a wet kiss on my lips. She gave me a sweet smile, flashing me her amazing dimples.

"I don't know, what's gonna be my present this year?" I asked with a sly grin. She grabbed my meat through my pants, making me jump a bit.

"Oh I have something in mind, but you'll have to wait until the party," she said letting go of my cock and left me aroused and confused. What a fucking tease!!!

I went to pay for the suit but she beat me to it. I thanked for the kind gesture but later discovered she used my credit card...

Few hours later I was taking a quick hit shower when I heard the door open. The foot steps getting closer, I had an idea who it was.

"Can I join you?" Ari asked stepping through the steamy glass door. I nodded in approval and watched as she pull her shirt up and tossed it over the curtains, then did the same with her black laced thong.

"When's the last time you gave me a bath?" she asked rubbing the soap between her hands. *Ari started to lather herself with the suds, slowly going lower and lower.

"I...don't...it's been," I mumbled still awing at her beauty. She rubbed the soap on the loofa then handed it to me. I slowly rubbed the loofa on her back and then rubbed her lower back, making her purr a bit.

"Hmmmm...yea...go lower," she cooed as I tickled her lower back with the tip of the loofa. Throwing the loofa aside, I put soap on my hands an started to wash her manually.

I turned her around and caressed and scrubbed her breasts, not forgetting to clean under her supple mounds. I scrubbed under her arm pits and then her curvaceous ribs. I didn't forget to scrub and tickle her flat, toned abdomen making her moan a bit.

I reached around and squeezed her round bubble butt, filling my whole hand with her soft flesh. I scrubbed and spread her butt cheeks making sure to clean deep inside her. I covered my finger with soap and fingered deep in her stinkhole.

"You always loved to clean me, didn't you bro?" she was right. Ever since we where kids we used to shower together, more touching than cleaning usually.*

Grinding her hips to the rhythm of my hand, she started to fuck my finger. Slapping her cheeks against my palm, she shook her ass unison with my finger.

I pushed her against the glass, still drilling my finger deep inside her. I gave her a huge slap on ass which made her moan even louder.

Placing my hand right under her soaking sex, I rubbed it between her inner thighs. She purred to my touch and moaned my name, urging me on even more. Quivering and squirming she finally hit the spot, soaking my hand in the process.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as I licked her sweet nectar off my hand. "I always loved our showers,"

She grabbed my throbbing pole and rubbed it to it's full attention. She milked it, shoving her tongue in my mouth. Flicking ad licked the inside of my mouth, she was driving me to my climax with her warm hand.

Just a few thrusts away, she let go of my length and quickly stepped out if the shower. She wrapped herself in her towel and flashed me a sly grin.*

"Why did...you stop?" I could barely speak from the sensation. She just smiled back and left to change in her room. What a fucking tease!!!

I just finished putting on my shirt when I saw Ari in the mirror's reflection. She smiled when she saw my angry expression.

"You aren't angry, are you?" she teased adjusting my shirt. "I was only joking," she added. I was so pissed off I couldn't even look at her.

"Oh come on," she pouted." You can't stay mad at your little sis," I brushed off her comment and acted like she wasn't even there.

Finally applying cologne, I headed out to the limo waiting outside. The rest of family joined soon after ten we drove out for he hotel downtown.

Rome was even more beautiful at night. The city's night lights showed the more modern side of the historic country. We later would arrive at the hotel with lights and music blasting out of it.

The walkway was full of paparazzi who instantly started taking pictures when they saw me get out the limo with Ari at my side.
We walked down the isle still blinded by the flash when I was stopped for a couple quick interviews.

"So how does it feel like to turn twenty one?" one reporter asked.

"Well I feel great that I get to enjoy my birthday with family and friends, enjoy the party," I responded before moving on to the next reporter.

The inside of the hotel was even more amazing. I quickly caught up with my old friends, Bobby and Frank.

"Happy birthday, bro!" Frank hugged me tightly. "Hope you get some ass this time,"

I laughed at his comment then turned to see my good friend and fellow boxer Bobby. He quickly rose through the ranks as a heavyweight and was finally getting a title shot next month.

"Happy birthday, champ!" he yelled through the music.

"Thanks a lot, enjoy the party," I returned his hug then turned to mingle with the attendants. Honestly, I didn't know half the people here.

A few hours of talking, drinking and a tittle dancing is when things got crazy. People where sneaking out to the rooms to drink or make out or even worse. I paid no attention at all, being surrounded by so many of my female "fans"

I was completely wasted by ten. Ari pulled me out to dance, just my luck a reggae song. She started grinding and shaking he hips got the beat. She even pulled up her tight little black dress to give me a peak at her underwear but she wasn't wearing any. After the dance she asked me to meet up with her in room 3C in about twenty minutes. I happily agreed.

I ran over to the bar to try and get even more juiced up. The time flew as I drank my way through three bottles of vodka. I managed to stumble to the elevator and pressed the third floor button.

I limped out of the elevator and searched around for 3C which was at the end of the hall. The door was unlocked, just as I thought.

I looked around for Ari but I couldn't did her anywhere. I went back out to the living room when I finally saw her in the hot tub relaxing to some music.

"Oh you're here, good," she said sitting up. "Why don't you join me?"