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Thread: "Just Another Day" with Daniella Monet

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    fanfiction "Just Another Day" with Daniella Monet

    "Just Another Day"
    with Daniella Monet*
    Written By Thugnificent

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    It's been three months since my vacation in Rome. I'm not going to lie it's been hard getting back into shape but with my fifth title defense coming up I had to train the hardest i've ever had. After this fight my trainer plans to move me up to light heavyweight, he thinks there's no one left for me in this division. As I prepared for my daily run I heard my phone ring.

    "Hello?" I greeted pulling up my shorts. I quickly recognized the voice as my agent Bonnie.

    "Hey honey, how's the training going?" she asked in a motherly tone.

    "It's going great, I feel better than ever," I admitted tying my boots.

    "Good, listen I got an invite from the producers of Victorious," she added.

    "Well I'm kinda busy with my training, I don't think I have time for an episode," I responded.

    "That's too bad," she whined. "They had a movie planned," I was in LA for my camp but I honestly didn't have the time.

    "I'm sorry Bonnie, I wish I could do it," I said placing the phone between my shoulder and face. I said my goodbye and headed out the door to do my routine.

    While running down the street I had the time
    to really appreciate the beauty of this park. I rarely get the chance to get some fresh air considering I usually train indoors. Running for this long really pushed my limits, specially due to the elevation.

    Jogging down the track I quickly turned a curve to see a group of people gathered around some guys. I could hear them yelling to tear someone's top off and cover her mouth. I pushed my way through the crowd and found a shocking scene in front of me.

    Three goons were attacking some girl. while two of them held her arms down, the other was ripping her top completely off her. One of them trying to cover her muffled screams. I kicked them off her and helped her to her feet.

    "Who the fuck you think you are?" asked the tallest one while wiping the blood from his mouth. The other two stood up and pulled out knives but they were called off by true leader.

    "I got this punk," he told them then took his shirt off. The frantic girl quickly got behind me as he approached me. With one wild swing he managed to clip my nose, big mistake.

    Right as he dropped his left arm to swing again I cracked him with a right sending crashing to the concrete. He stood up still wobbly and swung at me, only this time he tripped over himself face planting the concrete once more.

    "Yo, get this nigga!" yelled someone from the crowd. The other two looked at each other then charged me only to be stopped by two quick jabs. They picked their leader up and ran into the woods while the whole crowd cheered.

    "Why the hell didn't any of you do something?" I asked angrily silencing their cheers. "She could've been seriously hurt,"

    I pulled her out from the crowd and hurried to the gym to attend her bloody nose. She could only whisper her thanks as we ran back through the park.

    "What's your name?" I asked her handing her a tissue for her nose. She wiped the blood from her nose and turned to answer me but hesitated a bit.

    "I'm only trying to help," I assured her then gave her the friendliest smile I could.

    "Daniella," she finally mumbled still holding the bloody rag to her nostrils. I took a good look at her then it finally hit me.

    "Wait, aren't you that girl from Victorious?" I asked a little too excited. She giggled at my enthusiasm and nodded in agreement.

    "What are you doing in this part of the neighborhood?" I was surprised she was around here, doesn't she know how dangerous it is?

    "I was jogging when those three assholes attacked me," she responded. " I think they were trying to rape me or something," her eyes were tearing up, poor girl was shaken up.

    "I'm so sorry that happened, but you really shouldn't be out here by yourself," I told her handing her a clean rag. I tried to inspect her nose but she slapped my hand away, clearly she was in pain.

    "Let me see," I said with concern. She moved her hand allowing me to tilt her head and get a good look up her nostrils.*

    "It's not broken but they hit you pretty hard," I said then placed two cotton swabs up her nose. She flinched since I dabbed them with alcohol.

    "Thanks for all your help," she thanked a little muffled by the swabs. She tried to smile but even her gums were bleeding.

    "No problem, anyone know you here?" I asked lacing up my gloves. She nodded in denial, just as I thought. I told her she could use the phone in my trainer's office while I did a few rounds of sparring. I watch her walk to my trainer's desk, her ass looked incredible in spandex.

    Few sparring sessions later I found her sitting on the bench next to the ring.

    "Anyone coming to pick you up?" I panted still fatigued from my ring work.

    "No, not until eight," she responded in a sorry tone. I could understand her disappointment it was only two-thirty.

    "Weren't you working out?" I asked removing my headgear.

    "Yeah but I didn't get the chance to finish," she joked. How could anyone have a sense of humor after being sexually attacked?

    "Well we are in a gym, you're welcome to use any of the equipment," I offered. Her frown turned into a smile as she stood up and headed to the weights.

    Watching her work that body in tights distracted me from my own training. She was unexpectedly in pretty good shape, I watched her every curve and joint move to the exercises.

    Five-o-clock and my routine completed I offered Daniella to stay here until they picked her up, she happily agreed.

    "I know where I recognize you from!" she exclaimed. "You're Fernando Rosario!"

    "I didn't take you for a boxing fan," I answered while finishing my heavy bag combos.

    "Can you teach me how to punch?" she bluntly asked.

    "Um, sure," I responded a little surprised by her sudden interest. I put on the smallest pair of gloves we had on her and they were still too big.

    "The whole trick is in the hips," I explained. "When you throw the punch rotate your shoulder and shift your hips,"

    She tried a jab and straight combo which she failed terribly. We both laughed at her "boxing" but she demanded I teach her so I thought I might fun while doing this.

    "Alright, here left me show you," I said placing both hands of her hips and set her in the right position. She blushed notice ably at my touch. She still pretended not to get it so I showed her again.

    "I think I got it," she mocked confidently. "Why don't we make this a little interesting?"

    "What do you mean?" I asked feeling my self blush at her challenge.

    "Well, why don't we spar?" she said in a cocky tone. "But we'll have special rules,"

    "Like what?" I asked wrapping my hands and shoving my fists into the gloves.

    "If I land five punches on you, you have to kiss my ass." she answered. I laughed at her terms but when I looked at her she was completely serious.

    "Okay, I'm going to enjoy this," I blurted out making her giggle a bit. We stepped into the ring and I had to help her with her headgear and gloves. She put her mouthpiece in place and gave me her best "game face"

    We circled around the ring for a few moments, she he suddenly charged at me with full force. She threw a flurry and landed three good punches on me. I could make out a smile out from her headgear.

    "Only two more," she teased circling around me. She charged at me at gain but his time I weaved and blocked off her onslaught, this girl was determined to make me pay!!!

    She swung at me again but I let her land this one. She smiled then landed a right hook to my body "knocking" me down. She raised her hands in glory and giggled in celebration. I think I just made her day. I let her help me up and take out off my heargear.

    She had a huge smile on her face as she pulled her hands out from her gloves and unwrapped her hands. I got a drink of water and returned to see her bent over a chair poking her ass out to me.

    "Time to pay up," she giggled then shook her hips a bit. I hesitated but she reminded me of my promise. I leaned in and placed a quick kiss on her left cheek.

    "What the fuck was that?" she asked angrily. "You can do better than that," I leaned in again and kissed her a little harder this time and squeezed her other cheek with my hand, making her flinch a bit.

    "Oh come on, you can do better," She moaned spreading her legs further apart. "Do it like you mean it!"

    I happily obeyed grabbing a handful of her ass with both my hands. I spread them far apart and shoved my face inhaling her sweet scent. She purred as I rubbed my face between her soft, toned rump.

    I flattened my tongue and soaked her inner thighs, slowly making my way up her aroused warm sex.

    "How's that?" I asked wiping her juices from my mouth.

    "That was okay...but you can do better," she mumbled slowly pulling down her tights revealing her bright pink lips.

    "Wow..." she left me stunned with her beauty, as reached in to feel her tasty cunt she slapped my hand away. I gave her a confused look and she just smiled.

    "You're gonna have to work for it," she teased. She shook her hips one more time before pulling her spandex up.

    "Oh come on, look at me!" I complained pointing to the throbbing erection poking out of my sweatpants.

    "Oh you poor baby, well were gonna have to do something about that," she smirked lustfully. "Take them off,"

    I did like I was told and tore off the sweats to reveal my fully erect penis, now pointing at Daniella.

    "You guys are all the same, you always want the girl to do something for you," she said taking off her clothes. "But I want you to do something for me," she smiled now standing *completely nude right in front of me.

    She laid back on the bench and spread her legs showing me her wet, aroused teenage sex. She licked and sucked on her index finger then started to slowly rub her swollen clit.

    "Cum for me baby!" she moaned rubbing harder. * "I'll do it with you,"

    She leaned forward and took my whole length in her warm mouth. Bathing it with saliva she licked the underage o my cock. She spat at my pole one last time before I pulled out we mouth to satisfy her demand.

    She spat on my tip leaving a trail of slime to her mouth. Began to stroke a rub my cock which seemed to really get her off. Now moaning in unison we both really got into it.

    I stroked my cock like i've never had before. I did feel a little awkward having an audience but Daniella didn't seem to mid. Jerkin and tugging on my meat, I only could only watch as she touched herself playfully making sure to explorer every inch.

    Feeling my load on it's way, I grabbed Dani by the back of her was and shoved my pole in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and milked the rest of the seed out of me.

    She gave my pole one last slurp and sucked the rest of my seed off it. She dropped to her knees and began to devour my cock. I've never seen anything like it, she really went to work.

    Just before I popped in her mouth again I heard a familiar sound. The rang in my trainer's office.*

    "Don't even think about it," I warned her. She completely obeyed and continued to help herself to my meat. She hesitated a couple of times and tried to get up but I wasn't having it. I grabbed her hair just to make sure she wasn't going anywhere.

    I finally popped on her mouth again but this time I pulled out and let the load off on her heaving chest. Her supple flesh mounds covered in my seaman. She scooped up my goo and licked it off her fingers.

    The phone rang again making her take a quick look towards the office. She ran to the office and answered the phone. While she complained to her security about the neighborhood I took a quick shower. I came out to see Daniella fully dressed and applying makeup.

    "You leaving?" I asked with disappointed.
    She smiled and gave me a soft kiss.

    "My security is coming to pick me up," she responded with a sad tone in her voice.

    Before I could answer her I saw a limo pull up to the driveway. The driver honked the horn vigorsly.*

    "I have to go," she whispered giving me a tight hug. "It was a pleasure meeting you,"

    "Likewise," I whispered back a little bummed out. I watched as the limo slowly pulled out from the driveway and disappeared into the traffic.

    "God I have a problem, why do I keep having sex with strangers like that?" I thought to myself.


    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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    finally a story with daniella monet, i cant wait until part 2

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    Thanks Clay, I'll have part two up by Friday.

    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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    Before I read this story I want to point out the excellent usage of rhyming in the title hahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrsc400 View Post
    Before I read this story I want to point out the excellent usage of rhyming in the title hahah
    Lol I didn't even notice...

    "From Rags To Bitches, Stop Hating Old Nigga!!!" - Thugnificent

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