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Thread: "Who's Your Daddy?" with Alyson and Amanda Michalka

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    fanfiction "Who's Your Daddy?" with Alyson and Amanda Michalka

    Who's Your Daddy?
    With Alyson and Amanda Michalka
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, rel, rim, inc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was late in the afternoon as Alyson Michalka dragged her little sister up the stairs to their father's apartment complex in Los Angeles.

    "Really?" AJ whined. "Do we really have to see him?"

    "Come on, AJ!" Alyson urged, as she pulled her sister by the arm.

    "What's the difference anyway?" Amanda added. "He's not going to care if we come over or not. He's never cared. We'd never hear from him if we didn't make the extra effort."

    "But it's your birthday tomorrow, and we only need to see him on special occasions. This is one of them."

    "Yeah whatever," AJ said while rolling her eyes.

    "Stop being a baby," Alyson snapped. "Let's just see him this one last time and get it over and done with."

    "Ugh! Whatever! This sucks."

    Amanda shoved her hands into the pockets of her hooded sweater while she tongued her cheek and looked annoyed.

    A muffled voice from inside the apartment soon called out "Just a minute!" before the locks on the door clicked and the door swung open. The blonde sisters immediately raised their eyebrows as they gazed upon their estranged father.

    "Hey there little ladies," Mark stammered with an unusual smile on his face.

    He stood there in the doorway wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, clutching a bottle of beer. In his drunken state his hand briefly slipped off the door and he caught it again.

    He was obviously drunk, and it showed in his glazed eyes and somewhat blank expression.

    "Won't you come in," he slurred. "Please, make yourselves at home."

    "Hey there Mark," Alyson grimaced, still refusing to call him dad. "You look um... well."

    As Mark backed away and held the door open for his daughters, Alyson glanced at her father's body and noted how particularly fit and muscular he was.

    She had to admit, he was in pretty good shape for a forty-year-old man. Too bad he was so irresponsible and immature. Unlike her sister, Amanda was hesitant to enter.

    She looked at the grinning man before her and smirked shyly. She was embarrassed for him, and couldn't believe they were related. As she stood there for a moment, she looked back over her shoulder towards the car. But she didn't have the keys.

    "Well?" Mark grinned. "Are you coming inside or what?"

    Amanda rolled her eyes again before she followed her sister into the apartment. Mark busied himself with the locks on the door before he took a great big swig from his beer and turned towards his two doting daughters on the sofa.

    His home consisted of a modest one bedroom apartment, which incidentally looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. There were papers strewn all over the floor, dirty laundry piled up high, and dishes everywhere.

    Mark sat on the love seat that was adjacent to the couch to chat to the girls.

    "Well then," he said as he exhaled deeply. "What are you two selling today?"

    "Um, maybe you should drink some water." Alyson suggested, pointing to his beer.

    "You know what?" he began, "You're absolutely right! I think I've had a little too much to drink today. Give me a second."

    With that said, he clumsily stood and wandered into the kitchen as AJ immediately leaned over to her sister.

    "What the fuck are we doing here, Aly?" she whispered. "We should go."

    "We're visiting our father and that's final!" Alyson replied sternly. "Just tough it out, okay?"

    "He's not even going to remember this visit." Amanda claimed. "He's drunk off his ass again."

    "Just relax. We'll be gone before you know it."

    "I don't want to relax! I could be at the movie theater making-out with Ben right now. But no, you drag me here without telling me and now I'm stuck here with you...and him!"

    "Shush! He'll hear you."

    "I don't care!" AJ snapped. "He's a drunk. Always has been. And drunks don't care either."

    Mark wandered back into the room smiling widely.

    "Here we go. I got myself some H2O!" he claimed, but he didn't appear to have a glass of water.

    Instead he had another beer in his hands to which he took a big swig and made a loud "Ahh!" sound. Frustrated, Alyson stood up and walked over to her belligerent father and grabbed hold of the beer and pulled it away from him.

    "Hey!" Mark snapped. "Come on sweetheart!"

    "Come on nothing! You're drunk off your ass again! Why'd you get drunk when you knew the two of us were coming over?"

    Mark glared at his eldest daughter for what seemed like an age before he finally responded.

    "Err, I don't know. I guess I was thirsty?" he said before he suddenly turned his attention to Amanda.

    "So sweet-pea, how are you doing today?" he remarked, changing the subject.

    Amanda simply responded indifferently and shrugged her shoulders as her father moved to sit down next to her on the couch and threw his arm around her.

    He pulled her tight to him, giving her a great big hug as she blushed with shame and grimaced at the strong scent of alcohol on his breath.

    "I'm so glad to see you AJ." he slurred. "You look so pretty today."

    Amanda giggled to this comment, considering she was casually clad in nothing more than her gym attire which mainly consisted of tight black leggings and a hooded sweater.

    As he continued to playfully embrace her, she tried to break free of her father's grasp and faked a little laugh.

    "Err. Yeah thanks dad."

    Watching them carry on the sofa, Alyson turned towards the kitchen and almost shrieked aloud with shock at the state of the place. The kitchen was in such disarray that she could barely find the sink under all that junk.

    "I'm going to throw this away and get you some water." she announced, when Mark suddenly snapped.

    "No! Don't you dare!" he affirmed from the sofa, once again illustrating just how erratic he really was.

    One moment he was happy and playful and the very next he was angry and petulant. Alyson stopped and turned.

    "That's a waste of money." he claimed.

    "Well what do you expect me to do with it?" she said in a somewhat scolding tone, in many ways imitating her mother. "You already opened it."

    Mark sat there contemplating her question for a moment before he replied, "Drink it. You're old enough now."

    "Oh, I don't think so." Alyson replied as she turned towards the kitchen again.

    Suddenly, Mark started sobbing uncontrollably which startled both of the sisters.

    "Jesus Christ Alyson," his voice cracked as he put his face in his hands.

    Shocked by these sudden turn of events, Amanda glared at her older sister and inched away a bit as she kept her hands in her lap and watched her father seemingly brake down beside her.

    "WTF?" Amanda mouthed.

    "I just wanted to spend some quality time with my girls." he claimed.

    "Mark? Mark!" Alyson exclaimed. "Stop it. Stop this."

    "I can't help it! I just wanted today to go smoothly." he confessed. "I just wanted to be calm and composed when you two arrived."

    Once again the sister looked at each other, neither one not know what to do or say.

    "I just meant to have a little sip to calm my nerves," Mark went on to explain. "But then I just went overboard. Please forgive me! Please! I'm such a fuck up!"

    Alyson felt a sort of pity for her father, like a pathetic homeless man with no friends. She had a good heart and always wanted to make people happy, no matter how miserable they made her feel in turn.

    Thinking quickly, she held up the beer in her hand and sniffed at the nozzle. Amanda now watched in astonishment as her big sister apparently sympathized with her father's plight and actually contemplated drinking it.

    Deep down in the pit of her stomach, AJ was yelled at her not to do it, but now wracked with guilt, Alyson sighed and lifted the bottle to her lips and took a huge gulp.

    "Aly!" AJ objected from the sofa. "But you're driving."

    "It'll be fine." she said as her father suddenly composed himself and smiled up at her.

    "That's my girl." he grinned, as the girls started to wonder if the entire breakdown was just an act to make her drink.

    An hour later...

    Mark and Alyson were laughing hysterically. What they were laughing at was hard to determine as Amanda was sitting all the way off to the side chewing on her fingernails and listening to them carry on.

    She had one leg tucked up underneath her and was busy perusing her phone. Alyson was rolling around on the floor and giggling like a hyena. Her shirt was riding up and her smooth, flat belly was now in plain view.

    Next to her on the floor was the beer she was consuming while on the coffee table there were several empty bottles that she and Mark had polished off together.

    Mark was now seated on the love seat laughing down at his eldest daughter and intermittently swallowing another gulp of his favorite beer for that day.

    He hazily looked at Alyson's belly button as she rolled around in front of him, and marveled at her tremendous body.

    "Oh wow, look there." he gasped.

    Alyson's hair was disheveled and hanging down in her face. She craned her neck up and looked at her father with bloodshot eyes.

    "What? What is it?" she asked, and then giggled again.

    "I see something shiny?" he said sounding all serious and fascinated. "I see a belly-ring?"

    "You do? Really?" Aly replied sarcastically as she looked down at her own stomach. To her, it was the funniest thing in the world because her head fell backwards and she cracked up again.

    Meanwhile Amanda was bored and upset. She was here way longer than she had expected. And now, with her sister in the condition she was in, it looked as though they'd be there a little longer.

    "Wow, look at that hard belly." Mark muttered under his breath, as Alyson made a popping noise with her lips and flaunted more of her muscular physique.

    "Yes, yes it is." she smirked proudly to herself, as she genuinely reveled in the attention he gave her.

    "I always thought a firm belly on a woman was," he laughed between drinks. "Sexy."

    Alyson crinkled her face momentarily, and then burst out laughing again. The outburst was so forced that she inadvertently dribbled all over herself, dousing her shirt and making them both laugh even louder.

    Suddenly, Amanda was shocked to see as Alyson sat up straight and reached down and casually peeled her wet shirt right over her head, leaving her to sit there on the floor in just her leggings and her sports bra.

    Mark stared long and hard at the exposed flesh of his daughter's mid section and wavered back and forth between her hard tummy and her remarkably large cleavage while she quickly returned to writhing around on his carpeted floor yet again.

    "You've got an incredible figure there, sweetheart." he said in a soft monotonous tone, "Very tight and smooth. You should be very proud."

    "Aw," Alyson said in an overly dramatic voice. "That's so sweet Mark. Thanks."

    "I mean it. I mean... you really, really have a fantastic body." he said while trying not to stare at the fact that Alyson's nipples were now protruding hard from beneath the thick fabric of her bra.

    "Well, that's me!" Alyson snickered, "Hard 'n smooth!"

    As she spoke, her hands seemed to have a mind of their own and she brushed her fingers over her flared hips and across her chiseled mid-drift, before she proceeded to slap her hard belly and hum to herself.

    "In fact, me and sis were going to hit the gym straight after this visit," she explained, "But I kind of doubt that now."

    Meanwhile, Amanda was barely paying attention to them when in the corner of her eye she saw something that made her heart stop.

    Her father, the drunk man whom she despised visiting was now openly leering down at Alyson with one hand on his crotch, squeezing and readjusting the erection in his pants while taking yet another swig of his beer.

    All of a sudden, Amanda's world was spinning like a top. She felt her stomach begin to do flip-flops as she watched her father casually fondle his hardening boxers not once, but several more times as he interacted with Alyson.

    "I like the way your belly flexes when you move like that," he claimed. "Do you do many sit-ups at the gym? Are you able to do any sit-ups right now?"

    Clearly drunk, Alyson innocently circled her belly button with her fingers before she put down her beer and began to do a few sit-ups for his benefit, to prove to him that despite her current state she still possessed plenty of stamina and was more than capable to burn a sweat.

    "There you go," Mark encouraged as he squeezed himself harder, "Three, four, five, excellent!"

    Amanda felt a lump forming in her throat and began to feel light headed and extremely nervous.

    "Maybe he just needs to go to the bathroom?" she tried to convince herself.

    "Do you girl's workout a lot?" she heard him ask.

    AJ didn't know where this conversation was leading, but it didn't feel like it could lead anywhere good.

    Her skin started feeling tingly all over, and she wanted to say something that would snap both of them out of whatever it was they were in but she didn't know what to say.

    The only thing she could think to do was to get up and use the bathroom, so she did. And on shaky legs, Amanda stood up from the couch and looked around the messy apartment.

    She looked down at her drunk sister who was now writhing and sweating profusely on the floor like a seductress reptile, unwittingly putting on a sexy little show for the only male in the room. Aly opened her eyes and looked up to find her sister standing over her.

    "Hey sis, what's up?" she said before she giggled without purpose. "Besides you, that is! HA!"

    She cracked herself up as Amanda looked over and saw her father lick his lips again as he stared down at her drunk and unaware sister. AJ yawned and stretched out her arms and started to walk towards the bathroom.

    "Where are you going?"

    "I have to use the bathroom." she claimed, as she began to walk down the hall, and that's when she heard it.

    "Jesus! Look at that booty!" Mark said almost incoherently.

    Amanda froze in her tracks. Slowly, and without turning completely around, she turned her head back toward the love seat with a mouth open with indignation.

    "Excuse me?" she quipped through a crackled voice, "Were you just... talking to me?"

    AJ waited several seconds for Mark to respond as he openly leered at the backside of his youngest daughter's leggings with a hypnotized gaze.

    He was breathing heavy and clearly squirming in his seat as he wrestled with the growing erection in his boxers. Alyson rolled over onto her stomach and looked up at her little sister.

    "Looks like Mark likes the look of your rump there, sis!" she giggled from the floor.

    Just then, Alyson rolled over and inadvertently granting her father an eyeful of her own round butt as he proceeded to leer back and forth between the cotton-covered butt of his eldest daughter, and the form fitting leggings that sheathed his youngest.

    Amanda witnessed her father's roving eyes, which caused her knees to tremble anxiously. The elder Michalka sister then took another swig from her beer before she sided with her father and made another comment.

    "Nice ass, sis. I'd say it's perfect for pinching!" Alyson giggled. "Come over here so I can pinch it for you!"

    "I agree." Mark slurred. "I think she definitely needs someone to pinch and spank it for her."

    "No, no I don't!" Amanda objected sternly, yet scared of what he would say next.

    "Ugh! Come here!" Alyson playfully grunted. "I need to pinch it! I want to bite it!"

    "Why don't you listen to your big sister and do what she asks, AJ?" Mark snickered.

    This sent Amanda against the wall as she turned her rear away from her father's invading eyes and stepped backwards until a closet door met her.

    "Hell no!" Amanda snapped. "Stay away from me! Both of you!"

    Alyson turned over onto her back and tilted her head up. She stuck her bottom lip out and pouted before she proceeded to speak in a little girl's voice.

    "Aw, but that's not fair!" Aly frowned. "How come you never mentioned anything about my butt?"

    Then the alcohol really took effect, as she started to sob and seemed to go into full character.

    "Screw her!" she went on, referring to her sister who just stood there looking on dumbfounded. "Don't I have a better body than her? Isn't my ass better?"

    With that said, Alyson then rolled onto her belly again and reached for the waistband of her pants and proceeded to untie them.

    "She doesn't even work out half as much as I do!" Alyson claimed, as she struggled with her pants and then in one fell swoop peeled them down her hips to reveal her white thong panties and two succulent mounds of flesh.

    She then extended her arms out to each side and flattened herself out, arched her back and raised her butt up in the air as far as she could before she pouted over her shoulder.

    "Well daddy? What's wrong with my butt?" Alyson teased, inadvertently. "You think her butt is good? Check out mine! I bet my ass is way better than hers!"

    Amanda's mind was reeling as she watched her older sister carry on aggressively, and as surprised as she was by her strange, drunken behavior, she was then doubly shocked as her father finally slid down off the love seat and reached over and gently palm his daughters exposed buttocks with his hand, essentially fondling it.

    Caressing her cheeks, Alyson simply cooed and reveled in her father's touch as he proceeded to squeeze and massage her soft mounds.

    Aly was still whining about how AJ's bottom didn't measure up to hers as he then moved to straddle his daughter's thighs and pushed his crotch in closer until his tented boxers rested firmly against the crack of his eldest daughter's ass.

    "You do have a great ass, sweetheart." Mark told her as he pressed his pelvis against her backside. "You must workout like crazy, kiddo."

    "Damn straight!" Alyson boasted as she helped herself to more beer.

    Amanda watched in dumbstruck amazement as Mark now openly groped his daughter's bare ass. The only barrier between them was the light fabric of his boxer shorts and her flimsy thong panties.

    "I knew I had a better ass than her," Alyson slurred before she poked out her tongue at her sister.

    "Uh-huh." Mark reassured her as he continued to pamper her butt, and looked up at his youngest daughter standing in front of the closet.

    Amanda was suddenly frightened by the look in his eyes, and a moment later she shrieked out with fright as she found herself being pulled to the sofa by her drunk dad.

    "No! Stop! What the hell are you doing?" she pleaded as her sister simply laughed at her expense.

    Despite her pleas, Mark simply grabbed the leggy blonde by the arms and pulled her down to his level on the floor.

    "Please! We need to leave!" AJ urged, but her cries fell on deaf ears. "Please, don't do this! I have to pee!"

    Amanda's eyes now welled up in tears as she braced herself for something sinister yet tried her best not to cry.

    She wanted to be strong, and since her big sister was obviously in no position to help her, she would have to manage on her own. But the strong hands of her muscular father were much too tough for her.

    Mark directed his youngest daughter to get down onto her knees and face away and toward the edge of the couch.

    The singer/songwriter had her arms bundled up to her chest and was now chewing on her fingernails anxiously as she was directed into position and awaited his next move.

    All hopes were soon lost when she felt his strong hand glide across her back, pushing her over the back of the couch and causing her butt to point out toward him.

    Admiring this pose, Mark reached for his beer and took another swig. After he set the bottle down he began running his hands all over Amanda's quivering body.

    There he caressed her back and shoulders and even massaged her neck momentarily.

    "Just relax, sweetheart." he reassured her. "We're just having a little fun, a friendly competition."

    "Yeah," Alyson interjected from beneath her father. "Don't be such a prude! Besides, you should know by now that I have a better body than you. Just face it!"

    "You know I'd let her have a beer," Mark directed at Alyson. "To loosen her up a little, but she's too young to drink."

    Amanda's teeth started chattering as she felt her father's hands now paw at the waistband of her sweats. There, his fingers ultimately slid into the elastic band around her hips and he began tugging them down.

    To her chagrin, Amanda gasped as she realized that not only was he peeling her tight leggings down her legs, but in the process had inadvertently pulled her lace boy-shorts down as well.

    Without thinking, Mark pulled AJ's pants down to her knees and then paused for a moment as he suddenly realized that his daughter was now totally and utterly exposed to his greedy eyes.

    "Please!" Amanda whimpered over her shoulder as she felt her fanny become exposed to the room, his large rough hands now pawing at her soft, succulent buttocks.

    Shocked into silence, Amanda looked at her sister for support but found none, and instead noticed the dazed expression on her face and doubted Aly would even remember any of this.

    "Oh my," Mark groaned inwardly as he massaged her naked flesh.

    It was just about the sweetest little as he had ever seen.

    "Will you look at this fine ass." he growled through gritted teeth. "Your sister can certainly compete with you in the remarkable butt stakes, Aly."

    Amanda's blonde hair now fell in front of her face, as she soon realized that she let out a soft whimper in sync with her father's musing.

    As he did this to Amanda, Mark leaned his groin even further into Alyson on the floor and without realizing it proceeded to thrust his hard cock between the cheeks of her succulent butt.

    He now squeezed AJ's cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart as he began dry humping his other daughter on the floor of his apartment.

    "Oh AJ, such an impressive little butt." he cooed as he parted her cheeks and exposed her sex; revealing her smooth, hairless, mound.

    Mark leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he now thrust into Alyson with renewed vigor.

    To his delight his older daughter instinctively responded by arching her butt back against him and moaned softly under her breath as she continued to enjoy another beer.

    His hands were now groping AJ's butt more intently as Alyson bit her bottom lip every time she felt him thrust his hard cock against her.

    "God damn it! Both your asses are just perfect!" he hissed. "I'm so proud of both of you right now!"

    It was during this time that Alyson squirmed her way out from under her father and crawled over to the couch to join her sister.

    Still determined to outdo her AJ, Aly moved to kneel beside on the sofa and without warning swiftly peeled her thong panties down her legs and bent over for Mark's benefit.

    Both daughters now kneeled against the couch with their bare asses wiggling in the air, waiting and hoping to be appraised by their intoxicated father.

    "Ugh! This ass is just fucking perfect AJ!" Mark continued to mumble as he now lovingly squeezed and kneaded her tender flesh, "So fucking firm and tight!"

    Hearing this, Alyson suddenly started to pout once again as she believed her father's attention was fixed upon her undeserving sister.

    The "Hellcats" star responded by burying her face into the sofa and jutting out her bare butt as far as she could, and without thinking reached down between her legs to clean away any fluff from her cooch but instead found herself briefly diddling her clit, which Mark immediately took notice of.

    "But I thought my ass was best?" Alyson moaned over her shoulder as her fingers worked over her nub. "I thought you liked mine better? It's not fair!"

    The father of two suddenly reached over and clasped one of Alyson's remarkable buttocks as he leaned forward and suddenly took a gentle bit from AJ's ass, startling her.

    But if Amanda thought that was strange, she was in for one rude awakening when a moment later he utterly took her breath away and pressed his lips against her tiny backdoor and kissed her anus.

    "OH! OMG!" Amanda let out as she felt her father's lips make direct contact with her precious butthole.

    "Hey! What about me?" Alyson urged while still twiddling her aching clit with her fingers. "What about my ass Mark?"

    Her father simply grinned at her enthusiasm.

    "I think if anyone's butt deserves to be kissed, it should be me!" she went on, giggling hysterically at her own remarks.

    Mark's hand reached over and squeezed his eldest daughter's buttocks as he looked down to notice that just like AJ she was totally waxed clean. It seemed both sisters were totally and utterly hairless between their legs, and the notion alone drove him wild with excitement.

    "Your ass it perfect too, baby doll!" he hissed. "Both your asses are incredible!"

    Alyson started to respond, "Yeah? Do you mean it? Do you really mea—ooh!"

    But the TV cheerleader was suddenly cut short as she felt his tongue abruptly enter her butthole.

    Tonguing Aly's butt, Mark immediately reached over and placed his thumb at the very edge of AJ's twitching anus as he explored Alyson's derriere with his mouth.

    His hands now seemed to have a mind of their own and without warning he promptly plunged his fat digit inside the younger daughter, causing her to grunt out loud and moan in unison with her sister.

    "Oh fuck yes!" the girls both moaned as they were sodomized by their father.

    "Jesus your asses taste good!" he growled, as he proceeded to take turns and alternated between eating one ass while thumbing the other.

    "OMG! YES!" Alyson gasped as she felt her father delve the tip of his tongue even further inside her tiny backdoor.

    There he nibbled at her butt for several moments before he dragged his lips down and finally swiped his tongue between her gleaming smooth folds, savoring her essence for the very first time and devouring her peach.

    "Oh daddy..." Alyson purred out loud as he slurped his way along her gleaming slit and finally plunged his long tongue inside her hole.

    Suddenly in the blink of an eye Mark withdrew and grabbed his eldest daughter by the arm and pulled her back to him, and before she could utter a single word he kissed her hard on the lips while his thumb continued to probe further inside Amanda who was still bent over the sofa with her eyes shut tight, moaning liberally as he essentially fucked her ass with his hand.

    "Oh! Ooh god!" AJ moaned incessantly as he buried his thumb to the first knuckle and wiggled it around.

    Mark sucked Alyson's tongue into his mouth and was delighted by her enthusiasm as the two immediately began tongue kissing one another, and he took the opportunity to reach around with his free hand and fondle one of her large breasts.

    The incestuous duo were soon swallowing each other's mouths and swapping spit aggressively as he shuffled forward to grind his hard cock into her from behind.

    "Hmm—ummpphff!" Alyson muffled into her father's mouth as she glanced over to see him eagerly bury two more fingers into AJ's dripping wet cunt, his thumb still buried in her ass.

    He now proceeded to grasp AJ's body with a kind of claw-like grip, manipulating her like a bowling ball and driving his youngest daughter absolutely bat-shit crazy with desire.

    "UUGHHH! UGH FUCK!!" AJ cried out loud as her entire body was wracked with rapture, both of her holes filled completely.

    "Make her cum, daddy!" Alyson hissed between kisses. "Make her cum on your fingers! I want to taste them!"

    Even by his own perverted standards, Mark was taken aback by this wanton suggestion from his eldest daughter and without wasting another moment he reluctantly withdrew his gleaming digits from Amanda's withering body and stuffed them into Alyson's eager mouth.

    "Here, taste her!" her growled. "You sexy fucking whore! How does she taste? How does your sisters pussy taste on my fingers?"

    To his delight, the "Easy A" star lustfully moaned around his fingers before he suddenly snapped and snatched the back of her curly blonde hair and directed her face directly over her sister's flawless butt.

    A moment later Amanda gave out an almighty groan of pleasure as she felt a fresh new tongue suddenly explore and slither around the ring of her puckered anus, before it finally thrust forward and dipped inside her puckered hole.

    It was only a moment later when AJ heard her father speak that she realized who the tongue belonged to, and the notion alone made AJ's entire body ached with rapture as her older sister now hungrily rimmed her backdoor.

    "Mm that's right baby girl." Mark grinned wickedly as he held Alyson's face firmly against Amanda's exquisite butt. "Eat your sister's pretty little ass."

    The older Michalka sister happily complied, and now proceeded to fuck her backdoor sending Amanda into hysterics.

    "Why don't give her a few fingers too?" he suggested, and without hesitation Alyson reached over and plunged two of her long fingers deep inside her kid sister, causing jolts on electricity to shoot up her spine and sending AJ into the stratosphere.

    "Ugh shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" AJ cussed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she felt herself cum.

    "There, isn't that better?" Mark purred into AJ's ear. "Is your sister doing a good job? Let her know."

    Amanda was silence for the first few moments as she adjusted to the sensation of her sisters probing tongue and fingers before she finally moaned her acquiescence.

    "Yes..." AJ cooed. "Don't stop!"

    "Yes what?" Mark urged. "Where's her tongue right now, AJ? Tell me."

    "It''s in my ass." she purred. "Aly is eating my ass!"

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    The sequel can't arrive soon enough!

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    PYW is absolutely correct. Amazing story, first chapter I hope, and I greatly look forward to what's to come. No doubt it will certainly be worth the wait as any Aly & AJ story is. Once again truly great work TPG and I thank you for writing it.

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    My f*cking god that's the best thing i have ever read, can't wait for the sequel.

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    Wow. Just wow.

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    Awesome man, congrats on the good feedback you're getting. Looking forward to the sequel

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