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Thread: "Hollywood Access" with Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies

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    fanfiction "Hollywood Access" with Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies

    Hollywood Access
    With Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MFF, reluctant, blowjob
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Truth be told it was only my affiliation to one of the producers on the show that gave me unfettered access to the studio.

    There on sunset, they shot the latest episodes of "Victorious," and it was there that I wandered around the Nickelodeon set unsupervised with my trusty camera phone in hand, snooping around and chatting with the cast and crew and making a general nuisance of myself.

    Still, despite my good intentions I knew full well that I was starting to gain a reputation for being a pest and realized that some of the girls on the show even despised me.

    I guess from their point of view I just seemed to always pop up at the worst possible time and catch a different side to their public personas. Case in was well into the afternoon one day in September when I snuck onto the "Victorious" set and proceeded to film Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles wrapping up the final scene of another episode.

    There I stood off to the side and watched with others as the girls delivered their last lines, before the director yelled "Cut!" and they then broke out into hysterics and playfully fell to the floor and rolled around with one another, no doubt celebrating the fact that they had finished another week of filming and were now excited for the weekend.

    It was during this time that I decided to approach the ladies to ask them a few questions when out of the blue Ariana exclaimed from the floor.

    "Woo! Everyone can see my pussy!"

    The entire room seemed to stop as the girls immediately glanced over their shoulders and found me standing there dumbfounded, and filming the entire incident on my phone.

    To my amusement the girls were visibly shocked and tried to act straight and as though nothing had happened, but unfortunately for them I had captured the entire moment on video.

    As expected, Liz was not pleased by this invasion of privacy and clearly seemed annoyed, while Ariana nervously giggled and seemed to be in a kind of daze as she tried to come to terms with being caught out.

    Amusingly, Liz was the first to lash out as she proceeded to make lame barking sounds every time I panned my camera away to gauge the reaction of the other male cast mates.

    Now naturally I would have forgotten the entire incident and simply deleted the footage, but considering their priceless expressions and the way Liz was reacting (being a real arrogant little cunt), I decided to keep the material for posterities sake, never imagining in a million years just how life changing that decision would be.

    "Damn, I guess I finally have something good to upload to YouTube huh?" I snickered, as the ladies climbed up off the floor.

    "Be my guest!" Liz snapped before she stormed off the set, leaving Ariana to fend for herself.

    "Um, are you going to cut that bit out?" she almost pleaded.

    "Yeah sure, why not?" I replied sarcastically, which to my amusement the ditsy red actually believed me.

    About an hour later everyone was on the set was packing up to leave for the day when I was surprisingly confronted by Liz and Ariana about the "pussy" incident.

    "I think you know why we're here." Liz claimed, as she closed the door behind her and essentially cornered me in the office.

    I snickered at their attempt to pressure me and reminded them of my past encounters and previous experience working on such shows as "Charmed" and "Buffy."

    "Trust me," I boasted. "If I can stand going toe to toe with the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannon Doherty, what makes you two think you can scare me?"

    The ladies looked at each other before Liz made a bold proposal about exchanging favors.

    The girls and I then proceeded to negotiate back and forth discussing what I wanted in exchange for handing over the footage, and to no surprise they immediately turned to money and offered to buy my silence.

    At first Ariana offered me a measly $100 which I laughed at, before Liz upped the anty and added another $500 to the pot, but to no avail.

    Fact was I was simply not interested in money, and feeling bold I then flat out propositioned Ariana, to which Liz immediately jumped to her defense and seemed offended for the both of them.

    "How dare you!" Elizabeth snapped as she closed the gap between us. "Who do you think you are? I should call the cops on you!"

    "Ha! Go ahead," I replied. "See how far that gets you in this business, Liz. Trust me no one wants to work with a snitch."

    "You know, releasing that tape won't just ruin my reputation," Ariana pointed out. "It would ruin the image of the show too."

    "Only one more reason for you guys to give me what I want." I replied, making them think.

    After several minutes of going back and forth I was about to give up and walk away when Liz suddenly chimed in.

    "OK, fine! Have it your way." she relented. "Would a blow job change your mind?"

    "Liz!" Ariana whined, as she initially assumed that her friend was in fact whoring her out.

    But Liz quickly clarified the situations and explained that she in fact was speaking for herself and now offering me a blow job for the footage. Thinking for a moment I finally replied.

    "Hmm, I don't know?" I hesitated. "Are you any good?"

    "Honey," Liz bragged. "I've been told I give the best blow jobs in town."

    "OMG!" Ariana gasped. "Are you two serious right now?"

    Hearing this, I was now definitely interested in collecting my prize but looking at Ariana and her prissy demeanor, I didn't want her to get away with it. After all this was her slip up that Liz was now trying to clean up.

    "OK, you have yourself a deal." I told her. "But also, I want to see Ariana's body as well."

    While Liz immediately refused, she was then taken aback as she heard her BFF speak up and accept my offer.

    "OK! I'll do it!" she claimed, shocking Liz.

    "Great," I grinned. "First, you can start by reaching up under that dress and taking off those panties."

    While this comment infuriated Elizabeth, Ariana happily complied and reached up under her knee length dress to peel her sexy lace panties down her legs.

    "Ari! Stop!" Liz objected. "You don't have to do what he says."

    "It's okay Liz, really." her friend answered. "It's the least I can do, considering it was my big mouth that got us in this mess to begin with."

    Nonetheless, Liz then proceeded to argue with her BFF and tried in vain to stop her from acting out and fulfilling my twisted fantasies.

    Annoyed with her attitude, I finally interceded and told Liz to mind her own business considering the video pertained to Ariana and not her. As you can imagine this went over like a led balloon, and the fiery brunette proceeded to cuss me out.

    "Fuck you! I don't care!" Gillies snapped back defensively. "She's my best friend! And I'm not going to let her do something she's going to regret later."

    "Admirable, but pointless," I replied, "It's got nothing to do with you! Now get on your knees and suck my cock!"

    Elizabeth flashed me a scathing look but nevertheless acquiescent and dropped to her knees before me, licking her lips and pulling her long her to one side before taking a long breath.

    I then watched with glee as her petite friend stepped out of her thong panties and casually handed them to me, which were still warm to the touch. Without even thinking about it, I brought them up to my face and inhaled her musky scent, disgusting both of them.

    "Ew! Gross!" Liz grimaced from beneath me. "You're such a pig!"

    Despite this comment, I couldn't help but find it amusing that she continued to unzip my fly readying to blow me.

    A moment later, Elizabeth reached in and retrieved my cock and I smirked smugly to myself as the ladies paused for a moment to look at each other and admire the length of my manly package.

    Judging from the expressions on their face it was clear they had never seen a large penis like that.

    "Oh come on," I chuckled, "I would have assumed you guys had both seen a real cock before, right? A grown mans cock, I mean?"

    The ladies both scoffed and claimed that they had in fact enjoyed several dicks before mine, but noting their reactions I suddenly had my doubts as I suspected that they were both lying.

    "Is this the biggest cock you've ever seen?" I grinned down at Liz who simply scoffed.

    "Pff, I've seen bigger." she claimed, despite the fact that I immediately noticed the way she was mishandling my length. She clearly didn't know how to grip, much less stroke me correctly.

    Liz proceeded to lick her lips as she now glared at my thick cock apprehensively and stroked me to life.

    "You know it's not going to suck itself." I remarked, to which Ariana giggled.

    A moment later, the dark haired beauty finally leaned forward and brushed the tip of her cold tongue along the side of my throbbing erection, as I looked over at Ariana and noted the sheer look of lust in her dark eyes.

    "Don't think you're getting off that easily either," I direct towards her, before I insisted that she show me some skin.

    "What do you want me to do?" she replied submissively, as I told her that I'd always been fascinated by her pert chest and really wanted to see her nipples.

    "Yeah, right!" she scoffed, "You and everyone else!"

    "No seriously," I repeated. "Do it. Show me your tits Ariana, or the deal is off."

    To my delight, the sexy young starlet slowly unzipped the front of her dress to reveal her black lace brassier, which I immediately noticed also feature a tiny clip at the front.

    While I then stood there inspecting the garment, I suddenly let out an unexpected moan as I felt Liz finally wrap her soft lips entirely around the head of my cock and gently scrap her teeth against my skin.

    "Mm..." I let out involuntarily before I looked down at my cock-sucking servant and watched Liz flash me a sly wink as she continued to blow me slowly and meticulously.

    I then gasped with delight as I looked up to see Ariana finally unclasp her bra and expose her pert young breasts to me, and just as I had imagined they were absolutely flawless.

    "Oh wow," I remarked while admiring her puffy dark nipples. "Look at those puffy buds, they're incredible!"

    "Thank you," Ariana blushes sweetly, as she casually reached down and briefly tweaked them.

    "You're such a sexy young woman, Ariana." I remarked, to which she simply blushed some more and really seemed to enjoyed the attention.

    It was only now that I noticed that her eyes have not left my cock as her BFF's lips now worked up and down my shiny pole. To her credit, Liz was not afraid to use as much saliva as possible, and now drooled all over my manhood and the floor.

    "Your friend looks good with a hard cock in her mouth, doesn't she?" I snickered to Ariana, who nodded in agreement as she continued to gently caress her own breasts.

    "Are you wet right now?" I boldly asked, making the redheaded beauty blush even more.

    "Because it's okay if you are," I reassured her. "You wouldn't be human if you weren't turned on right now."

    The Actress responded by flashing me the most seductive look yet, her nipples standing at full attention.

    "Besides, I know her type." I said referring to Elizabeth. "Girls like her were born to suck cock. Isn't that right princess?"

    While Liz responded with a simple wink, Ariana smiled and bit her bottom lip as she continued to fondle her straining nipples.

    "In fact, why don't you reach down and play with yourself right now?" I suggested to both of them, to which neither objected.

    "Admit it. You love this right now, don't you?" I smirked down at Liz, "You just love a warm, hard cock between those thick lips."

    "Fuck yeah," Liz admitted between slurps. "I could suck cock all fucking day long."

    "Yeah, I bet you could too, and have." I quipped. "You're such a sexy little fucking slut, Liz. We should do this more often, you and me."

    With that said, I reached down and grabbed hold of her long brown hair and jammed almost all of my length deep inside her warm mouth, causing her to gag momentarily.

    To my delight, this seemed to trigger something deep inside her and Elizabeth grunted lustfully before she proceeded to really suck my cock with renewed vigor, and now attempted to deep throat me.

    "Ugh! Yes!" I hissed as I slammed her head over my shiny pole repeatedly. "Open that fucking whore mouth of yours, Liz!"

    To my surprise I soon struck the back of her throat not once but three times in succession and marveled at how adept she was in taking all of my length. Just then, I looked over at Ariana to see her head lolled back and her eyes shut tight as her own fingers worked along her slimy little slit.

    "Ariana, taste yourself!" I insisted, "Let me see you taste those wet fucking fingers right now."

    The spicy little redhead did not hesitate.

    Without warning I then reached over and grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her to me, causing her to shriek with surprise and then moan involuntarily as I kissed her hard on the lips. I could taste her pussy juice on her tongue.

    The petite actress resisted my advances for a moment, but quickly melted in my arms as our tongues met and mingled, and I dipped my hand between her legs and joined my fingers with her own which till that point were still gliding along the length of her gleaming slit.

    "Jesus! You're so fucking wet!" I moaned between kisses as my fingers finally replaced hers and I now proceeded to smear her sweet juices all around her teen sex.

    "Ooh!" the wannabe singer whimpered as I now proceed to caress her slot and finally dipped two digits deep inside her dripping minge; her pussy searing hot to the touch.

    In an instant I leaned down and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth as I now finger-banged her for all I was worth, while Liz now picked up the pace and really went to town on my cock, her head bobbing up and down as she tried in vain to make me pop.

    "That's it baby," I hissed down at Liz. "I'm almost there!"

    "Yeah?" Ariana suddenly chimed in. "Is she going to make you cum? Are you going to cum in her mouth?"

    "Ugh! Maybe I shouldn't, huh?" I growled evilly. "Maybe I should pull out right now and cum in the back of your throat instead?"

    "Mm..." the actress purred erotically. "I like that. I like that a lot."

    "You do, huh?"

    "Yeah. I'd love to have you shoot your sticky load in the back of my mouth." Ariana teased as I fingered her dripping sex. "Then I'd suck you dry!"

    Suddenly, the three of us then froze with fear as we unexpectedly heard some voices approaching the office from the room next door.

    But before I could respond appropriately I lost control of my bowels and abruptly filled Elizabeth's mouth with goo, shooting load after load of hot syrupy semen into the back of her hot little narrow throat.

    Elizabeth's eyes immediately went wide as she tried to deal with the volcanic eruption inside her mouth.

    Nonetheless, the whorish teen did her best not to choke on my pulpous load and gulped hard before Ariana broke from my grasp and grabbed at her dress, snatched her friend from the floor and rushed for an exit.

    I was then left to fend for myself as I hurriedly zipped myself up before I ran in the opposite direction.

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    incredible story. I've been looking forward to it ever since you first mentioned it and it was well worth the wait. It was just so hot, both of the girls were, but especially Elizabeth there was just something about it that really worked. Very well done TPG, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter.

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