Celebrity Schoolgirls 7: Britney the Blackmailer
by Tony Idolatry

Jessica Simpson and Rachael Leigh Cook were beaming with pride as they made
the three-block walk from Natalie Portman's house back to Jessica's, a walk
they had made every afternoon for two weeks.

Indeed, it had been exactly two weeks since Jessica's kinky way of killing
time in English class got Natalie kicked out of St. Bernard's. Natalie's
parents couldn't believe it when the principal told them about their
daughter's sinful exposure, but Natalie shrugged it off. She denied nothing,
and started attending public high school two days later. She realized she
had become invisible at St. Bernard's anyway, so why not take her chances at
a public school?

All that really mattered to Natalie was that her only two close friends
stuck by her. Jessica and Rachael always stayed for about a half-hour - no
more, because Natalie's parents didn't want to be reminded of St. Bernard's
when they got home from work. The three spent the time just joking around,
watching TV, playing music, comparing makeup and hair. It was odd, almost
like they were back in third grade. Nothing about the fateful incident ever
came up, or anything remotely sexual. Not even any apologies, because
Jessica remembered what Natalie told her at the very beginning: "Don't
worry, baby. It was worth it." It was selfless, and yet still rebellious.
God, Jessica wanted her.

Jessica was sure that, eventually, she and Natalie would find themselves in
an exclusive relationship. But, even though Jessica was boiling over with
desire, she held off on making a move. She realized Natalie needed time to
sort her life out and see how loyal Jessica would always be. Jessica also
hoped Rachael would eventually stop tagging along. No such luck. Rachael was
ALWAYS around, partly because her own guilt towards Natalie was substantial,
but mainly because SHE was still hot for Jessica. Despite such a shared
moment of raw sexuality and all the fallout from it, the attractions between
the three girls remained remarkably hidden.

The Simpson house was quiet when Jessica and Rachael got back, as it had
been for a week. Jessica's parents had remarried and were on their second
honeymoon, a 10-day Bahamas cruise. Jessica sang at the ceremony, in St.
Bernard's chapel. Rachael attended. Natalie, on the other hand, shrewdly
chose to "forget" about her invitation. Used to be, ten days with an empty
house would've meant at least ten different energetic young cocks in
Jessica's bed, but holy shit, how things had changed. How Jessica had

Jessica unlocked the front door and wordlessly went to the kitchen to feed
her cat while Rachael sat and waited in the living room. Afterwards, they
would head upstairs to Jessica's room for a smoke, sometimes daring to
discuss how Natalie seemed to be doing. Then they'd drive over to Arby's,
bring back their dinner, and watch TV. After deciding, each night, that this
was not the night to come onto Jessica, Rachael would leave.

Rachael and Jessica had been friends for years, but this new routine had
them feeling like an old married couple. The secret of the explosive act
they shared kept them close to each other. They were frightened for days
after Natalie was expelled, but now two weeks had passed. No one had accused
Jessica or Rachael of anything. It was slowly but surely becoming clear: the
three masturbators themselves were the only ones who knew the whole truth of
that day in Borden's room.

"Hello, girls."

Jessica and Rachael both screamed at the unexpected voice they heard as
Jessica opened the door to her bedroom. They knew the voice, though. It was
a girl. A southern girl. Jessica and Rachael looked up and screamed again
when they saw the girl was accompanied by one of the few jocks at St.
Bernard's that Jessica hadn't banged. Britney Spears, cheerleader and town
vixen, sat on Jessica's bed. Chris Ronzio, Britney's boyfriend, stood by the

"How the FUCK did you get in my FUCKING house?" Jessica asked, her heart

"Such strong language from a choir girl," Britney scolded. "Sorry to say we
broke a window. The one by the back door. Chris can replace it tomorrow, if
you insist."

"How...NICE of you," Jessica said, her voice stinging with anger. "But we
have an alarm system, too. How'd you get through..."

"Uhh, Jess?" Rachael interrupted. "The alarm only kicks in at night.
Remember? The little beep we hear during dinner?"

Britney let out a cackle fit for a diva. "Wellll, I guess I'm just a lucky
bitch, ain't I?" And so naughty, she reminded herself. She instinctively
brushed a hand across her crotch at the thought. While Jessica and Rachael
were still wearing their uniforms, Britney was wearing a ridiculously tight
pair of red shorts and a matching red tank-top, made out of leather. The
neckline was low enough to be callled a nippleline. Chris wore a black
t-shirt, black jeans and black hi-tops. Obviously, only one of them needed
to dress like a criminal to act like one.

"OK, OK." Jessica tried to calm herself down. "Let's move on. WHAT the fuck
are you doing in my fucking house?"

"Ohhhh, honey." Britney shook her head, then snapped her fingers at Chris,
who pulled a shoebox out from behind his back. "We have to talk. Sit. Your
friend, too." She pointed to a beanbag chair in the corner. Jessica and
Rachael warily occupied both ends.

Jessica was worried to begin with, but now this box!

She and Britney never got along well, basically because around adults,
Jessica stuck by the sweet crowd while Britney stood up with the cool and
the badasses. Every night, though, in the jerkoff fantasies of all and the
beds and backseats of the lucky few, Jessica and Britney squared off for the
same title: Girl I'd Most Like to Do Until She's Raw. They were so known for
the same thing, it didn't matter how well they COULD have gotten along. It
was inevitable that they would become archrivals. They were like the Coke
and Pepsi of fucking. And now, this shoebox. The thought sent shivers up
Jessica's spine: What if Britney could make everything fizzle in her life?

"I just want to show you..." Britney said, starting to open the lid. "Oh!
Before I do, I've been meaning to ask you, how's your good friend Natalie?"

Jessica gulped. "We never knew Portman that well."

"First you curse," Britney fired back, "and then you lie to my face. You're
not acting very Christian today, Miss Simpson."

"Fuck off," Rachael mustered up the courage to say.

"There YOU go now," Britney said, shooting Rachael a glare that said "Stay
out of this."

"FUCK off," Jessica added.

"There YOU go again!" Britney said like a sing-songy Hee-Haw girl. "I don't
know. Y'all must be going through your time of the month or somethin'.
Anyway, I'm asking because a little birdie tells me you two have been
visiting that whore all the time lately. And PLUS, you were sittin' right
next to her when she got off."

"How would you know? You're not in our English class," Jessica said. "I'm
not even sure you've been in ANY English class."

Britney absorbed the insult. "Think about it, Jess," she answered.

Jessica stared at Britney, who waited.

Then she looked over at Chris, and matched the face to a memory. Third row,
second seat.

"Meet my little birdie," Britney said triumphantly.

"I'm not little," Chris said all of a sudden.

"I know you're not, baby." Britney shook her head. "Boys. Where was I? Oh
yeah!" She opened the box. "Take a look and tell me if this isn't your
personal lost and found."

Just as both girls suspected. A hairpin. A pen. Why couldn't those goddamn
uniform skirts have pockets, Rachael wondered.

Britney picked up both the pin and the pen and smelled them. "Can you
believe they're still a little funky?" she asked. Jessica held it together,
but Rachael looked like she wanted to die. "Chris went back to the classroom
that afternoon. Figured he might find somethin' sticky Nat left behind.
He....umm, we, never thought you'd be stupid enough to leave us something,

"We never thought anyone would be sick enough to look," Jessica said.

Britney began to reach into the leg of her shorts for something. It was a
struggle. The snug fabric moved down her hips, revealing no tan line, and
apparently no panties. Rachael couldn't help becoming wet despite her

Britney finally pulled out two Polaroid snapshots: one of the empty
classroom, and the three "dildos" exactly where they fell, and the other of
Jessica and Rachael leaving Natalie's house.

"Amazing detective work, Ronzio," Jessica said, her eyes rolling.

"Thanks," Chris said. "I watch a lot of Niped Blue."

"Those are initials, you moron. N-Y-P-D Blue."

"Sorry, Brit."

"Just shut up and let me work alone, OK?"

"Oh PLEASE," Jessica interrupted, feeling bolder. "This is pathetic. It
doesn't prove a thing."

Britney poured it back on, pouting and putting a finger to her chin.
"Hmmmm, you're right. But we'll float it anyway. There are a lot of kids
that might get a kick out of seeing you down in the mud with me for awhile.
It MIGHT just cause enough of a buzz that the school would look into it.
Even into a good girl like you..." she turned to Rachael "...and a lamb like
you. Could you imagine?"

Jessica reached out for Rachael's hand.

"Oh," Britney continued, "what about Natalie? What if she's already
confessed EVERYTHING? What if the they know she fucked herself blue with an
eraser? How could Chris know that? He couldn't. They'll see this, and
they'll know it's genuine," Britney finished, waving the classroom pic
through the room's stifling air.

Oh God. Natalie DID tell the principal everything. She called Jessica that
night to brag. "Little girls flash people," she had explained. "Women go all
the way. I let them know I'm walking out of that joint as a woman."

So much for the advantages of loving a rebel.

"Your living saint act is over, Jess," Britney said. "If this stuff changes
the way the adults around this town think of you, you'll be stuck here the
rest of your life."

Jessica decided not to put off the obvious question. "Unless?"

Britney ran her hand across the back of her neck and down her
traffic-stopping rack. "Unless you two give Chris and me some satisfaction."

Rachael buried her head in the beanbag.

Jessica shook her head. "You're serious?"

"Ohhhh yeah."

Everyone swallowed hard, including Britney. The combination of her accent
and a smoky delivery was almost impossible for even herself to resist.

"I don't know if you know Lacey Chabert and Mandy Moore," Britney said.

"Not really," Jessica answered. "We've seen them."

"Chris has seen ALL of them," Britney said. "He watched them munch on each
other's boxes in the locker room one day. It's all I ever hear about - how
sexy they were, how turned on it made him. He knows I've been with other
guys, so he wants a chance to be with another girl. And...."

"And he wants girls to be with you, too," Jessica concluded. Rachael was
still white as a ghost, but Jessica's carnal cravings were perking up.

"Yeahhh," Britney whispered, her drawl getting even more delicious. "Chris
was thinking about having our way with those lesbos, but then these photos
walked into my life and, well...." she looked deep into Jessica's eyes.
"I've always had a secret little itch for you. Bitch."

"Slut," Jessica reflexively hissed, but it was all over. She knew that she
was, and always had been, caught in Britney's web.

Britney smiled and took her top off, leaving her huge breasts bare. It
almost seemed to get brighter in the room, as if more of the sun's rays
demanded to slip past Jessica's curtains and worship Britney's naked flesh.
The two girls stared at her as she caressed her hardening nipples, while
Chris held the inside of her discarded top up to his nose. Rachael looked
over at his expanding basket and gulped. That was MUCH bigger than a pen.

Britney impatiently cocked her long dirty blonde curls. "What'll it be,
y'all? Not that you really have a choice, but if you did I'd like to

Jessica suddenly lurched over and put a finger over Britney's mouth. "Just
shut up," she said, before sealing the deal with a kiss.

Britney lips widened into a smile as Jessica began passionately sucking
face. Jessica's cherry lipstick smeared against Britney's teeth. Fluid
danced across their intertwined tongues, their deep breaths tripping up as
drips and drops of saliva ran down the backs of their throats. Britney's
tits smashed against Jessica's own heaving chest. She enjoyed this new
sensation of having a soft partner who knew how to kiss hard. Jessica broke
free to catch a breath, but Britney threw her arms around Jessica's neck and
pulled her down to a kneeling position on the floor.

"You're no angel," Britney taunted, only to get a mouthful of tongue again.
She felt Jessica's hands run across her tiny hips, up her bare back and back
around to fondle her cushy tits. Jessica's mouth moved down to those big
brown areolas. She kept looking up at Britney as she sucked and licked,
beating her tongue against the hot, taut nipples.

"Got any milk in here for me?" she asked Britney with a wink. "Huh?"

"Oh sweet Jesus, yeah!" Britney threw her head back and felt Jessica run a
hand across her burning hot, imprisoned snatch. Jessica fondled every inch
of Britney's globes, then pressed them together and ran her tongue through
Britney's bountiful cleavage before trying to fit both nipples into her
mouth at once.

"Aghhhh, you watchin' this, you hopeless retard?" Britney called to her
boyfriend. "THIS is how you suck tit."

Chris was most definitely watching. His pants were off and his eight inches
were granite in his hand. "Let her do you good," he spit back, his voice

Jessica got a grip on Britney's shorts. Britney smiled wickedly as she
watched Jessica have the damndest time trying to wrestle them down her curvy
legs. As she pulled and pried, Jessica's own booty swayed invitingly in
front of Rachael's face. Rachael decided that here, finally, was a chance to
make HER move.

Jessica froze when she felt hands moving under her skirt to pull down her
panties. She thought it was Chris, but he was still jacking off in the
corner, and the fingertips that ran across her swollen clit were softer,
smaller and cooler than a boy's. She knew what was going on, but until she
felt Rachael's tongue slip between her labes, she didn't realize how much
she'd enjoy it. Rachael was just as totally inexperienced as Jessica was
with girls, but she did what she thought would feel good. Over and over, she
punched her tongue deep inside Jessica's cunt, swirling it around to lap up
the sweet juices of her infatuation. She came up for air, only to slip her
lips around Jessica's throbbing twat, suckling like a needy child. She
gently guided Jessica's legs further apart, and ran a finger up to the
girl's tight asshole. She didn't break through the ring, just ran her cold
finger around and across the fiery circle.

"OHMIGOD yes!! MMMMMMphhh!!" Jessica bit her lip and grinded her snatch
against Rachael's face. "Use your pretty little tongue on me. Fuck me, Rach.
Deep. Deeeeper! Uhhh haaaaaaaaah!"

Britney enjoyed the view. Her own cooch was bare now, and dripping all over
Jessica's bed. Jessica, had gotten wrapped up in Rachael's oral impaling.
Her hands still clung tightly to the sides of Britney's shorts, which were
now wrapped around Britney's knees. She needed a jump start. Britney decided
to muscle free, kick the shorts off and throw her legs up, moving her god
damn beautiful pussy just an inch or two away from Jessica's mouth. Jessica
did wake up, to another dream. She laughed weakly and blew some stray
strands of her mussed hair away before clamping her hands onto the bed and
closing her mouth over Britney's tangy slit.

"Yeahhh choir girl," Britney's smoky voice rose again from behind her tits.
"Taste my pie. That's it. Taste it. Ooooooo! You're so fucking filthy! Just
like me."

Jessica mashed her nose against Britney's clit as her tongue reached the
inner depths, the promised land of muff and honey. She kept her tongue
wiggling around inside, then pulled out slowwwwly, like storm tides against
the gulf coast. She moved a hand between Britney's pert ass cheeks, giving
each one a resounding spank that made Britney cry out in approval. Britney's
thighs writhed against Jessica's cheeks. She ran her bare feet across the
damp back of Jessica's shirt, swinging them out during unbearable seizures
of pleasure. Rachael noticed this once. She caught hold and licked each of
Britney's soles from toe to heel. "Holy shit girlie, that tickles!" Britney
giggled. Rachael sucked on each tanned, tasty toe, then turned back to keep
licking Jessica.


The cleared throat belonged to Chris, as did the full balls and imposing
dick, and they were a foot away from Rachael.

"You're amazing with your mouth," he said. "How bout using it on me?"

Britney looked down and smiled at her big, dumb man. Let him have his fun,
she thought. She was certainly having her own. She laid back down and
watched Jessica blow bubbles of saliva onto her snatch before hungrily
munching her way back inside.

Rachael's killer eyes kept shifting from Chris' face and back to his cock
nervously. She wanted to try blowing a guy, but she wasn't sure she'd be in
control with Chris. She massaged Jessica's clit one last time, as if to say
"I'll be back, sweetie," before moving a hand towards Chris' joystick.

"No, wait," Chris said. "Show me your boobs."

Rachael fumbled with the buttons on her uniform shirt, but when she saw how
Chris moaned and gave himself a quick jerk when her frilly white bra was
revealed, she found confidence in her femininity. She had seen how Chris had
smelled Britney's top, so when she unclasped her bra and let her moist,
perky jugs hang out in the open, she let Chris look for a sec, then tossed
the undergarment up to his face. She laughed as he went gonzo over the

"Ohhhh, go head and gimme head," the jock/fetishist groaned from behind his
lace veil.

Rachael wrapped her small hand around Chris' fat dick and nuzzled her nose
against the underside of his shaft while she licked cautiously across his
nuts. She liked the way the short hairs of his sack folded against her
tongue, then snapped back to brush against her chin as she moved on. She ran
her tongue between the base of his cock and his sack, then put her warm lips
around one of his balls. Rachael sucked each with all the saliva she could
muster, feeling her own lips get wet against his skin. She felt a drop on
her nose and looked up in time to see a second drop of pre-cum batter her
cheek. She laughed a mumbled, disbelieving laugh, then left his testicles
behind to pucker her tight mouth around his hard, throbbing cockhead.

Chris groaned and ran his hands through Rachael's beautiful raven hair. It
had been a LONG time since a mouth other than Britney's swallowed his sword,
and while Brit was a great BJ artist, he enjoyed watching and feeling
Rachael learn the basics. She sucked on his glans over and over, moaning as
she tasted his salty juices. She opened wide and swallowed some shaft meat.
Sucking cock wasn't much different from eating a popsicle, Rachael decided.
It was almost a fun game when she thought of it that way. At least popsicles
yielded, melting away as she sucked harder. Chris wouldn't yield. She made
her lips airtight and started to stroke his hefty balls, but his wang was
just as big, if not bigger, with every bob.

"You're good," Chris groaned. Rachael pulled off, smiled and licked up and
down, getting the sides of his big shaft nice and wet.

"HOW good is she?" Britney broke through her own whimpers to ask.

"She's damn good, Brit," Chris answered back. Rachael laughed and bobbed
back down.

Britney smirked at her boyfriend before licking her lips and pushing
Jessica's lips down harder on her sopping wet cunt. Jessica decided to up
the ante right up Britney's ass. She found Britney's back door with a
determined finger, only to find enough room inside for two.

"OHHHHH baby, I LIKE that!" Britney cried from the double pump. "This one's
damn good, too, lover boy."

"Awesome!" Chris shouted back. "Ohhh, you like feelin' my ass?" he asked
Rachael when he felt her hands wander across his smooth behind. Rachael let
out a gurgling laugh and gave him a light slap. "Harder," Chris ordered.
Rachael smacked him again. "Yeahh, me and Brit love it rough," he said,
pushing his wood into Rachael's mouth a little more insistently. Rachael
pulled away and took a deep breath while looking up with those hypnotic
eyes. This time, they were saying "Umm hmmm." She sunk her lips back down on
Chris and let his turgid tool slam in and out of her cheek pocket. It turned
her on, getting mouth fucked, and she found herself pushing her underwear
away to finger herself. Chris loved it, watching her get off on surrendering
her mouth to him, his rod making her supermodel face expand and collapse,
over and over. It was so soft, hot and wet around his cock, it reminded him
of a sweet sweet pussy. Which reminded him that there were three of those in
the room. He looked over at Britney, her legs splayed and her cookie in the
mouth of another girl. Her face was scrunched up. He knew that look. Her
ecstatic eyes met his as Jessica loudly slurped down her river of poon tang.
She smiled and nodded through her quaking moans, pointing her head towards
Jessica's lonely cunt. Chris LOVED that they thought alike.

"Get up, baby," he said, helping a surprisingly reluctant Rachael to her
feet. He kissed her and she kissed back. "You were great," he gasped. He
went and stood behind Jessica's bubbly rump while Britney beckoned to
Rachael with her finger. Rachael pulled off her skirt and panties and walked
excitedly toward's St. Bernard's queen of sex.

"Yeah, you want this," Britney smiled. "Come sit on my face. I'll give Jess
here a run for her money."

Chris lined up his cock with Jessica's pussy. A dollop of her special sauce
oozed onto his cockhead. Well, she was experienced, but so what? She was as
excited as a first timer. She never thought she'd get to fuck Chris - which
was the only thing she considered him good for - and here he was, poppin'
into her doggy style.

"That's it," Chris grunted. "Lovely Miss Jessica Simpson." He pushed his
tip inside of her, expecting and hearing her gasp. "Sink on down, sweet

"Oooooooh fuck wait Rach!" Jessica called out as she slid down further
along Chris' impressive thickness. Rachael stopped just before she was about
to climb aboard Britney. "Hit the stereo over there. I think I'm gonna get

"Fuck yeah!" Chris shouted. "Scream, baby, scream!"

"Boys," Britney wondered aloud again, but as soon as she felt Jessica's
lips back on her tingling crotch she made some noise of her own.

Rachael turned the stereo, with its "Masters of Metal" CD, towards the
room's curtained- but-open window and hiked the volume up to an 8 out of 10.
Unlike Jessica, she hated metal, but she also knew loud music would sound
less suspicious on a neighborhood street than, say, "Finger my cunny, you
cocksucking whore!"

Rachael turned back to the bed. She saw Britney waving to her with her
tongue. She heard Chris' nuts slap, slap, slapping against Jessica's
occupied, engorged mound. How did THIS happen?

"Give me that puss," Britney pleaded.

Rachael was sure she went to the most sex-crazy school in America, and if
you've joined 'em, ride 'em. She got up on the bed, facing the headboard in
a catcher's crouch over Britney's mouth. The cunt-craving cheerleader dug
right in to her first pussy, grabbing hold of Rachael's tiny ballerina
asscheeks and closing her talented lips around the pulsating clit. Rachael
began to rhythmically ride her face, stuffing her muff against Britney's
chin and lips before her tongue finally got the idea and moved into her
aching snatch. Chris porked Jessica harder as he watched Rachael curse and
groan, her pretty face twitching and twisting.

"Just like I thought," he shouted, placing a slap on the grunting Jessica's
bottom. "My girl's a fuckin' natural at eating out."

The praise psyched up Britney even more. She took the self-guided tour of
Rachael's mound, planting quick, tickling licks and inhaling the sweet musk
of Rachael's arousal. She pried Rachael's labes apart and played with them,
making Rachael all the more sensitive and thankful when she finally wedged
her tongue up inside her again. Rachael moved her hands from the wall to the
headboard, making the whole bed shake.

Jessica could feel the vibrations shudder against her already unsteady
legs. She was bent over and getting dicked like a pro. Britney's cunt was
against her tongue. Her uniform skirt was still around her waist. She moved
a knee up onto the bed, which only caused Chris to put a foot up there and
straddle her, pounding his prick inside of her pussy even further, even
harder. He wanted to rock Jessica in a way he never felt obligated to with
Britney. Her Lone Star curves were so slender, her body so natural....he
felt desperate to thrust so deep inside of her that her cries of ecstasy
would be as pure as the rest of her.

"Fuck me. Fuck me...." Jessica's plea got progressively louder. Sweat
poured down her flushed face.

"EAT ME, slut," Britney commanded through her busy lips.

"Uhhhhhh, BITCH!" Jessica returned the compliment, then went full-force
after Britney's bud. She flicked her tongue, poked her tongue, pressed her
tongue against it. She moved her fingers out of Britney's ass, into her
pussy, then back again, fast and rough.

It was a new kind of rough for Britney. She was so overcome that she could
do little more than stick her tongue out of her jolting head and spear
Rachael's pussy. Of course, that was A-OK with Rachael. She looked down as
an orgasm wracked Britney, then another. Britney slammed her fist against
the mattress as she screamed out. Jessica's fingers finally had to settle on
staying lodged in Britney's tush, because her hand was locked under
Britney's clenched frame. Jessica grinned cockily, satisfied at how
thoroughly she'd wrecked St. Bernie's cream queen, but cruel enough to run
her tongue back across Britney's clit for extra orgasmic insanity. Jessica
swore she could feel electric pulses dance against the fingertips she had up
Britney's ass. Rachael found the sight so sexy that she didn't wait for
Britney to regain self-control. She simply started grinding her pussy
against Britney's twisted, puckered smile. She started moaning softly in no
time, her virginal juices pouring onto Britney's face as the cheerleader
found enough sense to spank Rachael in a successful plea for air.

Chris matched the spanks with swats against Jessica's sizzling ass-flesh.
Jessica's moans were getting as loud and primal as he'd hoped. He was
screwing her so deep that he heard a popping sound, and it wasn't his balls
against her thigh. He didn't know what it was, but it was from inside her.
He HAD heard it once before - when he'd fucked Britney scissor-legged on her
living room couch. Jessica repeatedly shrieked the highest note in her range
as Chris hit the mysterious hilt once, then twice, eventually ten or so
times, until her vocals died down and a much more familiar sensation
enveloped his cock - molten pussy juice. He pumped into her slower, for her
benefit, then faster for his when the slickness against his glans was too
enjoyable to hold back any longer.

"Ohhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum, Jessie. I'm gonna give it to ya!"

"Yes, yes, come in my pussy. Fill me up, you big dicked stud.


The muffled objection came from Britney. She scurried out from under
Rachael and hit the floor, falling to her knees beside Chris. "That load is

Chris had no objections. The sight of his girlfriend with another girl's
tang dripping from her lips was instinctively more appealing to him than
Jessica's spent snatch. But when Britney carefully pulled Chris' cock out of
Jessica, gave her clit a "thank you" suck, then cleaned off his
juice-covered organ with her tongue, Chris had entered high school jock

"Ahhhhh, Britney," he mumbled, the sensations of her jacking hand against
his peter overcoming him. "I'm....gon..nut."

"I know you are, sweetie." Britney looked up at him, but his eyes were
closed. She looked over at Jessica. Rachael was licking her nipples. Both
girls were watching Britney's technique. She winked and blew a kiss to them.
There was nothing Britney enjoyed more than putting on a show.

"I love the way an overheated cock feels in my hand," Britney purred
through clenched teeth. Chris' eyes started to roll back as she wanked him
senseless. A squishy sound came up from his balls. "You got that goo on the
brain, huh?"


"You gonna fuckin' shoot it for me?"

"Uh huh, yeah."

"Yeah. Your juicy cum all over my face and tits, huh?"

"Ohhhh FUCK yeah!!"

"Well fuck you," Britney growled. She guided his cocked goo gun towards her
open mouth. "Shoo ih inn heah insteh. Dow ma thro, babeee."


Chris' single, pointed cry preceded rope after rope of stringy jism
rocketing from his cock towards Britney. The girls watched in amazement as
each snow white bullet seemed to curve at the front end, just before it
disappeared between Britney's waiting, wide open lips. She hadn't flinched
or anything, and she seemed to know just when the cum would stop flying and
start dribbling - she ran her tongue against Chris' underside and didn't
miss a single drop.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!" Britney held her mouth open for the girls to see Chris'
entire load dancing on her tongue.

"Ahhhmmmmmmmm!!" She inhaled Chris' still-rigid rod to the root, letting it
push his seed down her gulping throat.

"Absolutely awesome," Jessica gasped.

"C'mon Brit!!" Chris screamed. "I can't take it!!!!"

"Ahhhhh," Britney pulled off with a deep breath and a lick of her chops.

The boy in question collapsed into a sorry ball on the beanbag chair.

"You've gotta teach us that," Rachael said, so urgently she surprised

Britney cracked up. She crawled over to the shoebox, threw it up to
Jessica, and climbed onto the bed. The smiles were contagious.

Britney gave a thumbs-up. "Girls!"

Jessica and Rachael nodded. "Girls," they laughed in unison, before joining
their former blackmailer in a three-way tongue-tie.

For the first time in two weeks, it wouldn't be roast beef for dinner.