With Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies
Written By Thugnificent

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

"Look at him, he's busy," Liz pointed towards the gym in the guest house. Ari gave her a menacing look before trying to drag her out there again. Ari's step brother worked vigorously in the gym preparing for a fight he had coming up.

"Liz, if you really like him then you have to make a move," Ari said trying to pull Liz through the screen door. Liz hesitated for a few seconds before finally giving up. Ari managed to drag Liz towards the door leading to the gym but she wouldn't move beyond that.

"Hurry up," Ari hissed. Liz reluctantly followed Ari to the door, the gut retching sound of the leather gloves crushing the heavy bag almost made Liz run the other way. Liz glanced at Ari almost begging her not to make her do this but she knew it was too late. Liz knocked softly on the door.

"Hey Liz, what's up?" Fernando asked wiping the sweat from his chest and shoulders. Liz almost fainted at the sight of the shirtless boxer. She couldn't stop staring down his chiseled upper body.

"Hey, um...I was wondering if...you wanted to...unless you're busy," Liz mumbled. Fernando stood at the door confused, so Liz finally came out with it.

"Do you want to watch movies with us?" she asked still mumbling under her breath. Ari giggled nervously trying to break the awkward silence.

"Sure, just let me finish up, I'll be there in a sec," he responded with a friendly smile. As soon as he shut the door Liz almost shrieked with excitement.

"You see, I told you he was a nice guy," Ari told Liz on their way back. "Now all that's left is getting ready for the fun," Liz gave an Ari a confused look, she had no idea what the sassy red head was planning.

The girls prepared the drinks and the snacks while Fernando finished his routine. While he took a shower Ari finally hit Liz with the question she's been dying to ask her.

"Would you let him...you know." Ari teased with a sly grin. Liz stood there confused for a second before her eyes widened with realization.

"Oh god, no! I mean he's cute and all but I barely know him," Liz snapped back. Ari giggled at her friend's reaction, before the conversation got too deep they heard Fernando step out of the shower. They quickly hurried to set up all necessities.

"Ari, why would ask me something like that? He's your brother after all," Liz said sliding under the covers on the couch. Ari quickly joined her, snuggling tightly while browsing the titles.

"We were only fifteen when we started f---"Ari started but was cut off by her brother bursting through the door. He quickly sat between them wearing nothing but his boxers and a tight v-neck.

"So what are we watching?" he asked wrapping an arm around both of them. Liz was noticeably blushing at Fernando's gesture.

"Well, Friends with Benefits looks good," Ari emphasized while looking straight at Liz. Liz hid under the covers with embarrassment.

"That sounds good, I'll be right back," he said heading towards the bathroom. At this point Liz wanted to choke Ari. Right after he returned they started to watch the movie, Ari pulled herself closer to her brother.

Halfway into the movie Ari started feeling a bit frisky so she started to rub her brother's muscular leg. He brushed her hand off trying to keep Liz from noticing. He had no problem messing around with Ari at home but when they were in public or had company he gave her the cold shoulder.

Feeling a bit hurt she tried to get back into the movie but seeing her friend snoozing at the end of the couch, she saw the perfect opportunity. Ari sent her brother to get more popcorn. He stared at her awkwardly for a bit before finally getting up towards the kitchen. Ari pulled down her tight pink shorts leaving her completely nude from the waist down.

After a few minutes, her brother came back with a fresh bowl of popcorn. He tucked himself under the covers not knowing what his horny little sister had in mind. She placed his hand on her warm leg and slowly ran it down to her soaked sex. He quickly pulled away and made sure that Liz was still sleeping.

"What are you doing? Put your shorts back on!" He hissed in a hushed tone. Ari simply smiled before climbing on to her brother and nibbling on his neck.

"Ari, I'm serious," he said still trying to resist the sensation of his sister's soft lips rubbing on his thigh. Although he tried to focus back on the movie, she wouldn't let him.

"Oh come on, you haven't even looked at me the last few days," she whined. "Just go with it," she gave him the best puppy eyes she could but he knew better.

"Aren't you even a little embarrassed that your friend might see us like this?" he whispered still trying to shove her off. She ignored him once more and continued to kiss down the nape of his neck.

"If I give you thirty seconds of making out, will you stop?" he offered. She quickly nodded and smiled in agreement. Ari pulled her pink top over her head revealing her fully aroused pink nipples. Her brother couldn't resist anymore.

He attacked her, licking and suckling her perky breasts. Ari moaned loudly as her brother devoured her chest. He savored her silky skin, slowly making his way up to her angelic face. He planted a big wet kiss on her before laying her down right next to her snoozing friend.

He started to vigorously rub his fingers between her soaked lips, making bite her lip. The pure sensation that her friend could wake up and see them at any moment was enough to drive Ari crazy. She buckled and grinded the hips to the rhythm of his fingers, occasionally turning to her slumbering BFF.

Now rubbing the tip of his throbbing pole against her stomach, he couldn't take anymore. He flipped her over on all fours and started pounding her tight little ass. The couch rocked back and forth to Fernando's pounding, they couldn't believe Liz didn't wake up.

Ari's primal moans filled the room forcing her brother to cover her mouth with his hand. This was the perfect opportunity for him to study her tight, soft body. He couldn't' stop staring at her perfect guitar shape figure; this was what drove him crazy. He pulled on her hair and smacked her ass hard leaving a big red handprint.

"Stop!!!" Ari screamed. Fernando immediately stopped; he didn't know what wrong until he looked towards Liz.

"What the fuck?!" she shouted. Fernando quickly pulled out from his sister and covered himself with his shirt. They all just stood there for a few awkward moments until Liz broke the silence.

"I can't believe this," she said pacing around the room. Fernando started to say something but Ari cut him off.

"Look Liz I can explain, we were just—"she started to say but was herself cut off by Liz.

"About to fuck without waking me up," she said with a huge grin on her face. Liz tore her clothes off and immediately grabbed Fernando's shirt and threw it aside, she reached for his cock and shoved it down deep into her throat.

"Come on, you honestly thought I didn't know what was going on?" she asked Ari between slurps. She really surprised Fernando; he was literary shaking to the touch on her tongue. Ari just watched her friend blow her brother while she played with herself.

Fernando himself couldn't believe who good Liz could work her tongue. She just smiled while she tortured Ari, forcing her to watch helplessly as her brother creamed inside her mouth.

"Mmm...you weren't joking when you said your brother had a huge cock," Liz said licking the rest of the goo of Fernando's throbbing pole. "Just look at the size of this thing,"

"Come on, give me a turn," Ari said shoving Liz off Fernando's lap. "I'll show you how to really make him cum," Liz giggled at Ari's challenge before laying Fernando down across the couch.

She positioned herself right on top of his face, giving him complete access to her sweet, shaved cunt. Fernando wasted no time and immediately started to devour her sweet clit.

The scene was a complete orgy as Ari swallowed her brother's cock, Liz played with Ari's perky breasts and Fernando devoured Liz's juicy lips. The fun was quickly moved to the bedroom where things really started to get hot.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Liz moaned as Fernando pounded her against the bed. Ari laid on the bottom of the bed pleasuring herself to the crazy scene in front of her. She playfully watched her brother fuck her BBF's brains out without saying a word.

"Wow Liz, you have a beautiful ass," Fernando complemented while rubbing his fingers between her cheeks. Liz could only smile back, still shaken by their rough sex.

"How about I make you a deal?" He panted. "If I can fit my whole cock in your ass, without you screaming, you let me do whatever I want,"

"And if I don't scream?" she asked playing along.

"Then I let you do whatever you want to me," He answered with a huge grin on his face. Liz agreed to the terms so Fernando applied the lube all over his still erect pole.

Ari giggled with anticipation as she watched her brother apply the warm goo. Right before he impaled the beautiful brunette, Liz quickly changed the terms.

"Not so fast, put it in slow," she suggested sparking a huge grin on Ari's face. She urged on her brother begging him to fuck her friend, to which he happily obliged. Rubbing his soaked tip on her puckered hole, he teased her for a bit. Liz got taken by surprise when he impaled the first inch inside. Ari had to cover her mouth to keep her from yelling.

"Come on, that's all you got?" Liz instigated. Her confidence soon turned to pain as he drove yet another inch inside her. At this point Liz was squirming franticly; clearly she wasn't used to anal. He drove halfway inside her before Liz accidently let out a yelp.

"Fine, you win," she sighed with disappointment. She took a deep breath before nudging herself backwards into the boxer's meat. She pounded herself into yet another orgasm before turning over on the bed.

"You won the last round, but how about a rematch?" she challenged spreading her tasty legs open.