"Jungle Fever"
With Debby Ryan
Written By Thugnificent

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

Ah Brazil, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The women, the sandy beaches, the people, and the culture are known world wide. While Mixed Martial Arts has taken Brazil by storm, Rio De Janeiro will be the site of the most anticipated fights of the year. Bobby Ryan is finally going to get his title shot and he asked me to train him.

Bobby is an old friend of mine so when he asked me to prepare him for this fight I immediately agreed. After three months of hard training, he decided to finish the other three in Brazil. I didn't mind that he booked the fight in Brazil, what really pissed me off was that he invited his whole family.

The airport was buzzing with activity and people carried on with their business. To make matters worse Bobby decided to buy the tickets at the airport, thirty tickets on the spot. After twenty minutes of cluttering an mindless chatting we finally moved to the gate then boarded the plane, something I thought was never going to happen.

"Wow, I'm going to miss New York," Bobby said looking at JFK one last time.

"We'll be back in three months, besides I'm looking forward to getting away from this place," I said turning to my side for a quick nap.

Twelve Hours Later...

We finally landed in Brazil, twelve painful hours later. The airport was just like NY, except everyone had a tan. Baggage claim was a fucking hassle with all these people carrying like four suitcases each. We literary had to rent out five cabs to drive us to the hotel.

On the way there Bobby's little brother wouldn't shut up about the fight, I guess seeing all those billboards with his brother on them really threw him off.

"I should be the one getting that title shot," He mumbled.

"Jake, why can't you just be happy for your brother? Anyway your ranked #1 for the IBF not WBC," I said finally shutting him up.

Before he had a chance to comeback at me w arrived at the hotel and dispersed completely. The resort was incredible, a huge fountain at the entrance really made it look elegant. The lobby was even more impressive, filled with Women, I guess Bobby has slot of female fans.

"Hi. I'm here for the reservation under Bobby Ryan," Bobby greeted the front desk. The well dressed man quickly recognized him and gave him like ten different keys. While Bobby sorted out the rooms with his family I snuck out to the bar.

Even the bar was crawling with women, it was getting a bit hard to control myself. I took a seat on an empty stool and ordered a beer. I met a guy who was a huge fight fan and got into this heated conversation, apparently he was a huge fan of mine.

He talked about all my fights, I mean every single one, it was kinda creepy. He even gave me training advice and what areas he think I should improve on. I kinda laughed at the guy but he was completely serious, he even gave me his number. A few pictures and an autograph later he disappeared into the crowd leaving me all by myself again.

"At least you have a fan," Bobby teased ten took the seat next to me. He ordered himself an beer and we started to talk strategy and how to approach training with the limited time we were given. He got a bit side tracked and began to ask me about my family and how things were going on a personal note. I told him how it was, everything was going great but then a question hit me.

"Hey, where's your sister?" I asked with a little too much excitement.

"She's still filming her new show, she said she'll be here next week," he answered feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I quickly changed the subject and went back to the training. Bobby was a great boxer, he had speed, power, and a iron chin. His only glaring weakness was that he had no stamina at all. None of his fights have been past the third round so he thought it wasn't necessary. He was in for a rude awakening when he fought for the #1 contendership.

He fought some prospect from Texas who had never knocked anyone out. Bobby thought it was going to be an easy fight so he went in guns blazing. Turns out this guy was a counter puncher, he punished Bobby for ten rounds before Bobby finally put him to sleep with a hook to the jaw. After that fight Bobby took his cardio seriously so he asked me to do his Strength and conditioning.

Without me realizing,it was ten o'clock so I headed to bed. I had a long day ahead of me.

Bobby followed a few hours later, which wasn't a good idea considering we were waking up at six.

The Next Day...

"Wake up!!!" I shouted through the door.

Bobby slipped out of bed and took a quick shower then got dressed. He was really lazy for being an athlete. We ran down the stairs and headed towards the gym at the hotel.

I put Bobby through the same routine only this time a bit tougher. I had him warn up for five minutes on the treadmill before the real work started. Sometimes I forgot how good this kid really is.If he doesn't knock the champ out, he'll punish him for twelve rounds.

After training Bobby And I decided to hit up the pool for a little "relaxation". As soon as we got there he was crowded by people asking for pictures and autographs. I just pulled up a chair and let my friend enjoy his fame.

A good ten minutes passed by and I fell asleep without noticing. I woke up to did Bobby openly making out with two girls in the pool. I chuckled to myself ten went and got another drink, on the way back I heard a familiar voice.

"Is that you Ferni?" Said someone behind me. I turned to see Bobby's sister Debby wearing a tight white bikini and shades. She literary took my breath away with that smile an those thick full lips.

"Debby? Holy shit, you look great," I said running over to greet her. I have her a tight hug and "accidentally" placed my hands a little too low.

She pulled up a seat next to me an we quickly caught up. I didn't get one word she said, I couldn't take my eyes of her body. She was too naive to notice or just didn't mind because she kept talking like nothing was going on.

Seeing Debby again really brought up old feeling I had for her. We dated a few years back but I barely consider that a relationship. We went out for six months and it was all sex, I mean I didn't even know her last name until we finally broke up.I kinda felt bad for using her but those were the best six months of my life.

We spent the whole afternoon talking, I even caught a peek at her nipple when she stood up to fix her bra. It was getting kinda late so I bid Debby good bye and headed for the locker rooms for a much needed shower.*

I found the locker room empty and freezing so I quickly stepped into one of the stalls and ran the hot water. While soaking my head in the relaxing spray, I heard someone step into the locker room. I first I just brushed it off but when I looked over the stall And saw a pair of white panties drop I knew what was coming.

I felt Debby's soft hands slowly wrap around me and pull me closer to her. She turned me around and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I tried to consider that she was Bobby's sister but i always found it hard to control myself around her. Finally giving in, I kissed her back only this time with some tongue.

"Hmm...you were always a great kisser," she whispered in my ear. I smiled to her complement the nibbled and suckled her soft neck.

Debby was completely at my will, she was dripping between her legs and would dare to move from the sensation. She pressed my face between those sweet breasts of hers allowing me to savor her sweet flesh mounds.

I licked and sucked her hard nipples making her moan loudly to my touch. I made sure to rub my hand between her soaked slit, causing her to moan even louder.

Debby couldn't take it anymore, she dropped down to her knees and wrapped her luscious lips around meat. She flicked her tongue at my tip and gagged her self with length before kissing down to my sack.

"Holy shit Debby, you know how to get me off," I moaned trying not to cream in her mouth. She winked at me and began to milk my cock hard with her hand, adding a little spit for lubrication.*

I couldn't take it anymore, I finally let off my load all over her pretty little face. She durn hesitate to scope up my seed and slowly place it on her tongue.*

"Come Here," she said pulling a bench into the stall and shoving me to the seat.
She climbed on top of me and gently impaled herself on my cock. She was burning hot and soaking wet, just how I like it. She started grinding and jumping on pole driving us both insane.

I shoved my face between her breasts once more and held it there forth longest time. Debby plesured herself slowly and ran her fingers passionately through my hair. She rode my like bike before she finally squirted all over my lap.

"Oh god I'm sorry, that's never happened before," she apologized still out of breath.

"Don't worry about it," I said wiping myself off.

Debby pulled me out of her to go and grab a quick drink from the bar. I finished my shower and got dressed then waited for Debby by the pool.

A few minutes later she came back with two cocktails and sat down next to me. We looked up at the stars and enjoyed the rest of the magical night.

"I think I'm going to like Brazil," I said sparking a sexy smile on her face.