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Sunkissed: De-Stressing An Aussie Angel

Miami, Florida is a good place to be in general, whether you are young or old, male or female. The exotic location is a haven for the moral and immoral pleasures of the mind and the body. Miami is also a great place to be if one is in business and especially the people business. That may sound a little odd so let me clarify. By people business I mean hands-on, direct interaction with a potential client. For instance, the massage business and all that lucky job entails.

"Mr. McBride? Sir? A Mr. Chuck Finley calling himself ‘Axe' is on the line for you."

"Thank you Amanda. I'll take it in here."

"Of course sir."

I didn't turn around in my high-backed leather chair as I gazed out the window at the beautiful Miami beaches four stories below. Only when I heard my office door close did I reach behind me and pick up my office phone.

"What do you want you scumbag?"

I heard deep, loud laughter come down the line and I smiled. It had been a long time since I had heard from my friend Axe.

"Now is that any way to treat one of your oldest, dearest friends and one of your best sources of income?"

"It is when the person attached to those endearments hasn't been keeping in touch and your prime as my main source of income peaked a few years ago."

More laughter came down the line but I detected a twinge of nervousness as well this time and I smiled wider. My massage parlor, Sunkissed, was a healthy business and every year we (meaning Axe and I) made more money. In return we invested more into the business and our facility improved. An improved facility meant better equipment, better staff, better marketing and this all led to better and more clientele. And by better clientele I mean more famous, more connected and wealthier clients. Not to mention better looking as well.

"C'mon man. You know I've been busy and besides, I'm going to make it up to you right now. I'm sending some hot, famous, nubile babes your way. First and chief among them Victoria's Secret Angel and wank-fest extraordinaire Miranda Kerr."

"I'm listening. What are the details?"

"Yeah, now I'm in your good graces again. Supposedly Ms. Kerr is having difficulty moving and striking the more limber and fantastic poses that she is known for. I think it's because she works out too hard and stretches with cold muscles but who cares?"

Axe did have a point and I would be sending him a box of his favorite cigars if Miranda became a repeat client. I woke my computer up and clicked on the email Axe sent me. I scanned the client sheet and was already booing the leggy super-model in one of our best inner rooms.

"Who else is on the lineup?"

"Uh, an Olivia Wilde, Jordana Brewster Emma Watson and Miranda Cosgrove. Fuck man, you gotta let me be there when all this goes down."

My dick hardened and I mentally added a thousand dollar tab to one of the swankiest bars in town for my good friend.

"Axe, my friend, just contact Amanda when you come down with whichever lady you smarmed your way with and she'll set you up real nice."

I heard Axe snigger down the line and rolled my eyes but grinned. It was no secret with my staff, especially my secretary Amanda, that Axe was a ladies man who would bone them all without a second thought.

"Keep dreaming buddy. Amanda isn't feeling your vibe and still calls you Mr. Finley."

"Still? I would have thought that my natural charm would've won her over by now. I'm out bossman. Talk to you soon."

I hung up my office phone and pressed the intercom for Amanda's desk just outside my office.

"Yes Mr. McBride?"

"Come in here please."

"On my way sir."

A few moments later Amanda stood in front of me but I inclined my head for her to sit down on my desk and she did. I noticed that she wore a gray pencil skirt and crisp white button down blouse. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, her face plastered with makeup and simple black wedge heels were on her feet. Stereotypical secretary outfit and lacking imagination. What a pity.

"Your contract is almost up Amanda and you haven't started the renewal process or submitted a reapplication."

"Oh! How silly of me! Of course, I'll get right on that Mr. McBride."

I didn't say anything as I sighed internally and exhaled. Twenty-four year old Amanda Bynes at the start of Sunkissed, was a wet dream to have as a secretary for an aspiring masseuse and business man and Axe had always been jealous that I fucked her. Well, was fucking her. Now, three years later Amanda failed to excite me as she didn't evolve with the times (fashion, sex business wise etc) and she was simply adequate at her secretarial duties.

"What's on my schedule for today Amanda?"

"Mr. Finley sent you some new prospective clients in an email. Did you get it?"

I turned halfway around to look at Amanda and smirked a little as she had made herself comfortable. Her legs were tucked underneath her as she now sat on my desk and her skirt pulled away from her legs enough for me to get a full view of her pink cotton panties.

"Yes I did. You don't have any panty lines showing with the underwear that you're wearing?"

Amanda blushed at my question and instinctively closed her legs tighter. I rolled my eyes as I had seen more than just what style and color underwear she wore but Amanda was still shy. Another quality she had yet to improve upon as her confidence sucked. I often wondered if this was why she had quit acting.

"I forgot to do my laundry and I wear a scarf around my waist."

"Lock the door. I want to relax before I get started for the day."

Amanda hopped off my desk with a smile and did as I asked before skipping back around my desk to stand in front of me. She dropped to her knees, undid my belt and pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers. She kissed the head and began jacking me off with one hand while undoing the buttons of her blouse with her other hand. The garment fell open and her modest breasts hung in a bright purple, frilly lace bra. I frowned as her choice in undergarments was just not flattering but I put the thought out of my mind and let my head rest back against my chair.

"More Amanda."

I sighed when her lips closed around my cock and she slipped her mouth down my shaft slowly. Amanda was actually good at blow jobs and I enjoyed her ministrations for a few moments but I wanted more.

"Stop. Lose your clothes, get up on the desk and lay down across the top so you can continue blowing me with your breasts hanging over the desk."

Amanda did as I asked and I watched as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Her breasts sagged a little with no support and unsurprisingly her dark brown nipples were erect. She shimmied out of her skirt next and when she dropped her panties I noticed that her trimmed bush was gleaming with her arousal.

"Leave your heels on and get up on my desk."

"Yes sir."

I smirked as Amanda scrambled to do as I told her to do and as she gobbled up my cock again with a low hoarish moan, I fondled her breasts. I'll admit it, I'm a boobs man and I loved playing with them. I mauled Amanda's breasts, kneading them and pulling on her nipples. Amanda whimpered and went to town on my cock. I came with a relieved sigh, my mind clearer now and I waited for Amanda to clean me up. She tucked my cock back in my pants and made me presentable again.

"Stand up and turn around."

I walked around my desk and without warning jammed three of my fingers into Amanda's pussy. I didn't need to worry about hurting her as she was dripping her girly juices down her thighs and she arched back into me pressing her pussy closer into my hand. I twiddled away and with my other hand rubbed her right hip where her pussy juncture with her thigh.


Amanda came, a right twitching mess against my hand and I pulled my fingers out of her with a squelching sound coming from her pussy. Amanda fell to her knees but I ignored this and walked back to my desk. A few moments later a dazed Amanda Bynes shakily got dressed and left my office all wobbly. No sooner did my office door close then it reopened and I looked up to see my gram walking in.

"Gram! How good to see you. Why didn't you let me know you were coming?"

I hurried over to my gram and hugged her. I helped her to a comfortable leather chair and walked over to a side table to make some tea.

"I wanted to see how you were doing of course and I wanted to surprise you. What on earth did you do to that poor girl that just walked out of here?"

"My secretary? Got her properly motivated is all."

I grinned as I walked back over to my gram and handed her a cup of tea. She took it with a smile and I walked back to sit behind my desk. My gram frowned at me and I rolled my eyes.

"She got hers Gram don't worry."

"Good. Now, how's business?"

"It'll be picking up soon. Have a few possible high end clients coming in this week."

"Wonderful, tell me all about it."
A few hours after my gram left I was hurrying through the halls of the massage parlor section of Sunkissed and boy was I pissed. Somehow Amanda managed to bungle up the room appointments/assignments and when Miranda Kerr arrived someone, a lower end client, was in her room To further compound problems Amanda told Miranda to wait in the lobby and she would see if she could schedule another room for the gorgeous Aussie. Fortunately, a more competent worker rushed the news to me and I was out of my office in a flash.

"Ms. Kerr. Sorry to keep you waiting."

I strode across the lobby on the ground floor (Sunkissed had four floors) and held out my hands towards the Victoria's Secret Angel. When she shook my hand I helped her out of her chair and grasped her elbow as I led her back to the elevator. The doors opened and I ushered her inside before pressing the button for the third floor.

"Why was I kept waiting? I had an appointment for one o' clock and when I arrived I was told my room wasn't available."

"A scheduling error I'm afraid Ms. Kerr. Rest assured thought that your new room is of the same standards and you are in the most capable hands."

"I better be. I was told to come here and it cost a pretty penny."

"And it will be worth it. This way please."

The elevator stopped and Miranda Kerr walked out like she owned the place or she was on the fashion runway. I grit my teeth, snuck a quick glance at her firm ass and rolled my eyes as I followed her out. She would be worth it I kept telling myself.

"Here we are."

I opened a section in the wall that was actually a door and Miranda walked inside. As she passed me by I got a good glimpse down her little blue sundress and smirked as I saw the curves of her wonderful breasts encased in a gray sating push up bra.

"Now, you are scheduled for a fully body massage Ms. Kerr. If you would undress, there is a basket to put your effects and clothes in. Towels are located in the corner and I will return in a few moments.

I shut the door behind me and hurried down the hallway to where this floor's CCTV cameras were. I entered the office, the door sliding shut behind me and I was glad no one was around. I pulled up the cameras to Miranda's room and sat down in the chair.

"All right. Let's see what you got."

Miranda had just finished putting her belongings in the basket. She kicked off her sandals, put them in the basked and slipped the straps off her little sundress. My cock twitched in my pants as the dress fell away and left Miranda standing there in a matching gray satin bra and panties with see thru strips on the hips. When she reached behind herself to undo her bra I noticed a grimace cross her face. As soon as her bra was off Miranda cupped her breasts and kneaded them for a moment.

"What's going on Miranda? Sensitive?"

Her panties came off next and I was blessed with a fully naked Miranda Kerr, a sight very few got to see. Her breasts were gorgeous, round firm, perky and capped with pink nipples. Her breasts gave way to a flat stomach, curvy hips and right in the middle at the apex of her thighs was a bare, hairless snatch. My cock hardened and I tore my eyes away with great difficulty. I left the CCTV room, walked back to Miranda's room and knocked before entering.

"You comfortable and all set Ms. Kerr?"

I turned on some background noise (ocean waves) from the stereo and lit some scented candles. Miranda was restless on the table, her form halfway covered by a white towel.

"What's wrong Ms. Kerr?"

"N-Nothing. Get on with my massage."

I grinned, amused at her continued frosty demeanor despite the fact that she was obviously uncomfortable and I decided to go for it.

"Ms. Kerr, it is obvious that you are uncomfortable. If you tell me I can try and help you."

"No. My issue would be inappropriate and too embarrassing."

"Ms. Kerr, we have a strict client-masseuse confidentiality policy as I'm sure you have read in your waiver. I can assure you that we are in a private setting and your issue will remain private."

When Miranda sat up and turned around I knew that I won. The towel pooled at her hips, covering her snatch and she covered her breasts with one arm. She looked at my chest, not my face and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"It's my boobs. They're swollen, sore and annoyingly sensitive. I gave birth to my little boy not too long ago and even though I've weaned him my body is still producing milk. It's why I came here, to get a massage in the hopes that I would be relaxed enough for my shoot in a couple of days."

"I see. I can help you with that if you want. Sit so your legs hang over the table and you're facing the wall."


I walked behind Miranda, lowered her arm from her breasts and with a shit-eating grin cupped her famous breasts in my hands. Right away I knew that Miranda was speaking the truth as her body arched like she had been electrocuted and she rested her head back against my shoulder. Her little moans were turning me on as I kneaded her breasts and milk literally gushed out of her breasts when I tweaked her nipples.

"That's it. Just let your go and just relax."

Miranda moaned and pushed her breasts further into my hands as her own milk dribbled down her front.

"Stop. Please. I'm going to…aaah!"

I grinned as Miranda screamed out her release and slumped back against me. Not wanting her logical, rational brain to kick back in, I lowered Miranda on her back to the masseuse table and straddled her waist. The towel had fallen to the floor from Miranda's writhing and I made sure to press my clothed bulge into the cleft of her pussy as I sucked in her nipple.

"Oh! No! You mustn't!"

Despite her pleas Miranda arched her back, pressing more of her breast into my mouth and ground her wet snatch across the bulge in my pants. I switched breasts, sucking on her other one and reached won with a hand to finger her. Her pussy was warm and wet, her folds clamping down on my fingers. I withdrew my hand and kicked off my shoes. I pulled down my pants and boxers as quick as I could and bit down on the nipple in my mouth.

"Aiee! Oomph!"

I straightened up, taking my mouth away from Miranda's delectable breasts as I reveled in the feeling of being buried balls deep in Miranda Kerr's pussy.

"What are you doing?! Ooooh…"

Miranda's surprised, angry tone changed to a wanton moan when I shifted my hips and I knew I had her when her long, smooth legs wrapped around my waist.

"You better give me the fucking of my life for being so bold. You make me cum and see stars and I won't be upset. Deal?"

"Oh it's a deal all right."

I grabbed her hips and instead of slamming my dick back into her and rutting her into the table I eased into her in a slow, measured stroke. I could tell that Miranda enjoyed it as her pussy walls fluttered around my cock and her eyes slipped closed. I grit my teeth as I focused on bringing Miranda pleasure through measured strokes but made sure to hit her g-spot with a roll of my hips. I got to one hundred strokes before Miranda came with a breathy moan and held me to her fast with her legs cinched around my lower back. It was too much, her pussy too tight, too hot and I erupted into the breath-taking Victoria's Secret Angel with a grunt.

"Oh. Oh. Oh! Not inside!"

I jack hammered away and filled her snatch up completely with my cum. Before she could catch her breath I pulled out, lifted her legs to my shoulders and eased my cock into her puckered back door. Miranda came alive then but it was too late as her body was mush from two intense back to back orgasms and I groaned when I was up to my hilt, balls deep in Miranda Kerr's ass. This time there were no gentle strokes. I pounded her ass raw, this round of sex for my benefit and Miranda was just along for the ride.

"Where am I fucking you? Where?!"

"Oooh. Mmph. In my bleeding…ooof…ass!"

Miranda yelped as I flipped her around and pulled her back into my cock, essentially fucking her doggy style. The Victoria's Secret Angel approved by meeting my thrusts with her own and laying her face down on her arms on the table. As I held onto her hip with one hand I reached down underneath her and twiddled her clit.


That was all it took. Miranda came hard again, her girl cum squirting the table underneath her and her sphincter tightening around my shaft. With one final brutal thrust of my hips I emptied my cum into Miranda's ass and she moaned. I pulled out of her now gaping hole and with no support Miranda collapsed onto the table.

"You win. Oh goodness you win. No ones ever taken my ass before. I'm going to be so sore. Deliciously sore though."

"I'll help you with that. Here."

I laughed as I arranged a seemingly boneless Miranda Kerr onto her stomach on the table. True to my word over the next hour I massaged every muscle in Miranda's body, rubbed her down front and back and brought her to two more soft climaxes. One from her nipples and breasts and the other from a slow but deep fingering. She returned the favor by getting rid of my hard on by blowing me as soon as I finished with her massage. And let me tell you, there are not too many better views and feelings than a girl as gorgeous as Miranda Kerr deep throating you. Finished, Miranda dressed and snagged one of my business cards from me.

"I'm going to hold onto this. I might even hire you from your boss to follow me around on my shoots."

"A most tempting offer Ms. Kerr."

I smiled as I led her out of the room and down to the lobby. I kept the fact that I was my own boss to myself as I liked not being sucked up to. Once in public Miranda was back to her cold self and left without a backwards glance. That didn't matter though as I turned on my heel and headed back for my office. Miranda Kerr was now a repeat customer and business would become pleasure in the very near future.