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Thread: "Backstage Pass" with Katy Perry, Hayden Panettiere, and Selena Gomez

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    fanfiction "Backstage Pass" with Katy Perry, Hayden Panettiere, and Selena Gomez

    Backstage Pass
    With Katy Perry, Hayden Panettiere, and Selena Gomez
    Written by TPG
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Despite having arrived to the event an hour late, I immediately noticed the commotion going on in and around the packed venue and realized I had not missed a thing. In fact it could be argued that I had arrived to the 2011 MTV European Music Awards in Belfast at the perfect time.

    Flashing my pass, I was permitted through to the backstage area which was apparently set up specifically for the special guests and A-list celebrities that evening.

    It was there where I was supposed to meet my date for the evening, the busty and vivacious Katy Perry who had in fact provided me with the all important press pass that gained me access inside.

    Fortunately for me Katy had recently married my best friend, but with Russell out of town for the weekend I had agreed to attend the awards show in his place and see firsthand just what it was like to live the lifestyle of a rock star for a few hours.

    With most of the venue now at my disposal, I wandered around the lively auditorium just looking around and enjoying the energy of the crowd when I suddenly heard that unmistaken shriek from Katy who yelled out and seemed more than delighted to see me.

    "ohmigod! You made it!" she waved frantically before she rushed over and greeted me with a warm hug and a friendly peck on the lips.

    I guess you could say I was a little taken aback by this gesture considering the pop star had never showed any affection towards me before, and with her ample breasts now pressed up against my chest I immediately noted the strong scent of alcohol on her breath and started to wonder if this was just a preview of things to come.

    Right away Katy wasted little time showing me around the main backstage area which also doubled as a bar and party room where several dozen celebrities from both sides of the pond now sat around on plush sofas and enjoyed the live show which was going on right behind them.

    There she introduced me to several people and insisted we order up a tray full of drinks and throw them back one at a time.

    "Aren't you presenting an award later?" I asked her, to which she simply scoffed and claimed that she was perfectly fine to address the crowd while a little tipsy.

    Throwing back three strong drinks in quick succession, she then began to tell me about the night thus far and how she had almost found herself in the middle of a huge brawl which broke out by the bar just minutes earlier.

    "It's been so crazy tonight." she exclaimed before taking another drink.

    "It has?"

    "Lucky you weren't here earlier," she added excitedly. "Things were totally and utterly out of fucking control back here. Security was called and now they're totally stretched thin."

    It was then as the busty singer and I proceeded to discuss the nights events that she suddenly froze up and squeezed my hand and smiled slyly as she noticed one of her celebrity friends pass our sofa.

    "You're going to like this," she said under her breath before she reached out and grabbed the hand of a gorgeous young blonde creature.

    Taken aback by the girls beauty, I was then briefly introduced to "Heroes" star Hayden Panetteire, who unfortunately for us could not stop to chat as she was being escorted to the stage to present an award for Lady Gaga.

    "Give me a minute, okay? I'll be right back." Hayden smiled before giving Katy a friendly kiss on the cheek and marching off in the direction of the booming crowd.

    As we watched the petite actress go through her paces, suddenly all hell broke loose as we noticed a guy off to the side take off his clothes and join her up on stage.

    Once again security was called and things quickly turned ugly as the impromptu streaker was chased around the stage and audience area before finally being crash tackled.

    While Katy and I found this quite amusing, I glanced over to my side and couldn't help but notice and marvel at a absolute stunning young creature who I later discovered was Selena Gomez, the host for the evening.

    To my amusement the young Latina seemed to be in a foul mood and apparently frowned upon these latest antics, and now whined about the lack of security and decorum.

    Considering her bad mood, I could see why Katy had decided to hold off on making any official introductions between us as Gomez now yelled and screamed at various people backstage demanding that they get their shit in order.

    "Do you know how stupid this makes me look?" she snapped, as a woman stood there holding her straw and beverage while another hurriedly dressed her.

    Watching her I soon noticed that her boyfriend also seemed to get in on the act, as he too proceeded to berate several people standing around them and I suddenly found it amusing that they both acted so tyrannical considering how young and tiny they both appeared to be.

    "Who the hell does that little douche think he is?" I snickered, as Katy looked to see who I was referring to and immediately came to his defense.

    "Who beebs?" she replied. "He's harmless."

    A few moments later Hayden finally returned from the stage blushing and somewhat embarrassed about the entire affair. Fanning herself down, she came over to join us at the bar where Katy immediately handed her a drink and told her to relax and unwind.

    Fortunately for me it seemed that with her show commitments out of the way, the pint sized actress was in a good mood and claimed that she now just wanted to get liquored up on the local brew and have some real fun.

    "Right this way young lady." Katy snickered as she invited Hayden to come join us on the sofa.

    It was during this time that Hayden slipped into the ladies room for a few minutes while Katy took the opportunity to sidle up next to me.

    "So, what do you think?" she beamed.


    "About Hayden, silly." she smiled. "You know I could totally hook you up with her tonight."


    "No really," Perry claimed. "I know her really well. And the two of you would make a great couple."

    I could barely believe what I was hearing before she added, "What's wrong, you don't like her? Is she not your type?"

    "What are you high?" I snapped. "She's just about the sexiest girl I've ever seen in person!"

    "Well, consider it done." Katy boasted before tapping our drinks together and toasting to my success.

    "Consider her yours tonight."

    "Wow." I answered sincerely, knowing full well that if anyone would make it happen it would be her.

    "I honestly don't know how to thank you, Katy."

    "Oh, I'll think of something." she told me with a cheeky grin, before leaning over to kiss me squarely on the jaw and leaving a lipstick mark on my face.

    "By the way," she added. "Don't let her out of your sight."

    "Really? Why?"

    "Because when she gets drunk like this she'll literally wander off with just about anyone that'll have her."

    I don't mind admitting that I was taken aback by this revelation but at the same time I could totally see it, as Hayden definitely came across as a little too sweet and naive for her own good, something I did not expect yet was happy to learn. To prove her point, minutes later the TV actress emerged from the bathroom and as she crossed the packed room to join us again, we watched her stop to talk to a group of guys who had apparently reached out and grabbed her by the arm.

    "See what I mean?" Katy said, before she jumped into action and went over to distract the men with her charm (and cleavage), giving the gullible actress an opportunity to slip away.

    I quickly waved Panettiere over and passed her another drink which seemed to please her as Katy soon returned and whispered into my ear.

    "You owe me one," she said before the three of us got back to the all important task of drinking ourselves drunk.

    To my delight Katy wasted little time initiating the conversation and started to talk me up to the starlet, and seemed to know exactly what to say as the petite actress now appeared more and more intrigued and interested in me with each passing moment.

    In fact by the end of the night the sexy "Heroes" star was so loaded on local brew that she could hardly stand on her own two feet and now openly fawned and flirted all over me to the point where we were almost making a scene. At that point we were definitely the center of attention.

    Noting this, Katy then suggested that the three of us head out to a pub and hit up the local night life together, and naturally Panettiere was in total agreement. With that said, the blonde actress ducked into the bathroom one final time to clean up as I looked at Perry and noticed her eyes drop to her friends ass.

    "Mm, I can't wait to sink my teeth into that tight butt."

    To say I was shocked would be an understatement as I had never known Katy to be bi-sexual, despite the lyrics to her songs and her onstage persona. As far as I knew it was all just an act, or was it?

    "Really?" I grinned. "So I assume you won't be telling Russell about tonight's adventures?"

    "Hell no!" she exclaimed. "And I expect you to keep your trap shut about tonight as well."

    "Of course," I reassured her. "Tonight's fun will definitely stay between us, agreed?"

    "Because trust me," Katy added as she leaned in close to me. "If you can keep tonight quiet, I promise it'll turn out to be one of the best nights of your entire life."

    Minutes later, Hayden emerged from the ladies room and appeared keen to leave with us and get drinking again, and as we started to leave the venue via the downstairs garage we bumped into the nights host and her boyfriend Justin Bieber, who were incidentally waiting for the same lift down to the parking garage.

    To our amusement the happy couple seemed to be having a lovers tiff and were apparently giving each other the silent treatment. As it so happened, Justin had apparently been mobbed by several fans earlier and to Selena's dismay she had caught him kissing and fornicating with two girls.

    The fact that Bieber was being accused of fathering a woman's baby in the media at the exact same time only fueled her suspicions that the douche bag was unfaithful to her, and now the tension between them was palpable.

    Inside the lift, things soon took a turn for the surreal as we arrived to the lower parking garage, and as we stepped out and made our way towards our waiting vehicles the girls suddenly gasped with shock as they caught Justin raise his hand and slap Selena Gomez across the face!

    Jumping into action I immediately rushed over and literally coat-hangered the teenager to the ground, making him shriek out loud and sob like a girl as I almost took his damn head off in the process.

    While I now stood over the cowering punk, the ladies rushed over and bundled Selena away into the waiting vehicle as I looked around and helped myself to another kick in the guts before I left the scene with the three girls.

    Out on the open road, our driver sped through several narrow laneways in Belfast as though we had just committed a crime, which only intensified the situation.

    At this point Hayden was panicking from the backseat and screaming for him to slow down, while everyone else in the cabin was shouting and yelling over each other. To make matters worse it seemed that the guy behind the wheel spoke very little English and as he drove erratically he also looked at his phone and tried to call the police.

    "Just keep your eyes on the road!" I told him, as the ladies yelled for him to stop or slow down.

    Fed up with all the screaming, I finally snapped and told everyone to shut up before I shouted at our driver to take his foot off the accelerator and take us to a nice quiet out of the way pub where we could all calm down and drink...and more importantly comfort Selena who had been sobbing quietly to herself the entire time.

    An hour later, the ladies indeed comforted the striking teenager who now was so drunk off her face that she began to sing and dance suggestively with her friends.

    "Wow, I guess she's not as upset about the breakup as I thought?" I quipped to Katy, who laughed and reminded me just how young Gomez was.

    It was during this time that Perry then pulled me aside and whispered into my ear, asking me what I wanted to do seeing as this extraordinary opportunity had fallen in our lap.

    As I looked into her eyes I could see just how excitement the entire prospect of corrupting either one of them made her, and for a moment I actually found myself incredibly attracted to Katy and felt jealous of Russell and their marriage.

    "So which one do you want?" she asked while I tried not to fantasize about what it would be like to be married to her and share our many conquests together on a nightly basis.

    "Are you serious?" I laughed. "Shit, I don't care. They're both fucking gorgeous. And more importantly they're both wasted."

    Before making our way back to the girls at the pool table, Katy giggled and attempted to lean over and give me a friendly peck on the lips for good luck, but unlike her previous attempt I beat her to the punch and suddenly kissed her on the lips, taking her breath away.

    In the grand scheme of things it was only a friendly kiss between two friends, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help but note how wrong and dangerous it felt to lock lips with my best friend's wife, and I'm sure the notion was not lost on Katy either as she opened her eyes and simply smiled seductively at me.

    "So what do you girls say," Katy announced a moment later. "Should we go back to my place and continue the fun there?"

    Both Hayden and Selena were drunk beyond reason at this point and simply cheered as we collected our things and make our way back to the car. Outside, Katy insisted that Selena sit up the front of the black Land Rover as she moved to position herself directly behind the drunk Latina and invited Hayden to sit between herself and I in the backseat.

    We then proceeded to make our way back to Katy's hotel when all of a sudden the full effects of the alcohol apparently kicked in, and while the stereo was turned up loud the "I Kissed a Girl" singer playfully slipped her hands around the leather seat in front of her and began to tickle the sexy teenager.

    As this went on, I immediately took the opportunity to give Hayden the exact same treatment and the four of us now shrieked out loud as we all grappled and tussled around together to the sound of Miley's "Who Owns My Heart."

    I found it amusing as I imagined the driver must have thought we had all lost our minds.

    I continued to fool around with the blonde actress beside me before I looked over to see Katy run her hands all over and along Selena's bare legs, hiking up her skirt and tickling her exposed flesh with her fingers before shoving her hands between the teenagers legs.

    Gomez naturally jumped and tried to fight her off, but unable to stop herself from laughing out loud, she instead gasped with surprise a moment later as she felt Katy's fingertips actually make direct contact with her panties and in fact rub and grind against her throbbing clit through the material.

    "Katy!" Selena giggled nervously, as her friends hands were now trapped between her squeezing thighs.

    "What's the matter Selena?" Perry teased from behind her. "Are you shy around other girls? Huh?"

    While this went on, I had my own fun with Hayden as I now slipped my own hands inside the blonde girls skirt and worked my way up her soft slender thighs and across her underwear, which to my delight appeared to consist of a flimsy satin thong.

    Messing around together, Hayden put up a decent fight and finally pinned my wrists down with her strong legs and essentially sat on my hands, causing our lips to now come in close proximity of each other.

    In fact the gorgeous blonde was so close to me now that I could actually feel her breath on my face as she struggled to keep me pinned.

    "Don't even think about it." Hayden purred, as I attempted to break free.

    Just then, something came over me and without warning I abruptly pressed my lips to hers and kissed her for the very first time.

    At first I wasn't sure just how she was going to react to this impromptu action, but fortunately for me she quickly reciprocated and the two of us shared a fleeting moment for a few seconds before we continued to playfully tussle again.

    While our lips made brief contact together I now marveled at the softness of her legs, and finally squirmed my way even deeper inside her short skirt and caressed my fingers along the length of her silk panties yet again as Katy seemed to notice this power struggle going on beside her and decided to join in.

    With her hands still busy on the squirming Latina in the front seat, the busty singer leaned over to Hayden between us and without warning kissed the giggling blonde on the mouth.

    The two starlets shared a very brief but passionate kiss together before Katy then returned her focus back on the sexy teenager in the front seat.

    Thinking quickly, I released my hands from underneath her butt and reached up to Hayden's chin and turned her face back towards mine and kissed her on the lips again, this time a lot more intently and with a little tongue.

    The vehicle had turned into a scene of absolutely debauchery but unfortunately for us just as things started to get interesting we arrived back to Katy's hotel.

    "Aw, no fun." the ladies pouted, before I helped my date out of the vehicle.

    While we said our goodbyes to the driver, Hayden then pouted and raised her arms in the air and insisted that I carry her upstairs as she was too drunk to walk.

    Upstairs, I was then taken aback by the lavish suite and dropped my date to the sofa before I heard Katy throw her things to the table and announce that she was taking a long and relaxing shower, and insisted Selena join her.

    "Huh?" Gomez stammered drunkenly, "I'm not taking a shower with anyone tonight."

    "Just come on!" Perry urged, insisted that they give Hayden and I some privacy. "At least help me with my clothes."

    While the others disappeared down the hall Hayden and I finally found ourselves alone, and as I attempted to get up to leave to give her a moment to rest a little, she suddenly seemed to come to.

    "Wait, where are you going?" she said sweetly. "Don't leave me. Come here."

    I did as she asked and was rewarded by her placing her arms around my neck and pulling me in for a passionate kiss. This time it was the actress who thrust her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around aggressively, urging me to reciprocate.

    Making out fervently, we proceeded to suck on each others tongues and began to swap some spit as my hands now explored her remarkable body and I felt her reach down and take off her high heeled shoes.

    "Help me take this off." she whispered, referring to her ensemble which I was only too happy to help her with.

    In the blink of an eye Hayden's black and white dress was discarded to the floor leaving her to lie there on the sofa topless and clad in nothing more than a sexy little satin thong.

    "Jesus you're beautiful." I let out as I surveyed the scene, making her smile as she took my hand and placed it over her panties.

    "Touch me." she whispered erotically. "I'm really horny."

    "No, you're just really drunk right now." I thought to myself, as I gently rubbed her sex over the ultra smooth material.

    I was then taken aback as Hayden pushed my hand away and slipped her own fingers inside those very panties, causing them to stretch around her knuckles as she began to play with herself on the sofa. I could only kneel there silently with my mouth wide open as I admired her flawless young body, her smooth sun kissed skin and incredibly erect nipples.

    "Mm... so horny." she whimpered erotically through closed eyes. "So wet right now."

    Without warning I then leaned over and proceeded to kiss upon her immaculate body, leaving soft kisses all around her tummy and up along the mound of her breast, only to then work my way back down around her splendid hips and towards her bikini line.

    Pausing for a moment I then heard her breathing increase, and if I didn't know any better I could swear she was now doing more than just rubbing her clit. In fact she was now gently plunging two fingers deep into her tight little cunt.

    "How about we pull these panties down?" I almost whispered as I reached over and slowly peeled the sexy garment down her legs, leaving her to lie there naked as the day she was born.

    Taking them from around her feet, I then held the soft material in my hand and marveled at their warmth which was no doubt due to her overexcited cunt.

    Feeling bold, I then did something that surprised and excited her at the same time as I took her satin underwear and put them in her mouth while I reached down with my other hand and gently pried her knees apart, urging her to slowly spread her legs for me and grant me full and unfettered access to her 22-year-old pussy.

    Hayden Panettiere now lay there naked and squirming about on the sofa, her legs spread wide with her panties stuffed in her mouth as I looked down to study and admire her pristine sex and gently brushed my fingertips along her gleaming slot.

    Smearing her juices, I now took notice of her protruding clit which peaked out from its hood with excitement.

    "When was the last time you had someone eat that pretty little peach, Hayden?" I remarked, as I watched her fingers continue to play.

    There her gleaming digits deafly plunged in and out and between her slippery folds, her tight little cunt making lewd squishing sounds as she fingered herself in earnest.

    "Ugh. Oh. Oh." she cooed softly, as she closed her eyes and turned her face to the side and allowed her fingers to work their magic.

    "Such a pretty little peach," I heard myself whisper as I studied her immaculate cunt.

    Through half slitted eyes the actress moaned to my comments as I lovingly caressed her tender vulva with my fingers and finally leaned over to help myself to a taste of her pristine twat.

    "This is going to be so good," I murmured to myself. "I've been waiting all night to do this."

    "Do it." I heard Hayden moan above me. "Please, just do it. Eat me. Fuck me, please."

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    We must return to Katy and Selena...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fandom View Post
    No we dont! :vcool:
    Honestly, I figure Katy's going come out to join them, leaving Selena unconscious in the shower. Much as I like her, the little girl is no match for the woman ....

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