The Practice Partner with Anna Kournikova
by: LT88

Synopsis: A guy goes to exercise in his apartment complex's tennis court and finds Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova practising there.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and is written for entertainment purposes. It contains sexual situations. Don't continue if you're not over 18.

If I talk too much about taking all of this in, searing things in my memory, or looking at mirrors to see what things looked like, I apologize. But what are the odds of something like this ever happening again?

Even with the air conditioning on, I knew that it was going to be a hot Sydney summer day. Still, that was no excuse for me. I had let myself go a bit during the Christmas-New Year holidays and felt that my first priority for 2002 was getting back on track fitness wise. Wanting to fresh things up and because of the fact that the apartment block I lived in had a tennis court, I thought tennis was a good choice. Now, I never played a game of tennis in my life and I’m certainly no tennis fan but it did get me and my mate moving out and about.

This morning, my friend and I were supposed have another round at the court. I got my t-shirts and shorts on, I put on my cap, got my racket, and was going down the elevator when I got an sms on my mobile saying that he won’t be making it because he’s got a “cold”. Walking out of the elevator and ignoring the blast of heat that hit me, I sent him an sms: “What do you mean you got a cold? It’s bloody hot”. A minute later he responded that he was “dead serious” about his cold.

I groaned when I realized that that’s the plan out of the window. Then I heard the sound which I’d grown familiar over the past week, the unmistakable sound of a tennis ball being hit by a racket. I walked over to the apartment’s tennis court. The court itself was surrounded by tall chain link fences on all sides but that did not prevent me from seeing who was on the court.

There was a blonde serving tennis balls in the court, targeting specific spots in the court. Of course it wasn’t her tennis game I was interested in. The hot thing in my apartment’s tennis court was definitely an athlete, her figure slim and skin tanned from time spent exercising outdoors. She was wearing a sky blue vest-like top leaving her arms bare and hinting at perky breasts. My eyes travelled downwards to the matching sky blue shorts that she wore. It had what looked like a white belt and whilst it was not tight enough to show any anything clearly, I could see hints of a firm and toned ass and smooth legs ending in white socks and tennis shoes.

It was ultimately her hair that gave her away. Her golden hair went to the middle of her back but was tied up in a braided ponytail with two blue bands and a hair clip keeping it together. This was definitely...

“You know, you could at least make it less obvious that you’re checking me out”, her voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

Anna Kournikova had stopped practicing and looked at me from under white visor. You’d think that she was annoyed based on what she just said. But the slight smile betrayed the fact that she’s used to the attention...and liked it.

“Well, not everyday that you found Anna Kournikova training at your apartment’s tennis court”, I retorted, trying to keep my voice calm. “What are you doing here?”

“I'm taking part in a tournament”, Anna replied whilst pointing with her racket to the Sydney Olympic Park, the venue for the 2000 Olympic Games and whose stadia and arenas dominates the view for this apartment and its inhabitants.

“Fair enough”, I said “But what are you doing here in this court?”

“Well, my hotel’s tennis court is apparently under renovation. Don’t know why since they’re hosting a few other tennis players as well. So, here I am” said Anna, her voice carrying an American accent but with more than a hint of Russian. It was quite hot, actually.

“It’s just that it’s my day at the court but it looks like I’m gonna have to leave the pro alone to practice”, I said.

Anna walked to me. She threw me a, dare I say it, flirtatious smile and had her racket clasped with her hands behind her back. She looked slightly up at me because I had half a head’s height advantage over her.

“What’s the matter, did I ruin your plans?” she asked “You didn’t seem to mind looking at me earlier.”

“Yeah, I was planning to have a hit up with a friend in that tennis court but I guess that’s off the card”, I replied.

“Well...,”here Anna arched an eyebrow and gave a suggestive smile “...let me make it up to you.”

I saw her right hand emerge from behind her as she used her forefinger to trace random patterns over my t-shirt clad chest. Meanwhile, I tried to keep a straight face in whilst mentally pinching myself. Was Anna Kournikova offering me what I think she was offering?

Somehow, a part of me managed to put on the brakes. This part of me told me that the battle has already been won. She clearly finds me attractive enough to start making the moves on me. Why not have a little fun?

“See, I’m not sure that you can...”I said looking at her in the eyes intently “...fulfill my needs”.

“Mmmm”, Anna purred as she stepped closer and leaned up to whisper in my ear “Let me convince you.”

“Hmmm, all right”, I replied and leant in...close enough for a kiss before saying a matter of factly “You can be my practice partner.”

I turned around and walked to the other side of the net, looking at her with a cocky smile to know that two can play at these games. Anna looked at me with slight disbelief and then smiled when she realized that I was playing a game.

For the next hour or so, I paid dearly for being a guy with little tennis experience picking a figurative fight with a professional. If there was a match, I pretty much did not win any points as Anna made me run around the court. I could get to the ball and actually hit it over the net but this just means that Anna would hit it back to the other side of the court. Meanwhile, my dick stirred everytime she grunted, wondering how close this was to the sounds she was making to bedroom, and how her top lift up to expose her belly button when she served.

Soon enough, I was starting to breathe heavily and looked up to Anna who had a cute smile on her face. But for a hot day she would not be breaking a sweat. Probably 30-45 minutes into the training my t-shirt was soaked so I decided to take my t-shirt off. I’m not a bodybuilder or anything, but I have to say that the time spent at the gym was well worth it when I saw the expression on Anna’s face. She looked at me with a gaze that seemed to be undressing the rest of me.

“Everything all right?” I asked with more than a hint of pride that Anna Kournikova was checking me out.

“Nothing”, she replied “It’s just a bit hot.”

We then continued practicing with me now barechested. Anna made me run around the court again with her tennis skills a lot better than mine. But I enjoyed it this time. Before she had a smile that said she was enjoying herself, for the second half the smile was more subtle and she looked more like she was imagining what she was doing to me in her head. For some minutes, she was actually distracted enough for me to get some good shots in. But being the professional, she still kicked my ass.

Finally, Anna walked off the court to her tennis bag which was placed by a bench. Once she stored her tennis racket away, she pulled a water bottle out and drank from it. I went over and sat on the bench huffing and puffing from the physical exercise.

“You want some?”, offered Anna as she pushed her water bottle in my direction.

I took it and drank greedily from it.

“Easy there”, said Anna.

“Can’t help it”, I said “That was quite a hard workout.”

“Yeah, I owned you”, replied Anna whilst laughing causing me to laugh as well.

“This is something I’ll definitely be telling my friends”, I said whilst looking at her again.

“And what will you tell them?”, Anna asked curiously, putting her hand on her hips standing in front of me.

“With the way you owned me in the court, you might say that this is the day when Anna Kournikova had her way with me”, I replied whilst looking at her suggestively.

I could see a glint in Anna’s eye but she tried to keep a poker face.

“You forgot the other part of the day”, she said calmly.

“Which one?” I asked curiously.

“The part where you have your way with me”, Anna said a matter of factly.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really.”, Anna replied.

“I don’t believe you”, I said with mock scepticism.

“Try me”, Anna said with a daring smile.

I reached down in front of me to Anna’s sock covered heel and moved up. My cock lurched in my pants as I felt how smooth Anna’s left leg was. I looked up at Anna. She watched my hand intently, mouth agape in a silent gasp. Soon the smoothness of her legs was replaced by cotton of her blue shorts. I had arrived at her hips.

“So I can do that?” I asked.

“Yes”, she said sounding slightly shaky.

Next, I continued moving my hand up her equally smooth stomach and extended my forefinger. Anna continued to watch my finger as it lifted her top just enough to reveal her belly button. I circled Anna’s belly button with my finger a few times before sticking it in there eliciting a giggle from her.

“And that?”, I asked.

“Yes”, she said still giggling.

With my hard cock pulsing in shorts, I reached up and cupped her left breast through her top. It felt firm as I began squeezing it softly. Looking up at Anna, I found her looking down me lustfully. She was once again biting her lip, looking very seductive in the process.

“And that?”

“Yes” she replied breathlessly.

Finally I moved down again and switched back from my hand to my forefinger. I was not looking up but I distinctly heard a sharp intake of breath when my forefinger dipped below the waistband of her shorts. It dipped low enough for me to feel hairlessness and heat.

“And that?”, I asked.

I looked up to ask her and Anna nodded rapidly whilst swallowing heavily. I lifted my finger out of her short’s waistband, stretching it so that it snapped back when my finger cleared.

Out of nowhere, Anna lunged. Not at me, but at her water bottle. It was probably about 35-40% full and certainly not empty. But she casually dumped the contents on the ground. I was just about to tell her about water restrictions when she cut me off.

“I need to refill my bottle of water”, she said casually but with a suggestive raise of her eyebrow “Can I refill it at your apartment?”

“Sure”, I replied.

Anna slung her tennis bag around her shoulder. I was about to ask her if she needed help when she beat me to the punch again.

“Which way is your apartment?” Anna asked.

“That way”, I pointed.

I had scarcely finished pointing when Anna walked out of the court in the direction of my apartment building. I got up from the bench and followed suit, slinging my sweaty t-shirt over my shoulder and a visible erection in my shorts. Anna was waiting for me at the front of the building’s door. Once I unlocked the door, I opened it and allowed Anna inside.

“Which floor is your room on?” Anna asked.

“Third floor”, I replied “306.”

Being only three floors, the people building my apartment building did not bother installing an elevator and settled for stairs. I watched Anna bound up those stairs like there was no tomorrow. I struggled to keep up because I had covered more distance in that tennis court than Anna had. My heart was beating as much as my hard dick was pulsing.

When I said earlier that I’m not a tennis fan, I wasn’t telling the whole truth. You see, I watch women’s tennis, though I watch it for all the wrong reasons. Fit young women running around in short dresses are candy my eyes cannot resist. That’s how I saw Anna and that’s how I recognized her by looking at her hair. Now the fact that she’s here in my apartment block is something that I cannot imagine even in my wildest dreams. In fact, I keep on thinking that I’m going to wake up with a hard on that I have to settle by wanking.

Instead, there she was waiting in front of the door marked with 306. My apartment.

I unlocked the door and stood aside to let Anna in. Once she stepped in, I turned around and closed the door. Locking it, I rested my head against the door wanting confirmation that this was all a dream. Meanwhile, I can hear Anna putting her bag on the couch in the living. Taking a deep breath, I turned around.

I saw Anna taking her visor off and casually throwing on the floor. And then she threw herself at me. Anna wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately with her soft lips. Her tongue made the mistake of picking a fight with mine and I obliged as we quickly descended into a tongue duel. Her body felt good against mine, an athlete’s life giving her a firm and hot body that she now pressed against mine.

No, this isn’t a dream, I’m making out with Anna Kournikova in my apartment.

My hands wanted a piece of the action. I placed them on her waist then slid it down to her hips. But that was not enough because I slid them down to her sexy ass and squeezed. Anna groaned into the kiss and pressed herself more against me. There was no mistaking that she would be able how hard my cock was for her. I was right, because she was trying to grind herself against the bulge in my shorts.

I took her to the living room, making out like there’s no tomorrow in the meantime. Once there, I turned Anna around so that her back was to my front. I let her ass feel how hard I was whilst cupping her breasts.

“See how hard you make me?” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmmn”, she moaned in response whilst I brushed a hardened nipple through her top with my thumb.

I don’t know how I did it but I pulled out all the stops with the dirty talk.

“You know how hot you looked in your tennis outfits...all the short dresses and how they’d flip up and show what’s underneath?” I asked slowly, making sure she heard everything I had to say and pausing for effect ““I bet you enjoy all those eyes on you...on every inch of your sexy body...and I bet you get turned on by it...I bet you get wet knowing that you turned those guys on.”

My words were having its effects. Anna had her eyes closed and jaw slack as she breathed heavily. Consciously or not, her ass began gyrating and grinding against my dick in the most erotic manner. With her own hands, she guided my hands down from her breast to her hips, holding them in place whilst she continued to gyrate.

“With all that know this day was coming” I whispered.

“Nnggh”, Anna moaned almost absentmindedly.

Then it was my turn to moan. Keeping her legs straight, Anna began to bend her body forward. The hands that guided mine to her hips left its place as it moved down her smooth legs, down to her shoes, and then reaching forward with her fingertips to touch the floor. I could only gasp and clutch at her hips as she wiggled her ass against my tool. The instinct is to look up to the ceiling in pleasure, but I looked down. I wanted to sear this in my memory, see clearly the blue shorts clad ass of Anna Kournikova masturbating my cock through my shorts. We looked like a pair of people in a nightclub dry humping each other.

Anna then raised her body up again and turned her head to kiss me.

“Where’s your bedroom?” she asked.

I grabbed her soft hands and then walked her over to my bedroom. Anna then walked over to my bed and patted the edge of it.

“Sit”, she said.

I sat down and Anna just climbed on my lap and straddled me and we continued to make out like pubescent teenagers high on hormones. I moved away from her lips and begin kissing underneath her chin to her neck, causing Anna to gasp. I began to kiss and lick Anna’s perfect neck, caressing it with my lips and tongue.

“Uhhhhh”, she moaned with lust in her voice.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the mirror on my wardrobe. There was me, bare-chested and sitting on the bed. Then there was Anna in my lap, straddling me with my hands possessively on her ass. Her braided ponytail hung behind her as she arched her back, mouth agape as I was worshipping her neck.

The most erotic part of the whole scene was the fact that she was still clad in her tennis gear. I took in every detail. The watch on her wrist, the blue bands that kept her hair braided, the blue sleeveless top, the blue shorts, and even the socks and sneakers. As far as I was concerned, this attire was sexier than any lingerie.

Surprised that I haven’t taken any piece of her clothing of in all of this, my hands wandered down to the hem of her vest top. Anna lifted her arms up as I lifted her top up and above her. She was not wearing anything underneath and looked expectantly at me whilst I scanned her breasts. I cupped them, feeling how soft and supple, how firm and feminine they were.

“You like?” Anna asked.

“It’s perfect”, I said.

I quickly became interested in her nipples which after all we’ve been through were unsurprisingly hard. I looked up at Anna to find her looking at me. I smiled at her and brushed my thumbs over her nipples a few times.

“Mmmm”, Anna said “That felt good.”

Changing tact, I changed from brushing her nipples to alternately tugging and tweaking her nipples with my thumb and my forefinger. Tug and tweak, tug and tweak, tug and tweak. The smile was gone as Anna looked down at what my hands were doing, mouth releasing sighs of pleasure and looking extremely turned on. I leant in and swirled my tongue over her left nipple before taking it in my mouth.

“Uhhh”, she moaned “Ohhh yesss”.

I sucked on the pebble whilst taking in a combination of her natural scent and the slight tangy smell of sweat. I then moved to her other nipple and repeated the process, taking the engorged lust-filled tip of the nipple.

Then I jolted suddenly.

“Mmm, looks like I’m not the only one with a hard on”, Anna commented.

Still straddling me, Anna had reached behind her and began rubbing my turgid dick through my shorts. I wanted to say something but the sensations of her hand on my cock...I ended up throwing my head back in pleasure. Anna only kissed my neck.

“Shhh”, she began “Let me take care of you.”

My dick pulsed when I heard that as Anna began kissing down my body. She kissed down my neck and paused briefly at my chest. She repeated the same treatment that I gave to her nipples to mine. Tugging it and tweaking it. Anna looked up at me.

“That’s good and all but please go lower”, I replied.

Anna laughed as she got off my lap and kneeled on the floor whilst kissing down my stomach and belly button. Skipping over my shorts, she went to my socks and shoes and took them off. Then she glanced at me and I glanced back her expectantly. I felt her hands grabbing both sides of my shorts so I lifted my ass of the bed as she slid my shorts down. I’m now only wearing my white boxer shorts.

The hot tennis star kneeling in front of me looked curiously at the bulge in the shorts. I was as hard as I can be and the little wet spot where the head of cock was is definitely pre-cum. Anna took her time, tracing the outline of the bulge and giving me a few light squeezes, causing me to shiver. Anna leant in and then nuzzled into my bulge with her cheeks as if it was some kind of a furry teddy bear though the context was less innocent.

I looked down at this, committing everything to memory. Anna then turned her head sideways and switched from nuzzling to mouthing my cock through the material. She was essentially giving me a blowjob through my shorts. I could feel more pre-cum coming out as my left hand clutched at my bed sheets. Anna looked at me and I knew what was next. I lifted my ass again as she slid my white boxer shorts down. This time my dick popped out. It’s been a hard and patient not so little thing and now it’s about to have its reward. I don’t know how big it looked to Anna but if she had a problem, she didn’t say it. Instead she gripped it and stroked it gently with a curious look on her face. Then she looked up at me.

“To answer your question”, she began “I do get turned on when people watch me play tennis.”

I wanted to stay something but my brain function has ceased, the feeling of her soft hands was just unimaginable.

“I can feel their eyes on every inch of my body.” Anna continued, still stroking.

I no longer have any smartarse comebacks.

“Sometimes I get wet”, Anna said again whilst staring at me “Thinking about what will happen if I choose one of them to spend time with me and tell them that they can do whatever they want with me.”

How I’m not cumming is beyond me.

“I get wet thinking about what they want to do to me” she said before shifting her glance from my eyes to rod “And sometimes about what I want to do to them.”

In one swift motion, Anna Kournikova took my cock into her mouth. The feeling caused me to throw my head back and closed my eyes. I could hear lustful moans coming out of my lungs. But I just can’t help it. The warm and wet tunnel that was Anna’s mouth, and that masterful tongue, was driving me crazy. As much as I want to close my eyes, I forced it open and once again I wanted to take this moment in. Because hey, what are the odds that this will happen again?

I looked at the mirror of my wardrobe and all of a sudden, the image of Anna straddling me whilst still clad in her tennis gear was having a run for its money. There in the mirror was me, now naked, with the top of Anna’s head, with a hint of her braided hair and a hair clip, bobbing up and down on my cock. Looking down at my crotch, my eyes met Anna’s. Her eyes was looking up at my saucily and I had the distinct impression that she would have had a smile on her mouth if it wasn’t filled with my cock.

I was not going to last. Both of my hands clutched so desperately at the bedsheets that my knuckles were turning white. My hips couldn’t keep still and was now lifting up from the bed. I felt my cum boil and I know that this was going to be a big one...that is until Anna stopped sucking.

I don’t know how I must’ve looked but desperate was a word that came to mind. For sure, I felt very animalistic. Anna stood up and was about to say something when I cut her off and kissed her roughly. I pushed her against the wall so bloody hard it actually made a thudding sound. Don’t think she minded though. Releasing the kiss, my hands reached down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She was burning.

“You’re a tease”, I said.

“Ohhhh”, Anna replied, eyes closed but with a satisfied smile.

Leaving her pussy for a second to a disappointed groan, I kneeled down in front of her and placed her left foot on my right leg and then began taking of her shoes and shocks. Once she was barefoot, I leant in and began kissing her foot, up her smooth legs, and her inner thighs. Ignoring her sweet scent, I went and did the same thing with her other foot, taking of her shoes and socks and then worshipping her legs.

Then I gripped the side of her shorts and heard Anna held her breath. I looked up to find her gazing down at me, hands cupping her own breasts. I slid the shorts down her legs revealing a white cotton thong. The smell of pussy was strong in the air. Not wanting to waste any time and drawn by the smell, I draped Anna’s right leg over my left shoulder and then pushed my face into her thong-covered pussy.

The smell appealed to my primal instincts, the smell of a woman in heat. The fact that Anna Kournikova was the woman in question only made my impossibly hard cock even larger. I first breathed on her thong and heard gasps from above. Then I began kissing and mouthing and licking what was on the other side of that thong. I felt one hand on my head, keeping my head where she needed. I heard a bang on the wall above and to my right and could visualize Anna putting her other hand against the wall trying to brace herself. The best part was the symphony I could hear from above me.

“ohhhhh....yesss.....that feels so....ahhhh....ugghhh...”, moaned Anna.

In the midst of all this, I encountered something. Through the fabric of the thong, I could feel some sort of a hard nub and everytime I bumped into it she shook more than any other kind of stimulation. I smiled to myself and immediately began to focus her attack on her clit. Anna all but abandoned any pretense that she was a passive receiver in all this and began to lewdly grind her crotch against my mouth.

“Ahhhhh...mmmmmm....plea....ohhhhhh”, she said incomprehensibly “Please...ohhhh....dont tease....mmmmm....ahhhhh...please don’t tease me...”

Regrettably I abandoned my place from between her legs as I pushed her thong to the side so to give her direct contact. Her shaved pussy was inflamed, it was red, swollen, and moist with a clit that looked very prominent. I attacked her cunt directly, this time making sure I didn’t just dive in because I wanted to see her reaction. Anna watched on from heavily lidded eyes as I spelled my name, my middle name and all, with my tongue to show that she was mine. Once I spelled my name, I underlined it by sucking her clit. Anna rolled her eyes to the back of her head and threw her head back.

Leaving her pussy with a pronounced smack, I brought my forefinger and middle finger up and began rubbing her pussy with it. Given how turned on she was, my two fingers’ quickly turned from rubbing to slipping in. Anna gasped as I begin to finger her slowly...maybe too slowly. But that was part of the time.

“Ohhh God...ahhhhh......I said....ahhhhh.....don’t....ohhh...tease me”, Anna said in a begging tone “Go...f-f-faster.”

I fingered her at a faster pace but not that much faster. Still giving her tight slot a taste at what I could do but not at full potential. Anna was getting frustrated, she was starting to push herself on my fingers.

“F-f-f-faster”, whispered Anna, sweat on her brow that was not from tennis.

Smiling that I had reduced one of the world’s hottest woman to this state, I fingered her at rapid speed as if that was my cock and not my fingers up there in her pussy. Anna has her head back against the wall. She lolled her head to one side and then to the other in the meanwhile continuing with her symphony of moans. I watched as her pelvis matched my fingers stroke for stroke, making sure with her thrusts that my fingers went as deep as possible. Wanting to test her, I actually stopped fingering her for a few seconds and without missing a beat, she just fucked herself on my fingers.

“P-please, I’m so close”, she begged.

Who was I to disappoint? I started fingering as fast I could. I could feel her pussy gripping tightly on my fingers and actually massaging it and my rod ached at the possibility of that pussy gripping another body part of mine. Meanwhile, Anna had closed her eyes, her jaw slack as her slot suddenly shook.

“Ohhhhh....ahhhhh.....I’m.....mmmmn...I’m....cum...ahhhhh....ahhhhh....ahhhh”, Anna moaned as she climaxed.

I took my fingers out, it was coated in her juices. I put in my mouth to have a taste as Anna walked over to my bed and collapsed. Her juices tasted great and I continued to lick it. That was until I was interrupted by the sight of a thong being thrown past me and landing on the floor.

Turning around, I was greeted by the sight of Anna who now did not have a shred of clothing on her. When she got my attention, she turned around and got and all fours. She turned her head and then gestured to her lovebox. My dick pulsated as I went over to her. Anna looked at me as I grabbed my cock and begin pushing into her pussy. It got in smoothly, no problem at all.

“Mmmmm”, we both groaned.

Her slot felt tight and warm and I began to thrust in and out as I banged her from behind. Anna groaned as she leant forward and got back on fours again. I took another glance at the mirror and took it all in. There was me ploughing from behind into Anna Kournikova, who was naked with a fine sheen of sweat on her sweet body and he head bowed down. I picked up the pace and I saw Anna’s reflection on the mirror arch her head back. Then I slowed down and Anna’s head bowed down again. Her pussy gripped and massaged my prick. as I thrust in and out.

“Ohhhh....ahhhh....ahhhh....ahhhh”, Anna moaned, the sounds of her lust echoing around the room.

Anna was a horny girl. When I slowed down, she just backed her ass up onto my cock and fucked herself against it. Then when I begin to pick up the pace again, I felt her hand reach back and cupped my balls. I closed my eyes at the sensation as it spurred me to fuck her even harder. Deciding to return the favour, my hand reached between her legs and with my thumb began to strum her clit like a guitar.

With a gasp, Anna lifted off her arms and got to a kneeling position, still fucking my cock and with me thrusting up at her at an angle. She hooked her right arm around my neck and we kissed again. One of my hands continued rubbing her clit whilst the other latched on to a nipple and pulled on it. This caused Anna to release the kiss. She opened her eyes and then looked down at my rod pistoning into her and my hands on her clit and tits. The way she looked at all of this and the way her pussy began to contract I know what was happening.

“Ahhhhh....ahhhhhh.....oh it feels so...” Anna started before she was cut off by her climax “Agghhh! Aggghh! Aggghhh!”

Anna collapsed against me as I braced her and slid out. I looked at her and knew even before she opened her eyes that she enjoyed that. Anna turned around and saw me sitting crosslegged on bed with my dick, wet with her vaginal secretions, sticking out a lot more like a sore thumb. In all of this, I’m surprised that I hadn’t cum yet.

Looking between my cock and I and realizing what’s happening, Anna climbed on and straddled me, something that I definitely could get used to. She leaned down and began kissing me. I felt her sexy ass against my dick and wondered what she had in mind.

“I’m impressed”, Anna said to me between the kisses “You got some stamina.”

I responded with a proud smile though I wished someone had a tape recorder to capture that. But Anna cupped my face.

“I think I’m going to reward you for that,” she continued “Plus I could use another one.”

Anna sat back slowly on my cock, her lovebox brushing directly against the underside of it. She smiled and began grinding slowly in a teasing manner. I sighed and smiled at the sensation. Meanwhile Anna leant in and gave me one kiss on the lip before taking off her hair clip and putting it aside. Then I saw two blue hair bands being put aside. Anna shook her head and like magic, there were golden curtains either side of me. She had let her hair down.

If Anna looked hot with her hair done up, she absolutely looked like a goddess now, naked, hair down, and sitting on my lap. Then Anna lifted herself off my prick. Grabbing it like a stick, she directed it at her pussy. All of this whilst looking at me. My cock slid in easily and she sat on me like a cowboy on a bronco.

With her hands on my chest, Anna Kournikova began to ride me and I was treated to visual display of her hot fit body. Anna’s pace was slow and in this position she gets to set the pace but she’s teasing me at this pace. And I know that she knows she’s teasing me because when I put both my hands on her hips but she slapped it away. Instead she moved her hands down my chest, down to where our bodies joined. She slid her hands up her thighs, stomach and her breasts, and then began playing with her blonde locks holding it up in a bundle above her head. Anna looked down at me and pouted her lips. She had the same teasing expression out of magazine covers where she had done in photoshoots.

Looking at her body, my hands roamed and followed its contours. I slid my hand up to her breasts and then began to tweak both of her nipples. Anna gasped and whilst still holding her hair in a bundle she began to ride me faster. I was breathing very heavily. I wasn’t thinking about much at the moment but the hot chick riding me and the fact that I badly want to cum. I moved my hands down her body. One hand placed itself on her hips to brace and guide her. The other disappeared to the place where her pussy joined my cock. It looked for the hard nub that was her clitoris then rolled it between my middle and forefingers.

I smiled when she moaned wantonly and closed her eyes, a sexual cue that I now worked out as business about to pick up. The pace definitely picked up as Anna bounced on my cock and massaged me with her inner muscles. I looked down at her pussy bouncing around on dick and then followed my gaze up to Anna losing herself in the moment. I heard myself groan like an animal and matched her movements thrust for thrust.

Anna leant forward and began kissing me even as her bottom half continued to fuck me. She then moved from her lips to plant kisses all over my neck and my adam’s apple. I gasped at the sensations and that’s when I felt my cum begin to boil in my balls. I was close to the edge, but I wanted to take Anna with me. Luckily, Anna’s assault on my neck left her ears exposed.

“Anna, you’re so sexy”, I whispered “And I want you to cum for me again...I want to see it...hear it...feel it.”

Then I nibbled on her earlobe.

All of a sudden Anna lifted herself again, placed her hands on my chest and started riding me like there was no tomorrow. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me with a wild look on her face. She had stopped riding but her pussy hasn’t because now it was contracting crazily around my dick. It was squeezing and milking it for all it’s worth.

“Ohhhh, Anna! Anna!”, I hear myself as I emptied my cock into her.

“Aggghh!!! Agghhh!!! Agghhh!!!”, bellowed Anna as she came for the third time.

With that Anna wilted into my chest. We were both breathing heavily for some time, feeling exhausted but at the same time satisfied. Anna lifted up her face and looked at me. I glanced back at her and we both laughed.

“That was great”, Anna said.

“That was awesome”, I added.

All the fucking, not to mention the tennis, took its toll on us. It didn’t take long for both of us to doze off.

When I woke up, it was afternoon and Anna was gone. For a second I did thought that it was all a dream but then I realized that I was sleeping naked and there was a smell in the room, mostly sweat but there was definitely traces of her Anna’s scent as well. I smiled when I saw that she had left her visor and had actually autographed it. There was a note underneath the visor, it was handwritten.

"Thanks for the great time.

I thought I was just going to mess around with you and leave you hanging. But I like you immediately when I saw you and I just had to have you when you took your t-shirt off.



I supposed I expected her to be gone by the time I woke up. After all, I knew what happened between us was just a onetime thing. Don’t know that was the first time she ever did something like that, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were other guys she’s done this with. Someone like Anna could have any guy she wanted.

After putting on some shorts, I went into the living room and turned on the TV. The tennis was on life from the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. Lo and behold, Anna was playing and I started getting another woody when I saw that she was wearing the same outfit that I had taken off when she went to this apartment. Anna seemed to struggle in the match, like she was not at maximum fitness. She dropped a set before coming back strong to win two. After the match, Anna was interviewed by a reporter.

“Anna Kournikova”, the reporter began “Welcome to Sydney!”

“Thank you, it’s great to be back”, replied Anna with a noticeably big smile.

“I can see that.”, answered the reporter “Anna, you got a victory but you seemed to struggle a bit and actually dropped a set.”

“Yeah, I struggled a bit today but I couldn’t help it, I had a great practice session”, explained Anna before looking at the camera “My practice partner pushed me hard today.”

Author's note: If you live in Australia (I'm from Sydney), you would know that January is tennis season with the television broadcasting the Australian Open and smaller events leading up to it. The year in which this story was set, 2002, I was about to go into Year 8. And being a hormonally charged teenager, Anna Kournikova running around in the outfit described in the story that summer became the subject of my fantasies. I rediscovered this fantasy when I found this site and thought if I had any celebrity fantasies. That's when I decided to I'd put hand to keyboard. Didn't give the protagonist a name so people can put themselves in the story without the inconvenience of a different name being moaned lol. I still watch women's tennis during the tennis month. Though much like the protagonist, I watch it for all the wrong reasons.