“Private Security” part 3 featuring Selena Gomez
PPP Wrap? Party with guest Demi Lovato
Written by chitown

The following is a work of fiction, containing material of a somewhat explicit nature, intended to entertain adults. If that’s going to trouble you, or not permitted to you for some reason, read no further.

Room service brought up the second single breakfast, plus a pot of coffee, about 8 o’clock. She’d left my abandoned clothes neatly folded outside her closed door. Not knowing what response to expect, I knocked on Selena’s door anyway.

“Come in” I heard faintly.
I wheeled the cart to the table, surprised she wasn’t still in bed, but dressed in a powder blue tee and grey sweats, standing at the open doors to the balcony, enjoying the view.
“Just leave it on the cart. I’m going to eat standing up.”
“How are you?”

She turned, stiffly, to look at me. She looked down, not her usual chipper self. “I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well.”
No surprise there I thought. She tried a little smile. “My butt is killing me. I can’t seem to find any body posture that doesn’t hurt, and when I think about why-” she looked embarrassed
“I may have a way to help with the pain.” I interrupted as she continued,”-I get turned on.”
Blushing and looking hopeful, “If I apologize, will you tell me?”

Apologize? What the hell could she possibly apologize for? “Selena, I-“
“Don’t say it!” She cut me off, then took the few steps to close the distance between us and wrapped her arms around my waist, burying her face against my shoulder. I could feel her breath as she spoke, muffled, “When you said ‘thank you’ what I heard, what I understood you to mean, was ‘good bye’. I don’t know why I thought that, but I was royally pissed. I’ve tried for months to get you to notice me, and when you finally did, it felt like you couldn’t wait to move on.”

What do you say to that?
I kissed the top of her head. “I’m not going anywhere, at least not until you tell me to get lost. Now you should eat something before we see what we can do about making you comfortable.”
She let go and stepped over to the cart, lifted lids.
“Scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes … all single servings.” She turned to look at me, “Aren’t you going to eat?”
“I ate an hour ago, but I will take my share of the coffee.”
I took a small bottle from my pocket, shook 2 tablets onto the napkin. “Those will help, but you really should take them with food.”
“And these are …?”
“Military analgesic. Non-narcotic. I’m not looking to turn you into a junkie.” I tried to joke but it fell flat. She ate them with the pancakes anyway.
“When you’re finished eating, try a long soak in a warm bath, not hot just warm.”
She laughed. “Sounds heavenly,” then a bit nervously, “Will you be joining me?”

Good to hear spirit in her voice, it was of course provoking a stiffening down below. “As much as I’d like that… I imagine one of us should be in a position to answer the door.”
The pancakes gone, she frowned at the first forkful of now chilly scrambled eggs. “I think I’ll be taking that bath …” as she headed toward the door she grabbed the hem of her tee and lifted over her head.
I contented myself with watching her disappear into the bathroom, wheeling the cart out backwards. Today couldn’t be about instant gratification, much as my hard-on was telling me otherwise, but securing the secret and hence the future.

Heh, just to torture myself I left the double doors to her room open. With her leaving the bath open I could hear her prepping the small pool, I mean tub. After she got in she splashed around for awhile. I hoped it was because she was acting like the kid she is, not just because it was impossible to get comfortable. Eventually things quieted down and I’d settled in to flip through some random fashion magazine one of the girls had left lying around.

“Everything ok in there?”
The breathy quality of her “Just peachy, thanks,” sparked my imagination.

I can see her leaning back, hair tied up, eyes closed, gentle steam rising from the water, and her hand rises up to caress her breast. The heft of it maybe too much for one dainty hand, it’s never the less on its own as her other hand is busy drawing circles on her toned, but nicely rounded, belly. Her full lips part as her first begins to massage her fleshy mound, and the second drifts south, through her neatly trimmed down. A small gasp escapes as she simultaneously pinches her nipple and glides across her hood.
She returns to kneading her breast while making slow passes up and down with the other hand. Her little pink tongue makes a trip over her lips, wetting them. She cups her tit, nipple protruding, and bends her head forward. She isn’t big enough, nor flexible enough, to actually succeed.

I chuckle and say, “I could help you with that.”
She splashes around in surprise, blushing furiously, “I thought you said you weren’t going join me.”
“I’m not,” I pick up one of the fluffy oversized bath towels. ”You’ve been in there long enough. I’ll dry you off and we can apply the next treatment.”

She stands up and climbs out of the tub. I’d only seen her briefly that first day, and flirtatious flashes since. Last night had been only moonlight, and we’d left her shirt on. Now I feasted on the glory of her nudity, glistening with water and perhaps bath oil.
She poses with legs slightly parted, arms held out from her sides, and she gives me that heart stopping smile. I close the distance and begin toweling her arms, first the right then the left. I walk around behind, start with her shoulders and work my way down. I linger on her cute little butt, marveling at her tone and that she’d actually let me stick my cock between those cheeks just 9 hours ago.
As I kneel, taking care of her legs I can’t resist planting a kiss on her ass.

She uses a hand to playfully swat my head away, “Hey, you’re here to do a job, remember?”
“Yes, ma’am.” And I finish drying her legs.

Now it can be argued that bath water evaporating from the front of her torso, which I’d left for last, is the cause of her goose bumps and the projecting nubs in the center of her areolas. I choose to believe otherwise, as I spend enough time rubbing her dry to warm her up. See, there is the area down below, both warm and wet, regardless of toweling.
I scoop her up off her feet and as I carry her to the bedroom, I bend my head down to capture her breast with my mouth.

“Is that what you mean by treatment? Having your way with me?”
“No, we’re just relocating to a better work area, with some fun along the way.”
I set her on her bed, “Lie on your stomach.”
I take a small, white tube out of my pocket, “Spread your legs a bit. Relax and unclench.”

I squeeze a small dollop of ointment onto my fingertip. “This will probably be a weird feeling, but trust me, it’s worth it.”
I touch her puckered little hole, and spread the cream around. She gasps as the icy, then warm sensation, hits and I slip the tip of my finger inside to further treat her abused orifice.
“My god, what is that?”
“Just a topical pain reliever”
“It’s magic…. I’m gunna cum …”
Knock, Knock. Knock. Knock. … Knock.

Startled out of my fantasy by a pattern I recognize as Demi’s, I leapt up to the door, hoping to get there quick enough it was clear I couldn’t have been anywhere near Selena’s bath.
“Hey, Demi.” As I opened the door I stood mostly behind it, hoping to conceal the evidence of my arousal.
She was looking fine in denim shorts and loose tank top over what I assumed was a bikini top, not just a black bra.

She handed me the “Do Not Disturb” sign with a smile, “Shouldn’t that be Miss Lovato?” and asked, “Lazy bones still in bed?”
“Don’t think so. She ate breakfast…oh close to an hour ago.”

Selena unconsciously saved me the embarrassment of leaving my shield by calling out, “Hey, Demi, get in here!” and so she skipped off to the bedroom.
“Where are you?”
“Enjoying our top-notch accommodations.”
A moment later, “You’re taking a bath?”
“I’m luxuriating in the heated circulation of the water in my bath, yes. Join me?”
Laughing, “I don’t think so. Not this time. We were going to meet the others down at the pool.”
“Oh, right. Help me out,” followed by some light splashing, and,
“Hey, you got me all wet.”
“Yeah, you wish”
“SE- LE- NA!”
“What?” after a pause, “Oh, him? Don’t worry, that old stick-in-the-mud isn’t concerned about what 2 girls are doing in a bathtub big enough for three.”
Again Demi spoke low enough I didn’t hear.
“Yea, I heard their stories. Don’t really believe them”
Some more whispering.
Incredulously, “War wound?” then, “No way that glorified supply clerk got any ‘real’ action,” and Selena burst out laughing, with her friend eventually joining in.
A couple minutes later, when they came out of Sel’s room ready to sun themselves, I tossed her a small, unlabeled tube. “The initial sensation can be odd, but it works wonders for pain.”
Demi gave her a questioning look. “Tweaked my ankle a bit,” she lied.

It was good to get out of the suite. Yes, I spent the day hanging out in the background as the lovelies from the cast spent their off day sunning, swimming, and generally running about, but it gave me a chance to refocus on the job.
I’d almost talked myself into believing things could return to normal, that I didn’t overhear Selena ask Jamie for a favor, when during my midnight sweep of the suite, she was clearly playing possum, feigning sleep. I said “Good night” anyway before closing the door. Instead of returning to “my” room I picked the most shadowed chair and waited.

She only delayed 5 minutes before leaving her room and heading across to mine, dressed in her thin t-shirt and grey fleece shorts, carrying the strap-on.
When she reached for the knob on my door I said, “If we’re really going to do this, we need to set some guidelines.”
I think if it were physically possible she’d have jumped out of her skin in surprise. As it was she whirled about, finally seeing me, came over and plopped down in the seat opposite me, tossing the toy on the table.
“First, any room Selena Gomez Incorporated is paying me to sleep in is off limits”
“Oh? You can sneak into my room but I’m not allowed to sneak into yours?”
“Do you wish to continue to employ me? To do my job, I need space where I think only about the job. That won’t happen if I’m thinking about ways to get you into my room.” I paused a moment, “You’re welcome to try to sneak into my bedroom back in LA,” I said with a smile.
“Break into Fort Knox, huh?” she mused, but I could see the idea intrigued her. Shit. I needed to learn to control my mouth around her.

“Second. It must be kept secret.”
“Yeah, I get you don’t want to be fired.”
“It’s more than that. How would your public react to it? It’s part of my job to protect you from that, too.”
She wanted to argue, I think, but didn’t want to upset her fans, so conceded the point.
I nodded toward the table, “Tonight’s not a good idea. Brian and Mandy will be back tomorrow and you’ve got a full day of work. We both need to be in top condition, show them we can handle being ‘on our own’ “
She sighed, “Spoil sport” and “Why do you get to be right all the time?”
Why? because I’m the one making the rules. “Sometimes things just work out that way. It’ll balance out in time.”
She got up, grabbed the strap-on, came over and gave me a peck on the cheek, “I really did want to have some fun tonight”
“Another time”

I was amazed; Selena never missed a beat. For her it was like the last week never happened. On the other hand, now that I knew there was a design behind the ‘inadvertent’ touches, flirty comments, and bashful glances, I felt like I was constantly walking on hot coals. Apparently I managed to hide my discomfort and after a couple days felt myself relaxing and once again enjoying the company, the locale, and the work.

One evening the last week of the Puerto Rican shoot, Jamie found me alone and threw herself at me. Feeling a little randy, and a lot frustrated, I caught her and we enjoyed a vigorous evening. The next day Sel gave me the evil eye most of the morning. I resolved to be more discreet. Heh

The last night, the cast and crew had an informal wrap party at a local karaoke bar. They hadn’t tried for private so there were several unknowns present, many hanging around the stars. Brian and Mandy had some work to do so weren’t in attendance to start, putting me on high alert.

The third time the bouncy little server came over to my back corner, she told me her manager said I had to order something or leave. I slipped her a twenty and asked her to have him come over.
He was about half a foot shorter and probably 50 pounds heavier, all in his gut. He was preparing to make a scene, when I put a C-note in his hand, flashed a badge, and said, “Every half hour Lupe can bring me a glass of ice water. Your staff can ignore me the rest of the time. I’m on duty.”

He swallowed whatever foolishness he’d been about to spout and retired behind the bar. Oddly enough, soon after, the servers were carding pretty much everyone, and I had to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” Demi asked. She was stunning in black tank top, denim mini skirt, heels and bright red lipstick.
“Looks like the management here thinks I’m with alcohol control.”
She placed a delicate hand on my thigh. “Why would they think that?
I looked into her deep brown eyes, then down at her hand, “I showed him a badge and told him I was on duty.”
“You’re not a cop. I don’t understand, but I don’t need to.” She gave my thigh a squeeze and bounded away to rejoin the others taking turns at the mic.

A couple of glasses of water later, Demi was back. Apparently some of the older ‘kids’ had been sharing beverages, at least with her. “Some of the girls have been whispering stories about you,” she giggled. “Selena says she doesn’t believe them. Know what I think?”
I was suddenly distracted by a disturbance at the bar. Looked like Mr. Manager was dressing down a pair of servers, probably worried about the tipsy teenager talking to law enforcement.
Demi got my attention back by reaching over and grabbing a handful. “I think I’m the only one missing out and it’s not fair.” She got up and flounced away.

Another glass of water and after Selena’s turn with the mic I motioned her over. She looked over at the group as Nick Braun headed to the stage, but came over to me. She looked steady on her feet and when she sat down I couldn’t detect anything, but, “If you’ve been enjoying an adult beverage or two, now would be a good time to cover up. I expect Brian and Mandy in the next half hour.”
She looked insulted, “You should know me better than that.”
“I know peer pressure, and Demi’s been drinking.”
She looked uncomfortable, “She’s feeling … left out. I’ve tried to convince her otherwise, but,” she shrugged, “she knows me.”
“What’s the plan?”
“I don’t know. It’s our last night here. Hopefully once we all separate she’ll let it drop.”

Mandy’s arrival prevented me from commenting on how fruitless I thought that strategy would be, and the two headed into the center of the excitement.
With my charge now chaperoned, I was free to relieve myself of all the water I’d drunk. Having to pass through a lounge area to reach the actual facilities made the restroom seem extravagant, considering the almost seedy atmosphere the club tried to present.
I didn’t spend much attention when the volume of the music briefly soared while I peed, but I should have because as I petered out,
“Don pud away chus yet.”
I finished, zipped up and turned around to face Demi Lovato,” Why not?”
“Cuz no fair. I’m only one not ged any. Aim to fix dat.”
“Here? Now?”
“Ha. Nod even denyin. Knew it.”
“What would be the point? You don’t believe your best friend, why would you believe me?”

She looked confused momentarily, but made a drunken rally, “Mebbe you lef Selena alone, cuz of da job, bud I know you fuckt Jamie and Sam. An now yurr gunna fuck me.”
She came at me, and whatever she’d downed before following me was hitting her hard. I caught her mid stumble and she wrapped both arms around my neck. She pulled my head down as I held her up and our lips met. She tasted of rum and cherry lip gloss, with a hint of Coca Cola. She pressed her body close to mine, hip snugging up to my crotch, breast flattened against my chest.
She broke off for breath and giggled, “Still insistin you didn do notin?”

I started to release her, but it seemed her bones had turned to jelly, and I caught her again, as she was headed for the floor. I tried to guide her toward the door, but her lurching and attempts to grab crotch ended with us fetching up against the sinks. I lifted her to sit on the counter, looked into her deep brown, but bloodshot eyes, and asked, “What has gotten into you?”
“Notin. I’m empty. Fill me!”
“I don’t think so”
In what should have been a surprisingly coordinated movement, she suddenly snatched her tank by the hem and off over her head, revealing her lacy black half-cup pushup. “If you don’t, I’ll run out of here screaming.”

She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her tits. What happened after just confirms I’m going to hell. I tugged down on the cloth, freeing her perky little teenage breasts from their constraint. With both hands I measured their heft, thumbs caressing dusky pink areolas. Her smirk of triumph wasn’t lost on me as I bent my head down, taking the left into my mouth.
I gently licked and kissed her left side, and then gave the right a quick pinch. Her initial gasp of pain morphed into a moan of pleasure and I had to concede I’d lost. I switched up sides, drawing a line from one nipple through the valley to the other with a string of feather kisses. After a pinch to her left, she reached for my belt.
I broke off, “Not yet,” but I did reach up her skirt.

Skimming the soft smooth skin of her inner thighs, I made my way toward her join. I captured her mouth with mine as my fingers made first contact with her damp lace thong. I swallowed her exhalation as I traced the outline of her folds through the flimsy fabric. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and proceeded to tongue wrestle as I explored her nether region. When she broke for breath she whispered, “Hold on,” put both hands on the counter and lifted her butt up, “Just pull them off.”
I once again looked directly into her eyes before I moved both hands to push her skirt up around her waist, slip them in her underwear, and tug them down her thighs, to her ankles, and off. This left me looking right at her cleanly shaven mound. I stood back up, slid a hand forward to reclaim her crotch and took her neck with the other.

“Aren’t you a bit young to be shaving already?”
“A girl does what guys want. Aren’t you a bit old to be caring?”
“Fair enough” and I took her mouth again. My roving fingers were glistening from her moisture and, well, she wanted to be filled so I parted her labia delicately and slipped one in to the first knuckle.
“More” she breathed into my mouth. I was sliding it in deeper, eliciting another moan as I penetrated her tight little pussy when the roar of the music drew my eyes to the mirror. At first my reaction was “Fuck. Busted.” but reflected Selena flashed a smile and threw the lock. I brought my attention back to Demi, but with her eyes closed, she was apparently unaware we now had an audience.

“More. Deeper.”
I pushed another finger into her close, hot wetness and started pumping in and out. I gave up her mouth to go back to work on her chest. Her nipples were rock hard poking out half an inch and in need of suckling. First the right, then the left. I softly bit down and she tucked a hand in her mouth to stifle her scream. I wrapped my free hand around her waist and pulled toward the edge of the counter. Releasing her tit, I dove between her legs.

With two fingers penetrating her cunt, my tongue explored the shaved skinscape around them. When I gently probed under her hood to find her clit she began bucking her hips, fucking my face and hand back.
“Oh god yes right there right there yes.” Her breathing quickly grew ragged and I swirled my tongue around her little love button.
“Oh god I’m gunna cum …” and then she went stiff, then started jerking, and let loose with a flood of girl juice. I did my best to catch it all with my hand and mouth. When she came back down, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, “I still need to get your cock in me.”

Suddenly there was a rattling and then knocking on a door.
Demi looked panicked, “Shit if they catch us, they’ll fire you.”
She missed the fact that the sound came from a stall and not the entrance, and I elected not to correct her, “You’d best get cleaned up and dressed.”
A minute later she was put back together, “I’ll check the hall.” I unlocked the door and looked out, “Coast is clear. You go.”
Demi left the bathroom and I relocked the door. “You can come out now”
Selena stepped out of the end stall with a huge grin on her face.

“Care to explain.”
“I’ve decided on a few guidelines of my own.”
I waited. She sauntered over, pulled my head down for a quick kiss and then licked my cheek. “Tastes good, doesn’t she?”
I had to agree, “Yes.”
She stepped away. “If you’re going to use my friends and family as your personal harem, then I get you too. Each time.”

Really? I’d already slid so far down the slope there was probably no stopping, but I’d sure try. Meanwhile, “Honor system or discretion?”
She looked confused. I think she’d expected me to argue, so point to me for regaining some measure of control over the situation. OK not really, but one can hope.
“Am I required to inform you of any ….activities, or should we test my ability to be discreet? You won’t need physical proof, that would certainly strike holes in the secrecy, but you’ll have to provide enough detail to demonstrate you know, and aren’t just guessing.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Discretion sounds more fun, but harder for me, so I get another concession. My mother is off limits.”
While Mandy Teefy was one fantastic MILF, I certainly didn’t want to fuck with her marriage. I owed Brian, he had strongly supported my hiring. The only worry would be if, she came on to me, could I stop myself.

She nodded and headed for the door. As she unlocked it she turned back to say, “By the way, you owe me for Demi.”
“How much did she really have to drink?”
“Not so much, she IS an actress,” she smiled and left.