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Thread: "Just Another Awards Show" with Olivia Munn, Maria Menounos, and Rachel Bilson

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    fanfiction "Just Another Awards Show" with Olivia Munn, Maria Menounos, and Rachel Bilson

    With Olivia Munn, Maria Menounos, and Rachel Bilson
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, MFF, voy, blowjob, rim, drunk, sleep
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    By the time I arrived to the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles, almost all of the media had already left the red carpet area and the show was well underway.

    Inside I wandered around the venue looking to take the edge off with a stiff drink, and found myself upstairs overlooking the arena via a large terrace. There I watched as Olivia Munn warmed up the crowd with some topical jokes, as I happened to look to my right and suddenly found myself in the presents of a striking brunette.

    Doing a double take, I immediately recognized the woman as being Hollywood sexpot and TV actress Rachel Bilson.

    While I tried my best not to stare, Rachel and I laughed loudly to Olivia's amusing routine and it was during this time that the onetime "OC" star looked over at me and giggled.

    "God she's funny." Rachel remarked, and I had to agree.

    Thinking quickly I took this as an opening and made a comment, and the gorgeous actress and I began to casually chat. Right away I was surprised to learn just how sweet and friendly Bilson appeared to be, and making her laugh, we proceeded to flirt and converse more openly.

    With the introductions out of the way, it was during this conversation that I joked about needing a stiff drink to which she informed me how there was a special backstage area which apparently featured a fully stocked bar.

    Regrettably, I had to remind her that I did not have a VIP pass, and before she could respond we were abruptly interrupted by her publicist who apparently took an instant distain for me.

    Nevertheless, before Rachel wandered off to do some of her promotional obligations, I was then taken aback as she looked over her shoulder and asked me to wait for her while she had some prior commitments to fulfill.

    Not knowing how to respond I simply concurred.

    "Err, okay. Sure thing." I quipped. "I'll be right here waiting."

    It was only later that I realized just how pathetic I sounded.

    I was clearly over enthusiastic, which apparently made her giggle. While Rachel left with her assistant, I then stood there for all of 5 minutes before I stopped to appreciate the situation.

    "Wait. What the hell am I doing." I thought, as I suddenly realized how desperate I must have looked.

    Was she even going to come back, or was she just being polite.

    Coming to my senses, I decided to wander off and get myself that still drink, but in the process soon found myself taking a seat in the audience and watching the rest of the show.

    An hour or so later, there was a break in the presentation so I took that opportunity to get up and wander around the auditorium again, once again looking to wet my whisker when I suddenly felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned to find Rachel standing before me.

    "There you are." she whined in her sweet feminine voice. "Where the hell did you go. I was looking everywhere for you."

    "I was just, um..." I tried to think of a decent excuse but failed.

    "I have good news." she interrupted. "I got you a pass."

    Surprised by the gesture, I then asked her how she managed to pull such major strings so quickly, and she informed me that not only was it due to her fame but that her father was in fact the head of THQ Interactive.

    She leaned over and whispered sweetly. "That's kind of a big deal around here."

    "So you're not just a pretty face, eh." I joked, as I then accompanied her downstairs and joined her in the VIP area.

    There I was immediately taken aback by the lavishness of the special section, and had to remind myself that we were still at the same event. It was a stark contrast on the other side of that velvet rope, let me tell you.

    Nevertheless, Rachel and I grabbed two drinks and found a place close to the bar to sit and drink and get to know each other better. It was all kind of surreal.

    "So what's your story." I smiled, trying to act casual. "You married, engaged, seeing anyone."

    Rachel blushed as she answered honestly and then turned the tables and asked me the very same questions.

    It was abundantly clear that we were both into each other, as we both couldn't stop flirting and smiling back and forth the entire time. It was actually kind of cute, and I found her to be absolutely adorable.

    To my amusement I also noted all the tell-tale sighs which included her leaning towards me as we conversed, her touching my arm, and her playing with her hair while smiling at me.

    Unfortunately for me Rachel's responsibilities for the evening were far from over and she was soon called away by her publicist again, who was clearly not impressed to see that I had somehow slipped past the burly security guards and was now sharing a drink with the starlet.

    "Ugh." Rachel groaned with frustration. "Can you give me like 15mins. I'll be right back I swear."

    "Absolutely. Take your time." I reassured her. "I'm not going anywhere."

    "Thanks, you're a doll." she said before leaning over to peck me on the cheek.

    I now sat waiting patiently for her to return when I notice two very attractive women seated just a few feet away from me at the bar, drinking and giggling amongst themselves as they watched me nurse my drink.

    They were clearly talking about me, and were not very subtle about it either.

    In fact, I listened to them make a few snide remarks before we exchanged some playful banter and they ultimately swiveled their chairs around and began to converse with me directly, wasting little time giving me their two cents and offering me some pointers with Rachel Bilson.

    "You know you're totally going about it the wrong way." one of the ladies smirked.

    "Oh really." I quipped. "Is that right. Is that your professional opinion."

    "Yes. Yes it is."

    "But why would I take advice from you two." I snickered. "Are you guys actually here with anyone right now. Or is it ladies night tonight."

    The girls both gasped and looked at each other before Maria burst out laughing. It seemed I had put Olivia in her place and embarrassed them in the process.

    "But I guess it's true what they say." I added, trying to get on their good side again. "Those who can't, teach. Thanks for the concern ladies."

    With that said I downed my drink and asked the barman to put their drinks on my tab.

    Ultimately, Rachel returned to see me chatting and laughing with the ladies from across at the bar, and introducing herself, she then invited them to grab their drinks and come join us on the lounge.

    I then watched intently as the two personalities happily accepted her offer and got up and sauntered towards us.

    Right away I was taken aback by their outfits, with Olivia Munn sexily clad in an aqua like dress that featured a plunging neck line that showcased her impressive breasts, and Maria Menounos wearing the shortest little black number I had seen in some time.

    Even by themselves they made quite the impression, but together it was an unmitigated boob and leg show.

    They were by far the sexiest girls there that night, and on top of everything else Maria's legs were absolutely exquisite, long, lean, and shiny.

    At one point I thought I was going to trip over my own tongue as I watched the famous pair make their way to our table and take a seat, my eyes covertly glaring at Maria and that tiny little dress, noting the way it now hike up considerably as she sat and inadvertently flashed me her sexy red panties.

    "Holy shit." I thought. "She's wearing red lace panties under that tight black dress? -wow."

    Shaking my head, I tried my best to return my attention to the conversation at hand as the four of us quickly flirted and laughed and enjoyed each other's company, with Maria and Olivia playfully "interrogating" me on Rachel's behalf.

    "So where do you live, cowboy." one of them inquired. "What do you do for a living."

    "Are you single." the other chimed in quickly. "Have you ever been married before."

    To our amusement the ladies grilled me for a good twenty minutes before they finally insisted that Rachel just "go for it."

    It seemed I had passed their initial test, with Olivia adding, "Hell Rachel, if you don't go for it I will!"

    The girls then made a scene as they proceeded to do several shots together, with Menounos licking the salt from Munn's neck, and down between her impressive cleavage to the cheers of onlookers.

    Things were certainly getting wilder by the minute and it actually got to the point where security was called over and informed us to keep it down, as everyone in the VIP area was staring at us.

    "So. I don't care!" Olivia defiantly slurred. "Let them stare!"

    After about an hour or so of drinking it was then I was taken aback to hear Munn suggest that we all leave together and head back to her lavish hotel suite down the road, where there they could relax and let down our hair and continue the drinking and conversation without any prying eyes or interruptions.

    "Come on, what do you say." Olivia urged, trying to convince her new BFF and drinking partner Maria Menounos to consent.

    "Hmm. I don't know." Maria pondered, weighing up her options, her own eyes clearly bloodshot. "I've got some errands to run tomorrow."

    "Screw your errands, Maria." Olivia snapped. "Let's have some fun tonight. When was the last time you let your hair down."

    Thinking for a moment, Menounos finally agreed to her suggestion and the ladies then set their sights on Rachel and I.

    "So." Olivia directed at me. "What do you think."

    I had to laugh at her determination. It seemed that despite Rachel sitting right there, Munn now openly flirted with me and it almost seemed as though she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

    "What's it going to be." she insisted. "You think you love birds are up to it."

    She knew I was, but considering the circumstances with Rachel I wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Fortunately for me, Rachel quickly chimed in and essentially spoke for us both and accepted her invitation.

    With that settled, we then left the event together and I don't mind admitting that I felt like a million bucks, having just hooked up with not just one, but all three of the most ravishing creatures from the VGA event.

    To our amusement Bilson seemed to be particularly drunk at this point, to the point where she could hardly walk straight much less stand.

    So I was forced to put my arm around her and steady her as we made our way outside.

    She also seemed to get very touchy-feely with me during this period, and enjoyed holding my hand and playing with my fingers as we made our way back to Olivia's hotel room.

    "You've really got great hands, you know that." Rachel slurred.

    As she spoke, I could see the other girls roll their eyes and laugh amongst themselves. They clearly didn't hold her in much esteem but were too busy enjoying their own drunken stupor.

    It was then as the ladies and I chatted that I was shocked to learn that neither one of them knew each other before the big event, which was surprising considering the way Maria and Olivia carried on together.

    To look at them you would assume they were lifelong friends.

    Back at the hotel, we quickly discovered just how right Olivia was about her incredible accommodation, as the suite was located on the top floor of a five star hotel and featured its own pool and bar area which we quickly raided and discovered was fully stocked.

    Then as Rachel and I took a seat by the side of the pool, the others wasted little time stripping out of their outfits and dived right in to frolic about loudly.

    My eyes almost bugged out of my head as the girls swam topless and in nothing more than their thong panties. It was like something straight out of a John Stagliano film (Bend Over Brazilian Babes immediately came to mind).

    Despite the temptation, I tried my best not stare at them and kept my eyes focused on Rachel, who was apparently too drunk and tired to swim.

    Nevertheless, I had to admit that I was extremely curious to see Maria's breasts, which unfortunately for me stayed out of sight and were concealed under the water for the most part.

    Not taking no for an answer, the ladies then insisted Rachel and I join them in the water and while I was more than eager to oblige, Bilson did not seem interested and instead wandered back inside to use the phone, as her father would no doubt be cross with her for leaving the event without telling him.

    While I now stood there standing by the pool trying to contemplate my next move, Maria and Olivia now openly frolicked in front of me and attempted to entice me into the water with them.

    "God damn it." I cussed audibly. "Why are you guys doing this to me."

    "Come on, Matt." Maria beamed. "Get in here, join us."

    As she spoke, I couldn't help but notice the perpetual grin on her face while she conveniently bobbed up and down in the water and positioned her naked breasts just below the waterline, not allowing me to view her incredible nipples.

    "But. What about Rachel." I replied naively.

    "Screw Rachel." Olivia snapped.

    "Well yeah, that's kind of the idea." I remarked. "I'm *trying* to screw her if you haven't noticed."

    "Don't worry about her. Just get your ass in here." Maria maintained. "Trust me if you don't, you'll regret it later."

    Truer words had never been spoken. In fact, I had to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined myself in such a scenario. Still I couldn't help but note the irony of it all.

    Here I was trying my best to score with Rachel Bilson, meanwhile I had two arguably sexier and more appealing starlets frolicking topless before me, begging me to join them in the pool.

    Did I dare tempt fate? Or could they just be toying with me, testing me?

    To say I was conflicted would be the understatement of the century. But a moment later I heard Rachel call out my name and I rushed inside to see her.

    There she told me that she couldn't stay, and that her "people" were flipping out cause she had left the event without saying goodbye or explaining to anyone where she had gone.

    "I really have to go." she said sweetly, as she looked over my shoulder to hear the girls shrieking and laughing and carrying on loudly outside in the pool.

    Without thinking I then heard myself say, "So, did you want me to walk you out."

    Noting the resigned tone in my voice, Rachel told me it was okay and she insisted that I stay and enjoy myself with the girls. I couldn't believe the guilt trip she was laying on me now, and after everything I had gone through during the night to purse her.

    Was she really going to just leave me hanging like that? Fortunately for me my adrenaline kicked in and before she made it to the door I called out her name and marched over to her.

    "Rachel, wait." I affirmed. "Before you go, there's just one more thing."

    And with that said I suddenly and abruptly kissed her hard on the lips, taking her breath away.

    Her only response was to sigh into my mouth before we stumbled back against the door and I kissed her again, even more fervently than before. Rachel resisted for a moment before her lips parted and I felt the tip of her hot tongue brush against my bottom lip.

    I instinctively pulled her away from the foyer and into the hallway, kissing and groping her body through her dress and marveling at how receptive it suddenly appeared to be.

    Without thinking I then proceeded to slide my hand underneath the hem of her frilly blue skirt, and rubbed my hand over her silk panties.

    "Oh. Matt." she muttered breathlessly through a kiss. "What are you doing."

    I responded by simply kissing her neck and rubbing her moist cunt through her underwear with two fingers, searching and finding the narrow groove of her slit through the thin material.

    "Stop." she whispered reluctantly. "What if the others see us."

    Despite her objections, I could feel her hips moving against my hand, daring my fingers inside and urging them to massage and fondle her sex.

    "See us? So. Let them see." I told her, before I kissed her hard on the lips again and slid my fingers into the waistband of her panties.

    Finding her pubic mound I dipped my digits further inside and caused her to moan into my mouth.

    Despite her reluctance, Rachel moaned and pulled me harder into her, urging me with her body to take her right then and there, and I was more than willing and able.

    Aroused, I then dipped two of my fingers into her velvety hot cunt, marveling at her wetness before I ultimately withdrew and pulled her into the bedroom which overlooked the pool.

    There I playfully pushed her to the bed, and looked out the window to observe the ladies climbing out of the pool completely naked, only to shriek out loud and playfully jump back in.

    The entire scene was so erotic and surreal that something inside me just snapped. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with lust and desire and filled of adrenaline. I guess you could say I also felt as though I had nothing to lose.

    Rachel meanwhile just lay there glaring up at me, sitting up on her elbows with a bemused expression on her face as she watched me snatch one of her legs and proceed to take off her pearl colored stilettos.

    There I briefly marveled at her exquisite feet and delicately adorned toes, before I proceeded to kiss and worship them. This action apparently drove her wild with lust, and any notions she had of leaving now literally flew right out the window.

    "Oh. Don't do that." she cautioned seductively. "Unless you want me to rip you're fucking clothes off."

    Hearing this surprising tone from her shocked and delighted me. I had never heard her curse before and catching this more primal side to her personality only spurred me on.

    "Hmm. So you've got a foot fetish thing, huh." I smirked. "Are your feet really that sensitive, Rachel."

    "You have no idea." she gasped, as I then happily obliged and proceed to kiss her big toe.

    Her brilliant brown eyes immediately rolled into the back of her head.

    To my amusement Rachel could only sigh and fall back on the bed as I pampered her feet.

    Her hand reached out to grip the pillows above the blankets. I had apparently stumbled across her weakness or "Achilles heel" so to speak, and now used it to my advantage.

    "Ugh. What are you doing to me." she whispered to herself, as I made my way across her ankle and up the length of her shapely calve.

    There, I softly kissed my way up the inside of her knee and reveled in the scent of her soft, perfumed skin. Rachel immediately parted her legs as I brushed my hands up the inside of her slender thighs, my lips following closely behind.

    She could only coo and squirm anxiously on the bed as I brushed my fingertips farther along her soft smooth legs, and once again lovingly rubbed her silk panties with the tips of my fingers.

    "Mm. So soft." I whispered inwardly, at the feel of her smooth inner thighs.

    Caressing her underwear, I then reached up to her hips and motioned for her to lift her butt so I could slide them down.

    "How about we take these off." I suggested, to which she was too drunk and aroused to object.

    Without thinking she immediately scooted her butt up off the bed and permitted me to deny her of her undergarment.

    As I slowly worked them down her legs and off her feet, she was now left to lie there on the bed without any panties on, her legs spread slightly and dangling in the breeze, awaiting my next order.

    The mere notion alone turned me on to no end, especially considering I had only met her a few hours earlier, and yet here she was under my complete spell.

    Stroking her smooth thighs with my hands, I then gently pried her legs open causing her to blush brightly.

    The "Hart Of Dixie" star initially refused to open them, and simply turned her head to the side while covering her face with her hands, but I was determined to see all of her, especially her most intimate area.

    "Come on, baby." I insisted softly. "Let me see that pretty little pussy of yours, Rachel."

    The actress playfully shook her head, before she finally allowed me to open her legs wide and expose her sweet little cunt. To my delight she appeared to be neatly trimmed with a tiny rectangle of stubble just above her clit, the rest was left completely smooth and hair free.

    "Wow. Such a pretty little pussy too." I let out as I caressed her legs and ogled her sex.

    Hearing this, Rachel giggled shyly to herself and before she had time to object or say another word, I dove right in and proceed to eat that very tender region of flesh, sucking and slurping on that pristine cunt.

    Bilson immediately gasped and squirmed about wildly on the bed, gripping the sheets with both hands as I hungrily devoured her cunt.

    "Ugh. Oh. Oh God." she whimpered quietly, as I pinned her legs all the way back with both hands and consumed her.

    To my delight she had the longest set of dark wrinkled labial lips I'd ever seen on a woman, which I quickly pulled and stretched out with my lips and took into my mouth to savor.

    This lewd action seemed to really set her off and she now thrashed about violently beneath me, her legs trembling.

    Taking my mouth away, I then replaced my lips with my hand and proceeded to gently probe and finger her glistening sex, teasing her hole and causing her to moan and sigh involuntarily.

    Just then, I suddenly felt a presence in the room and looked back to see Maria standing in the hallway, naked as can be and clutching her panties in front of her sex.

    Still dripping wet from her late night skinny dip in the pool, she had apparently ducked into the house to grab a drink and upon hearing the commotion from the bedroom decided to investigate.

    She now stood cowering behind the open door, hoping that Rachel didn't see her there as I continued to orally pleasure the TV actress with my tongue and fingers.

    I craned my neck and exchanged glances with Menounos, who simply smiled and flashed me an approving wink.

    I have to admit I was so turned on by having her stand there watching, that without thinking I had inadvertently added another digit to the mix and was now probing Rachel with two long fingers, plunging them inside and driving her absolutely crazy.

    "No, no. Oh. Please." the actress moaned languishingly, grabbing my wrist and urging me to ease up and go slow.

    I looked back at Maria who simply giggled at this display, and I looked down to admire her large natural breasts, noting how exquisite they were and just how incredibly hard her nipples appeared to be.

    It was then Maria made me chuckle as she raised her hand up to her mouth and insinuated that I lick Rachel more. Taking her advice, I did just that and this seemed to push Bilson right over the edge.

    Unfortunately for me a moment later I heard Maria's voice outside on the patio, speaking to Olivia who was still in the pool and informing me that the Greek correspondent had stepped away from her position by the door and had rejoined her friend outside.

    Disappointed briefly, I now focused all of my attention back to my lover and ate Rachel's minge through a toe curling orgasm, thrusting my long tongue so far inside that pretty little cunt that I thought her head was going to explode.

    "OHMIGOD!" she shrieked a minute later, before she lay there in a daze like state trying to catch her breath.

    With my mouth and chin now completely smeared in her essence, I swiftly moved to position myself between her flailing legs and abruptly impaled her.

    "UGH! Oh God." she let out, as I instantly hiked up her skirt around her hips and proceeded to move my hips back and forth and fucked her.

    As aroused as I was, I didn't waste any time and I immediately picked up the pace and proceeded to pound that sweet twat for all I was worth. Rachel could only grunt aloud as I plowed into her incessantly, listening to the others frolic around the pool just outside the window.

    I fucked her hard and fast for several minutes, tagging her there in the missionary position before I finally pulled out and came all over her pretty little mound, completely glazing her pussy with sticky hot semen.

    In fact I had worked up such a sweat that I immediately collapsed beside her and we curled up close to one another contently and slowly dozed off to sleep.

    Just a few short hours later I awoke to find Olivia Munn kneeling over my waist, pulling at my pants and urging them down my legs.

    For a moment I thought I was dreaming, but as I slowly came too I realized that it was much later in the morning and I glanced over to see Rachel still sleeping soundly beside me, still drunk and passed out and snoring peacefully.

    "Err. What are you doing?" I mumbled incoherently, before Munn reached up and placed her finger over my lips, telling me to hush.

    Despite my reluctance, I still permitted her to slide my pants down my legs and expose my fat cock to her greedy eyes. And what greedy bloodshot eyes they were, as I watched her openly leer at my flaccid cock and curl her tongue over her lip.

    "Mm. Fresh Hard Cock." she muttered softy, not that I knew what that meant.

    Judging from the look in her eyes she was more than impressed with my package, and if I didn't know any better I could swear she now seemed much more intoxicated than I was, and clearly more aroused too.

    Noting this, I was sure that nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wanted, which in this case appeared to be my penis.

    So with Rachel Bilson still lying passed out beside me, my arm draped under her neck as we cuddled in our sleep, the onetime "AOTS" co-host bent forward and wrapped her soft sweet lips around the tip of my cock and proceeded to blow me, taking me into her hot wet mouth and gently bobbing her head up and down in a slow, steady fashion.

    Truth be told I could barely belief it was happening, but the astounding sensation of her hot wet tongue swirling around the tip reminded me that it was real.

    I simply lay there playing coy, catching my breath as I watched the model-turned-host-turned-actress suck my dick beside Rachel. It was a remarkable scene, and something I was sure would stay with me for the rest of my days.

    Suddenly, as incredible as this was I looked over at the door to find Maria Menounos standing there watching again, this time clutching a large bottle of champagne as her new BFF went to work on my junk.

    As it so happened it seemed that while Rachel and I had fooled around and passed out, the ladies had enjoyed more drinks and conversation and had remarked how wasted I was on someone like Bilson, and how tough it was for moderately successful and attractive 30-somethings like themselves to find a "nice" guy, much less a decent one night stand.

    This line of thinking apparently culminated with the girls daring each other to do things to me as I slept, until Munn ultimately threw in the towel and just decided to suck my dick.

    While Olivia leisurely sucked my cock she stopped a minute later to look back at her friend and waved her over.

    All pretense was now gone. Noting this I suddenly felt a lump in my throat as I watched Maria flash that famous grin of hers and quietly slip into the room to kneel beside her cock-sucking friend.

    At this point I dare not say anything or much less breathe in case I disturb Rachel, or worse still wake myself up from this extraordinary dream I was most certainly having.

    Instead, I watched intently as Olivia took my hardening cock out of her mouth and pointed it towards Maria's grinning lips, and while smiling up at me with that million dollar smile the Athenian goddess simply speared out her tongue and proceeded to tentatively lick up and down the shiny meat stick like a lollipop.

    This action immediately illustrated the difference in technique they both shared.

    While Olivia seemed to enjoy taking me into the back of her throat, Maria seemed more tentative and cautious and preferred to daintily lick the side of my shaft, which wasn't a bad thing as I soon felt her trail her wet lips all the way down to my tight nuts.

    "oh. Jesus Christ." I let out quietly, trying my best not to wake Rachel up while the ladies worked me over with their mouths and tongues.

    "Hmm. I think he likes that." Olivia snickered. "Keep doing that. Lick his balls while I polish his knob."

    Not wanting to be outdone, Olivia then spat at the helmet of my cock and hungrily gobbled me down, burying her nose into my pubic hair as the two stunners proceeded to work me over in unison, both sucking and licking me keenly.

    "Mm. Keep going." Munn instructed to Maria a minute later. "Lick him lower. Guys love that shit."

    Menounos hesitated for a moment before she pulled her long hair to the side and tentatively kissed and nibbled her way towards my taint.

    This action instantly caused my legs to trembled and spread to accommodate her face, and a moment later I was richly rewarded to the feel of her hot Greek tongue brushing against my bunghole.

    "Oh. Fuck." I let out involuntarily, squeezing Rachel in the process and causing Munn to snicker softly.

    "I told you he'd like it."

    "Err, I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing." Maria claimed.

    "Simple. Just eat his ass."


    "Here. Allow me." Olivia interrupted, and I then gasped with surprise as she joined Maria between my spread legs and stuck her tongue in my ass.

    "Holy fuck." I muttered breathlessly, as I felt her hot tongue shamelessly lick around and inside my butthole.

    "Now you." the Asian stunner encouraged. "You try it."

    Not wanting to disappoint, the Hellenic starlet pressed the tip of her soft tongue against my anus and tried to rim my ass but was clearly having issues.

    Instead, Olivia then suggested that she merely spit on my ass and work a single digit inside while she licked around my balls and taint at the same time, which she was more than happy to do.

    Meanwhile Munn had my package wrapped tightly in her hand and was treating me to the mother of all blow jobs. I could barely breath as I felt her open her mouth and slide the tip of my rod all they way down into her throat, gag, and then release me.

    "Ugh!" she coughed. "I fucking love that. I love gagging on cock."

    "Clearly." Maria chuckled, before she felt Olivia reach back and guide her face down to my shiny pole.

    It was during this time that I watched the ladies keenly lick and massage the length of my shaft with both of their tongues only to finally meet at the tip. There they brushed and dabbled briefly before they shared a tentative kiss which quickly turned passionate.

    Without wasting any time, Olivia took Maria's tongue into her mouth and sucked it repeatedly, riling a series of sighs from the both of them before Menounos happily reciprocated and the girls swapped spit, drooling their combined saliva all over my throbbing erection and balls.

    It was one hot, nasty mess, and without doubt the single most sexiest thing I had ever seen. Yet incredibly excruciating as they continued to French kiss one another mere inches above my twitching penis.

    Fortunately for me they soon returned their attention back on my cock but a minute later we suddenly froze with fear as we felt Rachel stir on the bed and heard her groan and murmur something in her sleep.

    While Olivia and I immediately glared at each other in panic, I then looked down to see that Maria had in fact reached over to gently place her hand on the inside of Rachel's exposed thigh, caressing her tender flesh with her fingertips while servicing me and making out with Munn.

    What the hell was she thinking? I wondered.

    This added attention had apparently roused Rachel in her sleep, yet despite this Maria brushed her fingers ever further along her smooth legs and inched her way towards her sex.

    The mere notion that she would even attempt to touch and hence take advantage of a sleeping Rachel Bilson turned me on to no end, and I actually hear myself moan audibly to the implication.

    "You still dare me?" Maria then posed to Olivia, referring to an earlier conversation.

    Munn simply took my cock out of her mouth and nodded, "Go on then, do it. Play with her pussy."

    We then watched in stunned silence as Menounos carefully brushed her long fingernails towards Rachel's delicious sex and ever so gently slipped one of her digits along the groove of her pussy.

    My cock actually jumped with excitement as Maria leisurely caressed and massaged Bilson's gleaming wet vulva with the back of her finger for several minutes before she finally worked it inside her, penetrating her to her second knuckle.

    As she did this, she still found the time to dip her head and swath her wet tongue against the base of my manhood, marveling at the way my erection now twitched and throbbed to her touch.

    A moment later Maria withdrew her slick finger from Rachel's cooze and presented us with her gleaming digit, offering and daring one of us to taste it.

    But before I could say anything Olivia abruptly snapped it up with her mouth, and was then rewarded with a deep French kiss from Maria. They really were fucking incorrigible.

    "Hmm. I dare you to taste her." Olivia dared, as Maria winked up at me and took her moist fingers into her own mouth, savoring the taste of the "Jumper" star.

    "No, I mean from the source." Munn suggested, and I could see the look of sheer lust in Maria's eyes.

    "Should I-"

    All I could do is nod enthusiastically.

    "Abso-fucking-lutely." I whispered a moment later.

    "But I've never eaten pussy before." Menounos claimed.

    Hell, just hearing her say those words "Pussy" made my cock jump in Olivia's grip.

    "Yeah right." Olivia scoffed. "Well, whatever. Here's your chance to try it."

    With that said, the onetime "Daily Show" correspondent gripped the base of my shaft with her hand and took charge of the cock-sucking responsibilities as her partner in crime scooted up on the bed and proceeded to ever so carefully manipulate Bilson's limbs.

    Ultimately she parted her legs in a way which left Rachel obscenely exposed. Then we watched as Maria slowly kissed her way up the starlets soft thighs, before arriving to her sex and inhaling her musky scent.

    At this point I was so aroused that I was squirming uncontrollably on the mattress beside her and had to use all of my strength not to bust my nut, gripping the sheets tightly as Maria savored her moment with the actress.

    "Err, I dunno." she hesitated before looking back at us for assurance. "What do you think. Should I."

    "Eat her fucking pussy, Maria." Olivia insisted behind her, before filling her mouth with my cock and causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

    If this was a dream I didn't want to wake up, ever! Without further ado, Menounos then leaned forward and gingerly proceeded to lick Rachel Bilson's tender pussy, and to our surprise the actress didn't wake.

    Instead she just stirred a little and sighed contently in her sleep but still remained unconscious as the entertainment correspondent devoured her sweet cunt, licking her wrinkled lips and teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

    "So, how is it." Olivia giggled a minute later. "You like it."

    Maria didn't answer and simply continued to explore the slumbering actress with her tongue and slowly but surely grew bolder and bolder with each passing moment.

    In fact, she soon proceeded to kiss and wrap her wet lips entirely around Bilson's succulent wet sex, and began to feast and suckle on her pussy more vehemently. The mere sound of the lewd sucking sounds almost made me cum.

    "Hm." I grinned. "Yeah. I'd say she likes it alright."

    Olivia winked up at me before she took my bell-end between her teeth and squeezed down, causing me to wince in pain.

    "Hey, what the fuck."

    "What about you." she quipped, before spitting on my shlong and allowing the spit to drool down the length to my balls. "You like watching my friend eat pussy."

    "God-Yes." I whimpered, trying my best to remain calm and not blow my load right then and there in Munn's sexy mouth.

    "You know when Maria's done-" Olivia added, giving my purple helmet a quick polish with her tongue. "Then it's my turn."


    "-and I can't wait to eat Rachel's wet little cunt." Olivia cooed. "Maybe then, I'll let Maria do me too."

    "Jesus." I gasped at the mere notion, as I looked over to see that Maria was completely oblivious to our conversation and now totally focused on the pussy in her mouth.

    "What do you think?" the sexy Euro-Asian teased. "You think I should? Huh?"

    "Uh-huh." I nodded eagerly. "Just lick it. I'm so close."

    "You think I should just sit on her face and cum all over her mouth?"

    Hearing this premise, I finally lost any and all resolve and without warning I shot my load in Olivia's open mouth. Hot sticky cum suddenly splashed out and struck her directly across her shiny lips, filling her mouth with searing hot throat yogurt.

    While initially startled by the eruption, to her credit the harlot quickly gobbled the head of my spewing cock back into her mouth and swallowed hard, gulping down every last morsel spec of semen as I watched Maria lock her sweet mouth entirely around Rachel's quivering slot to make her cum in her mouth.

    "Oh. Ugh." Rachel murmured as Maria boldly added a finger to the mix and to my surprise gently dipped it inside the actresses backdoor.

    "OH! OHH! UNNNNNGH!!" Rachel finally grunted in her sleep, her entire body tensing as I watched Maria's throat work overtime to swallow her tangy nectar.

    "Jesus fucking Christ!" I gasped between breaths, my body still convulsing. "This is pure and unadulterated debauchery. Plain and simple."

    Olivia simply winked up at me as she smacked her cum-covered lips together.

    "But god help me, I love it." I confessed. "God bless the gaming industry."

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    Such a great story. "Oh to be that guy." definitely comes to mind. Bilson, Munn and Menounos, there's just so much hotness. Favorite part, for me, had to be the Maria & Olivia BJ. Waking up to find Olivia Munn pulling your pants off... do want. Once again very well done TPG.

    Oh and for what it's worth. Read this as soon as it was posted, but completely forgot to comment at the time so uh yea, here it is.

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    Yep thanks X42. Much appreciated.

    Yeah when I saw those three together at the same event, something just had to be done. I also made this little wallpaper blow too for some added inspiration.

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