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Thread: Sunkissed Parlor: A Naughty Twist of Vanilla and Cinnamon Part 2

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    fanfiction Sunkissed Parlor: A Naughty Twist of Vanilla and Cinnamon Part 2

    A Naughty Blend of Vanilla and Cinnamon P2

    I felt like someone had doused a bucket of ice on me as a freshly drunk Emma Watson stood in the doorway of the jet's bathroom but at the same time every time that I glanced down I had a very beautiful, very naked Vanessa Hudgens in between my legs. This sight alone caused my cock to stir again and the bell head of my cock smacked Vanessa on the side of her face as I got another massive boner. Come on, could you blame me?

    "Oh look princess, he's hard again. How about you get your sweet little pussy fucked by this magnificent cock hmm?"

    I groaned despite the situation when Vanessa's warm soft hand pumped my cock slowly a few times. Her hand was like warm velvet and her touch was exquisite. It was almost better than her blowjobs but then again I couldn't fully enjoy the one the starlet gave me earlier.

    "You really are a tart and a slag. You're no Disney sweetheart."

    "All right that's enough you spoiled English bitch and I'm beginning to think that you are afraid of sex or fucking."

    My cock twitched as I watched Vanessa get up off her knees and stalk over to where Emma stood in the doorway. Vanessa's hips sauntered from side to side along with her toned ass cheeks and her girly juices dripping down the inside of her thighs was quite a sight. A loud smack drew my gaze up from trying to sneak peeks at Vanessa's bare snatch and I saw Emma stagger back from Vanessa's raised hand.

    "I'm growing up you snotty princess. Yes I made mistakes about it but I know what I want and I'm not afraid to get it."

    There was a shriek and Emma charged Vanessa after stumbling back to her feet. Both girls fell back onto the floor, half in the bathroom and half back in the plane. From there events took a turn for the more sexually interesting.

    Vanessa it would seem would be the victor in this little wet-dream wrestling match and several times the High School Musical starlet pinned Emma to the floor but Vanessa didn't stop there. Instead, Vanessa was seemingly trying to get Emma naked. A rip signaled that Vanessa had actually ripped off Emma's shirt and was working on the other girl's bra (and let me tell you something, Emma was hissing and screaming for sure but there were breathy moans interspersed as well) when Emma smacked Vanessa's right boob. Vanessa flinched and Emma rolled them over so she was on top.

    "What are you trying to do?! Why do you want me starker's?"

    "Because I'm going to own you princess and pull that prudish stick out of your ass."

    Emma made a mistake when she hadn't tried to scramble away from Vanessa while the British starlet had the advantage and Vanessa capitalized on this. She used her newly gained strength and limited martial arts training from her latest movie Sucker Punch and manhandled Emma in the next few moments. Emma let out a grunt when Vanessa flipped them over and Emma was pushed face and titties first into the floor. The English starlet's bra was unhooked, ripped out from underneath her and Emma's heels were taken off as well.

    "No! Stop! Please!"

    Even I could tell that Emma's cries were fake as although I suspected that Emma didn't want this (not being in control anyways) there was the undisputable fact that Emma was getting turned on. It was only when her cutoff shorts were slipped off her hips and down her long, tapered legs did Emma struggle again. Vanessa clamped down ruthlessly though by pushing the skimpy little fabric of Emma's thong away from her asshole and plunging a finger into Emma's ass.


    "Yes you like it princess don't you? Like having a finger in your ass?"

    There was a second rip as Vanessa ripped off Emma's thong and I watched with jealous glee when Vanessa's other hand rubbed over Emma's pussy, skimming her fingers through the small tuft of hair above her slit and then further down to her weeping nether lips. Emma's hips arched at this new sensation, pushing Vanessa's fingers further into her ass and then arching back forward pushing Vanessa's fingers further into Emma's pussy. I grinned as Vanessa's plan was flawless and I decided I wanted to play. I moved behind both young women and cupped Vanessa's glorious, soft full breasts in my hands. Her nipples grew taut and she hummed appreciatively.

    "Oh yes. Yes, play with my titties…"

    At Vanessa's words I really went to work on her breasts and kneaded them like crazy. Her breasts were big enough that I couldn't palm them and what I was currently grabbing jiggled tantalizingly but Vanessa didn't care. She had her head resting back against my shoulder; moaning and groaning while her fingers were like two jackhammers in Emma's pussy and ass. To me it looked like Vanessa was going too hard but Emma was absolutely loving it. The British starlet was clawing and scrabbling at the carpet as her hips bucked in a wild rhythm of trying to get as much of Vanessa's fingers into her private orifices.

    "Ugh ugh ugh! Yes!"

    Deciding to switch things up I regretfully let go of Vanessa's breasts and set her aside. I yanked Vanessa's fingers out of Emma's snatch and pulled my cock free of my boxers and trousers. By this time both starlet's had cottoned onto what I was doing and their reactions were polar opposites.

    "Oh no fair. She won't even appreciate that heavy meat pole in between your legs. Why don't you nut in me first?"

    Vanessa's reaction should have been expected and I was sorely tempted to take her offer. While I had no doubt that prissy boy Effron had made sweet love to Vanessa's cumbox I knew that Vanessa would be tight as she wouldn't have had anything in her for a while besides her own fingers. Girls like her just couldn't not masturbate.

    "No! No! Please! I'm still a virg…aiee!"

    Emma's reaction was a surprise and gave me a second's pause. I had eased the bell head of my straining cock into her warm, gushing snatch, Vanessa's powerful fingering having loosened her up and getting her juices flowing but then came the surprise. Emma Watson still had her bloody virginity barrier! The ramifications of what was about to happen and what this could do to me personally or career wise made my head spin. The sultry Hudgens took the choice from me however as she crawled behind me, tits swaying and ass cheeks flapping and pushed as hard as she could.

    "Oh shit…"

    "Ow ow ow!"

    In my indecision I had Emma spread eagle on her back, her pussy on full-display along with her pert pale titties and I was partly sheathed in her. When Vanessa pushed me I stumbled forward, my hips surging forward and my body resting over Emma's on my hands and knees. I grit my teeth as I was fully sheathed in Emma Watson and the pleasure was so intense I couldn't find it within myself to be mad at Vanessa.

    "Relaxed my now de-virginized little princess. If you will your body to accept him the pain will go away."

    "He's fucking splitting me in two you slag! Ugh! Relax my arse!"

    To shut Emma up I pulled back and pushed forward. Slowly at first so I wouldn't nut and Emma would get used to my size. I saw Vanessa roll her eyes, crawl over next to Emma (Vanessa's titties hanging free and swaying again) and tuck her hair behind her ears. She bent down and dribbled a generous amount of saliva on Emma's right tit. Before Emma could comment Vanessa sucked on Emma's nipple and treated it to a tongue bath/lashing.


    That did the trick as the walls of Emma's pussy fluttered and tightened on my dick. I pulled Emma's ankles over my shoulders and began to piston away. Slow, smooth but powerful strokes that made her titties jiggle. It wasn't what I wanted but it was more than enough to get me off and coupled with Vanessa's ministrations apparently it was for Emma too.

    "Sweet mother Maeve!"

    Emma arched, impaling herself on my cock and her walls tightened on my cock. The British starlet actually squirted and that sight more than anything caused me to explode into Emma's pussy. Rope after rope emptied into Emma's waiting snatch and Emma squirmed from the sensation. Her action caused her to wiggle off my cock and in a flash Vanessa was gobbling up my cock.


    Vanessa's mouth felt just as good as the first time and despite the fact that I had just nutted like I had blue balls for a year, I began to thrust in and out of Vanessa's throat. I saw fear widen Vanessa's eyes and with an evil grin I angled Vanessa's head so my cock began to slide down the tightness of her throat.

    "Emma do you want to get back at Vanessa?"

    Despite the fact that her body must be sore Emma struggled to her knees and nodded.

    "Get behind Vanessa and eat her ass then. She'll resist but since she's a naughty, dirty girl this is one of her fantasies. Don't worry her ass will be clean."

    There was hesitation and slight revulsion in Emma's eyes and expression but she must have remembered the humiliation she underwent while Vanessa was in control. The British starlet's head disappeared but the smoothness of her lower back and curve of her ass was still visible and I groaned at the sight. I knew when Emma began because Vanessa's whole body jumped and a deep moan vibrated from her throat onto my shaft.

    "You're doing good Emma. Vanessa is moaning and trembling like crazy."

    My balls began to tighten and I grunted this out to Emma who must have redoubled her efforts because Vanessa began to whimper. A few seconds later Vanessa shrieked on my cock and her whole body shook. Tears were in her eyes from the humiliation of how she climaxed and the position she was in. To put the icing on the cake I jazzed a moment later and made her swallow every drop. When I was done I released my hold on Vanessa and she fell onto her side on the floor.

    "Payback is a bitch isn't it you Disney tart?"

    "I'll show you how to eat ass until you can't see straight. Your ass is mine princess. Just as soon as I screw his brains out."

    I grinned as I watched Vanessa pick herself up and stalk over to me. A fiery twinkle was in her eyes and without preamble she straddled my lap in a fucking sexy, bonder inducing move and impaled herself on my cock. I knew I was in for the ride of my life as Vanessa Hudgens rode me with the expertise of a seasoned cock rider. She dipped low and pulled back high and slow. She swiveled her hips from side to side, back and forth, in circles and figure eights as she rode my cock and the sight of her sweaty, glistening skin was pure sin. She had one hand gripping my shoulder, the other fisted in her ebony tresses like she was holding on an imaginary Stetson and her eyes were downcast as she bit her lower lip.

    "Oh yeah, ride me cowgirl."

    There was no way that I was going to fight against a woman in the throes of passion so I did my best to match her rhythm. Too soon I nutted again and that's when Vanessa killed me. She tightened her vagina muscles and rubbed her body against mine skin to skin. I'm pretty sure I spurted until I had no more jizz and then Vanessa came with the sexiest breathiest moans I had ever heard. She passed out after her release and I didn't blame her. That was one hell of a ride.


    For the remainder of the flight I had the two starlet's snuggled into my sides. We all remained naked, bringing each other to soft, sensual climaxes and I made sure to give the both of them a good rub down to ease their tired bodies. When we landed in England, Emma told us to stay at her flat and until we had to part ways that's what we did. I don't think I need to say what sort of sexual debauchery happened in Emma's flat do I? These two young women were cock teases. That's all I'll tell you.

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    That was awesome! What a great combo. Thanks Kaden05

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    Thanks TPG

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