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Thread: "DUI" with Maria Sharapova and Camilla Belle

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    fanfiction "DUI" with Maria Sharapova and Camilla Belle

    With Maria Sharapova and Camilla Belle
    Written By TPG
    (MFF, rel, anal, drunk)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations. If you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    Sarasota, Florida, 2:38am.

    IT WAS just another mundane morning when I spotted the exotic sports car swerving erratically in the lane and veering dangerously on the wrong side of the road. Jumping into action, I switched on my lights and took pursuit only to eventually watch the silver Lamborghini finally come to rest by the side of the deserted road. Inside sat two very attractive young women, both dressed provocatively and clearly intoxicated.

    "Is there a problem officer?" the driver stated through the window as she noticed me glaring directly at her long slender legs.

    Distracted for a moment, I briefly fumbled with my words before I asked to see her license and registration.

    "Is something wrong?" her passenger challenged, as the driver reached for the glove compartment and in the process flashed me more of her insanely long limps.

    They had to be the longest set of legs I had ever seen.

    "You two sweetheart," I added to the attractive companion, directing her to show me some ID.

    "Do you know how fast you were going back there?"

    Taking the drivers license I was then taken aback to learn that the girl behind the wheel was none other than tennis sensation Maria Sharapova, and her friend was Camilla Belle.

    "Is this your car, Miss Sharapova?"

    "Yes it is." she answered groggily in a slightly Russian accent.

    "Where are you two coming from this evening?"

    "We were just at a party," Camilla chimed in, before the girls giggled amongst themselves.

    It was only now that I noticed the strong scent of pot from inside the cabin, and I insisted the two of them get out.

    "Step out of the vehicle please." I stated firmly, as I opened the driver's side door only to watch it swing upward and reveal more of the tennis stars famous legs.

    Despite myself I couldn't help but marvel at her remarkable body and noted the way her already short shirt almost pooled around her hips, leaving her utterly exposed for the waist down. It was then as she parted her knees to get out of the vehicle that I was briefly treated to an upskirt and rewarded with the sight of her bright yellow thong panties underneath. As Sharapova clumsily climbed out of the car, the leggy Russian now towered over me as she stood at well over 6'3.

    "Against the vehicle please," I directed, before I leaned into the cabin and insisted her friend get out and join us.

    Outside, it was only now that I noticed that I had stopped their vehicle in a more secluded area of the Sarasota Bay, a long stretch of deserted highway which was bordered by the bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. I soon directed the ladies to stand next to one another and asked them to turn around and place their hands on the Lamborghini when suddenly a slight gust of wind lifting up the back of their skirts causing them both to shriek and giggle drunkenly.

    To my delight this revealed two sets of lovely young asses, and thinking quickly I reached over to snatch the tennis starts wrists and cuffed her hands behind her back.

    "Hey!" Maria slurred while still laughing. "Wait, are you arresting us?"

    "Please do not resist, Ma'am." I replied. "I just need to pat you down."

    As I proceeded with the task I went on.

    "You realize I could take your license and impound your vehicle this very instant?"

    "But how would we get home?" the shorter and more ravishing beauty asked over her shoulder.

    "It's OK," Maria reassured Camilla. "Of course officer, we'll cooperate."

    While the tennis star eased her friends concerns, I let me hands wander over the starlets hips, butt, and finally across those phenomenal legs, letting my hands linger a little longer than necessary before I finally dipped my fingers between her smooth thighs and ever so gently brushed the side of my knuckle against her silk panties. To my surprise Sharapova did not object and was already so aroused I could literally smell her overheated sex.

    In fact I quietly marveled to myself as I watched her body react to my actions and felt her actually wiggle her hips back against me, almost encouraging me to continue touching and stroking her incredible body. The girl was just an Amazonian goddess.

    "Can't you just let us go?" Camilla slurred with bloodshot eyes, watching me more or less molest her tall friend.

    I responded to her request by pressing the talk button on my radio and communicating with the dispatcher.

    "Base, I need a tow truck at..."

    "No wait, please!" Sharapova finally snapped over her shoulder. "Can we talk about this for a minute?"

    Pausing for a moment, I replied, "What did you have in mind?"

    I looked at Camilla who was glaring at Maria with a perplexed look. She could apparently sense what her friend was contemplating and from the expression on her face I imagine she was still debating whether or not she was going to go along with it. I imagine she had little choice but to come along for the ride, so to speak.

    "Can't we make some kind of deal?" the leggy athlete suggested.

    "Well... I guess I could let you two off with just a warning?" I remarked, before I spoke into my radio again.

    "Base, Cancel that last tow request."


    Grinning to myself I then added, "But you'll still have to be punished for being drunk and behind the wheel."

    "What kind of punishment, Sir?" Camilla asked nervously as she glared at her BFF.

    I looked at Maria who revealed a sly grin on her face, my hand still resting on the small over back.

    Without warning I then quickly closed the gap between us and kissed the Russian hard on the lips as my hand slipped inside her short skirt and rubbed her cunt through her satin panties once again, causing her to coo. The striking Hollywood actress simply stood there watching on in stunned silence, her mouth agape as her friend and I now got to know each other better. Noting her stunned reaction, I don't know who she was more shocked by; me and my bold actions or Maria and the fact that she happily obliged.

    Without wasting another moment I reached out and grabbed Camilla by the wrist and pulled her to me and kissed her as well, but unlike Maria the actress seemed shy and reluctant and resisted me immediately. This of course only spurred me on.

    "Are you resisting arrest?" I warned her, to which she just shook her head.

    "Open your mouth." I ordered. "Stick out your tongue."

    Camilla looked at her friend for guidance only to find Maria nodding her head and implying that she go along. Kissing her again the child star finally complied, but was then taken aback for the second time as I abruptly pushed her to her knees and unceremoniously stuffed her pretty mouth with cock. Swallowing my sword, the actress glared up at me with eyes the size of saucers as she now blew me on the side of the secluded road, my grasp still firmly around her best friend's throat as I kissed and groped Maria some more.

    With Sharapova still cuffed behind her back, I suddenly swiveled her around and bent her over by the waist, before I reluctantly withdrew from Camilla's hot mouth and entered the leggy Russian from behind, taking her breath away.

    "UGH! ohmygod!" she let out as I entered her from behind.

    Snatching her long blonde hair, I proceeded to thrust into her repeatedly as her panties now stretched and pooled around her knees. Pulling out of her warm cunt, I then stuffed my gleaming rod back into Camilla's waiting mouth, silencing any groans or objections and relishing the way her tongue hungrily swirled around the head of my shiny prick, her lips now savoring her friend's essence.

    "How does she taste, baby?" I growled down at her. "How do you like that taste of pussy this time of the morning?"

    Camilla simply groaned up at me with a mouth full of cock.

    "You rich bitches are all the same," I snickered to myself as I watched her service me.

    Suddenly, I grabbed the actress by the hair and directed her face between her friend's buttocks, instructing her to sample the tangy goodness directly from the source. To my amusement Maria immediately proceeded to moan out loud as her friend's slick mouth and hot talented tongue made direct contact with her sex and hungrily probed and explored her pussy from behind.

    "Oh." Maria whimpered, "Oh Millie."

    "Hmm, you like that don't you Maria?" I grinned while still holding Camilla's head in place.


    "Tell her," I insisted. "Tell that you like it!"

    "Oh! I like it!" she moaned. "I like it Millie!"

    Watching her eagerly lick at her friends twat turned me on to no end, and I finally pulled her head away and stuffed my throbbing manhood back down the starlet's narrow throat. To my delight Camilla seemed to finally surrender to the moment and now freely bobbed her head up and down causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

    "Mm yes," I groaned appreciatively. "You're such a good little cock-sucker, you know that?"

    Caught up in the moment, I then grasped the back of her head with both hands and proceeded to fuck her pretty face, burying my length to the root and causing the sexy brunette to cough and gag momentarily, her eyes flooding with tears. After several moments of this I finally released my grip, allowing Camilla to gasp for air.

    "UGHHH!!" she let out, as a rope of saliva now dangled from her mouth to my cock.

    "OK, that's enough of that!" I finally hissed, as I turned my attention back to Maria.

    "Can we go now?" Camilla said, relieved, thinking the encounter wasn't as bad as she initially thought it would be.

    "Hell no," I snapped back, "Now stand-up and bend over!"

    Camilla's jaw dropped once again as I then reached over to her friend and abruptly stuffed two of my long fingers deep inside Maria's tight little cunt, causing her to groan out loud.

    "Ugh! Fuck!" Sharapova snorted, as I proceeded to saw them in and out.

    I was delighted to see that the leggy star was noticeably wet from the little show Camilla and I had treated her to. Taking my fingers away I then impatiently stuffed them into her mouth and insisted that she savor and spit all over them, to which Maria did.

    "Aren't you going to let us go?" Camilla whined again. "You said you were only going to give us a warning! And we agree!"

    I had to laugh at her naivety.

    "Agreed? This isn't a negotiation sweetheart." I snickered. "Now bend over before I change my mind and haul you two off to jail!"

    Camilla reluctantly bent over at the waist placing her hands on the exotic supercar. Looking around I then stood behind her and lifted up her flimsy skirt to reveal a sexy black thong, and two of the most succulent ripe buttocks I had seen in some time.

    "Hmm, I just love a woman in thong panties." I smirked to myself while admiring her incredible butt.

    I then reached over and gently peeled the garment down her trembling legs and directed her to stand there with her sex exposed as I slipped them from around her feet and brought them up to my face.

    "Oh god," she blushed with shame as I inhaled her scent and moved to rub the tip of my cock against her slimy coin slot.

    Suddenly, Camilla gasped and grunted out loud as she felt me push forward and bury my length deep inside her backdoor?! Clutching her hips, I now proceeded to impale her remarkable butt and without an ounce of guilt or any remorse proceeded to pound away at her precious little butthole. The "10,000BC" star could only grimace and glance over at her friend through half slitted eyes as I now fucked her glorious round rump nonstop, my hands gliding around her petite frame to hungrily cup and grope her pert breasts.

    "Ugh! Oh! Oh God! Ugh!" she grunted repeatedly.

    "God damn you feel good!" I hissed into her ear, "Are you enjoying you're punishment yet?"

    Camilla could only frown and contort her face as I pushed my cock even further inside her tight derriere, filling her tiny sphincter completely and sending her over the edge as my balls swung and firmly slapped against her cunt. The actress grunted out loud as I finally stopped what I was doing and gently eased my cock out of her puckered butthole, only to then slam back inside her yet again.

    "UGHH! Maria!" she cried invoking her friends name, as I pulled on her hair and turned to her Russian and insisted she drop to her knees beside us and await her reward.

    "Stick out your tongue!" I growled over at the tennis star, "You fucking little whore!"

    With that said I finally pulled out of the Hollywood actress with a "pop" and directed the tip of my bulbous head towards the athlete's open mouth and unleashed a torrent of semen, plastering her face with hot sticky goo.

    "Consider this a warning, ladies." I grunted with a grin. "Don't let me catch you drink-driving again."

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    both and awesome pairing and story

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    Great stuff as usual TPG. Well done.

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