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Thread: Tales From The Record Store: Elizabeth Gillies

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    fanfiction Tales From The Record Store: Elizabeth Gillies

    Tales from the Record Store: Elizabeth Gillies
    By Deadshot
    (MF, Oral, Exhibition)

    Disclaimer: All of the following is completely fictional. Not a single bit of it ever occurred, nor would it.

    You know, it may not seem like it, but working at an independent music store has some major advantages. Flexible hours, hard-to-find gems, and some nice pieces of ass walking in on a daily basis. But there was one that always caught my eye. She had vibrant blue eyes and full lips just made to be wrapped around dick. Her skin was creamy white, and she had long dark hair that reached down to touch her wonderfully bountiful breasts. Her name, Elizabeth Gillies. And she was definitely going to be mine. Of course, I didn't know then that she had the same idea towards me. Me? My name is Rich Miles, and this is a slice of my life.

    It was a slow day, typical for Thursdays, really. For some reason, lunch was the single deadest time. However, for some, that's the best time to come in. That was the case with Elizabeth, or Liz as she preferred. For some reason, ever since she began coming in here a few months ago, I was her flirting target of choice. I say flirting as opposed to teasing as Liz was the kind of girl who would clearly follow through, and teases don't follow through.

    For these past few months, she always garnered my attention, talking about hard to find LPs, favorite musicians, things that i was surprised a girl her age actually cared about. Sure, she was eighteen, but still, her knowledge on certain things surprised me. Another thing that both surprised and delighted me was who upfront she was with all things sex and innuendo. From the way she licked her lips and sucked her straw from whatever coffee drink she had that day, her speaking tone, her body language, it all sent the right signals.

    Almost as if on cue, Liz walked in, dressed in skintight black jeans with matching boots and a tight, red t-shirt. She looked at me and winked, which I took as a signal to head towards her. I lumped what work I had left to my co-worker, Max, and headed straight for Liz.

    "You are so my bitch," Liz laughed as she approached. She stood at the vinyl section, resting her tight ass on the edge of a display table. "I didn't even have to snap my fingers."

    "Is that any way to treat such a dutiful employee?" I replied. "Where else can you get such attentive service?"

    "Well, I do wonder how attentive you can be Rich."

    "I bet you'd just love to find out," I said, a smirk crossing my face. "And I do think I'd love to show you. Remember that vinyl you wanted to be put on wait list for? Someone traded it in."

    Elizabeth approached me, her moves deliberately seductive for such a short distance. She stared me straight in the eyes, the two of us almost nose tot nose. "What are you waiting for, then?" she asked. "Show me what you got for me."

    "Follow me to the back," I said. I lead the way to the back office. It was a semi chaotic area, a few strewn papers and jackets, but other than that, organized. It was also where we held special order items back for customers.

    The two of us walked in. I head towards a shelf and grabbed Liz's record. I spun around to present to her to see Liz leaning her back against the door, which she apparently had also locked. A smirk formed on her face, her eyebrow arched. Liz left the door and approached, playfully backing me into the wall. "We both know this isn't about some vinyl," she said, planting a kiss on my lips, licking them as it broke. "I could always just hunt it down online if I really wanted it. What I really want is what you have."

    I tried to respond, but she shushed me, pressing her index finger to my lips. "No more talk from you. No more flirting. I want action. And you're going to see what kind of action I can provide." Liz proceeded to drop to her knees. She extended her tongue and began to run it over the bulge in my pants, teasing me. My hands darted down to undo my pants, but Liz stopped me. "I can unwrap my own present, Rich." And she did just that. As soon as my belt was unbuckled, Elizabeth grasped my underwear and jeans, tugging them down to my ankles.

    She gazed up at my while running her nails up and down my bare legs. Her eyes then turned to my cock, her hands soon grasping it and my balls. "If I'd known you were packing heat I would have made my move a while ago," said Liz. She began to stroke my shaft, it hardening in her hands. Liz kissed my stomach, then stuck her tongue out, licking a trail down to my tool.

    When she got to the base, she began to repeat the process, kissing and licking her way to the head, taking her time as she did so. It felt magnificent, her full lips and skillful tongue. Once she got to the tip, she looked up at me and without saying a word, slowly took my now fully hardened staff between her lips. Softly, she began to suck on the head, her tongue laboriously working over it.

    "Fuck," I groaned. Liz began to work her tongue furiously on the underside of my cock head, my knees shaking from the sensation. She began to venture further down on my meat, applying just the right amount of suction while her glided along my length. I moved my hands down to her head, holding her raven locks back.

    Elizabeth took a new trick out of her hat, taking me allay into her throat and holding me there for a few seconds. The feeling was insane, as was the situation. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined she'd be this good. All too soon though, Liz pulled back to take a breath, the feeling on my wet cock sending shocks of pleasure through my body.

    She continued to stroke my rod as she caught her breath. It didn't take long for to get back to work though, her mouth joining her hand in attacking my cock. Her pace wasn't furious, but it was deliberate, only slowing down every so often to lick me from crown to base.

    "I don't think I can hold out much longer," I growled, my teeth gritted as I tried to stave off my orgasm. It was a futile battle as Liz soon proved. She removed her mouth from my cock, but left her mouth open with the head of my cock resting on her pink tongue.

    "Cum for me," she said. "I want it." She stared deeply into me, her fist a blur on my cock. I couldn't take it anymore. With a growl, I began to unload in her open mouth, the color of her tongue contrasting the the white liquid I was pumping into her mouth. After the first few shots, Liz closed her mouth around the head, sucking and milks out the last few streams and drops.

    She released my cock with a pop, and I slumped down to the ground exhausted. "Holy shit," I muttered. I looked to Liz, who opened her mouth once more to show the jizz she had collected. She winked at me and swallowed the load down. "Damn." I got to my feet, pulling my pants up. Once I had them redone, I grasped for the LP and handed it to her. "You definitely earned it, Ms. Gillies."

    "Fuck that," she said, taking out her wallet and grabbing a twenty. "I did that for fun." She handed me the twenty and took the record. "Keep the change. Also, hand me your phone." I did as she asked. "I'm giving you my number. Text me in about an hour. You free tonight?" I nodded. "Good. We're going to the late movie. Once you text me, I'll text you the time and theater. Be there, or you will not be getting the full experience, ever. Read me?"

    "Yeah." I replied. Liz then approached me and gave me a deep kiss, biting my lower lip as it broke.

    "Good boy." she replied. With that, she unlocked the door and walked out the door, leaving me in utter anticipation of what was to come.


    It was around 11:00 P.M. when I met Liz in from of the theater. She was wearing a blue dress, reminding me of the song Devil In A Blue Dress when remembering what we did earlier in the day. "Right on time," she smirked. "I like that."

    "I aim to please," I said. Before I could go to the box office, Liz dragged me inside.

    "I already got the tickets."

    "What are we seeing?"

    "Trust me, it doesn't matter." She revealed she had two tickets ready to go in her purse. She showed these to the ticket taker, and we walked to our theater. Liz lead us to the back row of a nearly empty theater, only a few people in front of us, no one to either side. We took our seats in the middle, and waited for the movie to start.

    It seemed we timed it just right. As soon as we were in our seats, the lights started to go down. Once it was dark, and the first trailer started, I felt Liz's hand dart to my crotch, she unzipped my fly and fished out my cock, gently stroking me to hardness. She whispered in my ear, "Some people say the previews are the most fun part of the movie. Why don't we test that?"

    "Why not?" I asked, my hand sneaking under her dress. I began to rub her cunt through her panties, a damp spot already noticeable. Liz began to moan softly, a noise that increased to the point where she had to bite down on her lip when I pushed her panties to the side and began to work my fingers inside of her. In addition to that, she increased the tempo of her handjob.

    I used my free hand to pull her face to mine, kissing her to silence both our moans. Her hand left my cock and reached under her dressed. She pushed my hand away, then pulled her panties off, placing them in her purse. I followed suit in my own way, tugging my pants down just enough for my cock to spring free.

    Liz moved over to my seat, her back facing me. She grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto me. My hand went to her hips, gripping them as she began to build up her pace. "Fuck me," she whispered. She moved her hands to my knees, steadying herself as she rose and fell on my dick.

    I moved my hands to her shoulders, sliding the straps of her dress off and grasped at her breasts. I had yet to see the sizable wonders, but they felt amazing to the touch. I cupped them in my hand first, then circled the tips around her areolas. She softly moaned at this, trying to keep her composure. The light from the screen hitting her face just enough to give me a look. She licked her lips as she worked herself on my dick, her eyes shut.

    Liz leaned back, turning her face to kiss and she began to grind on my cock. "Feels so good," she said, licking my lips. With one hand still working her breasts, the other traveled down her body, running over her stomach, feeling her breath in and out rapidly. My hand then glided down to her slick cunt, my fingers working her lit as I thrust my cock into her.

    Liz stopped her movement and stood up slightly. She turned around to face me, then straddled my lap and once again sunk herself onto my meat. She brought her hands to my face and kiss me, her hips moving on my, her tempo building up once again.

    "Tell me how it feels," growled Liz. "Tell me how much you like fucking this pussy." She began to squeeze and contract her tunnel around me, making me bite my tongue to keep from groaning too loud. We were in a theater, after all.

    "So good," I said. My hand gripped her ass firmly. I began to thrust up into her, my face moving to her breasts, which looked as good as they felt. As my mouth went to work on them, Liz leaned back to place her hands on the seats on front of me, steadying herself as I began to increase my own tempo. I leaned forward myself to keep my face with her body, licking her stomach, tasting her sweat.

    We worked at it for a while more, our bodies moving like a well oiled machine. When Liz pulled herself tightly close to me, I knew she was close. Her breathing was getting faster, her pussy convulsing. Our mouths collided once more time as she came, Liz muffling her moan with the action. I continued to thrust into her, both approaching my own orgasm and extending hers.

    "You gonna cum for me?" she asked, out of breath. I nodded in response, still trying to hold off. "Good boy. Think you can do it in my mouth? We didn't get any snacks at the concession stand, and I sure could use something."

    "I think that could be arranged," I said. "But I wouldn't wait, if I were you." Taking the rather oblique hint, Liz moved off me and got to her knees, taking my cock in her mouth. It didn't take much of her treatment for me to go off, filling her mouth with my copious load. Her eyes locked on mine as she swallowed every stream I had to give her, sucking my cock until it was dry and going soft.

    Once I was completely done, Liz moved off and opened her mouth, proudly showing off it's emptiness. With that, she straightened her dress back up, regrettably covering her breasts as I did the same for my pants. "Let's get out of here," she said, grabbing me by the hand and leading me out.

    When we were back on the street, I was about to say something when she turned around to shush me. "No questions," she said. "I did this because I wanted to. And we're going to to do it again, unless you have any objections."

    "No objections here," I said.

    "Good." She kissed me once again, backing off only slightly when it broke. "I had a lot of fun. I'll call you, Rich." And with one last peck on my cheek she walked off. And I couldn't wait for that call.

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    That was fucking excellent! I loved it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPG View Post
    That was fucking excellent! I loved it!!
    What he said.

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    Me three

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