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Thread: "Double or Nothing!" with Maria Menounos

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    fanfiction "Double or Nothing!" with Maria Menounos

    Double or Nothing!
    With Maria Menounos
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MMMF, Blowjob, DP, voy, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was late in the afternoon on SuperBowl Sunday as I joined Maria Menounos and the crew for a quick lunch up in one of the private luxury boxes at Lucas Oil Stadium.

    We were there to cover SuperBowl XLVI and had been working our collective butts off for most of the day when we finally took a break, grabbed a sandwich and a beer and enjoyed the panoramic views of the arena.

    It goes without saying that the atmosphere in the city was absolutely electric, and caught up in the excitement of it all we toasted to the nights events.

    "I hope you guys don't get drunk on me." Maria directed at the three of us. "We still need to interview Brady before the game."

    "Drunk on a single beer?" I snickered. "Hardly."

    "Just checking."

    The guys and I then discussed the big event including the highly anticipated halftime show, before Maria chimed in mid conversation and was adamant about the Patriots winning the game.

    This soon set off a series of eye rolls from the three of us as she began to spew her usual sermon about her beloved team and how unbeatable they were.

    "Ugh. Please." one of the guys finally growled. "Save us the speech Maria. We get it. You're a Pats fan!"

    "Yeah besides." I added. "You know you're just kidding yourself right?"

    "Err. Excuse me?" she quipped defensively.

    "You know you're precious Patriots are going to get their asses handed to them tonight."

    "Is that so?"

    We all laughed at her startled reaction. She was clearly annoyed.

    "GIANTS ALL THE WAY BABY!" I yelled before high-fiving the guys.

    To our amusement Maria was aghast at this point.

    "Okay. Fine." she snapped. "Care to make it interesting?"

    "What did you have in mind?"

    With that said the sexy correspondent announced that she had five hundred dollars in her bag and was willing to bet it all on the game, adding that not only would the Patriots win but by a wide margin.

    Naturally the boys and I found this funny and immediately put our money where our mouths were.

    "You got yourself a deal there young lady." Jeff replied.

    At Forty-Seven, Jeff was the senior member of our crew and a camera technician.

    "You can sign me up for a piece of that action too!" added Dave, our humble sound assistant who was in his mid to late thirties.

    "What about you?" she directed at me.

    "Don't look me." I replied. "I blew most of my wage on my Twenty-Fifth birthday last week in Vegas."

    While the guys quickly berated me I finally unclipped my watch and placed it on the table.

    "Okay-Okay. Here you go. That should cover my end." I said. "That's a Tag Heuer."

    Ultimately the guys and I wagered up to a thousand dollars each, and bet Menounos that if the Patriots lost to the Giants that she would have to treat us to an all expenses paid dinner somewhere in Manhattan.

    "Okay. Sure. I can do that!" she chirped confidently, before I rolled my eyes and whined.

    "Oh come on. Seriously?" I complained. "Dinner? Is that the best you old farts can do?"

    While the guys waited for me to elaborate Maria snatched my beer and took a swig.

    "What are we twelve?" I snickered. "How about we make this more interesting."


    "Well." I explained. "How about if you lose, you have to pose in a bikini or something?"

    While the guys immediately laughed at the sheer absurdity of it all, they quickly shut up when Maria accepted.

    "You're on!" she answered. "I'll agree to that."

    "Wait. You will?"

    "Sure. Why not?" she countered. "Because I know it'll never happen!"

    Once again her blind devotion to her team annoyed the hell out of us, and despite everything that had been said she still maintained the same stubborn opinion.

    "Maybe to make things even more interesting." Jeff added. "You should do a segment of the show in your bikini."

    While we all laughed at the notion Maria was not convinced.

    "Err. I don't know about that." she giggled nervously for the first time.

    "I mean. I'd totally be up for it." she added. "But I don't think the office would go for it."

    "Trust me." Dave assured her. "I'm pretty sure the guys upstairs wouldn't say no."

    "Exactly." I added. "Just imagine the ratings we'd get."

    To our surprise Maria took another swig from my beer before she happily accepted our challenge.

    "Okay. You're on."


    "Sure." she boasted. "Heck. I'll agree to just about anything since I know for a FACT that my team will win!"

    Noting this smug arrogance, a devious thought suddenly crossed my mind and I decided to take a chance and mention her celebrity friends, specifically her fellow Patriots fans who I knew she kept in contact with via Twitter and Facebook.

    "Actually." I suggested. "Maybe we should make this a little bit more challenging for her."


    "How about..." I pondered out loud. "If the Giants win you have to hook us up with Eliza Dushku!"

    "Wait. What?" she snickered. "With all of you?"

    "Well. No." I grinned. "Just me. You know. Give me her phone number or something."

    To my surprise Maria wholeheartedly agreed, and then went on to claim that not only would she hook me up with Eliza but that she'd happily accompany us on our day and pay for dinner!

    "Okay." Maria then countered. "Since we're all negotiating here. If the Patriots win tonight, you guys have to come to my house for the weekend and be my slaves!"


    "Err. Servants, whatever." she laughed. "You know what I mean."

    While the guys and I looked at each other bewildered, Menounos explained exactly what this meant and how we would have to clean her yard, maintain her pool, and vacuum the entire house from top to bottom.

    Shrugging our shoulders the boys and I agreed and then decided to take it up another notch.

    "So you must be p-r-e-t-t-y confident about tonight huh?" I grinned evilly.

    "I told you." she boasted. "We can't be beat. It's as good as done. I'd bet my life on it!"

    Feeling bold I then took a deep breath and jokingly suggested that if the Pats did in fact lose that she should be made to BLOW all three of us.

    "Err. Excuse me?" she gasped with a raised brow.

    "Yeah well. You seem to be all full of piss and vinegar over here. What do you say?" I challenged. "Double or nothing?"

    To our surprise not only did Maria not find this offensive, but she giggled loudly and happily accepted the bet with a firm hand shake.

    "You're on mister!" she affirmed, sealing the deal. "Double or nothing!"


    "Trust me." she affirmed. "It'll never happen!"

    "So you agree?" Dave confirmed, shocked by her absolute blind devotion to the team.

    "Yes Dave." she answered casually. "If the Giants win tonight I'll give you guys a blow job!"

    As expected the boys and I immediately looked at each other, amazed at the sudden turn of events. With that said Maria bundled all the money and loot from the table into her bag for safe keeping and we went right back to work.

    Over the next few hours we watched her do several more interviews from the field where she actually boasted about the Pats again, claiming how they were six time world champions and totally unbeatable.

    In fact she was so smug and confident that she even mentioned the wager we had made (the bikini not the BJ of course) and how she couldn't wait to see us with egg on our face.

    "This better work out." Dave remarked to me later. "She's got all of our money."

    "Yeah. But can you imagine if she loses?" Jeff replied. "I'd pay double that amount to see her suck dick."

    To be honest I didn't want to think about it. The mere notion alone was just too incredible for me to entertain. But hours later as the game was underway I glanced over at the TV correspondent who playfully smiled and blew me an air kiss.

    "Fucking tease." I thought. "Yeah. I'd definitely love to teach her a lesson."

    As luck would have it, it was a heart stopping game which went right down to the wire with the Giants grasping victory.

    Within minutes of the final whistle the guys and I immediately looked for Maria again who had already disappeared before full time, rushing to make her flight back to New York City for her morning appearance on the show.

    "I knew it!" Dave hissed. "I knew she'd skip out on us!"

    "Someone seriously needs to teach that bitch a lesson!" I added in anger. "The girl gives me constant fucking blue balls!"

    The boys and I were naturally disappointed but not surprised that she would renege on the deal.

    But the very next morning when Maria was scheduled to make an appearance on the show, we were surprised to find her clad in nothing more than a white bathrobe.

    "There's got to be a catch." I assumed, as she indeed dropped the robe and stood in the middle of Time Square in nothing but her "Giants" bikini.

    "Holy shit!" Dave remarked from inside the mobile studio trailer. "Does this mean we get our blow jobs?"

    We all laughed at his comment but couldn't help but wonder (hope) if it was true.

    After her appearance Maria slipped back into her robe and proceeded to wander around the set looking to speak to us, as we now sat relaxing in our small work space discussing the weekend and how incredible she looked.

    In fact Jeff was right in the middle of rewinding and pausing an image of her bikini-clad body on the main console when we heard her knock at the door.

    "H-e-l-l-o?" she announced. "Are you guys in there?"

    Taken aback I immediately sat up and invited her in, only to watch her climb into the truck and lock the door behind her.

    "There you are." she beamed. "I've been looking all over for you guys this morning."

    "And yet, here we are." Dave sniped, still peeved by the way she had ditched us back at the stadium the night before.

    Noting this bad mood, Maria smiled and began to apologize for rushing out on us before Jeff interrupted her mid sentence and reminded her of the pact we had made just hours before the game.

    "Oh, come on!" Maria scoffed. "You didn't really believe that I was going to go through with it did you?"

    "I told you." Dave quipped from the corner. "I knew it was too good to be true."

    "Err. I'm afraid he did." I chimed in. "We all did."

    "OMG." she laughed in our faces. "You guys are too funny!"

    "I'm glad you find it amusing."

    "And what." she snickered. "Now you're going to pout for the rest of the week because I didn't pay up?"

    "Don't forget." Jeff reminded her. "You still have our money Maria."

    "Yeah." I chimed in. "And to be honest it's not even about that. It's just...we don't trust you anymore."

    Menounos rolled her eyes and was apparently bemused at this comment.

    "Is that true?" she looked at the other guys who all agreed.

    "Do you really want your money back right now?" she offered, to which I simply shook my head.

    "You simply don't get it do you." Dave added. "You FUCKED us over Maria!"

    "Look. I'm sorry okay?" she apologized. "I had to make my flight back to New York for today's show."

    "So that's your excuse?" Jeff quipped. "You were in a rush?"

    "Y-e-s-ah." she replied. "That's what I've been trying to tell you guys."

    "So...what about now?" I added. "Are you still in a rush?"

    "Um. No."


    "So...what?" she repeated.

    "Well. I think what my friend here is trying to say." Jeff clarified. "Is that we're owed some head?"

    Maria was naturally taken aback by this comment and did not agree. The two then began to bicker back and forth before I finally intervened.

    "Look. The hell with the blow jobs." I said. "I think in the very least you owe us a show."

    "A show? What kind of show?"

    "Well. You can start by opening that robe and letting us see what's going on under there."

    Maria instinctively grabbed the front collar of her robe and held it tight against her chest.

    "OMG. Didn't you just watch the show? I exposed myself on live TV!"

    "Exactly." Dave countered. "So what would it matter if you did the same thing here for us now?"

    "Yeah. It's the least you could do." I added. "You at least owe us that."

    As much as she resisted, she had to admit that the boys and I made valid points, and a minute later she slowly untied the belt and proceeded to slide the robe off her shoulders, leaving her to stand in nothing but her skimpy bikini ensemble.

    "There. Happy?" she smiled sarcastically as the three of us openly glared at her incredible figure like hungry wolves.

    "Jesus. What a body." I exclaimed, as Dave and Jeff wholeheartedly agreed.

    She just about had the most exquisitely toned, sculptured abdomen I had ever seen. No doubt due to her rigorous workout regime, and daily runs in Encino where she lived.

    I snickered inwardly as Dave then twirled his finger around and insisted that she pivot in place and show us her infamous ass, which she did.

    "Are you sure you're only Thirty-Three?" Dave commented, before he looked at Jeff to gauge his reaction.

    "Ugh. Do I really have to do this?" she whined rhetorically, as she now posed in her skimpy bikini for our benefit.

    To be honest the entire incident was kind of thrilling, having one of America's most famous faces now stand in our private work space posing for our amusement. In fact it almost felt a little kinky.

    "Hey. A bet is a bet." Jeff reminded her, as she started to blush and make excuses. "Double or nothing remember?"

    We all now sat in relative silence, simply taking in her breathtaking figure when I noticed her eyes widen and I followed her eye line and looked over to see Jeff take out his cock.

    "Whoa!" I laughed, as Dave looked over and chuckled.

    "Dude!" He snickered. "Put your cock back in your pants you dirty old fool!"

    Shocked by his behavior, I began to apologize but then stopped short as I realized that Maria was not upset. In fact, although she was blushing a little she actually seemed amused by it, dare I say flattered?

    "You guys are such pervs." she giggled as Jeff casually sat there with his penis exposed.

    "The way I see it." he claimed. "The least you can do is just stand there and pose for us for a few minutes."

    "What on earth are you saying man?" Dave quipped, still astounded by his friends brash actions.

    "Hey. Considering what was promised back in Indianapolis last night, I think it's the least she can do."

    Judging from the expression on Maria's face I'm sure that her initial reaction was to turn and run away, but instead something about the entire encounter intrigued her, especially as the four of us were parked on the side of the road in the middle of Times Square.

    If only the people knew what was really going on inside the trailer, I thought. We'd all be arrested.

    "Well?" Jeff spoke more authoritatively. "Turn around and show me your ass again."

    Hearing this tone, I immediately looked at Maria expecting her to cuss back or give him the finger, but instead I was surprised to see her comply.

    I almost gasped when the sexy TV host turned her back to the door and display her thick, round, luscious ass.

    "Oh. Yeah. Now that's what you call a great ass!" Jeff grinned. "Bend over a little more for us honey."

    To my shock surprise Maria actually indulged him, and happily flaunted her succulent backside.

    "You Greek girls sure have some serious junk in the truck." Dave grinned, as he also admired her thick rump.

    "Why do you think they call it Greek-Style?" I snickered. "Can you imagine taking an ass like that from behind."

    While the guys and I openly glared and remarked on her amazing derriere, Maria simply smiled and posed.

    "Okay. That's enough!" she finally objected, as she attempted to reach down and grab her robe to leave.

    "Whoa. Wait a minute!" Jeff suddenly said. "We're not done with you just yet missy."

    Maria paused for a moment before she looked over at Jeff to see that he too was now stroking his limp cock, and despite not being erect she found it hard to look away as it was without doubt the thickest, manliest dick she'd ever seen.

    "Nah. You owe us Maria." he remarked. "You owe us big."

    "What do you want me to do?" she snapped back with her hands out.

    Dave and I both looked over at Jeff to see what he would say, each of use intrigued to see just how this would all play out. Would he dare proposition her and risk his job?

    "Well. You can start by coming over here and giving me a closer look." Jeff insisted, as she hesitated for the very first time.

    "Err. I dunno."

    "I'm serious." he added. "Get over her! I want to see what that material is made of."

    Jeff was apparently referring to the skimpy bikini bottoms she was wearing, which clung tightly to her sex and almost gave away a camel toe.

    The TV starlet exhaled loudly before she dropped her robe to the floor again and walked over to stand directly between the old man's legs, while he reached out and casually ran the back of his fingers over the fabric.

    While Dave and I looked at each other dumbfounded, Jeff took this opportunity to fondle her butt, making her giggle and squirm before pushing his hand away.

    "Jeff! Stop. Stop it." she chuckled, before the old man took her by the wrist and directed her to turn around once more.

    "Do me a favor." he said. "Bend over again."

    Menounos rolled her eyes but nonetheless did as she was told, only to be rewarded with a sharp smack across her buttocks a few seconds later.

    "Ow!" she jumped comically, before she was suddenly twirled around to face him again and directed to kneel.

    The sexy correspondent grimaced for a moment as she was forced to sit in close proximity to his menacing erection.

    "Ha. Don't give me that." Jeff hissed. "You're not that much of a prude. We both know you like it."

    "Oh. I do, do I?" she challenged, trying her best not to look him in the eye.

    "Absolutely." he grinned. "You fucking love the idea of all those men out there beating off to you like this. Admit it."

    Maria refused to answer as he continued to beat his meat within an arm's length of her.

    "You know...I'm only doing this because I feel guilty about last night." Maria claimed.

    Jeff seemed to ignore this excuse and now stroked his cock more keenly, his eyes now hungrily ogling her breasts and hips.

    "Sure." he growled. "If that's what you have to tell yourself."

    "OMG." she snickered with shame as she realized that Jeff was now intent on getting off.

    "Hey. Don't look down at the floor." he told her as he whacked off in front of her. "Look up at me."

    Maria shook her head and blushed.

    "I can't believe I'm doing this right now."

    Still. Despite her concerns the half naked correspondent now breathed a little heavier while her eyes filled with lust as she watched Jeff's fist pop over the head of his swollen cock.

    "This is wrong." she giggled softly as she reached up to play with her hair, pulling it up off her shoulders.

    "Ah. Give me a break." Jeff hissed. "You love this shit."

    "So you keep telling me." she quipped back.

    "Yeah. You do." he maintained as she stared at his skillful hand.

    "Look at you." Jeff grinned. "Even now you can't take your eyes away from it."

    The entertainment reporter scoffed at this remark but without realized it squirmed nervously in front of him, clearly aroused by the lewd display.

    "Yeah. You like watching the head swell up." Jeff teased. "Get hard and purple, and tight."

    Without thinking Menounos licked her lips to this proclamation as he took this opportunity to reach over and gently caress her bare hips with his free hand.

    "Such a lovely young body." he purred.

    "Come on dude." Dave suddenly interjected. "Put it away already. You're creeping us out."

    As Dave spoke I watched Maria for any reaction and noticed her whimper softly, her eyes never leaving Jeff's cock.

    "No. Wait." I interrupted Dave. "I think she likes it."

    "You're damn straight she likes it." Jeff snickered. "Look at her. She can't look away."

    Maria smiled nervously at this but her eyes told another story.

    "Yeah. I bet you love watching it spurt don't you." Jeff continued to talk dirty to her. "Watching that hot stream of cum shoot out that big purple head."

    Menounos seemed spellbound by his words before Jeff insisted that she show some interest. After all, she was the one who had lost the bet.

    "How about you talk dirty to me?" he suggested, to which Maria snorted her infamous laugh and refused.

    "Em. No way!" she laughed hysterically. "I can't do that. N-o-o-a-h."

    "Oh come on." he whined. "We both know you want to. I know you can do it."

    "Well then how about you take off that bra?" Dave boldly added.

    "What? Forget it!" was her reply, before she broke out into hysterics again.

    "You guys...this is so funny."

    "I'm glad you find it amusing." I quipped.

    For a moment we all panicked as it seemed like she had finally come to her senses and was about to get up and leave, but Jeff quickly distracted her train of thought.

    "I tell you what." he stated. "You take off that top and show me your tits...and you can keep the money you took from us last night. Agreed? Guys, are you with me?"

    Dave and I immediately looked at each other and we both seemed to be in total agreement.

    "Absolutely." Dave answered. "You can count me in."

    "Me too." I agreed.

    To our amusement Maria actually seemed to contemplate this for a minute before Jeff flashed her another charming smile and somehow convinced her to go through with it.

    "Come on." he persuaded her. "We both know you've been secretly dying to show off those puppies for the longest time. Now's your chance."

    "Okay fine. I'll do it!" she announced a minute later, as a jolt of adrenaline suddenly surged through my body.

    "But you guys have to promise no touching." Maria stipulated. "You can look, but you can't touch."

    With that said, the striking brunette reached back behind her shoulders and unclasped the dazzling red and blue bikini top and tossed it to the side, leaving the Greek beauty totally exposed and completely topless for our greedy eyes.

    "Holy shit." I heard Dave gasp, as her remarkable breasts were fully exposed.

    The entire incident was so surreal that I thought I was going to pass out from the erection in my pants.

    Without thinking I reached down and proceeded to stroke my own cock to the vision of her body, watching as this gorgeous creature casually sit there topless and admiring our colleague who was beating his meat to her.

    Dave too now joined in, and all three of us now sat there with our wangs out, completely engrossed by this half naked Goddess who was on her knees, inviting us to get off.

    "Look around you." Jeff smirked. "You're the center of attention. Just the way you like it."

    Maria turned her head and flashed me a smoldering look, her nipples clearly erect as she realized that both Dave and I were also whacking off to her.

    "Admit it." Jeff added. "You fucking love it don't you."

    I could now see that the entire lewd encounter was starting to have an effect on her, and caught up in the moment she finally began to speak her mind.

    "What about you?" she directed at Jeff. "Are you going to cum soon?"

    I had to admit, hearing this blunt tone from her caused me to moan out loud.

    "Not even close." he grinned.

    "Really?" Maria teased. "Not even if I sped up the process a little and played with your balls?"

    The old man simply shook his head again.

    "Yeah right." she grinned. "I bet you guys wouldn't last a single minute: if I slipped my mouth around your cocks."

    "Oh. Yes!" Jeff encouraged her. "You're so good at this. Keep talking. You're such a sexy little bitch."

    "Mm. I like that." she purred back. "I like being a bitch. I like being the center of attention."

    "I bet you can't wait to get your pretty mouth around this thing huh?" Jeff smirked as he pointed his trouser snake at her.

    The sexy correspondent smiled and leaned forward, teasing him with her mouth: avoiding any direct contact but making sure to blow her breath across his penis.

    "Is this what you want Jeff?" she purred seductively. "Watch me wrap these lips around that fat hard cock of yours?"

    As Maria spoke, she bent over and gave Dave and I an opportunity to reach out and gently caress her amazing figure.

    We lovingly fondled her perfect butt and hips, and feeling bold I brushed my fingertips along the length of her bikini bottoms causing her to moan as I gingerly caressed her sex through the flimsy material.

    "Jesus." I thought to myself. "I can literally feel the heat of her pussy through the bikini."

    I could only imagine how wet she was under there.

    A moment later Maria suddenly bent forward and tentatively dragged her wet tongue along Jeff's meaty shaft, licking the base of his cock and running it up until she finally arrived to the tip, where she utterly devoured it in one go.

    "Fuck." the old bastard groaned with delight as his eyes rolled up into the back of his head.

    Menounos moaned contently with a mouth full of cock, her eyes closed and her cheeks hollowed as she teased and tormented him with her tongue.

    "Oh. Yeah. Suck my cock Maria." Jeff growled as he placed his hand on the back of her head and fucked her mouth.

    Jumping into action, I reached down and gently pulled at her string bikini which released the knot and caused her bottoms to fall away from her instantaneously.

    A moment later the cock-sucking starlet was left totally naked for all to see, as I slipped off the chair and moved to kneel directly behind her and placed my hands on both of her meaty buttocks.

    "God. Damn. This ass..." I moaned inwardly. "I've only wanted to do this since forever."

    Not wanting to waste another moment, I shuffled forward on my knees and slowly rubbed the end of my bell-end against her gleamed wet slot, marveling at how warm and wet she already was.

    Even with Jeff's cock stuffed in her mouth she still managed to moan out loud, before I pushed my hips forward and slowly impaled her from behind and began to thrust myself deep inside her womanly figure.

    "Ugh. God." she gasped over her shoulder, as I griped her hips and proceeded to fuck her spontaneously.

    "Fuck her man!" Dave urged from his seat. "Fuck her good and hard!"

    And that's precisely what I did.

    Maria closed her eyes as Jeff fucked her wet mouth and I pumped into her more aggressively. Each thrust violated her sanctity, but it was also started a fire inside her...forcing her juices to flow out and her belly to warm and quiver.

    While one part of her didn't want it to go this far, another needed it desperately. Resigned to her fate, Maria found herself overwhelmed with pleasure and began to wrap her lips further along Jeff's cock, tickling the head before sucking and slurping him noisily into her mouth.

    "Ugh! Fuck me!" she suddenly hissed back at me. "Harder!"

    When I heard her plead for more cock I picked up the pace and now rammed it into her as hard as I could.

    I now gripped her hips with both hands and pummeled her ass at a rapid pace, causing the sultry brunette to grunt out loud and go absolute crazy.

    "UNNGH! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried involuntarily. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!"

    At one point she glanced over at Dave to see him beating his dick at the lewd scene, before Jeff grabbed her by the back of the head and insisted that she lean over and take his cock into her mouth.

    "Suck his dick Maria!" Jeff blared, as Dave suddenly groaned out loud to the sensation of her hot mouth wrapped tightly around his modest package.

    Watching this unfold, I doubled my efforts and now drilled her at a frantic pace.

    Having had my fill, Jeff and I swapped positions and he moved to enter her from behind. Fortunately for him, my earlier efforts had loosened her up considerably and he entered her like a hot knife through butter.

    I on the other hand moved to take his previous position on the seat where she quickly wrapped her sweet lips around my cock flesh and grunted out loud as Jeff drilled her from behind.

    "Oh! Fuck! Jeff!" Maria moaned lustfully. "Fuck me baby! Yes! Give me that old hard cock!"

    Jeff now rammed away at her pristine cunt as she eagerly sucked my dick with great enthusiasm.

    "God damn!" he moaned from behind her, stopping for a moment to catch his breath. "Fuck her pussy feels good!"

    "Don't stop now!" Maria panted breathlessly. "Fuck me! Fuck me you son of a bitch!"

    A moment later Jeff stepped aside so that Dave could get his fill, but unlike Jeff and I Dave was not as gentle or patient for that matter.

    "OMG." Maria stammered as the sound engineer went to work.

    To our amusement Dave reached over to pull her hard by the hair and unceremoniously railed into her at a brisk pace, taking her breath away as his hips slapped loudly against her butt.

    "Oh..My..Fucking..Shit..God." Maria mumbled incoherently.

    We each took turns fucking her doggy-style before allowing her to suck the sap straight out of our balls.

    In fact it was while watched her ride Jeff on the floor of the trailer that I finally got up and moved behind her body to press the head of my meat stick against her tiny backdoor.

    The Greek starlet gasped in a combination of surprise and excitement but did not resist me as I attempted to fuck her ass. I slapped her thick rump with my hand and waited for her anus to constrict before I carefully worked my skin flute inside.

    "Oh..God..Oh..God." Maria chanted at the possibility of getting DP'ed in the trailer (in the center of Time Square no less).

    "It's just something I gotta do!" I said as I flicked away the sweat from my brow and buried my wick inside her booty.

    "Oh..Fuck." Maria grunted, her entire body now gleaming in sweat. "Is that what you want? To fuck my ass?"

    "You bet your sweet fucking ass I do." I hissed back at her. "You need to be taught a lesson. You need a cock in your ass!"

    "Oh...Yeah?" she teased back.

    "Yeah. I've wanted to fuck this Greek butt from the very first moment I saw you."

    Maria whimpered as I continued on with my plan to fill her back passage.

    "And what better way to take this ass." I huffed. "While Jeff's still fucking you from below."

    The onetime beauty queen cried out again as I sank a few more inches into her derriere.

    She then proceeded to assist me in my lifelong ambition to fuck her sweet ass and wiggled her hips, adjusting herself to the added dick in her keister.

    "Shit yeah." Dave exclaimed while beating off. "That looks so fucking nasty!"

    "UNGH! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Menounos cussed before something deep inside her seemed to snap.

    "NNNGHHH DAVE!!" she suddenly directed at him. "Get over here! I want your cock in my mouth!!"

    Dave wasted little time rushing over and thrusting his pulsing cock at her face. Maria lifted herself up just enough so that his boner disappeared between her lips.

    We all moaned and gasped in unison, the four of us one hot sweaty pile of mass.

    The position was awkward at first, but we all got a rhythm going as the "Extra" reporter now bobbed and squirmed between all three of us: three shafts penetrated her at the same time and in the most sensitive of places.

    It was a perfect union as I felt her body twist and writhe beneath me, tremble to the added penetration.

    "Oh! Fuck! Guys!" she cried with a long glorious moan. "I'm gonna cum!"

    Suddenly I felt her slimy sphincter muscle constrict around my cock as she climaxed violently.

    At that precise moment Dave spilled his seed into her open mouth, but it was more than she could handle and some of it dribbled out the sides of her lips and down her throat and breasts.

    In that instant I heard myself grunt and I convulsed deep inside her shit-pipe! A jolt of electricity surged up my spine as I felt Jeff's own cock pulsate through the walls of her pussy and fill her womb with spunk.

    "OMFG!" she cried in anguish.

    The desperation in her voice, her squeezing rectum, and the sight and sound of her getting absolutely FUCKED by all three of us was all it took for me to blow my wad, and I exploded deep inside Maria's chamber.

    Rope after rope of hot sticky cum squirted deep inside her gaping asshole.

    Spent, we all collapsed to the trailer floor panting and breathing loudly, all of us trying to catch our breath and wrap our heads around what had just happened.

    "Oh. God." Maria whimpered breathlessly. "That. Was. Incredible."

    "Hey. Don't think we're finished with you just yet." I reminded her. "You still owe us."

    "What! Why?"

    "You still owe me a phone number remember?"

    Maria glared at me for the longest time, looking at me like I had two heads.

    "Don't you remember?" I grinned. "Eliza Dushku?"

    "Oh. Right." she giggled. "Sure. Why not. I almost forgot."

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    Simply amazing, as we've all come to know and expect from you, TPG. Much appreciated

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    Fucking beautiful! :chubbycheers: :thankyou:

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    One of your very best TPG. After all the planning and ideas and synopsis this turned out to be absolutely incredible. Truly amazing, well done.

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    That was awesome as usual TPG

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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