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Thread: Dance Rehearsal with Britney Spears

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    fanfiction Dance Rehearsal with Britney Spears

    Dance Rehearsal with Britney Spears

    It had been a some one sweatier, more intense session today, she had been working us all really hard. I was one of Britney Spear's five back-up dancers, practicing ready for her fourth coming video shoot and perhaps her tour. It had been very stressful of late, everything we had been working towards for the past couple of months was finally coming to a head. If I were under stress I could only imagine what kind of stress Britney must have been under.

    I stood looking at myself in the large wall sized mirror directly in front of me, I could see behind me too from the mirror placed on the opposing wall. My eyes wandered up, towards where Britney was stood, to where I could see her. My heart raced as I noticed her watching me, but not watching my eyes, but watching my ass. I knew she was into me, and I know she knew I was into her, she must have, she was so god damn sexy and that's after having two children.

    I some how managed to snap myself out of the trance I had fell into, thinking about her and watching her ogle me. She looked so sexy tonight, wearing next to nothing like the out fit for the video dictated.

    "I think that's enough for today," Shouted Britney, only shouting so that she could be heard clearly over the music playing, of which we were dancing to.

    "I'm sweating!" She laughed loudly, I just smiled to myself, almost smitten for her.

    My name's Claire and I was originally from London, England's capital city. I had only mover over here, to America because of my job, but I don't regret it for one second. My boobs were rather big, so big in fact, my thin vest top wasn't enough to hide them, but instead my padded, push up bra did that job, but exposing them to best effect. I was also very thin, but with a feminine shape. We all slowly began to reach for our belongings situated all around the small room, which seemed seemingly bigger due to the large mirrors used as walls and bright, airy lights. Slowly as I bent over, I could hear Britney's heels gently tapping on the wooden floor, coming towards me. My ass, the thing she longed for so bad, in the air, staring right in front of her.

    "I quite enjoyed the session today..." I said, now standing up, unnoticeable teasing her.

    "I like it when you work us hard and make us sweat." I bit my bottom lip, she just stared at my luscious, damp lips licking her own at the very thought of having me, here.

    "I was thinking, you're a very hot girl..." She said, I was a very sexually experienced woman, but god, my pussy began to throb like it was my first time all over again.

    My thoughts going all over the place, hell I didn't even know for sure if she was going to even say that it.

    "We should change the dance a bit so we have a bit more of an erotic bit." She giggled, I smiled again but found myself quite dis-heartened that that was all she had to say.

    "I agree, but, you know, we could recite that whole thing you did with Madonna for MTV that time." I laughed loudly, half serious if I had to be honest.

    "She was a good kisser, women are always a lot hotter then men." She laughed, we were both laughing.

    Suddenly, like out of the blue, we both stopped laughing and gazed into each others eyes. Her deep brown eyes, like a whole new universe to explore. I felt my body spasm towards her, my pussy throbbing so hard I was getting rather paranoid I might cum or something ridiculous like that.

    "Do you want me, Britney?" I asked, walking back from her slowly, teasing and controlling her to follow me.

    She gave a innocent nod, her eyes big and staring up at me like a little child.

    "Y-y yeah" She replied, in a slight stutter.

    "If you want me, you'll have to come and get me." I said backing up towards the wall, one side of the wall with the mirror on.

    She still followed me until speeding up some one and pushing me sternly, yet softly, into the mirror behind me. Her body now in front of mine, pressed tightly against me, her tongue deep inside my throat. It took me what of a second to adjust to this quick move and continue the fast, passionate pace she had set. Her arms pressed against the mirror restricting me from moving to far, or indeed escaping.

    My long, red nails dug into her shoulder slightly, intensifying the tightness the more i began to get turned on. She let out a moan, more followed until I pulled away and pushed her from the wall, allowing me to walk free. I looked towards the floor, then back at her, she was following me, she wanted me so bad, the feeling was mutual. She walked towards me, She began caressing her own boobs, teasing me back.

    As soon as she was within reaching distance I grabbed her and threw her onto the floor, gently but with passion, and began to straddle her firm, toned stomach. She let out a moan of pleasure as we both began undoing her thin crop top which had drove me so mad. Our fingers touched, it felt so sensual yet erotic at the same time. She opened to top to reveal the prized possessions, two large breasts hidden under a sexy black and white push up bra. I cupped them with both hands and began rubbing the laced material around her erect nipples. I could feel her body urging me to suck them, so I raised her body to undo the bra at the back, she was now sucking on my ear lobe, my body craving the enjoyment.

    "Do you like this?" Said Britney, moaning in a trance like state. "Do you?" She let out a big moan as her bra was undone and flopped onto the floor beside us.

    I moved further down her body, now striding just below where her excited pussy lay. I grinned as I moved down to her breast and began suckling at it, Britney's free fingers fondling her very own other nipple and reaching down to my pussy.

    "Down... Go..." She said, panting and moaning to quickly to speak clearly, I was obviously taking her to another place she had never been before with any other sexual encounter.

    I began pulling her hot pants down, revealing a black, laced thong, matching the bra she had previously been wearing. I pulled it off and threw it carelessly in the air, I wanted to eat her out so bad now, the suspense was killing me and killing her, too. I began ravenously sucking away at her clit, then pushing my tongue into her slimy, moist pussy. Her body rigid and starting to shake slightly. Now, having briefly explored the inside of her pussy, I decided it were time to use my fingers.

    I started with two first, sliding them in and out of her warm pussy, her juices spilling out all over my hand, I wanted nothing more than to lap them up and savor every last taste.

    "More, give me more!!" She shouted, urging me by pulling at my shoulder too, her body arching ready for an orgasm.

    Now, three fingers deep inside her pussy, more moans came, of more intensity and excitement. Faster, faster, faster until...

    "OHH MYYY GODDD CLAIREEE!!!" screamed Britney, her body now settling in my arms, I was now cradling her like a baby.

    I examined down at her body, she lay there, panting and covered in sweat, staring up at me in appreciation.

    "That... was amazing." She said, her stomach pumping in and out at a vigorous rate due to the breath she had lost.

    I was still clothed, tonight wasn't about getting my pleasure, it was about pleasuring her. Showing my appreciation to her for all that she had done for me. I stood up fully and gave her a hand to her feet, she stood shakily, unsteady on her feet from all the pleasure and excitement.

    "Here I'll pick these up for you." I said, reaching down for her bra and thong, teasing her ever more.

    I stood, admiring, as she began to re-cloth herself and recompose her self again. She smiled broadly when she looked up, noticing me watching her.

    "When can we do this again baby?" She asked, giggling in an intoxicating flirty way.

    She seemed almost drunk, drunk on the intense pleasure I had just given her.

    "When ever I get the time. Britney..." I winked, then turned my back and excited the practice room.

    Her beautiful aroma stained on my clothing. A stain I would be sure to savor for a long time.

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    Hmm, nice scenario.



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