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Thread: "Oscar Buzz" with Hayden Panettiere, Isabel Lucas, and Indiana Evans

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    fanfiction "Oscar Buzz" with Hayden Panettiere, Isabel Lucas, and Indiana Evans

    Oscar Buzz
    With Hayden Panettiere, Isabel Lucas, and Indiana Evans
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF/FF, voy, sleep, drugs
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Had I known what lay in store for me up in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I would have made the trip there many years earlier.

    Nevertheless, I had flown into LA to catch up with my sweet and talented niece and offer her some support as she attempted to break out from the crowd and make it big in Hollywood.

    Truth be told I had not seen or spoken to Indiana in some time, but she certainly had not lost any enthusiasm since relocating to the west coast and pursuing her lifelong ambition to be a fully fledged movie star.

    Despite her popularity in Australia no one had ever heard of her before, but Indiana took this in her stride and soon found solace with several other struggling actors in town and now lived in a small two bedroom apartment in West Hollywood with her friend and fellow "Home & Away" star Isabel Lucas.

    Having arrived to LAX in the late afternoon, the ladies were only too happy to pick me up and drive me back to their humble abode where we spent most of the night just laughing and catching up, and celebrating my arrival with some weed.

    "If your dad could only see you now." I snickered to my pretty niece before helping myself to another hit from the bong.

    "What I mean is, aside from killing me right now." I added. "He'd probably be so proud to see how successful you've become."

    "No thanks to you, Uncle Mick." Indiana replied, referring to the early days of her acting career in which I had coached her back in Sydney.

    "Yep, you've come a very long way since those Home & Away days sweetheart," I grinned. "You both have."

    Indiana pouted before she leaned over to give me an appreciative hug as I exchanged glances with her sexy roommate, and for the first time actually sensed a very strong attraction between Isabel and me.

    Moments later we were suddenly interrupted by the buzzer downstairs, informing us that we had visitors.

    "Expecting someone?" I remarked, as the girls immediately glared at each other and looked frightened.

    Answering the intercom, Isabel was then taken aback as we heard a female voice hiss through the speaker and call her a slut.

    "Open the door you little slut!" The woman snapped, before breaking out into hysterics.

    From the shocked yet relieved expression on her face it was clear that Isabel recognized the person and buzzed her through into the apartment block.

    "Quick, clean this stuff up." she insisted, before her girlfriend was set to arrive at the front door.

    "What? Why?" Indiana scoffed. "What are we the only two girls in LA who smoke weed or something?"

    "No, it's not that. I just don't want her to get the wrong impression of us." she claimed as she rushed around the room spraying air freshener.

    "Err, OK?" I snickered while looking at Indiana and wondering what the big deal was.

    A minute later I watched as Isabel greeted her blonde colleague at the door, and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how cute and attractive our new guest appeared to be.

    "Uncle Mick," Isabel smiled. "I'd like you to meet Hayden, Hayden Panettiere."

    From the moment Hayden smiled I was absolutely captivated by her beauty. Despite her small stature, the girl was just stunning. In fact, everything about her just screamed sex pot and I was more than intrigued.

    Inside, Hayden was quickly made to feel at home and while the four of us chatted away Indiana soon glanced at the time and announced that she was taking a shower and going to bed, as she apparently has an early audition in the morning.

    "You can take the sofa right here tonight, Uncle Mick." she offered.

    "Not a problem, sweet pea." I replied before kissing her on the cheek.

    With my niece gone I suddenly found myself alone with Hayden Panettiere and Isabel Lucas, who sat around for quite some time just listened to music and catching up on news and gossip.

    It was during this time that the girls soon recalled one of their many adventures, including the time they had traveled to Japan to protest against the countries cruel fishing laws.

    Not wanting to be left out of the conversation, I quickly lied and mentioned how I too had had my run ins with the law back home, and how I had protested over corporate greed and the like, and to my amusement the ladies actually believed me and ate it all up.

    In fact, they both appeared even more attracted and interested in me than before in some strange way, and proceeded to ask me twenty questions to get to know me better.

    Feeling bold, I finally mentioned the bong which had been stashed away under the coffee table since Hayden's arrival, and suggested that Isabel and I punch a few more cones before the end of the evening.

    "What? There's a bong here? Really?" Hayden grinned mischievously. "Show me!"

    While Lucas blushed with shame, I quickly handed the bong to our guest who appeared to know exactly what she was doing.

    "Oh wow, this one's really pretty too." she remarked as she studied the glass device.

    To our amusement Isabel began to stutter and stammer an excuse before Hayden reassured her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, as she too frequently smoked pot with her friends in private.

    Hearing this, I then insisted that she prove her claim and a minute later I packed her a fun sized cone and challenged her to smoke it in one go to which she did, before the three of us proceeded to really smoke up a storm.

    To my surprise the local skunk actually kicked in quite rapidly and appeared to have different effects on the two girls. While Hayden was way more flirtatious and giggly, Isabel appeared to be the exact opposite and was noticeably quiet and observant.

    Still, I caught Lucas on at least two separate occasions glare at her sexy friend in a lustful way, and it soon dawned on me that maybe Isabel's intentions towards Hayden were more than platonic.

    This would probably explain her panicked reaction to Hayden's impromptu visit, I mused.

    Meanwhile it was around this time that Hayden finally mentioned the reason behind her unexpected visit and claimed that she had several free tickets to a Pre-Oscar party in Hollywood, and with most of her family and friends out of town, she wanted to invite us along.

    Naturally I accepted while Isabel pouted and claimed that she and Indiana already had plans to attend a friend's wedding.

    Hearing this news I was immediately disappointed until Isabel then remarked that there was no reason why I couldn't go, and that I should definitely consider accompanying Hayden to the exclusive event.

    "Really?" I replied, before looking at Hayden for confirmation. "Are you sure I wouldn't be imposing?"

    "Of course not," The gorgeous young actress smiled. "It'll be fun, just the two of us. I'll be like a blind date or something?"

    While I was naturally pumped at the mere suggestion of joining her at some red carpeted event, I suddenly noticed that Isabel seemed a little jealous by the idea and almost regretted bringing it up.

    Funnily enough I wasn't entirely sure just who she was actually jealous of, me or Hayden?

    It was at this point that the three of us were nicely stoned and relaxed, and our conversation ultimately turned towards sex and relationships, with the ladies admitting their sexual fantasies and history.

    To our surprise, Isabel then claimed that she frequently had erotic dreams about other women, but had never acted on it. In fact, she went on to confess that not only had she never acted on any of her vivid fantasies but that she had never even kissed another girl.

    This revelation immediately caused Hayden and I to look at each other at the same time in surprise, before bursting out in laughter at our matching reactions.

    Feeling bold, I then suggested that Hayden do the girl a favor and make Isabel's dreams come true, to which the ladies both giggled nervously. Despite their reactions it was evident to me that they did indeed have a very special bond together and found each other attractive.

    "C'mon girls," I grinned. "We're all adults here right?"

    "Sure. Uh-huh." They both agreed, while unable to look each other in the eye.

    "So, do the girl a favor." I directed at Hayden. "Help a sister out, and let her cross it off her bucket list."

    While Panettiere initially blushed and giggled she was clearly eager to proceed, no thanks to the weed I suspect.

    Isabel couldn't stop fidgeting and moving around, and was clearly anxious and reluctant about the entire affair. Taking matters into my own hands, I finally got up from the sofa and announced that I was taking a shower.

    "I tell you what." I remarked. "I need a shower right now...which should give you guys plenty of privacy and time to experiment a little."

    "Oh great, thanks." Lucas quipped nervously, as I winked at Hayden and then disappeared down the hall and into the bathroom to start the shower.

    There I could barely contain myself as I stripped out of my clothes and gave the ladies a few extra moments to themselves.

    Taking a chance I finally opened the bathroom door and took a quick peek down the hall to see how they were progressing, and from my vantage point I could see them both blushing brightly and giggling at the awkward moment I had created.

    "I can't believe I'm about to do this." Isabel giggled as Hayden helped herself to another hit from the bong and claimed that the whole thing was just ridiculous and overrated.

    "So you've done this before?" Lucas replied.

    "Sure, heaps of times." Hayden admitted. "I've been making out with my girlfriends since high school."

    There was a brief moment of silence before Isabel admitted how she was extremely nervous yet fascinated.

    "Just relax. There's nothing to it, trust me." Panettiere reassured her as she tied back her hair and prepared to kiss her nervous friend.

    I watched as the ladies leaned in towards one another and finally shared their very first embrace, which to my surprise was brief but tender. To my amusement Hayden seemed blase about it all, while Isabel was clearly spellbound and aroused.

    "See. There's nothing to it." Hayden added a moment later, as Isabel finally opened her eyes and was clearly dumbstruck.

    After an extra moment of silence Lucas finally spoke.

    "Um... can I ask you a question?"


    "Can we um... can we do that again?" Isabel almost pleaded. "That was fucking awesome!"

    The comment made Hayden giggle, and after helping herself to yet another cone she turned to face her friend once again.

    "Err, OK I guess?"

    "But this time," Isabel added. "Can we try it with a little tongue?"

    "Sure, why not?" Hayden shrugged.

    A moment later I watched in wonder as the two beauties came together yet again only this time their soft tender union quickly turned passionate and erotic.

    The two pulled each other close as they made out fervently and proceeded to suck on each other's tongues, both of them taking turns as they swapped spit and sighed contently into each other's mouths, as I instinctively reached down and proceeded to stroke my hardening cock to the lewd display.

    I watched as Isabel took the initiative and broke the kiss to drag her lips and tongue along Hayden's subtle neck and throat, causing Panettiere to close her eyes and moan out loud as she succumb to the powerful sensation.

    "Oh! Yes..." she spurred her lover on, running her fingers through Isabel's hair as the two now groped and grabbed at one another hungrily.

    "Don't stop..." Hayden encouraged. "I like that. Do that again."

    "Yeah? You do?" Isabel moaned back between kisses as their lips found one another again.

    I now stood there in the dark, whacking off in the bathroom doorway as I watched Isabel Lucas utterly ravage the young American actress.

    Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat as I thought I heard a noise directly behind me, and holding my breath I quietly tip toed down the dark hallway and leaned against the bedroom door.

    There, I carefully peered inside to find my sweet innocent niece passed out on the bed, and actually heard myself gasp with surprise as I realized that during her sleep she had rolled over and kicked away her sheets and now lay there in nothing more than her thong panties.

    A lump formed in my throat as I admired her sleeping form, her young nubile body of full display and her pretty little nipples standing at full attention. It was just about the most incredible thing I had ever seen.

    My head was reeling as my initial reaction was to go over and cover her naked body with a blanket, but instead I stepped inside and reached down at my cock and proceeded to stroke it again.

    Between Indiana lying there half naked, and Isabel and Hayden getting it on in the other room my entire body was shaking with adrenaline. Caught up in the moment I stepped forward to stand beside my niece on the bed.

    Truth be told I couldn't remember the last time I had been this aroused.

    I guess it simply had something to do with the danger of it all. I gently skimmed my fingertips along the outline of her bare legs and hips, before I gingerly traced them along her shoulders and neck and finally caressed her pretty face.

    For reasons I can't really explain I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to ejaculate in front of her, to make my cock explode in her presents.

    Without thinking I then stepped over to softly tap the end of my hard cock against her naked shoulder, before I finally leaned forward and gently rubbed the end of bell end against her chin and mouth.

    The mere sensation of her soft lips against my bare cock flesh was absolutely mind blowing, and the contact alone almost made me cum instantaneously.

    In fact for a moment I almost forgot myself and actually contemplated stuffing my dick into her warm young mouth when something suddenly came over me.

    "What the fuck am I doing?" I hissed inwardly, as I realized that this was my 19-year-old niece I was attempting to molest.

    Coming to my senses I pulled my cock away but not before my body betrayed me and without warning I shot my load all over her bed and pillowcase.

    I almost shrieked out loud with dread as I twisted my hips swiftly and sprayed the rest of my gooey seed all over the carpet.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I panted breathlessly. "What the hell am I doing?"

    Cleaning up as much of the mess as I could, I rushed back out into the hallway only to find that the ladies were gone. Panic set in as a million scenarios suddenly played out in my head, but a moment later I sighed with relief as I watched them both come up for air.

    In fact, both of them were now seated on the floor and Hayden's shirt and bra were noticeably absent having had Lucas fondle and molest her chest with her hands and mouth.

    Thinking quickly, I slipped into the shower for a few seconds before I turned off the water and toweled myself down.

    Slipping into a change of clothes, I emerged from the bathroom only to find the girls collecting Hayden's things so she could leave. To my amusement both girls were clearly disappointed by my return and heavily disheveled and out of breath.

    "So? How was it?" I asked as the two seemed indifferent to my presents and looked for the actresses keys before Isabel announced that she was going to take a shower and call it night.

    While the ladies said their goodbyes, Hayden then leaned over and asked me if I would mind escorting her out to her car and I happily obliged.

    There, the stunning young actress invited me to sit in the passenger seat of her car as we discussed the Pre-Oscar party and shared a quick cigarette together.

    "By the way, thanks." she added, referring to the way I had initiated the conversation upstairs and given them some much needed privacy to make out.

    While I paused to think of a witty reply, I was then surprised by her next comment regarding something about going home to play with herself.

    "Wow. So it was good, huh?"

    "Put it this way." she countered. "I'll probably get pulled over tonight... cause I doubt I'll make it home before I get off with my fingers."

    With that said, Hayden and I agreed on a time for her to pick me up for the Pre-Oscar party and as I started to leave I leaned forward to innocently peck her on the cheek but was taken back as she casually pressed her sweet lips to mine.

    No doubt about it, but I was sure this provocative behavior was no doubt from the drugs we had smoked earlier. The girl was simply on fire.

    Surprised by this action, I immediately kissed her back and what may have started out as an innocent gesture quickly progressed into a heated, rapturous embrace.

    In fact we hungrily tongue kissed each other for several moments before I suddenly gasped with surprise as I realized that her hand had dropped to my lap and she had grasped my bulging erection through my pants.

    "Whoa." I grinned smugly. "You certainly don't waste any time do you?"

    "God I want to stay..." she purred back. "But I really have to get home."

    "Screw that, Hayden." I replied, as I kissed the side of her soft smooth neck and urged her to stay with me.

    "Why don't you just spend the night with me tonight?" I posed, as she giggled and squirmed from being tickled.

    "Oh yeah." she quipped sarcastically. "I'm sure Isabel wouldn't get jealous in any way."

    "C'mon," I cooed, as I gently caressed her hips and legs. "You know we'd have a good time."

    "Yeah, I bet."

    "Besides, it could be fun..." I added. "Trying to fuck on couch without waking the others?"

    The actress giggled mischievously at the thought.

    "Hmm... don't tempt me." she whispered. "But I'm late. I really have to go."

    "Damn it." I whined as I continued to caress and fondle her body. "You're such a tease, you know that?"

    The TV star simply smiled and winked at me knowingly.

    "I'm sorry, but I have to go!" she insisted. "But, I can't wait for tomorrow. I promise to make it up to you, OK?"

    It was at this point that Hayden was desperate to leave and had to literally push me off her as I continued to kiss up on her neck and face and touch her body. Fortunately for me she had a great sense of humor and found the entire incident amusing.

    A minute later the sexy little harlot finally sped off in her maroon Cayenne as I went back inside and prepared for bed, my mind reeling with thoughts of what lay in store for me in Hollywood over the next few days.

    Naturally I found it hard to sleep and I spent the next hour or so tossing and turning on the sofa, when several minutes later I thought I heard a noise in the foreground which was peculiar enough to make me sit up in bed.

    Intrigued, I finally got up to investigate and quietly tip toed down the hall and realized that the noise appeared to emanate from Isabel's bedroom.

    Pausing for a moment, I then carefully leaned on the door and peeked inside only to find the actress lying on her bed naked as the day she was born, her legs spread wide as she plunged a plastic vibrator in and out of her gleaming cunt.

    Watching her for several minutes, the aussie bombshell softly purred and moaned as I stroked my cock in unison to her hand.

    It was about two minutes later that she finally opened her eyes and caught sight of me standing there by the door spying on her, yet to my surprise she was so swept up in her own pleasure that she didn't appear to care about stopping much less covering herself up.

    Instead we just stared at each other for several moments, both of us still masturbating furiously to one another before I finally responded by marching into her room and climbing onto the bed and burying my face between her spread legs.

    "Oh. Mick." Isabel moaned softly as I hungrily devoured her moist cunt.

    To my delight her pussy tasted absolutely divine as I then slipped a single digit into her tiny backdoor and proceeded to feast on her clam and she jammed the toy even harder still against her throbbing clit, causing her legs to spread further and shake violently.

    "That's it baby, cum for me." I whispered from between her legs. "Cum for me while I eat that pretty little pussy."

    This combined assault naturally sent her over the edge, and just as she began to climax I swiftly got up and impaled her with my hard cock, taking her breath away as I filled her completely and buried my wick to the hilt.

    "Ugh! Fuck!" she let out audibly, as my balls rested against her butthole and I wasted little time swinging my hips and fucking her in earnest.

    "Yes. Fuck. Yes." I groaned with glee. "Take it you little slut!"

    To my delight Isabel appeared to be particularly loud during intercourse and I was ultimately forced to put my hand over her mouth to stop her from yelling out and waking up my niece in the very next room.

    This apparently amused Isabel, who quickly adapted and now proceeded to talk dirty to me instead. We now began to joust back and forth, both of us riling the other one up with our lewd words.

    "Oh...fuck yes!" she moaned from beneath me as she squirmed and arched her back sharply.

    "C'mon, fuck me!" she teased. "Fuck me hard, Uncle Mick!"

    "Yeah? Is that what you want?" I replied as I gripped her hips tightly. "You want Uncle Mick to give you that hard cock?"

    "God yes." she replied. "Faster. Harder, Uncle Mick. I like it!"

    Feeling bold I then decided to have a little fun and invoked her friends name.

    "Yeah? I bet you'd love to have Hayden eat your pussy right about now, huh? Maybe sit on your face and rub that pussy against your mouth?"

    As I teased her with the image I picked up the pace and drilled her pussy at a rapid pace, my balls now slapping loudly against her ass. To my delight Isabel keenly responded.

    "Ooh...god yes." she purred. "I'd fucking love that, Uncle Mick. So fucking much!"

    "Hmm, yeah I know you would. And I bet she'd eat your pussy so good too."

    Suddenly, Isabel took my breath away with her next comment

    "Mm...I just hope she eats better pussy than Indiana does."

    I stopped momentarily while Isabel simply grinned up at me with a sly grin on her face.

    "Oh really, is that so?" I almost stammered. "So is that what you do when I'm not around? Corrupt my sweet innocent niece?"

    As we casually conversed, I continued to thrust into her again and again, watching her face grimace and contort as I impaled her harder and faster to the increasingly sleazy dirty talk.

    " me," Lucas claimed. "She's not as innocent as she seems."

    "Oh really?" I replied as I now picked up the pace and proceeded to utterly pound her pussy into the mattress, causing her eyes to roll into the back of her head.

    "Oh! Yeah..." she grunted audibly. "I've had my fingers so deep inside her at times, I'm amazed she can still walk straight."

    "Jesus! Is that right?" I moaned loudly at the mere notion of the two of them together.

    "What do you think we were doing before we picked you up at the airport today?" Isabel teased. "Huh? Oh! Yeah? Oh fuck!"

    "I don't know? Tell me!"

    "I was eating her sweet little pussy, Uncle Mick!" Isabel moaned. "And god does she taste good. If you only knew how sweet her pussy tastes... ooh!"

    This comment more than any other finally pushed me over the edge and without warning I began to shoot rope after rope of sticky hot jizz deep inside the moaning actresses womb, coating her walls with semen.

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    She's a tease? more more more ... please?

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    Love the added scene!

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    Good Stuff !

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