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Thread: Jack Samson & The Deadly Pearl Chapter 2 Starring Sophia Bush, Victoria Justice and Taylor Momsen

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    fanfiction Jack Samson & The Deadly Pearl Chapter 2 Starring Sophia Bush, Victoria Justice and Taylor Momsen

    Jack Samson & The Deadly Pearl Chapter 2
    By Deadshot
    Starring Sophia Bush, Victoria Justice, and Taylor Momsen
    (MF, BJ, Anal, A2M)

    The following story is completely fictional. None of it took place. If you are under the legal age for erotica in your area, please leave.

    I awoke to a throbbing head, the smell of coffee, and Liz Gillies at her desk. Somehow, she'd gotten me back in my office and onto the couch in my office. She'd left the door open between her reception area and the main office, presumably to keep an eye on me. Then, confirming my suspicion almost as soon as she thought it, her eyes gazed from the typewriter to me.

    "Nice to to see you're done sleeping on the job, Jack," Liz sarcastically said. "So who hates the back of your head this week?"

    "Not a clue," I groaned. I got up slowly."I only got a view of the car, not the passengers."

    "Well done, oh master detective." Liz got up from her seat and brought me a cup of coffee. "Drink up, wake up, and check out what I've got." She headed back to her seat, giving me a chance to take in her tight little backside.

    "I've been doing that since you first walked in, doll." I took a sip of the coffee, immediately regretting the move. "What the Hell is this? It's as strong as an iron bar!"

    "It woke you up, didn't it?"

    "Well, yeah."

    "Then shut your trap and check out what I dug up while you were in dreamland, princess." I shrugged, downed the rest of the cup and headed to her desk.

    "You found the papers in the sweet spot?"

    "Right next to where I found you." The sweet spot was a hollowed out point in the wall where I sometimes hid evidence in the middle of a case, just in case of such an attack or an office break in. When I had leaned down to tie my shoe, I slid the stuff I found at the old man's house in it.

    "What did you find out?"

    "Seems blondie isn't an only child," said Liz. She handed me a folder that was surprisingly full of information. "Ms. Michalka has a sister by the name of Amanda. She's currently traveling abroad somewhere in Europe. All on daddy's dime. Apparently Alyson wasn't too fond of this decision and has been living separate from her dad for most of the year. Her address should be in their along with her copies of her sister's travel logs, at least the ones I could secure stateside."

    "This is impressive Liz," I said. "Even for you. How long did it take you to put this together?"

    "About seven hours of wandering around town."

    "I was out for seven hours?"

    "I have no idea how long you were out when I came in today. I just found you and checked the sweet spot, then got to work."

    "You left me out there?"

    "Does it looks like I can carry a full grown man anywhere? You got in, that's what's important, right? Does it really matter if I had to pay a hobo a couple bucks of the petty cash?"

    "Wonderful. You dig up anything else?"

    "I think I got something on his hobby." Liz rifled through some of the papers, taking out a document. "This receipt isn't just for a normal storage bin or safe deposit box. I actually went to the address, looks like some upscale apartment building. It had heavy security though, couldn't sneak in to get a better look at his specific place."

    "A charmer like yourself?" I asked, getting a playful slap in response.

    "Take the address and look for yourself," Elizabeth said as she handed me the paper. "I'm sure a man of your dubious talents kind find your way inhere the sweet and innocent have failed."

    "The sweet and innocent have tried."

    "Funny. So, what did you dig up?"

    "Well, it seems like our client's father has more than a few skeletons in his closet." I replied. "Foremost his extra-curricular activities. Care to take a guess where he was last seen?"

    "Something tells me it wasn't the malt shop."

    "Not unless there's one on Paradise Row. The hotel, to be exact."

    "That old man?" Liz asked, a look of shock on her face. "He doesn't seem to be, well, your type in the photo."

    "And you'll never guess the company he keeps."

    "Aside from the, ahem, 'ladies of the night'?"

    "The Guginos."

    "Well," Liz said, going back to her papers. "This adds a few new layers to my work. You think it was them that knocked you to slumberland?"

    "It's a possibility."

    "So boss, what's the next move?"

    "Ms. Michalka's coming back here later," I said, taking another sip of Liz's "coffee". "She's got some enlightening explaining to do. I need to to go over more of those receipts. She said her dad was a gem collector, I want to know if any of them were on the level. He definitely has a few places to store them. After Michalka heads out, I'm going to check out the Paradise Inn, then the Gin Mill."

    "Paradise Inn?" Liz asked, a harsh tone in her voice.

    "Is that a problem?"

    "Not at all." She shuffled her papers, almost slamming them on the desk. "Just business, right? Surely you wouldn't do anything but get information there."

    "Is there a problem."

    "None at all sir. Now if you wouldn't mind, I have work to do. Go wait for your client, I can't be distracted."

    I simple shrugged the outburst off and went to my office. That par for the course working with Liz. Sometimes we'd playfully jab at each other, then something would just set her off. But I couldn't think of that. Michalka was holding out on info for someone supposedly worried about her father, and I needed to get the info out of her.

    I didn't have to wait long. Within forty-five minutes, she was back in my office, sashaying in with those hypnotizing hips of hers. "Did you find any leads Mr. Samson?" she asked as she took her seat, crossing her tantalizing legs.

    "In a fashion." I replied. "Ms. Michalka…"

    "Please, do call me Alyson. I get the feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of each other before this is all over."

    "Fine. Alyson, were you aware of the kind of company your father kept?"

    "I never really met any of father's compatriots or employers, no."

    "So you've never met the wiseguys and streetwalkers he palled around with?"

    "No!" Alyson exclaimed. "I would never associate with those types, and neither would my father."

    "That's not what an eye witness account says. And your dad's appointment book backs up the witness. Apparently your old man knew her very well."

    Alyson wrestled with what i just told her. Something told me it wasn't that much of a surprise to her. "I thought he'd stopped with those women. But the gangsters are news to me, I swear."

    "We're both getting news recently it seems. Like your sister for example. Any reason you left her out of the picture?" My question seemed to surprise Alyson even further, but that surprise soon gave way to genuine anger.

    "That good for nothing, money grubbing harlot is of no concern to anyone!" Alyson yelled.

    "So you're telling me that with your father missing while working on top secret weapons for the government, the fact you have a sister who goes through money like it's water trotting herself around in Europe might not send a red flag your way?"

    Alyson paused, mulling it over in her head. "You don't really think my sister could have something to do with this? I mean, she's no angel, but I can't imagine she would do anything to father."

    "Your father was paying her way through Europe, yes?" I asked, taking out a smoke. "It never occurred to you that maybe she could come across trouble, and via her the crosshairs come back to you and your father? She knew about the gem collection too, right?"

    "I…I can't believe she'd do that…even unintentionally," Aly said, he voice trailing off, her mind trying to process what I had just said.

    "It's an avenue to consider," I said, taking a drag. "Also, the mafia connection. Where exactly did your dear old dad get all of those fancy gems, and where are they held? That other, fancy place your father had seems a bit too expensive to just be a storage bin."

    "How did you know about that?"

    "I'm a detective."

    "Like I said before, my father didn't always get his pieces legitimately. That apartment you're talking about is where he kept his most prized piece, a twenty pound, gem quality crimson pearl."

    "The Viking's Pearl?" I asked.

    "You've heard of it?" she asked, a bit too surprised.

    "I didn't always want to spend my time tracking down cheating spouses and collaring muggers. I just always heard it referred to as more of a myth than anything factual."

    "So did my father, until he held it in his hand. It cost him a pretty penny. Less than my sister spends in a week, so it wasn't a huge loss."

    "He get that one from any shady characters?"

    "It's a possibility."

    "That place used for anything else besides storing things that should be fictional?"

    "It's also where his lab is. Father had exclusive access to that building's basement and sub-basement."

    "He was doing chemical experiments in a civilized area?" I asked, somewhat shocked at the admission.

    "The CIA thought that would be the best place to hide, out in the open. And if anything went wrong, they'd just blame it on the Reds."

    "Wonderful. You have a spare key to the place?"

    Alyson shook her head. "I only have the one. Father had another. There might be a third in the apartment."

    "Fine. Meet me there later tonight, around eleven."

    "That's a little late," Alyson said.

    "I have some leads to follow up on. It might take a while."

    "Very well." Alyson got up, uncrossing her legs, unknowingly giving me a peak of her black panties. Dirty girl. "I'll see you then." She walked out the door.

    "What a caboose," I said to myself. I put grabbed my holster, coat and hat and headed out.

    "Where are you heading?" Liz asked, her eyes focused on her work. It was a rare sight to see her this angry and not have a clue why.

    "I need to see who Professor Michalka was with at the Paradise Inn," I said, trying to be as cordial as possible.

    "Yeah, that'll be just business." Liz coldly replied.

    "You got something to say?"

    "Not to you." I shrugged, and walked out. I didn't need to deal with any more woman-style crazy.


    The sun was starting to go down by the time I reached the Paradise. I went to the rear entrance, not a lot of people knew about it and stealth was the name of the game after last night.

    I knocked on the door and was greeted by Taylor Momsen. She was one of Sophia's new girls, a slender blond that seemed to be perpetually dressed in the sluttiest black lingerie that can be found. She was also quite the little pick pocket, which had the tendency to make her a very valuable asset on some of my cases.

    "What brings you to this den of debauchery, Jack?" asked Taylor, her hand on her hip, ready to display her wares to a potential client.

    "Is your boss busy?"

    "Let's find out." Taylor lead me in. I followed her down the hall. I know the way, but far be it from me to refuse taking a few peeks at the body on display. Soon enough though, we were at Sophia's office. I was about to knock when Taylor halted my motions by getting between myself and the door. "You sure you don't want to have a bit of fun with me first?" Taylor, never being one for subtlety, reached her hand directly down my pants and started to stroke my cock. "You know I always leave you with a mile wide smile and jelly knees."

    "Maybe later." I reluctantly replied.

    "Suit yourself." Taylor replied, giving me a shrug. "You know where my room is."

    With Taylor gone, I knocked on the door to Sophia Bush's office. "Come in," I heard her say. With the invitation, I walked in. It always threw me for a loop at how ornate Sophia's office was. An ornately carved oak desk, the fanciest lamps imaginable, bookshelves stuffed to the brim, velvet drapes with gold colored ropes, an Oriental rug, the lady lived in the utmost style. Sophia was behind her changing screen, but her head peaked out to see who had just walked in.

    "Jack!" Sophia exclaimed, genuine joy in her voice. I had known her a long time, back when I was a cop and she was a streetwalker. Met her when a costumer decided to try and get too frisky with her. I put the guy in order, and she and I developed an arrangement; I get her whenever and however I want, she gets protection. The arrangement worked out well for us both, but Sophia especially. She had always been industrious, at least for as long as I knew her, and without a pimp to share her profits with, soon enough she began to build up her own business, the results of that I found myself standing in. The arrangement these days was purely for show. We'd become friends along the way. Sure, friends that liked to fuck each other silly but it stands.

    She stepped out from behind the screen, clad in a black and white striped corset, black panties, garters, stocking and black high heels. Her hair was up and her lips a delicious red. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

    Before I could respond, she had approached me and silenced me with a deep kiss, one I eagerly returned, embracing her and pulling her close. "Tt-tt, Jack," whispered Sophia, breaking the kiss. "Don't you remember how we handle things? Pleasure before business." She smiled and licked at my lips before descending to her knees.

    In a flash, my pants were down and Sophia's mouth on my cock, eagerly sucking my meat while her hands rubbed my balls. Good old Sophia, never wasting a second. I dropped my coat to the ground and tossed my hat to the hat rack in the room while Sophia went to town. This girl only had one speed when it came to sex, full throttle. And I always loved feeling what full throttle felt like.

    "God damn!" I yelled as Sophia deep throated me in one movement, a wonderful, albeit still surprising feeling. SHe held herself there for thirty seconds before pulling back to breath. Not missing a beat, as soon as her mouth was off my rod, her hand dashed to it, jerking the slick staff while looking up at me, flashing a devilish grin. "Like how that tastes?"

    "I never put anything in my mouth I don't like," Sophia replied, her tongue giving my mushroom tip a quick lick. "And you know I always want a taste of what you have." She went back to work on my tool, and my hands went to her head, guiding it along, sometimes holding it still to fuck her face.

    I looked down, only getting more turned on at not only feeling Sophia's delightful work; every caress of her tongue, every tease of her teeth; but watching her as she did it.

    Minute by minute, Sophia turned up her treatment. In response, minute by minute my resistance began to waver. I felt myself getting weak in the knees. Knowing if she continued this treatment, I'd let loose a huge wad in her mouth. But I wasn't ready for that just yet. I pulled out of her mouth brought her up to me. I kissed her again, then backed her to her office door.

    "Looks like you got me wear you want me Jack," Sophia said, looking up at me with her hazel eyes, a devilish fire in them.

    "Not quite." I replied. I removed my tie, then grabbed her hands. I moved the above her and tied them together at the wrists. "Now I have you right wear I want you, my dear."

    "Please, be gentle," she said, an over-exaggerated smile slowly fading into a wicked grin.

    "No promises." Now it was my turn to go to my knees. I took it a bit slow, undoing Sophia's corset just enough to let her wonderful breasts free. My mouth darted to them, sucking and biting on them, savoring the feel and taste of her wonderful tits.

    "Bite harder," sneered Sophia. I did as she asked, biting and tugging on her aroused nipples. I continued down until I got to her panties, pulling them down. She stepped out of them and I tossed them aside. I began to kiss her thighs, alternating between the left and right as I worked myself closer to her slit. I slowly parted her legs and moved my face forward.

    I moved my tongue out and gave a slow lick on her lips, loving the taste of her sweet pussy. I lifted her leg on my shoulder and began to work on her. My fingers interred her and my mouth went to her lit, sucking her engorged nub.

    "Fuck," she growled, her bound hands moving to my head, pushing it against her cunt as she began to hump my face. "Eat it, come on, don't be shy." Not really needing the invitation, I still happily did as Sophia requested. I eagerly lapped at her sweet pussy, my finger working in as deep as possible. I grazed my teeth on her lit, Sophia's backed arching in response. "More…more, Jack."

    I used my free hand to grab her ass and pulled her closer to me. I worked my tongue inside her folds, then back out to her lit. I felt her hands begin to tug and pull on my hair, her cunt grinding into me harder and harder. I felt Sophia begin to quiver, i knew her orgasm was going to approach, I'd been with her enough to see the signs. I wasn't ready for her to cum just yet though. I stopped my movements and stood up. I grabbed the leg that had been on my shoulder and held it up, then lined my cock up with her slit. With one movement, I slammed into her.

    "FUCK!" Sophia growled, her eyes open wide. My head was between her arms, my hands at her ass. I held her up while she wrapped her legs around me. Our lips once again collided, moaning into each others mouths as I began to pound into Sophia's delectable velvet sheath. "Come on, don't be shy."

    "Wasn't planning on it." I began to thrust into her harder, getting a pleased moan from Sophia. The door began to creak with every move, the sound mixing with our moans and the sounds of our bodies colliding.

    "Fuck me..fuck me…fuck me…" Sophia kept repeating, almost like a mantra. Her eyes were shut tight, her face and body covered in a sheen of sweet. "Give it to me…give me your hard cock and fuck me…fuck me…harder….come on…fuck me…"

    I took a firm hold of Sophia and moved her to her desk. I cleared it and laid her down on it. I positioned myself over her and began to drive into her again, able to go deeper now in the new position.

    "God yes…" she said, her smoky voice turning me on even more. I reached my hand between us and began to work her clit, her legs wrapping tighter around me. "So close."

    "You want to cum?"

    "Please, Jack…"

    "Please what?"

    "Please, make me cum. Give me what I need."

    "And what's that?" I gave her a few hard thrusts, hard enough to move the desk. "What do you need?"

    "I need your cock in my ass." She replied, biting her lower lip. "Please."

    I leaned my face down and kissed her while I pulled my cock out of her cunt. I then lifted her up, then promptly bent her over her desk. I got behind her and began to eat her ass, licking her rosebud. Her back arched at the sensation. "Oh fuck," she whispered. I stood up behind her and reinserted my dick into her pussy, giving a few more strokes in her to lube up my tool. I then lined my slick cock up with her ass.

    "Don't play around with me," she said. "Don't be gentle, fuck me hard." Again, didn't need to the invite, but far be it from me to turn such an invitation. I took firm hold of her hips and rammed my cock into her. "GOD DAMN!" Sophia yelled loud enough people three buildings over must have heard. "Oh fuck, that's what I needed!"

    "Ain't bad on my end either," I said, holding myself in her tight hole to savor it and allowing her to accommodate to my girth. Soon enough though, I began thrust into her as hard as I could, again beginning to move her desk with each thrust.

    "Oh God," Sophia said, her head hanging down. "So close…fuck my ass…fuck it…fuck my ass…so good…hurts so fucking good…make me cum." I reach my hands to her shoulder and yanked her up, Sophia's back against my chest. I reached my hand down to her lit and began to work it, her bound hands darting to join mine.

    "Do it Sophia, cum with a nice, big cock in your ass," I whispered in her ear. "Cum for me, beautiful, cum hard…you deserve it."

    "YES!" Sophia screamed, cumming hard. She leaned her head back and I kissed her deeply, our tongues wrestling each other as she rode her orgasm out. Her asshole clamped down on my dick, making it incredibly hard not to fill her anal canal with my hot load, but I had something else in mind.

    "You want a treat?" I asked Sophia, thrusting into her, extending her orgasm a bit.

    "Mmmm hmmmm," she said, looking over her should at me and licking her lips.

    "On your knees."

    "Yes sir." I retracted from her ass and Sophia dropped to her knees. With no delay, she took my cock back into my mouth, working to my finish.

    "Yes, that's it Soph," I said, feeling my balls begging to churn. "Come on, get your treat." She worked herself in a frenzy, her head rapidly working on my cock, saliva dripping from her mouth. "I'm going to cum!"

    Sophia pulled off and looked up at me, her eyes piercing me. "My face. I want your cum all over it." Her hand reached over to jerk me. "Come on, cover me in your hot milk baby, it's been too long…"

    "Gonna fucking paint your face," I said, feeling the cum begin to surge.

    "Gimme," Sophia said. She stuck her tongue out, eagerly awaiting my load to arrive. With a groan, I erupted over her face, Sophia aiming my throbbing member at her mouth. My cum coated her tongue and lower face. She then moved my cock back into her mouth, my cock still shooting in as she sucked hard, pulling every drop she could from my balls into her mouth.

    She continued to suck until I had gone soft. I reluctantly pulled out, Sophia scooping the cum off with her fingers and sucking it down. "Now that we got some pleasure," she said, giving me a half-smile as she rose to her feet. "Let's get down to business."

    "Any wiseguys come by here recently?" I asked. I pulled my pants up and sat on Sophia's couch. "Maybe with an old guy?"

    Sophia took a seat behind her desk. "Actually, yeah. Couple of Gugino thugs with some geezer."

    "You sure they were Gugino's?"

    Sophia nodded in response. "One of them was Mario. They walked in with some geezer."

    "What girls did they get?"

    "Mario and his thug got Olivia. The geezer had some fun with Miley and Taylor."

    "Deep pockets."

    "Mario paid for it all. Bit too much if you ask me. Not that Miley and Taylor aren't worth it, but the guy just watched them go at it them jerked on their faces. Hey, it's their money, who am I to complain?"

    "You see anything odd?"

    "After they paid, I saw the old guy pass a piece of paper off to Mario. Then Mario put it in his wallet. Other than that, I didn't see anything."

    "Any of the girls tell you anything?" Sophia shocked her head.

    "Miley is on an outcall right now, or on her way to one. Out of city."


    "She's got some big fans with deep pockets. Olivia I wouldn't bet on. Anyone who has something to spill doesn't do it around her. She let's anything slip from lips, at least as far words go. Taylor's probably your best bet. if she doesn't have anything now, she'll have it in a couple of nights. Mario just booked her for a group party."

    "Sounds like she might need a chaperone."

    "Glad to see you volunteering," Sophia said with a wink. "But if you want to ask her now, be my guest, she's got no appointments for a few hours."

    "I might just do that Sophia." I got up from my seat and kissed her goodbye. "I'll see you around."

    "You better." she replied, licking my lips before I turned to walk out the door. Once I shut the door to her office, I looked down the hall and saw Taylor's room, the door open just a crack. I headed towards her room and walked in.

    Taylor's room was lit in candle light, the curtains shut. Taylor herself was leaning over her dresser, staring into her mirror. She was still in the black lingerie from before, only now without her underwear. I walked over to her, caressing her ass. Just seeing her like this, I was already getting hard again. I began to unbuckle my pants again, first taking out some money and putting it on the dresser.

    I slapped my cockhead on her ass cheeks a few times. "I know you want more than that for your money," said Taylor.

    "I can't disagree with you there." I replied.

    "Few..ugh..can," said Taylor as I thrust into her. I made no attempt of tenderness, I just wanted to use Taylor to get off again. Luckily, this suited her just fine, she seemed to get off on it.

    "Want to tell me about the geezer you were with a couple night ago?"

    "Didn't know..uh..that you were into that kind of…fuck..thing." I built up my pace inside of Taylor, my cock rapidly going into her wet pussy. "You…ung…like knowing about who else has been inside this fucking cunt?"

    I slapped her hard on the ass. "You see a piece of paper on him?" I began to increase my pace, both of our breathing getting more labored.

    "Maybe, what's it to you?" She stared me down in the mirror, her face contorting in pleasure. My hands gripped her hips hard, I was on the verge already. My cock was a blur in her, going in and out and a blistering pace.

    "Did you see it or not?" Sweat was beading on my forehead and dripping on to her back and ass.

    "Yeah…oh fuck…numbers…ugh..scrawled on it…didn't see what numbers though…fuck me…fuck."

    "Good girl." After that, there was no more talking, just animalistic grunts and groans. Her stare never broke from mine, piercing me through her reflection. Soon though, I began to jab into her hard enough her eyes began to shut.

    "Come on daddy, cum. Shoot in me, fill this fine pussy up, you know you want to."

    "You want it, you got it," I said, grunting as I released my seed into her hungry cunt. "Fuck…"

    "Mmmm, feels so good," Taylor said "I love the feeling of cum in my slutty little pussy daddy, thank you."

    "You're welcome," I said, pulling out. "I'm sure the money doesn't hurt either."

    "You're right there. So, is there anything else?"

    "Yeah. Sophia tells me you're booked for Mario Gugino's party in a couple days."

    "Yeah, so?" Taylor asked.

    "I'm your chaperone. And your chaperone may need you to work your other skill on Mario."

    "For a good fuck and a heavy tipper, consider it done," said Taylor.

    "Excellent. When the time comes, pick his wallet, hand it off to me. I'll hand it back, you return it, everything is as smooth as silk." And with that, I redid my pants and walked out, giving Taylor one last slap on the ass. Two great fucks, and some new info. Professor Michalka must have been in good with the Guginos. No one drops the kind of money on a stranger. The connection had to be on that piece of paper they exchanged. Anything else, it has to be on record.

    The Guginos were somehow involved in on this, or at least Mario. It's not like it was unheard of him to go against or behind his sister Carla's back on something. But there was only one person I could ask that might know what's on the paper that would tell me. That meant one place.

    The Gin Mill, probably one of the better night clubs in Starr City. Good booze, nice atmosphere, nice food, and definitely the sexiest lounge singer I had ever seen, Victoria Justice. She was a slender looker with the voice of an angel, and a face to match. Few people knew her beginnings. She used to be a street urchin, stealing and scrounging for room and board. Victoria was about two days away from looking into the Paradise Inn for employment. That's when she met me. Just looking at the girl, I could tell that's not the life she was built for. Some are, some aren't. That life would have eaten her alive.

    I called in a favor from Carla, and got Victoria waitress job. Everything else, she pulled off herself. Including, sadly, finding herself involved with Mario Gugino. Still, Victoria always seemed ready to dish out on Mario what she knew. Whether it was because of some sense of loyalty to me, or that Mario was so much of an asshole even his sometime girlfriend couldn't stand him.

    Either way, when it came to the adventures of idiot boy, Victoria was my in, and probably my best shot at finding out what was on that paper or if Mario still even had it.

    I walked into the club, angling my hat down to cover my face. Victoria may have been friendly towards me, but anyone loyal to Mario might not, given his extreme dislike of me and his overprotectiveness towards Victoria. Though he did have cause for concern. Victoria and I did know each other very well, after all.

    I headed to the back, where Victoria's dressing room was. I knocked softly, and was greeted by a smiling Victoria, garbed in a long blue evening gown. "How's it going, Victoria?"

    "Great Jack," she said. "Wont' you come in?" I accepted her invitation and walked through the door. "What brings you by?"

    "A question, if you don't mind."

    "I never have. Is it about Mario?"

    "You a mind-reading lounge singer now?" I asked, leaning against the wall.

    "No, but I doubt you'd come around here asking about Carla." Victoria replied. "So what did Mario do now?"

    "I don't know yet. I was wondering if you've seen him with a piece of paper? Maybe he took it out of his wallet, had some numbers scrawled on it. He would have had it at least since two nights ago. An eye witness said he might"

    "Not that I've spotted, sorry."

    "No problem at all. You seen an old codger around lately? Sheet white hair, bushy mustache, bifocals?"

    "Yes," Victoria said. "Two night ago, front row. Mario and one of his boneheads were sitting with him. I didn't talk to him though. As soon as my set was done, they left. Mario didn't even say goodbye, the scum bag."

    "The three of them left as soon as your show was over," I repeated. Professor Michalka was with Mario for a large chunk of the night he disappeared. All of a sudden, Mario got himself at the top of my list. "Thanks for the info Vic, you're a doll." I began to walk out when Victoria grabbed my hand.

    "Jack, who was the witness that saw Mario?" Victoria looked into my eyes. She was too damn angelic to lie to, but at the same time, I didn't want to break her heart.

    "You don't want to know."

    "Tell me."

    "Look, I'm trying to track down the old guy you saw. I got a lead that put him in Paradise Row. Another lead put him with two wise guys at the Paradise Inn. My connection there identified Mario as one of the guys with the old guy…"

    Victoria's face looked down. I went to comfort her, when she looked up at me, her face enraged as opposed to showing any sign of sadness. "That bastard NEVER changes!" she exclaimed. "That's the last straw. I don't care, Carla's my boss, not him. We're done!"

    "Look, you need to be alone right now, I'm going to head out." Before I could get to the door however, Victoria locked it. I wagged her finger in the come hither movement.

    "You're not going anywhere. What you are going to do, is help me celebrate my newfound singlehood." Without giving me a moment to say anything, Victoria was on me, her kiss delicate, but passionate. She slipped her hands under my coat and slid it off my shoulders, my arms moving back to let it drop completely. "You do want to help, right?"

    "Of course." I replied. "You sure you want to do this?"

    "I'm sick and tired of Mario's shit," she said. She reached under her gown and slid off her underwear, giving me a nice look at her beautiful, long legs. "I'm sorry for swearing, but this is the last straw. But enough about him." Victoria playfully pushed me back to her couch. I unbuckled my pants, freeing my hardening cock from it's confines and sat down on the couch.

    I placed my hands on her hips as she placed hers on my shoulders. I bunched up her skirt while Victoria got herself in position and straddled me. My cock rubbed against her opening, I was a bit startled to see how wet she already was. Not startled enough to not go forward, however.

    Victoria rubbed her slit up and down my cock head, teasing me before slowly sinking on to my cock. I only was with her once before, but damn, it didn't feel like a thing had changed, still tight, still hot. "Fuck you're big," she gasped. She took a few moments for the slim girl to get used to my girth, then she began to ride me. "You feel so good in me."

    I held her hips as she rose and fell on me, her eyes shut as she concentrated on the sensations. She licked her lips, a smile forming as she began to build up a more steady speed. "Keep going, beautiful," I said, brushing a strand of hair from her face. Victoria opened her mouth and took my thumb in it, sucking it as she began to build up more speed.

    I moved my free hand to the straps off her dress, sliding them off one by one to get a complete view of her spectacular breasts. They were far from the largest I'd seen, but they suited her perfectly. I pulled her closer to me and my face went to then, gently kissing and sucking on them. Victoria wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer, pressing my face into her bosom. "That feels good," Victoria sighed, throwing her head back.

    I slipped my hand under her skirt and began to work her lit, sending a shiver up the fit woman's spine. She began to flex her pussy around my rod, giving me the same reaction. "Feels good, huh?" she knowingly asked. All I could do was nod, the feelings she was giving me shutting me up. Victoria leaned down to kiss me, building up her speed even more. Her face began to get flushed, she was coming close to hitting her orgasm. I had to admit, I was too. It may have been a short session, but with a woman like Victoria, I think I could get a pass, especially with her approaching her own.

    Mine hit me first. I pulled Victoria down on me and let loose inside of her, grunting as I shot stream after stream of my cum inside her. Soon after, she let out a low moan, smile on her face, as her orgasm hit her. Her contracting cunt milking a few more streams from my now wilting cock. She leaned forward one more time, kissing me again. Her body was exhausted. Hell, I was too, I had three big time work outs, after all.

    She rested her head on my shoulder, nibbling my ear. "Thank you," she said, kissing my cheek. "I really needed that."

    Before I could respond, there was a loud pounding at the door. "VIctoria, you in there?" said the voice of Mario Gugino.

    "Oh shit," I muttered.

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    Admittedly, Im late to the party. Enjoying every minute though. Cant wait for more.

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