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Thread: "Hunger Games" with Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence

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    fanfiction "Hunger Games" with Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence

    Hunger Games
    With Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence
    Written by TPG
    codes: MFF, anal, rim

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    By the time I arrived to the "Hunger Games" Premiere in Los Angeles things were well underway. In truth I wasn't there to see the film, but looking to catch up with Miley Cyrus who had been avoiding me all week.

    As it turned out, the singer-turned-actress owed me money. More specifically, her father owed some "friends of ours" some outstanding gambling debts, which I was there to collect.

    To my amusement it took all of a two minutes to finally track her down on the red carpet, and catching sight of me from across the way the starlet visibly grimaced before she came over to confront me.

    "What are you doing here?" she snapped in her infamously husky tone.

    I simply smirked and continued to enjoy the atmosphere.

    "Last I checked it was a free country." I remarked. "I'm just here to enjoy the film like everybody else."

    Naturally the singer was furious and even more concerned as Liam noticed us standing there talking and she was forced to make a few introductions.

    Fortunately for us the songbird was an exceptional liar and immediately invented a story about the two of us being old family friends, to which Liam seemed willing to believe.

    Minutes later the three of us were all ushered into the foyer where we enjoyed a glass of wine and waited for the official screening to begin. There I casually mingled and with various stars and crew from the film and soon found myself chatting away with the leading lady of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence.

    To my surprise Jen not only turned out to be friendly and flirtatious, but the chemistry between us was quite palpable. In fact everything seemed to be going well until I mentioned the fact that Miley and I were old acquaintances.

    "Oh. Really?" she replied in disappointment. "That's a shame."

    "It is?"

    "Well. It's just...I don't think she likes me very much." Jennifer claimed.

    "What makes you say that?" I laughed. "Did you do something to upset her."

    "What. No! Not at all," she explained. "I think she was just afraid that Liam and I would hook up during the film."

    "And did you?"

    The Oscar nominated actress didn't answer but I could tell from the perpetual grin on her face that she had. We both laughed at Miley's expense as I looked across the way and watched the star in question embrace her boyfriend by the bar.

    "So, how was he?"

    "Let's just say she's a very lucky woman."

    To our amusement the singer was clearly making her presence known and letting everyone at the event know that Liam was off the market and dating her.

    It was during this time that Jen mentioned how much her feet were killing her and how the alcohol seemed to be doing her wonders, helping her relax and dull the pain.

    Noting this I immediately arranged for two more drinks and decided to take a chance and suggested that after the screening she join me at a local bar down the street, help her celebrate the nights events more appropriately.

    "Yeah. Right." she scoffed cynically. "I wish."

    "Well. Why not?" I replied. "You are the star of the film right. Why not let your hair down a bit. I think you've earned it."

    While J-Law began to stammer an excuse I decided to go for broke and insisted that it was in her best interest to have some fun.

    "Listen. I tell you what," I said a moment later. "Here's my number."

    The actress simply blushed and seemed amused and flattered by my determination to woo her.

    "How about you send me a message after the screening and if you're up to it, I'll take you any place you want."

    "Well. Um. I'll have to change a few things around and..." she started to say before I cut her off.

    "Yeah-Yeah. Coulda, woulda, shoulda Jen," I quipped. "Tonight's a special occasion for you. Make it a memorable one."

    Lawrence simply grinned and seemed genuinely taken aback by my forwardness. In fact I think it kind of turned her on as was evident from the hard pokies straining against her tight dress.

    "You know, I've never met a guy like you before." she smiled sweetly. "You're a pretty confident guy huh."

    "I'm confident for a reason," I winked, before I leaned into her ear and added. "Trust me. I'm worth it."

    Unfortunately for us this was the precise moment that Miley decided to come over to talk to me and in the process completely snubbed the star or the movie.

    "Hey. We need to talk." Miley claimed as she moved to stand directly in front of Jennifer.

    "Err. Excuse me!" Jen hissed, as Miley paused to flash her a filthy glare.

    "What!" the singer countered, silencing the actress and making a scene. "Do you want to do something?"

    Watching the way they interacted together, there certainly wasn't any love lost between them. I guess they simply didn't get along from the moment they met especially with Jennifer's easy-going and flirtatious demeanor.

    While the "Hunger Games" star rolled her eyes and stepped away, this finally gave Miley and I some privacy to talk but I soon snickered in her face as she took this opportunity to beg me to leave.

    "Look. I told you yesterday I'd have your money by tonight," she whispered as I reminded her just what was at stake.

    "I'm sure you will." I replied. "But just so you know if I don't get paid by midnight there's going to be repercussions."

    "No. Please. I swear." she insisted. "I told you. We'll work something out."

    I paused for a moment to admire her sexy gypsy-inspired ensemble, and grinned as I stared lustfully at her young pert breasts.

    "Yes. Yes we will."

    Miley knew exactly what I was insinuating, but she didn't seem to object.

    "Oh. And by the way," she added. "Please don't let my mom see you here tonight cause she'll totally freak out."

    "Really," I joked. "Tish is here too! How is your hot mom doing nowadays? I should go and say hello."

    The songstress flashed me a cynical look before we all headed into the theater to take our seats and as luck would have it I found myself seated directly behind her and her family, which clearly agitated her.

    With that said it was just a few minutes into the movie when I noticed Miley get up from her seat, and brandishing her cell phone she walked out of the dimply lit auditorium.

    I waited an extra moment before I too got up from my seat and followed her outside, curious to see just what she was up to.

    There I took a quick look around before I realized where she had gone. Thinking quickly, I then rounded the corner and barged into the ladies room and smirked to myself as I found her standing there by the counter, text-messaging away on her cell phone.

    "Well-Well." I snickered. "Am I interrupting something?"

    "What the hell are you doing in here!" she objected, as I slowly approached her position at the counter.

    "Enough games Miley," I stated. "I think it's time to collect don't you?"

    Without wasting another moment I abruptly snatched the phone from her hand and she yelped and proceeded to grapple with me before I suddenly kissed her hard on the lips, taking her breath away.

    To my surprise the singer recoiled but did not resist, as my lips followed hers until she finally backed up into the cold tiled wall behind her and gasped at the contact.

    Despite her reluctance I continued to kiss her passionately on the mouth and finally felt her body concede and reciprocate. I then took this action as a sign of consent and reached up to peel her bustier away from her shoulders to reveal her firm teenage breast.

    In an instant I broke our heated lip-lock and bent down to suckle her bare flesh, causing the young starlet to moan out loud and tip her head back in glee as I slurped on her tit.

    "Ugh. Fuck," she grunted faintly, as I peeled the other strap from her shoulder and hungrily devoured her other breast.

    Miley Cyrus now stood there essentially topless for all to see, when she suddenly and voluntarily dropped to her knees before me and palmed the front of my tenting pants.

    "Quick, we don't have much time." she offered. "Take it out. I'll suck your cock!"

    I happily obliged and unzipped my pants, and now stood in the corner of the tiled bathroom as one of the world's most famous teenagers opened her mouth and swallowed my sword whole.

    Cupping her breasts with own hands, she now serviced my cock while those brilliant blue eyes glared up at me.

    "Jesus," I heard myself moan with glee. "Damn you're good at that."

    "Mm. You like that?" she muttered before she slithered her tongue along the length of my shaft and bathed my penis in her warm saliva.

    Caught up in the moment I finally snapped and lifted her up by the arm and bent her over the bathroom counter top, fumbling with her long black gypsy-style skirt.

    "Fuck it! I've been waiting a long time to do this," I hissed as we looked at each other through the full length mirror.

    A moment later I entered the superstar from behind and proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth.

    In fact, the onetime "Hannah Montana" star and I were going at it pretty hard when we suddenly heard the bathroom door slam shut and looked over to see a woman standing in the distance.

    Hearing her gulp, we both did a double take as we immediately realized that the woman in question was none other than the films leading lady Jennifer Lawrence!


    "What the fuck are you two doing in here?" the "Hunger Games" star accused.

    Despite our shame, I didn't let up and simply continued to rail into the teen pop-tart from behind as Jen simply stood there dumbfounded, unable to form any coherent words having just caught us in the act.

    Looking her dead in the eyes I continued to thrust into Miley from behind and invited Jen to come closer, but she flatly refused.

    "What! No way," she quipped while shaking her head fervently.

    "Jennifer. Come. Here." I stated a little more firmly than before, and to Miley's surprise the actress complied as if hypnotized.

    The "Winter's Bone" star stood at just an arm's length away as I continued to rail into the pop singer, and without warning I reached out and pulled her to me, causing Jennifer to yelp with surprise as I kissed her hard on the mouth.

    "Come here!" I said as I pressed my lips to hers.

    Despite her initial surprise, Jen simply gave herself over to me and sighed into my mouth.

    "Now this is what I call a fucking party." I remarked as my two colleagues both moaned in response.

    It was during this time that I noticed the way Miley blushed and glared at her rival through the mirror. Noting this I took my free hand and smacked her firm teenage butt, causing her to jump and grunt with pain.

    "Ugh. Fucker!"

    To my surprise she then directed her next comment at J-Law.

    "You like that. Huh?" she moaned back through the mirror at her foe. "You like watching him fuck me like this!"

    "Yeah. I do." the blonde actress replied, before kissing me hard on the lips again and thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

    "C'mon. Fuck her. Yeah. Go ahead." Lawrence encouraged. "Fuck her good and hard!!"

    We continued in this seedy fashion for some time before a devious idea suddenly crossed my mind.

    Without warning I pushed the lead actress down to her knees and before she could object I withdrew my cock from the Miley's dripping sex and buried my shiny cock into the back of her throat.

    "Here. Make yourself useful and clean this off!" I growled, as I forced her into some nasty ATM (ass-to-mouth) action.

    "Oh. Yeah." Miley moaned from the counter. "That's just so fucking nasty. Suck his dick bitch. And tell me how my pussy tastes."

    To my delight Jennifer was only too happy to oblige (despite how nasty it was) and was so turned on by the action that all she could do was moan with a mouth full of cock.

    "Mm. You like that?" I hissed down at her. "How does she taste. How does Miley's tight little cunt taste Jennifer."

    "Mm. Yeah," Cyrus gloated over her shoulder while reaching under to rub her cunt. "Make her choke on that shit!"

    Pulling my cock away, I then insisted that Jennifer spit on my rod before I plunged it back inside the singer-songwriter.

    "Ugh. Fuck!" Miley grunted as I now pulled her hair and invited Jennifer to reach over and smack her derriere.

    Once again I reluctantly withdrew my cock from the teen singer and jammed it inside the actresses mouth, as she seemed to grow increasingly eager to please with each passing moment.

    In fact the three of us repeated this lewd action for several more minutes before I finally grabbed Lawrence by the back of her head and demanded that she taste Miley's juices straight from the source.

    The singer moaned into the mirror loudly as I jammed Jennifer's mouth against her freshly fucked cunt, and insisted that she eat her pussy and stick her tongue as deep as humanly possible inside her.

    This of course drove Cyrus absolutely mad with passion and she thrashed about wildly and moaned out Jennifer's name.

    "Oh, Jennifer!" Miley cried. "You slut. Eat my ass you fucking bitch! Yeah. Right there. Ohh."

    For good measure I reached over and slapped Miley's raw butt as her friend now hungrily licked and tongued-fucked her puckered little asshole.

    "Mm. You dirty fucking whore!" Jennifer moaned from behind her. "You probably like this huh."

    It was at this point that J-Law suddenly looked up at me and almost in a pleading tone demanded that I drill Miley in the ass!

    "Go ahead. Do it!" she hissed. "Stick it in her fucking ass!"

    "Huh?" Miley replied at the mere suggestion.

    "Come on," Lawrence urged. "I dare you! I wanna see this little slut get fucked in the ass!"

    "Sure. I can do that." I answered. "I can make that happen for you."

    "I'll fuck her in the ass right now," I smirked confidently. "But only if you agree to let me cum inside your mouth."

    Jen nodded her approval as I then moved to rub the head of my sword against Miley's tiny backdoor.

    "Oh. God. Wait." the singer tensed as I nonetheless proceeded to impale her shit-pipe.

    "OMG. Fuck. Holy shit..." Miley moaned incessantly. "I can't believe...ooh. Fuck! I can't believe you're fucking my ass right now!"

    "You better believe bitch," Jennifer quipped before I thanked her by kissing her hard on the mouth.

    As the two of us carried on I slowly buried my wick and finally filled the singer completely.

    "Oh wow," Lawrence marveled a minute later. "You're like all the way inside her ass right now. That looks so fucking hot!"

    "God yes," I grimaced behind her. "And the little slut is so fucking tight back here."

    Once nestled inside I reached over to fondle Jennifer's ass, pawing and squeeze at her thick rump before I insisted that she reach under her gold dress and play with herself.

    "Show me how you play." I told her. "How do you get off."

    With that said I began to move my hips back and forth and leisurely butt-fucked her teen contemporary good and proper, just as promised.

    Unfortunately for me this entire seedy encounter was too much for me to take and a minute later I pulled out of Miley's glorious round rump and urged Jennifer back down to her knees so she could take my filthy load.

    Not one to be out done, I was then surprised as Miley suddenly hopped off the counter and dropped to kneel beside her "friend" and keenly offered me her mouth as well.

    I now stood there jacking my cock to both of their faces and found it hard to choose just who to bust my nut over.

    "Come on. Cum for me!" Miley urged, as she speared out her tongue and opened her mouth.

    "Yeah. Do it." Jen panted erotically. "Cum inside my mouth. I want it!"

    A moment later I cried out loud as I finally blew my wad directly over their faces and shot rope upon rope of hot gooey cum all over their combined tongues.

    I then marveled as the two "enemies" shared my load between them with a deep long tongue kiss and smacked their sticky lips together.

    "Fuck yeah. That was hot!" Miley beamed.

    "Good girls," I praised them both. "Hunger Games indeed."

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    and guess what? I reread it just to make sure, she never expilcitly agreed this was part of the payment plan, so they get to "argue" that out too ....

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