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Thread: "Timing Is Everything!" with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

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    fanfiction "Timing Is Everything!" with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

    Timing Is Everything!
    With Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, blowjob, voy, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Having spent most of that afternoon just lazing about and playing the xbox, I guess you could say I was a little perturbed when my folks suddenly yelled out and insisted that I go to the grocery store to get some supplies.

    With nothing to do I reluctantly agreed and grabbed the keys to my brothers truck. Minutes later I was out on the open road, and with my shopping list completed, I realized I had some time to kill so I decided to cruise around the old neighborhood.

    As expected almost everyone was either at work or busy with other appointments. And with nowhere else to turn I decided to swing by Stella's place to see if she had any plans for the weekend. Unfortunately for me she too didn't appear to be at home so I decided to finally throw in the towel and head on home.

    However, as I made the final turn back onto the highway I recalled an earlier conversation with her in which she had boasted about her sisters new digs: just a few blocks away from my current location.

    Having given Stella a lift to the address on a previous occasion, I decided to give it a try and see if she was hanging out with her famous sister.

    It took all of 5mins for me to finally arrive outside the large home, and I immediately noticed two cars parked in the driveway, leading me to believe that Stella was in fact there.

    Outside I stopped for a moment and actually considered honking the horn, but not wanting to seem obnoxious I thought better of it and instead locked up the car and skipped up the stairs towards the front door.

    There I rang the bell and patiently waited for someone to answer, but instead the house seemed deserted. Intrigued, I leaned against the glass panel and tried to look inside but once again it appeared that no one was home.

    It was only now that I noticed the sound of loud music emanating from the back of the house, and I immediately suspected that the girls were most probably in the back enjoying a swim and could not hear the front door.

    Feeling bold, I decided to take the chance and walked around the side of the house and effortlessly hopped over the large fence, as I had seen Stella do on countless occasions.

    A minute later I found myself in a more secluded area of the house and carefully made my way down the long narrow walkway and into the yard, hoping to find the ladies all sprawled out by the pool, but instead was disappointed to find it deserted.

    Nonetheless, I quickly realized that the music I could hear was indeed coming from inside the house, specifically the makeshift dance studio Vanessa had created in the large hall downstairs.

    Hearing the music and some laughter, I decided to quietly peer inside to see if it I could spot Stella but to my surprise I instead found Vanessa Hudgens and her BFF Ashley Tisdale screwing around and having fun, both of them laughing out loud as they goofed around and danced to the music.

    It was at this point that my eyes almost bugged out of my head as I noticed just what the girls were wearing.

    "Holy shit!" I heard myself say, as I admired their skimpy ensembles.

    While Tisdale was casually clad in a tied up t-shirt and form fitting sweat pants, Vanessa was scantily dressed in a similar ensemble, only her top consisted of a lose fitting singlet which barely clung to her shoulders and clearly flashed her red lace bra underneath.

    On further inspection I could see that the ladies were not only enjoying the music but were also sharing a few drinks as well, as they now pranced about and practiced their favorite dance routines via a laptop computer in the corner of the room.

    While I now stood there contemplating whether or not to go or stay, my mind was soon made up for me as I suddenly gasped with surprise and watched Vanessa casually lean over and give her best friend a brief by affectionate kiss right on the lips.

    "Whoa! Wait a minute." I thought to myself. "This is starting to get interesting."

    The ladies soon continued with their dance routine as I now quietly spied from the side of the house, and feeling bold, proceeded to look for a more comfortable place to stand and watch them.

    I soon found a great spot right beside the pool, which unfortunately for me caused me to lose my balance and almost fall into the water, and in the process make a huge racket which alerted the girls.

    "What the fuck was that?" I heard Ashley say, before the ladies both looked in my direction and found me standing there, my feet wet.

    "Who the hell are you?" Vanessa quipped, as her friend immediately grabbed her cell phone and prepared to call the police.

    "No! Wait!" I tried to explain, while shaking the water from my shoes. "This is all just a misunderstanding, I swear!"

    "I'm calling the cops!" Tisdale exclaimed, as Vanessa seemed the more calmer of the two and tried to reassure her.

    "Relax, Tiz." she finally said. "He looks familiar."

    "I don't care!" Ashley hissed. "How dare he spy on us like that!"

    While Vanessa finally talked some sense into her friend, I immediately apologized for the interruption and explained how I had simply dropped by to see Stella.

    "I told you." Vanessa quipped smugly to her friend. "I knew I'd seen him around before."

    "Err, do you see her here?" Tisdale directed at me, clearly annoyed by the disturbance and being spied on.

    Fortunately for me Vanessa turned out to be a lot more reasonable to talk to than her friend and she calmed us all down and smiled sweetly.

    "Sorry, but Stella is out at Ballet practice right now." she explained. "But she should be home in a few minutes."

    "Thanks," I replied disappointedly. "Thanks a lot."

    As I started to leave Vanessa suddenly spoke again.

    "Did you want to wait for her?" she offered. "Or did you want to leave a message?"

    "Nah," I shrugged. "I'll just wait in the car until she gets here... if that's OK?"

    While Tisdale was clearly pleased by this, Vanessa then surprised me yet again as she graciously offered me a drink, and insisted that I stay.

    "What? Are you serious?" I heard Ashley scoff from behind her.

    "Come on, Tiz." Vanessa maintained. "He's one my sisters best friends. I can't make him wait out there in the car?"

    "Fine, whatever!" The blonde sneered, as she sauntered over to the table and helped herself to another drink.

    Feeling bad about the entire incident, I added, "...I'm really sorry about this. Did I interrupt something?"

    Hudgens then went on to explain how the girls were bored and a little drunk earlier and decided to have a little fun and try to recreated one of Beyonce's music videos.

    "Wow, that sounds like fun." I remarked, only to have Ashley flash me a scathing look over her shoulder.

    I assume she probably thought I was being sarcastic, but I wasn't. In fact I was just delighted to be in the company of two of the hottest girls I had ever seen, on screen or in person for that matter.

    "Should we take it from the top?" Vanessa then urged her friend to continue.

    "Sure, why not? Tisdale replied, before I watched Vanessa flash her a knowing look and gently tap her butt with her right hand.

    Watching the two of them carry one, I started to wonder if their relationship was actually based on more than just friendship. The ladies then proceeded to go through the routine, and after several more tries Vanessa suddenly grabbed her friends phone from the table and insisted that I make myself useful and record the performance.

    "Are you sure?" I stammered.

    "Err, I don't know about this?" Tisdale objected, before I watched Vanessa go over and say something to her and without warning peck her directly on the lips again.

    Whatever it was that she said appeared to work, cause Ashley suddenly seemed on board again and I proceeded to film the ladies go through their sexy routine. A minute later, the girls had successfully completed their number and both cheered and embraced each other before Vanessa snatched the phone and posted the video to twitter.

    It was during this time that Tisdale announced that she was totally exhausted and utterly saturated through in sweat, and that she desperately needed a nice long shower, to which Hudgens agreed.

    "Come on," Vanessa suggested. "I think we all could do with a drink."

    With that said, I followed the girls up the stairs and into the kitchen where Vanessa proceeded to make three Lemonades while her friend announced that she was in fact going to the bathroom to take that shower.

    As amazed as I was about the day's events, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next as Vanessa now seemed to openly flirt with me in the kitchen and asked my several questions about myself and her sister.

    Meanwhile, I was already finding it hard to concentrate as I noticed that her nipples were extremely hard, due to her wet clothes and that sexy lace bra.

    "So, what's the story?" she smirked slyly. "Are you fucking my sister?"

    Hearing this tone I almost choked on my drink, which apparently amused her. Catching my breath, I then went on to explain how I was not like that, and how Stella and I were only friends but Hudgens did not believe me and quickly turned aggressive.

    "Oh really? So what are you saying?" she snapped. "That she's not good enough for you?"

    Not knowing how to respond, the "High School Musical" star then closed the gap between us and grabbed my hard cock through my pants and squeezed.

    "Well?" she teased. "Is that what you're saying?"

    "No... no, not all!" I barely stammered, as I felt her delicate fingers caress me.

    To my delight Vanessa was clearly impressed with my package as she licked her lips and caressed the bulging outline of my erection with her fingernails.

    "What about me?" she purred. "Do you find me attractive."

    I could barely breath much less respond appropriately, and instinctively squirmed back into the corner of the kitchen.

    "What do you mean?" I muttered nervously, as I put my drink down on the counter, her hand never leaving my crotch.

    "What I mean is... do you want to fuck me?"

    Suddenly, before I had time to say anything she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips, before she smiled seductively and then dropped to her knees in front of me and began to fish out my cock.

    "Hmm..." she purred softly to herself as she gently released my manhood and stroked my hardness.

    "Jesus!" I let out involuntarily, as I reached back and gripped the counter top with both hands.

    "This cannot be happening right now." I chanted over and over again.

    Having sex with Vanessa Hudgens was just about my number one fantasy for as long as I could remember. In fact, in one instance Stella and I had gotten into a huge fight when we had spent the night making out on my bed, and caught up in the moment I inadvertently called out her sisters name.

    But now here I was, standing in her kitchen with the girl of my dreams on her knees before me, casually stroking and admiring my dick. The entire incident was just so surreal.

    A moment later my eyes literally rolled up into the back of my head as Vanessa slowly opened her mouth and gently wrapped her soft lips around my tender bell-end.

    "Mm..." Vanessa moaned up at me with a mouth full of cock. "Nothing like a nice hard cock after a long workout."

    I could barely contain myself as I watched my friends older sister now suck my dick right there in the kitchen, her head gently bobbing up and down as she pleasured me with her lips and tongue.

    Suddenly, we both paused for a moment as we heard the shower running upstairs and Vanessa flashed me the most seductive look yet.

    "What?" I snickered, as I could only imagine the lewd thoughts running through her twisted mind.

    "You want to have some real fun?" she said in her sweet, sexy voice.

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "How about we go upstairs and surprise Ashley in the shower?"

    I could barely believe my luck as she then took me by the hand and led me up to the second floor. Upstairs, Hudgens stripped out of her clothes as we made our way over to the bathroom, and by the time we arrived to the door the exotic beauty was left to stand in nothing more than her thong panties.

    "Jesus Christ," I heard myself gasp again, as I found myself standing beside an absolute beauty.

    There, Vanessa and I giggled as we carefully huddled beside the door and peered inside, only to find Ashley Tisdale in the shower. Fortunately for us, the "Hellcats" star was clearly visible from our vantage point by the door and stood under the spray of the hot relaxing water in all her glory.

    We watched intently as she leisurely bathed and caressed her athletic frame with soppy suds and various lavender oils, and leisurely dragged her fingers over the inside of her slender thighs and across her succulent butt.

    I suddenly jumped with surprise as I felt Vanessa reach over and grasp my erect cock with her hand, and with a sly expression on her face she proceeded to jerk me off as we both watched her friend. To my amazement, Tisdale then proceeded to touch herself and now quietly masturbated in the shower.

    Watching this incredible show, Vanessa proceeded to used her free hand to reach down between her own legs and gently twiddle her clit. The mere notion alone caused my already hard member to noticeably pulsate in her hand, which delighted her.

    "Hmm... I bet you'd love to get your hands on her body, huh?" she whispered seductively.

    "God yes." I admitted, as I placed my hand on Vanessa's hips and pulled her in closer.

    She then took my breath away as she kissed me on the lips and told me to wait there by the door as she casually sauntered into the tiled space to join her friend.

    I just about thought I was going to explode right there, as this obscenely erotic scene played out in front of my very eyes. I now quietly watched as Vanessa slipped into the shower directly behind her blonde friend and without wasting another moment they proceeded to make out passionately, and caressed one another.

    For a moment there I actually had to pinch myself, to convince myself that I was not dreaming. Meanwhile back in the shower, Vanessa gently kissed her way down Tisdale's body, and knowing that I was keenly watching from the door, she put on a special show for my benefit and cruelly dragged her long wet tongue across her friends ribs and tummy...and even lower still.

    There she gently kissed Ashley's sex and proceeded to go down on her, taking Tisdale's breath away.

    "Oh...Nessa!" The blonde bombshell moaned as her fingers raked through her friends dark hair.

    Watching them together, I now gulped hard and literally strangled the cock in my hand before I saw Vanessa glance over her shoulder and wave me over, inviting me to join them.

    I assume it was only now that Ashley realized that they had company cause the expression on her face was priceless. But fortunately for me before she could object or say anything disparaging, Vanessa silenced any doubts with a hard kiss on the lips.

    I now stood there by the shower watching as the two actresses kissed each other zealously, before Vanessa finally dropped to her knees and invited her friend to join her on the tiled floor.

    "Come here," I heard her tell her friend. "I want to see you suck his cock."

    Despite her earlier distain for me, Tisdale happily obliged and now shared my cock with her friend and they both blow me together in unison. I now moaned audibly as they had their seedy way with me, and marveled at how different they both appear to be.

    While Vanessa clearly enjoyed to suck dick and deep throat me, Tisdale seem to be the complete opposite and instead incorporated more of her long talented tongue, swirling it around the head and running the tip along the length of my shiny staff.

    Ultimately, Vanessa took me by the hand and led me out into her bedroom and abruptly pushed me onto the bed. There I was simply instructed to lay back and watch as she swiftly moved to straddle my hips and carefully eased herself down over my cock, impaling herself slowly.

    "Oh...yeah." Vanessa cooed as she was finally filled with man meat.

    I now gasped out loud as the sultry actress gripped my chest with both hand and began to ride my cock intently for several minutes, and insisted her friend come over and give it a try.

    "Don't you dare cum inside me, understand?" Tisdale hissed, as I simply nodded and watched her guide my throbbing member between her legs.

    In truth I couldn't remember a single thing she had said as my head was now spinning from the impromptu encounter. But a moment later Vanessa moved to sit on my face as Tisdale now rode me wildly and loudly, all three of us still dripping wet from the shower.

    "Ugh! Ugh! Yes! Yes!" Ashley exclaimed as she tossed her head back and slammed her hips into me repeatedly.

    Minutes later, I stood grasping onto Tisdale's succulent hips and now railed into her from behind, fucking her doggy-style as she moaned loudly and hungrily feasted on her best friends pussy.

    "Make sure to lick my clit, you little slut!" Vanessa teased as she cupped her own breasts with both hands and winked at me.

    To my amusement, it was during this time that Hudgens insisted that I take out my cock and stuff it into her friends ass.

    "Huh?" I panted confoundedly "Are you sure?"

    "You heard me!" she maintained as she twisted her own nipples. "I want you to fuck her in the ass!"

    I could barely believe the request, but to my surprise I didn't hear a single peep or objection from Ashley so I went on right ahead and carefully pressed the end of my fat cock against her tiny little butthole.

    Her ass resisted me for all of a few seconds before I finally pushed through her tight sphincter muscle and buried my meat stick deep inside her precious little butt.

    "UGH!" Ashley grunted. "FUCK!"

    "Mm yeah! You like that baby?" Hudgens hisses down at her BFF. "You like that hard cock in your ass?"


    "Yes what? Say it!" Vanessa snapped back while grasping her blonde hair. "Tell him you like it!"

    "I...I like it!" Ashley moaned over her shoulder. "I like it in my ass!"

    Not wanting to disappoint, I now picked up the pace and utterly pounded her from behind as the ladies tongue kissed one another and Vanessa proceeded to slap Tisdale across the face.

    "Whoa!" I thought to myself, as I watched this incredible turn of events unfold before my very eyes.

    Just what exactly were these girls into?

    "Ugh! Yes!" Ashley grunted back as her friend pulled her hair and slapped her several more times across her pretty face.

    "You like that?" Vanessa hissed. "Huh?"

    "Yes! Yes!" Tisdale panted. "I'm bad! I'm such a bad girl!"

    "Such a pretty little slut, too!" Hudgens snapped back before kissing her hard on the lips and slobbering her spit all over her mouth.

    "Are you my slut, Ashley?" she added. "Are you my fucking whore?"



    "Yes! I'm a fucking whore!" she almost cried aloud. "Who loves getting fucked in the ass!"

    Picking up the pace, I was just about to pull out and shoot my gooey load all over the two of them when instead we all paused for a moment and Vanessa glared right at me in panic, as we heard the front door slam shut downstairs followed by her sisters voice.

    "Hello?" Stella yelled from the lobby. "I'm home! Where is everybody?"

    Shocked into silence, we all jumped into action and literally leapt off the bed, with Ashley and I bolting for the bathroom and locking ourselves inside.

    "Shit! Shit! Shit!" I cussed at myself as I paced back and forth.

    "What the hell am I doing?" I hissed, as I realized how close I was to being caught with my pants down.

    Placing my head against the door, I could hear Vanessa greet her sister downstairs and attempt to distract her as I looked over to see Ashley try to cover herself up in a towel.

    "What's going on?" Tisdale panted. "Does she suspect anything?"

    "I don't think so." I replied, while trying my best not to stare at her naked body through the towel.

    "God! I can't believe this is happening to me again!" Ashley claimed, which caused me to stop and wonder just how many times she had done this kind of thing before.

    Nevertheless, as we heard Stella and Vanessa climb the stairs and approach the bedroom, I had to wonder just how the hell we were going to get out of this one. be continued.

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    :hubbahubba: Well done as always, and a very interesting conundrum to start the next chapter.

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    Default everthing, and more:) Here's to hoping Stella 'forgives' him

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    This turned out as incredible as I thought it would. Very hot and i loved every bit of it, the ending however was definitely different and I like that. Certainly makes me look forward to chapter Two even more so, as we must see what happens. Great work TPG!

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    An amazing piece of work and in such a quick turnaround too! I love it. Can't wait to see a sequel. That story definitely hit the spot after those Vanessa/Ashley pics appeared.

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    BRAVO ! Another HIT !

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    Holy Shit!! I can't wait for the next chapter! Great story.

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