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Thread: "House Hunting" with Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove

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    fanfiction "House Hunting" with Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove

    House Hunting
    With Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, anal, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was late in the afternoon as I found myself driving around Los Angeles with Miranda Cosgrove and Debby Ryan.

    With the ladies both celebrating their birthdays within days of each other, Debby was apparently in the market to buy herself a new home. It was only the second time I had ever met Debby in person, but we definitely got on really well...some might say, a little too well.

    In fact right from the moment we met I found the vivacious actress incredibly bubbly and attractive, someone who definitely wasn't shy about expressing herself and who loved to flirt with me in full view of Miranda, my girlfriend, who simply laughed it off.

    At first I thought it was strange, but I suspect Miranda's reaction had a lot to do with the fact that I had pulled over during our trip and allowed her to get behind the wheel of my SUV and practice her driving skills as she was set to get her driver's license in a few days.

    Ultimately, the sun was setting on the horizon as we arrived to the last property on the list. Once there, we called the realtor who informed us that she would be running a little late and arrive to the address in approximately 45mins.

    With nothing to do, the three of us wandered around the property for a few minutes before we finally sat on the front porch and waited for her to arrive, when Miranda received a call from her folks insisting that she come home immediately.

    As it happened, the "iCarly" star apparently had family members leaving for the airport who insisted that she come home and say goodbye before setting off.

    Sadly, her folks and I did not get along so Miranda suggested that I hang around with Debby while she rush home with my car.

    "Come on, really?" I quipped. "What are you like 12?"

    "Come on. You know what they're like." she argued. "Do you want them to ground me forever?"

    I still found it funny that a girl of Miranda's caliber, a god-damn TV star no less, was still being grounded by her parents.

    "Fine. If you have to go then go." I agreed.

    "But are you sure you want to do that?" Debby chimed in. "Drive all the way home by yourself?"

    "Of course." Miranda giggled before pecking us both on the lips and setting off.

    "I'll be fine, I promise." she added. "I'll even call you when I get there."

    While Debby shrugged, I walked Miranda back to the car and watched her speed off in my black Escalade, leaving me alone with her sexy, busty teenage friend.

    "So..." Debby finally remarked while playing with her cell phone. "This is a little awkward."

    "It is?"

    "I think it's the first time we've actually been alone together."

    "Really? I never noticed." I lied, making us both laugh nervously.

    Right away there was a strange vibe between the us as we were clearly attracted to one another but dare not act on it, for the sake of Miranda. Still, we both couldn't stop smiling and checking each other out, as I tried to make small talk and discuss the large estate we had come to inspect.

    "So I think this is the place that features the heated pool." I said. "And an indoor gym and spa upstairs?"

    I had to admit that speaking to Debby in person was quite taxing, especially since all I could do was focus on those lips. In fact every time I looked at her all I could think about was what it would look like to watch her suck dick! It's like her mouth was born to smoke cock.

    It was during this time that Debby stood up from the patio and looked noticeably anxious.

    "Are you okay?"

    "This is kind of embarrassing but...I really need to pee." she admitted.

    "Just go over there in the garden somewhere." I suggested, making her giggle.

    "Don't joke. I might have to do that."

    With that said, I started to snoop around and look for a way inside and actually discovered that one of the side windows was unlocked.

    "No, wait!" she objected briefly. "What if there's an alarm inside?"

    I told her not to worry as I climbed through the window and rushed over to the front door to find a security panel.

    Just as I had predicted the real estate agent had jotted down the security code right beside the control pad for easy access, and a moment later I disengaged the system and opened the front door.

    Amusingly enough Debby almost barreled past me as she rushed around looking for the bathroom.

    "Ohmigod. Ohmigod." she gasped. "This place is such fail! I can't find the bathroom!"

    "Try upstairs." I suggested, as I shut the front door and followed the teen star up the winding staircase.

    Upstairs, I was immediately taken aback by the sweeping views of West Hollywood and surprised at the sheer size and lavishness of the home.

    Suddenly, just as I stopped to enjoy the spectacular views my thoughts were interrupted with the sound of peeing in the background, which immediately made me laugh out loud.

    Noting this, Debby cringed with shame despite the sound of her urination getting louder.

    "Oh God. Close your ears." she implored. "Stop listening."

    "Close my ears?" I laughed. "And how do I do that exactly?"

    "Can you hear me peeing right now?"

    "Not at all," I lied, as I could only imagine how embarrassed she was.

    But to make matters worse, I soon found that I could spy into the bathroom and see her via a strategically placed mirror.

    I watched her pee for a few minutes and despite how funny it was I couldn't help but get aroused. She just looked so sexy, seated there with her pants and panties pooled around her ankles, her body leaned forward and her breasts mashed together.

    A few minutes later Debby flushed the toilet and emerged from the bathroom refreshed and new.

    "Ah, much better." she sighed, as I couldn't help but admire her gorgeous figure.

    Just like Miranda, Debby was a natural beauty who was mature beyond her years. But unlike my girlfriend, she appeared to have a much more womanly figure, and a set of tits that seemed to defy gravity and took your breath away.

    In fact I had a hard time taking my eyes off her cleavage as she joined me by the window and took in the sweeping views.

    "Wow. Pretty great view huh?" she beamed, as I stared down the side of her shirt and simply nodded in agreement.

    "Yup. Very nice indeed." I answered, as we then explored the rest of the house and soon swooned at the walk in sauna, spa, and gymnasium.

    "Whoa. Check it out."

    "Fuck. This is like your own personal little Playboy mansion." I quipped.

    "I know right!" she grinned as we stepped inside and admired the gold plated facets and hand crafted wood paneling.

    On the other side of the room was a state of the art gym set, treadmill, and elliptical machine.

    "This is like 30K worth of extra gear on its own." I added. "It'd be worth getting the place just for this room alone!"

    With twenty minutes left to kill until the realtor would arrive, I then suggested that we fill up the hot tub and see how the powerful water jets worked, to which Debby simply giggled and continued to wander around the rest of the gymnasium.

    This was all the permission I needed, so I reached over to squirt a copious amount of bubble bath liquid all over the inside of the tube and turned the facets on to full.

    Strangely enough it didn't take very long for the tub to fill full of water, and to my dismay I must have applied way too much liquid because it soon began to overflow with frothy bubbles.

    "OMG. What did you do?" Debby giggled from the door. "This is so funny."

    While I began to panic, Debby took out her camera phone and began to take snaps.

    "Shit!" I snickered. "I think I may have added a little too much."

    "Err, you might want to turn the water off now." she giggled. "It's going everywhere."

    "Good. Now we can take a quick dip."

    "Err. Excuse me?"

    "Sure. Why not?" I grinned. "We've still got some time before the realtor gets here."

    "You're crazy." Debby chuckled. "You're absolutely out of your mind."

    "C'mon." I goaded. "What are you afraid of?"

    "I'm not afraid." she snapped back. "I didn't say that."

    "Well? I guess you're all out of excuses then."

    It was only when Debby realized that I was serious that she laughed.

    "Wait. You're seriously going to get in?"

    "Come on. You can't tell me you don't want to try it. Look at it!" I answered. "It looks amaaaazing."

    I wasn't lying. The tub looked like it could comfortably fit at least three people in style, and featured all kinds nozzles and buttons for messaging your feet and legs and various areas of your body.

    "I can't believe you're making me do this..." she muttered under her breath, before complaining that she didn't have a change of clothes.

    "Change of clothes?" I laughed. "You think I do? At least you're wearing underwear. Wait. You are wearing underwear right?"

    The teen star rolled her eyes before she finally admitted that not only was she wearing panties, but had apparently bought brand new Victoria Secret underwear, and dare not get them wet.

    "Are you kidding me right now?" I challenged. "Prove it."

    While Debby now stood there considering my challenge, I took things to the next level and proceeded to unbutton my pants, noting the way she smiled and openly leered at my body suggestively, as I stripped down to my boxer briefs.

    "Ohmigod" she snickered. "You're crazy, you know that."

    "Hey. How are we going to know if you really like the place until you at least use the tub?"

    But just as the actress considered joining me, we were suddenly startled by her cell phone and interrupted by Miranda, who had called to let us know that she was now stuck in traffic.

    "Miranda, I cannot believe your boyfriend right now." Debby started to say. "He's fucking insane."

    "Oh really?" my girlfriend replied. "What did he do now?"

    Suddenly, I motioned for Debby to be quiet and not tell Miranda what I was doing (now standing there half naked) waiting to climb into the hot tub. Fortunately for me the actress was quick on her feet, and went on to explain how I had broken into the house so she could use the facilities.

    It was during this conversation that Miranda mentioned how the weather had turned bad in her part of the neighborhood, and that the hail storm was apparently heading in our direction.

    At this point I had turned off the tub facets and helped myself to a quick dip, biting my tongue and making strange faces as I tried to adjust to the scolding hot temperature of the water.

    Debby watched from the corner of her eye and tried her best not to laugh out loud, as I continued to entertain her.

    "Hey, take it off." I mouthed with my lips, as she continued to converse with Miranda on the phone.

    "What?" she mouthed back, before shaking her head. "No!"

    "C'mon." I pouted, as I pleaded for her to take off her clothes and join me in the foam-filled water.

    Fooling around I finally reached out to grab her by the wrist but she broke free from my grasp and continued to giggle with Miranda.

    A minute later I noticed a certain glint in her eyes as she watched me dunk my entire body in the water. In fact, I even noticed her roll her tongue over her mouth as she actually contemplated joining me again.

    "Come on." I whispered at her. "You know if you don't do it, you'll only regret it later."

    To my surprise, Debby finally proceeded to take off her clothes and slowly stripped off her denim jacket as though teasing me.

    The entire time as she disrobed she continued to talk to Miranda on the phone, and acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, while I now stood there in the water watching her drop her jacket to the floor and work on her blouse.

    The teenage starlet peeled her top over her head and was left to stand in nothing but a sheer lace bra.

    "Jesus." I gasped inwardly, as I watched her undress before my very eyes and flash me her incredible rack!

    To my delight her breasts seemed to be much larger than I expected, and I gulped nervously as I realized just how transparent her bra was: you could clearly see her erect nipples squeezed firmly against the sheer fabric.

    Feeling bold, I finally reached over and attempted to help her unfasten her jeans as she continued to indulge my girlfriend on the phone. In fact I was so frustrated at this point that I almost told her to hang up in Miranda's face, and pawed and fumbled with her zipper.

    Fortunately for me Debby found this amusing and didn't give the impression that anything strange was going on, even as we proceeded to grapple with one another by the side of the tub.

    "Just, take it off!" I hissed, as she resisted and tried not to laugh out loud.

    But then, while Debby was engrossed with her phone conversation I abruptly hauled her jeans and panties down in one fell swoop, and unceremoniously exposed her to my greedy eyes.

    The actress yelped with surprise and tried to squirm away, but I held her firmly in place as she tried to cover herself up with her free hand. I now glared directly at her teen sex, and was surprised to see that she apparently possessed a sexy little landing strip above her sex.

    With nothing to lose, I placed both my hands on her hour glass figure and directed her to turn around for my benefit, so I could leer at her teen ass and take in her womanly curves.

    Considering her choice of footwear that day (black leather boots) I was impressed that she didn't topple over in all the commotion, as I continued to paw and pull at her clothes while I marveled at her derriere.

    "Fuck-Yeah, what a great ass." I whispered from behind her.

    It was at this point that Debby huffed and gasped into the phone, which immediately alerted Miranda that something was going on. But to her credit, Debby quickly covered her tracks by claiming that she could see the approaching storm clouds on the horizon and was concerned.

    Meanwhile, I now knelt by the edge of the tub with my hands placed firmly around Debby's bare hips, and greedily leered and admired her flawless round butt, which was currently at eye level.

    At one point I even parted her cheeks gently, and marveled at the sight of her tiny little bunghole before she squirmed and blushed with shame above me. Suddenly, throwing caution to the wind, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to her tender flesh and kissed her gently on the butt.

    "Jesus!" Debby let out in surprise, but before she could stop and reprimand me I then buried my face between those luscious cheeks and licked.

    The fresh faced teenager could only bite her bottom lip and shut her eyes as I licked her asshole and pussy. Thankfully, she remained quiet and played it straight, as I wordlessly directed her to bend over a little for my benefit.

    The stunning teen happily obliged as I proceeded to eat her where she stood: right beside the edge of the hot tub with her pants and underwear still pooled around her ankles.

    The poor girl could only stifle a moan as her BFF droned on about the traffic, while I took this opportunity to glide my hand between her shapely legs and caressed her mound as I eagerly rimmed her.

    "Fuck...yes." I whispered between licks. "You taste so good."

    This combined assault seemed to work wonders on the TV star who finally interrupted Miranda mid sentence and told her to call back in a few minutes, claiming something about having a low battery and losing the signal.

    I don't think she even let Miranda respond appropriately before she tossed her phone to the floor and let out an all mighty moan.

    "Ooohhh Tony," she purred erotically as I had my seedy way with her, feasting on her succulent young cunt-lips.

    I ate her teen cookie for several minutes, sucking and slurping loudly on her wet sex and causing her to tremble before I finally stood up in the tub and brushed the head of my cock against her slick pussy.

    The "Jessie" star tensed up as I slowly impaled her from behind, filling her up with cock.

    "Ugh. God." she grunted softly as I entered her tight, teen clam.

    "Happy?" I hissed into her ear. "You fucking tease. You've had this coming."

    As I zealously groped and fondled her luscious tits with my hands, the teen star simply glared back at me in silence, her mouth agape as I withdrew my cock slowly only to thrust back in again, and slam into her hard and deep.

    "UGH." she grunted to the action, before flashing me a smoldering look.

    Clutching her naked body against mine, Debby instinctively arched her back and in the process thrust out her bubble-butt, giving me the perfect angle to pound that teen pussy from behind.

    "Open your legs." I insisted, directing her to open her stance so I could really get up in there and strike her G-spot.

    "W-We have to stop..." she hesitated briefly, my cock buried inside her twat. "This is wrong. What about Miranda?"

    "Do you want me to stop?" I teased. "Tell me to stop and I will. Just say it Debby."

    Amusingly enough, the voluptuous teen seemed to clam up.

    I then reached over and grasped a fistful of hair and proceed to fuck her in earnest, picking up the pace and now slamming into her thick round rump even harder than before.

    "Ugh. Fuck!!" she grunted through gritted teeth. "Oh. You bastard! I can't believe you're...OH! ...fucking me!"

    "Take it!" I growled from behind her as sweat poured from my brow. "Take it Debby. Take that hard cock!"

    It was at this point that the Disney star pumped her hips back at me and matched my pace thrust for thrust, the impact causing a lewd smacking sound to emanate in the tiled room as flesh slapped against flesh.

    "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh-Yes!" she grunted erotically, as she reached back and sunk her long nails into my hips and urged me on.

    "You like that? Huh?" I moaned into her ear? "You like that you little slut!"

    "Oh. Fuck." she barely answered. "Don't stop...fuck me! Harder!!"

    "You gonna cum?" I hissed. "You gonna cum all over my fat cock right now?"

    I drilled her clam for all I was worth until she finally squealed and her juices flooded my penis. In fact we both cried out at the same time, as her lips formed a perfect "O" and her pussy clamped down tight around me, almost milking me like a vice.

    The entire seedy affair was in danger of making me cum like never before, but instead of giving into my pleasure, I decide to get medieval on her ass and aimed the head of my cock against her backdoor!

    Amusingly enough the moaning starlet didn't even miss a beat, and showed no signs of trepidation.

    "Yeah?" I growled with surprise, now even more turned on that she'd allow me to fuck her ass. "You wanna get fucked in the ass baby?"

    To my astonishment Debby paused to glance back over her shoulder and dared me into action.

    "Go ahead, do it." she panted hotly. "Stick it in my ass!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and incredibly, it didn't take much effort to enter her chocolate starfish. Once embedded, I pinned both of her arms behind her back, and proceeded to drill her shit-pipe, determined to give her the hard fucking she deserved!

    "Take it! Take it, you little slut!" I growled as I hammered her tight asshole. "That that cock in your ass!!"

    "ohmigod..." she grimaced with glee. "You're gonna make me cum again."

    "Do it! fucking bitch!" I shouted. "Rub your dirty little cunt while I fuck your ass!"

    Debby was more than eager to please and now rubbed her clit as I sodomized her.

    But just as things were starting to get interesting (dirty talk) we suddenly heard what sounded like the front door slam shut downstairs, which was quickly followed by the sound of high heeled shoes clicking through the foyer.

    "Hello?" We heard someone announce in the distance. "Are you guys in here?"

    "Shit! Stop!" Debby panicked. "Oh fuck. She's here!"

    Terror now gripped us both as we suddenly realized that the Realtor had arrived, and without warning I pulled my cock out of Debby's sopping cunt and grabbed for my clothes and tried to dress.

    "H-e-l-l-o?" The agent repeated, as she reached for the staircase handrail. "Are you guys okay up there?"

    Debby and I barely managed to put our clothes on as the agent finally navigated the stairs and slowly wandered into the room, only to find the tub filled with water and the two of us fumbling with our clothes.

    "Wait, what's going on in here...oh!" she gasped as she suddenly realized what we had been doing.

    Truth be told it wasn't that hard to figure out considering the strong pungent scent of sex in the air.

    "Am I interrupting something?" the agent snapped sarcastically, as Debby and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

    I guess she assumed we were just another horny young couple.

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    Great read! Should be interesting to see where you want to continue this story line.... I'd love to see some Debby on Miranda action...

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    Great to see these two back together. Excellent work as always.

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    Another GREAT one , Loves me some Debby Ryan !

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    Oh wow, I actually remember when you first came up with this and were putting it together. Great to see it finally completed! I knew it'd be great then and it still is now, of course even better now that it's more than just some ideas thrown together. lol. In short, Debby's hot and this story is great. great work TPG.

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