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Thread: "Hollywood High" with Miley Cyrus and Alyson and Amanda Michalka

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    fanfiction "Hollywood High" with Miley Cyrus and Alyson and Amanda Michalka

    Hollywood High
    With Miley Cyrus and Alyson and Amanda Michalka
    Written by TPG
    (MF/MFFF, BJ, rim, anal)

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    IT WAS the middle of the afternoon when I initially got the call from Miley Cyrus asking me to meet with her in Toluca Lake, as she apparently wanted to score. According to her she had slipped out of the house unannounced and was out jogging with her dog, and eager to get her hands on some weed before heading home for the day. The drive over took all of 20mins and just as she claimed I found her standing alone by the deserted Golf course in nothing but her workout attire. To my delight the singer appeared to be clad in sexily bright turquoise colored tank top and matching black lycra pants, which showed off her womanly curves and hard teenage abdomen.

    "Hey, what's up?" she smiled as she approached my vehicle in the car park.

    "How's it going little lady?" I replied. "What can I do for you today?"

    Miley giggled, "You know exactly what you can do for me."

    "Yes. Yes I do."

    With that said I reached over to the middle console in my vehicle and produced a few pre-made baggies that I was sure would interest the pop diva, as they had been the main source of business between the two of us in the past. But to my surprise Miley seemed unsatisfied.

    "What's wrong?" I asked, noting the strange look on her face.

    "Err. I need a lot more this time." she claimed. "At least an ounce?"

    "You what?" I snickered. "You're not turning into a little pot junky on me, are you Miley?"

    The singer giggled and went on to explain how she was attending a birthday party later that evening and wanted a lot more weed for her celebrity friends.

    "Really? Anyone I know?" I joked, attempting to make more customers. "Just kidding."

    Looking around in the cabin, I informed her that I was currently low on supply and would have to swing by my place to hook her up. Miley seemed fine by this and then suggested that I give her a ride home so she could grab some extra cash and we could make the exchange.

    "So um, what's the damage?" she asked while crouching beside me on the pavement.

    "For an ounce, nowadays? You looking at about $350?"

    "Oh, really?" she replied a little dejectedly. "Cause I think I'm about fifty bucks short."

    I had to laugh as Miley frequently seemed to come up short when it came to our various deals in the past, yet I had always brushed it off even though she somehow managed to always lack the twenty or thirty dollars. But today I was going to collect on her debts.

    "Listen. You realize you already owe me a ton-fuck of money from all the times I let it go, right?"

    "Yeah I know," she agreed. "But that's why I called you today."

    "Why? Because you think I'm a push over?"

    "No," she replied. "Because I thought that maybe you and I could come to some kind of... arrangement?"

    "What did you have in mind?" I grinned, already knowing full well what she was insinuating.

    Miley seemed to contemplate something for a moment and couldn't seem to wipe the perpetual grin off her face before she waved her hand and insisted that we head back to her place and talk it over. With that said, she placed her dog in the backseat and we headed off. Right away the songbird grinned as she noticed me leering at her sexy ensemble and asked if I like it.

    "Do you like it?" she teased. "I bought it yesterday. I figured you'd get a kick out of it."

    I paused for a moment as I thought I heard her remark that she had specifically worn the outfit for my benefit? This was going to be a very interesting day.

    "Yeah, I do." I reassured her. "But I have to admit I prefer that short black skirt you sometimes wear."

    Miley giggled and rolled her eyes.

    "You only like that dress cause of those upskirt pix last week."

    "Yeah well," I shrugged. "So sue me."

    It was during this time that the singer flashed me a sly grin before she reached over to grab at my cock, taking my breath away. Feeling playful, she then proceeded to massage my manhood through my pants and smiled widely as she discovered firsthand the effects her company was having on me.

    "Hmm. Is this for me?" she teased.

    "I see you haven't changed a bit." I chuckled, as she reached into my shorts to release my budding erection and fawned.

    "Mm. Yummy." she purred.

    Truth be told this wasn't the first time the teen sensation had offered sexual favors to me before, and while I had been privy to a few of her hand jobs in the past this was different. Now it seemed that the teen harlot was offering to go that extra mile for some weed, and the ounce was just the perfect excuse to go through with the deed.

    "You know, sometimes I think you get more of a thrill out of doing this then you do getting high?" I laughed.

    "What can I say," she commented while looking around. "I love the cock."

    Without any further ado, the onetime "Hannah Montana" star then unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over to take my hard cock into her warm mouth and proceeded to blow me as I tried my best to concentrate on the road ahead. At one point we even stopped at an intersection where she continued to suck my dick as another car pulled up alongside us. There the occupants snickered as it was abundantly obvious that I was receiving head, but I found this even more thrilling as I wondered how they would react if they knew that the person in fact blowing me was teen starlet Miley Cyrus. Feeling bold, I reached over and slid my hand inside her tight lycra pants and discover first hand that the singer-songwriter was not wearing any panties.

    This revelation thrilled me to no end and I immediately sort out and pinched her hard clit between my thumb and forefinger, urging it out and teasing her bald teen cunt. Miley moaned to this action with a mouth full of cock before I finally plunged two of my digits deep inside her tight teen clam and twirled them around inside her.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she mumbled erotically before taking me deep down her narrow little throat.

    "Ugh." she gasped a moment later. "You're so hard right now."

    "And you're so fucking wet." I snapped back before she kissed me hard on the lips while my fingers remained embedded inside her.

    To my delight Miley wiggled her hips back and forth and arched her back sharply as she rode my digits. God she had a magnificent little body on her, and a tight little cunt too.

    "What are you trying to do to me, huh?" she teased as she gripped my tool hard with her hand and stroked me up and down.

    "What's wrong?" I grinned smugly. "Can't handle it?"

    "You keep that up and you're gonna make me climb that seat and fuck you right now."

    "Promises, promises." I teased back.

    Unfortunately for us, Miley and I soon arrived to her place just as things were getting interesting in the car but to my delight fate seemed to intervene once again as it appeared that no one was home. As it turned out, it seemed Liam had gone over to her folks place for a BBQ just a few blocks away, and with the whole place to ourselves the singer let her dog out of my car and invited me in for a few minutes.

    "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

    Miley quipped, "You want the money don't you?"

    Despite knowing her for several months, it was officially the first time I had been around to her place and I was genuinely taken aback by her plush surroundings. I could hardly believe the lavishness of her home and couldn't help but wonder why a girl like her would even contemplate doing drugs, as she appeared to have it all. Inside, the actress-turned-singer offered me a drink and claimed that she'd only be a few minutes as she had to take a shower.

    "Make yourself at home," she offered.

    "What if someone comes home unexpectedly?"

    "Trust me," she reassured me. "We've got the entire place to ourselves. Everyone's at my folks place having supper right now. Just relax."

    While she disappeared down the hall, I took this opportunity to make myself a stiff drink and decided to have a little fun and quickly popped a viagra pill with my beverage. I guess I figured that if the two of us were actually going to screw around that I'd make the most of it and really give her the time of her life. In the meanwhile as I waited for the tiny blue pill to work its magic, I looked around her incredible abode and found a wall littered with photos of Miley posing with just about anyone and everyone in the entertainment industry. Funnily enough a few of those familiar faces were clients of mine.

    Nevertheless, it was an impressive collection of celebrities to say the least and I had to remind myself that this was the same young starlet who had just sucked my dick in the car on the way over. It was during this time that I went over to the bar to make myself a drink when I jumped with fright as I heard a loud knock at the front door and panicked briefly as I wondered what to do.

    "Fuck!" I cussed. "I knew it."

    Taking a deep breath, I finally built up the courage to answer the door and a minute later was confronted by two gorgeous blonde sisters.

    "Oh! Hello? Is Miley around?"

    The girls were apparently friends of Miley's and quickly introduced themselves to me as Aly and AJ, otherwise known as the Michalka sisters. Naturally I invited them in as they looked around and realized that the place was deserted.

    "Err. Where is everyone?"

    "Miley's in the shower right now," I informed them. "But she shouldn't be much longer. Make yourselves at home."

    Inside, the girls immediately questioned me about who I was and what I was doing there as I refilled my bourbon and coke and officially introduced myself.

    "So um. Where's Liam?" Alyson quizzed, as I explained that I had no idea since Miley and I had just arrived home a few minutes earlier.

    "So are you that guy?" AJ quipped, causing her older sister to gasp at her rudeness. "That drug dealer dude?"


    "What? Miley's mentioned him before, remember?"

    I simply grinned, "Well, I guess you could say that."

    "So... does that mean if we asked you to," Aly quizzed. "You could hook us up with some pills tonight?"

    "Sure," I answered. "If you've got the cash, we can definitely work something out."

    Amanda then went on to explain how they apparently had their own dealer back in Calabasas but that he was apparently dry at the moment and they were desperate to score. The sisters and I talked shop for a few minutes before I finally convinced them to join me on the sofa and indulge in a joint while we waited for Miley to emerge from the shower. To my delight the girls appeared to be lifelong pot heads and were eager to smoke, with Aly claiming that she hadn't been high in several weeks.

    "Yeah but. You really think you should?" I heard AJ confer with her sister.

    "Huh? What's going on?" I interjected, as the girls giggled and AJ claimed that her sister got super horny when she was stoned.

    "Oh really?" I chuckled, as the two of them looked at each other and blushed brightly. "And the problem is?"

    "No, I'm serious." AJ insisted. "I'm not just saying that. My sister really gets riled up and shit. It's actually pretty funny."

    It was only now as Amanda and I continued to chat that I noticed Alyson appear to size me up and down and seemingly contemplate if I was worth the risk. To my amusement the "Hellcats" star did not refute the claims her sister made and playfully slapped her in the arm.

    "Oh shut up, AJ. It's not as bad as you make it out to be."

    "Oh, no? What about that time at Coachella a few years ago?" AJ recalled. "Remember those guys?"

    "Err, what about you?" Alyson snapped back defensively. "You're just as bad as I am, so quite bitching."

    While the ladies continued to quibble back and forth, I rolled the hefty blunt and lit it up.

    "So... who's got first dibs?" I offered. "Anyone?"

    Without missing a beat AJ snatched the chunky spliff from my hand and I watched as the blonde sisters proceeded to share it between themselves, each of them taking an impressive amount of tainted air into their lungs. In fact, I was amused to see that the gear seemed to go right to their heads as they both appeared noticeably stoned fairly quickly.

    "Wow. This stuff is really strong." Alyson commented as she coughed briefly and lay back on the large sofa to enjoy her high.

    "Yeah, I'll say." AJ added. "This seems way better than the stuff we usually get back in our area."

    I was then taken aback as the girls put on quite the show for me, and intentionally blew smoke into each other's mouths shotgun style. In truth it was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen and despite myself I couldn't help but get incredible aroused by the display, no doubt due to the tiny blue pill I had taken a few minutes earlier. Feeling generous, I then told the girls that the joint was on the house since I was fairly confident I now had two new customers.

    "Oh really? Great!" AJ exclaimed excitedly before taking another toke. "Do you have a card or something? So we can contact you again?"

    "Yeah, watch out for this one." Alyson remarked, referring to her sister. "She'll probably end up being your best customer."

    Considering how sexy they both were, I really didn't mind.

    "Yeah, it's kind of true." AJ giggled. "I kind of smoke pot every day."

    It was a minute later that we all slumped back and enjoyed our high before we suddenly watched Alyson get up from the couch and take her sisters cell phone into the kitchen to call someone.

    "Ha! I told you," AJ remarked, as her sister was apparently eager to call one of her ex-boyfriends for a booty call.

    In the meanwhile as Amanda and I laughed together on the sofa, she places her legs over my knee and I caressed her thighs which apparently made her giggle.

    "Stop!" she snickered sweetly. "I'm ticklish."

    "You are, huh?" I replied before I dug my fingers into her hips and ribs, causing her to shriek and thrash about.

    To my delight Amanda squirmed about wildly which caused me to inadvertently touch her breasts and her hand to brush against my menacing erection. I could tell from the surprised look on her face that she was immediately taken aback by the size of my manhood, as we began to grapple around with one another before I finally allowed her to pin me back against the couch. As expected AJ and were panting heavily at this point as I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, and she happily reciprocated. In the meanwhile, Alyson stood off in the distance in the kitchen, talking to a friend and growing increasingly frustrated as she couldn't get in contact with her ex and was forced to leave a message. Nevertheless, Amanda and I carried on screwing around on the sofa, where I slipped my hand between her legs as we grappled and tussled around.

    "Wait, stop." she giggled quietly while putting up a feeble fight. "What if my sister sees us?"

    "Trust me," I replied. "In the mood she's in right now I don't think she'd mind."

    AJ responded to this comment by reaching down between us and gripping my hard length with her hand. The look in her eyes told me she was more than impressed.

    "Anything you can do, I can do better."

    With that, we continued to grope and grapple with each other.

    "God damn it!" Alyson suddenly whined as she returned to join us on the sofa.

    "What's up?"

    "Joel's apparently gone out with his friends already."

    "Joel? Forget Joel, sis." Amanda scoffed. "You should feel this guys lips right now."

    "Oh yeah?" her sister smirked, as AJ and I briefly wrestled some more and we now sat there embracing one another, our hands still placed between each other's legs.

    "Well?" Alyson directed at me.

    "Well, what?"

    "You up to it?"

    "Err. Up to what exactly?"

    "My sister claims you're a good kisser. So, prove it."

    "And how exactly do I do that?" I asked naively, never expecting in a million years she'd be so forward.

    "Do I have to spell it out to you?" Alyson plainly stated. "Kiss me."

    "Right here, right now?"

    "Sure, why not?" she dared. "You're not afraid are you?"

    Not knowing what to say I looked at AJ for direction who simply smiled and seemed eager to watch.

    "Go ahead. Don't mind me."

    "Okay," I countered. "But first we all have to take another hit, agreed?"

    The girls both approved as we all took another long toke from the hefty joint. Almost immediately I could see the effort it had on the two of them as they're normally bright eyes turned bloodshot red. I also noticed that the more stoned they were the more aroused they both appeared to be. In fact straight after her second toke I felt AJ squeeze my cock for good measure. Although she didn't speak, her actions spoke louder than words and the look in her eyes told me that she desperately wanted to fuck.

    "Ready?" Alyson remarked.

    "Okay, come here." I replied calling her bluff, who to my surprise actually leaned over Amanda and looked me right in the eyes.

    Just like her sister, Alyson Michalka really was a pretty girl with the most incredible bluish-green eyes I had ever seen. A moment later Aly and I shared our first official kiss and the addition of weed, and the viagra for that matter caused us both to sigh with delight. To be honest, the next few minutes were a total blur as the three of us were now as high as kites and I suddenly found myself alternating between the two starlets, taking turns and kissing them one after another. At one point I was passionately making out with Alyson while her sister AJ had her head buried in my lap and was sucking my dick. The three of us were moaning and whimpering audibly as I sat back and allowed the girls to have their seedy way with me. There I watched as Amanda licked the side of my shaft like an ice cream cone and glared up at me seductively with her beautiful green eyes while her sister keenly kissed my neck and gave me a love bite.

    Suddenly, Aly moved to straddle my lap and swiftly impaled herself over my erection as I looked over to see AJ sit beside me on the couch, her long smooth legs spread wide as she frigged herself in earnest and watched her sister and I proceed to fuck.

    "Mm. Yeah." AJ purred. "That looks so fucking hot right now."

    With that said, Amanda smeared her juices all around her hairless mound before she brought her slick fingers up to my lips and offered me a taste.

    "Mm. How does she taste?" Alyson whimpered above me as she settled herself down on my cock and wiggled her hips.

    "You girls are fucking incredible." I barely muttered as I sucked on AJ's wet fingers and watched her plunge them back inside herself.

    At this point I could barely speak as her big sister proceeded to grind her hips in a circular motion and rode me more intently. In fact, Aly was so sopping wet that I moved effortlessly inside her. This continued for a few minutes before the girls finally switched positions and AJ replaced her sister above me. To my surprise Amanda appeared to be even tighter than Alyson which caused us both to groan out loud with glee.

    "Oh! Shit yeah." I gave out, as the striking 21-year-old carefully impaled herself above me and proceeded to flick her hips in a back and forth motion.

    "Mm. My sister sure does have a tight little pussy, doesn't she?" Alyson teased as my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

    It was during this time that I moaned out loud as I watched Alyson disappear from view and suddenly felt her tongue and lips brush across my nuts and realized that she was licking and sucking me while her sister rode me above. The mere notion that her face was so close to her own sisters sex drove me insane with lust, especially as Alyson forcefully spread my legs a minute later and proceeded to lick my taint and ass with her impressively long tongue.

    "Mm. Yeah. Fuck him, AJ." Alyson encouraged from between my legs. "Ride his cock, sis. Ride it hard."

    The three of us enjoyed this splendid arrangement for several more minutes before Amanda finally climbed off my shiny wet cock and her sister claimed that she now wanted to suck my dick.

    "Hmm. I need some cock in my mouth." the eldest Michalka sister hissed, as the two immediately kneeled before me on the floor.

    To my amusement the girls actually fought over control of my cock and I ultimately had to intervene and insist that they both share and blow me in unison. I now sat back and watched as the blonde siblings took turns licking and sucking different areas of my cock-flesh, one slurping on the tip of my bell-end while the other sucked and licked at my balls and taint. Caught up in the moment of it all, I naturally urged them to make out with one another but they initially refused. Nevertheless, I grabbed them both by the back of their heads and directed them to lick up and down the side of my meaty stick at the same time and persisted in trying to make them kiss each other if only for my benefit, and they finally conceded. To my delight, Alyson finally turned to her baby sister and without warning shoved her long wet tongue into her mouth, startling her.

    This action was so sexy that it almost made me pop right there inside AJ's death grip as she stroked me intently, and noting this they continued to blow me enthusiastically and shared several more kisses together, swirling their tongues across the head of my engorged cock and each other's tongues.

    "Mm. I think he likes that, sis?" Alyson remarked before she and AJ stopped to share another deep tongue-fueled kiss.

    "Jesus Christ! That's so fucking hot." I groaned, as I then urged them on and directed AJ to kiss her sisters neck while Alyson blew me.

    "You like that?" AJ remarked in her sexy sultry tone. "You like the way my sister sucks your dick?"

    "God yes." I replied. "Keep kissing her face and neck, AJ."

    Amanda happily obliged.

    The two of them really made an incredible team as I instructed the girls to take off their clothes and insisted that AJ kneel behind her topless sister and cup her large round breasts with both hands while biting her neck and ear. This seemed to have the desired effect as Alyson moaned aloud around my rod and the two seemed caught up in the moment and shared another impromptu smooch. At one point I almost expected them to just ignore me completely and fuck each other senseless having finally unleashed years of pent up frustration towards each other. Fortunately for me the entire time as they made out, AJ had her hand grasped firmly around the base of my shaft and was stroking me towards a toe curling orgasm.

    As incredible as this scene was, things then took a dramatic turn for the surreal as we suddenly heard someone clear their throat from across the room and we all turned to look and see Miley standing there. Having emerged from the shower, the teenage sexpot was scantily clad in nothing more than a towel and judging from the sly expression on her face apparently found the impromptu three-way sex scene on her living room sofa amusing.

    "I see you've met my friends?" Miley grinned, with a slight jealous streak in her voice.

    "Yeah I did." I remarked. "And I'm definitely a fan."

    "Mind if I join in?" Miley smirked before releasing the towel from her naked body.

    "Get your ass over here!" Alyson snapped from the floor.

    Without missing a beat Miley joined the fray and I then watched in wonder as she eagerly gobbled up my cock while Alyson moved to kneel directly behind her and proceeded to eat her ass.

    "Oh! Oh yes." Miley blissfully moaned around my dick. "Right there. Eat my ass, Aly. Oh. You know I like that."

    Meanwhile AJ moved to straddle my hips, and with her back now pressed against my chest, she lay back and spread her long smooth legs apart as Miley gently guided my manhood inside the youngest Michalka sister and took this opportunity to briefly spit at my balls and lick Amanda's cunt.

    "Oh! Fuck." Amanda trembled wildly above me. "Yes! Yes! Eat my pussy, Miley. Please."

    With AJ now embedded securely above me, she proceeded to ride me reverse cowgirl style and we quickly found a steady pace as we watched the others literally rip each other apart. The sexual tension between Miley and Alyson was palpable, and for a minute I thought they were actually going to fight each other into submission but instead the two singers grabbed at each other fiercely and embraced. There we watched as Miley seized Aly by the scruff of her blonde hair and literally pulled her over into the middle of the carpeted floor and straddled her lovers face, lowering and grinding her teen sex onto her mouth. This of course placed the ladies in an impromptu 69 position with Miley now sitting straight up directly atop of her friends face.

    "You're fucking stoned again, huh?" Miley hissed down at her. "C'mon you fucking slut. Here, eat my pussy."

    "Yeah? Is that what you want?" Alyson hissed back from the floor while grasping at her friends buttocks.

    "You fucking bitch." Aly added. "You want me to lick that teen cunt of yours? Yeah?"

    "STFU!" Miley growled while flicking her hips back and forth, urging her on. "And stick that tongue inside me already."

    We then watched in stunned silence as the "Can't Be Tamed" star essentially sat herself down entirely over her friends face and smothered her with her pussy and moaned out loud before she finally leaned forward to return the favor, and buried her face between Michalka's long limbs. The ladies feasted on each other loudly as AJ picked up the pace and now bounced wildly above me.

    "Ugh. Oh. Ugh. Yes." she ranted incoherently.

    As incredible as this moment was, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next as Amanda shocked me once again and glanced over her shoulder and insisted that I stick my cock in her ass.

    "Really?" I stammered dumbfounded.

    "Yes! C'mon." she almost pleaded. "Stick it in my ass. Please."

    I didn't need to be asked twice.

    With that said, Amanda raised her butt just an inch and gently eased herself over my engorged cock and I began to fill her tiny sphincter slowly but surely.

    "Oh. Yeah." she snarled while lolling her head back. "Fuck my ass, baby. Give it to me."

    I happily obliged, and while clutching her buttocks with both hands and guided her body up and down and impaled her again and again. Minutes later, all three ladies were naked as the day they were born and now bent over on the sofa and demanded that I fuck each one of them in the butt. Gripping my manhood firmly, I happily concurred with this request and now took turns leisurely drilling all three of them in the ass until I could no longer hold off. Pushed to my very limits, I finally announced my impending orgasm to the ladies and blew my wad down Miley's narrow throat as her friends quickly scrambled to join her on the floor and the Michalka sisters hungrily licked at her semen coated lips and face.

    "I had a feeling you'd like my friends." Miley winked.

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    Goddamn that was good...longer than usual too, which is definitely something good too. Awesome work!

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    One of the absolute best stories you've done and on this site overall. Everything I hoped it would be from the original synopsis and more. Simply outstanding TPG!

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    would love to see this continue into a series.

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    Damn, that was one of the best stories I have read on here. You have outdone yourself TPG!

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