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Thread: "Press Pass" with Daniella Monet, Ariana Grande, and Liz Gillies

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    fanfiction "Press Pass" with Daniella Monet, Ariana Grande, and Liz Gillies

    Press Pass
    With Daniella Monet, Ariana Grande, and Liz Gillies
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFFF/FF, blowjob, voy, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    With just two days to go before the highly anticipated 84th Annual Academy Awards, the ladies from the hit show "Victorious" were absolutely furious as they marched into their trailer and discussed the latest scandal.

    To their chagrin, the girls had discovered that Victoria Justice had called in sick, and more importantly would be attending the Oscar awards and essentially representing the show.

    Worst still, Victoria had apparently gone out of her way to keep it a secret from everyone for several weeks, and had even made up some elaborate lie about being busy.

    "Who the hell does she think she is?" Liz whined. "Did she really think we wouldn't find out?"

    "Are you serious?" Daniella replied. "You know what she's like. It's all about her."

    "How come she gets to go, but we don't?" Ariana pouted.

    "That's because you're not a complete whore like her." Liz snapped.

    "I can be whore if I have to!" the petite redhead claimed, making her friends laugh and roll their eyes.

    "I have to admit, even for her this is pretty low." Daniella added. "I can't believe she wasn't going to tell us."

    "Yeah well, she's a fucking bitch!"

    "I wish there was a way we could go... and totally surprise her." Ariana remarked. "Just to spite her, you know?"

    Suddenly, Daniella paused to contemplate something and seemed to have a bright idea before she grabbed her phone and claimed how she had previously scored some tickets via the internet.

    While her friends flashed her a cynical look, Daniella maintained that she had in fact slipped backstage at several events throughout the year thanks to various sites like Ebay and Ticketmaster.

    "It's just a question of timing..." she claimed. "You just have to snap them up before they're all gone."

    With nothing to lose, the ladies searched several sites and bulletin boards before they finally came across a post which read "Oscar Press Passes Now Available."

    "Found it!" Monet exclaimed, before she noticed the phone number and was relieved to see it was a local call.

    The girls now debated what to do as Daniella took matters into her own hands and immediately rang the number.

    To her friends surprise, she seemed more than adamant about teaching Victoria a lesson, and declared that she was willing to pay just about anything to procure the tickets.

    "I swear," she remarked while she dialed the number. "I don't care what it takes, we're going to that event!"

    While Ariana and Liz cheered and high fived one another, Daniella was quickly disappointed to hear a recorded message. Leaving a brief message and her details, the girls returned to surfing the net looking for more tickets outlets but were bitterly disappointed.

    "Damn it. I mean, can you imagine the look on her face," Ariana snickered. "If Victoria saw us sitting in the audience with her."

    "I know right! Especially as she has no idea that we know about her backstabbing plans."

    "Oh man, I'd just die with laughter!" Liz added. "C'mon DeeMo, we just got to make it happen!"

    "Don't worry, we will." Monet vowed as she stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth and concentrated on the screen.

    A moment later, the girls all jumped with fright as Daniella's cell phone buzzed to life and the starlet was put in direct contact with the ticket holder. While Ariana shrieked childishly in the background, they all listened to Daniella flirt and negotiate with him.

    "Uh-huh. Yeah. OK." she replied sweetly into the phone. "I can meet you there. Say in about an hour?"

    Hanging up the phone, the actresses giggled excitedly as Daniella explained how she had agreed to meet the seller downtown, claiming that his only stipulation was that she come pick up the press passes herself and do it ASAP.

    With that said, the girls all volunteered to accompany Daniella to the transaction and to their amusement they watched as Ariana rushed around frantically in the trailer, hurriedly perusing the countless racks of clothes.

    "Err, what the hell are you doing?" Liz finally asked her.

    "We want those tickets right?" she explained. "Well, it couldn't hurt if we got dressed up and looked our sexiest?"

    To her friends delight, there was some method to her madness as all three of them quickly agreed and proceeded to put on makeup and search for the sexiest outfits they could find in the trailer, some of which ironically belonged to Victoria.

    "Yeah, if we have to flirt and show a bit of skin for these tickets... then so be it." Liz stated as she slipped her slender frame into a tight fitting short dress.

    "Besides," Daniella remarked a minute later, while adjusting her generous cleavage. "It's not like we've never done it before... Remember the Golden Globes last year?"

    "Oh yeah, don't remind me." Ariana giggled. "Now that was fun!"

    A few minutes later, the girls dressed sexily and climbed into Daniella's convertible mini and followed the directions across town. The ride itself took all of twenty minutes before and the girls soon found themselves in a secluded part of East L.A.

    "OMG. That can't be it, can it?" Ariana said, as they quickly realized that the address appeared to be an old run down adult theater directly opposite the highway.

    "Wait a minute," Daniella objected. "I'm not going in there. What if someone sees us?"

    "Oh relax." Liz argued. "It's not like anyone around here would recognize us. Besides, I'm sure the place has a back entrance."

    "It does?" Ariana raised a brow. "And you would know this because...?"

    "Well let's just say this isn't my first rodeo."

    "Huh?" Grande replied, making her friends laugh at her confused state.

    "What are you saying?" Daniella then spoke. "You've been to adult shops and theaters before?"

    "Shit yeah." Liz happily admitted. "I told you guys about it before. Heck, I even invited you once or twice... but you always seem to be busy?"

    While the ladies parked the car they paused for a moment to sit and discuss exactly what they were going to do.

    "Err, I dunno if I want to go in there." Monet claimed.

    "Oh come on." Grande chimed in. "We'll only be in there for a few minutes."

    Daniella snickered at her through the rear view mirror.

    "You just want to go inside cause you've never seen an adult theater before."

    "Come on guys," Liz finally insisted. "Don't you want to go to the Oscars on Sunday? Don't you want to teach Victoria a lesson for lying to us?"

    "I guess..." they both shrugged.

    "Just remember the big picture." Gillies said, "We're here to teach that bitch a lesson."

    Looking around, the ladies finally stepped out of the vehicle and crossed the street, all three of them looking absolutely gorgeous and totally out of place, completely overdressed for the neighborhood much less the rundown theater.

    Feeling nervous, Ariana immediately grabbed Elizabeth's hand as Daniella led the way. They're high heeled shoes all clicked and clacked as they skipped across the street and stepped into the side entrance and up the dimply lit staircase.

    To their surprise they found the theater almost deserted, and giggled to themselves as the sound of a 70's porn soundtrack could be heard playing from inside the auditorium.

    "This is so wrong, in so many ways." Daniella giggled at the absurdity of it all.

    Here they all were, three bonafide TV stars from the hit show "Victorious," dressed to the nines and wandering around the upstairs lobby of an adult theater in East L.A. It was like something out of a Penthouse Forum letter.

    Wandering around the large foyer for few minutes, the girls soon grew impatient before Ariana finally called out.

    "Hello?" she yelled in her sweet teenage voice. "Is anyone here?"

    "Ariana!" Daniella panicked. "STFU! What if some guys hear you and confront us?"

    "Down here!" a male voice suddenly replied in the distance. "I'm in the office. Just follow the corridor around to the back."

    The girls tentatively wandered down the hall and found an office at the very end. There they nervously stepped inside and looked around.

    "Hello ladies. I'm Randy, Randy West." The mature man said while getting up from behind his desk. "Please to meet you. I own this establishment."

    "Err, hello?" Daniella stammered, before introducing her friends.

    Once the pleasantries were done, Randy then gave the his guests the bad news.

    "Wow," he remarked while briefly admiring their sexy ensembles. "I wish you had arrived a few minutes earlier..."

    "Really? Why? What happened?"

    "It's just that I had to give one of the press passes away to a friend."

    "Damn it!" Daniella snapped. "So you sold it already?"

    "Well, not exactly." he explained. "But it's been reserved until they come pick it up later this evening."

    The girls were immediately disappointed, but Daniella still appeared determined than ever to go to the event and simply presumed that Randy was lying and playing hardball, most probably trying to push up the price of the existing tickets.

    Noting their outfits, Randy joked. "Gee, considering the effort you clearly made... now I feel real bad."

    Feeling angry and disenchanted, Ariana suddenly seemed eager to leave as Randy reached under his desk and explained that the existing tickets would now run in the order of $1000 each.

    "WHAT!" The girls exclaimed in unison.

    In truth, the starlets had nowhere near that amount and were lucky if they possessed $500 between the three of them. Both Liz and Ariana immediately looked at Daniella for answers, who in turn could only respond with a shrug. Noting this reaction, Randy sighed.

    "Well... I'm sorry for dragging you down here and wasting your time."

    As the ladies started to leave, Daniella suddenly seemed to have a change of heart and stopped to barter with the theater owner.

    "Are you sure there's nothing we can do to get our hands on those tickets?" she challenged. "It's really important to us."

    Taking a seat behind his desk, Randy poured a bottle of Whiskey into his glass as he mulled over her comment.

    "You girls aren't cops, are you?" he remarked.

    "Ha!" Ariana giggled. "Do we look like cops?"

    "Hmm..." he answered. "Well I do want to help you girls out. I guess it all depends on you."

    "It does?"

    "What I mean is, how opened minded are you?"

    "I guess that all depends." Monet replied with a seductive grin.

    "Well... I think the next question is how important are these tickets to you?"

    "Extremely, sir." Ariana added. "We just have to be at that event this Sunday, no matter what."

    "I think I know what he wants." Liz suddenly smirked from the back, before stepping forward.

    Randy simply sat there grinning, enjoying his drink as he let the ladies use their own imaginations and come up with their own terms and conditions.

    "I think he wants some sexual favors for those tickets, am I right?" Gillies beamed.

    "Well, I wouldn't go that far." he defended himself, still paranoid about the ladies working undercover.

    "But let's just say money isn't the only thing that runs this town." he added.

    While Daniella immediately rolled her eyes in disgust and attempted to to leave, Randy took another sip of his drink and got up from the desk and admitted that if the girls were willing to "entertain" him for a few minutes, he'd be more than willing to drop the price considerably.

    "Oh really?" Daniella scoffed. "By how much?"

    "How about half price?"

    While this certainly intrigued the ladies, they still seemed uncertain about how to proceed and ultimately decided to decline his offer and began to leave. Noting this, Randy spoke again.

    "Alright, alright. You girls drive a hard bargain." he snickered. "How about nothing? How about absolutely free tickets?"

    Hearing this, the "Victorious" stars stopped and glared at each other cynically before they turned around to face him. The girls were clearly skeptical about this new deal, but no less interested in procuring the highly sort after Oscar press passes for free.

    "Are you sure they're legit?" Liz countered.

    "They're absolutely 100% Press Passes, yes." he answered. "With individual seating, I might add."

    "In fact not only will they get you into the main show, but also grant you full access to the after parties as well."

    While Ariana shrugged, Liz seemed convinced while Daniella now appeared unimpressed and on the fence. While her initial instinct was to storm out of the door, she couldn't stand to let her friends down and now wondered just what he wanted in exchange for them.

    "OK, so let's say we agree... to your terms?" Daniella replied. "What exactly do you want from us?"

    Taking a chance, Randy took another healthy swig from his drink before he boldly spoke his mind.

    "Well... I was thinking that maybe one of you girls could show me some skin?"

    Right away, Daniella scoffed at the mere suggestion and threatened to leave as the others simply stood their ground and looked at each other, both surprised at their friends over reaction.

    She was clearly putting on an act. Noting this reaction, Randy took the opportunity to claim that maybe Daniella wasn't as serious as her friends about attending the lavish event.

    "Excuse me?" Monet snapped back at him from the door. "I'll have you know..."

    "C'mon Dani," Liz interrupted her. "He's got a point."

    "He does?"

    "If we can go to the fucking Oscars Awards this year and upstage Victoria just by flashing him some skin... then what's the harm?"

    Daniella was clearly taken aback by her friends admission.

    "Yeah, I agree." Ariana added a moment later, leaving Daniella stunned.

    The busty beauty was now left in the minority and with the burden of having to prove her true commitment to the scheme.

    "I can't believe you guys are even contemplating this."

    "Oh please!" Liz snapped. "Grow up!"

    "Huh?" Monet replied in stunned silence.

    "We're talking about a free, thousand dollar ticket to the Academy awards for just showing some guy my tits?" Liz maintained. "Are you crazy? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me."

    "She's got a point, Daniella." Ariana chimed in. "Besides, we've done a lot more for a lot less in the past."

    As the girls debated the issue back and forth, Randy added his own two cents and reminded them that the seats were highly sort after positions in the balcony, overlooking the entire stage and surrounding celebrities.

    "OMG!" Grande giggled. "Can you imagine if we ended up with better seats than Victoria? That would really piss her off."

    "OK, fine." The elder actress finally relented. "What exactly do you want? What do you want us to do?"

    "Well... you can all start by showing me what's going on under those dresses ladies."

    While the others actually consider it, Liz was the first to jump into action and without warning she suddenly dropped her top to reveal her pert teen breasts.

    "OMG! Liz?" Ariana gasped before giggling uncontrollably. "You're so crazy!"

    "There you go. Happy?"

    " Ecstatic," he replied. "Now you."

    He was looking directly at the shortest girl in the group, Ariana Grande who suddenly seemed to lose her sense of humor. Hesitating for just a moment, Ariana finally reached up and slowly peeled away the straps of her dress to reveal her succulent young breasts to him.

    "Wow." he remarked quietly. "Those looks incredible... in fact, you both look amazing."

    To his amusement, the girls seemed flattered by his compliment and continued to stand there in full view of each other, clutching their breasts and pushing their cleavages together for his benefit.

    "OK, now you." he directed at Daniella. "I want to see that rack."

    Shrugging her shoulders, Monet flashed a terrified look and glanced at her friends who simply stared back at her, waiting for her to oblige. Not wanting to be the odd one out, she closed her eyes and slowly slipped her top down to reveal her own full natural breasts.

    "Happy?" she snapped before looking over at her friends and quickly covering up.

    "Oh no, wait a minute." Randy objected. "Don't get all shy on us now Daniella."

    "Hey, do as he says... and get you're boobs out!" Liz complained, not wanting Daniella to cheat.

    "Fine! There!" the busty brunette hissed, as she now fully exposed her breasts to the room and pushed her ample cleavage together with both hands.

    "Impressive." Randy grinned. "You girls certainly make an incredible ensemble."

    Suddenly, Ariana gasped with surprised as she watched the old man casually reach down and fish out his cock, allowing it to swing freely for a moment before grasping it firmly with his right hand and stroking it to life.

    "OMG! You can't be serious?" Liz laughed out loud, as her friends both looked at each other bewildered.

    "OK! I'm done. I'm leaving." Daniella announced as she covered her breasts and walked towards the door in disgust.

    "Hey wait! Where are you going?" Ariana whined, as she obediently stood there with her tits out.

    "Are you kidding me with this?" Monet complained. "Now he's going to beat off to us?"

    "Hey, if you know of a better way to get tickets to the Oscars this Sunday, let me know." Liz chastised her.

    "So you're totally fine with this?"

    "Sure, why not?" Gillies shrugged with a grin. "Wouldn't be the first time."


    "Sure. I've had plenty of guys beat off to me before."

    "Me too." Ariana admitted. "How the hell do you think I landed my audition for the show?"

    It was at this point that Daniella was left a gasp. Between her friends seedy confessions and the strange man beating his dick in the background, she now just wanted to get on with the deal, collect the tickets and go home and call it a night.

    As crazy as things could get in Hollywood, this was certainly turning out to be one wild night.

    "This is insane..." she muttered to herself, as she slowly walked back into the office.

    "Hey, get on or get off." Liz remarked. "I know Ariana and I are going to the Oscars this weekend... are you going to be joining us?"

    The busty brunette paused for a moment before she smiled at the dirty old man.

    In a strange way it kind of intrigued and aroused her to see the power she and her friends wielded over him. Randy now leaned back against his own desk as he openly glared and whacked his cock to the lovely teen goddesses in his office.

    "Mm... can you push that cleavage together for me?" he directed at the ladies. "And can you lean a little more forward for me?"

    "Oh yeah... you like that?" Liz teased back as she licked her lips. "Beat that hard cock for me. Make it nice and hard."

    Ariana giggled and joined in.

    "Yeah. Squeeze it nice and hard for us. We want to watch you shoot that load."

    "I can't believe you guys." Daniella snickered inwardly, amazed at how comfortable they all appeared to be with this seedy turn of events.

    Suddenly there was an awkward silence in the room, and feeling bold Randy nodded his head towards Daniella.

    "You. Why don't you come over here."

    To everyone's surprise, Daniella happily obliged and slowly sauntered over towards his position by the desk, making sure to shake her womanly figure as she approached him.

    "Are you now going to do what I say?" he asked her, while still beating his meat.

    "Maybe." she replied defiantly, as he noticed that all three ladies now only ogled his throbbing manhood and were clearly impressed.

    In truth it was just about the biggest, manliest cock they had ever seen and they all marveled at the way it only seemed to grow longer and harder with each passing minute.

    "Have you ever seen a cock this big before?" he asked Daniella, who claimed that she had.

    "She's lying." Liz remarked from behind her.

    "Err, and how would you know?" Monet snapped back.

    "Trust me... it's the biggest one she's ever seen." Liz countered. "It's the biggest one any of us have seen."

    Randy wasn't sure if Elizabeth was lying or telling the truth but it didn't matter. For a brief moment he felt incredibly smug and proud, and recalled his glorious days in the porn industry.

    "Get on your knees." he suddenly demanded of Daniella, who immediately snapped back.

    "I'm not sucking it!"

    "I didn't ask you to." he snickered. "I just want you in front of me while I watch your friends."

    Monet did as she was told and she slowly sank to her knees before him while her friends continued to simply stand there exposed, all three of them strangely aroused by the lewd encounter.

    "You," he directed at Elizabeth. "Take off that dress."

    To the girls surprise Gillies was only too happy to show off her pale slender frame, and a moment later stood there completely topless and clad in nothing more than her thong panties.

    "Incredible..." he remarked. "What a phenomenal little body you have."

    "Thanks," Liz smiled and blushed shyly, once again flattered by his compliment.

    To his delight, Randy immediately noticed the way Ariana hungrily leered at her naked friend and almost seemed jealous at the attention Liz was getting. Playing coy, he reminded the ladies just what was at stake and how at this rate he was going to hand them all of the tickets for free, and with a huge smile on his face no less.

    "Good, that's the idea." Liz cheekily remarked before she turned around to pose for him and briefly showed off her tight young ass.

    "And you? Why don't you take off that dress as well?" he directed at Ariana, who unlike her friend hesitated for a moment.

    Thinking quickly, Randy looked at Elizabeth and suggested she go over and give her friend a hand.

    To Ariana's surprise, Liz happily obliged and walked over in her high heeled shoes and keenly peeled away her sexy little dress, pulling the skimpy garment over her head to leave the redhead standing there in nothing but her birthday suit.

    "Whoa..." Randy gasped with delight as everyone quickly realized why Ariana had been so reluctant to strip.

    As it turned out she was totally devoid of any underwear beneath her short dress and now stood in the middle of the office naked as the day she was born. Ariana now turned a bright shade of red as she covered her privates with both of her hands.

    "Err, sorry." she apologized sweetly. "I forgot to put on my underwear today."

    "What the hell is wrong with you?" Randy remarked.

    "You've got an incredible body, young lady. You should definitely show it off more often."

    Despite this compliment Grande couldn't help but blush and giggle nervously before Liz grabbed her by the wrists and instructed her to stand still, and in the process expose her young pert breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy.

    "Don't be shy..." Liz reassured her. "Show him that body. Show him that teen pussy."

    "Hmm... what about you?" Randy then directed back at Liz, who was topless but still clad in her thong panties.

    "Do you also shave? Or do you have a full bush at the moment?"

    "Yeah!" Ariana agreed. "Show him your pussy, Liz! I did."

    "Fine." Elizabeth replied, before she twirled her fingertips into the waistband of her panties and peeled them down her long legs.

    Like her friend, she too was now left to stand there completely and utterly naked for all to see, but unlike Ariana she in fact possessed a completely hairless, bald cunt.

    "OMG." Daniella rolled her eyes, apparently embarrassed by her friends behavior and willingness to get naked.

    Noting this, Randy decided to discipline her.

    Without warning, he reached forward and placed his hand on her pretty cheek and before Daniella could object he slipped the tip of his thumb into her warm mouth. The action both startled and excited her at the same time, but more importantly she didn't resist.

    Instead, the curvaceous brunette now knelt there with his thumb in her mouth, as her friends stood behind her both of them naked as can be.

    "You know what I'd love to see right now..." Randy grinned. "I'd give good money to see the two of you make out."

    "Oh yeah," Ariana giggled. "I'm sure you would."

    "You guys ever kissed each other before?" he posed. "How does two hundred bucks sound?"

    While Ariana laughed at the mere suggestion, she was suddenly taken aback when she felt Liz press her lips to hers and shove her tongue into her mouth. Monet now turned her face to the side to watch her friends share a long lustful kiss, as she herself continued to suck on Randy's thumb.

    "Ah yes... that's what I'm talking about." Randy smirked. "Young love."

    "As for you," he directly back down at Daniella. "Show me those tits of yours again."

    Without hesitating, the actress reached down to peel her dress below her chest and now squeezed and fondled both boobs with her hands as she continued to lick and suck his digit.

    "Mm... god you've got a great mouth Daniella." he told her. "I bet you'd suck a mean cock, huh?"

    The actress simple nodded her head and winked knowingly, almost teasing him. Still stroking his cock, Randy reached down and proceeded to fondle her soft breasts and hard nipples and insisted that Daniella reach down and play with herself, which she did.

    "Are those panties wet yet?"

    "Yes..." she purred softly between sucks.

    "Taste yourself." he told her, to which she slipped her lips from around his thumb and plunged two of her own wet fingers into her mouth.

    "I bet you taste so fucking sweet right about now, huh?"

    "Yeah, I do." she admitted, before she reached up and offered those same wet fingers to his mouth.

    "Mm... well keep going." he suggested as he savored her tangy taste. "Keep playing. I like watching you rub that wet cunt for me."

    "Yeah?" she boldly replied, her eyes filling with lust. "You like watching me play?"

    "Fuck yeah." he grinned. "For the very first moment I saw you, I knew you were sexy little slut."

    With every passing moment the level of excitement and depravity grew exponentially in that office. Caught up in the moment, Randy finally grabbed the back of Daniella's head and directed her mouth towards his throbbing cock.

    "Here, just suck my dick!" he hissed down at her. "We both know you want it!"

    Daniella simple moaned with a mouth full of cock as Ariana and Liz were so engrossed in their own little world that they didn't even notice what the others were doing. In fact it was only after Randy raised his voice that they both stopped what they were doing to hear him suggest that they continue with their little canoodling over on the sofa.

    To their amusement, it seemed that the spontaneous encounter had riled something deep inside Ariana, as she just couldn't get enough of her friends kisses and embrace. Elizabeth found this funny at first, but quickly reciprocated.

    There on the sofa Ariana lay on her back with a bemused expression on her face, moaning and watching as Liz lovingly kissed her face and neck, and licked her way down her body and across her pert chest.

    "Ooh... Liz."

    "Mm... you like that?" Elizabeth whispered as she gently bit her friends erect nipples between her teeth.

    Grande was rendered speechless and simply nodded her head before closing her eyes and letting out a soft whimper, urging her lips further down her body and across her hips and tummy and towards her gleaming sex.

    "Please... please Liz. Lick me."

    With a sly grin on her face, Elizabeth finally made direct contact with her friends pussy causing Ariana to moan and thrash about, and cup her own breasts with both hands.

    Meanwhile just a few feet away from them, Daniella was sitting up on her knees, one hand buried between her legs while the other pumped Randy's manly shaft furiously as her mouth slobbered all over his dick.

    It was an extraordinary sight and sound to see, watching the older and more experienced actress do her thing.

    "Hmm... just take a look at that incredible ass." Randy remarked as he watched Liz bend over on the sofa to eat Ariana's pussy.

    He watched as the pale beauty instructed Ariana to spread her legs wide for her and grant her full access to her neatly trimmed pussy, before burying her face in her ass.

    Clutching the side of her face, he now proceeded to fuck Daniella's mouth with great vigor as the other girls got up and now moved to settle into a 69 position on the couch, with Liz lying on top of her redheaded friend.

    "Lick my pussy, you little slut!" Elizabeth hissed at Ariana, "God know you've been dying to do it since I met you!"

    "Nah, you have!" Ariana moaned back childishly. "You've been dying to eat my pussy like forever!"

    Watching this humorous yet seedy encounter, Randy finally picked Daniella up by the arm and directed her to finally take off her dress and turn around and bend over for him, allowing him to impale her from behind.

    Still clad in her high heeled shoes, he snatched her by the elbows with both hands and pinned her arms behind her back as he proceeded to impale her from behind.

    "Ooh! Fuck!" she moaned out loud as her ass bounced against him. "You're too big! Ugh! So deep... Ooh!"

    "Take it! Take it you fucking whore!" he growled back at her, groping her breasts. "Let daddy fuck your tight young cunt!"

    "Please! Ugh! God!" she wailed, as he picked up the pace and proceeded to drill her where she stood.

    "ohmigod! ohmigod! ohmigod!" she squealed deliriously. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck! Me!"

    Feeling bold, Randy pulled out of the moaning actress and suddenly dragged her over to the sofa to join the others, where there he pushed her co-stars feet out of the way and made himself comfortable.

    Daniella was quickly directed to straddle his hips and ride him intently which she happily did.

    "Yeah?" she groaned as she rode his cock keenly. "You like that? Huh?"

    Suddenly, the old man seemed to have an epiphany and without warning he pulled the buxom brunette off his lap and directed her to kneel before him on the floor. Before Monet could catch her breath or protest in any way, he abruptly grabbed her by the back of the head and thrust her pretty face into his balls.

    "Come here!" he hissed, as he spread his legs and insisted that she lick his taint.

    As depraved as this action was, this was just a taste of Randy's perverted side, and with a sly grin on his face he convinced Liz to get up off Ariana and come stand beside him where he could swing her around by the hips and bend her over so he could eat her teen ass.

    Elizabeth initially jumped and giggled to the sensation of his hot wet tongue burrowing inside her tiny backdoor, but quickly proceeded to moan aloud and encourage him.

    "Oh! Fuck yes!" Gillies purred over her shoulder. "Eat my ass, you fucker! Eat it!"

    Meanwhile, Randy directed Daniella to do the exact same thing and she moaned inwardly as she proceeded to tongue his butthole.

    The entire noisy scene was one of absolute debauchery as he ultimately invited all three ladies to drop to their knees and kneel between his spread legs and blow him to completion.

    "That's right, just like that..." he encouraged them. "I want all three tongues all over my cock at the same time."

    Cupping their breasts, the TV actresses finally opened their mouths and speared out their tongues begging him to cum, to which he happily granted their wish.

    Having had their fill, the ladies quickly collected their things and scurried out of the theater with their press passes in hand as Randy spent the next 20mins snickering to himself before he slowly got up from the sofa and proceeded to lock up the office for the evening.

    It was during this time that he heard a noise and realized that one of his other "guests" had arrive to pick up the spare ticket he had promised.

    "Hello?" a sweet female voice was heard from the hallway.

    "In here." he replied, before his mystery guest appeared in the doorway.

    "Am I late? Did I make it?"

    "Lucky you got here in time," he grinned. "I was just about to lock up the place."

    "Oh, OK. Well um... I heard you could help me out?" stated, Victoria Justice.

    "Maybe?" Randy replied. "But before we even get to that. What's in it for me?"

    To his delight, the "Victorious" star did not answer verbally but instead simply placed her bag on the sofa and proceeded to unbutton her blouse...

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    Geez, I loved this story all the way through, and then you tossed us the perfect ending...

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