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Thread: "Portraiture: Al Fresco" featuring Victoria Justice and Lily Collins

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    fanfiction "Portraiture: Al Fresco" featuring Victoria Justice and Lily Collins

    "Portraiture: Al Fresco" featuring Victoria Justice and Lily Collins
    Written by Chitown

    Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, containing material of a somewhat explicit nature, intended to entertain adults. If that's going to trouble you, or not permitted to you for some reason, read no further.

    Tuesday 2/7

    Victoria listened to his third voice mail, one more time.

    "I don't want to be a pest. I certainly don't intend to be a stalker. We never really said goodbye." A hint of desperation crept into his voice, "Call me."

    She looked at the formal invite resting on her desk, smiled. The negotiations concerning her 19th birthday bash had been spirited, but in the end she'd gotten most of what she'd wanted: 60 people, at the house, Sunday evening, minimal parental intrusion.

    It was 12 days before the party she had 57 positive r.s.v.p.'s and the undelivered card, for him plus one. She wrote a short note on a Post-It, stuck it to the vellum, sealed the envelope. She'd just drop it off at the Art Department Office inbox and let fate decide.


    Wednesday 2/8

    When I passed Mrs. Jones, the department secretary, on my way out after Madame's class, and she'd suggested I check the mailbox I rate as a TA, I figured some admin bureaucrat wanted a piece of my time. Of course, they still had a hand in making or breaking my future, so I detoured to claim my correspondence.

    Honestly, my head had still been buzzing from my encounter that morning with Chloe. She'd tracked me down for a bit of fun after she and her mother picked up the formal portrait commissioned for Friday, and I'd presented her with the informal painting at the same time.

    I was very surprised to find the heavy, wedding quality envelope addressed in a very neat hand and lightly scented with lavender. I guess it hadn't been totally foolish to hang around outside Ariana's little hideaway, hoping to convince her to contact Victoria on my behalf. She'd let me use her phone to call, and even though the speed dial flashed the number quickly, it was enough that I'd been able to use the info to place 2 more calls myself, even if they all went to voice mail.

    Now weeks later I was invited to her home, for her birthday.

    Sunday 2/19

    Was I staring at the calligraphy on the card stock? No, actually, the handwritten note, in the same penmanship as on the envelope, held my attention. "Dressy casual ie no jeans. BTW you owe me a Greek lesson."

    On its own the invite could be an apology for blowing me off, or just an attempt to assuage her guilt. The addendum made it seem she expected me to come, but I had a hard time swallowing she wanted to get taken in the ass in a room full of her friends. On the other hand, it was certainly sparking some memories.

    Sharing the cramped quarters of Ariana's shower, each lathering up, washing the sweat, the scent of sex, off the other. Her hands on my chest, my butt, my groin. My hands on her breasts, her stomach, her ass.

    Hardening in her grip as she stroked, the soap reducing friction to almost zero. Lifting her up one more time, hoping she'd guide me in, one more time.

    "No, we can't. Ariana really is all sweetness and light usually, but when she's frustrated she's a right royal bitch. She was supposed to be returning home tomorrow, officially. That means she has something special planned for tonight. She'll go ballistic if she hears us going at it again."

    She'd smiled when I tried to hand her panties to her. "You keep 'em. If I put those on they'll soak through, and I don't want to answer questions like that." She pulled open a drawer, "Let's see what I can find in here."

    We'd opened a window, turned on a fan, and changed the sheets before making the bed. Heading to the front of the apartment we heard tell tale sounds and I remembered, "The pill?"

    "Right," she ducked back down the hall to the bathroom while I was drawn forward.

    The blonde and Ariana had stripped down to their lingerie. They sat together on the couch, fervently kissing, each with one hand in her own lap and the other working over her partner's chest. The guest noticed me and broke the kiss, "We have an audience."

    "Tonight's about us two. Victoria can join us some other time."

    "Her boy toy is watching."

    Ariana turned to look. "Eh, he's dressed. He should leave too."

    Victoria had rejoined me; she grabbed my hand and tugged me toward the door without a word. I'd walked her to her car, and after we kissed goodbye through the open window she'd said, "See you Monday"


    She had chosen the perfect outfit for this evening last week, back when she was sure he'd come. Now she didn't have a clue what to wear. She thought back to the week with clay; the week everything went wrong.

    First on Monday, she was called in to read with candidates to replace the male lead who'd withdrawn. Tuesday she was late, and he was preoccupied with his TA duties, helping the students work their grayish lumps into something with form. On Wednesday, Elise let him spend most of the class working with her and she learned it's tough to make sly little flirty touches when you leave grey handprints behind.

    Thursday. Ah Thursday. He casually mentioned, while guiding, caressing her hands over the moist, smooth, human form emerging from her amorphous blob that his roommate had agreed to stay out until nine. Would she like to come over to his place after class? Oh, how she would.

    "That asshole," he'd muttered under his breath as he opened the door for her. "Make yourself comfortable while I clean up his lunch mess."

    She walked around the apartment, a dump by Hollywood standards, but she suspected very nice for 2 college guys. It was clean, if cluttered. She flipped through a series of paintings, in different styles, leaning against a wall.

    "Hey, these aren't me, are they?"

    He looked around the corner, drying his hands on a towel. "No. Actually that's Alex Russo. Over flow from my first paying job in town. Most of that is trash unless I get famous. Then there'll be a market for them."

    As he headed back to the kitchen she asked, "Where's mine?"

    He'd waited until he'd returned, wrapped his arms around her. "That's not something I'd bring home. It's locked up at the school, though I haven't actually started painting yet."

    He kissed her, and she kissed back. He led her to the couch and she'd asked, "Not the bedroom?"

    "If you don't mind. Last Friday was awesome. Mindblowing. And if that's all you want from me, I'm not going to say no, but I'd like to spend some time quieter, talking, getting to know you as a person."

    "Oh my. Yes. Certainly"

    So they'd sat on the couch, chatting, but it's not like they'd kept their hands off each other. In fact they were kissing, each with hands under the others' shirt when a key turning in the deadbolt lock had shattered the mood.

    "Sorry, Man, but I've got to work here tonight ... Woah, now I know why you didn't tell me about her. You're afraid I'd steal her from you."

    "Joe, this is Victoria. Victoria, my roommate, Joe."

    "A pleasure to meet you"

    "Babe, the pleasure is all mine. If this guy doesn't treat you right, let me know, I'll take care of it." And Joe disappeared into his room.

    They'd cooked dinner together, and Joe had emerged long enough to eat the still warm leftovers before returning to his room.

    It had been a very pleasant, if physically unsatisfying, evening.

    Friday. Fucking disaster Friday. He mentioned Joe didn't hit him with 20 questions and so figured he hadn't recognized her. However, since she was usually regular as clockwork, she panicked and fled when her Aunt Flo had come to visit 10 minutes into the class period, 2 days earlier than expected.

    She hadn't seen him since.


    My rational side still hadn't decided I was going, despite my having blown my spring break entertainment budget to rent a Shelby GT 500 Convertible for a day and rush order a custom frame. Her portrait was already in the trunk of the car I hoped would stop me from being summarily prevented from entering VJ's neighborhood, while at the same time not being overly ostentatious.

    I picked up the phone, direct dialed a suite at the Beverly Arms. When picked up, "Hey Sis, I know you're leaving town tomorrow, but any chance you're free tonight?"

    "No chance. I've got 1 big thing and a million tiny things to finish up, but come on over and we can talk while I work."

    "You know I just hate to watch you work," I joked, "but I've got an invitation to a Hollywood party and no one to take."

    There was a moment of silence, "You're telling me you can't get a date? Dude, just walk to campus and crook your finger."

    I sighed, "When I said Hollywood, I didn't mean location so much as atmosphere, attendees."

    I could almost hear the wheels turning in her head over the phone, "It's about time someone recognized your talent. Tell you what though, I've a friend here could use a night out. I'll finish up her handful of tiny things and then you show her a good time."

    "Can she be cool in a room full of names?"

    "I'll bet the next turkey leg she's Cheryl to your Richie."

    She was really reaching with the 'Happy Days' reference. But I was also forced to concede, with her current and growing client list, my sister's offer to bet her favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner might not be hyperbole. "Just whom are you setting me up with?"

    "Oh no, not telling you that. Might scare you off. Just get here around 7. We'll be ready for you then."

    "It's dressy casual, no gifts and BYOS."

    "Gift? BYOS?"

    "It's a birthday party and I guess there's a swimming pool."

    I hoped I erred on the side of too much with black Dockers, white sport shirt, light weight black linen jacket. It'd be easier to dress this down than fix being too casual. I knocked, and when my 'date' opened the door, I froze.

    Standing in front of me was a gorgeous pixie with golden brown hair down to her waist, clear hazel eyes, those full dark brows, simply kissable faintly rosy cheeks with a dusting of freckles, wearing an LBD, the neckline plunging to her navel.

    "Hi, why don't you come in for a minute?" She stepped back but extended her hand, "I'm Lily ..." and her voice trailed off as she was looking me over.

    "Collins," I managed to breathe out, "you're Lily Collins."

    As I took her delicate hand in mine we simultaneously said, "I'm going to kill her."


    She felt a blush rising to her face as she was checking out the striking specimen in front of her, and the warmth flow through her body as he took her hand. She considered blurting out "Jinx" but found herself joining him in a fit of laughter.

    Sheila entered the room, took a look and asked," Who's death are you planning?"

    Lily answered, "Yours, of course"

    "Whatever for?"

    "When you said you had a way to fill my idle evening, I didn't expect you to hire a gigolo for me."


    "Well, look at him." Lily lifted his hand then let go, laughing again. "You expect me to believe you keep a spare Adonis in your Rolodex for just such occasions."

    "My brother called last minute, needing a companion for the hottest Hollywood party tonight, and I immediately thought of you."



    "Which brings us to him." She was looking at me now, "Why are you upset?"

    I turned to face Lily. "She knows there are maybe half a dozen people I'd sell my soul to meet. You're one of them."

    "Really? Why?"

    "Your smile knocks my knees out."

    My sister interjected, "Now that you two have the awkward star struck portion of the evening out of the way, where will you be?"

    I pretended to study her before saying, "I think curiosity will be less distracting than envy. I'll tell you all about it next week." I offered my arm to Lily and escorted her out.

    She waited until the elevator door closed to ask, "Are we really going to a party, or is Sheila just setting me up?"

    "We will be helping to celebrate the 19th birthday of Victoria Justice."

    She looked me over again, I'd guess trying to decide if I was serious. "That guest list is rumored to be a veritable Who's Who of young Hollywood. You sure we're on it?"

    "I'm positive my invite is authentic, and it allows for a date."

    "She'd kill to be at that party," she replied, referring to my sister.

    "I did offer, but it's also why it's kinder to tell her later."

    She was quiet, and I didn't push, until the valet brought the car around.


    "Thanks, but it's a rental. I didn't figure my 9 year old rust wagon would play too well."

    "It's ok, I like your style here."

    We chatted about small, inconsequential things as I drove up into the hills. I had a moment of nervousness, handing the car over to the valet at the party, but it's not like there was space for everyone to park onsite. I didn't know what to do about the portrait in the trunk, but figured I'd deal with that problem later.

    Lily hooked her arm in mine to walk to the front door and as we approached, a big guy in a suit and tie, holding a clipboard, addressed her, "It's a pleasure to see you, Miss Collins, but unfortunately, you're not on the list."

    Before I could say anything, she stated, "I believe you'll find it under my brother's name, Matthew."

    He turned to check me over, and I pulled the card out of the inside jacket pocket to hand it over. He produced a small black light, shone it over the invite, and handed it back. "Welcome to the party, Mr. Jackson, Miss Collins. Enjoy yourselves."

    After we passed, there was a blip of static and I heard him say, "All invitees are present. No one else gets in."

    I understand for this neighborhood it was a modestly sized home; where I'm from, it looked huge. Our unfashionably late arrival provided us with a modicrum of anonymity which we used to discover a room set up for refreshments, complete with a couple guys making a meal out of the snacks.

    Another had several game systems and 50" Plasmas. One with a DJ set up in the corner, and 'dancers' spilling out to the deck. As we walked out to see a few souls actually making use of the pool, high pitched shrieks preceded the group of Nick starlets, Miranda, Liz, and
    Keke among them, who rushed over to surround Lily and whisk her away in a mob of femininity.


    With the obligatory, though lightly bothersome, kiss on the cheek, "Happy Birthday," start of the evening finished, everyone was loosening up and beginning to enjoy themselves. Victoria was strutting her stuff to a Katy Perry 'Firework' dance remix when her father motioned her over.
    "What now?" she was thinking. Was it her fault if someone of age 'snuck' in some alcohol?

    The annoyance must have shown on her face because he said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you requested to be informed. Everyone is here."

    Her face lit up. "What? Really? Oh, thank you." She gave him a hug and then turned to look for someone, anyone.

    Somehow she caught sight of Ariana's bright dye job bouncing in the sea of dancers and made her way to her. "Come with me. I need your help," and she dragged her from the party, upstairs to her room.

    "He's here, and I need you to fix me."

    "I thought he was in New York. That's so romantic."

    "Uhm, no, I mean..."


    "The guy from your place."

    "What? How'd he get here?"

    "I invited him"

    "Really? We all thought that was just you, like, saving a place for ..."

    "Yeah, well, Matt's here, and I need to look good."

    Ariana rolled her eyes, shook her head, but started brushing VJ's hair out as she started rambling about what she should change into.

    "What's the big deal anyway?"

    "You said you two were there for awhile?"


    "It was real. All of it, and I want that again."

    Ariana's attitude shifted from patient indulgence to eager co-conspirator in a blink of an eye. "You look dynamite in blue. Go with that blue wrap, and its easy off, easy on."

    "Oh, you're so bad"

    "Me? You're the one looking to get laid in the middle of your own party."

    "Hmm, that I am. That I am."


    Having lost my 'date' to the company of some other Nick alumni, and still not seeing the birthday girl anywhere, I revisited the snack room. Thankfully nestled among the myriad sweets and chips I found a virgin veggie and dip platter. After half filling a plate with carrot sticks, broccoli and cauliflower crowns, I grabbed a Perrier and headed back to the dance floor.

    Leaning against the wall I watched the crazy gyrations and ate dinner. I was finishing up, momentarily considering what would be the fallout of just leaving my trash on the arm of the sofa, wondering where I'd previously seen the security type giving everyone the fish eye, when that all became moot.

    I turned in response to a soft tug on the arm of my coat, and was looking into the deep brown eyes of a Latina vision, dressed in a loose fitting white mini-dress reminiscent of her 2010 TCA outfit. "Can I talk to you a minute?" Selena Gomez shouted over the noise blaring through the room.

    "Sure," and I motioned out to the deck.

    "The story circulating through the party is you're Lily's brother, Matt. I find it amusing that they," and she waved her arm to indicate the party in general, "are willing to believe that. Having met Matthew Collins awhile back, I'd have to say you're incredibly mature for being what? 10? 12 years old now? The funny thing is, I recognize you from somewhere, I just can't place it."

    "We worked together, briefly"

    "What? When?"

    "I'm the uncredited technician behind Alex and Mason's artistic abilities."

    "No way." She sighed, "By now I should know better than to doubt him."


    "George" and she hooked her thumb to indicate the tough guy I'd noticed earlier, realized that he was her long time bodyguard and watching us, without really watching.

    Selena grabbed my free hand, "I owe him 5 bucks, but I'm going to get my money's worth. Let's dance."

    I dropped my trash in a conveniently located can before being guided to an open spot on the floor. She started in with some weird cross between bunny hop and hip-hop moves. I can be light on my feet, but my lifestyle doesn't include the club scene. I tried to complement her 'technique', but I'm sure we looked an uncoordinated mess.

    As the next generic electro-synth pop remixed dance track started she said, I think, "Screw this," and stepped into me. Her arms around my neck pulled us close, pressed tight, muscled chest to soft restrained chest, hips to hips, hers grinding into my groin as we moved to the beat.

    Add in her perfume, that should be named something like "Fuck me, now!" and I'm not sure how I stopped at merely putting my arms around her, hands at her waist, as opposed to grabbing her firm little butt, picking her up and carrying her off somewhere a little more private to despoil her.

    Could be I now remembered the first time I'd seen George, 2 years ago; he'd scared me shitless. Maybe I really was serious about mending bridges with Victoria, and some part of me knew nailing one of her guests before we even spoke would be a mistake.

    However, dry humping with Selena through most of the tune had me rock hard. When she spun in my arms, she lined up the ridge in my pants with the split in her ass, took hold of my hips to keep us close, and wiggled. How I didn't slip one hand down to her crotch and the other her chest, I don't know. One stayed on her stomach, keeping us tight, the other brushed her hair back so I could get to her neck.

    I was really getting into it, going to leave a serious love bite, when the noise stopped and she took a small step away from me. She turned, gave me a quick hug and whispered, "Thank you," before melting into the crowd. I took a half step to follow when the scent of lavender
    stopped me cold.


    Victoria paused in the doorway upon seeing her friend, and some-time lover, virtually screwing the guy she wanted for herself tonight. The pang of jealousy was followed by a shock of electricity as she was struck by a vision, mayhap the memory, of a threesome with her.
    She caught George's attention, pointed to the couple of interest, and mouthed, "Mine." He gave her a slight nod and made an odd hand gesture. When the music stopped, they broke apart, and Sel flashed a conspiratorial wink as she bid him good bye and retreated as VJ approached.

    He'd started to follow, but stopped and turned, smile a mile wide. He tried to speak just as the DJ cranked the next jam. Vic grabbed his hand and led him down a hall, deeper into the home than the party was spread. She stopped at a door with a numeric lock.

    "I was wondering if you were avoiding me."

    She laughed. "You were 2 hours late. When you finally arrived I had to go freshen up." The door clicked open. "In here"

    "Wow! What is this place?"

    Over stuffed leather sofas lined most of 3 walls of the 15x15 room, only leaving space for a couple doors. Sliding panels in the fourth, glass wall opened onto a stone patio enclosed by tropical foliage.

    "My 'meditation' chamber"

    The door closed and virtual silence descended.

    "FYI, if you're interested in her, you have to wait it out. She's a world class tease, and if you chase, she'll never let you catch her." Victoria said matter-of-factly, but then a hint of dreaminess entered her voice, "Make her come to you, and she'll give you everything."

    "You'd be ok with that?"

    "Yes. As long as it's not tonight, I'd be cheering you on."

    "Is that why she brought her own security? To reinforce her 'just teasing'?"

    She stepped close and leaned in to kiss him. His hands started to wander over her back, drifted down to her butt. When they broke off, "No. I asked her not to bring Justin. He makes every event about himself." Then with a wry smile, "So she brought George as her date. I'm still not sure if I'm flattered or offended." Victoria reached up, under his jacket and started to slide it off his shoulders.

    "How far are we taking this tonight?"

    "All the way." She tossed the coat on a sofa, "All the way"

    "What about the party?" His hands were back on her ass as she nuzzled his neck.

    Working the buttons of his shirt she answered, "Tonight's all about having a good time. I'm sure there are others doing the same thing we are, but we have a locked, sound proof room to use."

    He lifted her chin, to capture her mouth again, and as she groaned when he lightly squeezed her butt cheek, his tongue tasted her hers.

    When she started tugging his unbuttoned shirt out of his pants, he pulled back to say, "I didn't see a zipper. You're going to need to show me how to get you out of that dress."

    She took his hand and placed it on her shoulder, "Along the length of this fold, tucked under, little hidden clasps, like a bra."

    He got the first 4 done easily, but then he lingered on her bust. The separating material gave access inside and he couldn't resist direct contact with her bountiful flesh, tickling the areola to get a rise out of the nipple.

    Moaning slightly, pushing back against the pressure of his upper hand, VJ left his shirt hanging loose, went to work on his belt, his fly. He'd moved across her valley to play with her other boob, he was still fondling her butt, occasionally running his hand along the split, and thoroughly enjoying the wrestling of tongues. She didn't want him to let go, so after gravity pooled his pants at his ankles, she finished working on the dress herself.

    She placed her hands over his and relinquished the kiss. "Let's finish ditching the clothes, shall we?"


    Tossing my shirt on top my jacket took no effort as I watched the blue silk slide down her body, revealing those curves I remembered so well, and nothing else.

    "Wow, commando" I stated without thinking.

    She smiled, "I'm good as long as I remember not to sit down," she said as she sat down next to the dress, to remove her heels.

    I dropped my boxers as I sank to the floor, to lose the Loafers and Dockers. The carpet was surprisingly soft on my bare skin, not at all scratchy, and seemed padded like a tumbling mat.

    She crawled over next to me as I finished tossing my pile mostly together. "I see you're maintaining your shave."

    "No, not really, but in the event you were serious, I wanted to be prepared."

    She grasped my member and gave a couple gentle strokes. "I want you to show me Greek tonight. Will you?"

    I had a sudden epiphany. "Yes. Gods, yes, but before we get you properly, or perhaps improperly, mussed up, would you pose on all fours on that stone wall around the patio?"

    Victoria looked at me like she thought I was crazy, "What are you up to?"

    "It's a beautiful setting. I've got to paint it, paint you," then it hit me, "Would anyone be able to see you?"

    She laughed, "No, well ... if they're in a helicopter, maybe." She got up, went to the doors, and when they slid open, the muffled sounds of the music, the party, invaded. Vic quickly crossed to the wall, knelt on it.

    "Relax, this isn't class"

    "I feel like I'm going to fall off"

    The narrow width made for a precarious perch.

    "Can you arch your back a little?" I wanted to showcase how her firm young breasts clung to her chest, defying gravity's attempt to make them sag.

    "Move your front knee forward a couple inches." I still wouldn't see the most intimate of places, but it would be close. I moved in, to flip her long, hanging locks over her back, stepped back, squatted down to get level, eye to eye.

    "Now, look here and give me your best smile."

    I swear, with the perfect tone of her body, the flash of her teeth, the sparkle in her eyes, I almost creamed right there.

    "Okay, that's it" Oh God, you are beautiful, I thought.

    "No camera?"

    "You know better"

    Back in the room, the door closed again, I took hold of her, wrapped her in my arms. Her protruding nipples poking me in the chest, my hard-on pressed against her stomach, I devoured her neck. When I moved up from her neck to her jaw, I was distantly aware of her irregular breathing, and her shifting in my embrace.

    I was nibbling on her earlobe when she slid both hands to my butt, and whispered, "I've got some KY in the powder room."

    "Are you in a hurry?"

    "At some point they'll be looking for me, to cut the cake."

    "Right" I let go, and would have checked behind the mystery door, but Vic was already moving.

    She returned quickly, and squeezed a generous amount of jelly on my erection before handing the tube to me. I guess I had a funny look on my face, because as she massaged my rod she asked with a smile, "Why should you have all the fun?"
    I kissed her. "Because if you're not careful I won't last past this hand job."

    She giggled, "But you've got the stamina to keep right on going," but she did stop, drop, and once again assume a position on hands and knees.

    I was tempted to just do the poor man's lube and aim spit at her crack, but I forebore. I knelt behind her, admiring the heart shaped derriere with its puckered little hole staring at me, the taper of her hips to waist, the ridges of her spine as it led up to her shoulders, the glistening brunette mane falling forward. She cleared her throat, breaking me out of my reverie and I wielded the KY tube over her anus.

    She gasped as I worked the goop around her closed orifice, moaned as my index finger poked into the tight ring. I leaned forward, resting my chest against her back, whispered, "Do you want some stretching, or should I just plunge right in?"

    "I'm ok, just do it"

    I shook my head, but it was what she wanted, and it was her birthday. I placed my shining cockhead at her entrance and pushed softly. Nothing happened.

    "What are you doing?"

    "You need to relax. You've tightened up like a drum." I tried again.

    "Come on, just do it!" she growled.

    She was channeling Nike commercials, but I'm not in the habit of hurting people, especially those I like. I let go her hip, reached around to her smooth shaven mound, caressed the folds of her sex. She cooed. And her whole body seemed to loosen up, so I pushed forward and in popped my tip.

    "Oh fuck that hurt"

    "The worst is over"

    "So you say"

    Now I was really concerned, "Do you want to stop?"

    "Don't you dare. This is my present. You can't take it back"

    Present? WTF? "Actually I have a gift for you. I left it in the car, though."

    "Silly boy, not from you, for you. I'm trying to apologize, though I admit my motives are not entirely altruistic."


    "A simple," and I thrust, eliciting a grunt,

    "sorry," a little harder and now I'm a couple inches in,

    "but I'm no longer interested," I pulled on her with both hands, gaining another inch,

    "would have been kinder," held her steady and pulled back a few,

    "than no word at all."

    She was breathing heavy, as was I, and cursing a blue streak under her breath. I know I'm bigger than average, but I was starting to wonder if she'd ever had anything up the poop chute.

    "Apology accepted. Though I am curious, why'd you come to class Friday?"


    The fire in her ass, flaring as he tried penetrating again, nearly distracted her from the litany of threats aimed at Liz for promising her all she needed to do was properly grease his penis.

    "Uhn, fuck me" escaped her mouth as he reversed direction, and she realized he thought she was upset about that Thursday. She'd correct that later; first she wanted to get well and truly fucked.

    He pushed in and then backed out a couple more times, and she wished she'd understood his question about stretching before. As he started to move more smoothly, the pain was beginning to give way to a warmer, pleasing sensation.

    She could feel her grunts morph into groans and then moans. He was getting deeper on his thrusts, and she thought she might be feeling her insides rearranging to accommodate him.

    "Ayie" she yelped in surprise the first time his sack collided with her mound.

    "Almost getting all the way in, honey, and I'm getting close. Do you want me to pull out?"

    "No way. Cum inside me," and on his next thrust she pushed back with everything she had and felt her ass collide with his pelvis, smashing his balls into her pussy.

    "Oh fuck, Vic, warn me when you're going to do that."

    "I just wanted you all the way in"

    "We'd have gotten there"

    They found a rhythm, moving together, long strokes on his shaft.

    "Oh Lord, here I go," and she could feel the pulses as his hot white sauce spurted into her bowels.

    Five, six thrusts later he asked, "How is this for you? Are you even close?"

    "I think I'd like to try this on my back. I miss being able to look at you."

    He slowly pulled his still stiff cock all out, and the head emerged with a pop, followed by a dribble of goo.

    She rolled over and he asked, "Do any of the cushions come off?"

    "I don't think so"

    "All right, pull your knees up to your chest"

    She felt his iron rod slide into her ass, almost effortlessly.

    "You can relax your legs back down now," and he began to pummel away at her ravaged butt, his jewels knocking against her cheeks.

    She watched his face as he grunted with effort, sweat rising on his brow. She'd been feeling that special warmth growing before, but soon it suffused her entire body.

    She could feel the closeness of the precipice, her moans coming diaphragm deep, and when he put a hand over her slit, fingers rubbing her folds, thumb on her clit, the world exploded.


    I knew from previous experience, when her orgasm hit, she'd kick me off. I thought I was prepared to deal with it, but she still managed to displace me enough that I lost penetration of her ass.

    When I returned to it, the incredible wet, rippling, velvet sheath immediately told me my aim was off, I was now in her tight little snatch. Thinking it shouldn't really be a problem I rode out her convulsions, and prepared to double her up. When she came back to earth, realized where
    I was, the look on her face was heartbreaking.

    I stopped moving, "What's wrong?"

    "Things with, ... well, my boyfriend,.. are getting serious, so I promised myself, no one else gets ..."

    "Oh, shit, sorry, it was an accident." I started to pull out, realizing just how stupid that sounded, recalling all the jokes I've heard about 'accidental' fucking.

    She locked her legs behind my butt, keeping me in. She sighed, "It's already done; no sense not enjoying it."

    I smiled, bent down to kiss her, "if you're sure ..."

    "Fuck me senseless and it won't matter"

    "Deal," and so I did.

    I started slow and gradually worked up to pounding away. I grabbed those luscious tits, bouncing as I thrust, and kneaded the flesh, pinched the nipples. She scrunched her eyes closed and her body trembled as her breath whooshed in and out like a bellows.

    Her orgasm hit as mine did, and this time I had no defense when she rocked me off her, and half my load shot over her stomach, the carpet, and my legs as I rolled onto my back. I reached out, held her hand as she rejoined me.

    She looked over at me, smiled, "A couple things on my mind. One, I loved Thursday. I dashed out Friday because I was unprepared when my monthly visitor arrived early, then I was too embarrassed to tell you. Second, would you like to spend the night?"


    Her spirits crashed as his face filled with dismay at her question.

    "I want to, I really want to"


    "I have a responsibility to my date."

    She laughed, a deep belly laugh. "That's rich. I invite you here, with a heavy hint that we'll have sex. Then we actually do have sex. Just what is your responsibility to her?"

    "To get her home safely. Of course the best part of that, I don't actually know where that is, " and he laughed.

    "All right I'll bite. How's that possible? Who is she? Do I know her? Did you just pick her up at the classroom?"

    He appeared to count on his fingers. "It's almost certain you've met. I actually asked my sister, but she was busy and arranged the date with an acquaintance of hers who was looking for something to do this evening. I picked her up from my sister's suite at the Beverly Arms." He paused. "Lily Collins."

    "Lily Collins?" Victoria asked. She sat up. "We've got to go rescue her."

    "Come again"

    "This group is very much like a family in a lot of ways. An incestuous family. You're an outsider, unknown, which is why they left you alone. Lily is a long lost cousin come home. Fresh meat for the sharks. We'd best clean up and see if we can save her."


    Lily was finding it to be quite the party. She'd caught up with friends from her days with Nickelodeon. She'd flirted with the guys, danced to the tunes spun by the DJ. She'd even scored a shot of whisky from a hip flask. However, she'd also lost her date, and that was making it more
    challenging to rebuff the advances, from both the guys and girls. What she hadn't done yet was find the birthday girl.

    She was retreating from the dance floor, from Leon, who'd been getting very hands on, thinking maybe she'd get another drink, when the soft hand on her shoulder prompted her to turn around.

    "Victoria," she cried in surprise, "I was beginning to wonder if you were really here. I couldn't find you. Happy Birthday." She gave her a peck on the cheek.

    "That's ok, I was taking a break from the craziness, when someone mentioned you were here, and I had to come find you."

    "A break? But isn't this what you wanted?"

    "Come with me, and I'll show you what I want"

    The Puerto Rican beauty led her away from the noise, deeper into the house, to a room of couches with the view of a patio enclosed by ferns. Her host turned in the center of the room to face her. "What I want is you," and she closed in for a kiss, directly on the mouth.

    Lily brought her arms up, to push her away, but with her hands full on Victoria's breasts, she discovered them to be unbound under the dress, couldn't resist giving them a squeeze.

    The birthday girl moaned in her grasp, ran the tip of her tongue along her closed lips and then placed her hands on her ass, and Lily surrendered. Everyone at the party except her date had hit on her, at least Vic was known to be a considerate lover.

    The surprise was when another pair of hands reached inside her dress, to clutch her tits.


    When we'd agreed to meet back at the 'meditation' chamber in 15 minutes, whether or not either had found Lily, I guess I hadn't really thought through what that meant.

    I opened the door to find them kissing, though Lily looked to be trying to push Victoria away. I quickly ditched my jacket, shirt, and shoes, figuring on convenience but anything more would be presumptuous.

    When she accepted the hands on her butt, I made my move. The top of her dress was more like thick straps from waist over the shoulder and back down to the waist. I slid my hands between her arms and body, under the black cloth, to discover support pasties and double-sided tape.

    She broke off the kiss, "Who-"

    Vic cut her off, "Shh, it's more fun if you don't know."
    I tossed the rubber cups to a couch, returned one hand to playing with her chest, cupping the small handful while rubbing the center point with my thumb. With the other I gathered her golden brown tresses together, draped them over one shoulder so I could properly feast on her neck.

    I was standing tight enough that Victoria occasionally brushed my burgeoning bulge as she continued to work over her ass. I imagine Lily returned the favor in some manner as both girls mixed gasps in with their moans while aggressively kissing each other.

    "Dammit, Vic, if he gets direct contact with my tits I should get yours too."

    "Go ahead, undress me"

    For the second time that evening someone after VJ's breasts half stripped her, and then got distracted by her treasures. It wasn't long before she suggested, "Why don't we all just get naked?" and started on my belt, my fly.

    I reached up to slip the black straps off Lily's shoulders. After she cleared her arms, she went back to work on the clasps of the blue silk number. Soon it was on the floor, leaving the birthday girl in just her heels. I had Lily down to her lacy black thong and pumps, so I had to break off to get my boxers down and off, clearing my pants from ankles at the same time.

    Finding myself looking at a very lovely, firm round derriere I couldn't resist I gave it a kiss on the cheek, then yanked the thong down, baring it all the way.


    "Shh, it'll be ok, trust me. Widen your stance."

    I caught sight of a hand between Lily's legs, figured VJ must be preparing to really give it to her, so I gently parted her ass and ran my tongue along her split, ending over her starfish.

    "OOOh shit, what's that?"

    "Relax, nothing to worry about, but how about you bring those delicate little fingers back up here, hmm?"

    I proceeded to eat her ass in earnest, she was moaning, swaying on her feet, and then Vic was on her knees in front of her, eating her pussy.

    "Oh my god you guys, I'm going to cum" And then I was holding her steady as she jerked, and I heard the slurping noises of her free flowing juices being lapped up.

    When she was grounded again, "Thank you, that was ... wonderful"

    Victoria poked her head between Lily's legs, "Kiss me"

    I did, and she gave me a taste of Miss Collins. It was exquisite. I was hard, and wanted to bury it somewhere. I stood back up, and started probing around her backdoor.

    "Please no, not anal, please"

    I shrugged, ok, but then lifted her up, my erection sticking out between her legs, rubbing her crotch.


    Things had quickly gotten out of hand, but she couldn't complain, the results felt great, but no way did she want her ass raped tonight. She was actually surprised when he backed off, but then his strong arms wrapped around her and she was hanging in the air.

    Before she really understood the new reality, Victoria's hands had opened her moist lips, but instead of slipping fingers inside again, she guided his hard-on to her entrance.

    "Holy fuck" she gasped as he slowly let her down, his thickness stretching her wider, his length going deeper, than she'd had before.

    Catching a glimpse of reflection in the window, she saw his strange posture, knees flexed forward, upper body leaning back, centering her weight over his hips, his feet. If that wasn't proof of his physical strength he then used his arms to lift her up and settle her back down, pistoning her on his cock. She couldn't help giving out little yelps when he found her g-spot, and then kept going after it.

    She felt helpless, but was enjoying every second of the physical sensations, as she watched her hostess, standing in front of her, caress her own sex, knead her own breasts.

    "Victoria... why don't ... you ...lie down?" she panted out.

    Vic smiled, lied down in the middle of the room and spread wide, continuing to play as she watched Lily get plundered.

    "Now... mystery ... man... line me up ... with her"

    He stopped the motion, and she almost groaned in relief from the break in stimulation. Still holding her with one arm, he used the other to curl her lower leg, and switched to do the other. He hobbled them over into position and without warning she was falling to the floor.

    Except that he never let go, never pulled out, so when he landed on his knees with a grunt, she was still held tight, in the air. He controlled her lean forward, and soon she was on all fours, her face aimed right for VJ's sweet spot, with his shaft once again sliding in and out.
    Lily bent her head down, letting her mouth, her tongue join Victoria's fingers. She licked along her labia, to enjoy the sweet juice and heady aroma, but finding it hard to concentrate.

    The character of his long, hard thrusts was more forceful, more invigorating and she was building up, very close to another climax. She didn't want to fire off before Vic, so she ran her tongue to her clit and gave her love nub a bath. The girl's hips bucked up into her face and she knew she was on the right track.

    Her ragged breathing over the wet bundle of nerves got her, "Oh God, yes Lily, do that again" so she did.

    Suddenly there was an animal screech and the body beneath her went rigid, then started spasming. She was trying to drink down the flood of girl water but the electric sensation overflowed her capacity to contain.


    The girls orgasmed virtually simultaneously, and Lily's rippling walls clenching down sent me over the edge as well. Split second decision, I stayed inside pumping her womb full of my third load of the evening. I guided her body to the carpet next to Victoria, and sat back, leaning against a couch. They came down, started getting up.

    "I'm going to need a breather before the next round. That vertical really did me in."

    Lily looked over at me, "So Matt, is this what Sheila meant when she told you to show me a good time?" but she was smiling.

    "I choose to believe she left the specifics up to me."

    What a minute! Sheila?" Victoria was connecting some dots. "Sheila Jackson is your sister?"

    My date looked to our hostess, "If you didn't know, how'd you two even meet?"

    I was saved what might have been feminine wrath by an electronic voice, "Victoria, we're wheeling out the cake. Come join your party."

    She leapt up, pushed aside a small panel to reveal the intercom, "2 minutes, give me 2 minutes"


    After the cake cutting, Lily stuck close by my side. Victoria said I could leave my gift with security at the valet; I'd mentioned she might be more comfortable opening it in private.

    When things started getting rambunctious, such as the girls in the pool having their bikinis torn off, I suggested it might be a good time to leave and Lily agreed.

    I asked where I should drive and she replied, "Your place?"

    I explained I had an obdurate roommate, hence no privacy.

    "Well I have the suite across the hall from your sister"

    We chatted, got to know one another a little better during the drive.

    A block from the Arms, she placed her hand on my thigh, "In case I wasn't clear, I'd like for you to reclaim the car after breakfast."

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    Well done Chitown! An amazing addition to the saga.

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