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Thread: "Spring Breakers!" with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson

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    fanfiction "Spring Breakers!" with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson

    Spring Breakers!
    With Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, voy, blackmail
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    I was just another monotonous day at the local 7 Eleven store in St Petersburg Florida, when I looked out the window and noticed a group of girls ride into the car park on multi colored scooters and congregate around one of the gas pumps.

    Fortunately for me it was the middle of the afternoon and unusually quiet, so I locked down the cash register and went over to investigate and quickly discovered that one of the scooters appeared to be damaged.

    "I think I broke it." Selena Gomez pouted, as I introduced myself and offered some assistance.

    "Mind if I take a look at it for you?"

    Having pin pointed the problem I proceeded to pump up the flat tire and offered to fill up their gas tanks so as to save them time and get them back on their way, as we soon noticed menacing storm clouds appear on the horizon.

    Thankfully this gesture seemed to please them, and I was soon rewarded with an official introduction for my troubles.

    "You know, you're pretty sweet to help us out like this." Vanessa Hudgens smiled.

    "By the way, I'm Selena and this is Vanessa." The sexy brunette claimed. "And those two over there are Ashley and Rachel."

    "Nice to meet you," I grinned, as I noticed the other girls giggle amongst themselves while staring at me - no doubt talking about me behind my back.

    "Err. Guys. We really need to get going." Ashley remarked a moment later, referring to the looming storm clouds.

    In the short amount of time that we stood there conversing, the wind had picked up considerably.

    "Duh." Hudgens quipped. "What do you think he's trying to do right now."

    As polite as I was, I had to use all of my strength not stare at the girls as they were scantily clad for the Floridian climate.

    There, Selena wore a tight little tee and cut off shorts that were so small that the bottom of her teen ass was hang out, causing me to wonder if she in fact was wearing any underwear at all.

    Her friends were also just as casually dressed, which made it almost impossible for me to concentrate.

    While I tried my best to get on with the job at hand, Gomez only made things even more difficult as she openly teased and flirted with me in front of her friends, while they debated whether or not to go inside the store and buy some supplies - chocolates and slurpees.

    It was during this time that the petite Latina bent over and pointed out several things to me on the scooter, and in the process flashed me a considerable amount of cleavage. In fact I almost gasped out loud when I realized I had been privy to a nip slip, as the actress was not wearing a bra.

    "Jesus." I thought to myself. "These girls are fucking incredible... driving around Tampa half naked like this."

    Still, for all her effort I knew exactly what she was trying to do.

    She was trying to distract me while her friends wandered off into the store and literally ransacked the place. Outside, the tragic flirt and I now got to know each other better and I snickered to myself as she proceeded to twirl her fingers through her hair.

    "You girls clearly aren't from around here huh." I grinned.

    "What gave it away?"

    "Well. The scooters for one." I laughed. "No one rides those things around here, except for tourists."

    "Oh. Really."

    "Yep." I snickered. "They're just way too dangerous and unreliable."

    Selena smiled sweetly before I was surprised to learn that she and her friends were apparently from Hollywood, and were accomplished Film and TV stars in their own right who were in town for a few days to shoot several scenes for an upcoming film.

    "Wow. Bona fide film stars?" I remarked. "I'm honored."

    It was then as I proceeded to gas up the last scooter that the weather finally closed in and several heavy droplets appeared from above.

    "Shit. I think we're out of time." I said, as a moment later all hell broke loose and it suddenly began to pour down heavily.

    Leaving the bikes as they were, Selena and I made a run for it as her friends all cheered to the bright lightening in the distance.

    Unfortunately for us we barely made it inside before getting utterly doused, and I looked over at the starlet to see that in the short amount of time she had been saturated through and through.

    I guess it didn't help that she was already scantily clad in nothing more than a singlet top and daisy duke cut offs. But now, Selena was so wet that her clothes clung to her body and her shirt was left almost transparent, leaving little to the imagination.

    This exposed her perky dark nipples, and I found it even harder than before to look her in the eyes as she spoke.

    Inside, I tried to busy myself and went over to the register and began to tally up the bill when I noticed that the others appeared to be loitering around the restroom, acting suspiciously.

    Watching them carry on, they were clearly trying to hide something from me.

    Intrigued, I stepped around the counter and walked over to investigate when the strong scent of weed hit me square in the face and I looked inside to catch the ladies sharing a hefty blunt.

    Noting my reaction, the girls giggled before they actually offered me a hit.

    "Go ahead. Help yourself to a hit." Vanessa offered before coughing briefly. "We won't tell anyone."

    "Can you put that out please." I insisted. "There's a no smoking policy in the store. You're going to set off the smoke detector."

    The girls seemed annoyed but did as I asked.

    "Besides," I remarked. "Where the hell did you find that anyway."

    "We got it from her boyfriend." Ashley claimed, referring to Rachel's husband and director of the film they were shooting.

    "Great," I quipped. "Four girls riding through Tampa on second hand scooters while stoned in the rain. Perfect."

    Back at the counter, I tried my best to add up the total as the others now openly stood watching the storm rage on outside. Street signs and garbage now littered the road as the storm pick up pace and howled loudly, frightening the starlets.

    "Whoa." Ashley remarked. "It's getting real nasty out there guys. I don't know if we'll be able to ride back to the hotel."

    "Don't worry," Vanessa claimed. "Well just call one of the guys to come pick us up when the weather clears."

    While this went on, I was still at the counter going over the numbers and trying my best not to look up and sneak glances at Selena's rack - which was still on full display.

    If I didn't know any better I could swear her nipples had noticeably hardened since coming into the store completely wet.

    "Okay so, the grand total so far comes to $98.60." I stated a minute later. "That's not counting the snacks and drinks."

    There was an awkward silence as the ladies all stopped what they were doing and looked at each other.

    "Don't look at me," Selena shrugged. "I spent today's allowance on that hotel massage this morning."


    To my amusement the girls appeared to be woefully unorganized and now seemed confused as to who would be paying for the gas and munchies. I then watched as the actresses began to play a game of hot potato and argued loudly as to who and why should be made to pay.

    Ultimately all four of them claimed that it didn't matter anyway, as neither of them had any cash with them. With that said, I finally picked up the phone and threatened to call the police but they begged me not to do it.

    "No! Please. Don't do it." Two of the girls exclaimed.

    "So what would you have me do. Give you a free pass?" I replied. "With my salary, I don't think so."

    "No. Please." Selena urged. "Can you cut us a break?"

    "No. I can't." I replied bluntly, before the ladies and I began to bicker some more.

    With my hand still on the phone the ladies and I then discussed an alternative payment and came to an agreement in which I ultimately suggested that if they were serious about not going to jail they could simply show me their tits.

    "WHAT!!" They scoffed in unison.

    While Ashley and Selena flatly refused, Rachel and Vanessa simply looked at each other and agreed - more than happy to and expose themselves to me for the team.

    "Nice." I remarked, before I turned my attention back to Selena and Ashley.

    "Well. What'll it be?" I stated plainly. "Cops or tits."

    A minute later the two actresses looked at each other and shrugged before Ashley reluctantly pulled up her shirt and attempted to proceed.

    "Ohmigod." Gomez objected. "What are you doing. You're not actually going to agree to this are you?"

    "Do you have a better idea." Hudgens replied, before she and Rachel lifted up their shirts and exposed themselves to my greedy eyes.

    "Wow." I remarked with a huge grin on my face, as they dropped their shirts and high fived one another.

    Unfortunately for them I suddenly sensed a once in a lifetime opportunity and decided to roll the dice and see how far I could go. Thinking quickly I faked disappointment and reminded them of what was at stake.

    "Look. I dunno much about the film industry. But I'm sure the last thing you'd want is bad publicity, am I right?"

    "Screw you man." Selena hissed in protest. "Don't you see what he's trying to do. He's trying to blackmail us!"

    Meanwhile, Vanessa and Rachel both looked at each other and seemed resigned to their fate, before Hudgens appeared to read my mind and suddenly spoke and volunteered sexual favors in return for my silence.

    "Nessa! What are you saying?" Selena snapped, as the onetime "High School Musical" star and I seemed to have an understanding.

    To my delight, Vanessa then offered to give me a blow job to cover the tab and pay for my silence.

    "You've got yourself a deal there young lady." I smirked. "But on one condition."


    "I want to see HER tits." I directed at Gomez, who audibly gasped at the mere suggestion.

    "What! No fucking way."

    "Come on Selena." The girls all whined, trying to convince her to play along.

    "It's not like you have to do anything." They maintained. "You just have to stand there and let him see you."

    "Yeah." Ashley agreed. "It's really Vanessa who's doing all the work. Don't be such a prude. It's time to be a team player Sel."

    It took all of several minutes and a few loud claps of thunder to startle her out of her stubbornness and finally come around.

    "Okay, fine. Whatever." she finally relented. "I'll do it, okay. But this stays between us agreed?"

    With that settled, Vanessa then turned and began to walk towards the restroom to proceed with the deed.

    "Where are you going?" I scoffed a moment later. "I want to do it right here."

    "Oh no. No fucking way." Hudgens objected. "It's the bathroom or nowhere."

    Pausing for a moment I decided to concede to the point and followed her there.

    "Okay fine. Have it your way." I said behind her. "But your friends have to watch, or there's no deal."

    With that said, the ladies followed us into the bathroom area where I asked the others to keep a look out on the front door to make sure that no new customers would interrupt us.

    They all agreed as they now watched from the doorway as Vanessa got into place and Selena now stood above her and prepared to show me her exquisite breasts.

    "This is unbelievable." Ashley giggled excitedly from the door. "I can't believe you guys are actually going to go through with this."

    "Hey. You're the one..." Selena started to whine before her friends interrupted her.

    "I'm just kidding." Benson chuckled, before leaning over to Rachel and whispering, "This is so fucking cool."

    "You bet your sweet ass it is." I smirked. "If they want to stay out of jail that is."

    To my delight Vanessa seemed more than willing to proceed but suddenly had one final stipulation which was that I wear a rubber.

    Considering how gracious she was I happily agreed and quickly produced a condom from my back pocket, as Selena began to take off her shirt and to my delight was in fact bra-less underneath.

    I actually moaned inwardly as I realized just how incredibly erect her nipples appeared to be.

    "Wow. Is it cold in here or what." Ashley remarked from the door, causing Selena to flash her a scathing look.

    As funny as it was, it was a valid point. Either it was the weather that was causing this effect or the entire seedy situation that really turned her on.

    "Come on, off." I insisted while flicking my finger at Gomez. "Take the whole shirt off."

    "And you," I directed down at Hudgens. "Take out my cock."

    A moment later, Vanessa reached inside and fished out my package and grinned smugly to myself as the girls all stopped dead in their tracks and were visibly shocked at the size of my lengthy manhood.

    "Holy shit." Ashley Benson remarked before glaring at her friends.

    Without further ado, I slipped the rubber over my menacing rod and waited for Vanessa to proceed.

    "Ohmigod Vanessa," Selena quipped. "Are you even going to be able to fit that in your mouth."

    "Only one way to find out." I replied, as I placed my hand on the back of Hudgen's head and directed her soft lips towards my length.

    I moaned involuntarily as her soft wet mouth finally enveloped me whole, and catching my breath I looked over to admire the prettiest set of tits I think I had ever seen.

    There, Selena Gomez blushed brightly as her breasts were completely exposed to me and I insisted that she take them in each hand and fondle them a little.

    The actress-turned-singer responded by flashing me a dirty look but nevertheless complied and reluctantly cupped her impressive tits with both hands and stood watching as her friends sucked my cock.

    "Oh. Shit yeah." I groaned with delight, making the girls giggle. "You're really good at this. huh. You've done this before."

    The girls giggled again.

    "Keep going Vanessa. I think he likes that." They laughed loudly, as I took this opportunity to reach over and pull Selena close to me.

    The petite starlet shrieked with surprise but did not resist, as I grabbed her from around the waist and held her tight, her friends head now bobbing up and down over my rod.

    "Come 'ere," I hissed, before I helped myself to her glorious chest and roughly groped and fondled her teen tits with my callous hands.

    "Err. Oh-kay?" was all she could say as she blushed with shame while I had my seedy way with her.

    It was during this time that I noticed the way Ashley appeared to eye my cock hungrily from the door, flicking her pink tongue across her lips as she watched Vanessa work her magic.

    Feeling emboldened, I turned to Selena and before she could say anything and kissed her hard on the lips, which took her breath away before I turned my sights back to Benson and asked her if she was enjoying the show.

    "Uh-Huh. I guess." she replied with a sly grin on her face.

    I could tell she was aching for some cock herself.

    "What do you think of your sexy friends right now?" I smirked. "You think Vanessa here is doing a good enough job?"

    Ashley simply squirmed and giggled nervously beside her friend, who I also noticed seemed to be sporting a set of very hard pokies.

    "Maybe." she replied, which immediately irked Vanessa who took her mouth away from my cock to respond.

    "What. Hey, fuck you bitch. If you think you're so great why don't you get down here and suck his dick?"

    While the others laughed Ashley blushed brightly.

    The "Pretty Little Liars" star then smiled over at me as though asking for my permission and I simply pushed Selena out of the way and invited Ashley to take her friends position in the cramped space.

    "Hell yeah." I snickered. "Let's see what you've made of little lady."

    "What do you think. Should I do it?" Benson quizzed her friends, who all seemed distracted by my large cock and Vanessa's admirable cock sucking skills.

    At this point she had one hand wrapped tightly around the base of my shaft, with her mouth encased around the bulbous head and was bobbing her head up and down at a fervent pace, slurping loudly and hoping to get me off before her friends had time to challenge or join her on the tiled floor.

    "Hey. Put up or shut up sweet-pea." I told Ashley, before I grabbed her by the wrist and directed her to kneel down beside Vanessa.

    With that said, Ashley took Vanessa place a moment later and eagerly sucked my cock it into her mouth causing me to groan.

    The stark contrast between the two of their mouths was obvious, as was their techniques. Nevertheless, Ashley happily accepted my meat stick and eagerly mingled her spit with Vanessa's.

    I now moaned out loud as I had both Ashley and Vanessa sucking my dick at the exact same time, both of them alternating between sucking my shaft and licking my balls.

    It was during this time that I looked over and noticed that Rachel Korine had her hand stuffed inside her shorts and was openly playing with herself, while Selena was absolutely captivated by the display and was so distracted that she hadn't even pulled her shirt down - and stood there exposed.

    "Are you enjoying yourself over there." I grinned, causing the ladies to stop what they were doing and look over at Rachel who was masturbating.

    "You're such a slut you know that." Selena told her, as I grabbed the back of Vanessa's head and urged her to keep deep-throating me.

    "Ha. I'm a slut?" Rachel snapped back sarcastically, referring to her friends who were now either topless and/or on the floor sucking a strangers cock.

    Selena simply poked out her tongue as I took this opportunity to reach down and fondle both Vanessa's and Ashley's pert breasts, squeezing and feeling the weight of their young tits.

    "Hm. How about the two of you give each other a kiss." I suggested, and to my delight the girls didn't hesitate.

    As if this wasn't enough of a surprise, a moment later I gasped out loud as I watched Vanessa literally rip the condom off my dick and proceeded to deep throat me directly, as Ashley urged her friend on and gently squeezed and massaged my aching balls at the same time.

    "Mm yeah." Ashley growled. "Suck his cock, girl. Take that big dick all the way down your throat. Yeah."

    "Oh Shit. Ugh. Fuck-Fuck-Fuck!" I chanted repeatedly to the action.

    "Yeah. Make him pop Vanessa." Selena suddenly chimed in, as my eyes finally rolled into the back of my head and I approached my zenith.

    Suddenly Hudgens coughed and gagged on my cock and I exploded into the back of her throat, filling her tummy with hot slimy jizz and pulled out fast enough to shoot my remainder wad directly across her pretty face.

    Like a sex-starved vulture, I watched Ashley literally devour her friends face and lick the sticky mess from her chin and mouth before they stopped to share another passionate tongue kiss.

    "Hmm. Fucking-A." I remarked at the lustful display. "That. Was. Awesome."

    "Happy now?" Selena quipped from the door as she tucked her impressive tits back into her shirt.

    "I'll let you know when I'm satisfied, sweetheart."

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    I've been looking forward to this story ever since it was first brought up and discussed in chat and it absolutely did not disappoint! Chapter 1 is off to a fantastic start and it should be a truly amazing series. Though I must say it is surprising (not complaining, just surprised/commenting) to see the addition of Miley Cyrus and not, if any addition, Ashley Tisdale? Who would seemingly be more fitting given the twitter comment by her. ultimately though, I'm not the writer and I still greatly enjoyed it so great work and I am eagerly looking forward to Chapter 2! In classic TPG fashion it'll only get better from here!

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    Thanks for the feedback, X42.

    Yep, I considered Ashley Tisdale for the first few hours when I initially wrote up the synopsis but then just got sick of having to explain which "Ashley" was saying what and when and where... and was also let down as she didn't end up going to Tampa as promised.

    Then I changed it to Demi Lovato after she tweeted from Tampa a few hours later that night, as she was performing in the area, but that also eventuated to nothing.

    (more drama between Demi & Selena? they don't appear to be friends anymore)

    So eventually, I decided that since I was changing a lot of the original idea anyway, I might as well go all the way and just create the ultimate cast for the movie (the way I would have done it) and cast Miley Cyrus as the fourth scooter girl.

    What can I say, I can't help myself. lol

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    Ah i see now. I can certainly see where you're coming from on the "two" Ashley's situation. It's unfortunate to not have her in it, but I definitely understand. As for Demi, I noticed she was in the same city as well. Would of been a great addition, but I'm not surprised we didn't see pictures of them hanging out and I don't think it really has anything to do with her and Selena. yes I could obviously be wrong, but I figure more than anything it's related to their schedules. Benson was talking about having to be up at 4AM for filming and I would not be surprised that just as soon as Demi finished her show in Tampa she was on the road to the next city. Just my take on things since everything seems great between them on NYE.

    Ultimately Miley is far from a bad addition and as I said before, the first chapter is fantastic and I seriously look forward to the rest of the series.

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