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Thread: "Spring Breakers 2" with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale

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    fanfiction "Spring Breakers 2" with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale

    Spring Breakers 2
    With Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, orgy, voy, anal, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    I was just after midnight as I rushed to leave work and headed straight for Tampa, in the direction of the hotel to meet with the girls.

    As it so happened it seemed that our hot little encounter had really riled them up, with Vanessa Hudgens making sure to jot down her address and room number and suggesting that we get together for a little more fun later that same evening.

    "If you're not busy and want some company," Hudgens smiled. "Drop by later."

    As expected it didn't take long for me arrive to the hotel only to find things well underway.

    There I was greeted at the door by a striking young brunette I had never seen before, and while I wondered if I had showed up to the wrong suite, Vanessa suddenly jumped out from behind the door to surprise me and officially introduced me to Lucy Hale, who had apparently flown in from Los Angeles to visit her friend and fellow "Pretty Little Liars" co-star Ashley Benson.

    "Nice to meet you." I said, to which Lucy simply scoffed and wandered off to the kitchen to have another drink with her BFF.

    "Where are the others?" I asked, before Vanessa explained how Rachel was apparently out to dinner with her husband/director, while Selena was drunk in the other room chatting to her teen boyfriend on the phone.

    "Wait. Selena has a boyfriend?" I asked naively.

    "We all do, silly." Vanessa countered.

    It was only now that I realized just how scantily clad the girls appeared to be, barely dressed in skimpy two piece bikinis.

    The ladies were clearly high and having an absolute blast as they listened to music and enjoyed the carnival-like atmosphere of Tampa. Inside, they quickly insisted that I join them in drinks and proceeded to do body shots off each other.

    This involved watching Vanessa and Ashley do multiple shots off Selena's remarkable figure, before the two stopped to share a brief but passionate kiss and turned their sights on me.

    "Hey. How about we give homeboy here a turn." one of them said.

    I was then offered to do a body shot of my very own and invited to suck Tequila straight from Lucy's slender belly, before I licked some salt from her supple neck and shared a brief but playful kiss on the mouth with her.

    This was pretty extraordinary to me as I had only meet her literally minutes earlier. Then again, the entire day thus far had been one for the record books.

    As expected, the game quickly developed into something more sinful as the "Scream 4" star drunkenly exposed her breasts and poured champagne all over her exquisite chest and nipples, inviting us to clean it off with our tongues.

    With a room full of drunk horny actresses it didn't take long for someone to volunteer and Vanessa Hudgens eagerly devoured the champagne from her other breast while her friends cheered.

    Naturally, this lewd display gave me instant wood as the girls then passed around a makeshift bong and took turns getting high.

    Not wanting to disappoint, I happily obliged and quickly scoffed down two hefty party cones before I looked over to see Selena and Ashley partake in their own brand of fun and share two chunky long lines of coke from the kitchen counter.

    "I really shouldn't do this right now." Selena giggled, while fidgeting uncontrollably. "It makes me horny as hell."

    "Yeah. I know what you mean." Ashley agreed. "With me, too much coke means someone's getting their cock sucked."

    The ladies then laughed at their own jokes before they devoured the lines and high fived one another.

    "So," Vanessa said while offering me another drink. "Are you stoned yet?"

    "Clearly not as ripped as you are right now." I replied. "You're eyes are totally fucking bloodshot."

    Just then, the ladies all cheered as someone suggested that we step out onto the balcony and enjoy a late night dip in the hot tub, and before I had time to respond the girls literally tore my clothes off and dragged me out onto the terrace.

    Fortunately for us the tub was designed for four occupants, and Lucy and Ashley happily shared a position right beside me where we enjoyed the soothing water and the powerful massaging jets.

    Drunk, stoned, and incredibly aroused, I then watched in awe as the starlets actually dared each other to take off their remaining bikinis leaving them all seated there naked as the day they were born.

    At this point we were all fucking high as kites, and I was soon overwhelmed and utterly distracted between their bobbing young breasts which now floated enticingly just above the waterline around me.

    "This is fucking insane." I remarked inwardly, while enjoying my high. "Even for Spring Break standards."

    It was during this time that I jumped momentarily as I felt a hand gently rest on my inner thigh and softly caress me up and down, and I quickly realized it was Lucy who wasted little time reaching down between my legs and giving my hard cock an appreciative squeeze.

    Someone was definitely in town to get laid, and wasn't wasting any time coming on to me.

    While her friends continued to converse with one another, Hale flashed me a knowing look and proceeded to treat me to a underwater hand job, before leaning over to whisper hotly into my ear.

    "Are you having fun yet?" she grinned, as I happened to notice that Ashley too seemed to be whimpering slightly.

    To my amusement the blonde starlet seemed to be squirming delightfully on Lucy's lap, and I quickly realized that while Hale continued to stroke me with one hand she was apparently caressing her friends bare sex with the other.

    Naturally, this revelation turned me on to no end and I actually felt my cock twitch with excitement inside her hand.

    Meanwhile as this went on, her friends fooled around and attempted to determine which one of them was the better kisser. I then watched as Selena took turns making out with Vanessa, who then turned to the side and shared a slow sensuous tongue-kiss with Ashley.

    "Hmm. Yeah you're definitely enjoying the show huh." Lucy whispered, as she continued to stroke my hardening length under the water.

    Feeling bold I decided to repay the gesture and slid my hand between her legs only to find that someone's fingers were already placed there.

    "Looking for something?" Benson challenged, as I joined my fingers with hers and we both proceeded to play with the Lucy's 23-year-old pussy.

    Even in the relative heat of the tub we could both feel how utterly wet Lucy was, as she now proceeded to grind and squirm delightfully over our wandering digits.

    Benson and I simply smiled at each other as she worked her friends clit while I caressed her tender cunt lips back and forth, spearing her arousal all around her sex.

    "What about you?" Selena finally directed at me, interrupting my train of thought.


    "Who do you think is the better kisser among us?"

    "Well. If you ask me there's only one true way to find out." I snickered, never really expecting her to take the bait.

    But before I even had time to finish the sentence Ashley suddenly pounced and abruptly pressed her lips to mine, kissing me hard on the lips.

    A moment later, Selena moved in and waited for her friend to finish before she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth too, parting my lips with her tongue and swirling it all around and causing the others to swoon with excitement.

    "Mm. Fuck that's hot." Vanessa claimed, as her own hands squeezed her pert breasts.

    "Hmm. I think he likes that, Sel." Lucy remarked, as she covertly gripped my cock in the water even harder than before.

    A moment later Vanessa and Lucy leaned forward and to the others amusement they treated me to a combined three way tongue-kiss.

    "Okay. Now that's going to be hard to beat." I stated a minute later, as Selena whined about the girls cheating.

    The next few minutes for me were in fact a total blur as the drugs and alcohol evidently caught up with me and really knocked me around.

    One minute I was surrounded by the ladies and the next I found myself seated alone in the water with just Selena Gomez. Unbeknown to me, the girls had apparently had some kind of understanding between each other and ultimately left the hot tub to give the teen star and I some much needed privacy.

    There the sexy Latina openly flirted and attempted to seduce me, rubbing her petite naked body against my throbbing erection as we casually conversed.

    "So. I want to apologize for my behavior earlier." she smiled. "You must really think I'm a total bitch."

    She was referring to the way she had treated me in the store earlier that day.

    "No. Not at all." I lied. "It's fine. I've totally forgotten about it."

    "Really?" Selena smirked. "I hope not. Because that was one hell of a blow job the girls gave you."

    I grinned smugly to myself as I recalled the way Ashley and Vanessa had shared my load and kissed each other passionately.

    "Can I ask you a question?" she finally said after a moment of silence. "Do I intimidate you?"

    "Not at all." I reassured her, as I noticed just how erect her nipples appeared to be just above the waterline.

    The revelation caused me to swallow hard as she just about had the best set of tits I had ever seen.

    "Intimidate?" I repeated. "What makes you say that?"

    "Well. I only ask since no one ever asks me out." she claimed, as she was clearly coming down from her high and now feeling a little sorry for herself.

    "I mean, the others get asked out all the time." Selena explained. "Even Rachel, who's a complete fucking psycho."

    This comment made me laugh.

    "But it's really starting to make me wonder, you know." The actress-turned-singer reflected. "I mean. I haven't had sex in months."

    "Wow. Really?" I replied. "That long? That can't be true."

    Suddenly, the pint sized star turned to face me directly and placed her arms around my neck.

    "Tell me the truth. Is there something wrong with me?" she pouted in the sweetest possible way.

    At that precise moment Gomez moved to straddle me in the water and carefully wrapped her legs around my hips.

    This action alone made me gasp out loud as it caused her tight, hot 19-year-old mound to brush against my bare naked cock, and in turn made us both sigh contently.

    "Oh. Wow." she grinned sweetly. "You're really hard right now, huh."

    "Can you blame me?" I scoffed. "We're both totally high and naked in a hot tub together."

    The singer giggled.

    "I guess you're right." she beamed. "Or I guess it just might be the Viagra we put in your drink earlier."

    "Wait. You did what?" I snapped, shocked that the girls would take such liberties and actually spike my drink.

    "Sure." Gomez quipped offhandedly. "Have you ever tried it before?"

    "Err. I can't say I have." I stammered. "Shit, Selena. I can't believe you did that to me."

    Truth be told I didn't know what I was more shocked about, the actual spiking of my drink or her complete lack of sympathy.

    "Well you should. It's fucking amazing." she claimed. "I know a guy who once had a hard-on for five hours straight."

    "Five fucking hours?" I whined. "Who the hell wants that."

    "Err. Like every girl I know." she laughed.

    Fortunately for her, at this point I was way too stoned to care and way too lazy to argue so I let it go.

    But it did explain the constant erection I had from the moment I climbed into the tub. I could barely breath or think straight as the petite harlot then proceeded to grind her body to the music emanating from inside the apartment and intentionally rubbed her teen sex against my aching tool.

    "Hmm. Can you feel that" she purred erotically as my cock literally throbbed with excitement.

    "Stop." I muttered softly. "Stop teasing me like this. You're going to drive me crazy."

    "Am I?" she grinned seductively, as she arched her back and allowed her incredibly erect nipples to emerged from the water.

    "Am I really driving you crazy." she teased, as she brushed her nipples against my flesh.

    The actress and I then shared a soft sensuous kiss as she continued to grind her hot, wet sex against my hard cock. In fact she was so wet that I could clearly feel the outline of her velvet soft lips. The sensation of her slippery wet folds against my skin was extraordinary.

    "Hmm. Is this turning you on?" she whispered hotly. "How bad do you want to fuck me right now?"

    "How bad do you want to get fucked, is the real question Selena." I responded, turning the tables on her.

    "Look at you." I added, as I brushed my fingers through her hair. "You're like a bitch on heat right now. You're literally gagging for it."

    "Err. Excuse me?" she suddenly took offense. "Did you just call me a dog?"

    Thinking quickly I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard on the lips, silencing any thoughts she might have about starting a fight. Judging from the shocked expression on her face I could tell the starlet had never been spoken to like that before.

    Unfortunately for her I was still a little perturbed about being drugged against my will, and considering the night thus far I simply had nothing to lose so I spoke my mind, even if that meant being rude and direct.

    "You're just fucking begging for some hard cock, huh." I smirked. "You feel that. Even here in the water I can feel how fucking wet you are right now. You're such a little slut Selena."

    The actress blushed and didn't respond as we both knew I was right.

    "Be honest," I added. "When was the last like time you had some hard cock inside you."

    "Ages." she whispered half heartedly, as her hips continued to gently grind and move against me.

    At this point it was like her teen body was on autopilot.

    "I bet you've been dreaming about getting some hard dick on this trip huh."

    "Maybe." she smiled.

    "Yeah, right." I smirked. "Tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you."


    "Tell me what you want Selena, and I'll grant you your wish." I repeated while pulling on her hair and causing her wince.

    "Nah-Uh." she playfully quipped, as she attempted to take charge of the situation once again. "You need to..."

    Thinking quickly I kissed her hard on the lips again and interrupted her train of thought.

    I then pinned her wrists behind her back, causing her large natural breasts to jut out just inches from my face and proceeded to grind my hips against her increasingly slippery sex.

    "Oh." she moaned involuntarily, apparently aroused by the submissive gesture.

    "Stop playing fucking games." I whispered. "And sit your sweet ass down on this cock already. You know you want to."

    Selena smirked but refused to comply.

    "Yeah?" she teased. "Is that what you want. You want to stick that thing inside me. Right here, out on the balcony?"

    "Why not?" I replied. "We both know you want it. We both know you need it. And you need it in the worst possible way Selena."

    "Oh I do, do I?" she sneered.

    "Yeah. You do." I insisted. "It's in your eyes. You really wanna get fucked tonight."

    It seemed the starlet was interested in more than just sex and loved playing mind games with her lovers, and especially got a kick out of torturing and hearing them beg for it.

    Unfortunately for her I wasn't playing by her rules, but to her surprise she found this strangely exciting.

    Without saying another word our bodies almost seemed to melt into each other, and despite our squabbling we came together. Selena stared right into my eyes as she wiggled her hips and carefully eases herself down over my rigid member, taking me inside.

    "Slow." I instructed. "Don't rush it. We've got all night. Just keep it nice and slow."

    "Oh." she inhaled sharply. "Okay."

    As I spoke, I gradually filled her hot teen minge with meat and watched as her bottom lip quivered in response, before I finally buried my wick to the hilt.

    Once impaled over my engorged cock, Gomez and I kissed each other zealously as she slowly moved her hips back and forth and proceeded to ride me intently, her hands draped around my neck as my own came around her slender waist and I pulled her tightly against me.

    As she moved slowly I could feel every single morsel groove and ridge of her sex, and marveled at how tight and wet she appeared to be.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she cussed into my ear. "You feel so good."

    "Mm. Such a hot, tight little cunt." I remarked, as I felt my cock probe a little deeper inside her velvet clam.

    "You can pull my hair if you want." she suggested between kisses. "I like it a little rough sometimes."

    I happily obliged and made her squeal with delight as she now picked up the pace and rode my cock progressively, the water splashing and sloshing around us as we screwed each other intently.

    We continued to fuck in this heavenly position for several minutes before our fucking increased to a frantic pace.

    At this point she had her arms wrapped loosely around my neck and used me like some kind of personal Sybian device, flicking her hips back and forth at a brisk tempo and panting loudly as I grasped both of her buttocks in each hand and slammed her cunt down over my rod, again and again - filling her completely.

    "Take it." I hissed. "Take that cock, you little slut."

    "Ugh. Oh. Fuck." she grunted erotically. "Oh. God. UGH!"

    Picking up the pace, we both cried out loud before I suddenly broke out into hysterics as she shrieked with pain and claimed to have a cramp in her leg.

    "UGH! FUCK! Stop. Cramp! Ohmigod. I'm so sorry." she apologized profusely, as I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    "Are you okay?" I chuckled, which in turn caused her to grimace but giggle through the pain.

    "Maybe we should get out of the water and take this inside." I suggested, as I suspected that the water was starting to effect her body.

    Dripping wet and still nude as could be, we climbed out of the hot tub and headed into the apartment where we immediately found the others lying around on the carpeted floor completely naked, enjoying their high while an x-rated video was playing in the background on TV.

    To my amusement the ladies look dazed and confused, while this didn't seem to stop Ashley from leisurely masturbating to the explicit video from the sofa. For a moment I wondered if she had in fact been getting off to the video or had she secretly been watching and listening to us fuck outside.

    "Having fun?" I remarked, as Selena and I stepped over her naked friends and headed down the hall towards the bedroom.

    "Where are you going?" Ashley slurred, as Gomez simply responded with "Bed."

    I simply followed Selena's lead, my hard cock bouncing around in the breeze before she pushed me to the bed and without warning proceeded to tie my hands to the bed posts behind me.

    While I struggled for a few minutes I ultimately conceded to the restraints and allowed her to have her seedy way with me.

    "Hmm. Sexy." I muttered under my breath. "Who would have thought Selena Gomez was so kinky."

    "Just shut up and lie still." The teen star hissed, as it was only now that I stopped to admire her flawless body.

    Not only was Selena extremely tight and petite, but her pert C-cup breasts seemed to defy gravity and the laws of nature, while her nipples were the size of pencil erasers.

    "Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now." I remarked from the bed as she strutted around me completely naked.

    The singer simply giggled at my remarks as she fastened the restrains and without warning climbed up to straddle me like some kind of mechanical bull.

    To my delight she then wasted little time and reached down between her legs and directed me into her velvety hot plenge, sighing out loud as she leaned forward and began to ride me enthusiastically.

    We quickly picked up right where we left off, but this time she appeared to be a lot more energetic and considerably more vocal. I now reached up with my head and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth as she continued to fuck me on the bed, my hands still restrained as she grunted repeatedly.

    To my amusement I soon noticed a pair of eyes in the doorway and quickly realized Ashley was standing at the door watching us, and was soon accompanied by Vanessa who both found the display apparently fascinating.

    I could tell almost immediately that they were both aroused by the show Selena was putting on, as Vanessa's hands snaked around her friends flawless figure between Benson's legs to finger and fondle her.

    "Are you guys enjoying the show." I remarked from the bed, as Gomez looked over at the girls and grinned.

    "What are you waiting for?" she panted a moment later. "Are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to help me."

    I then watched with surprise as Ashley marched over to the bed and essentially pulled her friend right off my hips, and before Gomez could respond the "Pretty Little Liars" star sat firmly atop my twitching dick and proceeded to ride me intently.

    "Whoa." Selena hissed. "Talk about pushing in line."

    "Mm." Benson purred. "Let me show you how we ride these boys back in Anaheim."

    I simply lay there with a bemused look on my face as the sexy blonde simply took matters into her own hands and proceeded to ride me keenly, to her friends encouragement.

    "Fuck yeah." I let out, as I was genuinely surprised by her enthusiasm and stamina.

    Pausing for a moment, Ashley then stopped to turn around and proceeded to ride me reverse cowgirl style, affording me a phenomenal view of her thick round butt as it bounced up and down and pummeled my cock again and again.

    "Ugh. Yes. Oh. Fuck Yes." she grunted over her shoulder, her mid section getting a great workout. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Yeah."

    Suddenly, just as quickly as it had begun Ashley was abruptly pulled off my cock as Vanessa felt compelled to act, and swiftly took her place. In an instant she slipped me between her shapely thighs and impaled herself effortlessly, before riding me wildly.

    "Oh. Hell yeah." I moaned involuntarily, as I impaled the third pussy in as many minutes.

    "Ugh." Hudgens huffed. "Oh. Let me ride this delicious cock."

    I actually moaned out loud as Vanessa proceeded to grind her hips in a circular motion, causing my cock to nestle even further inside her hot quim and make her wet cunt queef loudly.

    "Oh-Yeah!" the ladies all cheered, as they watched the "High School Musical" star really go to town and lose all her inhibitions.

    I was then startled as I noticed a flash go off in the room and realized that Lucy Hale was now taking pictures with her cell phone as a keepsake.

    Nevertheless, Vanessa soon climbed off my cock with a loud queef as our guest of honor handed off her phone and happily took her place above my hips. My eyes actually rolled into the back of my head as the 23-year-old actress seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

    Unlike her friends who seemed intent of bouncing up and down and trying to get off as quickly as possible, Lucy was the exact opposite and moved her hips in a more sensual and deliberate manner.

    There she slowly proceeded to grind her wet sex against me and we fucked in the exquisite position for some time as the others grew restless and claimed that she was being boring.

    "C'mon Lucy," Ashley whined. "Fuck him."

    "Hey. This might look boring to you guys," she maintained. "But god it feels good."

    Minutes later Selena moved to scoot up and sit directly over my face while Hale and Ashley shared in the cock-sucking responsibilities.

    There Gomez spent the entire time talking down to me and insisted that I stick my tongue deep inside her pretty little hole, as she rubbed her hard clit against my mouth and chin.

    "Ugh. Go ahead. Do it." she grunted down at me over her ample cleavage. "Eat my teen pussy."

    Naturally I was only too happy to oblige and daringly flicked my tongue across her butthole for her troubles.

    This unexpected action seemed to rile a particular groan from her, and I was immediately taken aback as she leaned against the headrest behind her and now twiddled her clit furiously and demanded that I eat her ass.

    "Again. Do it again. C'mon." she moaned breathlessly. "Do it. Please. Stick it in my ass."

    Noting this, Vanessa chimed in. "Oh come on. Make the bitch happy and eat her pretty little ass for god sake."

    Truth be told I didn't need to be asked twice, and a moment later I happily fulfilled her wish and proceeded to rim her tiny backdoor with great zeal.

    To our surprise, Selena Gomez came so hard a minute later that she cried out in ecstasy and actually squirted her love juice all over my face and chest, starling me.

    "UGH!" I snapped. "You fucking bitch!!"

    "Ohmigod. Ohmigod." she shuttered above me, her hips bucking wildly as the rest of her juices trickled out of her twitching sex.

    As incredible as this moment was, Lucy then decided to take it up a notch and without warning she climbed up to straddle me again but this time carefully impaled her backdoor over my rod.

    I now filled her sweet, Tennessee ass for several moments while lying there covered in Selena's tangy goodness, before Vanessa suddenly pulled my shiny dick out of her friends butt and hungrily cleaned it with her tongue.

    "Mm. Yeah." Lucy moaned to the sordid action. "Clean his fucking cock, Vanessa. You dirty fucking whore. How does my ass taste."

    "Good." Hudgens replied. "Very good. I might have to lick it later."

    The ladies shared a hot tongue kiss before Hale grasped her tightly by her long dark hair.

    "Mm, bitch. You keep making promises like that but you never deliver."

    Soon enough, the TV star hopped off my hips and allowed her slutty friends to take a turn, and while I penetrated Hudgen's steaming hot derriere the ladies dared and encouraged one another to try anal.

    "Ever tried it before?" Lucy directed at Selena and Ashley, who claimed they had.

    "Well, whatever. Here's your chance ladies. Tonight we're all going to get fucked in the ass."

    At this point I was so far along that I could barely think straight much less respond or resist.

    All I remember next is watching Ashley Benson finally take her turn and carefully guide my meat stick into her lovely little bunghole and sit herself down on top of me.

    "Ugh!" I gave out reluctantly, as I filled her completely and her buttocks squashed my nuts.

    There she treated my pole to a few short strokes before Selena lost her patience and pushed her friend off me and took her turn impaling her chocolate starfish.

    I could barely contain myself at this point as these sexy-starved harlots impatiently used my cock to explore their tiny little sphincters.

    "Oh. Wow." Gomez panted, as she eased several more inches into her tiny anus and gritted her teeth to the intrusion.

    "See." Lucy sneered. "What did I tell you. Doesn't it just feel awesome."

    Although she clearly didn't enjoy it, Selena was damned if she was going to be upstaged by her slutty friends.

    Once impaled, the "Monte Carlo" star moved slowly and deliberately as Vanessa and Lucy took this opportunity to take each one of her nipples into their mouths and urged me to cum inside their sodomized friend.

    "C'mon. You can do it." Lucy insisted. "Cum inside this little slut."

    Truth be told I could barely speak much less respond to such a delicious request as I watched my cock repeatedly disappear inside the talented Latina. As tight as she was, her ass seemed to be ten times hotter and tighter, and yet somehow more pliant?

    I watched with glee as her tiny shitty stretched around my pole and pulled against my cock flesh with each upstroke, riling another serious of agonizing groans. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen, or felt for that matter.

    "Are you gonna cum baby?" Vanessa purred into Selena's ear, as her hand traveled south and she cruelly buried two fingers inside her sobbing friend.

    "Yeah. Fill her tight little ass up with cum." Ashley insisted. "Fill it up so 'nessa and I can suck it right out of her again. Yeah?"

    Suddenly to our amusement Selena leaned forward a little too much and inadvertently lost her footing and tumbled off the bed, hitting her head and making a huge noise which immediately caused all of us to burst out laughing hysterically.

    Catching our breath, I almost felt light headed at this point as I still had this huge nut to release and urged the ladies to untie my hands so I could at least attend to myself.

    Thankfully the girls took pity on me and went against Selena's wishes and untied me from the bed, as I now suggested that we all try something fun and asked them if they had ever heard of a "daisy-chain."

    "I dunno what it is, but it sounds like fun." Hudgens claimed, before I invited them all onto the large bed and directed them into position.

    "This way girls." I directed. "Now we can all have a little fun at the same time."

    "Oh wow." Ashley giggled excitedly. "I like the look of this position."

    From left to right, I now hungrily devoured Selena Gomez's teen pussy as she hungrily ate Ashley Benson's pristine sex, who in turn feasted on Vanessa Hudgens hairless clam, who licked and slurped at Lucy Hale's round ass.

    This completed the daisy-chain as Lucy now sucked my dick enthusiastically and the four of us moaned and whimpered audibly on the bed.

    With her skillful mouth working my pole, and my tongue buried deep inside Selena's shit pipe, it didn't take long for all four of us to squirm about loudly and approach climax.

    In fact we held this magnificent union for just a few extra minutes before it was ultimately broken when Selena made Ashley cum with her mouth, and she then turned her sights back on me.

    My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I now had Lucy rimming my ass with her tongue while Selena came around and swallowed my sword, urging and pleading for me to blow my wad into the back of her narrow throat.

    "I wanna make you cum." Selena growled with a mouth full of cock. "I wanna feel you shoot your load into my belly."

    "Yeah. Me too." Vanessa concurred, before she joined the fray and now licked and sucked on my tight nuts.

    As expected this combined assault from all three ladies was enough to push me over the edge, and without warning I blew my wad and watched as the sex-crazed nymphs all cheered with glee as I finally came in huge ropes of cum, which shot out across the bed and landed directly on Ashley Benson's naked chest, coating her breasts and belly in spunk as she lay there masturbating furiously.

    I could only grip the sheets tightly with both hands as the others all slurped up the sticky mess and hungrily licked at anything that even resembled semen. In fact I came so hard that I literally passed out a minute later.

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    Glorious, man. Thank you.

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    Keeping up with great tradition, Chapter 2 is even better than the first! This series is amazingly hot and I can't get enough of it. Well done!

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