Chapter 3: Woke Up Wet

With Alyson Michalka/Marti Perkins and Amanda Michalka/Deidre Perkins
Written by TPG
Codes: Parody, FF, oral
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL episode was written for entertainment purposes only.

Marti Perkins waited for her mom to leave for work before she snooped around the apartment and uncovered more fascinating material that was stored away in the closet.

There she stumbled across several items that apparently belonged to her dad, including some sheet music and several guitar picks, and intrigued, she decided to take it into the local music store to find out more information about her old man.

Inside, a sultry blonde shop assistant by the name of Deidre Perkins was busy at work, standing by a shelf and cataloging various items.

"Excuse me?" Marti said as she tapped the assistant on the shoulder.


"Hi, err, do you guys still sell these here?" she asked while handing the girl two guitar picks with the store logo.

"Hmm, that's the old logo?" the blonde replied. "Where did you get these?"

"They belong to a musician I'm trying to track down."

"Got a name?"

"Rex Perkins." Marti claimed as the assistant made her way towards the register.


"Rex Perkins." she repeated, as Deidre was apparently hard of hearing as she still had her ear phones on.

"All right, let me check the computer."

"Let's see... Lex Perkins." she said aloud as she typed in the name.

"No, no. It's Rex not Lex." Marti clarified.


"Look, can you take your ear things out?" Marti insisted. "You can't really hear me."

"Oh? Really?" the sexy blonde quipped as she reached up and reluctantly took her earphones out.

"There. Happy?" she remarked sarcastically.


"Cool." the assistant replied before she returned her attention to the computer.

"All right, Rex Perkins." she typed.

"Hmm. Not in our database, sorry."

Intrigued, Marti spoke again.

"When did you guys start the computer records?" she wondered. "Because these picks are at least 18-years-old?"

"Well, yeah, it's the old logo." smiled Deidre, before she turned to walk away. "Sorry I couldn't help you."

"Wait, please." Marti added. "He's my dad."

Despite her words the clerk proceeded to walk away before Marti pleaded for her help.


Stopping dead in her tracks, Deidre turned to look at her and felt a sharp pain of guilt stab her in the stomach.

"Is there anyone else you can ask?" Marti urged. "Because I don't... I don't have any other leads."

"He's your dad, huh?"

"Yes." Marti answered half heartedly.

"Right on. OK. Uh, Hey pops?!" she directed at the elderly store owner. "Ever heard of a guy named Rex Perkins?"

"Nope," he answered as he continued to string up a guitar. "Can't say that I have."

"Well, there you go." the assistant shrugged. "And he's been here forever, so."

Resigned to her fate, Marti fell silent and frowned.

"So um, I'm done here if you are?"

Not knowing what to say, the Hellcats cheerleader scoffed quietly and was a little taken aback by the assistants rudeness.

"Um, yeah. Fair enough." she finally conceded. "Well, thanks for your help I guess."

"Yeah, no problem." the blonde clerk said as another sensation of guilt washed over her.

As Marti proceeded to leave the store disenchanted, the assistant closed her eyes and sighed as she spoke.


"We've um, got the wall?"

"The wall?"

A minute later Deidre invited Marti to a more secluded area of the store and introduced her to "The Wall" which featured a myriad of flyers, notes, and promotional paraphernalia plastered to a old notice board from when the music store had featured a big stage where numerous acts would perform.

"Yep, this was the place to be..." Deidre explained. "But, it didn't pay the bills so they cleared it out for more retail space."

Marti was immediately intrigued, as she peruses the wall and admired the material.

At the same time, she couldn't help but get a vibe from the assistant who she noticed was openly checking her out, dragging her eyes across her butt and breasts.

Nonetheless, Marti couldn't help but feel a little flattered and smiled inwardly as she too found the blonde girl attractive, and for a moment wondered if someone like her was in fact single or spoken for.

"Wow," she fawned. "This place is like an encyclopedia of the Memphis music scene."

"I know right."

"Chips Moman, Jim Dickson?"

Deidre was clearly impressed with Marti's musical knowledge, and her body.

"You know your stuff." she beamed from behind her. "You're dad teach you?"

"No. No, he died when I was three."

"Three, huh?" Deidre remarked. "Well, how old are you now?"

"Twenty one." she replied, as she noticed the assistant openly leering at her butt.

"Wow. That's a long time to be without a dad." she remarked. "I'd hate to be you."

"Yeah well, I managed." Marti snapped back, surprised by the blondes lack of tact.

"Oh. You're annoyed with me, aren't you?" Deidre apologized. "I'm sorry. People say I was born inappropriate."

"No, you're fine." Marti exhaled. "I um, actually, you've been a big help."

"Really?" the blonde blushed as she stepped forward and the ladies paused to share a brief moment together.

There was now no doubt in Marti's mind that not only was the assistant attractive, but that was clearly hitting on her. It suddenly dawned on her as to why she had been so eager to help her. She was probably hoping to get laid.

"So um... why the push to find out about your old man now, after all this time?" Deidre asked, breaking the silence.

"Well, I found some sheet music yesterday." she claimed. "Songs he wrote."


Marti nodded.

"I guess I always felt like something was missing... and I'm finally determined to do something about it."

Deirdre seemed to sympathize with her new friend and wanted to reach out and comfort her, but stopped herself from showing too much emotion.

Instead the ladies paused again to share another moment together, both of them sensing a strong bond and attraction they had never experienced with anyone else. Taking a deep breath Marti finally threw caution to the wind and decided to introduced herself officially.

"I'm Marti Perkins, by the way." she said as she offered the assistant her hand.

Deirdre could only blush as she took her hand and shook it enthusiastically.

"I'm Deidre," the assistant blushed shyly.

"Pleasure to meet you," Marti smiled. "And sorry for boring you with my sob story."

"Trust me," Deidre claimed. "When you start boring me I'll let you know."

"Oh, I appreciate that." Marti snickered as she returned her attention to the wall again, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Not a problem." Deidre said, as she took the time to stop and admire Marti's incredible figure, and now paid particular attention to her hips and butt.

"OMG! Alex Chilton actually played here?" Marti swooned.

"Yeah, he did." Deirdre giggled, finally taking her eyes off her ass. "Everyone played here."

Just then, the blonde cheerleader reached up to look under a few notes and immediately recognized some familiar clippings.

"OMG!" Marti suddenly gasped, as she discovered her father's handwriting on a note.

"What? What is it?" Deidre replied.

"This is my dad's set list."

"Are you sure?"

"Um, OK... this can't be right." Marti added.

"What? Why not?"

"The date is wrong."

Having discovered that her mother had lied to her yet again, Marti seethed with anger and folded up the piece of paper and proceeded to leave.

"OK, excuse me while I go murder the woman who gave birth to me!" she quipped.

Suddenly, as Marti proceeded to storm off out of the store Deidre felt cheated, like she had just been teased beyond belief only to have another potential lover leave her hanging.

"Oh, well yeah! Just walk out with that." she hissed sarcastically. "You know, it's not like its private property or anything!"

Nothing this tone, Marti stopped and turned to look back at her.

"Listen, I'm only borrowing it OK?"

"I'm sure you are." Deidre remarked cynically.

"Look, I really need this playlist." Marti claimed. "I've been waiting my entire life to track him down."

"Hey, that's not my problem." Deidre replied. "Besides, I think I've been more than helpful don't you?"

"Well yeah, of course but..."

"So I think it's about time we discuss some compensation?" Deidre smirked.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Come on," Deidre grinned as she took a step forward to get up in Marti's face.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you?"

While Marti stood there dumbfounded, Deidre went on.

"Seriously?" she winked. "We both know you're attracted to me."


"It's obvious." she snickered. "You've been flirting with me from the moment you walked in here."

"Err, I can assure you." Marti snickered. "I haven't been flirting with you at all."

"Oh no?"

Suddenly, Deidre snatched the paper from Marti's hand and slipped it into her back pocket.

"Oh, OK. Well, I guess I was wrong?" she shrugged. "I guess I imagined the entire thing?"

To her chagrin, Marti then watched as the sales assistant turned and started to walk away before she intervened.

"No, wait! Just, wait."

Taking a deep breath, she then approached the blonde beauty and spoke softly but sincerely.

"Look, I'll admit." Marti confessed. "There's definitely something... going on between us. But I..."


"And what?"

"And," Deidre grinned. "What are you going to do about it?"

Suddenly, Deidre took the opportunity to lean forward and pressed her lips to Marti, kissing her briefly but firmly on the mouth and taking her breath away.

"I tell you what," she smiled a moment later. "I'll make you a deal?"

"Name it."

"I'll let you walk out that door with this playlist, if you agree to follow me downstairs?"

"Downstairs?" Marti repeated nervously.

"Don't worry, it's nothing sinister." Deidre claimed. "I just want to go somewhere private for a few minutes."

Marti suddenly seemed anxious and looked around the store, and realized that aside from the owner no one else was around.

"So, what do you say? Are you up for it?" the blonde vixen suggested. "I think it's a fair trade, all things considered?"

Looking into the blonde girls eyes, Marti found herself captivated by her natural beauty and strangely drawn to her. For whatever reason she had to admit that there was definitely some kind of attraction there and she dare not turn back now.

"OK fine, lead the way." she said. "Before I change my mind."

With that said, Deidre took a few steps to announce to the owner that she was taking a 15min break, before she wandered over to a small door which opened to a very narrow staircase that led to the supply basement of the store.

There the ladies navigated the hazardous stairs and stepped around the large boxes of music gear which littered the space, before Marti realized just where Deidre was taking her.

It appeared that the basement featured a small bathroom and sink in the corner and a large leather sofa where the blonde sales clerk invited Marti to take a seat.

While the cheerleader was clearly anxious and uncomfortable, Deidre seemed relaxed and as cool as a cucumber as she reached into a small fridge and produced two beers, which Marti declined.

Shrugging her shoulders, Deidre quipped. "Suit yourself."

"So um...what are we doing down here?" Marti wondered.

"Actually, I thought we could talk." the blonde harlot answered. "I thought maybe we could be friends."

Marti squirmed uncomfortably on the couch.

"Just so you know, I'm totally straight." Marti blurted out, while staring at Deidre's womanly figure.

"Look, you don't have to convince me." Deidre winked. "But can I ask you something?"


"Do you have a boyfriend?" she pried.

"Um, no. So what?"

"Let me guess," she smirked. "And all your best friends are women athletes at Lancer?"

"So? What are you implying?"

"Oh nothing, nothing at all!" she quipped, as she took a long swig from her beer and then walked over towards the plush sofa.

"Do I make you nervous?"

Marti couldn't answer and simply sat with her eyes cast down, watching Deidre with her peripheral vision. Suddenly, the sexy assistant moved to kneel directly in front of her on the floor and gently placed her hands of Marti's knees.

"How about we take these off?" she suggested, as she reached up to take off her heavy jacket. "There? Feel better?"

The cheerleader then watched as Deidre reached up and lovingly played with her hair.

"So pretty..." she muttered under her breath. "Can I ask you another question?"

Marti simply nodded.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

"No. Never." Marti lied, her eyes betraying her.

"But you have thought about it, right?" Deidre said as she slowly leaned forward.

"Do you believe in fate, Marti?" she added softly. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

As Deidre spoke she continued to creep forward until their lips were now just inches apart, both of their chests heaving with anticipation.

Meanwhile as this went on, Marti was only now aware of her friends wandering hands which raked along the side of her thighs while the other gently caressed her neck and face.

Using her thumb, Deidre gently stroked Marti's cheek and jawbone and finally brushed it along the edge of her lips, inviting her to take it onto her mouth.

Without thinking, Marti instinctively sucked the girls thumb into her mouth causing them both to moan in unison.

Deidre smiled seductively as she felt her warm tongue slither around her digit, and now knew without a shadow of a doubt that Marti was open and interested in having some fun.

For a moment there was an awkward silence filled the room as the ladies quietly watched the sexy cheerleader leisurely suckle her friends thumb, both of them growing increasingly aroused with each passing moment.

"Kiss me!" Deirdre suddenly commanded, and Marti was hers for the taking.

Suddenly, their lips locked and their tongued merged and mingled against one another.

Marti kissed her passionately and lewdly, shocked at her own desire as she held her tight in her embrace. Their soft slithery tongues plunged into each other's mouths, both of them sighing contently as they swapped spit.

At this point, both were panting heavily and literally salivating into the others mouths as they relished the kiss.

In an instant, Deidre moved forward and the two soon found themselves lying back on the large sofa, their lips never breaking contact as Deidre's skillful hands went to work on her busty friend.

There she hungrily groped and fondled her lovers breasts, before she reached down and unbuckled Marti's belt, and without warning shoved her whole hand inside her tight denim jeans, searching out for her sex.

Gasping out loud, Marti could only moan in response as she felt Deidre slide her elegant fingers inside her silk panties and dip her digits between her soft velvety folds.

"Ugh! Oh God!" she gasped, as her body turned to mush and she squirmed pleasurably against Deidre's probing fingers.

Deidre now nibbled and smooched at the cheerleaders neck until it had goose bumps, her own nipples swelling so hard against her shirt that it was almost painful.

Shifting her lover onto her side, the store assistant then slid around behind Marti on the couch and pressed her breasts into her back, licking her neck and ear as the two now spooned together.

From this position Marti twisted her head back and they continued to kiss and fondle each other.

Meanwhile the blonde seductress used varying motions inside her denim pants: slow calculating circles and medium strokes as she explored her friends sex more intently.

There she alternated between these movements and brought Marti close to orgasm on several occasions, only to pull back and torment and tease her.

Deidre ultimately twiddled Marti's clit, occasionally dipping her digits into the blondes sex to smear more of her copious juices all around. At this point, Marti was so worked up, so wet and pliable that she was like putty in her fingers, and could scarcely breath much less stop or resist.

"Do you want to cum, Marti?" the seductive assistant whispered into her ear.

"Yes!" Marti whimpered instinctively. "Please!"

"Where are my fingers right now?"

"Inside... inside my cunt!" she gulped hard.

"Mm... you're so fucking wet right now, you know that?" Deidre purred before sliding her tongue into Marti's ear.

"Are you sure you want to cum?" she teased her some more.

"God Yes! Please!" Marti exclaimed a little louder. "Please make me come! Oh, that feels so good!"

Deidre responded by locking her lips around her lovers neck and plunged two fingers deep inside the cheerleaders wet cunt as her thumb went to a hyper-fast vibration on her clit. Marti just about lost her mind.

"Ohmigod! Ooh! OOOOOHHH!" she cried out loud as her body trashed about wildly.

The orgasm made her giddy with pleasure. In fact, the release brought a tear to her eye and all she wanted to do now was desperately kiss Deidre on the lips again.

The ladies now French kissing each other even more frantically than before, with one of them occasionally stopping to kiss and devour the others ear lobe or neck, but their tongues and lips dueled passionately for a longer while still.

Now in gratitude, it was Marti's turn to give her lover some joy and she flipped around to face her and trailed her lips down her shoulder and along her neck, getting enough nerve to kiss and lick her way across her chest.

Deidre wasted little time slipped her shirt and bra off in one action, leaving her to lie there on the sofa completely topless.

"Oh! Yes." she sighed huskily as her blonde lover moved down and eagerly latched her lips around one of her stiff nipples.

Taking the lead, Marti suddenly pushed her on her back and hovered above her, slurping on the other nipple as she ran her hand over her hard stomach and stopped at the heavy belt buckle.

"Take them off!" she hissed, as Deidre was only too happy to oblige.

In one swift motion, Deidre shoved her pants and underwear down her smooth legs and was now left to lie there naked as the day she was born, allowing Marti to kiss her hips and stomach and trail her lips further down.

In spite of her earlier claims, the Lancer Cheerleader happily licked her way down between her lovers legs and finally made direct contact with her gleaming vagina.

There she tentatively kissed her hairless pussy, which was already slick with desire. In fact, her pussy was so wet that it almost gushed with arousal, and was much wetter than Marti's tongue, as she dipped the tip inside and savored her essence.

"Oh baby!" Deidre cooed as she spread her legs wide on the couch and trembled uncontrollably as Marti wiggled her tongue within.

"Oh! Fuck!" she gave out. "I like that! You've done this before!"

Marti simply grinned as she narrowed her lips to kiss her pulsating clit which was poking out of its hood. Her tongue flicked lightly across it, then realized that she should lick it like an ice cream cone which caused Deidre to thrash about wildly.

"Oh! Ugh! Oh Jesus!" she cried. "That's it! Oh! Yes baby! Play with my clit!"

Emboldened by this response, Marti reached up and pinched her hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger and then changed the attack at her pussy.

"Ugh! Put your fingers inside me!" Deidre hollered. "Please! Fuck me!"

Without wasting another moment the cheerleader inserted two fingers into her dripping cunt and marveled at the way her vaginal muscles squeezed and contracted, almost milking them.

Pressing her lips back around her clit, Marti pumped her fingers into her hole and picked up pace.

"Ugh! Fuck!" Deidre cried out loudly, before she assertively grabbed her lovers hair and shoved Marti's face even harder against her sex.

Deidre now whimpered and rocked her butt back and forth to grind her pussy against the face. Her humping intensified as she starting to cum.

"OMG! I'm... I'm oh, oh, UUGHH!" she shrieked shouting as she came.

Her legs and abdomen were trembling and shaking.

She grabbed Marti's hand to hold it still, but her pussy convulsed and her entire body trembled violently. It was an extraordinary scene, as Marti's face and hair were clearly smeared with her juices.

Thinking quickly, the busty cheerleader took this opportunity to take off her clothes while Deidre lay there shaking and trying to recover.

Having finally disrobed, Marti now cuddled up to her blonde friend and proceeded to spoon her, nestling her head on her shoulder as their warm, naked, sweat glazed bodies pressed against each other.

The ladies moaned out loud in contentment, as Marti then placed her legs around her stomach, and pressed her crotch at her hip. Deidre who was still sweating profusely, simply craned her neck and offer her lips to her and the two kissed passionately.

The girls French kissed one another for the longest time until they realized that Marti was now dry-humping her hip.

"Mm...I can feel you grinding that pussy against me." Deidra purred, as she wiggled her hips back against her.

"I could go all night." Marti whispered into her ear.

"Yeah? OK, if you put it that way..." said Deidre, as she turned over and grinned at her lover.

"Here, let me show you something."

With that said, Deidre got on top of her friend and positioned herself between her legs, and mounted her like a man would in the missionary position.

Marti immediately caught on to what she was trying to do, and a wicked grin formed on her face as she realized Deidre was attempting to position them in a way in which they could rub their pussies together, otherwise known as "tribbing."

Locked into position, the girls wiggled their hips together until their finally felt their wet vaginal lips come together and met in a kiss. Deidre's tremendous breasts now dangled pendulously, as their clits rubbed against each other, causing them both to moan.

"Oh! Fuck yes!" they both purred. "That feels so fucking good!"

Each time they collided, Marti was struck with a bold of lightning that shot up her spine and left a warm numbing sensation throughout her body.

At this point their pussies were so slick with excitement that they slipped around like kids at a water slide. Their muscles were twitching from exhaustion, but they both desperately wanted to cum, and more importantly make the other get off too.

"Come on, Marti!" Deidre hissed. "Fuck me! Fuck me you sexy bitch!"

Clutching her friends legs, Marti picked up the pace and their clits slapped against one another, both of them fighting for air and determined to make the other cum.

Fortunately for them it didn't take long and they both shrieked out loud as they climaxed together, and crying out loud they finally collapsed in heap.

"So..." Marti panted breathlessly. "Does this mean I get my playlist?"

Deidre could barely move much less speak, and she simply shrugged in exhaustion.

"You can keep it, for all I care!"

Marti grinned smugly.

"Mm...pleasure doing business with you."