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Thread: HELLCATS: #2 "Locker Room High Jinx" with Alyson Michalka

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    fanfiction HELLCATS: #2 "Locker Room High Jinx" with Alyson Michalka

    Chapter 2: Locker Room High Jinx
    With Alyson Michalka/Marti Perkins and Robbie Jones/Lewis Flynn
    Written by TPG
    Codes: Parody, FM, BJ
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL episode was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was the end of another eventful day for Marti Perkins as she entered the unisex locker room and found fellow Hellcats alumni Alice Verdura exiting the shower stall.

    There the ladies exchanged a few barbs, as Alice made no attempts to hide her contempt towards the newest recruit. Feeling guilt-ridden, Marti apologized.

    "Look Alice, I know you didn't want me on the team," she offered. "But now that I'm here I think we should just be friends."

    Rolling her eyes, Alice exited the shower and collected her things.

    "Trust me, you won't be around long."


    "The Hellcats are short on fire right now," she smirked to herself. "That, is the only reason a dangerously inexperienced outsider like you got her foot in the door."

    Marti was visibly taken aback.

    "I mean look at your body type." Alice added. "You're a tumbler at best. And we already got all the tumblers we need... so by Sunday, you'll be bounced."

    "Unless of course I, oh uh, what's the word?" Marti replied. "Prove myself?"

    "In my experience," Alice pontificated. "When you're done with a band-aid, you simply... rip it off and throw it away."

    "Oh? Oh!" Marti replied sarcastically. "I'm the band-aid, right? Got it!"

    "By the way," she teased. "Do you like invent your own catty metaphors, or is there like a book?"

    As expected this remark infuriated her rival, and before Alice had time to respond Marti stepped into the shower stall and leaned over to hang her robe, putting an end to their conversation.

    Thinking quickly, Alice grinned to herself as she reached over and snatched the robe from the hanger, leaving her with no change of clothes. A few minutes later, Marti switched off the shower and turned to grab her robe, only to find that it was missing.

    "SHIT! Shit! Shit!" she exclaimed as she realized she was showering in a unisex bathroom.

    Clutching her privates, the sultry blonde swiftly tiptoed to the door and glanced around the locker room to see a rack of towels situated on the opposite side of the room.

    "God damn it!" she whispered while still naked and dripping wet from head to toe.

    Taking a deep breath, Marti looked around to make sure the coast was clear before she hurriedly skipped towards the rack of towels but suddenly grimaced as she heard a group of boys approaching the locker room.

    Panicking, she immediately rushed in the direction the empty toilet stalls, and with no other course of action, slipped inside and shut the door. There she quickly raised her feet and sat clutching her legs, naked as the day she was born.

    Outside, Lewis Flynn and his friends entered the locker room laughing. While the others moved to their lockers to change, he proceeded to open one of the stalls, only to find Marti cowering in fear on the toilet.

    "Whoa!" he exclaimed.

    "Hey Lewis, please." Marti whispered. "Help me!"

    "Uh, I'm on it." he replied coolly before shutting the door and turning to face his friends.

    Still clad in nothing more than a towel, he untied the cloth from around his waist and let it fall to the floor, leaving him completely naked.

    To the surprise amusement of his friends, he then approached them for some advice about his penis, which caused them all to groan and grimace and leave the locker room in hast.

    Grinning to herself, Marti reached under the door to snatch his discarded towel from the floor as he wandered off to help himself to a new robe. A moment later, Perkins appeared from the stall scantily clad and clutching the towel around her large natural breasts.

    "Lewis, I owe you one." she smiled sweetly. "Thanks for the save."

    "Well... you are my new flyer." he told her. "We gotta look out for each other."

    "Besides," he added. "I like getting naked."

    "Yeah, me not so much." she scoffed, as Lewis looked her up and down and remarked.

    "That's too bad... cause you definitely got the body for it."

    Raising a brow, Marti watched the black athletic move to the basin to wash his face, as a mischievous idea crosses her mind.

    Clearing her throat she remarked, "By the way, do you want your towel back?"

    "No, you can keep..." he started to say before he glanced over his shoulder to find her standing there completely naked.

    Even by his high standards she was a vision to behold. Marti simply grinned at his stunned reaction as she confidently approached him, her large natural breasts jiggling enticingly with each step.

    "So you think I have a great body, huh?"

    "No doubt about it." he nodded, while trying not to stare.

    Nonetheless he found himself openly ogling her incredible body, glaring at her spectacular breasts and marveling at just how erect they in fact were.

    Glancing down, he then swallowed hard as he realized she was totally shaved clean, and despite still being wet from the shower, he could detect some added moisture between her legs. Her pristine pussy glistened with arousal.

    Without warning, Marti reached down and boldly gripped his black cock through his towel with her hand.

    "So you like to be naked, huh?" she teased. "Prove it."

    "Sure." he smiled as he allows her to untie the knot in the towel and let it fall away from him.

    Almost immediately, the cheerleader gasped with surprise at the sight of his massive shlong. Lewis had to be at least ten-inch long, she surmised, and he wasn't even erect yet!

    "Hmm... I can see why you like to be naked." she cooed before gently placing her hand around his meaty shaft and squeezed it lovingly.

    "That's a pretty big cock you have there, Lewis."

    "Why thank you."

    "Wow, it's beautiful." she added, her lips close to his ear. "I can hardly put my fingers around it."

    "You really like it, huh?"

    Marti flashed him a sarcastic look as he went on.

    "Well, prove it." he teased, give her the same ultimatum she had given him just a few moments earlier.

    "Hmm, should I?" Marti thought.

    They both smiled.

    "Just so you know," she whispered into his ear. "I love sucking cock."

    "With lips like yours, I don't doubt it." he stated, as he watched her gently drop to her knees before him, her eyes never leaving his huge black snake.

    Watching her lick her lips, Lewis encouraged her.

    "Well, what are you waiting for?" he grinned. "This cock ain't gonna suck itself."

    "I guess you're right," Marti stated as she continued to gently stroke him to live, clearly impressed by his huge package.

    "I mean... it's the least I can do to show my appreciation, right?" she tried to convince herself.

    Stroking his snake-like cock, Marti actually felt a little anxious and intimidated by his length.

    It had to have been the biggest cock she had even seen, much less handled. Finally, she parted her luscious soft lips and carefully slipped his python into her mouth, her hand forming a ring seal against her lips.

    Not wasting a moment, she sucked and swallowed his cock with great enthusiasm, bobbing her head up and down, and rotating her head in a circular motion as she serviced him.

    "God damn..." Lewis gasped as he watched her work her magic. "Damn, you white bitches sure know who to suck cock."

    "Mm..." she let out between slurps. "I fucking LOVE sucking cock, are you kidding me?"

    "Yeah, I can... ugh! I can see that!" he muttered between breathes as his hips undulated back and forth to her musing.

    Without missing a beat, Marti opened her mouth as much as possible and swallowed half his length in one go, taking several inches down her narrow throat and in the process taking his breath away.

    "Sweet Jesus! You're good at that!" he growled. "Almost as good as Savannah."

    Suddenly, Marti froze dead in her tracks and glared up at him.

    "What? What did you say?"

    "You know..." he backtracked.

    "Wait, you let her suck your cock as well?" she sneered.

    "Well yeah, of course. Why not?" he snickered. "We all do. Savannah loves black cock. Always has, always will."

    Pausing for a moment, Marti simply shrugged her shoulders and took his huge member back into her wet mouth and sucked him keenly, now determined more than ever to suck his cock to completion and prove to him that she was better than Savannah.

    Taking him out of her mouth for a moment, she then grinned.

    "OK. But does that bitch do this?"

    And with that said, she pointed his hefty cock skyward and took one of his sturdy balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.

    "Oh damn!" he immediately groaned.

    The shortness of his breath told her he approved, and moreover was on the verge of climaxing.

    Marti snickered smugly to herself as she worked her way up and down the length of his shiny pole and ultimately returned her lips to his bulbous head, swirling her talented tongue around it frantically.

    "Oh shit. Oh shit." Lewis gasped repeatedly, bucking his hips as his creamy hot load began to spew out and filled her luscious mouth with spunk.

    Marti moaned in unison and pumped his shaft vigorously with her hand, and swallowing hard as she gulped deeply and happily ingested his sticky seed.

    "Oh yeah!" he chuckled to himself. "I guess good girls do swallow, huh?"

    "Mm..." she finally let out smacking her juicy lips together. "I just love the taste of cum!"

    "That's good to know." Lewis purred, jerking the last of his seed into her open mouth.

    "Yeah, you're going to do just fine here at Lancer."

    "I hope so." she beamed.

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    Instant fan right from the title. Flowed well from the real scene to the story scene. Yet another really great story. Thank you and well done TPG.

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    That show writes half the story which is going to make for some very interesting stories.

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