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Thread: HELLCATS: #1 "Tryouts" with Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka

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    fanfiction HELLCATS: #1 "Tryouts" with Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka

    Chapter 1: Tryouts

    With Savannah Munroe (Ashley Tisdale) and Marti Perkins (Alyson Michalka)
    Written by TPG
    CODES: Parody, FF, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL episode was written for entertainment purposes only.

    "Wait a minute, cheerleading?" Marti Perkins stated from the recliner, after overhearing a conversation between Savannah Munroe and the office clerk.

    "You can get a scholarship for being a cheerleader?" she repeated.

    "Sure thing," Savannah replied. "Comes with being a Hellcat!"

    "Wait a minute, for being a football groupie?"

    Hearing this comment, Savannah stopped what she was doing and turned to look at the sultry blonde.

    "Sorry but, did you just call me a groupie?"

    "Oh, uh, it's nothing personal against you," Marti stammered defensively. "I was just..."

    "Err, it doesn't get much personal than someone calling you a groupie." Monroe interrupted.

    Pausing for a moment, Marti snapped right back.

    "Well OK, let's see." she thought out loud.

    "Groupies jumping up and down in skimpy little outfits, screaming adulation for masculine fantasy figures... yeah, beyond that we're splitting hairs."

    "Take that back!" Savannah suddenly snapped, clearly offended by her words.

    "Whoa!" Marti sneered. "What are we in grade school? In that case, I call no take backs."

    Taking another step forward, Savannah loomed in the blonde's face.

    "Don't make me come down off this porch!" she hissed with attitude.

    "Are you actually threatening me?" Marti retaliated.

    With that said, the ladies proceeded to exchange barbs before Savannah suddenly let loose with a right hook and attempted to strike Marti across the face, but instead was shocked to see her rival catch her wrist and snicker.

    Flicking Savannah's hand away, Marti rolled her eyes and sniped sarcastically.

    "Wait, wouldn't you rather just get right down to the hair pulling?"

    Standing her ground, Savannah smirked.

    "Ha! You know what? I'm not going to let some grubby little GOTH insult the Lancer Hellcats."

    "OMG! You did not just call me a Goth!"

    Suddenly, the confrontation seemed to spiral out of control as the ladies inched forward and now proceeded to argue even louder.

    Caught up in the moment, they now stood nose to nose as they exchanged insults before they finally stopped to catch their breath, and now realized that they had made a scene.

    The two were now left breathless as they stared into each other eyes, both of them panting audibly as the entire office stopped and stared. Pausing for a moment, Savannah finally broke the silence and spoke softly.

    "Everyone's staring." she whispered ashamedly.

    "We should probably leave quietly." Marti suggested.

    "Count of three, agreed?"

    But before Marti would respond, she watched the prim and proper cheerleader turn around and walk away, leaving her standing there all alone at the counter.

    Embarrassed by the exchange, Marti blushed brightly before she followed Savannah out the door and down the stairs.

    "Hey! Wait a minute!" she called out. "I'm not done with you yet!"

    Still offended by Savannah's remarks, Marti pursued the perky cheerleader straight down the stairs and right into the ladies bathroom where she quickly corned the brunette and picked up right where they left off.

    "Did you hear me?" she blared. "I said I wasn't done!"

    Without missing a beat, the ladies proceeded to argue loudly with one another before Marti suddenly lashed out and attempted to slap Savannah squarely across the face, only to have the quick thinking athlete catch her wrist, just as her rival had done a few moments earlier.

    The irony was not lost on either one of them.

    "Don't even think about it, bitch!" Savannah quipped, before flicking her opponents hand away.

    Without thinking, Marti responded instinctively and reached over and ripped Savannah's dress, tearing the shoulder strap away from her body and exposing her right breast.

    To her surprise the prissy little brunette was not wearing a bra.

    Startled, Savannah immediately shrieked with dread and abruptly retaliated, but unfortunately for her Perkins was clad comfortably in a heavy leather jacket, protecting her from the Hellcat's rage.

    The ladies began to tussle, pushing each other back and forward while trying to out-muscle one another in the tiled bathroom.

    Grunting out loud, Marti was then taken aback to find herself surprisingly overpowered by the slender brunette and abruptly pinned to the wall against her will.

    "Ugh!" she gasped as she prepared to verbally abuse her attacker, but instead was swiftly silenced by Savannah lips.

    The contact was hard and wet, yet incredibly sensual. In fact, they both whimpered audibly as the cheerleader kissed her.

    "What the hell was that?" Marti quipped a moment later, searching her rival's eyes for some kind of explanation.

    Feeling ashamed, the brunette recoiled slightly and began to back down when Marti pounced on this opportunity and suddenly grabbed her firmly by the back of the head and pressed their lips together again.

    "MMPPHHHH!" Savannah muttered in surprise at the girl's passion.

    Making out passionately with one another, Monroe finally withdrew and stared into her opponents wanton eyes. At this point they were both blushing and panting heavily.

    "I asked you a question?" Marti repeated, to which Savannah simply grinned and let her actions speak louder than words.

    Pausing for a moment, they then came together yet again and kissed each other with even more ferocity, their tongues now sliding in and out of each other's mouths, both wrestling against one another.

    "Ugh! You fucking dyke!" Marti claimed, as her free hand slipped down between their bodies and wandered under Savannah's short skirt.

    There she quickly found and caressed her damp panties with the tips of her fingers, noting the lustful expression on her rival's face.

    "Hmm... just as I thought." she grinned smugly, alluding to the fact that Savannah was undeniably wet.

    The cheerleader squirmed and moaned instinctively to the contact, and without realizing it began to wiggle her hips in a circular motion, grinding her sex against her probing fingers.

    The same fingers which now gently massaged her dripping sex, and traced along the outline of her moist vulva.

    "Kiss me, you bitch!" Savannah urged before she pressed her mouth firmly against her blonde lover.

    Their tongues merged and wrestled once more, as saliva mixed and mingled together.

    The ladies both moaned as their French kissing amplified, and their hands now groped, fondled, and squeezed one another in the empty space.

    Marti was quickly disrobed and relieved of her heavy jacket, leaving her clad in nothing more than her grey tank top and jeans. She cooed softly as she felt Savannah proceed to fumble with the buttons of her denim pants.

    "Mm..." she moaned into Savannah's ear. "I want your fingers inside me."

    Savannah happily obliged, and in an instant keenly shoved her hand inside her panties and plunged two of her digits deep inside her friends sopping cunt.

    "Oh! Feel that?" Marti purred. "See how wet you've got me right now?"

    Savannah responded by locking her lips around Marti's subtle neck as she eagerly delved her fingers even deeper inside, burying them knuckle deep.

    Suddenly, Marti seemed to explode with adrenaline and she pushed her delectable friend down to her knees.

    "Get down!" she insisted, while directing Savannah to kneel directly before her, forcing her to submit to her.

    "I want your mouth on me." she insisted. "I want to see you eat pussy!"

    "Yeah? Is that what you want?" Savannah countered. "You want these pretty little lips on that dirty pussy?"

    "Yeah, put that mouth to good use!" Marti almost groaned. "Let's see if you eat pussy as good as you talk trash."

    To Savannah's delight, she swiftly peeled the blonde girls panties down her shapely legs and was delighted to find that just like her, Marti was completely shaved clean and possessed a totally hairless pussy.

    Without wasting another moment she keenly dove in and hungrily licked at her pristine mound, making sure to curl her tongue and stimulate her throbbing clit.

    "Nnnngh! Yes!" Marti moaned against the wall, her fingers entangled inside the brunette's hair. "Oh god!"

    She shook violently to the contact, as the talented athlete hungrily nibbled at her gleaming cunny, spearing out her tongue and making sure to massage and caress each and every morsel inch of her vagina.

    It clearly wasn't the first time Savannah had feasted on another chicks clam, and the mere notion of being devoured by one of the more popular girls at the school, and in such a public place no less, only turned Marti on further.

    "Oh yes! Right there!" Perkins gasped breathlessly, cupping her large breast with one hand while twirled her fingers through her lovers dark locks in the other, encouraging her to lick harder, deeper, faster.

    "Mmmphh... you like that?" Savannah quizzed between licks, her luscious lips enticingly smeared with girl juice.

    "You like me eating that dirty little cunt?" she teased. "Mm... taste so good too. You Goth slut!"

    "Oh shit! Don't stop!" Marti cried as she pushed her rivals face back against her gleaming sex.

    "Just shut up... Shut up and eat me!" she urged. "You're going to make me fucking cum!"

    Suddenly, Marti grimaced and cried out loud as she came all over her lovers face, her sweet nectar seeping out and into the brunette's waiting mouth.

    Savannah sighed erotically as she hungrily devoured her copious juices, slurping them down her throat and savoring as much of her tangy essence as she possibly could.

    Marti Perkins was now left to slump by the wall as Savannah Monroe climbed up to her feet and checked her appearance in the mirror. There she giggled at the sight of her spent friend who was still clearly affected by the impromptu encounter, and subsequent orgasm.

    "What's the matter?" she teased. "Too much too handle?"

    "That was... intense." Marti muttered quietly to herself, her legs still shaking uncontrollably from the orgasm.

    "Serves you right for messing with a Hellcat." the brunette quipped through the mirror.

    "Wait a minute," she added a moment later. "You ruined my dress."

    Marti simply grinned to herself as she sat there slumped by the wall, dazed and confused and enjoying her high.

    "I guess that makes us even then?" she snickered smugly.

    "Afraid not." Savanna replied as she touched up her lip-gloss.

    Satisfied with her appearance, she then turned towards the door and as chipper as could be sauntered out towards the exit as though nothing had happened.

    "Oh, and by the way." she added at the door. "This afternoon are the tryouts."

    "Huh? What?" Marti shrugged through half slitted eyes.

    "Not that I think you've got what it takes," she smirked. "Just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to come along and watch me judge."

    "Yeah, sure." Marti replied sarcastically. "I'll think about it."

    "Great!" Savannah beamed in her chipper self, before blowing her a kiss with her hand. "Kisses!"

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    Awww Yeeeaaahhhh....We got a winner here TPG!

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    Thanks guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    I hope we get some more for sure!
    I'm hoping to write up a TPG version of each episode that comes out - the cast on there is just ridiculously hot!

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    Can't wait for the next episode!! So added to my monday viewing list! Hellcats then GNW best! Awesome story, can't wait for more!

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    Love it. How could I not, right? Very well done TPG.

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