Author: Robertdoc
Celebrity: Kristin Chenoweth
Warnings: M/F, Cons, Oral, Titjob

March 2010

While TV shows have regular cast and crew members to carry the load, they need guests to help out now and then. That is where I come in whenever the temp agency calls; yet there are others who come and go along with me, albeit in a more important capacity.

I was reminded of that when I got to the “Glee” set in late March 2010.

At the time, the musical dramady was in the latter half of its hit opening season. So when I was selected to temp for the show, I was very careful in telling people in case they were rabid ‘Gleeks’ or haters. Whether one loved or hated it, no one could stop talking about it; so that hysteria and the extravagance on set would make this a busy job.

That made me swear to focus on work and put any thoughts of another hookup out of my head; for real this time. In any case, the most tempting females like Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera were all fairly young; yet fortunately older than their characters. And given the Gleek mania around the country, there was likely no way to get involved with any of them and keep it quiet.

Therefore, I was all business as I got to the studio lot. I was on time, so I headed to the “Glee” set on foot without being in any hurry. On the way, I briefly noticed a smaller woman walking several feet besides me.

I brushed that aside until I made a turn to the “Glee” studio set and noticed that the woman was still walking besides me. This made me study her for a second; before I realized why it shouldn’t have taken me a second to figure this out.

“Are you….Kristen Chenoweth?” I should have been more formal, yet I was just starting to get taken aback by this. As she looked at me, I already had my answer before she stated it in her high, slightly accented voice; a voice that I knew soared even higher when she was singing. “That’s what Ryan Murphy seems to think.”

“My God, you’re back on ‘Glee’ this week? I’m doing temp work for them this week too! What a happy coincidence, I’m such a fan of both of you! You and the show, I mean.”

While I was excited and a bit cautious to get a glimpse of the “Glee” stars, it was easier for me to get carried away over seeing Kristen Chenoweth. That may sound strange to some, yet she had a substantial musical following as well. I first noticed her in the critically beloved, but low rated and recently canceled “Pushing Daises’ for which she just won an Emmy for months ago. Then I took notice of her long Broadway career; specifically as one of the stars of the Wizard of Oz spinoff “Wicked.”

I first saw that show a few months ago during my latest trip to New York and got hooked; then wished I had seen it while Kristen and the original cast performed it years ago. Nevertheless, she was still turning up on TV, most recently in a guest spot on “Glee” months ago. I had heard she would be coming back a few weeks ago, yet I somehow didn’t think that she might be here while I was. I didn’t know if my surprise was for the best or worst quite yet.

“Thank you, I’m flattered even if the show isn’t,” Kristen replied, so perhaps it was for the best so far. “Nah, don’t worry, these guys are sweeties to new people. They must be or I wouldn’t be back here, right?”

“Right, that does tell me something,” I pretended to realize. “Well, you were great last time, and I can’t wait to get glimpses of you being great this week!” She smiled in thanks as we walked again towards the set, so I decided to keep going with a joke/compliment. “Of course, you’d have been great if you were still ‘Pushing Daisies’ instead, but…”

“Oh, you miss that too?” she asked, to which I nodded yes before I figured out my next line. “But at least you got an Emmy as a parting gift! Congratulations, by the way!”

“Thank you, I liked that gift too,” Kristen pointed out. “But being here is a great bonus gift too. Since you seem to be a Gleek, I guess you already got that idea.”

“I have my suspicions. I’ll have a better idea when I start working….which I should probably do soon,” I remembered. “I should let you do the same, then.”

“If I must,” she said theatrically. “I wish you good luck from one guest star to another.”

“Heh, I’m not the same kind of special guest star, but thank you,” I cleared up. Kristen smiled and nodded, offering her hand. I shook it, taking in the full effect of how I was a half-foot taller than her. Yet I couldn’t imagine her looking better if she was six inches taller, so I didn’t. Fortunately, she headed off and waved goodbye before my thoughts got carried away in other ways.

I at least knew I would get a glimpse of Jenna, Tina, Christina and Kaley before I….got to know them better. But Kristen took me by greater surprise, although that was my fault for not remembering she would return to “Glee” right now. I wondered what that said about the chance of meeting again; until I remembered that I did swear to focus on work minutes earlier. In any case, these things usually worked out by themselves without my analysis.

They worked out days later when it was my turn to double check the “Glee” recording booth. I was nearly done my run through, which turned out to be Kristen’s cue to come in and get ready herself.

“Oh, hey!” Kristen called out when she saw me. I indulged in my flattery that she remembered me, before managing to smile back. “I see you survived orientation after all.”

“Well, it was a struggle,” I got out. “But I’m here and the booth is just about ready for you.”

“Thanks. I promise not to leave a bigger mess when I’m done,” she reassured.

“That’s all right. Finally seeing you sing should be worth it.” I thought I said that last part to myself, but I quickly figured out I said it out loud. Not quickly enough, of course.

“What do you mean? You must have seen me sing on TV if you’re a fan.”

“No, no….” I started while I tried to figure out how to phrase the rest of my answer. “Of course I’ve seen you sing on TV. It’s just….I got into ‘Wicked’ years after you left the show. I got the original soundtrack afterwards, of course. I just wished I’d gotten to see you sing and be Glinda on stage too. I mean, it was scary how the Glinda I saw was like you, which was probably the point. But seeing the real thing there and hearing that voice on the stage….that was pretty much the only thing I missed that night.”

That way to phrase it was a fine line between fawning and slightly creepy. So I tried not to dig myself in much deeper if it was the latter. “Anyway, I didn’t miss checking your microphone, so it should be good for you,” I stated in a last ditch effort for professionalism before I left the booth.

Since I needed to be on standby in case I had missed some detail, I was able to stick around. There, I finally heard Kristen sing in person after all, as she belted out her version of “The Wiz” song “Home” that would close out this episode. While I still didn’t get to hear her powerful voice reverberate on a Broadway stage, hearing it in front of me at a recording studio still brought some goose bumps.

I had already marveled that her petite frame was as shapely as it was, but that was almost nothing compared to how that voice could come out of it as well. I even got to keep marveling a few more times as Kristen got a few additional takes in for backups. At that point, I remembered I wasn’t needed anymore and started to head off, yet Kristen got out of the booth in time to catch me leaving.

“So, was that anything like seeing me on TV?” she inquired.

“Well, um, not really. I don’t think there’s much like that at all,” I said before inwardly groaning at my corniness.

“Not much else that doesn’t cost a few hundred bucks to see, anyway,” Kristen pointed out.

“There’s that. But I’d have loved it if it wasn’t free, too,” I assured. Yet since this was overstepping my bounds again, I worked on my exit strategy. “Well, I have other things to double check, so…keep up the great work, Kristen.”

“I will if you will,” she proposed. I was just glad she didn’t draw attention to me calling her Kristen, so I nodded and made my way off.

A few more days went by with only a few more glimpses of Kristen. Since she was just a guest star, it was less likely that I would run into her as frequently as the regulars; or at least that’s what I told myself. I hoped that she hadn’t realized over time that I was kind of over the top; yet then again, I couldn’t really expect to win them all.

That helped get me through the afternoon and it looked like it would help for the night as well. But I wouldn’t get to find out once I saw Kristen catch up to me.

“Oh, hi!” I blurted out. “Is there, uh, something wrong on the set?”

“No, we kept it clean all by ourselves this time. I did almost leave something behind, but I remembered to give it to you.” With that, she helped me notice that she had a DVD sleeve in her hand.

“And…what am I getting from you?” I asked with confusion.

“Well, you didn’t get tickets to ‘Wicked’ while I was in it. So I remembered we had a few DVD recordings of our old performances, found one and had it sent over for you. Technically it was sent to me, but only so I could send it to you in person.”

“Wow….I’m glad you did. I’m glad and overwhelmed, period,” I breathed out as I took the DVD. “I’ll, I’ll rush home to see it once I’m done work….thank you so much.”

“Actually, you can’t rush home yet. And you don’t want to get done thanking me yet, either. I mean, unless you don’t want to stay here after work and watch it in the ‘Glee’ auditorium. I kind of used my guest star power to set that up, but if you’re in that much of a hurry-“

I wasn’t after all, and I wasn’t done thanking her either. Before I knew it I bent down to give her a hug; and I was even too overcome to take in how I’d pressed up against her full chest. She didn’t push me away, so I assumed I was safe but I broke apart from her anyway. “I,um….yeah, I think I can stick around a little,” I tried to say nonchalantly. “Are you….staying to see it too?”

“I’m not sure. I can get pretty chatty in a theater and I don’t want to disturb you.” She would distract me in other ways as well, so maybe it was a good thing. But I wouldn’t feel so distracted after the screening. “Well, if you want you can stop by later so I can give you my review. And the DVD, if you want it back.”

“I’ll come by to hear your review, that’s all I’ll promise you. And that everything will be set up for you by 10, okay?” I wanted to say thank you again, but since that seemed inadequate, I just nodded with a goofy smile. She gave her usual perky smile in understanding and headed off before I had any better words in mind.

I stayed quiet pretty much until 10 pm when I headed to the “Glee” auditorium set. As Kristen hinted, everything had been set up as there was a big screen on the stage and a DVD player nearby. I was able to put in the DVD and within a few moments, the screen displayed a view of the Gershwin Theater before the “Wicked” curtain came up.

I looked around and made sure I was alone, as Kristen didn’t seem to be here after all. Even without her there, I couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if she did show up. As usual, I didn’t want to assume if someone was into me; although she was giving me clues. But as usual, I didn’t want to give in and do anything until she made a more concrete move; then all bets would be off with me.

Until then, at least I could enjoy “Wicked” as originally performed, inside a theater of sorts. While I saw the show with another cast in an actual New York theater, and had the soundtrack of the original cast, it was still different to see the original cast perform on stage; albeit on DVD. As such, finally seeing Kristen as Glinda and hearing all of the songs again brought me to give a one man standing ovation at the very end.

Yet I soon heard clapping that wasn’t from my own hands, and turned to see that Kristen had arrived and made it a two-person standing ovation. She was approaching from the back of the auditorium, so maybe she snuck in while I wasn’t looking. However, the important thing was that I noticed her now.

“Guess that’s a rave from you, then,” she inquired, to which I could just nod. “How long did you study me before you figured that out?”

“I made it just in time for ‘Defying Gravity.’ After that I settled in and watched you watching me.”

“Well, I do like watching you. Uh, watching you perform, I mean,” I poorly covered up.

“I know what you mean….I think. I mean, it does kind of amaze me that you’re on the hottest set on TV, a show you love, with stars like Lea and Dianna and Heather to gawk at. Yet you’ve been focused on little ole’ me since you got here.”

“I guess tabloid junkies and bloggers might find that confusing,” I started. “But a lot of them probably think that ‘Glee’ and musicals are just for gay people, and they mean that in a negative way. Tastes can be more complex than that….and so can the kind of people one can, um….gawk at, as you said. And, well….you have to know there’s more than enough reason to gawk at you anyway.”

I realized this was the first time I was actually flirting with an actress before I got intimate with then. I only realized I was doing it halfway through, yet I then figured I might as well commit to it. Kristen hadn’t run away or slapped me so far, so I took that as progress.

“So you do gawk at me,” Kristen confirmed. “How does that go, exactly? What are my gawk-worthy elements?”

That was even bigger progress. As such it allowed me to play along, while remaining careful with my choice of words. “Well, your voice and smile and energy and blonde hair, that goes without saying. And, uh….the stuff below all that as well.”

“Is that code for my boobies?” Kristen said in tongue-in-cheek fashion; which both made me think of the phrase “tongue in cheek” in dirty ways and let me drift down to her ample chest. “Partly that….not that the rest of your body isn’t gorgeous and curvy. I mean, you’re as much of a bombshell as anyone over 4’11.”

Maybe I could referenced her height more tactfully, but by then Kristen had gotten herself right in front of me, with my chin now touching the top of her blonde head. So I was losing the ability to watch what I said. And once she lifted her head up and stood on her tip toes so she could reach up to kiss my cheek, I decided words weren’t enough anyway.

I did the work of bending down to kiss her this time, resisting the urge to pick her up for now. I wanted to pull her close and start feeling around her body before I did that, so I got to work on that. However, while kissing and exploring my hands on her was easy while we were standing in the auditorium, doing other things would be more difficult in this position. And we probably couldn’t do it in the seats, especially since the “Glee” cast sat on those for auditorium scenes.

“We should head backstage,” Kristen offered after we parted. “That’s a more fitting and private place for more….vocal exercises.” Well, she was the theater expert.

I followed her up onto the stage, giving myself just one second to indulge that I was on the “Glee” stage and that I was on a stage with Kristen period. Yet I had other thoughts and ideas to indulge in again after we got backstage and made sure we were all alone.

Kristen said she wanted to have “vocal exercises” so I could probably better help without clothes in the way. I worked on getting my shirt off to set an example, then Kristen followed by getting her upper clothes off as well. She was left in a bright pink bra that covered about half of her C-cup breasts, which I got an even better look down as she bent to get her skirt off.

It was off by the time I unbuckled my belt, which gave me a full view of her uncovered figure as my pants came off next. Despite being shorter than Kaley, the size of Kristen’s breasts, curves, hips and backside were virtually identical to hers in all the right ways, although she was 17 years older. But it was too late to be intimidated by that now; if that was the right word for it.

I stood tall as Kristen came back over and embraced me, with her face up against my chest. She started to kiss it as her petite hand trailed down below my chest; with her mouth reaching my nipple and her hand reaching inside of my underwear at the same time.

Perhaps she was imitating what she’d like me to do to her chest and her groin all at once, which would have been fine by me. Yet since I couldn’t get to her tits from this position, I settled for placing my hand on her back and drifting it down to her firm, still panty-covered ass. I cupped her left cheek and soon put my middle finger into the back of her panties, before sliding much of my hand down there.

My hand then went in between the back of her legs, as I soon let the middle finger take the lead again by drifting down her crack and heading over to the front of her legs. I kept my hand below her backside and reached my middle finger over just enough to start brushing her clit.

This made her coo a bit as she kept jacking me off. I kept going although the combination of her hand job and the musical noises she would likely start making might make me lose it sooner.

Nevertheless, her noises were muffled as she more vigorously kissed up my chest and neck while I worked my finger up and down her opening. Even though we were still standing up with our bodies pressed against each other, we still had enough room to grope and stroke each other. We each even had a free hand left, as she used hers to finally pull down my underwear and expose me in the open. Mine was used to brush against the sides of her left breast and slide a finger in and out of her bra.

This made her groan a bit louder; and with her high voice I knew she could go even higher and hotter than that. At that point I finally took a step back and removed my hands from her. “You know…I should let you tower over me for a while.”

If I was going to really get her going, I had to more thoroughly service her. To do that, I went to my knees while making sure she still stood up, just like with Christina. Once I got on my knees, I pulled her panties down all the way and started to use my mouth on her to replace my finger. I hoped that with her standing over me now and with her pussy being more intensely explored, it would do a number on her.

It did sound like the numbers were going up as she groaned and started to rub herself over my face. Once her hips stood still, I picked up by rubbing my face over her and diving my tongue in. After I got it in as far as I could, I suddenly took it back out and looked up at her. She looked confused and anxious for me to go back in, so I slid my tongue back inside, took it out and then repeated the pattern several more times.

“Oh, sweet Jesus God!” she declared as I kept tongue fucking her. Yet despite that, she only let me get away with it for a few more seconds before stepping back. “Get up….you’ve been on your ass long enough and I’ve been off it too long too.”

Getting the hint, I stood up and let Kristen kneel down in front of me this time. However, instead of taking me in her mouth, she just pressed up closer to me as her hands finally unhooked her bra. Once it came off, I only had a moment to glare at her naked tits before Kristen placed them on my cock.

Well, this was new.

Even with Jenna, Christina and Kaley’s substantial racks and Tina’s generous bosom, I had never actually gotten to tit fuck any of them. But Kristen was doing all of the tit fucking as she slid her boobs up and down my shaft. She even had them rub my balls for a moment before putting my wood back inside them. Once I finally recovered and actually got to get a good look at her tits, I was able to begin thrusting into them.

Soon, Kristen started using her tongue just like I did, as she stuck it out to briefly touch my swollen head each time it emerged from her tits. Her tongue and my cock managed to thrust in unison and touch each other in the middle.

Another few minutes of this would be enough to make me go off, yet it was too soon for that. I was able to take as much time as I needed with Kaley in bed, but I was doing this on a TV set again and time was probably of the essence once more.

“All right, I think I have to try something else now….” Now I just had to figure out how to do it. I had done it on top of actresses, had them be on top of me and sit on me, and I even fucked Christina while she was bent over. I had to start coming up with some new tricks, even though Kristen would be none the wiser if it was new or not. Yet I owed her some extra effort anyway.

The best thing I could think of was to wrap it up how we started. And that involved me getting Kristen back on her feet. I helped her up and then lifted her up off her feet until we got to the nearest wall. Once there, I put her back against it and positioned myself to enter her.

Kristen closed the distance by wrapping her legs around me and fitting half of my cock inside. I exhaled deeply, then made sure to get a good grip on her by putting an arm around her hips. But with her legs and arms now around me, she was set to get moving.

She sank herself all the way down and gave me time to savor the sensation before she grinded herself against me. I took the hint and started to go in and out of her, pressing her back deeper against the wall. This gave me another view of her tits bouncing, only this time they were doing it on their own.

I closed my lips around her right nipple and started sucking it at the same pace as I was thrusting into her. Kristen strained to contain how loud she was moaning, although that wasn’t the name of my game. After lightly nibbling her nipple and batting it around with my tongue, she finally groaned in a near soprano voice. Encouraged, I piled on my victory by opening my mouth over as much of her breast as I could.

“Now that is code for liking my boobies….oh fuck!” Kristen called out. She brought herself to bounce down harder on me as my hand slid back down to her ass. “Is that good enough for you?”

“In so many ways,” I admitted.

“Still doesn’t seem like enough, though….” she somehow insisted on saying.

“After, oh, that tit job and this stuff….and you being naked for me in the first place? I think we’re pretty even, ugh!” I gritted out.

“No, you got ahead of me with that nipple play. It’s my turn to come up with something….oh, something good like that!” Kristen called as I thrust in a little harder.

“Just having the both of us cum will be enough,” I reassured her.

“So, oh, then how do you wanna do it? Anything that really turns you on?” she inquired.

“Being in you isn’t too shabby,” I answered as I went a bit faster to prove my point.

“Oh yeah…no no, you’ve earned a bigger treat.” Those words just made me a bit more confused when she got herself back on her feet and went off of me. She went down to her knees again, but then laid on her stomach and then got up on all fours, with her pert ass placed in my direction.

I hadn’t tried this position before, so I concluded that I could go along with this. I wondered for a moment which hole of hers she wanted me to go into, considering the position. But I decided to play it safe, as I went on my knees behind her and inserted myself back in her pussy.

“No, no, stay right there,” Kristen ordered. Instead of letting me thrust into her, she took care of business by moving herself on my cock. I just had to stay there and watch her ass wiggle as it slammed onto my groin.

“There we go, that’s a good boy,” she said in a noticeably softer voice. “You like me working on you like that?”

“Oh….kind of,” I admitted.

“You like me saying it like that too? I know you love my voice when it’s singing….I’ll bet I can use it to get you off faster too.” That probably wasn’t far off base, as it turned out. While her normal speaking voice was high, tinged with an Oklahoma accent and a little squeaky, it made it all the more notable when her singing voice was so powerful.

So with that vocal power, it made sense that Kristen could dip her speaking voice into an enticing mix of innocent little girl and sultry vixen; especially with the words she was using.

“Mmm….I got a feeling this thing’s been hard around me since you got here. Did you make it go soft when you got home, or did you just cum to me in the studio bathroom?” It was almost both, I wanted to say, yet my voice was frozen. I didn’t picture Kristen being a dirty talker, yet I guess she saved it for special occasions.

“I guess it just matters that you did jack off to me. All these young hotties here and you still got worked up by someone 15 years older than you. You got a thing for older women, or do I just have that much cougar pride?” she asked as she pressed her behind deeper against me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…..little of both, I guess? I don’t know, a hot actress is a hot actress, age be damned! And you’re hot, okay?” I reasoned while my brain could still function.

“Mmmm, you’re not bad yourself. Not with those words and this big thing in me.” Well, it seemed she had a way with words herself. “I bet if I made you lose it without even trying, you’re gonna have quite the special for me now.”

“Do, do you want it?” I asked to try to get into this little game.

“You mean do I want my ‘biggest’ fan to shoot his hot stuff into my tight, wicked little pussy? Eh, I can take it or leave it….but I really can take it.”

“Oh God, are you sure?” I groaned although I was probably going to go soon regardless.

“Fuck me hard and we’ll find out in a few seconds, won’t we?” she all but dared me.

“Yes!” Although her pussy and voice had done most of the work in this thing, I eagerly accepted her permission to do the last 1 %. And after she stopped moving and I delivered a dozen or so very quick thrusts, we got to find out indeed.

It felt like I had cum for about five minutes straight, although my internal clock was probably out of wack right now. Besides, I wasn’t going to check my cell phone for the time at this moment. Even when I finished, I could only put my hands on the floor as I held myself up on all fours as well.

Kristen was still beneath me on all fours catching her breath and enjoying the bounty she received. But as I started to activate my brain again, I tried to recall if I had gotten any “bounty” from her beforehand, and I couldn’t succeed. “You shot off too, right?”

“Huh? Oh, oh right, I did it right with you!” Kristen said a bit too unconvincingly. Of course, a shaken tone of voice after sex could mean a number of things, yet I wanted to make sure this was the truth.

“You’re sure? I felt you go tight, but I didn’t feel anything shooting towards my balls,” I said crudely but pointedly.

“They must be slow swimmers. Besides, I put on that show for you anyway,” she reasoned. But after that show, this just wouldn’t do.

I removed myself from her and backed up, yet stayed on all fours so that my face was right in front of her bent over pussy. There I went to work, in spite of how half of what I tasted was myself. “Oh! Oh, wait, aren’t you tasting yourself too?!” Kristen called out.

“Shoot a whole bunch of your own cum in my wicked little mouth and I’ll stop,” I promised.

Before Kristen could keep insisting that she had shot off, I started tongue fucking her again and even nibbled on her outer lips for good measure. That was the trigger she needed, as her body gave her lies away by finally shooting off. Another trigger was that her voice was virtually singing a high note, which probably would have given us away if anyone was spying on us.

But no one came out, or at least they managed to stay hidden. Yet after we both had our fill, we weren’t exactly seeing straight as we finally collapsed onto the floor.

“Just couldn’t….take a break….could you?” Kristen quipped in between short breaths.

“I’m a temp….I only get one shot… do something right. So I….make it count.” I reasoned.

“Oh, you sure did,” Kristen admitted. “So much for…. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ being the biggest act in this place…huh?”

I had to concede that since I was still regaining my breath. It did almost make sense that we would get this…..theatrical on a set that was known for theatricality. And that I would do all that with one of the most theatrical stage veterans in the business.

But I didn’t think that many others had seen that side of Kristen Chenoweth’s theatricality. It was certainly something that no costumes, musical numbers or $150 Broadway ticket could recapture or burn into my brain as vividly.

Yet she was just the latest actress to help me take my own sexual theatricality up a notch. And after thanking her for it and wrapping up my stint on “Glee” a few days later along with her, I knew it would be hard to top it next time.

It certainly said something that I could start expecting a ‘next time’ by now, that was for sure.