“Scott go check on the girls and see if they need anything. You’re they’re runner until we can get these cameras working again” my boss Dillion said to me.

We worked for a Pepsi and we were about to film a short commercial with a kpop group. The most popular Kpop girl group around, BLACKPINK. From afar the girls all looked pretty stuck up to me but getting closer I could tell they were all pretty nice. The only problem was the loads of security they had which kept even our crew far away from them.

I approached their security team and told them how my boss told me to check on them. We had to make sure they were happy so that we could do business with them again even though right now we were sitting on a several hour delay because of a camera problem. After I explained to their security how I needed to check on them I was finally allowed to get to their dressing rooms. We had given each of them their own dressing rooms and were doing everything to keep them happy.

I approached Jisoo’s dressing room first and heard she was talking. I slowly opened the door to see her going over lines for her new spot in a kdrama. After a small exchange I could tell she didn’t need anything so I left but not before taking a long look at her thighs before exiting the room. The next room was Jennie’s and through the door I could hear her watching a show. I slowly entered the room and got a quick jump and a yelp from Jennie.

After she took a minute to calm down she jokingly gave me an attitude about not knocking.

“I could have been naked you know” she said while playfully punching my chest.

“Although maybe that’s what you hoped for” she said as she stood closer to me.

The pint sized rapper was looking up at me and cut me off before I could fully answer.

“Just kidding!” she said with a wink.

She backed away and sat down on her couch before asking why I was there and after I explained she told me she wasn’t in need of anything.

“Maybe I’ll need something after we shoot this commercial though” she said flirtatiously as I was leaving the room.

Rose’s room was next and I could hear her new dog running around and parking.

I opened the door only to be caught off guard seeing Rose standing there fully bent over with her ass towards the door as she filled Hank’s food bowl.
From the angle I was at I could clearly see her black panties under her mini skirt. I started to be able to see the outline of her pussy before she finally noticed me standing there and nearly jumped onto the floor. I reached over and caught her before she fell.

“How long were you standing there? And what did you see?!” she said while standing up on her own and lightly pushing me away.

“I just walked in and didn’t see anything I swear” I said lying through my teeth.

Now flustered that she might be mad at me I was caught off guard when I felt Rose grab the bulge in my pants and give me hardening cock a squeeze.

“I don’t think you’re telling me the truth.” She said before giving my cock another light squeeze.

“I’m sorry I did see.” I said while trying as hard as possible not to cum just from her touching my cock through my pants.

“This happens every time” she said before letting go of my cock.

“We just go to shoot something or perform and someone tries to sneak in or take a picture of us before we have to call security on them.”

“Oh no that’s not why I’m here.” I said.

After I explained why I was there she said that next time I should knock before entering a girl’s room.

“Sorry I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again” I said before starting to leave.

“You shouldn’t be sorry with a cock like that” she said while glancing down at the tent in my pants.

“Maybe after we finish shooting I can help you with this” she said before effortlessly sliding her hand down the front of my pants and giving my bare cock a small stroke.
Standing at full mast Rose retracted her hand.

“I don’t want to get these clothes dirty but you definitely need to come back here with that after we finish shooting.” She said gesturing towards my pants.

Rose patted her crop top and mini skirt down showing off her outfit. She gave me a quick peak at panties by lifting up her skirt before I left the room.

Already having decided that I’m going to head to Rose’s room later I figured I should finish up my job and see if Lisa needed anything before returning. As I approached Lisa’s room I was surprised not to hear a single sound. I thought maybe she had stepped out or she headed into one of the other girls rooms while I was with Rose. I slowly entered the room only to see a sight even more amazing that when I walked into Rose’s room.

I was absolutely floored to see Lisa asleep on the couch with her blue crop top and white mini skirt. Her legs were spread wide open and her white skirt was flipped up revealing her red thong. I took out my phone and snapped a picture so I could always remember the moment. After I snapped a picture I turned to leave before I made too much noise when suddenly Lisa called out to me.

“Hey, that’s it? Just going to take a picture of me and leave?” she said.

“I thought you were sleeping” I said nervously.

Lisa stood up and I couldn’t believe how amazing her legs looked in that outfit. Her blue crop top and white mini skirt showing off her figure made my cock instantly hard. Lisa looked like a slutty snow white with her short hair and red heels. She walked closer to me and dropped to her knees while undoing my pants.

“It’s only fair you show me something” Lisa said as she freed my cock.

Lisa started to stroke my cock in her hand admiring my length and hardness. I started to say something when Lisa suddenly slipped the tip of my cock into her mouth.
“Fuck that feels so good Lisa” I said looking down at the dancer.

“I haven’t had a good cock to suck or fuck in the longest time” she said as she stood up and lead me to the couch by my cock.

She put her hands on my chest and pushed me down so I was sitting on the couch before she dropped to her knees and undid the pants and pulled them down to my ankles.
Without hesitation Lisa gave my cock a long lick from my balls to the tip before she took the first couple inches into her throat.

I sat back and watched the main dancer from Blackpink bob her head up and down on my cock. I started to reach for her head to push her further down my cock before Lisa suddenly took my cock out of her mouth.

“Not yet baby. I have bigger plans for this sexy cock of yours but we have to get back on even playing field first.”

Lisa took my hand and pulled me up and switched places with me. She say back down on the couch where I first saw her earlier and spread her legs. She reached under her mini skirt an pulled her red thong down and tossed it into the floor.

“I don’t want to get that dirty before the shoot” she said before lifting up her skirt to revealing her smooth pink pussy.

I didn’t hesitate and dropped between her legs and gave her pussy a long lick. I put my hands on her thighs and continued to lick and suck on her lips before I started to use my tongue to flick her clit. She moaned so loud when I did that and held my head even closer to her pussy. Hearing her moan was so hot that I slipped two fingers into her folds while I continued my assault clit with my tongue. She instantly got even more wet once I started to finger her. Another few minutes like this and suddenly Lisa was cumming all over my tongue and fingers.

In one swift move she switched places with me on more time and crashed her lips onto mine. He tongue darted into my mouth while she used her hand to stroke my cock. Lisa did everything she could to taste her cum in my mouth and I loved every second of it. She straddled me while we continued to make out then Lisa aimed my cock at her slimy wet taco and impaled herself on my rod.

Lisa moaned as my 8 inch cock entered her pussy while I grabbed on her ass. She started to slowly move up and down on my cock while we continued to make out. Her pussy was without a doubt the tightest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of fucking. She leaned back and balanced herself on my cock with her hands on my knees while I moved my hands to her hips and slammed her down on my cock.

We kept up a face pace for a few minutes before we heard a knocking on the door.

“Lisa? The directors want us back on the set” Rose said through the door.

“Sure thing I’ll be there in a minute Rosie” Lisa answered as she continued to ride my cock.

“How fast do you think you can make me cum?” Lisa said in a low voice.

“Let’s find out” I said before slamming her down on my cock and thrusting up into her.

I turned us over so Lisa was on her back on the couch while I grabbed onto her hips and started fucking her in that position. I flipped her skirt up so I could see my cock filling her pussy and fucked her hard and fast until she moaned so loud while she came. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm until I felt my own climax coming. Lisa must have noticed too because she wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me in. I unloaded my hot jizz into her perfectly tight pussy making sure every single drop was inside her.
“Fuck that was great Scott.” Lisa said while getting up from the couch.

She bent over picked up her thong while giving me one last flash of her pussy before pulling her thong up and heading towards the door. Before leaving she reached into her purse and threw me a key card.

“That’s for our hotel suite. Come by later so we can continue this.” She said.

“Won’t the other girls mind us fucking?”

“I don’t think they’ll mind. ISN’T THE RIGHT ROSIE?!” Lisa said loudly as she quickly opened the door and Rose, who was listening at the door, nearly fell into the room.
“Oh yeah definitely.” Rose said, blushing that we caught her listening in.

I watched as the two girls walked down the hallway to meet the others for the commercial and both looked back and gave me a wink. Lisa licking her lips and still turned on while my cum was inside her.

“Best job ever” I said to myself as I got dressed and headed off to quickly finish shooting the commercial so I can get back to my dream girls.