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Thread: "House Bound" with Dua Lipa

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    fanfiction "House Bound" with Dua Lipa

    House Bound
    With Dua Lipa
    By Harbinger
    Tags: M/F, stripping, sponge bath, massage, oral, swallowing, handjob, facial, dirty talk
    Disclaimer: This story is fiction and not for making money.

    "Welcome back Mr. Young. How are you feeling?" the anesthesiologist asked me as I came back around.

    "I feel like I just took woke up from a nap, but it's clearly more complicated than that," I chuckled with a raw throat, looking at my shoulder wrapped up in white.

    "You'll feel fine for a while because that nerve blocker is still active, but you'll want to start on your pain medication tonight before bed," he explained.

    I looked around the room, but saw I was alone. "Where'd my brother go?" I asked. "He's supposed to be my ride and 24 hour person," I said.

    "He took off saying there was an emergency and that he'd be back, but that was an hour ago," the guy who was here when I woke up said. "We have a volunteer today who can stay with you until your brother gets back. I'll go get her." He took off before I could say whether I needed the company or not.

    Just moments later, my curtain was pulled back and I just sat there in my bed, foggy headed and stunned. A billion dollar smile was looking at me with ruby red hair. "Hey there, I heard you were left alone?" she said, that smile turning into a cute pout.

    "It would seem that way," I chuckled, running the hand I could use through my short hair. "You think you can trust a guy, but then he gets a phone call and he's gone," I shrugged my good shoulder.

    "Well I won't leave you," she said, stepping into my little cubicle and closing the curtain behind her. "So what's your story?"

    "Shoulder reconstruction surgery. Had to reattach two tendons. Recovery time looks like five to six months."

    The olive skinned beauty winced. "Hell of a tough break, I'd say."

    "I agree, but what's your story? What has the Dua Lipa volunteering as an extra hand in surgery?" I asked, and she frowned.

    "Donating money is great. I have a lot of it, but it's easy to just write a check. Volunteering like this, though, is personal. It takes time and actual face effort. I'm not going to give you a noble speech, I'm just going to come clean. This gives me my warm and fuzzies."

    I nodded. "I understand that. I think it's cool you're doing both, and that it helps you sleep. I respect. Also means I get to meet you outside of a concert or Con."

    Dua shook her head. "I'm not famous here. I'm just a volunteer, bottom of the totem pole. I'm just Nurse Dua. Anyway, Josh gave me instructions to stay here with you until that runaway brother comes back. He also wanted me to make sure you're drinking, and get a little bite to eat before we get you out of here," she informed me like she was a real pro. I got the feeling this wasn't her first shift.

    "Some water would be great. My throat is killing me," I rasped, feeling like I was suffering from smoke inhalation.

    "Right away," the international popular in blue scrubs said as she dutifully got me a cup and filled it from the tap. "Once you've got some hydration in you, how would you feel about some toast?"

    "I could try to eat something, but I definitely don't need a buffet." Dua giggled and it made me smile.

    "I would think not. Have to start you back slowly. So white or wheat?" Dua asked as she took my little paper cup and refilled it

    "Wheat, please. White has absolutely no flavor," I grimaced.

    "The proper choice," Nurse Dua said with a smile. "I'll be right back with that for you, sir," she winked, and I just laid there propped against my pillows, speechless.

    She returned soon with a small tray, two pieces of lightly buttered wheat, as discussed. She carefully sat on the bed next to me and put it on my lap. "There you are."

    "Thank you," I said as I picked up a piece and nibbled on it. "Feels weird, a single piece of bread feeling like an entire meal."

    "I bet," the Brit said, her sharp eyes looking at me with a gentle warmth. "Do you know when your brother's coming back?" she asked the question I was starting to wonder myself.

    I shook my head. "Not at all. I wish I would have picked someone else to be my ride and 24 hour person."

    Dua frowned and comfortingly put a hand on my knee that was still under the thin blanket. "He's coming back, right? He wouldn't just leave you!"

    "Well I wouldn't be shocked if I'm still here in two hours. He could be gone for a few days without calling me. He's always been flaky," I said, trying not to sound too bitter.

    "Well my hours are over in the next 40 minutes. If he hasn't shown up, I can take you home," Dua offered as I finished my toast.

    "I'm from two hours out of area. We got a hotel because of the weather. I couldn't afford to miss this surgery, storm or no."

    "Ah," Dua said, lightly tipping her head back and side eying me as she took the toast I clearly wasn't going to eat. "Well at the least, I can help you get settled back in your room if you'd like."

    Dua Lipa crunched her toast as elegantly as she could, sitting there in her loose fitting scrubs, watching me with the kindest eyes, waiting for a response.

    "I don't want to take you away from your schedule, but I also don't want to take up a surgery bed because I was hung out to dry," I thought aloud.

    "It's no big fuss," Dua waved off, covering her mouth as she spoke, still eating. She wanted to shoo away my worries but still be the classy lady she was. "My slate is cleared on my volunteer days anyway."

    "Well then I can't turn that down," I accepted.

    "My time'll be up by the time your discharge is in proper order anyway," the bottle redhead noted. "While they get that processed, let's get you put of this dreadful gown and back into your day clothes, shall we?" Dua offered as she stood up and offered me her hand.

    I took it and stood with some effort, and the tall Albanian held my arms to make sure I was steady. "There we are," she smiled proudly as I evened out, her eyes on mine as I nodded. She was just an inch or two shorter than me.

    I stood there and watched the most beautiful face I had ever seen as she made quick but careful work of the snaps at my collar and over my freshly repaired shoulder.

    Dua was happy to keep eye contact with me as she reached behind and undid the tie at my back, allowing the gown to fall off me. "There, wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked cheekily.

    I was still a little struck, too much so to really speak. I had just woken up from a medically induced nap to a gorgeous international superstar who had just stripped me to my underwear in seconds.

    "Sit on the edge of your bed and I can help you into your pants," she softly ordered, and I did as instructed. I stole a healthy look at her perfect ass as she bent over to grab my clothes. She looked over her shoulder and winked, knowing full well she gave me an eye full and I'd take advantage of it.

    I looked away in a hurry, but her laughter tinkled through the small cubicle all the same. Dua had the practiced hands and patients of someone who had done this multiple times as she helped me into my jeans, then my socks.

    "Back up," she instructed, and I tottered up as her hands found my zipper and button, doing up my pants with ease and making nothing of being so close to my crotch. "This is going to be the hard part. We have to get you inside that sweatshirt. You won't be in a t-shirt for a while. Consider anything overhead as impossible for the time being."

    Once my new angel had gotten me into my hoody and zipped me up, I had my discharge papers and the info on where my one-week follow up appointment was.

    "Still no sign of the disappearing brother, then?" Dua asked as I stared at the floor. "Well come along then, let's get you to your hotel room."

    "Step carefully," Nurse Dua told me as she opened the passenger door and helped me up. "There's a good boy." She wrapped her arm around me and held me close as we made it to my directed side entrance, the storm we were warned about making such a simple thing quite a task.

    Once inside and the door pushed closed, the biting wind behind us, Dua smiled and asked, "which way?"

    "Oh, you're coming in for a bit? I thought you'd be off after you dropped me off."

    Nurse Dua shook her head. "I can't do that. You need someone with you for 24 hours and your brother can't be trusted, now can he? Luckily, Nurse Dua is as reliable as any," she said with a wink. "And besides, I'm not in a hurry to go out in that storm again. I barely got us here in one piece," she explained as I led us down a short hall, and then we were already at my room.

    "Well that's convenient," Dua laughed as she reached into my back pocket to grab the keycard, having noticed me struggling for a little bit. The door clicked open and she ushered me inside.

    "It's probably not the kind of suite you're used to, I anxiously laughed, not having expected a world-class star to drop in like this.

    "I'm not a millionaire right now, Mr. Young. I'm just Nurse Dua, and this suite looks pleasant as all to me," she smiled as she took off her long puffy winter coat and hung it by the door.

    "Geez, listen to that wind," I muttered, easily able to hear it whipping violently outside. "It's nasty out there."

    "It absolutely is," Dua concurred. "Mr. Young, in exchange for extending my nursing services, you wouldn't mind if I sheltered here, would you?"

    I almost violently shook my head. "You can absolutely stay. I have a spare bed now my brother's gone and probably smacking wherever he is."

    "I was thinking the same, actually. So let's make the most of this unexpected housecall, shall we?" Dua asked as she helped me out of my jacket and hung it up for me. "First things first, let's get you comfortable. I'm going to make a nice nest for you to relax in," she told me as she busied herself turning one of the beds into a practical pillow recliner. "There we have it," she said proudly.

    I looked at the pillow wall and nodded acceptantly and shambles to the edge of the bed.

    "Hold on, don't you want to be a little comfier?" Dua asked as she reached behind her head and pulled the tie from her rich red hair, letting it tumble down her shoulders. "We can get you back out of that hoodie if you like, and into some shorts."

    "That doesn't sound bad," I agreed as I tried to undo my jeans by myself.

    "Here, let me," Dua giggled as she easily undid my jeans and crouched down, her face level with my crotch, her face unnecessarily close. It stopped my breath as she pulled my pants down and helped me step out of them, her intense eyes on me the whole time. "That's better," she exhaled and stood up with an innocent smile.

    "I appreciate your help, Ms. Lipa," I said as I unzipped my hoodie and she started taking off my sling, her delicate fingers brushing the sides of my neck, leaving tingles.

    "I'm not famous in here, with you. I'm just simple Nurse Dua right now, and my only goal and purpose is to help you and make you comfortable for your first 24 hours post surgery," she dutifully informed me as she painstakingly stripped me of my hoodie, and then got me back into my sling, letting her fingers dance over my belly as she finished attaching the anchoring belt. "It also seems that I can't help but to get you in your underwear," she teased.

    "It might make your job easier if I stayed like this then," I chuckled back.

    "Do it," Dua shrugged. I hang around in just my unders at home all the time. After all, it's my job to make you as comfortable as can be, and right now I think this current state of dress accomplishes that," she said as she tilted her chin up and took in my body, her voice dignified and posh, like that declaration was her well researched medical opinion.

    "You are the nurse, after all. Who am I to argue?"

    "There's a good lad," Dua smiled cheekily and watched me as I climbed onto the bed and nestled in. My jaw dropped as I watched Dua stretch in front of me like some Persian cat, and then end her stretch by taking off the top of her scrubs! "If I'm your call nurse for the day and stuck here because of the storm anyway, I wouldn't mind being more comfortable too."

    "Well uh, I won't complain or try to stop you," I said and swallowed, my mouth going try as she peeled down her scrubs bottoms, leaving her in just a red lace lingerie set, making me speechless.

    "There, now I feel more at home," she purred as she crawled onto the bed, stalking up towards me on all fours with an almost predatory smirk. "Now we're both ready to wait out this storm in comfort, just as the doctor ordered."

    My breathing stopped as Dua laid at my side and curled up, draping one of her long, perfectly smooth legs over mine and placing her hand on my stomach, rubbing gentle circles. "Feeling relaxed?" she asked as my heart pounded uncontrollably.

    "I didn't go to nursing school, but I can tell your heart is racing. Calm down," she tried to sooth me, running her hand up to my chest, feeling my bubbled peck muscle. I wasn't a solid rock, but I had good shape from being an amateur kick-boxer, no doubt part of how I got in this situation in the first place.

    "I'm not usually nervous around women, but you're not just any woman," I chuckled, and started absent-mindedly rubbing her shoulder with my good hand.

    She twisted at the hip and looked up at me, her chin resting on my ribs. "Yes I am. I told you I'm just Nurse Dua today. Just let today ride, don't think, and know that what happens here stays in here." She kept those dark, hypnotic eyes on me. "Is there anything you can think of… that I can do go help you? I bet you'd like a bath after your surgery?"

    "A bath would be nice," I admitted, tilting my head but keeping eye contact, not wanting break out of Dua's spell.

    "It just so happens you have a willing and able nurse here to administer your bath," Dua said as she gently got up, brushing her fingertips through the dusting of hair on my chest. "This is my first time bathing a patient, but I promise I'll do a good job," she said in a sultry and silky voice that almost made me shiver.

    As soon as Dua Lipa was on her feet, looking over her shoulder with a waiting smile, her perfect delectable ass encased in sexy red lace, I was on my feet right behind her, making her release another gorgeous tinkling laugh.

    "Into the bathroom you go now," Dua said, letting past her, running her fingertips over my back as I went, making my cock twitch. "Underwear off and into the tub," her posh voice slips into my ears, and now horny as shit, I stopped asking questions and just went along.

    Dua came in behind me, a soft white cotton washcloth on her shoulder, but her hands behind her back. I watched wondering what she was doing, and she satiated my curiosity when I saw her hands pass back around, and I could just see the back straps of her bra poking around her sides. She copped a playful smile and tossed the cloth at me for it to land on my good shoulder, allowing her to pull off her bra straps arm by arm, dangle it off a finger, and then drop it at her feet.

    Dua smiled fully as I took in glorious body, from her painted toes up her long, silken and muscular legs to her red panties, up her chiseled torso to her flat chest that stayed close to her body but showcased dark brown nipples that still needed to be pulled on and sucked, and back up to that gorgeous face with her perfect lips and stunning dark eyes.

    "Don't want to get this wet," she said, stepping past the discarded bralette. "Going to make me do everything, or did you just want to watch your dedicated nurse do it?" she asked, tsking her tongue at me as she came flush against me, hooking her thumbs into my waistband and bending at her knees, she crouched down and pulled, taking my underwear down to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

    "Got to get everything nice and clean," Dua purred, gently placing her hands on my thighs, running them up my body as she came to her full night. With heels on, we'd be eye to eye. "Now step into the tub. I've got ya," Dua directed with my hand in hers and a steadying hand on my back. "Stay facing the wall, and let your caring nurse do the rest."

    I just stood there with my eyes closed and head pressed against the hotel shower wall as Dua Lipa took gentle care of me, washing my fully naked body by her own wishes. She didn't just wash me with the cloth, but caressed my skin and felt the curve of every muscle I've built from 10 years of training and fighting competitively.

    "How's that feel?" Dua asked, the washcloth and her other hand on my body at the same time, washing my neck and fingers running across the swell of my tricep.

    "Feels good," I said softly, feeling tired as the stress and exhaustion of the last couple days drained out of my body, under hands. There was a terrible storm raging outside, but in here with Dua Lipa, my personal and ‘devoted nurse,’ it didn't matter.

    She was careful to avoid the straps of my sling as she washed my arms and back, and I could hear her humming some little ditty to herself as she worked. At one point I swore I felt just the faintest feel of her soft lips on my shoulder blade, but I couldn't have been sure because my whole body felt electrocuted by the sexual tension she had put me in.

    As she washed my ass and my legs, I knew she had squatted down again. "I need you to stop standing with your legs together like a soldier, darling," Dua said with a tinge of amusement, her hands caressing the outside of my thighs.

    "Shit, sorry," I apologized with a chuckle and spread my feet about shoulder width apart, giving her room to clean but not being ridiculous.

    "Stop being so stressed around me. Relax and let me take care of you, sweetheart," Dua assuaged me, moving to clean from my ankles up the inside of my legs. "I'm here to help clear your mind and make you feel good. Just let me direct you to pleasure, yeah?"

    "I can do that," I nodded and released some tension I didn't know I was holding.

    "That's much better," Dua sighed happily as she ran her warm, wet hand up between my legs, feeling my taint and the back of my balls. "I want to make sure I get all of you good and clean," she said as she caressed the bottom of my balls, like she was carefully weighing easy to bruise fruit. "Please turn around."

    I did as asked, and I saw the smirk on her face before I could fully 180, her eyes trained right at my waist, waiting to see what affect on me her hands were having.

    "Rock hard, just as I hoped," Dua purred, licking her lips, making me swallow hard. "A beautiful length, gorgeous curve, ood and girthy. This is a really nice cock, Mr. Young," Dua told me, looking up with serious eyes as she applied more soap to her washcloth before fondling my balls.

    "Good pair of knackers here, too. Good and full, wonderful weight. I can't wait to sample what comes out of them," she continued to take verbal notes, her voice even and professional like a nurse reading my vitals aloud. "Yes, I can definitely work with these," she purred, now running the cloth over my long cock as she used her other hand to gently rinse the suds from my nuts.

    "If you're trying to get me good and relaxed, Nurse Dua, you're doing a great job," I said honestly, bracing my good arm against the wall as she wanked me with the soapy cloth, doing more than she had to in order to get me clean.

    "Good. That's my goal, Mr. Young," she smiled pleasantly as she poured handfuls of water over my tip and then worked her hand over it, adding more water to keep rinsing.

    Without a warning or forehand explanation, Dua rose up on the balls of her feet, angled her head and took the tip of my cock past her sinfully soft lips, making me one of the luckiest men alive.

    I watched with widened eyes as she went down on me, letting her pouty lips stretch over my flaring bell for her talented tongue to do slow, tight circles around. My eyes rolled back as she let her lips slide further down my already wet cock, and I could feel her pushing up saliva from her throat to make me even slicker.

    "God that feels good," I moaned, leaning my head against the shower wall but making sure to keep my shoulder from hitting it. Dua just hummed around my cock, sliding her tongue back and forth on the underside of my meat, a malicious glint in her eyes.

    With my cock in her mouth still, Dua settled back to her squatting position, angling my dick better for her to take more of it. She dropped the cloth, removing all pretense of this being a bath, and scratched my belly with one hand while carefully feeling my balls with the other.

    "Fuck, Dua," I groaned, putting my one hand on the side of her head, feeling her smooth face on my palm and her silky hair on my fingertips as she smiled up at me, around my sausage and she suckled and rolled her tongue around me. "Jesus you're so good at this."

    She let me go with a slow slurp, like she was dragging her lips off of a delicious popsicle. "You taste pretty good, too. I can taste you have a good diet, that you keep yourself hydrated. Your precum is tasty," she purred as her hand that had been scraping my chest worked the base of my shaft, her pinky brushing against the thumb of the hand on my balls.

    "I want to taste your whole load, Mr. Young," Dua told me, kissing up and down my rod with open lipped smooches. "I need to know what you taste like. I know you're injured, so don't worry; I don't mind doing the work," she said as she pouted her lips and tapped my iron hard cock on her lips. "I can't wait to fuck my own throat on this beautiful specimen."

    I was speechless as the Houdini singer started jerking the entire length of my cock and bent further in, tongueing the bottom of my balls, the skin between, and up to the hilt of my shaft. "Did you know I absolutely adore worshipping balls?" she asked, kissing each one and then wrapping her lips around the to suckle so softly.

    I just closed my eyes and tried to stop my knees from buckling as Dua Lips licked all over my balls, wrapped it up around to lick the back of my sack. "Dua, holy fuck!" I didn't have anything elegant to say.

    "I love your balls," she cooed, letting my dampened sack rest on her cheek. "I did a phenomenal job cleaning you," she patted herself rightfully on her back. "I can't wait to drink down all of your exquisite cum."

    I did not expect the Dance the Night Away mastermind to be so cock hungry, so elegant at dirty talk. I knew from her music that she had a libido, but as she sucked both of my balls into her mouth at once and growled happily at her ability to do so, I was already getting ready to cum.

    "When you shoot your payload, I'm going to jealously suck it down and then open my mouth to show you. I love drinking spunk, and I know from the precum I've sampled, that I could easily believe yours will be my new favorite beverage."

    "Nurse Dua, if you keep talking like this and touching me, I'm going to give you what you want pretty soon," I warned the Argyle star.

    Dua lapped up at my cock from base to tip, nuzzling me with her forehead. "Good. I want it. I'm so thirsty for it," she pined as she took me back into her mouth, her eyes fluttering shut. She took me in deep, hollowing her cheeks and sliding my cock over her tongue, feeling my long central vein as I filled her.

    I could just stand there, fighting to hold on as long as I could with her hair in my hand, those damned eyes looking at me with burning determination, daring me to keep battling as she sucked me harder and harder. She sucked and slobbered, moaned and growled in equal parts bliss and hunger until finally my balls hit maximum tight, and I gave in to her questing suction.

    For only a brief second, I saw surprise flood Dua's eyes as I flooded her mouth and throat, but that surprise almost instantly turned to fear as my Salty custard shot down her piped throat.

    She hummed and sucked, swirling her tongue, bathing my cock in my own batter and her spit as she took her sweet time drinking me down, closing her eyes and savoring the rich taste and gooey feel until it was all gone.

    She came off of my soaked dick with a wet pop, a thick, almost globular string still attaching her lips to my cock as she gasped.

    Dua immediately went back to kissing and licking my cock, cleaning it and worshiping it again. "Thank you, thank you so much," she breathed sounding relieved as she slapped her cheeks with my still hard, slowly starting to soften log. "I loved every little bit of it. Fuck O love your seed, Mr. Young," she gushed as she haphazardly and sloppily kissed all over my dick, nuts, and pubic mound. "God that was perfect."

    I released her hair and fought to catch my own breath as I tried to step out of the shower, my body mostly air dried by now. "Fuck that was amazing, Nurse Dua. I haven't felt this light in… maybe ever?"

    "Good," Dua said with a pleased smile, grazing her fingers down my body to gently tug on my cock. "I'm going to shower myself, and I'll come check on you, my favorite patient," she winked. "Don't you dare put clothes on though, Mr. Young. You're lab's came back with fantastic results, but I need to give you a physical examination next."

    I swallowed harshly and asked, "So I'm just relaxing on the bed, waiting for the nurse to run my next test? I can do that."

    "Drink some fluids too. You'll need those. Now go relax. If you fall asleep, I can still conduct my exam, but I won't be in her long," she assured me, and gently pushed on my chest, telling me to exit the room.

    When Dua came back out of the shower, her hair was back in her high ponytail and completely dry, with a towel around her waist but I didn't miss how she hadn't dried her body off at all, otherwise.

    "You look so fucking good, all wet like that," I told her as I watched her model strut to the foot of the bed. She bent over and went into her purse, and came back up with a travel sized bottle of astroglide.

    "I thought you'd like to see me all wet since you couldn't shower with me," she said sadly with a pout. "Now just tilt your head back and relax while Nurse Dua runs one more exam," she said, taking her towel off and making my jaw drop.

    Her panties were gone. Dua Lipa, one of the series women on the planet, was standing stark naked in front of me. The same Dua Lipa who had willingly made herself my personal nurse and was doing everything to "make me comfortable."

    "What… what's the last test?" I asked as I stumbled over the ability to speak.

    "Well," Dua said as she laid out the towel on the foot of the bed and sat down on it. "I'm going to see how long it takes you to come from just my hands with am extremely messy handjob," she said as she spread my legs to both sides of her hips, leaving them completely straight.

    "Are you serious?" I asked, tilting my head up, already hard as a mast.

    "I don't joke about my patients, Mr. Young. I am very serious when it comes to getting the most accurate test results I can," she said, looking me dead in the eyes as she popped the cap and poured a far larger than necessary amount of astroglide right on the crown of my free standing cock.

    Dua popped the cap closed again with one hand while she used her fingertips to spread the gooey substance down, and then was working me with both hands, the excess amount of lube squelched with her squeezes.

    "Fuck that's nice," he sighed as I laid down but watched her work, a pleasant smile on her face as if this was her favorite hobby. It might have been.

    "I have such a fine cock here to conduct my test with. You're what, six and a half inches? More than equipped to do the job but not so big you'd hurt me during our follow-up."

    "Follow-up?" I asked, trying not to sound too over eager as this absolute angel stroked my cock with long, meaningful strokes, using the perfect amount of pressure and twist. She definitely didn't need extra lube, bit she'd occasionally spit down the column of her hands to my dick as she worked, adding that little personal touch.

    "Well of course, Mr. Young. You just had surgery. We can't close you up, send you off and tell you bon voyage. I need to make sure you're doing okay, and taking the right steps to recovery, including sexual recovery," she said as she lowered a hand to fondle my soaked balls as her other hand's fingertips played with the head of my cock. "I am your nurse, afterall. I'm invested in your health now."

    "What uh, what is the follow-up entail?"

    "You'll still in a sling, obviously, but your stitches will be out," she continued, her eyes focusing on her handy work, watching as my dick strained. "I can feel it pulsing," she said, sounding very pleased, distracted from the debriefing. "You have such healthy veins. This is a pleasure of a prick to help rehab," she marveled.

    "I'm glad the test is going well, Nurse Lipa, but the follow-up?" I urged, my toes starting to tingle as she kept masterfully working me.

    "Oh, right, my apologies," she giggled and spit down directly on my cock tip, making it jump and her smile. "Since you'll still be in the sling, I'll have to conduct the test with my own efforts. You'll just get to relax." Dua tilted her head down and spit like a llama right at my balls as she fondled them. "Perfect testicle on you, too, fuck. Perfect size, marvelous weight. So kissable, so suckable. Mmmm," she drifted off again as she lost herself in her cock worshiping.

    "Nurse Dua?" I tried a second time.

    "One moment, darling. This part is very important," she said, sounding so studious as she dropped her hand from my balls down between my legs, rubbing her thumb up and down my taint, making me squirm as she continued to effortlessly glide her other hand up and down my shaft, pressing that thumb to the tiny skin flap of sensitivity right at the bottom of my slit.

    "You're responsive as you should be. Good to know the nerve blocker in your shoulder is remaining in the intended isolation area. Everything is… responding normally," she noted as she went back to playing with my nuts.

    "Again, I'll do the work, but I'm more than suited to it," she assured me.

    "What's the test?" I tried a third time, my eyes rolling for two reasons.

    "I'm going to ride you, Mr. Young. I'm going to strip you naked except for your sling. You're going to lay on the bed and watch as I strip down to absolutely nothing," she said the last bit slowly. "By then, I'm hoping you will be fully erect. I will then use a combination of lubricant and my mouth to get you properly ready for me."

    "Fuck, I've never looked forward to a check-up more," I chuckled.

    "If you think that sounds good, listen to this; once I've determined your cock is ready for me, you will watch me pleasure myself until I'm nice and wet myself. Only then, will I climb on top of you, grab your thighs, and with the experience of a trained professional such as myself, I will impale myself on your throbbing cock and fuck myself on you until you cum inside of me," she purred.

    As she used her dancers grace to lean down and use just her skilled tongue on my soft spongy head and the underside of my ring, her hands jerking me so perfectly, my time was up.

    "Nurse Dua," I tried to warn her in a raspy voice, but it was too late. I shot ropes after rope of hot, thick white sperm right onto Dua Lipa's fuckable face, absolutely painting the British beauty.

    Dua's face was turned down, so I couldn't see her reaction as the spurts stopped to just a little trickle.

    Dua sighed and brought a finger to her eyelid, wiping off a globular, and then bringing it to her mouth for her pink tongue to dart out and lick off.

    I heard her sigh, and my heart almost left my chest at the possibility of this all ending.

    "Well, Mr. Young, one of two tests is clearly complete. Your ability to cum from a well executed handjob is perfectly where it should be."

    "What's the second test?" I asked, watching a glob of frosting start to turn into a string as gravity started to take it.

    Dua lifted her head, a very happy smile on her plastered face. "How do I look with your white gold on my face?"

    CYG May: Natalie Portman

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    Damn, from chat idea to story. I love it!! That was so hot, Harb. Suited her to a T
    Almost makes you wish it was you who got her services.

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