Sex, Lies, and Hilary Duff
Featuring Hilary Duff
Written by TPG
Codes: MMF/MF, BJ, voy, blackmail
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

It had been almost 10 years to the week since I had last visited Los Angeles, and I was excited at the prospect of catching up with old friends, including "Good Charlotte" front man Joel Madden.

The Madden brothers and I had been family friends for the longest time, but living on opposite sides of the globe we rarely saw each other. Nevertheless, in the time I had last spoken to the boys their band had done quite well and now had a huge following.

In fact, Joel and Benji had done so well for themselves that they had moved into a huge mansion in Beverly Hills and were both reportedly "dating" a number of famous Hollywood starlets.

Flying into LAX, the brothers was there to pick me up from the airport and drove me back to their opulent home. There I settled in, and we spent that first night just sitting around the TV and getting buzzed on beer and pot, chatting about old times.

It was a few hours later that we suddenly received some unexpected guests, and I was promptly introduced to Joel's new girlfriend, notorious bad girl and Hollywood socialite Nicole Richie.

Truth be told I didn't really know much about her, only what I read in the gossip rages. But meeting her in person I had to admit that she was a much more sexier than I anticipated, not to mention extremely tiny and petite.

Nicole was apparently on her way to some big glitzy Hollywood gala across town, and dressed up to the nines, decided to quickly pop in to see the boys and apparently pick up some pills.

To my delight it seemed Nicole was not alone, and I was quickly introduced to her sexy BFF Paris Hilton

While Joel and Nicole disappeared into the bedroom for a quickie, Paris and I got to know each other better and right away the sultry blonde seemed to take a special interest in me, especially after learning that I was from out of town.

"Wow. You're definitely not from around here, are you?" she beamed that famous smile. "I love your accent, what is it?"

"It's Australian, actually." I grinned. "From Down Under?"

To my amusement Paris swooned.

"Oh wow. I love Australia."

I was actually surprised to see just how friendly she was, and without wasting any time she shamelessly asked me for my number and suggested that we "hook up" during the week before I leave.

"Sure, why not." I replied, while trying not to stare at her impressive cleavage. "Sounds like fun."

"Oh. It will be." she teased. "I'll make sure of it."

Unfortunately for me Nicole soon re-emerged from the bedroom, albeit it a little disheveled and the girls prepared to leave. Thankfully, as Joel and Nicole canoodled on the other side of their SUV, Paris waved me over and sweetly planted a soft kiss on my lips before reminding me to keep in touch.

"Remember, call me before you leave." she smiled. "You won't regret it."

Watching the ladies leave, Joel then noticed the stunned expression on my face and laughed.

"Welcome to Hollywood, buddy." he said, while patting me on the back.

"Hell yeah." I replied. "I could get used to this place."

Settling back inside, it was then Benji asked me if I was actually contemplating calling her, and argued that although it probably seemed like a good idea that maybe I think better of it. He then thought he should warn me about Hilton's notorious ways, and went on to explain what type of girl she really was.

"Trust me dude, the girl is fucking trouble." he claimed. "And in this town, that's saying something."

"Really?" I looked at his brother. "What makes you say that?"

"He's not lying." Joel agreed, while enjoying his cigarette. "She's a real nut job. A bona fide publicity whore."

"I guess?" I shrugged.

"She's a total media slut." Benji added. "And a notorious pill-popping coke junky to boot. I'd be careful if I was you."

"Aren't you two being a little overly dramatic?" I snickered.

Benji chuckled. "Hey man, we're just letting you know. Don't say we didn't warn you."

Chatting some more, it was then Joel admitted to me that despite her bad lifestyle and reputation, he genuinely had strong feelings for Nicole Richie. He even thought that she might be "the one" as her put it.

I immediately laughed at the notion, knowing what he was like and joked that he was most probably just pussy whipped considering he had recently broken up with pop sensation Hilary Duff.

"No trust me, that's not it." he claimed, as I passed him the bong.

It was then Joel shocked me by revealing that Hilary was in fact one of the craziest little whore's he had ever known or had the good fortune of fucking. And she was apparently a hundred times wilder than Nicole could ever be.

Naturally I didn't believe him, but to prove his point he then got up from the sofa and began to look for something around the TV cabinet.

"Fuck it. I'll prove it to you right now."

I then watched with amusement as Joel fumbled around the TV and ultimately found a small video camera. He then searched through a number of tapes before pressing play and perusing some footage on the large screen.

"I'm telling you dude, she was a fucking wild bitch." he insisted. "People have no idea what she's really like."

Just then, as I sat staring at the 42inch plasma I caught sight of a familiar face, and immediately recognized his girlfriend Nicole Richie. There on the screen I watched in amazement as she was positioned on all fours facing away from the camera, and was getting fucked from behind.

The footage was raw and out of focus, but you could clearly see it was her. And from the sounds of things Nicole was extremely vocal and enjoying herself.

"Whoa!" I laughed. "Stop right there. Holy shit."

"Sorry dude," Joel apologized, before rewinding the tape further. "It's on here somewhere."

"Man. You have got to let me borrow that tape one day." I joked. "You're girlfriend there looks fucking good on all fours."

"Yeah she does." he chuckled, as his cigarette hung from his lips. "She takes a good dick as well."

"Wow." I swooned as I looked over at Benji who had all but passed out on the sofa.

"Just let me find the Hilary stuff." Joel remarked. "Trust me, you won't be disappointed."

I had to admit, I was more than excited at the mere possibility of viewing a Hilary Duff sex tape. Flipping through a few more minutes of film he then found what he was looking for and placed the video camera back down.

"Here it is. Enjoy." he said before coming back to the sofa and taking another hit from the bong.

Watching the screen intently, I almost gasped with surprise at what I saw.

On the screen it revealed a clearly intoxicated and sexily clad Hilary Duff, strutting around in some lavish hotel suite in what looked like some exotic destination, judging from the beach and swaying palm trees in the distance.

From the look of her outfit and makeup, it seemed Hilary and the boys had just arrived back to the hotel suite from some big red carpet event.

"This was in Florida about a year ago." Joel explained before coughing up his lungs beside me.

Meanwhile back on the big screen it seemed Benji was assigned as the designated cameraman for the night, and while loud music blared in the room he taped the happy couple fool around in the middle of the luxury apartment.

Kicking her shoes away, Hilary and Joel enjoyed the view from the second storey balcony before they stepped back inside and she began to treat him to an impromptu lap dance, bending over and rubbing her incredible booty against him.

The song bird proceeded to sexily dance for her boyfriends benefit, and working up a sweat she really put on a great show.

Meanwhile Joel rewarded her efforts by sharing and baiting her with a joint he was enjoying, letting her take a hit every now and then and even blowing the tainted smoke straight into her pretty mouth shotgun style.

This action only seemed to rile her up even more and over the course of the next few minutes, more and more of her clothing found itself strewn across the tiled floor.

All this while, Benji kept the camera clearly focused on Hilary, who at this point was scantily clad in just a two piece bikini which apparently doubled as her underwear for the evening.

At first it just seemed like a little harmless fun, but she finally grinned and pulled her boyfriend up from the sofa and led him down the hall and towards the bedroom.

"Wow." I remarked. "That was pretty sexy."

"Oh. Keep watching." Joel commented, while packing his next cone. "This is where it gets interesting. Just watch what happens next."

Back on the screen, Benji took this opportunity to screw around with the camera and wandered around the apartment to film some nonsense outside on the balcony, before he ultimately walked down the hall and straight into the bedroom to find Joel and Hilary lying on the king sized bed.

There the camera found Hilary completely topless, and knelt between her boyfriends legs, casually treating him to a blow job!

"Whoa," I suddenly gasped, at the incredible vision of a drunk Hilary Duff performing the act of fellatio on her boyfriend. "Holy shit. This is incredible."

"I told you."

It was without a doubt the hottest piece of celebrity footage I had ever seen, and unlike the Nicole clip you could clearly see it was Hilary. Clearly drunk and stoned, I was surprised to see her ham it up for the camera as well, as she seemed unconcerned that Benji was openly filming them.

I then watched as Joel suddenly turned the tables on her, and without warning he grabbed Duff up by the arm and flipped her over onto the bed, making her shriek out with surprise and glee.

"Come on baby," Joel insisted. "Why don't you show everyone out there your pretty little pussy."

While Hilary objected and playfully resisted, he simply parted her legs with his hands and without wasting a another moment proceeded to fuck her right then and there on the bed, in full view of his brother and the video camera for that matter.

I was absolutely gob smacked as I watched the footage, and had to remind myself that this was in fact the same Hilary Duff who was a pop icon and onetime Disney star.

As incredible as this video was, I then saw something that absolutely took my breath away.

As Joel lay on top of her fucking her steadily, Benji stepped forward with the camera still in hand and he casually pulled out his limp cock and wiggled it in front of her pretty face, only to have her happily devour his meat stick with her lips.

"What the fuck?" I exclaimed in shock. "Did that just happen?"

Seeing my stunned expression, Joel couldn't stop laughing.

"I told you." he chuckled. "I told you she was a crazy-ass bitch. Do you believe me now?"

"Absolutely." I answered as I watched the incredible video play out on TV.

The camera clearly showed Hilary Duff blowing Benji Madden while his brother Joel fucked her on the same bed.

It was then the camera shook a little as Benji handed the filming duties to his brother, and with his cock still buried inside his girlfriend, he recorded the singer eagerly blowing his twin.

To her credit the normally demure pop singer simply moaned and spurred them both on, mumbled something about getting boned "good-n-hard" which apparently amused the boys who now high five'd one another.

A moment later, one of the guys poured champagne all over the bed causing Hilary she shriek aloud before a brief pillow fight ensued. Seconds later the blonde starlet took chase down the hall and pursued Benji.

It was like watching three spoiled children act up while they're rich parents were away at work. At this point I was so engrossed with the video that I didn't hear the phone ring beside me in the house.

Pausing the explicit footage for a moment, Joel then answered his phone and immediately laughed as the person on the other end of the line was in fact the devil herself Hilary Duff.

Stifling a chuckle, he then engaged the speaker phone and allowed me to listen in on their conversation which mainly consisted of Hilary yelling at him.

Cursing at her, Joel then told her to stop calling him, telling her that he now had a girlfriend and just wanted her to leave him alone. I found the entire scene surreal as we had just watched the two of them "perform" on camera.

Hanging up in her face, he then told me that she was an absolute nut job and that she refused to let go and would not leave him alone. He had even considered getting a restraining order against her but had changed his mind at the last minute.

"Really? She's that bad?" I laughed. "So what changed your mind about the restraining order?"

"It was her sister, Haylie that did it." Joel laughed. "She gave me a pretty wicked blow job."

"What! How long ago?"

"About, two weeks ago?"

We both couldn't stop laughing.

"You know the only way these bitches get over you, is by getting laid and dating someone new." I told him as I pulled on the bong.

"Yeah right, tell me about it." Joel smirked. "What is that saying you always used to say?"

"Nothing gets you over the last one, like the next one." I replied.

We both laughed for a few minutes before we both stopped and seemed to have the same idea.

"Hey, I know we're both pretty stoned right now," Joel offered. "But if you really want a shot at her, be my guest."

"Are you serious? You really think we could do it?"

"Hell yeah." he replied. "I know I wouldn't give a fuck. Be my guest. But just be warned, the girl has some serious issues."

"Like what?" I inquired. "Now you really got me interested."

"Well let's just say she has some really wild fantasizes. And that's not even mentioning the severe daddy issues she has."

"Oh wow. Now you just got to hook me up with that shit." I chuckled. "Is she really that kinky?"

Joel flashed me a look.

"Hey man, didn't you just see the video? What do you think?"

I had to admit, that despite how dirty and perverted the video seemed, it really did turn me on. Never in a million years did I ever imagine Hilary to be that way.

"So what?" I asked again. "You really think we can do this?"

"Absolutely. You heard her on the phone." he boasted proudly. "The bitch is still totally cock-struck."

With that said, Joel and I then devised a plan for me to get some of that hot, Hilary Duff ass.

After some long and careful consideration, we ultimately agreed to go the more simple and direct route and prank called her phone. As expected, it took all of two minutes for her to recognize his number and she called back right away.

Joel then chuckled as he picked up the phone and passed it to me.

"Here, talk to her." he insisted, which I was sure she heard him say.

While he then went for a shower, I introduced myself to her and began to chat, faking concern about their busted relationship and offering her an ear and shoulder to cry on.

Chatting intently for almost a full half hour, I could hear the desperation in her voice. Hilary really wanted to get back with him, and at any cost.

"I'll do anything." she exclaimed. "He knows that. Why is he treating me this way?"

I suggested that I call her back in a few minutes, telling her that I was going to talk to him properly and try to convince him to see her again.

Hilary was naturally elated and hurriedly hung up the phone and eagerly awaited my call. I then waited all of fifteen minutes before I rang her back, and with fake news I told her that Joel wanted to see her tomorrow afternoon.

"Really, he does?" she replied excitedly. "Oh my god. That is so great."

Hilary sounded more than a little excited as I then informed her that because of the whole Nicole Richie situation, he wanted to keep it all on the down low and meet her at a well known hotel in Beverly Hills.

"Do you remember room 23?"

They had apparently stayed there in recent times and the hotel held sentimental value to her.

"Yes. Yes I do." Hilary declared. "That was the place we spent out one year anniversary together. I can't believe he remembered."

I could tell she was a little apprehensive about sneaking around, but at the same time she was just too excited to refuse.

Meanwhile Joel stood next to me laughing his ass off, with no intentions of going. Instead, we schemed about the various ways I could take advantage of her and the situation and we soon came up with a full proof plan.

The following afternoon, I rocked up to the room and made myself at home, preparing my material before taking a shower.

Meanwhile despite all my preparations and planning, Hilary showed up exactly fifteen minutes early, and dressed up to the nines, she wanted to make a big impression with her ex-boyfriend.

Dressed provocatively, her cleavage and legs were on full display, while her high heeled stilettos were so tall she could barely stand much less walk in them.

The pop princess knocked on the door, but not getting a reply, was delighted to find the front door was unlocked.

Hearing the shower, she immediately assumed it was Joel, and dropped her bag to the lounge before she looked herself over one final time in the mirror and strutted down the hallway towards the bathroom.

There, I was right in the middle of washing my face with my back towards the wall when I heard the sound of her high heeled shoes click through the tiled room.

Realizing what it was, I froze with fear and waited for the inevitable scream.

"Baby," I heard her purr, as she began to strip. "I missed you so much."

I watched in awe through a reflection in the wall as she reached up and pulled the strap of her halter top dress over her head and then wriggled it down her body.

Now standing there topless, she was left to stand in just her high heeled shoes and panties which considered of sexy lace boy-shorts.

As she peeled her underwear down her legs, she stepped out of her shoes and moved to join me in the shower when I finally turned around to greet her and she shrieked aloud in shock and fear.


"Whoa! Watch out," I said as I grabbed her by the arm to stop her from toppling over.

Pushing me away, Hilary hurriedly grabbed her things and bolted for the door. Still naked and clutching her bare chest, she attempted to dress as she rushed to leave, causing her to almost fall once again.

"Hilary! Hilary, wait." I yelled as I rushed on after her. "Relax. It's me."

Meanwhile outside in the lounge room the terrified pop tart inadvertently dropped her bag, causing all her things to spill out and scatter all over the floor.

I ran out to find her kneeling on all fours in front of the main door, mumbling incoherently and trying to clean up the mess.

"Wait." I tried to explain. "I spoke to you last night, remember?"

It was only now that she seemed to recall who I was.

"Scott? What are you going here?" she stammered out of breath.

Hilary eventually calmed down and looked up at me.

I was still standing naked with just a towel partially covering my waist, and I could see from the twinkle in her eye that despite her terrifying ordeal, she was more than impressed with my athletic physic and impressive package.

"What the hell is going on here?" she finally said, blushing.

"Well if you stop for a minute and let me explain, I'll tell you."

I went on to explain how Joel and I were old friends and how together we had both schemed to have her come down to the suite to meet with me.

"What? Why?"

"Well. Joel seems to think that we might...hit it off."

Naturally, Hilary was upset and for a moment I thought she was going to cry. Instead she just slipped her things back into her bag and quickly tried to adjust her outfit before she started to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I can't believe he lied to me." she mumbled as she reached for the door.

While she then attempted to leave I immediately mentioned the sex tape I had seen the night before, and this seemed to stop her dead in her tracks.

I explained that I had made a copy of the video and unless she did exactly what I asked, and exactly what Joel wished for, I would upload it to the internet, specifically mentioning sites like YouTube, and a handful of other social networks.

This seemed to frazzle the starlet, and I finally seemed to have her full and undivided attention.

"Joel would never allow that." she stated.

"Oh no?" I snickered. "How do you think I saw the tape? Who do you think arranged for this room?"

"Okay, fine." she finally stated bluntly. "What do you want?"

I explained just how much I enjoyed the video, especially the sexy little lap dance she gave her then boyfriend.

"So, what do you say?"

"Are you serious? All you want is a lap dance?"

"Well yeah, for starters." I replied casually. "By the way, I love the outfit today."

Hilary squirmed and folded her arms over her chest self consciously as I took in her sexy red dress and matching heels.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Hilary pleaded. "Please don't make me do this."

"I'm not making you do anything." I told hold her. "It's what you've already done that interests me. I just want a repeat performance."

The singer was clearly annoyed and despite my threats was still readying to leave, when I finally told her what she wanted to hear.

"If it means anything to you, Joel really wanted this."

"Bullshit. You're lying."

"Am I? Call and ask him right now if you don't believe him."

"I will." Hilary said as she picked up her phone and proceeded to ring his cell.

Fortunately for me he was unreachable, and Hilary was now put in a position. Her eyes flickered to the side, only now noticing the video playing in the background on the TV.

I think up until that point she wasn't sure if I was merely calling her bluff, but now seeing the footage for herself she knew for certain that I had seen it, and that I was dead serious about distributing it.

"You know if anyone ever saw that footage my reputation would be ruined." she stated. "I'd be finished in the industry."

"So you expect me not to release it?" I asked her pointedly. "Do you have any idea how much money it would be worth?"

Hilary stood quietly, firming her resolve.

"Okay." she finally stated, "One lap dance."

I simply nodded.

"Now you're talking."

"So I'll give you one lap dance, and you'll give me all the copies of that tape, right?"

We both already knew she was going to do it, but she was still waffling.

"Alright, agreed." I replied. "One good lap-dance, and I'll give you the original, and delete any copies I might have made."

"Deal." she said as she put her bag down and shook my hand.

I could feel just how nervous she was as her hands felt soft and clammy.

Once committed, Duff seemed willing enough to make the best of a bad situation. While she prepared herself, I slipped into the bathroom and returned clad in just my boxers.

The singer started awkwardly, and had a bit of difficulty trying to act sexy while peeling her outfit over her head, but the end result was worth it.

Her breasts were pretty and her nipples were pink, and watching her grope each one of them lovingly brought on the first twitch in my shorts. She then completed a leisurely turn, ending with her back to me as she peeled the rest of her dress over her hips.

As she bent over and slid it down to her ankles she held that pose for a few seconds, before letting me take in her all but naked, oh-so delicious butt.

"Hmm, that's nice." I told her, gazing at her heart-shaped ass which were encased beneath her sexy boy-shorts.

She stood back up and danced a bit longer before I saw her eyes glance over at the television once again, then down at the tenting of my boxers, then back to my face.

She was suddenly blushing madly as she tried to cover her breasts, while turning and dancing before me.

"Come closer." I insisted, and she hesitantly obliged and straddled my leg with her crotch.

I could feel tiny goose pimples break out all over her flawless body, as I reached out to her hips and turned her around so she would face me once again. As soon as she turned her hands went back to her breasts, doing a poor job of covering them those remarkable nipples.

"More." I insisted. "I want to see more."

The actress-turned-singer slowed her movements and gradually removed her hands to reveal her breasts.

I leaned forward in my seat, matching her leisurely pace. Her nipples were small, puffy, and pale pink in texture, and extremely swollen and aroused. They seemed to beg for attention.

Up close I could breathe in her scent, and count each little bump surrounding her areolas.

A tiny freckle just above the right one was framed inside her slight tan line. I was so tempted to kiss that tiny spot, but thought better of it. The last thing I wanted to do now was to spook her.

"Oh. You tease." I cooed, which made her smile for the very first time.

"Come on." I almost begged. "Just this once, please."

Hilary tried to act tough but couldn't help but let another tiny smile escape her lips. She clearly loved to tease.

"If I do?" she finally said. "You'll destroy the video, right?"

"I swear." I responded.

But truth be told, I would have said just about anything at that exact moment in time.

Without thinking I then bent down and took her stiff nipple between my lips, causing her to inhale sharply and gasp. For a moment it seemed like Hilary was going to object, but as I suckled it into my mouth she instead let out a soft whimper.

Nothing this reaction, I teased, pulled, and nibbled her nipples as she continued to grind her hips against me. I reached my right hand behind her body, grabbing at her luscious butt with both hands and ground her sex even harder against me.

Hilary was breathing heavily, and without warning she dipped her hand between us, running the tips of her fingers against the outline of my cock. I was afraid to say a word as I knew this was not part of the deal, but it was the goal I had been hoping for.

I held my breath and waited to see if she would finally take the next step, and she did not disappoint.

The blonde bombshell finally reached in to retrieve my cock from my shorts, and stroking it lovingly for a few moments before she pulled her face back about an inch and looked deep into my eyes and bestowed a soft kiss on my lips.

This simple deed quickly developed into a very deep and passionate tongue kiss, and Hilary sighed into my mouth as I helped her off my lap and directed her to kneel before me on the chair.

We both knew what I wanted, but I dare not break the spell she seemed to be under.

I could feel her warm breathe waft across my throbbing erection, before she finally leaned forward and gently brushed her soft lips against it, just under the bell-end. I tensed up as my cock twitched with anticipation.

"Suck it, Hilary." I told her. "Suck my dick."

"I don't do that," she answered firmly, despite teasing me with her mouth.

I immediately looked at the television screen recalling the scene of her taking it from both Madden twins at the same time and grinned. Hilary seemed to read my mind and blinded slowly.

"Fine. Just stroke it for me then."

The starlet happily obliged and proceeded to stroke my hard length with her hand, as I couldn't help but notice that the more she played with it the more she seemed fixated with it and her tongue seemed to dance inside her mouth, almost tempted to suck it.

"You know, you don't deserve this." she said, as she looked up at me with those pretty green eyes and continues to jerk my cock.

"Hmm. You do that so well." I told her. "Open your mouth."


"If you're not going to suck it, the least you can do is open your mouth and tease me a little."

Hilary grinned smugly before she reluctantly complied, and now opened her mouth and almost urged me to cum.

"Why don't you play with yourself while you do that," I then suggested, as I took over in the stroking department and now beat my cock to her pretty face.

Duff happily obliged and now squeeze a breast with one hand while her other dipped between her legs and she twiddled her clit.

"Mm. That looks so fucking hot right now." I told her. "Do you spit, or swallow baby?"

"I'm a god girl." she claimed. "I always swallow."

I laughed at her twisted logic and continued to beat my cock as she now licked her lips and manipulated her tongue in a way which now spurred me on.

"You fucking pervert." she suddenly hissed, as I sense she was now getting just as turned as I was over the entire affair. "Stroke that cock for me."

"God yes. Talk dirty to me Hilary. I like that."

"Yeah?" she grinned up at me. "You fucking pervert. Let me see you jerk that cock for me."

"Hmm." she added. "I bet you'd do just about anything to have me wrap my sweet lips around that hard cock, huh?"

"God yes."

I could tell from the way her body now squirmed that she had found a sweet spot in her pussy with her fingers.

"Please," I suddenly heard myself beg. "Just suck my cock, Hilary. Just kiss it. Just once."

The masturbating starlet looked up from my cock into my eyes and then back to the length of meat. Smiling, she appeared to be contemplating her next move and now slowly licked her lips in a teasing way.

To my amazement, she then lowered her mouth over my purple helmet and enveloped it in one go.

Her hot wet tongue immediately sprang to life, flicking across my sensitive tip of my cock as her hands gripped my shaft and she pumped me firmly.

Sucking me into her mouth, she then pulled her head off of my shiny meat stick and leaned back with a gasp, moving her hair back with a toss of her head.

"Happy?" she smirked sarcastically. "That's all you get."

"Holy fuck." I whined. "No. Don't do this to me. Not now."

The starlet simply grinned with a smug expression on her face before I suddenly reached down and grabbed the back of her head and jammed my hard length right into the back of her throat, gagging her briefly.

"Fuck this," I hissed, as her hands came up to my thighs and she duck her nails into them. "Enough foreplay. Suck."

To my amusement it seemed Hilary could only take about half my length before choking violently, and despite my renewed efforts she gagged a few more times before I finally relented.

Clutching her by her long blonde hair, I pulled her mouth away and instructed her to spit all over my dick, which she happily did. I then pushed her mouth towards my nut sack and insisted she lick me.

She took each ball into her mouth, her eyes wide and the size of saucers as she glared up at me the entire time while she polished my balls. I took this opportunity to grip my shaft and stroked my pole furiously over her face as the Disney star now licked and devoured my bag.

"That's it. Slide your tongue all over my nuts." I hissed. "Smear some of that warm spit all over them. Good girl."

"Are you going to cum soon?" she finally breathed, as I simply responded to this question with a deep growl and suddenly spewed my thick load directly across her stunning face, startling her.

The first load hit her directly across her forehead and eye, while the second blast landed directly over the bridge of her nose. Hilary grunted with surprise and then lunged forward and took my spewing cock between her slick lips, letting me finish my orgasm inside her mouth.

I bucked my hips wildly to this action and when I finally relaxed she pulled her head back and smacked her sweet lips together, savoring my wad.

"Holy shit." I moaned, staggering back. "I can't believe I just came inside Hilary Duff's mouth!"

The stunning starlet simply winked up at me with mouth smeared in spunk and replied sarcastically. "Your welcome."