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Thread: "Latina!" with Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez

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    fanfiction "Latina!" with Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez

    With Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez
    Written by TPG
    (codes: MFFF, BJ, drugs, rim, anal, voy)

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    Even though I had worked for Terry Richardson for several months, it was officially my first assignment on-location and outside of our quaint little New York studio.

    While I was fairly confident in my abilities and thought I knew what would be expected of me, nothing could have prepared me for what greeted me on the top floor of that hotel in Beverly Hills.

    The shoot itself was a private affair consisting of just Terry and I, and our models for the day in the infamous Chataeu Mormont.

    Inside, I was surprised by the lavish surroundings of the suite, which overlooked the greater Los Angeles and despite the exterior of the hotel the rooms were post modern and state of the art.

    It was there that I gasped at the sight of our three special guests who included Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez.

    Just seeing the three ladies in such close proximity to one another was mind blowing enough, much less finding them seated out by the pool area enjoying a cocktail as they awaited our arrival.

    "Fuck. Me." I hissed inwardly, as we made our way though the swanky penthouse apartment and out towards the private patio.

    "Maybe. If you're lucky." Terry snickered, before he announced our presence and introduced me to the girls.

    Judging from Eva's reaction it was clear that she and Terry were old friends, while Jessica and Selena appeared to be a little more apprehensive but no less friendly.

    Fortunately for us Alba explicitly trusted Eva to her very core, while Selena completely looked up to Alba as some kind of role model and was determined to impress her on the shoot.

    Hopefully this would play to our advantage. The ladies all seemed to be extremely sweet and in high spirits, and very comfortable with each other. Furthermore, they didn't appear to have any issues with the fact that we would be spending most of the afternoon and evening together in such an intimate setting.

    They also seemed to be very open to any and all of Terry's wild suggestions, no matter how bold or provocative. I was actually taken aback to see just how blunt and crude he was with them, telling them exactly what he wanted despite their fame and fortune.

    At one point he got right down to business after a little small talk by the pool and directed them to stand up and strip out of their existing clothes while he grabbed his camera and proceeded to snap away, insisting that they disrobe down to their bras and panties and not stop until he told them to.

    "Great, Great." he said while snapping away. "We can use these for some Behind-The-Scenes footage."

    "Err. Oh-kay?" Gomez hesitated, looking at her friends for guidance.

    "Don't worry." Longoria giggled. "It's the way he is. He's very direct. You'll get used to it."

    I then watched with wide eyes as the ladies proceeded to undress by the pool and began to pose in their underwear and ham it up for the camera, while I assisted with the lighting and did my usual tasks. I was absolutely blown away. I mean I had jerked off to each one of these girls multiple times in the past. So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little intimidated.

    I was soon instructed to put some music on to add to the ambiance of the shoot as the ladies finally stepped into the apartment dressed in nothing more than their high heeled shoes and underwear, and moved to a large leather sofa where they continued to pose suggestively with one another.

    In my mind it was already turning out to be one of the greatest shoots of all time, but now that we were in the relative privacy of the suite I watched as Terry took it up a notch and urged the girls to really play up to the camera and show off their sexy-slutty sides.

    To my amusement, Alba was eager to impress and quickly reenacted her world famous bikini booty shot from several years ago, only this time she was scantily clad in sheer lace panties instead of that famous brown bikini.

    It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen, up until that point. But little did I know this was only a preview of things to come, as my boss finally announced a short break before he invited the girls to go into the next room and look through the racks of outfits which had been delivered to the suite earlier that day.

    "Just make do with whatever is there, girls." he told them. "I trust your judgment."

    "Great." Eva chirped. "Follow me ladies."

    As the actresses wandered off down the hall Terry turned and smiled at me.

    "What do you think?" he grinned mischievously. "Not a bad start, eh?"

    "Not a bad start?" I almost stammered. "Boss. They look absolutely incredible. This might turn out to be one of the most legendary shoots of all time."

    "Just wait," he winked, as he replaced the memory card in his camera. "We're just getting warmed up here."

    Glancing over my shoulder he added. "Trust me. Soon I'll have these little whores doing all kinds of crazy shit."

    "I can't wait." I replied, knowing he was right.

    Minutes later the ladies emerged from the bedroom and I was absolutely blown away as I noticed that they were all dressed in various themed costumes.

    While Eva played the role of a "She-Devil" and was clad in a shiny red latex number, Alba was dressed up as some kind of futuristic "Dominatrix" and was covered from head to toe in tight black leather and chains.

    But as sexy as they were, it was Selena's ensemble that totally stole the show for me as the petite starlet was scantily clad in some kind of "French Maid" outfit, which featured a barely there skirt that perfectly accentuated her long lean legs and tight teen butt, capped off with thigh-high fishnet stockings and 6-inch stilettos.

    All three looked absolutely breathtaking and as though they had just stepped off the set of an Andrew Blake film. Nevertheless, I was soon surprised to see just how comfortable they all appeared to be with Terry and his perverted suggestions, as he immediately directed them back to the sofa and into provocative poses.

    Ultimately he had Selena kneel over Alba's knee, her white thong panties on full display as Jessica "punished" her with her whip, while a latex clad Longoria stood over the two of them clutching her devilish tail in one hand and pulling on Alba's long dark mane with the other. The layout was absolutely mind blowing, and unlike anything I had ever seen before.

    Unfortunately for me the girls couldn't wait to change out of their costumes as it quickly grew hot in the apartment and they all began to sweat profusely.

    So while they busied themselves with their next ensembles, I literally heard myself gasp out loud a few minutes later as I watched Selena emerged from the hallway scantily clad in nothing more than a sheer white body stocking, which left little to the imagination and clearly revealed and outlined her tight, teen, hairless mound.

    "Holy. Shit." I moaned audibly, to which Selena grinned proudly.

    "Where do you want me?" she casually asked.

    "Hmm. Superb. Superb, Selena." Terry grinned, as she directed her over to the wall and proceeded to take several portraits.

    Thinking quickly, I took the spare camera and immediately snapped off a few "Behind-The-Scenes" shots for myself as Terry ran the teen starlet through her paces before directing her over to the sofa where she sat back and strategically spread her legs wide and covered her nipples with her hands.

    Whatever innocent/girl-next-door image she once had now flew right out the window as Terry spurred her on and told her to stick out her tongue and "make love" to the camera.

    "No Selena." he added. "Don't just make love to the camera. Fuck it, sweetheart. Fuck the lens with your mouth. Show me the way you look when you cum."

    It seemed Gomez was only too happy to oblige, eager to show off her "slutty" side and prove once and for all that she was grown up. She flashed the lens some of the most smoldering looks I had ever seen, and soon found myself trying to hide a painful erection.

    Meanwhile a minute later I glanced over at the hallway only to see Jessica Alba emerge in nothing but a sexy black corset number, and matching high-cut panties.

    Her costume seemed to be paying homage to the old playboy bunnies of the 50's and 60's, and to my delight her panties appeared to be of a silk design and were pulled up so tight that it clearly presented a glorious camel toe.

    In fact, the material was so tight that I heard myself gasp out loud as I watched her take a few steps towards me and in the process cause the tight fabric to inadvertently slip between the folds of her sex and exposed once her lower lips.

    On top of everything else, her large round breasts just seemed to pour out the top of the corset with each and every movement. It was a thing of beauty.

    Between Alba and Selena's costumes, I honestly didn't know where to look first and now stood there taking photos with a full boner in my pants. While Gomez and I busied ourselves with several more shots and poses, Terry took this opportunity to lead Alba back down the hallway where I assumed he would photograph her in the bedroom with Eva.

    Now that I finally had some privacy with Selena I decided to make some small talk, while I continued to openly gawk at her remarkable body which was on full display.

    "I think some people are going to be absolutely amazed when they see you in this outfit, Selena." I told her. "You look incredible. The sexiest you've ever looked."

    "You think so?" she replied, while trying to pull some of the constricting lace away from her skin and inadvertently exposing more of her breasts and sex to my greedy eyes. "I don't know if I have the body to pull it off."

    "Oh. Trust me. You do." I reassured her. "You look phenomenal. Have you ever worn anything like this before?"

    "Not really." she claimed. "Well I mean... I have, but not in front of any guys before."


    "Yep. Me and Demi (Lovato) used to dress up like this all the time." she claimed. "Just for a little fun."

    Selena went on. "We used to order the most sexiest thing we could find online and see if we could out do each other."

    "And who usually won?"

    "It depends." she replied. "Sometimes I'd put on something really racy and sexy, but she'd turn around and go with something simple like High Heeled shoes and pigtails, and nothing else."

    "Wow." I remarked, as the image along made my cock twitch.

    Having snapped all the pix I could possibly take, Selena and I then wandered down the hall to watch the others perform for the camera but when we arrived to the bedroom we were stunned to find Eva alone on the bed, completely naked and rolling around in just her birthday suit.

    With Alba standing off to the side, Longoria lay half expose under the sheets and happily flaunted her incredible bubble butt. Terry simply grinned and made several complimentary remarks as he snapped away before he invited her BFF to join her in bed, and proceeded to snap the happy couple engaged in a fake love scene.

    "Okay. So now I want you to lean into her neck." Terry instructed. "And Eva, can I get you to slip your hand between Jessica's thighs."

    Ultimately, Alba was directed to handcuff Eva to the bed post before straddling her naked body with her legs spread wide and her huge round breasts shoved into Eva's face.

    At one point Longoria simply lay back naked for all to see as her friend offered her an "aggressive lap dance" while restrained, before the ladies were finally positioned into a suggestive 69 position on the bed.

    Shooting well into the early evening, we finally wrapped up most of the principle photography just as the sun was setting in the west before Terry received a call and announced that he suddenly had to leave for a few minutes.

    "Shit. I might have to leave for an hour or so." he claimed.

    "Err. What?" I stammered in disbelief, shocked that there was anyplace else on the planet more important than the current location/shoot.

    "You can take over for a few hours, right?" Terry remarked, as I nodded nervously and he then explained the situation to the ladies.

    The boss insisted that the girls were in very capable hands and invited then to stick around and relax for a few hours until he returned from the airport.

    "I shouldn't be away for more than two or three hours, tops."

    Minutes later, he left the suite and I suddenly found myself entirely alone with three of Hollywood's sexiest Latina's.

    With him gone, the girls wasted little time letting their hair down and wandering around the lavish apartment in nothing but skimpy bikinis and satin bath robes, taking the opportunity to light up a cigarette and share a drink and discuss the shoot thus far.

    "Does this mean we can call up some room service now?" Alba suggested, as I told her that it was perfectly fine by me since the magazine was picking up the tab.

    The ladies immediately swooned and discussed what they wanted to eat, while still aware that the shoot was ongoing so they didn't want anything "heavy."

    Eva then suggested that instead of a meal that they get a couple of bottles of champagne and order up an entire tray of sweets and chocolates. Alba then remarked that maybe we could even incorporate some of the sweets and ice cream into the shoot, so that it wasn't a complete waste.

    With that said, I called up room service and arranged the food to come to our suite as the girls explored more of the lavish apartment and marveled at their surroundings. It was during this time that we heard Alba shriek with delight and mention the large hot tub in one of the bedroom ensuites.

    "How the hell did we not see this earlier?" Eva gasped as I quickly found the remote control and pressed several buttons.

    "Whoa." we all swooned, as the four seat hot tub then proceeded to rumble to life and fill with water, while I tried in vain to turn it off.

    "No. Leave it on." Eva insisted. "I might take a little dip after our drinks and desserts arrive."

    "Oh. Great idea." Alba added. "Me too."

    "Hey. Maybe we can call up one of those masseuse guys to come up and give us a massage too?" Selena proposed.

    "Better yet," Alba quipped. "Maybe we could just have our sweets and drinks while IN the tub?"

    Noting how excited they all appeared to be, I happily concurred and the girls cheered and giggled loudly as I went to clean up all the equipment in the other room.

    Minutes later a large food cart filled with desserts and alcohol arrived to our suite which Eva quickly hauled into the bathroom. There I heard Selena raise some hesitations about staying with us for the rest of the evening, as she apparently had dinner plans with one of her best friends (Demi Lovato).

    But Eva immediately put a stop to any thoughts she might have about ditching our "party" and insisted that she stay and unwind with them.

    "Come on Gomez," Longoria argued. "You can see your little girlfriends any time. When are you ever going to get a chance to be pampered like this?"

    "Yeah." Jessica agreed. "When have you ever had so much fun on a shoot before?"

    While I finally cleaned up the mess in the main room, I listened to the ladies debate and ultimately convince Selena to stay.

    As it turned out all three of them were going through their own personal dramas and issues in their private lives and were looking for an excuse to kick back and unwind. It seemed Eva Longoria had almost given up on men entirely and now just wanted to have some fun and fly solo.

    Jessica Alba on the other hand seemed to be going through some kind of mid-life crisis with motherhood, and now wanted to have some crazy, spontaneous fun like she used to have.

    Meanwhile Selena Gomez had recently broken up with Justin Bieber, and now looked forward to some "me" time with her close friends. Something she had denied herself for several months.

    Minutes later, Eva suggested that the ladies grab their drinks and climb into the tub as it continued to fill to capacity. Alba then took the initiative and poured a large amount of bubble bath lotion inside, and to their amusement the tub quickly overflowed with foam.

    This caused them all to shriek out loud and laugh hysterically as Alba had clearly applied too much oil and now the entire bathroom was covered in frothy white bubbles.

    Nevertheless, this seemed to work in my favor as I soon discovered that this gave the ladies an opportunity to strip down and get entirely naked (as they were now obscured by the foam).

    Strangely enough, as the ladies took off what little clothes they still had on I suddenly felt guilty and graciously offered to give them some privacy.

    "Are you sure you don't want me to leave?" I offered. "I could give you guys some privacy and go downstairs to the bar and wait for Terry there."

    "What?" Eva scoffed. "Don't be ridiculous."

    "Of course not." Alba added. "We can't just kick you out of the apartment like that. Just relax and have some fun."

    "Besides," Eva grinned. "You're not going anywhere tonight since you're going to be our slave-servant for the rest of the evening."

    "Oh. I am?" I laughed.

    While I found this comment amusing, Alba helped herself to more champagne and topped up their glasses before they toasted to their success. I then watched as Eva looked through a small cabinet by the side of the tub which was at arms length and stumbled across a unused bottle of scented oil.

    "Trust me," Alba remarked. "Many men would pay for the privilege."

    "I know right," Gomez agreed. "Consider yourself lucky. How many guys get to see us like this."

    "Yeah. Naked, and together in a hot tub no less." Eva giggled, as she proceeded to apply the smoothing lotion all over her arms and chest causing her incredible body to glisten erotically.

    I reminded them that I already felt privileged having tagged along to the exclusive shoot, and my compliment seemed to make them blush and fawn.

    "Aw. How sweet." Eva grinned. "Compliments will get you everywhere, mister."

    "So are you going to stand there all day?" Alba challenged. "Or are you going to join us?"

    "Err. Are you sure I'm not imposing?" I verified, as the girls jeered and reached over to pull at my clothes urging me to undress.

    "Ugh. Of course not!" Alba hissed. "Just shut up and get your butt in here."

    "But on second thought." Longoria finally stipulated. "There is a condition."

    "There is?" I said, as I took off my shirt and began to unzip my pants to reveal my boxer briefs.

    "You can only come in here if you take off ALL of your clothes." she claimed. "And be entirely naked like us."

    While I was initially shocked by her suggestion, the others all laughed and agreed with the idea and I suddenly found myself in front of three rowdy women; all apparently determined to see me naked. While I considered this challenge, I tried to argue my case but to no avail. I was simply outnumbered.

    "Well. It's hardly fair." I maintained. "Considering you guys are naked but completely concealed in the bubbles."

    "Aw. Poor baby." Longoria taunted. "Just take off your clothes and get in here already, before we change our minds."

    In truth it wasn't really a big deal for me to be naked in front of a group of women, but the mere notion of sitting in a hot tub with all three naked starlets gave me instant wood and it took all of my strength to will it down.

    Ultimately, I stripped down to my birthday suit and bashfully covered my semi-erection with my hands and climbed into the tub to join them. Right away the ladies cheered and handed me a drink and insisted that I throw back the entire glass down in one go, all three of them beaming widely as I did this.

    The four of us sat there in the large tub for some time just drinking and laughing and watching as Eva spread the scented oil between us before she finally stopped and smiled at me.

    "So. How are you feeling?"

    "Great. Why?" I replied apprehensively. "What do you mean?"

    "Do you feel a little different right now?"

    "No. I don't think so. Why?" I suddenly grew anxious. "What did you do?"

    Pausing for a moment the ladies then burst out laughing and explained how they had spiked my drink with a single Cialis tablet a few minutes earlier and were eager to see the results.

    "What?" I gasped, as the ladies laughed hysterically.

    I guess I should have been really upset and pissed off with them, but they all laughed so hard it was kind of contagious.

    "Wow. Spiking a guys drink, Eva?" I smirked. "Is that how you get laid nowadays?"

    "Hey. I'll take it any way I can get it." she joked. "Besides. I don't hear any of them whining about it."

    "Damn." I whined a minute later. "I can't believe you guys did that to me."

    "Oh relax." Alba chimed in. "So what. Just means you'll have a huge boner for a few hours. Is that so bad?"

    "For your information I was doing just fine on my own." I snickered. "Those outfits earlier. Wow."

    While the others giggled, Eva then sidled up beside me in the tub and right away I felt my cock pulsate with excitement as I felt her naked flesh rub against my skin.

    "Hey." she smiled sweetly, while pouring me a fresh glass of bubbly. "I guess I should apologize."

    "Yeah. I think you should." I chuckled. "I think that's kind of illegal for a reason."

    "But we had to make you entertain us somehow." she maintained.

    "By what, drugging me? Geez. Thanks."

    Feeling guilty and playful, Eva then pouted and tried to make it up to me by daring her friends into action.

    "Come on girls. Let's make it up to him." she grinned. "Why don't the two of you make out with each other or something?"

    The ladies giggled shyly amongst themselves.

    "Gee," Selena remarked. "I bet when you woke up this morning you never imagined you'd be naked in a hot tub with us three huh?"

    "God no." I admitted. "Not in my wildest dreams. I'm still trying to convince myself that this is actually happening."

    In truth I could barely think straight as my cock now throbbed at full length in the water and was as hard as steel.

    To make matters worse Eva continued to fidget beside me and "inadvertently" brushed her hand across the head of my cock. On top of everything else she now seemed determined to talk about sex and the ladies began to share their most intimate secrets and sexual experiences.

    As it turned out, Eva apparently claimed that she did not enjoy giving head while Alba evidently loved to give and receive oral. In fact Jessica recalled an incident in which she had given two executives a blow job at the same time during a line read in San Diego. One of her many casting couch stories.

    "Oh. My. God. Really?" Gomez gasped naively, making her friends giggle at her reaction.

    Meanwhile Selena shyly admitted that she hardly ever gave head, and had only performed the act just once or twice in her entire young life.

    "What?" Longoria scoffed. "You can't be serious."

    "I mean. I've seen it done plenty of times." Gomez went on to say, claiming that she had frequently masturbated to the act during various porn clips online.

    Meanwhile as this "blowjob" conversation continued, it was only now that I realized just how drunk and inebriated we all were as the ladies and I clearly stammered and slurred our words and phrases. Glancing over at the drinks kart I could see that we had already finished off two bottles of Dom Perignon, and were working on the third.

    "Wow. That's just crazy." Eva claimed through bloodshot eyes. "And I thought I was repressed when I was your age."

    "You were?" Alba chuckled.

    "Shit yeah." Longoria admitted. "I was brought up Roman Catholic, girl."

    "Yeah well, so was I." Jessica countered with a giggle. "But I still managed to be a total slut."

    While the three of them laughed and high-fived one another, Eva then paused for a moment and seemed to contemplate something.

    "You know. We wouldn't be real friends if we didn't show her how to do it properly."

    "Do what," Alba countered, before catching on to what her friend was insinuating. "Oh. Right-Right-Right. I get you. Absolutely."

    "Selena. Do you trust me?" Eva directed at her drunk teenage friend. "Do you trust us?"

    "Of course I do." she drunkenly replied. "I love you guys. You always cheer me up and make me laugh."

    "Okay. Well. Get up on your knees." Eva ordered. "Tonight you're going to learn how to suck cock."

    "I am?" she giggled. "Um. Okay."

    "You." Longoria barked at me. "Stand up."

    Looking back at the girls I could see that they were not joking. Noting this, I reassured Eva that if she was seriously contemplating what I thought she was contemplating, I would indeed stand up and expose my cock in the interest of "educating" Selena.

    "I'm serious." I snickered. "I'll totally do it. Don't tempt me."

    "No. I'm serious." Eva claimed. "Do it. Stand up and show her your cock. Please."

    I simply shrugged and now stood up in the water, clutching my glass of champagne as soapy white suds dripped down my body and exposed my erection. Selena blushed and looked over at Alba for support who only giggled and bit her bottom lip, apparently impressed by my package.

    "Whoa. Impressive." she smiled, as Selena now turned bright red and called Alba's named.

    "Oh My Gosh. Jessica! Help."

    "Hey. Don't look at me." Alba replied. "Eva's in one of her moods again."

    "Okay. Now scoot closer in front of him, Selena." Longoria suggested. "Good girl. Right there should do nicely."

    I could hardly believe what was about to happen. My heart was almost beating out of my chest and my cock twitched involuntarily as I watched the stunning teenager hover around my meat stick.

    "Now take him in your hand." Longoria instructed.

    Selena seemed hypnotized, and without missing a beat took my cock into her small, warm hand.

    "Stroke him softly. And kiss his thighs. Lick a little. Let your tongue wander around a bit. Yes. Just like that."

    During her instructions, Jessica come up behind Selena so that the petite goddess was almost sitting in her lap, her arms softly embracing her sexy friend.

    "Now take just the tip of his cock into your mouth, slowly. Nice and slow." Eva directed. "Let your tongue slide around it. Just massage and roll it over the head of his cock."

    The starlet took instructions well, and soon had me completely hard with her tongue lavishing the head of my cock.

    "Mm. She seems really good at that." Alba grinned from behind her, while playing with her hair.

    "Yeah she does." Eva cooed. "Good girl."

    "Maybe put some more spit on it too." the ladies concurred. "The more spit the better it is."

    "How are you doing?" Jessica then smiled up at me. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

    For my part I couldn't stop smiling even if I wanted to. Here I was drunk, naked, and in a hot tub with three Hollywood starlets. And getting my cock sucked by Selena-fucking-Gomez of all people. Life just didn't get any better than this.

    "Hmm. Good job." Eva complimented her. "Keep sliding your wet tongue up and down the side of his shaft. Yes. Like that."

    "Don't forget the head." Alba chimed in. "Swirl your tongue around the tip and take it into your mouth a little more."

    As the ladies told Selena what to do, I noticed Eva's right hand slip beneath the water and between her friends legs.

    "Mm. That's good." she told the teenager. "Always keep your tongue active."

    Selena brought me further into her hot young mouth, her tongue still working in chaotic circles, spinning around in fractal patterns.

    "Fuck. That feels so good." I ultimately moaned, petting her face and hair.

    "Now open your mouth and take his entire length." Eva told her, as she reached over and stroked Selena's breasts.

    I watched as her fingers worked her nipples before they slipped further down the girl's body to disappear between Selena's legs.

    "In a minute, he's going to fuck your mouth."

    Selena's eyes widened at the notion. Apparently, that thought had never occurred to her. But she obeyed nonetheless, her jaw slackening as cool air rushed around my cock at the gaps around the edge of her mouth and I pushed my hips forward, brushing the tip of my sword against the back of her throat.

    "Mm. That looks so fucking hot right now." Jessica smiled at Eva. "Looks like our little girl can deep-throat."

    "Now," Eva said, looking up at me. "Make love to her mouth. Go slow."

    I happily complied, slowly pulling my hips all the way back only to sink my manhood between Selena's lips, burying my length into the back of her mouth.

    She gagged briefly but took me all the way, even giving my cock a little extra attention from her tongue. Her eyes welled up in tears as I took a few, slow, measured strokes before I picked up the pace.

    "Look at me." I told her, while placing my hand on her cheek and wiping away a tear. "Look up at me as I fuck that mouth."

    I couldn't even describe to you the image and sensation of watching Selena Gomez glare up at me with those big brown puppy-dog eyes, my cock buried inside her throat.

    "You like that?" I teased, as I slowly fucked her mouth.

    "Mm. Go faster." Alba suggested. "Fuck her cherry red lips."

    As Jessica spoke, Eva began to move her fingers between Selena's legs, I'm sure, cleverly seeking out the teen girls clit.

    I picked up my pace, fucking her mouth as I stared into Alba's eyes and watched her teasingly roll her own tongue over her lips, spurring me on. Eva's fingers started moving quicker now, in Selena's pussy, her other hand pawing and fondling at her own breasts.

    "Mm. That's it. Fuck that young mouth." the older actress cooed. "Fuck her harder. Train that pretty little mouth."

    I was compelled to obey, as Selena's eyes began to bug out a little, but I wasn't sure if it was from the shock of my cock thrusting in and out of her unaccustomed mouth, or from Eva's nimble, knowing fingers which were now pinching and kneading her throbbing clit.

    "Oh. Wow." I heard Eva purr. "She's so fucking wet right now too."

    "Mm. I know exactly how she feels." Alba smiled, before craning her neck and kissing Eva full on the lips with tongue.

    Longoria's hand stayed inside Selena's pussy, but her other hand now worked its way up to the base of my cock, gripping it tightly and pulling it into Selena's mouth even faster. I kept fucking her mouth as Eva kept strumming her pussy, and now plunged two of her digits inside the singer-actress.

    "C'mon." she purred seductively. "Who's going to cum for me first?"

    Before too long, Selena trembled and moaned aloud as she came. But Between her quaking and my thrusting, I came undone and joined her over the precise.

    My next thrust almost bumped against the back of her throat as I shot my load straight into her stomach, and pulled out to wax that 19-year-old face with three thick ropes of cum.

    "Ugh! Wow." the ladies gasped with surprise. "Woohooo! You did it sweetheart."

    As the ladies swooned, I collapsed back into the tub and tried to catch my breath but to my surprise despite my orgasm I was still hard as a rock, no doubt due to the tiny little pill the ladies have slipped in my drink minutes earlier.

    "Mm. This is fun." Longoria giggled, as she reached over the side to help herself to another drink and then helped clean off Selena's messy face with a towel.

    "Jessie, you're up." she added, directing her comments to Alba.

    "Huh?" I quipped, while wetting my own whistle.

    "Stand up again." Jessica insisted.

    "You can't be serious?" I huffed.

    Alba pouted and looked over at Eva for support.

    "I thought you said that pill would make him hard for hours."

    "Yeah, sure." I chimed in. "But give me a minute to catch my breath. I'm not a robot. I just need some time to take this all in."

    Hell. I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I had just face-fucked Selena Gomez's mouth and plastered her mug with goo.

    "Wait. You're not a robot?" Alba teased, as she gripped my still hard cock in her hand and quipped. "So what good are you?"

    With that said she then leaned over and gently kissed the very tip of my penis, causing it to twitch in her grasp.

    "I know," Eva suggested. "Why don't you use your tits on him."

    Alba simply smiled and scooted closer to wrap her soft luscious breasts around my pole, as I instinctively thrust my hips forward to meet them. Eva then drifted over and placed her hands around Alba's body so as to assist in pushing her deep cleavage together, making a tighter passage for my cock.

    "Mm. Now lick the head." Eva ordered.

    Now each of my thrusts were greeted by a warm wet mouth at the end, while I was wrapped up in her flawless soft skin.

    "Jesus." I moaned involuntarily. "This is unreal. This is just, unreal."

    "Mm. You've got great tits, Jess." Eva moaned into her ear. "I wish I had tits like that. Fuck her big tits."

    I bucked my hips harder while chanting under my breath. "I love your tits. I love your tits. I love these tits."

    A thin drip of precum soon appeared, which drooled from the head of my cock and traced a neat line from Jessica's chin to her sternum. I then watched as Eva focused her full attention on her BFF and now began to work Alba's clit in the water, just as she had done with Selena moments earlier.

    "Mm. Now fuck her mouth." Longoria insisted. "Just like you did Selena."

    Without missing a beat I took my cock from between her succulent soft mounds and slipped it into Alba's hot wet mouth, taking her breath away.

    "Oh. That's it. Fuck her sweet little mouth." Eva cooed. "Teach this little whore a lesson."

    I wholeheartedly obeyed, thrusting in and out of her drooling mouth as both Eva and Jessica glared up at me with their dazzling dark eyes.

    "Harder! Fuck the back of her throat." Longoria hissed. "She likes that. Don't you baby. You like it rough."

    "Mm-Huh." Alba agreed, as she goggled down my length and offered me her throat.

    My balls now slapped loudly against her chin and that familiar tingle went up my spine again. Eva could tell from the expression on my face that I was close to climaxing again.

    "Look girls, he's about to come again." she smiled smugly. "Mm. He's going to come into the back of your throat, Jess."

    "Mm. Yeah. Make him cum." Selena suddenly chimed in from the side, her own fingers buried inside her young hairless pussy.

    "Mm. Is that what you want to see?" Eva replied to her friends comments.

    Selena nodded.

    "I can still feel his hot thick load sliding down my throat and into my belly." the teen star confessed, as she closed her eyes and rubbed her pussy furiously.

    "Mm. Fuck yeah." Eva purred. "That's so fucking hot. Let him cum in your mouth, Jess. Let him watch you swallow his load."

    "God yes." I growled.

    "Yeah. You like my fingers deep inside you?" Eva purred into Alba's ear for added effect.

    Hearing this admission finally pushed me over the edge. With a muted bellow, I let loose and poured my searing hot seed into Jessica's inviting mouth, jamming my nuts hard against her chin as I erupted.

    The first gush of semen went straight into her throat, and was followed by a second spurt which caused her to gag briefly before it drooled out the sides of her lips and began to dribble down her chin and neck.

    Even though my orgasm wasn't as powerful as the first, my entire body convulsed uncontrollably as I watched Eva continue to finger-bang her friend to completion with one hand and smear my gooey load into her glorious chest with the other.

    The ladies then kissed each other zealously on the mouth and shared my sticky spunk between their tongues which to my surprise was so hot to watch that it actually made my cock twitch with excitement, a detail that did not go unnoticed by Eva.

    "Hmm. You really like watching us make out like this, huh."

    "Please." I almost gasped. "The three of you just look so fucking sexy sitting here naked, touching and kissing one another."

    "Good. Because I need you hard again." Eva said, pausing for a breath herself. "So you can fuck me too."

    As much as I wanted to, I was genuinely unsure if I was up to the task. But while I started to make excuses, the girls giggled as they stared at my hard cock and reached over and proceeded to flick and slap at it playfully.

    "Jesus. Just look at that thing." Selena laughed. "It's like it's got a mind of its own."

    "They usually do." Eva smiled as she reached over to give it an appreciative stroke.

    I could have passed out and slept for a week at that point, but with the Cialis tablet working at full strength and the promise of fucking Eva my cock was apparently ready to go, even though my mind knew I would be pushing the limits.

    At this point I now wondered just what would happen if and when I would cum, knowing that my balls were just about empty. Was I even capable of cumming?

    "C'mon. Let's find out." Eva smiled as she massages my nuts with her fingertips. "Come over here and give me that big cock."

    No sexier words had ever been spoken. Despite my conflicted mind I was now iron hard again, and ready for her.

    I literally moaned with glee as the stunning actress pulled me over to the side of the tub and bent over to offer me her flawless ass. Feeling bold and buying some time, I took this opportunity to bend over and abruptly buried my tongue in her butt, taking her breath away.

    "Oh. You pervert." she moaned over her shoulder. "You're so bad."

    "I can't help it." I told her between licks. "That's just about the best bubble butt I've ever seen."

    Without warning I plunged my tongue deep inside her tiny rectum and sucked and slurped at her butthole like never before, causing the older actress to thrash about wildly and let out her first series of moans.

    "Ay Papi. Dios Mio!" she moaned in Spanish, as she moved her hips back and forth and proceeded to grind her succulent ass against my chin.

    "Yes." she insisted. "Eat my ass. Eat my dirty little asshole."

    I then straightened up and lined up my cock against her pussy and pushed forward, burying my wick inside the Mexican-American starlet. Even though no one had touched her yet, I found her pussy absolutely dripping wet and slid in and out of her effortlessly, bottoming out quickly.

    "Ugh! Yes." Eva grunted. "Fuck me. Fuck me Papi."

    As I had the entire evening, I eagerly obeyed and filled her up from behind. I fucked her steadily, only speeding up when I sensed she was close to coming. As her hips quaked, I picked up the pace and fucked her harder through her orgasm.

    To my amusement Eva's moaning seemed to set off the other ladies in the tub, as I watched them make out and finger-bang each other in the water beside us.

    "Fuck. Fuck that's good." Eva cried. "Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me. Harder. Harder. Yes."

    I reached over and pinned both of her arms back against her butt and slammed into her promptly, pounding away at that 37-year-old pussy for all it was worth.

    "Ugh. Fuck. Oh. Shit. Ugh." she gasped continually. "I love it. I love your cock. I love your cock. Ugh! Selena is going to love it."

    "Huh?" I replied, as I continued to spear in and out of her dripping sex at a swift pace.

    What the hell was she talking about? I wondered. Did the girls have some ulterior motive for our hot little tub frolic? With a loud moan Eva suddenly came.

    Her orgasm seemed to last forever, and she seemed to want me to keep thrusting through it, so I did; trying to extend it for as long as possible.

    When she was finally sated, she slipped free of my grasp leaving my erection hanging and gleaming in her shiny essence. For once I actually felt relieved that I hadn't cum. Hell, at that point my cock was so numb it felt like a piece of concrete dangling between my legs.

    Suddenly, Eva stammered. "Selena, sweetie. Come here. Come here and kiss me. I need those soft wet lips."

    The teen star was only too happy to comply only to feel Eva pull her towards the edge of the tub with her.

    "Good. Now come here and take my place."

    The "Spring Breakers" star looked unsure, but as ever followed Eva's lead and knelt over the side of the tub, essentially offering me her heart shaped ass and young tight cunt.

    Eva then slipped away to join Alba for another lip lock as I couldn't help but lean over and give Selena a long, deep lick, starting at her pussy and ending at her sphincter.

    "Oh." she let out, as I tickled her bunghole with the tip of my tongue before I pressed in and filled her backdoor completely, causing the teen harlot to emit an almost primal grunt.

    "Unngh. Yes." she let out, while rolling her hips in a circular motion.

    "Mm. Where's my tongue right now Selena?"

    Without hesitation she moaned back over her shoulder. "Oh. It's in my ass."

    "Where?" I repeated, as I gently pried her soft cheeks apart and rimmed her twitching bunghole once again.

    "It's... it's in my tight, teen little asshole."

    "Jesus." I groaned back. "Your ass tastes so good."

    There really wasn't anything as sweet as 19-year-old Latina ass. Nothing on earth.

    "Enough of that." Eva finally barked. "Fuck her in the ass already."


    "Absolutely." Longoria beamed. "But just be a little gentle at first."

    With that said I lined up the head of my cock with her tiny starfish and slowly pushed forward, finding a considerable amount of resistance. Thinking quickly I then reached over to the bottle of lotion Eva had been playing with earlier and squeezed out the entire contents all over Selena's butt.

    Her entire ass now glistened erotically as I smeared the scented substance all around her glorious backside and then slipped my finger into her bunghole briefly, getting it now and ready for my cock.

    With her hole nice and greased up, I placed the tip of my manhood against her brown eye and pushed forward. To my delight her ass finally opened up for me, inviting me into her smoldering core.

    Selena exhaled, her breath coming out sharp gasps as I finally impaled her completely.

    "Oh. Oh. God." she grimaced while biting her bottom lip. "You're so big. You're so deep."

    "Mm. That looks so fucking dirty." Eva giggled, before she looked over and gave me a wink. "Keep going. Fill that teen ass."

    "Hmm. You like that, Selena?" Alba purred, as she stroked her friends flawless ass and hips with her fingertips. "You like that big thick cock inside that tight little butt?"

    Selena simply nodded. "Mm-Huh."

    "Mm. Say it." Jessica teased. "Tell us, then."

    "Oh. I like it." Gomez stammered. "I like that hard cock in my ass."

    "Hmm. Such a bad little girl." Alba remarked, before placing a kiss on her naked back and reaching under to cup and fondle her hanging breasts.

    "Do you want him to fuck you harder?" Eva grinned. "Do you want him to pound you, make love to you, or fuck your brains out?"

    There was hesitation. Then more nodding before Jessica looked up at me and grinned.

    "What are you waiting for. Fuck this little whore hard and good."

    Without wasting another moment I reached over and griped Selena by her long dark mane and proceeded to pound her teen ass for all I was worth, my hips a blur as I fucked her good and proper. Moans of gibberish suddenly streamed out of her mouth as her friends watched on and gleefully rooted us on.

    "Yeah. Yeah. Fuck her ass!" Eva implored. "Oh yeah. Fuck it good!"

    "Oh. God. Oh. My. Ass." Gomez muttered incoherently. "Oh. Cock. So Big. Ugh. Please."

    "Yeah?" I replied, as I slammed into her hard and fast.

    "Ugh. P-P-Please." she moaned through labored breathes. "Haaarder! I like it."

    "Oh. You little slut." I hissed back, emboldened by her daring.

    As I continued to pound away at the teenager, Jessica then took my breath away as I watched her go over and stick her tongue down Selena's throat and the two shared a deep passionate kiss, while I continued to drill away at her pristine butt. This combined assault on her sense just about made Selena see stars and thirty seconds later she climaxed loudly.

    Meanwhile Eva took this opportunity to come over and give me the same treatment Alba had offered Selena, and now kissed me hotly on the mouth while she reached down to gently massage my swinging nuts.

    "Mm. Yeah. Fuck that little slut." she whispered into my ear. "I want to see you shoot your hot dirty load deep inside her ass."

    "Yeah?" I hissed back. "Is that what you want?"

    "Mm. Yeah." Eva moaned loudly. "God yes. Make that ass yours. Fuck the shit out of her."

    Between Selena's searing hot butt, and Eva's talented tongue and fingers, I couldn't hold out any longer and with a muted cry I came deep inside the stunning teenager, filling her gaping backdoor with everything I had - whatever sap was left in my balls. When we all finally came down we collapsed in the tub, the three of us utterly spent and dizzy.

    Suddenly the sound of the front door slamming shut startled us out of our reverie.

    "What the fuck was that?" Alba perked up.

    "Hey guys. I'm back." We heard Terry announce from the other room. "Where is everyone. Anyone home?"

    "Shit," I glared at Eva. "I'm so fired right now."

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    Fuckin A man!! Well worth the wait! Cant wait for more!

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    Holy crap talk about a great read!!! That was awesome

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    Great work as always TPG

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    Ohh Gosh.. that was soooo fuckin hot... I wish we had those pics the way TPG described them.. Awesome..

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    Holy fuck thats inredible!


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