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Thread: "Three's Company" with Dani and Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction "Three's Company" with Dani and Bella Thorne

    Three's Company
    With Dani and Bella Thorne
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, BJ, drunk, drugs, reluc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Dani and I had only been dating for a few short months but our relationship was already pretty serious. In fact, she soon introduced me to her family and friends, and more importantly her famous kid sister Bella Thorne.

    At the time of the event we had just moved into a quaint little studio apartment in Santa Monica that was close to the beach and just a few minute's drive from my place of business, so we spent most of our time just screwing around and hanging out in the apartment even during work hours.

    I guess you could say we just couldn't get enough of each other, and constantly had sex throughout the day. Sometimes four or five times if I was lucky. Amusingly enough, her sister Bella also spent a great deal of time with us there, so much so that it almost became her second home.

    In fact Bella would constantly drop by with her teenage friends (sometimes at the most inconvenient times) and leave her things lying around the apartment which definitely made life interesting for me. I would often find various articles of clothing strewn around the apartment like her bra and panties.

    Fortunately for me Dani was such a wild and free-spirited woman that we frequently talked and fantasized about other people joining us during sex, and she'd even teased me with dirty talk about having a 3-way with her older sister Kaili, who apparently thought I was cute.

    Strangely enough when it came to Bella that's where Dani drew the line, and would grab my nuts and warn me to keep my hands off her - despite the fact that she'd frequently put on her sisters discarded clothes (belly shirts and panties) while I fucked the shit out of her all over the apartment.

    I guess it was just some innocent role playing that really seemed to get us both off. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me ideas about what it would be like to fuck the shit out of her sexy kid sister.

    Be that as it may, I happily agreed to keep my distance from Bella and was satisfied nonetheless since Dani who was proving to be quite the handful. The girl just wanted to fuck constantly, and aside from possessing a killer body she also had a wicked imagination. Nothing was off limits with her!

    With that said, it was just a month into this new arrangement that the ladies and I spent the day at the beach where I was treated to a real (bikini) show.

    I honestly didn't know where to look first, and was delighted to discover that all three sisters, Kaili, Dani, and Bella had a lot in common and each possessed very healthy and exceptionally toned figures. In fact sometimes it was hard to pick them apart.

    Spending the entire day together, we ultimately returned to the apartment in the evening where Kaili announced that she was heading home.

    But as luck would have it, Bella then talked her way into spending the night with us which initially bummed me out considering I had been looking forward to banging the shit out of Dani all afternoon.

    "Oh well," Dani teased in the kitchen. "I guess you'll just have to wait till tomorrow then."

    "For what exactly?"

    "To tell you what Kaili and I did together in the public restroom back at the beach."

    "Wait. You messed around?"

    My girlfriend simply nodded, confirming all my wildest dreams.

    While I cussed out her kid sister (for spending the night with us) Bella cheerfully suggested that we stay up and watch movies together while I went out and brought back some beers and we drank heavily and surfed the internet: visiting Twitter and Tumblr specifically, and putting an end to any rumors that might tarnish Bella's girl-next-door image.

    This of course led to some bickering between the siblings, and the realization of just how competitive they actually were. Ultimately the ladies calmed down and Bella remarked about how lame the local boys were and how she wanted to take a trip back to Florida, where they grew up.

    But Dani was not having any of it, and claimed that she couldn't stand being away from me for more than a few days.

    "Well I hope your happy." the younger actress directed at me. "You've totally brain washed my big sister. She doesn't want to do anything with me anymore."

    "Not unless you grow a dick." Dani giggled. "Or learn how to eat pussy."

    "Hmm. I'm sure something can be arranged." Bella joked, referring to the strap-on dildo Debby Ryan had apparently bought her for her birthday a few months earlier.

    "Wait. She did?" I gasped, as the ladies burst out laughing.

    "Trust me." Dani added. "You don't want to know."

    It was around midnight when we finally climbed onto the sofa bed and drank and laughed amongst ourselves.

    As predicted Dani got pretty wasted on three beers while I was somewhat surprised to see that Bella could actually hold her liquor, as could I but we were both feeling it.

    The bed itself was pressed up against the wall where I could sleep closest to the window with Dani in the middle and Bella on the other side. My girlfriend joked that I always got a hard-on in the middle of the night and she didn't want me to accidentally gorge her kid sister with it (god forbid).

    Considering the heat and humidity in the place, I wore my boxer briefs to bed and nothing else, which for me was already unusual as I typically slept in the nude.

    Dani wore her usual tank top and panty ensemble, while Bella went to the bathroom and emerged in nothing but a long nightshirt that went past her knees.

    Unfortunately for me her shirt was pulled tight across her chest and I could see that she was wearing her bikini bra underneath. I couldn't tell if she wore any panties or her matching bikini bottoms underneath, but I did enjoy the speculation.

    We had the fan cranked up on "high" and were just lying there above the sheets as Bella flipped through several channels. Dani fell asleep within minutes, which disappointed me as I was spooning her from behind with my hard cock wedged firmly against her butt.

    Nevertheless, Bella and I stayed awake for most of the night and watched something on cable - one of those cheesy softcore movies which caused us to snicker quietly to ourselves, careful not to wake her drunk sister.

    "These R-rated films suck." the Disney star remarked. "They're just so unrealistic."

    "And you would know this because?"

    "Hey, I've had my fair share of fun." she claimed. "Don't you worry about that."

    "That's not what I hear according to your sister." I replied. "And here I thought you were all sweet and innocent and shit, like your character on TV?"

    "Ha! Trust me." she countered. "My sister doesn't know everything. She doesn't know half the stuff I get up to."

    To prove her point, Bella reached over to the side table where I had been casually smoking a blunt.

    "Wait. What are you doing?" I asked her. "I wouldn't do that if I was you."

    "Why not?"

    "Well. Aside from the fact you're already drunk." I snickered. "You're sister would be pissed."

    "Like I said. She doesn't know everything." Bella grinned. "I can keep a secret if you can?"

    "Whatever." I replied.

    Noting just how determined she seemed to get high, I simply shrugged my shoulders and told her to pass the joint so I too could enjoy another hit.

    I'm not quite sure when I fell asleep but when I woke up it was just after 3am and I had to get up to take a leak. Moving slowly I carefully climbed over the two sleeping sisters and went to the bathroom to do my business.

    To my surprise I still had a pretty menacing erection from the day's events and I was half tempted to whack off in the bathroom before I went back to bed, but I could hear some movement in the other room so I quickly flushed the toilet and left my frustrated cock alone.

    When I tiptoed back towards the bed I almost jumped with fright as I found Bella sitting up on the edge of the bed, her tall silhouette startling me.

    "Jesus!!" I gasped quietly. "What are you doing just sitting there like that?"

    Her long red hair was visibly disheveled as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

    "Feel better?" she quipped.

    "Err. I had to take a leak." I explained. "That beer last night went right through me."

    "You and me both." she replied as she got up on shaky legs and slowly wandered into the bathroom herself, bumping into the door at the same time.

    "Ouch. Dick." I quipped at her expense, to which she responded by flipping me the bird.

    I had to laugh as I wondered what her legions of adoring fans would think if they could see her now.

    Meanwhile in my absence, I realized that Dani had apparently rolled over in bed and was now facing the wall. I tapped her shoulder to move her but she was totally passed out and wouldn't budge, so I lay in her previous position in the middle of the bed and curled up behind her.

    When Bella finally returned I watched her from the corner of my eye and of course my eyes immediately fell to her long pale legs.

    As the actress-turned-singer climbed back into bed, I was still peering over my shoulder while she crawled in under the covers and whined, telling me to turn my nosy face back towards my girlfriend.

    "Take a picture why don't you." she remarked sarcastically.

    I almost gasped with shame and quickly complied, before I finally remembered what I wanted to say.

    "Are you still stoned?" I asked her, but she ignored my question entirely and wished me a goodnight.

    There was an extra moment of silence before she spoke again.

    "Oh. And don't you dare roll over during the night and poke me with that thing." she affirmed. "I'm not Dani okay?"

    Despite the tone in her voice I could tell that she was smiling as she said it. I simply shrugged as Bella giggled at her own wit before she rolled over and turned her back to me and fell right back to sleep.

    As expected I lay wide awake, unable to get any shut eye and really regretting my decision not to beat off in the bathroom.

    I was just so damn horny and my cock ached for some relief. My mind recalling my earlier conversation with Dani and the story she promised to tell me about her little tryst with her older sister.

    Against my better judgment I tried to initiate some fun with her but she was so out of it that all I could hear was her snoring against the wall.

    Ultimately I decided to take my mind off my erection, and I rolled over and took the remote and switched the TV on and muted the sound while I watched a replay of the days NBA game.

    Bella was lying on her back and breathing steadily so I assumed she had fallen asleep. She had the covers pulled up to her neck so she was completely covered, which considering how hot it was in the apartment that night was just downright crazy.

    She must of felt like she was lying in a sauna. I lay with my head on my hand and watched TV for a while before I finished off the blunt and felt myself drift back to sleep.

    I'm not quite sure what time I woke up next only that besides opening my eyes in initial shock and seeing that the game was over, I froze with fear.

    Bella had her sweet ass pressed up against my cock and as soon as I realized it, it only made me harder. I was scared shit-less and tried to stay perfectly still, but then I felt her budge a little and inadvertently grind her sweet butt back against my cock again.

    Holding my breath, I looked behind me to make sure that Dani was still asleep and fortunately for me she was still facing the wall and snoring contently. As you can imagine my heart pounded loudly in my chest as this little grinding action from Bella continued in silence for the next few minutes.

    At this point I was still thinking clearly enough to know that what I was doing was very wrong, but try as I might I just couldn't tear myself away from that teenage booty. A part of me hoped Bella was just dreaming and would eventually stop. But as it turned out she didn't.

    While her eyes were closed her breathing was regular but her body appeared to be on autopilot.

    Fortunately for me the grinding did dissipate slightly, but before I could let out a sigh of relief I suddenly felt her reach back and pull my arm over her body and place my hand directly over her belly.

    I assume in her pot-fueled mind she probably thought I was her sister, as the two regularly slept in the same bed together. But as I lay there thinking about it more I realized we had just conversed with each other earlier, so now I was confused than ever.

    Whatever the case may be, I didn't move my hand at first but my resolve weakened and despite my better judgment I soon began to caress her tummy and slowly inched my fingertips up to the very edge, slops of her breasts.

    This of course caused my cock to swell to new proportions which in turn prompted her to wiggle her hips and grind that sweet butt even harder against me. Even in her sleep she was an absolutely fucking tease!

    Bella then proceeded to squirm more deliberately as I did the only logical thing I could think of and I shut my eyes and faked sleep, hoping she'd assume that I was simply dreaming.

    The starlet however fidgeted awkwardly beside me and I heard her mutter something about being hot and uncomfortable, before she sat up in bed and proceeded to take off her bra.

    I gulped hard as I realized what she was doing before she lay back down and squirmed her body back into a comfortable position again, my thick hard cock nestled firmly between her teenage cheeks.

    To my delight it seemed that in her rush to get comfortable she lay back down with her night shirt now pooled up around her midsection, leaving her legs and hips completely exposed to my greedy eyes.

    Taking a deep breath, I then moved my hips slightly and discovered that Bella in fact was wearing panties under her shirt, not that it disappointed me however as the lace material felt absolutely divine against my boner.

    We lay silent for several minutes until I was sure that she had drifted off back to sleep, before I boldly slipped my hand underneath her nightshirt and gently caressed her bare tit-flesh for the very first time, gently squeezing and kneading her.

    I couldn't believe how soft she felt. I had never fondled a breast so pert and tender in all my life, and marveled at the feel of her (pink) nipple which tighten to my touch.

    The "Shake It Up!" star soon shuddered quietly as my hand ultimately wrapped entirely around her luscious teat and I spent the next half hour lovingly massaging her chest, teasing and playing and exploring her body.

    To be perfectly honest with you most of this time was a complete blur to me as I found myself totally engrossed with her nipples, and the way they seemed to stand at full attention on her breasts like two pencil erasers.

    But with that said, it was during this time that Bella had somehow managed to slide her panties down to her thighs leaving her luscious derriere completely exposed and pressed against my raging boner.

    While her ass now wedged firmly against my concealed cock, I could feel the heat and softness of her bare cheeks. It was at this point we were both panting heavily and almost at the point of dry humping each other in bed.

    In fact I grew so confident that I leaned over and pressed my lips to the nape of her neck and felt her respond almost immediately, arching her back sharply, (silently) spurring me on.

    For the next few minutes that's how it went with the exception that she had slipped her hand down between her legs and was now apparently twiddling her clit at the same time.

    The mere notion alone turned me on so much I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there.

    "Fuck." I moaned softly into her ear at one point, as I gently pumped my cock against her flawless teen ass.

    "Ugh. Take it out." she finally said in a breathy whisper, but I was so stoned and caught up in the moment that I wasn't sure if I had imagined it.

    The entire situation was just so surreal. So I didn't respond right away. Besides it wasn't the first time I had enjoyed an erotic dream about her, no thanks to her sexy/promiscuous sister.

    Like the time Dani had worn Bella's panties in the kitchen one early Sunday morning, and I was so worked up that I simply marched over and bent her over the stove, and fucked her within an inch of her life...only to shoot my load all over her sisters underwear? Fucking tease.

    But now, noting my reluctance Bella finally opened her eyes and glanced over her shoulder and insisted I comply.

    "C'mon. Take it out." she panted seductively in the dark.


    "Take out your cock!" she almost hissed, as our bodies continued to move in concert, gently rocking back and forth.


    Her words jolted me into action and without missing a beat I reached down and pulled my hard cock out of the leg of my shorts, and nearly came when I felt her hand suddenly reach back and grasp my erection.

    Without warning she then adjusted her position so that my cock was aligned between her long bare legs, while her recently shaved mound (stubble) tickled me as she proceeded to move her hips and in the process massaged my boner - grinding her slimy wet taco against my length.

    When I felt her wetness for the very first time we both moaned in unison. Her pussy was absolutely dripping wet and exceptionally hot to the touch.

    I remember thinking that even though Dani's pussy got wet, this was only due to some tongue work and twenty minutes of foreplay. Bella on the other hand was exceedingly aroused, and wetter than I ever remembered her sister being.

    The redheaded minx used her prominent hand to keep my cock pressed firmly against her (shaved) sex while I distracted her briefly by biting and sucking on her slender neck, smearing my saliva all over her tender flesh.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she purred erotically. "I like that. Bite my neck again. Mm."

    I was only too happy to oblige, and it seemed the action turned her on so much that I felt her slide the head of my cock-flesh between her swollen lips before briefly tapping it against her pea-sized clit.

    "Fucking. Wet." I moaned under my breath as I groped and squeezed her breasts more intently and we essentially dry humped each other right there beside her sleeping sister.

    At this point we were both perspiring profusely and between the heat in the bed and our aroused states her mound was extremely slippery to say the least.

    Bella really seemed to respond when I grew a little more animated and intentionally twisted and tweaked her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

    "Mm. Like that?" I hissed into her ear. "You little slut. You've got my cock so fucking hard right now. Can you feel that?"

    "Oh." Bella whimpered faintly, while grinding her hips in a circular motion and rubbing that wet cunt against the head of my aching pole.

    "You're such a fucking tease. You know that?" I whispered from behind her. "A sexy little tease who needs to get fucked!"

    "Ugh. Yeah." she agreed wholeheartedly, as I picked up the pace of my own hips and dry humped her harder, rubbing my cock even faster against her dripping minge and smearing more of her juices all around her crotch and thighs.

    We were trying to move without moving. By that I mean we were doing what we were doing knowing that her sister was sleeping on the same bed behind us.

    I wondered if the thought of how wrong this was crossed Bella's mind, but in the heat of the moment I highly doubt it. The girl was on fire, and I with her.

    With that said, Bella then buried her face in the pillow and to my surprise proceeded to climax. I actually felt her entire body tremble in my arms and groaned inwardly as her pussy literally creamed its essence all over my shaft and balls, absolutely soaking me. At this point I just had to have her, come hell or high water.

    This sudden turn of events appeared to have a strange effect on her too, as she now seemed intent on climaxing once again and she reached down with her hand and proceeded to rub her clit even more fervently than before, while literally humping my cock at the same time.

    "Please," she moaned as I watched in stunned silence as she climaxed for the second time in as many minutes.

    Noting this, I almost lost my shit and immediately gripped my cock in my fist and buried my wick in one swift go.

    "Ugh." the teen actress gasped audibly, but did not resist me as I finally impaled her from behind.

    "Oh. You fucking hot slut." I groaned as I filled her.

    I grabbed her by her slender hips and pushed in a little further, allowing my nuts to brush against her engorged clit.

    Without wasting any time I began to fuck her in great earnest with long measured strokes, making sure not to move the bed too much but at the same time making sure to feed as much of my meaty length inside her young cunt.

    We screwed in this exquisite position for what seemed like an eternity (but was probably 6mins) before she finally leaned back and panted into my mouth.

    "Yeah. Fuck me." she whispered breathlessly. "Fuck me. Harder. I like it."

    I silenced her pleas with a deep-long kiss on the mouth, feeling her hot wet tongue swirl around my own.

    I then took this opportunity to slide my hand up from her flawless breast and took her face in my hand and urged her to look back at me as I fucked her again and again.

    "Bella," I urged quietly. "Look at me. Look at me while I fuck you."

    To my delight the stunning little minx seemed to get off on this and simply glared back at me as she playfully slipped my thumb into her mouth and sucked my finger. Our lips met again and she immediately sucked my tongue into her mouth like she was attempting to give me head.

    "Oh...fuck," she panted softly. "You're so hard right now."

    "You're so fucking wet, Bell. " I countered, as I now drilled her sopping wet cunt from behind, causing a soft smacking sound to emanate in the darkness where my hips slapped her butt.

    "Please, Please, Fuck me." she whispered hotly. "Fuck me harder. I want to come all over your cock! I want you deep inside me when you shoot that load!!"

    "Yeah?" I whispered back. "Is that what you load inside you?"

    "Oh...Uh-huh," she nodded obediently.

    Just hearing this tone from her caused my cock to twitch inside her with excitement, so I grabbed a handful of her long red hair and snapped her head back sharply as I fucked her as hard and fast as I possibly could without waking up Dani.

    Bella now sighed in one continuous moan before I could feel my impending orgasm approaching.

    An instant later I couldn't stop the inevitable and proceeded to fill her teen womb with copious amounts of man goo. I busted my nut deep inside her hot velvet walls, filling her cunt with sticky hot semen.

    Both Bella and I groaned to the action, before I reached down and attempted to withdraw from her burning hot sex but she thrust her hips back at me and we fused together.

    Resigned to our fate, we simply lay there with my cock nestled deep inside her hot young clam. My sticky white load oozed out of her teen sex. Her pussy felt so good without even moving.

    Unfortunately for us this was the precise moment that we heard a group of sanitation workers outside our window who appeared to make a loud racket. It was loud enough to make Dani stir in her sleep and she grimaced slightly to the disturbance.

    Noting this, we froze deathly still and prayed that she wouldn't notice that the bed appeared to be cold as I was not spooning her anymore: instead embedded inside her kid sister! But that's when Bella decided to be cheeky and proceeded to squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles.

    In all my time I had never felt anything like it before. It was almost like she was trying to milk the semen right out of my nuts! To our chagrin, Dani then shifted in her sleep and rolled over onto her back and this nearly gave me a damn heart attack.

    In an instant I pulled back and reluctantly withdrew from Bella's sopping wet sex and turned to face my girlfriend in bed, until I was sure she was still in a deep sleep.

    Meanwhile Bella had rolled onto her back and was now masturbating furiously behind me. I looked back a few times to watch her carry on and rolled my eyes at her.

    "You're. Fucking. Insane!" I mouthed, but despite this Bella continued to pleasure herself and eventually turned to face me.

    At this point it was early enough in the morning that I could see the wicked grin on her face, as she licked her fingers and played with her pussy and tried to tempt me into action. As terrified as I was I had to smile back, even though the bed now reeked of teenage sex.

    The girl was simply fucking crazy! Did she even consider what her sister would do if she woke up and found us screwing around like that? Was she dense or did she just not care?

    I tried to fall back to sleep but considering the nights events that was just an impossibility, especially since Bella now lay there staring back at me while casually caressed her teenage body. That's when I felt her reach over and slide her hand down my body and grasp my deflated cock again.

    "Bella. Wait." I panicked, as though suddenly struck with guilt. "What if she wakes up?"

    It was only later that I realized just how ridiculous this sounded considering our previous activities, pounding her ass and causing the entire bed to shake.

    "Trust me," Bella whispered with a smile. "She's out cold. And I'm way to horny to go to sleep now."

    "Yeah, I noticed."

    As Bella spoke, she leisurely stroked my manhood back to life and nuzzled closer to me so that her lips grazed my ear.

    "Hmm. He feels so soft and smooth right now." she giggled. "But I bet I know how to make him hard again."

    I had to stifled a laugh as Bella then nibbled on my earlobe and added. "I bet he tastes like candy right now."

    I suppressed another chuckle as she then told me to keep an eye on her sister while she slipped under the covers and I felt her hot breath waft against my penis.

    "Jesus." I moaned as I squeezed the sheets with my fists and felt her wet tongue finally flick around the tip of my bell-end.

    For a long time that's all Bella did. She simply licked and teased my cock like an ice cream cone and soon had me throbbing between her fingers.

    I wanted nothing more than to shut my eyes and enjoy the sensation of her hot young mouth, but I couldn't turn away from Dani's sleeping face, petrified that she would wake up at any moment and catch us in the act.

    I have to say, that as amazing as Bella's pussy felt nothing could compare to the talents of her mouth. The girl was a natural born cock-sucker, and knew exactly how to use her lips and tongue.

    In fact I was so concerned that I was going to cum again that I squirmed about on the mattress and tried to back her face away from me but to no avail. Bella was determined to suck cock.

    I guess for me it was just a natural reflex considering Dani almost never liked to suck dick, much less swallow. She said she hated the taste of semen and always felt like it was demeaning to her to take a load to the face.

    Bella however showed no signs of stopping or pulling back. Instead she finally wrapped her soft lips entirely around the head of my sword and sucked it keenly while she pumped the shaft with her fist.

    It only took a minute later for me to explode into the back of her throat, filling her sweet mouth with hot sticky jizz all the while as I stared into my girlfriends eyes.

    To her credit the sexy little wench kept at it, milking my load into her mouth and swallowed hard at the same time until I was totally empty.

    While I lay there trying to catch my breath, Bella got up out of bed and helped herself to a shower to clean up just as the idiots outside made their second trip up our street and finally made enough noise to wake Dani from her slumber.

    Stretching her arms out, my fiance yawned and then leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.

    "Mm. How did you sleep last night?" she purred sweetly, herself still half asleep.

    "Err. I slept...hard." I replied. "Real hard."

    "Where's Bell?"

    "I think she's in the shower?" I answered nervously, before I turned over and almost passed out from the anxiety the entire situation had caused me.

    But if I thought the anxiety was over I was gravely mistaken, as I felt Dani reach down and grab my cock.

    "Mm. Someone's up already?" she giggled, referring to my half-deflated cock.

    This was about to get interesting. Was Dani about to suck my cock, the same cock that had just been inside her sister?

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    Fucking A man... what an intro to the boards.

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    Amazing... The long wait for Bella finally got over... And HOW!!
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