Hollywood Gala Episode #1
With Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson
Created by TPG

It's a star-studded evening as you show up to the 2013 MET Art Gala in New York City. While walking the red carpet you recognize several familiar faces including Miley CYRUS, Kate UPTON, Beyonce KNOWLES, and Anne HATHAWAY. As you make your way towards the long winding entrance you make eye contact with Jessica ALBA, who's in the process of being interviewed by several reporters.

You're floored by her natural beauty as she smiles briefly and continues to answer questions regarding the event. Despite this, you try to stay focused on the mission at hand as you're there to meet your blind date for the evening, actress Jennifer LAWRENCE. It's your first time meeting the starlet, who you happen to know through mutual friends.

Inside, the place is packed to capacity and filled with actors, musicians, athletes and models. You scan the room just as Jessica passes by (flanked by her people) and she flashes you another seductive smile.

"Have a great night." she remarks, as you take this opportunity to make a comment and start a conversation with her.

"Absolutely. You too." You reply. "Assuming we find our seats."

Alba pauses to survey the scene in front of her and stops for a moment to chat with you before she tells her publicist to give you two some privacy.

"Seems like half of Hollywood is here tonight." You comment as you both observe the large dining area and 600+ guest list.

"Looks like it." Jessica replies, before turning to look at you directly.

"I'm sorry. But have we met before?" she asks, while slightly embarrassed by the question.

You laugh and tell her that it's highly unlikely as its your first time at the Gala, and the only reason you've agreed to attend is because you're actually on a blind date.

"Besides." You add. "I'm pretty sure I'd remember meeting someone as stunning as you."

This comment makes Jessica blush, and she giggles as she apparently finds you're situation amusing.

"A blind date huh." she smiles. "I hope it works out for you."

"Fingers crossed." You quip, as you look around the large room and realize almost everyone is famous in one form or another.

"Let me know if it does." Alba adds with a wink. "I just love happy endings."

"Well in that case you better give me your number." You boldly respond. "So I can keep you updated throughout the evening."

While your comment is made in jest and filled with sarcasm, your surprised by her reaction as she giggles and actually takes out her cell phone ready to play.

"Okay. Sure." she flirts. "But on one condition."


"I'll give you mine if you give me yours."


With that said, you exchange phone numbers with the actress and chuckle at the absurdity of it all considering the two of you JUST met. Nevertheless, there's a strong and undeniable attraction between the two of you and it seems Jessica gets a kick out of being spontaneous, just as you do.

"You know. If it doesn't work out, you could always give me a buzz later." she grins. "I'm staying at the Four Seasons tonight."

You can hardly believe your luck as you haven't even been at the gala for more than 5mins and have already scored your first phone number of the evening - and from Jessica Alba no less.

"So let me get this straight." You clarify. "If tonight doesn't work out, you're offering me your shoulder to cry on?"

"Sure. Why not." she flirts. "But I'm sure your date won't be the one who's disappointed."

You then smile as the sultry sex symbol leans over and innocently kisses you on the cheek for good luck.

"In fact. Call me either way." she adds. "I'm kind of curious now."

"Whoa." You mutter under your breath, surprised by her assertive manner. "You certainly don't waste any time do you."

"Trust me." she claims. "I've been to a few of these gala's over the years. I like to think I'm a good judge of character."

"If you say so."

With that said the stunning (married) actress wanders off as you try not to look down and stare at her butt. Just then, as a waiter walks by, you snatch two champagne glasses and look for a place to stand in the corner to look around the room for your date.

It's while there that you notice a very attractive brunette who you immediately recognize as "Underworld" star UK MILF Kate BECKINSALE, who's standing just a few feet away from you while you debate whether or not to say anything.

Considering the nights events thus far (Alba's phone number) you figure you've got nothing to lose, so you throw caution to the wind and just go for it... and smile as you hand her one of the glasses of champagne.

"Here," You offer. "I think you might need this."

Kate apologizes sweetly and claims she doesn't drink, but to save face she takes the glass from you anyway.

"Thank you, but no. I'm not drinking tonight." she states in her sexy British accent. "Do I look that bored already?"

"Not at all." You reply. "Just figured you might like the company, is all."

To your amusement it seems that the striking actress appears to be looking for someone in the crowd and claims that she too has been "fixed up" for the evening with a complete stranger. The two of you share a chuckle as you confess that you yourself are looking for your blind date and she finds this titillating.

"Are you really?" she giggles. "That's funny."

"I know right. What are the odds." You chuckle. "Two of the most attractive people here looking for two complete strangers."

"Well. I don't know about that." she replies modesty.

"Nonsense!" You assure her. "You look absolutely ravishing tonight."

To your amusement the English MILF blushes at your compliment and smiles widely.

"Ugh. I don't even know why I agreed to this." The starlet remarks a minute later, referring to her blind date. "It's just so damn nerve wracking."

"Tell me about it." You reply as you down your drink in one go and invite her to do the same.

Despite not being a "drinker" Kate suddenly seems obligated and shrugs as she takes a generous sip.

"Screw it. Why not." she says. "It's not like the night could get any more awkward at this point. Cheers."


Just then, as another waiter wanders by your position you reach out and snatch two fresh new glasses which immediately makes Beckinsale snicker. Feeling bold, you then down half your glass in one go again and make a daring observation.

"Who knows. Maybe if all else fails we could just keep each other company."

Kate doesn't respond initially and just smiles at you - as though taken aback by you brashness and trying to decide whether or not to take you seriously.

"Hmm." she finally comments. "Maybe. Sure. I'd like that. I'm Kate by the way."

Having dispensed with the pleasantries, the two of you begin to openly flirt when you're suddenly interrupted by your date in the form of one sexily clad Jennifer Lawrence, who appears out of nowhere and greets you with a friendly kiss on the cheek.

A moment later she smiles and introduces herself to Kate and claims to be a huge fan.

"There you are." Jennifer directs at you. "I've been looking everywhere for you tonight."

As sexy as she is, Kate flashes you a knowing smile before she excuses herself.

"Well. Very nice to meet you both." Beckinsale says. "Hope you have a wonderful evening."

"You too." You reply. "Good luck with your mystery date."

"Likewise." she smiles while flashing Jennifer a look.

For her part, Lawrence doesn't waste any time and takes you by the hand and leads you into the crowd of celebrities and towards her table where everyone appears to be preparing for dinner.

It's there you're taken aback to see that the table is already attended by several beauties including Nina DOBREV and Emma WATSON, who both appear to be in high spirits and seem very warm and friendly.

You take a sat beside Nina as Jennifer formally introduces you to the table. Right away you can't help but catch a vibe from Emma who smiles sweetly and keeps flashing you side glances.

Meanwhile Lawrence seems to be very affectionate towards you and appears to act like the two of you are an item, if only for appearances. It suddenly becomes clear to you as to why she arranged to invite you to the event - to show you off to her celebrity friends.

"By the way. I told everyone here that we were dating." she whispers into your ear. "So just play along okay?"

"Oh you did, did you?" You snicker sarcastically. "Thanks for the warning."

While you're only too happy to play along, you start to have a few reservations as you slowly realize that Emma Watson is clearly interested in you.

At one point Jennifer openly flirts and puts her hand on your lap and strokes your thigh with her long fingernails as the table breaks out in conversation. The entire time as this goes on, Nina notices the action and smiles at you both knowing that you're most probably packing some major wood under the table.

"I'm really glad you decided to come tonight." Jen whispers to you a minute later, as you feel her hand slowly inch towards your hard cock.

"Err. So Am I." You stammer nervously, knowing full well that Nina can see what Jennifer is doing.

"I think we're going to have a lot of fun tonight." she adds, while giving Dobrev a playful wink.

You grin and thank her for the invitation, and boldly return the favor by sliding your hand inside her strapless gown, making sure that others don't see your hand slip under the table. This action seems to take her breath away as you made direct contact with her flesh and glide your fingertips along her soft, smooth thighs.

To your surprise Jennifer doesn't resist and keenly parts her knees - almost daring you to touch and finger her right there at the table, while surrounded by her peers. As this goes on Nina chuckles and remarks that maybe you and Jen should at least *try* to hold off until dessert is served.

"Seriously guys." Dobrev giggles. "Can't you keep your hands off each other for more than ten minutes?"

You agree, but at the exact same time your hand gently drifts up a little further along the inside of Jennifer's smooth legs and you discover first hand that the Oscar winner isn't wearing any panties underneath her gown. The revelation surprises you, and noting your stunned reaction Lawrence grins and whispers into your ear again, this time pulling you close to her.

Fortunately for you nothing appears out of the ordinary, thanks to the design of her dress and the layout of the tablecloth which conceals her spread legs and your inquisitive hand.

"Do you believe me now?" she purrs into your ear, referring to her earlier comment about having fun.

Emboldened by this statement, you push forward and dip the tips of your fingers between her moist pussy lips and find her extremely wet. In fact she's so god damn wet that you effortlessly plunge two digits inside her dripping young cunt and wiggle them around, causing the "Hunger Games" star to gasp softly and arch her back as you casually play with her sex under the table.

"Absolutely." You reply back. "I believe you."

The entire time as this goes on, you and Nina are caught up in deep conversation and despite acting like nothing is going on, you suspect by the perpetual grin on her face that Dobrev knows exactly what you're doing to your date. To her credit the TV star doesn't say anything and just smiles at you, eager to see how far you're willing to go.

Ultimately you're forced to separate as dinner is served and everyone wines and dines and enjoys the atmosphere. The meal itself is pretty uneventful aside from a few fleeting glances from Emma Watson before there's a break between the main course and dessert, and you excuse yourself to run to the bathroom.

"Don't disappear for too long." Jen remarks, before giving Nina a wink.

"Don't worry. Take your time." Dobrev interjects. "I'll keep her warm and wet for you while you're gone."

As you get up to leave you see Emma also get up from her side of the table to use her cell phone outside. A minute later you head out into the foyer and while you enter the men's room you hear an incoming message on your phone and see it's a text from Jessica Alba.

"I Like You're Date." The message reads, referring to JenLaw. "She's Cute. Call Me Later. We Definitely Need To Talk."

Feeling playful you type back a message, even though you know full well that she's seated just a few tables away from your date in the dining room downstairs.

"Talk?" You tease. "What Could We Possibly Talk About Jessica?"

"Hey. For All I Care You Can Just Lie There And Listen." she replies a minute later. "And Let Me Do All The Talking."

Her response is both funny and cheeky, and dripping in sexual innuendo. Although she's typed "talking" you both know she's actually referring to sex... and you lying on some hotel room bed while she rides you like a bucking bronco.

The imagery alone gives you instant wood, and as you head back out to return to the ballroom downstairs you glance outside and notice that Emma Watson is standing out on the balcony enjoying a cigarette. Feeling bold you step outside to light up a smoke and wait for her to initiate a conversation, which she does.

"So you and Jennifer huh?" she says in her sexy English accent.

If you didn't know any better you could swear she sounds a little disappointed, even jealous maybe.

"Actually it's not as serious as it looks." You explain. "It's more of a causal thing. Jen and I are just good friends."

"Uh-Huh." she beams, while not believing a word you're saying. "You know that. But does she? Because she's definitely into you."

You snicker inwardly as you recall the way you finger-banged Jen back at the table not more than 10mins earlier. You find it amusing that Emma would apparently find that dazed and aroused expression on Jennifer's face as affection.

"You really think she's into me do you?" You grin. "What makes you say that?"

"She was totally giving me the evil eye back at the table cause I was checking you out." Emma claims.

Hearing this admission, you then ask her why she doesn't appear to have a date for the gala and Watson claims that she doesn't like bringing a partner to such events as she likes to "Fly Solo" so to speak.

"What can I say. I have a bad track record with these things." she explains. "Every time I invite someone along it almost always ends up becoming a huge drama."

The actress then claims that she prefers to "perv" on people on her own and always has more fun flirting with other men, who are otherwise taken.

"So you like to seduced married man, is that it?" You joke. "You like to play mind games."

"I suppose I do." she admits. "I definitely get a kick out of it. Sure. What girl doesn't?"

It's only now you realize that the only reason she's attracted to you is cause she *thinks* you're spoken for. Thinking quickly you backtrack and claim that you look forward to a great evening of entertainment and can't wait to take Jennifer home after dinner.

As predicted this seems to have the desired effect and Emma suddenly seems eager again, and literally comes on to you right there on the balcony, asking you several questions about your background and what you look for in a girl. At the same time you get a text message from Jessica Alba again and glance down at the screen to read the text.

"Where Are You Right Now? I Think Your Date Is Getting Restless. Just Giving You A Heads Up."

"Err. How about we continue this discussion later?" You tell Emma, who to your delight seems more than interested in chatting again.

"By the way. Is this your first time at the Gala?" Watson inquires, as she doesn't seem to want to stop flirting with you.

"Yes. Yes it is."

"In that case at least allow me to show you around the exhibit after dinner. Who knows we might find something interesting."

With that said, the sexy "Harry Potter" star heads back inside as you wait an extra minute so as not to rouse any suspicion. It's now as you stand there out on the balcony that you stop to think about your options.

Should you text Jessica Alba a sexy message, or go back inside and fool around with Jennifer Lawrence some more? Maybe even head inside and flirt with Nina Dobrev? You could also just ignore them all together and flirt directly with Emma Watson?

Decisions, decisions.

>> as per usual you can vote for more than one person/event <<