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Thread: Hollywood GALA Episode #3 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood GALA Episode #3 (CYA)

    Hollywood Gala Episode #3
    With Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Emmy Rossum
    Created by TPG

    Having just performed oral on Emma WATSON the two of you are caught up in the moment and almost forget you have company standing just a few feet away from you in the form of Katy PERRY, Miley CYRUS, and Taylor SWIFT.

    "Wow. That was so fucking hot!" Miley remarks as you kiss Emma hard on the mouth, forcing her to savor her own juices.

    Without wasting another moment Watson reaches down and grabs your hard cock through your pants and spurs you on.

    "I want it." she pants between kisses. "I want it right now. Fuck me."

    You don't need to be asked twice, and despite the audience you dare not deny the stunning actress. You pick Emma up and drop her to the edge of the counter as you hear Katy remark from behind you.

    "Uh-Oh. It's about to happen."

    "Are they actually gonna have sex?" Swift comments, just as Emma takes out your cock and guides it between her legs.

    "I want it right here, right now." The actress purrs, as she wraps her legs around your hips which hold you in place.

    You respond by thrusting forward and impaling the "Harry Potter" star right there on the counter, in front of her famous friends. Emma gasps as you enter her for the first time and you both marvel at just how tight and wet she is. Just as things start to heat up you hear your cell phone chime with a new message and watch Katy answer it.

    "Where Are You Right Now?" Alba writes, as the ladies giggle at the message and debate what to text back.

    "Wouldn't You Like To Know." Katy ultimately types back while chucking to herself as she watches you impale Emma Watson on the bathroom bench just a few feet away.

    Feeling cheeky, she then adds. "I Need To See You. ASAP." and hits SEND.

    "Err. I Can't." Alba replies initially. "Too Many Spies Here Tonight."

    "C'mon. Come Meet Me Upstairs." Perry urges. "You Know You Want To."

    "I Wish I Could." Alba types back a minute later. "I'm So Bored Right Now."

    "Bored. Or Frustrated?"

    "Both. Jet Lagged."

    "Hmm. I Know The Perfect Remedy For That."

    "Yea. I Bet You Do."

    "Well. Just Make Sure You Have Those Panties Ready For Me." Miley tells Katy to type next.

    "You're So Bad." Jessica replies, before she adds. "Fine. Give Me 10mins."

    Nothing this, the ladies laugh while you and Emma continue to make out and leisurely screw right there in full view of them. It's only now as the others are distracted with the phone that you notice the way Taylor is standing there glaring at the two of you intently. She seems absolutely spellbound by the display and isn't shy about staring directly at your cock.

    Feeling bold you reach out and pull the leggy blonde towards you and kiss her hard on the lips - while still inside her actress friend. You then take Taylor's hand and invite her to touch Emma's body, and watch her fingertips glide across Watson's breasts and pinch her erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

    The "Bling Ring" star moans audibly to this action as you intentionally slow your pace and now pump her with several long, slow thrusts. At this point Taylor seems mesmerized by the two of you as you pull out and direct Swift to grasp your slick cock with her hand and give you an impromptu handjob.

    "Wow. It's so hard, and wet." The singer mutters, before you slide your meat back inside Emma's tight confines and pull out again to repeat the process.

    You repeat this procedure a few more times before you invite Taylor to use more than just her hand, and while she's more than a little anxious, you grasp her by her long blonde hair and insist she slip your shiny sword into her pretty mouth.

    Swift reluctantly sucks your manhood before you slide your length back inside Emma Watson and now repeat this lewd act two more times. In fact at one point you tell Taylor to just drool her spit all over Emma's pussy as you fuck her, to which she happily complies.

    This lewd action seems to have the desired effect as Emma now moans more loudly and insists you pick up the pace and fuck her more intently, which you're only too happy to oblige.

    All the while as this goes on Miley and Katy snicker behind your back as they presumably text with Jessica Alba.

    While you assume you have more than enough time to screw Emma before Jessica joins you in the bathroom, you're suddenly startled when you hear someone clear their throat from behind you and turn to see its Emmy Rossum standing in the doorway.

    "What's going on in here?" she grins, as she looks around the bathroom to find you engaged in a 3-way with Swift and Watson, and Katy and Miley huddled in the corner fooling around with your cell phone.

    To your amusement it appears that you're not the only one who's been playing tricks on people all night, as it seems that the ladies have in fact been talking to Emmy Rossum and not Jessica Alba as they first assumed.

    Nonetheless, Rossum's clearly shocked by the scandalous scene in the bathroom - and almost seems a little disappointed to find you "preoccupied" with two of the girls, as Miley invites Emmy to come in and join them.

    "I knew it! I had a feeling we weren't talking to Alba." Katy claims while trying to save face.

    "Oh really?" Emmy snickers. "And what gave it away?"

    "I dunno. I could just tell it wasn't her."

    "Are you disappointed?" Emmy grins, as her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of Watson sighing loudly.

    "Looks like I got here just in time for the (real) party." Rossum adds.

    With that said the ladies offer her some blow and she doesn't hesitate. Emmy keenly takes a hit from the counter beside you - as you continue to rail into Emma with the help of Taylor.

    Just then, you pull out of Watson and take Swift by the arm and direct her to bend over the counter top, as you hike up her dress and peel her panties down her legs - leaving them to pool around her knees.

    You're so intent on fucking Taylor Swift that the next time you look back you're surprised to find the other girls are getting on famously so to speak, as Miley and Emmy are making out fervently. It's an extraordinary scene, and something you never expected to see. But they make an incredible couple.

    Meanwhile you finally have Swift just the way you want her (bent over) and lean forward to rub the head of your cock along her hot, wet, pink cunt. To her credit, Emma pulls Swift between her legs and holds her in place as you now tease and rub your boner against her moist slit - making her moan and cue with anticipation.

    "Please." Swift murmurs.

    "Please what?" You reply. "Tell me what you want, Taylor. Do you want to get FUCKED tonight?"

    "Yes." she moans, as you grin smugly to yourself and then turn to watch Katy join the fray and share a hot wet kiss with Miley and Emmy, before the three of them make out together and almost proceed to rip each other's clothes off.

    This turn of events riles you up like nothing else, and the fact that Swift is so wet and eager to have you inside her only spurs you on. Without wasting another moment you enter the singer slowly and pull back gradually only to SLAM back into her hot wet cunt and proceed to fuck her from behind.

    "UNGHH." she lets out, as things quickly heat up in the bathroom and the room fills with the sounds of "oohs" and "ahhs."

    You snicker to yourself as you recall that you only agreed to attend the lavish event so as to escort your blind date for the evening, Jennifer Lawrence. Yet, here you are buried inside one of the country's most sort-after singers, 23-year-old Taylor Swift while watching Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus pull Emmy Rossum into one of the vacant bathroom stalls to have more "fun."

    There the ladies indulge in a sizzling 3-way as you now slam into Taylor with renewed vigor, making her grunt out loud and moan into Emma Watson's face.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she moans lustfully, while looking back over her shoulder.

    "You like that?" Watson remarks her in sexy British accent. "You like that big cock inside you Taylor?"

    "Ugh. God." Swift moans back. "So Hard. He's so fucking hard and deep right now."

    To your surprise she's nowhere near as tight as you imagined she would be. In fact Emma proved to be much less slack. But Taylor is no less enjoyable as she's so hot and wet. Her constant squirming and slight reluctant to the entire affair almost make it satisfying.

    At this point Swift is so "pliant" that it's almost like sliding a hot knife through butter, as your balls now slap loudly against her clit rocking her entire body. Despite this, you simply keep churning away - drilling that sweet sex of hers as she sobs with glee.

    "Ugh. Ohmigod. Ohmigod." she gasps breathlessly. "Don't stop. You're hitting my clit!"

    It's at this point that Emma slides off the counter and moves to stand directly beside her moaning friend, allowing you to kiss her on the lips before she turns around and offers you her own butt, which you reach down and promptly grab.

    You then withdraw from Swift's ass and now alternate between the two beauties, bending them both over and banging them one after the other.

    This goes on for some time as the three of you get into a brisk pace and you're soon distracted when you look back across the floor to find Miley Cyrus on her knees, naked from the waist down while apparently eating pussy in the bathroom stall. It seems Katy is sitting on the potty with Emmy on her lap, while Miley on the floor eating Rossum's butthole at the same time.

    With her long dark dress now hiked up around her hips, it appears that Cyrus isn't wearing any underwear which leaves the onetime "Hannah Montana" star naked and on all fours, with her firm teen tush wiggling gently in the nonexistent breeze.

    It's a phenomenal vision, but unfortunately for you you're just moments away from blowing your wad all over Emma and Taylor, who are proving to "give" as good as they "take."

    Taking a deep breath, you decide to go for broke. You pull out of Swift one final time and without warning you march over to Miley and mount the singer/actress from behind. You figure you might as well have your fill for the night and try to fuck as many young starlets as you possibly can.

    The short-haired vixen simply glances back at you and grins, which is all the permission you need.

    While your initial thought is to just walk over and fuck her doggy-style, you suddenly feel emboldened and have a wicked thought, and you rub the head of your fat cock against her tiny little sphincter - marveling at the way it now twitches at your touch.

    "Oh. Do it." You hear Emma Watson remark as she holds Swift in her arms and they watch you attempt anal.

    "Mm. Yeah. Fuck her in the ass." Katy suddenly chimes in from the stall. "Teach that little slut a lesson she won't forget."

    As you ponder this remark Miley glances over her shoulder again to flash you a smoldering look.

    "Are you gonna teach my ass a lesson." she purrs seductively.

    "If you let me."

    "Do it then." she snaps. "I want to see you try it."

    "Try what Miley."

    "Fuck my ass." she remarks hotly.

    "What do you want me to do again?" You snicker, as you revel in her dirty talk.

    "Go ahead." Miley insists. "Fuck me in the ass before I change my mind."

    Not wanting to disappoint, you carefully push forward and enter her tiny rectum and proceed to fuck her teen butt, as she continues to lick Emmy's impeccable cunt just above her face.

    Considering your current state it only takes you a few pumps before you to feel your balls quiver and you reluctantly withdraw. You then grunt out loud as your cock explodes and slims her entire butt and legs in your steamy hot man-juice.

    In fact you cum so hard you complete coat her flawless derriere in hot white semen and almost pass out, as you realize you just fucked Miley Cyrus in the ass!

    As you lean back against the wall to catch your breath and admire your handy work, you stop to appreciate the crazy scene playing out around you.

    On one side you have Taylor Swift and Emma Watson who are making our fervently and finger-banging each other by the counter, while in the stall nearest to you have Katy Perry, Emmy Rossum, and Miley Cyrus who are carrying on loudly and without an ounce of shame or regret.

    As you get up from the floor you notice Alba's phone is lying on the counter top - no thanks to Emmy ROSSUM who had apparently impersonated her earlier. Looking at the phone you start to debate what your next move should be, when you're suddenly startled by a new message which flashes across the screen.

    "Jess, Where The Hell Are You." The text reads. "I'm Still Waiting Here On The Roof. Hurry Up Before I Change My Mind!"

    Checking to see who it's from you realize it was sent by Stacy KEIBLER and you're suddenly intrigued. This is finally your chance to catch her alone and maybe seduce her.

    Straightening yourself up in the mirror, you leave the (moaning) ladies to their sapphic fun and decide to investigate. Unfortunately for you the floor is so huge - and in your current state - you soon get lost as you try to find a way upstairs. It's while looking for the stairwell exit that you hear some giggling just one floor below you and you take a quick peek.

    You quickly realize there are two ladies standing in the stairwell enjoying a smoke and giggling between themselves, and on second glance you immediately recognize them as being Kylie MINOGUE and Miranda KERR, who are apparently stoned and enjoying a quiet blunt together.

    Making a noise, the girls fall silence and panic before Miranda lashes out.

    "Who's up there!" she announces in her thick Australia accent. "We know you're up there pal."

    "Yeah." Kylie adds. "You can stop spying on us and come out."

    Not wanting to alarm the ladies you step out of the shadows and apologize for the intrusion.

    "Do you get your jollies or something out of spying on people." Kerr challenges, as you try to explain yourself.

    "Wait. Have I seen you before?" Kylie interjects, her accent as sexy as her friends. "Aren't you from the dinner party downstairs?"

    It's only now you realize just how anxious and agitated they both appear to be, no doubt due to the pot they're smoking.

    To your amusement Miranda hides the smoldering joint behind her back which makes you laugh as you can clearly smell the pungent fume from a mile away. Feeling bold you ask them what they're doing standing there all alone in the stairwell and watch Kerr stutter and stammer some lame excuse.

    "I tell you what." You finally counter. "You give me a puff of whatever it is you're smoking, and I'll pretend I didn't see you girls here."

    The ladies look at each other before passing you the blunt, and the three of you now stop to share the joint and some lighthearted conversation.

    To you delight it seems the ladies are increasingly flirtatious and seem up for anything. They both appear to be very friendly and easy going, and claim that it's their first time in New York (which is a lie) and ask if you know of any place to go after the gala is over.

    "It's a big city out there." You remark. "I'm sure two very attractive girls like yourselves won't have trouble finding some fun tonight."

    "Maybe we need a good tour guide." Kylie teases, as Kerr smiles and agrees with her friend.

    "Absolutely." Miranda adds. "Can you think of anyone who might be available."

    At this point you're almost certain that you can get with these two hotties, even though you're totally baked. Fortunately for you they both appear to be just as stoned (and aroused) as you are, if that's even possible.

    Unfortunately for you, it's around this time that you suddenly recall what you were doing minutes earlier (headed to the roof) and now have a decision to make. Do you go for a sure thing with the aussie girls, or try your luck with Stacy Keibler on the roof.

    You also realize that you have a third option as you're in possession of Jessica Alba's cell phone - which gives you the perfect excuse to track her down and seduce her - knowing how grateful she'll be that you acquired it from Emmy and brought it back to her.

    >> as per usual you can vote for more than one person/event <<

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    Is it my imagination.. Or things are getting Hotter by the second.. :PP

  3. Thanks TPG thanked for this post

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