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Thread: Hollywood Party Chapter 1 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Party Chapter 1 (CYA)

    Hollywood Party Chapter #1
    With Chloe Grace Moretz
    Created by TPG

    It's a Friday night in Los Angeles as you get a call from an old friend, inviting you to a local party up in the Hollywood Hills.

    While you're initially hesitant about the idea, you learn that several famous faces will be attending the event, which is apparently being hosted by Chloe Grace Moretz, at her Bel Air home.


    "I'm not kidding," Chase tells you. "I've actually been hired to DJ her party tonight, can you believe it!"

    You can't help but laugh at his good fortune, as Chase has a tendency to stumble into pussy and great job opportunities when you least expect it.

    "So what do you say, want to help me out?" he asks. "I could definitely use the help."

    Despite your reservations, you realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you agree to help out, and arrange to pick him up in your truck and drive him over to Bel Air.

    A FEW HOURS LATER the two of you head up into the Hollywood Hills and you're both floored by the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, and the astonishing houses and estates which line the canyons. Each house is bigger than the next.

    "So who's going to be at this party anyway?" you quiz.

    "It's pretty much a who's-who of the entertainment industry." he claims. "Including some hot Disney stars."

    "Disney?" you chuckle. "You always did like them young, didn't you."

    "Don't worry, from what I understand there'll be more than enough MILFS for you to drool over," he assures you.

    Minutes later you arrive to the house and you're taken aback as you meet Chloe Grace Moretz for the first time, and get a real eyeful as she greets you in nothing but a skimpy little bikini.

    "Err, you never mentioned this was a bikini party, Chase?" you remark to your friend.

    But as it turns out, Chloe's been partying all afternoon and is now running around making final preparations for the REAL party later that evening.

    "I assume you guys know what to do," she smiles, as you try your best not to check out her long slender legs. "There's food in the kitchen, and drinks outside by the pool so help yourself."

    That being said, you help Chase carry the equipment inside as Chloe busies herself with her phone, and its only now that you hear some commotion outside and realize she already has some friends over at the house, frolicking in the pool.

    It's there you recognize Paris Berelc and Lia Marie Johnson, who all appear to be scantily clad in their swimming outfits. While Lia appear to be wearing a skimpy little two-piece bikini, Paris is clad in a tight fitting bathing suit that leaves nothing to the imagination, showing off her hard asian pokies and firm teen buttocks.

    "I can introduce you if you're interested?" Chloe smiles as she notices you staring.

    "Are your friends staying for the party tonight?"

    "Probably," Chloe answers while heading for the stairs. "I've still got a few more friends coming over today."

    Just then, you hear screaming from the pool as Lia and Paris playfully grapple in the water, with Paris ripping her friends bikini top off her chest and exposing her natural tits!

    You then watch spellbound as Paris holds the garment away from Lia's hands, and bribes her into kissing her on the lips. You and Chase just look at each other dumbfounded, as you realize that tonight might end up being one of the greatest nights of your life.

    "Hey," Chloe says, snapping you out of your daydream. "Can I borrow you for a minute?"

    You follow Chloe up the stairs to help her move some boxes (party supplies) as she makes small talk and takes this opportunity to ask you for another favor.

    As it turns out, the actress apparently has some friends who need a ride over to the house, including Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt, and wants to know if you'd be willing to drive across town to pick them up.

    You're naturally hesitant (not wanting to leave the sexy pool action downstairs) when Chloe answers her phone and hands the device to you.

    "It's for you." she says handing you her iphone.

    "Are you guys coming to get us or what?" asks Hailee via the phone.

    "How far away are you?"

    "We're just a few blocks away, at another party."

    "I'm sure something can be arranged."

    "BTW, would it be okay if we brought along some friends?" Hailee asks. "You know Selena Gomez right?"

    You play along and pretend like you know her personally, as you suddenly realize that Hailee assumes that just because you're friends with Chloe, that you frequently hob-knob with the rich and famous.

    "How does fifteen minutes sound like?"

    "Perfect. Don't keep us waiting."

    With that settled, you help Chloe with a few more boxes before she suddenly turns to face you and seems super appreciative towards you, pecking you quickly on the cheek.

    "What was that for?"

    "Just thanking you for your help," she grins. "I really appreciate it. I owe you one."

    Right away your mind goes to a dirty place and you can't help but think what that "one" is. Judging from the sly expression on her face, you're sure that Chloe can read your mind and is thinking the exact same thing, something sexual.

    A moment later, you're assumptions are proved right as she reaches out and grasps the obvious tent in your pants, gripping your cock with her delicate fingers.

    You're so shocked you almost jump out of your skin, and almost have to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming the entire encounter.


    "You better leave now, and hurry back." she grins seductively. "but I promise to make it worth your while."

    "How do you figure?" you reply.

    Chloe bites her bottom lip.

    "When was the last time you had a real blonde suck your dick."

    "Um, a while."

    "Trust me," she leans closer. "You've never met a natural cock-sucker like me before."

    "That's what they all say."

    "Yes but, not all of them can deep-throat like I can. I've been practicing."

    "Grr, now there's an image."

    "Yeah you keep that image in your head as you pick up my friends." she says while squeezing your cock. "Just keep this thing in your pants until you get back, and I promise I'll reward you."

    Feeling bold you decide to tease her back.

    "You seem pretty sure you know what you're doing. How about a preview?"

    To her credit, Chloe simply licks her lips as she takes you out of your pants, strokes your bare cock for a minute before leaning over to lick the very tip of your bell-end, swirling her tongue around the head before tucking you back into your pants.


    "That's all I get?"

    "Trust me pal, if I get started right now I won't stop... at least, not until you pop in my mouth."


    "And for the record, I do swallow." she goes on. "I love the way it tastes going down my throat."

    "With a mouth like yours, I don't doubt it."

    "Go pick up my friends, and I'll let you do whatever you want to me," Chloe grins. "I promise."


    To your amusement Chloe can't help but reach out to give your hard cock another firm squeeze, and for a moment actually contemplates blowing you, but you're both interrupted by the sound of her brother downstairs.

    You then grab your keys and head back out to the car, ready to meet and pick up her famous friends across town.


    Introduce Debby Ryan (Chase's sister)
    Pick Up Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt
    Introduce Dove Cameron
    Pick Up Victoria Justice
    Introduce Ariel Winter
    Pick Up The Merrell Twins
    Score Drugs For The Party


    You can vote for more than one person/event

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    Off to a nice start, TPG.

    I gotta vote for picking up Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt, mostly cause Selena is tagging along as well.

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    I like where this is going ....Hailee & Co. AND Debby Ryan :thumbsup:

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    Fark that was a hot little tease for an opener.

    *spam votes for Hailee and Olivia*

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    olivia and hailee

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    we could have selena gomez victoria justice debby ryan and hailee in the same story

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    Was hoping the Merrell Twins would get involved, they don't get any attention on this site.

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    Hope to see Peyton List added soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by hearsz View Post
    Just a thought on the actually story. I reckon you should leave the Chloe blowjob/sex scene for the last instalment of this series. Kind of allow it to be an ongoing tease for the guy and the readers and the stories in between will be dedicated to the various guests that attend the party. Just my two cents...

    Yep, that was the idea. hehe:thumbsup:

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