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Thread: Storyboard Game (daily)

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    Ever since she'd turned eighteen, Ariel Winter had become an insatiable little cockhound, she could rarely get enough and as such, her relationships didn't often last more than a few wild weeks of passion. She either got bored of fucking the same guy over and over or he'd simply struggle to keep up with her needs.

    She enjoyed it in a way, giving guys the best, most memorable couple of weeks of their young lives but she wanted more and going off on vacation while single was the perfect opportunity to do so – somewhere where she wasn't well known, could easily flaunt her dynamite body and hook up with hot guys for some no-strings-attached holiday sex.

    Of course she never could have predicted what would actually happen.

    She'd had no luck during her first few days. It sometimes felt guys were simply intimidated by her body, all they wanted to do was stare at her tits and ass in a two-piece bikini but made no other move. If only they knew how easy she was, especially in her current, frustrated mood.

    Ariel and her friend had booked a short cruise on their third day but after a late night of partying and drinking hard, her friend was more than a little worse for wear the next morning, struggling to even get out of bed let alone leave the hotel and board a boat.

    Annoyed, the busty teenager set off alone. With the cruise already paid for and little else to do with her day, she figured she may as well go on the boat trip anyway – maybe there'd be a cute crewman, she thought.

    As it turned out there were six cute crewmen. Ariel's bikini bottoms practically flooded the second she stepped on board, feeling more like she was stepping into heaven as the six older, fit guys sorted out their yacht.

    She actually felt a little overwhelmed and barely knew where to look between each of the shirtless, muscular, tanned men and smiled to herself, secretly glad her friend hadn't been able to come, leaving her alone with this all you can eat buffet.

    Seeing the way they looked at her, openly checking out her busty young body, Ariel knew it was simply a matter of choosing who the lucky guy would be as they left the dock and headed out into the open waters.

    Ariel had plenty of time of course so decided to tease the crewmembers by laying out at the front of the yacht to tan in her one-piece swimsuit which left little to the imagination. While she had her eyes closed just knowing she was being ogled by six men set her pulse racing and she actually found it a struggle not to touch herself as she flipped onto her front to give them a good look at her ass.

    Before long one of the men had the courage to approach her, offering her a bottle of icy water. Ariel rolled over again and took it graciously, meeting his eye as she took a drink and purposely let the water drip down her chin and onto her eye-catching cleavage.

    She grinned, the guy was completely under her spell, unable to tear his eyes away from her mammoth chest. Just seeing the way he looked at her finally set her up. It had been over a week since her last cock and she couldn't wait a second longer. Ariel grabbed her bottle of tanning oil and tossed it at him, giggling as he fumbled to catch it.

    "Do you mind?" she asked innocently.

    The look on his face was priceless then as she nonchalantly slipped the straps off her shoulders and let her huge, natural tits free. Ariel glanced over his shoulder to see his five friends watching on enviously as, with shaking hands, he poured some oil onto his hands and knelt beside the horny teenager.

    "Come on, don't be shy," she purred, grabbing his hands and pulling them to her breasts.

    "Fucking hell," he breathed quietly as he began massaging her large tits, covering them in oil and giving them a shiny sheen.

    He was so captivated by her titties he barely noticed when she reached for his cock and began to do some fondling of her own, soon pulling it out and jerking it with two hands.

    "Fuck it, stand up," she hissed urgently. "I need this cock!"

    He stood in an instant and a second later she lunged forward, taking his shaft into her wet mouth. Ariel was already salivating, she loved giving head and nothing made her wetter than feeling a cock get hard and grow in her slutty little mouth.

    By now a few of his friends were edging nearer and with a subtle wave of her hand she encouraged them suddenly coming to the conclusion that this could be her change to live out one of her deepest, darkest fantasies – why have one of these hot guys when she could have six?

    Before she knew it she was surrounded and in heaven, six long, thick cocks all rock hard just for her as she gave each of them due attention with her hands and mouth. Her pussy was almost aching she wanted to touch it so bad but she couldn't, not without taking a hand away from pleasuring one of the lucky men.

    As time went on the men surrounding her became more and more bold, groping and squeezing every inch of her body until she finally felt one of them slide their hard cock between her slippery, oil-coated tits.

    "Mmpphff—yeh—fuck my tits!" she moaned with her mouth full.

    As they had their way with her, her swimsuit was eventually torn off leaving her naked on deck as they began to manipulate her onto all fours. Fortunately for them this was by far her favourite position and before she even had to shout out and demand it, she finally felt a hard cock slide into her needy cunt from behind.

    She didn't even know which one it was fucking her, she didn't care, all she knew is that it felt good – really good. She heard him complimenting how good her pussy felt and smiled proudly around the shaft buried in her throat.

    Unsurprisingly he didn't last long, pumping into her pussy for a few good minutes before she gasped when she felt him spray her back and ass with steamy hot spunk. Ariel could only moan wantonly around the meat in her mouth as a second guy swiftly took his place, this one felt considerably thicker than the last.

    Just feeling the second man in as many minutes push into her pussy made her squeal and cream all over him as he grabbed handfuls of her thick ass and began pummelling into her.

    Ariel was going almost delirious with pleasure as he quickly finished, this time blasting his load deep inside her as the man in front of her fucked her open, drooling mouth until he also came, choking her with his cum as she greedily gulped it all down.

    Ariel was giving herself over to them completely and all six men were happy to take advantage. She was finally getting the hard fucking she'd always dreamed of so she didn't even bat an eye when she felt them prepare her backdoor with her tanning oil.

    The insatiable teenager damn near passed out with pleasure when she was unceremoniously DP'd for the very first time on the deck of her rented yacht.

    She was a hot, sweaty mess, covered in cum as the six guys repeatedly tagged out but she'd never felt sexier in her life – and the day was only just beginning.

    Next Picture
    (Michelle Keegan)

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    You get a call from your buddy to hang out and watch the big game. You're hesitant to go, but you ultimately agree knowing that his Playmate Girlfriend Sara Underwood will also be there. You rock up to the house to find Sara clad in nothing more than a tiny tank top and panties.

    Naturally, you can't help but steal glances at her all night as she gets excited and jumps up and down at critical parts in the game. The game ends and your friend has to go on a work call, leaving you and Sara alone. She's noticeably drunk and starts putting the moves on you.

    "You know I've always known that you have a thing for me." she quips.

    "I don't have any idea what you're talking about" I reply.

    "Bullshit! You've wanted to fuck me since the day you met me."

    "Well can u blame me? You're hot as fuck, Sara!"

    She giggles at my comment as the two of you start making out right there on the couch, before she pushes your head down and you start eating her freshly shaved clam until she squirts all over your face.

    Next pic

    Tahan Lew Fatt

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    I've been best mates with V8 Supercar Driver, David Reynolds for a number of years now, so when he called me up, asking if I could accompany his girlfriend, Tahan Lew Fatt to a red carpet movie premiere for a film called Fifty Shades Darker, as he wouldn't be able to make it, I said yes, even though I had zero interest in the movie myself.

    After walking the red carpet, and having the paparazzi take several pictures of her, both Tahan and I made our way to the screening area where we took our seats in the back row, as it was one of the few aisles that didn't have people sitting in it. It was about half way through the movie, when the gorgeous model leans over, whispering into my ear...

    "So as Dave's best friend, I assume he told you about our little arrangement?"

    "You mean..."

    Tahan cuts me off...

    "The fact that we're in an open relationship."

    With that, Lew Fatt brings her hand to my crotch, before unzipping my pants, fishing out my cock, and wrapping her hands around the base, giving me a handjob. Once I got hard, the former grid girl bends over, taking my shaft into her cock hungry mouth, bobbing her head up and down, as she sucks me off.

    Getting a wicked blowjob from my best friends girl, I can't help but let out an audible moan, despite the fact we were in such a crowded area and could have easily been caught. Considering how talented the Australian native's oral skills were, it took no more than five minutes until my prick started throbbing, and I busted my nut, shooting a load down the back of her throat.

    Tahan Lew Fatt then readjusted herself, sitting back up, before suggesting that we sneak out of the movie theater, and head back to my place to continue the fun.

    Next Picture

    Jennifer Lopez

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    You'd only recently moved into your new Hollywood home and already were having problems with the young people in the neighbourhood. It seemed during the period of time the house was unoccupied, they made a regular habit of climbing the gate and playing in the outdoor pool late at night.

    Even after you'd moved in they still did it, it seemed having someone to chase them off added to the thrill of it and during the first week you'd already scared the drunken, laughing teenagers off three times.

    While they eventually got bored of the sport a few continued to turn up in the middle of the night and eventually you managed to get your hands on one while her friends hopped the fence and escaped into the night.

    You can imagine your surprise however when you lead the drunken blonde to your front porch with every intention of calling the police when you realise that, not only is she one of the hottest creatures you'd ever seen, but you actually recognise her as TV/Film actress Elisha Cuthbert.

    Add that knowledge to the fact she's completely soaked through from her dip in your pool, with a revealing red bra on display through her white shirt and you're instantly hard and have second thoughts about calling the authorities.

    "Please don't call the cops," she begs, just as an evil idea forms in your mind.

    As she pleads her case your eyes can't help but drift downwards to her exposed, wet chest. Catching your leering, Elisha suddenly jumps on board and smiles while pulling her blouse a little, revealing more of her sexy bra.

    "...I'm sure we could come to some arrangement?" she pouted flirtatiously.

    "What did you have in mind?" you ask, ensuring it was her idea.

    Elisha makes it perfectly obvious when she takes another step closer and seductively slides her hand over your crotch to squeeze your large boner. Meeting her lustful gaze you drop the phone, making her smile as she pushes you back onto the wooden bench, dropping to her knees right there on your porch.

    Without another word she's all business as she loosens your pants and fishes your thick cock out before swiftly taking you in her mouth. You can only grunt as she keenly services you, moaning softly around your thick meat. Under the light of your porch, anyone walking by could have seen exactly what the young starlet was up to but neither of you care.

    After a little encouraging you convince her to lose her wet shirt and bra, exposing her perky little tits to the cool night air, her nipples rock hard as she playfully slaps them with your spit-covered cock.

    "Mmphhff—you like that?" she asks while stuffing your meat back in her warm mouth. "When was the last time you had your cock sucked by a hot, young blonde like me?"

    You don't even bother replying and suddenly grab a fistful of her wet hair and begin forcefully fucking her sweet mouth, eliciting some lewd, loud gagging noises before you suddenly erupt, flooding her throat and mouth with your hot load. Elisha immediately takes over again and continues sucking, determined to completely drain you before swallowing the entire lot.

    Next Picture
    (Maia Mitchell)

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    Despite the fact she was trying to wander the convention hall in disguise, it was her creamy smooth legs that first caught my = attention and a second later I saw her pretty face and recognised the Fappening star Dove Cameron in a sexy little school girl outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place in one of her private bedroom selfies.

    Naturally I immediately abandoned my booth and approached her, manoeuvring myself next to her in the crowded space until our bodies were touching. She glanced up at me briefly and smiled sweetly when I caught her eye.

    "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I asked, acting dumb as we continued to shuffle forwards with the crowd.

    "No I don't think so," she replied looking down again.

    "I'm sure I do, I'd recognise those lips anywhere."

    I don't think she expected me to be quite so bold because she flashed me a cynical look yet those very same lips curled into another smile nonetheless.

    "I'm undercover," she whispered, bringing a finger to her lips.

    "I can see that, but maybe if you wanted to go undetected you shouldn't have worn something this eye-catching?" I replied referring to the leg show she was putting on.

    Dove merely smiled over her shoulder at me as the crowd came to a stop and I ended up behind her only to be bumped forward causing my crotch to briefly press against her ass.

    "Ooh, hello?" she giggled feeling my hard length against her.

    "My bad," I apologised but noting her positive reaction I didn't hesitate to do it again until I was subtle grinding away at her.

    "I can't believe I'm letting you do that," she blushed a moment later while biting her lip.

    "You want me to stop?"

    "God no, it feels nice."

    It was then the crowd began moving again and we were forced to stop our public canoodling and move with it until thankfully it came to another stop and Dove and I picked up right where we left off.

    It was just as well the convention hall was dimly lit but even so if anyone had looked twice it would have been plainly clear what we were up to.

    "You want to know my little secret?" she whispered in my ear at one point.

    "Sure, go ahead."

    "What if I told you I was feeling extra naughty this morning and decided to leave my panties in my hotel room?"

    The revelation almost made me jizz in my pants as I tried to remain composed and reply.

    "In that case I'd have to find out for myself."

    Dove didn't object as I pulled her closer and wrapped my arm around her, feeling her super soft thigh before moving it up and under her short plaid skirt.

    I could hear her wavering breath in my ear as I edged closer to her treasure trove in the midst of the heaving crowd.

    "You sexy little slut," I whispered at her when I discovered her underwear-free cunt.

    The seemingly sweet teenager simply gave me another of her innocent smiles which broke into a shocked gasp when I slipped two fingers inside her.

    The action was so unexpected Dove almost buckled in my arms, her legs failing her as I keenly explored her slick cunt all while we took another few steps forward.

    "Ugh. Ohmigod," she panted, starting to panic. "What if someone sees?"

    "Let them watch," I growled back at her.

    By now I could easily hear the audible wetness of her tight pussy as I drilled her and wondered if anyone around us could as well if not surely they could smell her arousal.

    "Cum you little slut," I hissed in her ear. "Cum in front of all these people."

    Dove immediately let out a strangled squeak as she did just that, her body shuddering and almost collapsing as she came on my probing digits which I quickly slipped free as she glared at me over her shoulder.

    "I'm going to get you back for that one!"

    Next Picture
    (Sarah Ellen)

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    Next Picture
    (Sarah Ellen)

    Due to you living in Europe these days it has been a couple of years since you have been over to visit and now that you finally managed to come by you are instantly floored as you meet Sarah, your now fully grown niece. To your shame you can't help but check the teen out multiple times over the weekend, hoping that nobody would notice as your eyes repeatedly linger to her behind.

    During the first night you get up in the middle of the night due to not being used to the Australian heat anymore and wander to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. On your way back you come past Sarah's room and when you see that it is a crack open a primal instinct inside you forces you to take a peek. Silently popping your head in you feel shame as you spy on your sleeping niece, but that shame is instantly forgotten as you see her lying on her bed, the covers kicked off due to the night's heat. She is lying on her side, facing away from you and your mouth goes dry as you admire your teen niece's tight little ass. The light pants she is wearing wrap her derriere in a delicious way and her small white t-shirt has ridden up her back to reveal a good portion of nicely tanned skin.

    However, your moment of madness passes and you quickly retreat, hurrying back to your bedroom, cursing your creepiness. Nonetheless, back in bed you can not help but stroke your cock to the image of Sarah's tanned, tight ass...

    The next day, with your brother and his wife at work you find yourself alone at home with Sarah, who sleeps till midday before finally waking up. It is another hot, humid day and after taking some light breakfast she wastes little time heading for the pool.

    Your eyes almost bug out of your head as you sit on a lounger with your laptop while Sarah prances around in the tiniest of bikinis, leaving you unable to focus on any work. You try to act as inconspicuous as possible as she lazily splashes around, but when she finally emerges dripping wet to lie down next to you you have a hard time concealing your boner.

    After drying in the sun for a bit while mindlessly chatting with you Sarah makes your jaw drop as she unties her bikini top and asks you to put some lotion on her back. Nervous like a teenage boy you agree, rubbing the cream into the smooth skin of her bare back, until you suddenly hear Sarah moan in delight.

    You freeze, though only for a split second, but it is enough for Sarah to notice and she giggles innocently before turning her head to give you a teasing look.

    "What? I like this as much as you do!"

    You are then floored as she reveals that not only did she notice you spying on her last night, but she is also more than aware of your raging boner and just to top things off she demands to see it!

    "You want me to keep quiet about this? Then drop those shorts, mister!"

    Completely speechless you can't think of any excuse and finally just comply, whipping your dick out for your niece's benefit, who gasps, impressed. Without hesitation she then grabs your solid cock and strokes it in her soft hand, looking up at you with big, teasing eyes.

    "It's sooo big!" she moans dramatically before cracking up as you shudder.

    Given that the situation is already surreal enough you throw caution into the wind and take charge. Sarah gives a muffled gasp of surprise as you grab the back of her pretty, blonde head firmly and push your member into the wet warmth of her mouth, beginning to give her hard thrust. To her credit, your niece hardly gags and doesn't protest as you fuck her face by the pool, rough and fast. Instead she looks up with smoldering eyes.

    To your utter shame you don't last more than a few minutes before you pull out and explode with a roar, busting your sticky load across Sarah's pretty face, who just smirks. With her nose, cheeks and forehead covered in spunk she takes you back between her lips to suck the last dregs out, making you groan befoer she giggles and gets up, declaring that she needs a shower.

    However, as she turns to leave you grab her wrist and push her back down onto her back and it is Sarah's turn to gasp as you rip her bikini bottoms off, revealing a completely shaven, wet clam. She grins and just as you see she is about to give another snide comment you stuff her mouth with her own balled-up bottoms before pushing her legs up to her knees.

    Sarah's moans and cries are dampened by her gag as you begin to feast on her cookie like a man possessed, burying your chin in her snatch and lapping up her nectar. You have her eyes roll back into her head within minutes and take that very moment to up your game even further and push her knees back even further before lowering your aim. Sarah bucks with shock as you give her pristine teen asshole a tongue kiss and start rimming her.

    The teen harlot clearly loves this as her muffled shrieks only grow louder as your tongue widens her tiny sphincter. Clearly this is the first time anyone has eaten her ass and she goes absolutely mental, twisting and twitching around as she cums hard.

    It's only then that you pull her bottoms from her cum-painted face. "I'll keep these!" you declare, "Now you can have your shower!"

    Next picture: Emilia Clarke

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    As nerdy as it may be, you'd harboured a crush on Game of Throne's 'mother of dragons' for years now so you can hardly believe your luck when you find yourself on a two weeklong ocean liner cruise with the actress herself – Emilia Clarke.

    Naturally she garnered plenty of attention from the hundreds of guests over the first couple of days before she was finally left alone long enough to relax but you'd still yet to build up the courage to speak to her.

    The opportunity finally arises late one night however on the penultimate day of the trip. Having had a little too much to drink, you're wandering the empty deck, enjoying the cold sea breeze when you hear some sniggering and low whispers and you know full-well a couple are having some fun nearby.

    Not wanting to intrude you continue on but do a double-take when you spot the couple, none other than Emilia who looked very drunk and was openly flirting with one of the ship's sailors, already having stolen his hat.

    You watch them grapple playfully for a moment before an alert on the crewman's radio calls him away. He groans in frustration but Emilia merely pouts and refuses to give his hat back, promises she'll be right here waiting so she can give it back when he returns.

    As he dashes off, Emilia is left alone and suddenly spots you watching and quickly approaches. At first you're worried she's going to have it out with you for spying on her but instead she's incredibly friendly and seems to just want some company.

    To your surprise you're barely even star-struck and boldly flirt right back – no doubt thanks to the alcohol running through your blood and clouding your nerves. Before you know it almost thirty minutes has passed with no sign of the sailor and you can hardly believe your luck when Emilia decides 'screw him' and invites you back to her private cabin instead.

    It's back in her room that she proceeds to re-enact one of your favourite scenes from her show and slips out of her clothing to stand there naked as the day she was born except for the sailor's hat still perched on her head.

    With a grin at your stunned reaction to seeing her naked in the flesh, Emilia takes charge and crawls on top of you, shoving her tongue down your throat while sliding your pants down to free your cock. She's so horny and desperate for it she foregoes any kind of foreplay and you can only groan as you feel her impale herself with your thick cock, grunting in your ear before sitting up to ride you hard and fast.

    Next Picture
    (Selena Gomez)

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    re: Selena Gomez,

    You get word that Selena Gomez is staying at the same hotel where you work and you're eager to meet her, but rumor has it that she's a total bitch! In fact as it turns out, she's apparently been dumped by another guy via social media and is in a real foul mood, and has been taking it out on all the hotel staff.

    Despite this, you're soon sent up to her suite to deliver some drinks and deserts, and are bowled over when you're greeted at the door by the scantily clad singer -- nothing but a silk robe and two very prominent pokies!

    Unfortunately for you the rumors are true, as Selena goes on a rant about the hotel and berates you about the shitty service and how she's suffering from jet-lag.

    In fact she leaves you in such a bad way that as you leave to go back to the elevator you realize you forgot the drinks cart in her room, and head back only to hear that she's now got the music turned up loud.

    You pace back and forth debating what to do, and finally decide to sneak into her suite with your security card. But the moment you slip inside, something catches your attention and you go to investigate and find her naked in the shower, jilling herself off with the detachable shower head.

    For a moment you almost consider beating off right then and there, until her eyes look up to see you and you take off! Amusingly enough you're in such a panicked state that you slip and fall in the hallway and bump your head.

    By the time you get up and try to make it to the door, Selena is already blocking your exit.

    "Who the HELL do you think you are!" she yells over the booming music. "I'm calling the cops! I'm having you arrested. I want you fired, you're dead meat, you pervert!"

    While you try to ignore her, the singer then proceeds to taunt you about the leverage she now has, knowing full well that not only does she have your entire career in her hands, but your freedom as well.

    At first you try to be apologetic and just take the verbal abuse on the chin, but when she starts to get personal and threatens your family, you suddenly snap and grab her by the throat and pin her up against the door, causing the loose towel to fall from her body and leave her standing there naked and wet!

    In an instant your hands seemed to have a mind of their own, and before you know what you're doing you're rubbing her shaved clam, marveling at the sheer softness of her pussy.

    "ugh, please.."

    "You little slut!" you hissed. "You might act all high and mighty, but at the end of the day you're just a little bitch!"

    "Why don't you let go of my throat and I'll show you exactly who and what I am," she growls back.

    You respond by taking your fingers from her cunt and jam them into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself before slipping them back into her cunt.

    This is soon followed with a hot tongue kiss before she drops to her knees and blows you right there by the door. You ultimately pick her up from the floor and carry her over to the dinning table where you place her legs over your shoulders and slam into her again and again.

    Selena cries out loud as you fuck her within an inch of her life, before flipping her over and taking her from behind, tugging her hair and slapping that Mexican ass.

    It's only when she has you on the sofa a few minutes later and is riding you reverse cowgirl, that you finally lose control and shoot your hot salty load all over her bare naked ass and back.

    Next up...
    Margot Robbie, Comic Con

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    re: Margot Robbie,

    It's while at SDCC that you attend a panel where Margot Robbie takes questions from the audience, and after a little flirting with the crowd, you make a scene by professing your love for her (in a joking way) and have her agree to have lunch with you (to the cheers of onlookers)

    Unfortunately for you, the timing couldn't be worse as you accompany Margot for a drink only to have her break down as it comes out that her husband Tom is having an affair. To her credit, Margot continues with your little "date" as she tries to ignore her personal issues, and starts to drink hard!

    Over the next few hours she starts to pour out her heart and seems to enjoy spending time with you, claiming that you're easy to talk to. In truth you're simply floored by her natural beauty, and can't believe your damn luck.

    You're then floored as she invites you back to her hotel room across the street where you listen to her fight with her wayward husband on the phone before offering her a shoulder to cry on.

    ...this involves a LOT more drinking.

    "He's not the only one who can fuck around," she hisses before kissing you hard on the lips.

    It's made abundantly clear that she only wants to use you to get back at her cheating husband, but you're more than happy to help out as she claims that if you don't sleep with her she'll just go downstairs and make some guys dreams come true.

    "I wanna get fucked, yeah?" she tells you in no uncertain terms. "I don't wanna make love tonight, I want you to fuck me hard! ...I need to get fucked!"

    You're only too happy to oblige as you kiss her hard on the lips and grab her head and fuck her pretty mouth, before taking her from behind and pulling her hair and slapping her thick ass.

    In fact the two of you are so loud that security is called, which only seems to turn her on more, as you watch her openly flirt with the hotel personnel. You find this curious, but being a total flirt really turns her on as she blows you right there by the door.

    "Yeah, did that shit turn you on?" she teases. "..watching me flirt with those guys. Maybe I should have invited them in and had them pull a train on me, and make you watch."

    "I'd do more than watch," you tell her as she polishes your knob. "I'd probably blow a load all over your face as they take turns fucking you."

    Just hearing this really seems to turn her on.

    You ultimately end up in the bedroom where Margot is on fire, and asks you to fuck her in the ass -- something only reserved for two other men in her entire life (neither of which were her husband). You happily oblige and are surprised as you actually make her cum violently while getting ass-fucked!

    ...the next morning you wake up and find a note beside you in bed, thanking you for the lovely time and a messaging saying that she looks forward to seeing you again at next years conversation, if you're still interested?

    Next up...
    Georgia May Foote

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    Georgia May Foote

    I'd only been at my new office job a few weeks when a boring Monday afternoon suddenly becomes far more interesting when a young, stunning brunette strides into the office, smiling at everyone as she heads into the manager's office.

    "Keep away from that one," my co-worker warns me noticing the way my jaw was practically on the floor. "She's the boss's daughter so don't get any funny ideas."

    Strangely enough that only made me want her more.

    I decided to ignore my co-workers advice and over the next few weeks whenever Georgia popped in I made an effort to chat to her, much to everyone's shock. As it turned out she took an immediate liking to me, mostly due to the fact I wasn't intimated by her or the risk it may pose with my boss/her father.

    "You know you could get in a lot of trouble just talking to me," she cautions me at one point after we'd snuck off for a sneaky smoke in the stairwell.

    "Something tells me you're worth the risk," I tease back to which she flashes me a sly grin.

    I was so lost in her stunning eyes then that her next move takes me by complete surprise as she steps forward and boldly gropes my cock through my slacks. She squeezed my girth for a quick moment before stepping back again with a mischievous smile.

    "Just checking," she giggles playfully, the look on her face making it evident she was more than a little impressed with my package.

    Throwing caution to the wind I decided to reciprocate and went in for a kiss. I don't think even she saw it coming as she was suddenly pinned against the wall, gasping into my mouth as our lips met for the first time. Georgia quickly caught up and melted in my arms as her tongue snaked its way into my mouth and her fit young body began grinding against me.

    We were just getting into it when we heard someone coming down the stairs and forced us to quickly separate. The look on the guys face as he passed was priceless as it was more than a little obvious we'd been messing around but he didn't say a word.

    "Let's hope he doesn't go running to your dad," I joked as he disappeared and Georgia laughed.

    "I think we better find somewhere to hide just in case he does," she suggests with a glint in her eye.

    Not one to argue you let your boss's daughter lead you through the corridors on one of the emptier floors of the building until she comes across an empty office. In a flash she'd dragged me inside and locked the door behind me only to kiss her way down my body as she dropped to her knees.

    I could hardly believe my luck as Georgia began eagerly fumbling with my belt and hauled my trousers down to free my erect snake which appeared to be almost the size of the petite starlet's head.

    She let out an approving sigh before wasting no time in taking it between her ruby red lips, sucking on it hands-free as she began removing her clothes. The entire time she kept her wide eyes locked on mine as she drooled, slurped and practically worshipped my cock.

    "Mmpphff—yeah, you like that?" she teased up at me in a low voice. "I want you to fuck my mouth with this thing! Fuck your boss's slutty daughter's mouth!"

    I groaned out loud and leaked pre-cum all over her extended tongue at her words as I grabbed her carefully styled hair and began thrusting wildly into her gob, repeatedly brushing the back of her throat and feeling her gag, drowning my shaft in warm saliva.

    After she began massaging my balls with one hand I knew I couldn't take much more of her hot, sloppy blowjob and just as she opened her mouth to beg for my load I gave it to her, spraying hot white spunk down her throat, over her lips and finally glazing her pretty face.

    By the time I was done she as a complete, giggling mess as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. We both jumped out of our skins however at a sudden loud knock on the door.

    "Georgia?! Are you in there? Unlock this door!" her father shouted.

    (Pia Miller)

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