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    This was it. The moment I'd been waiting for.

    I'd been Kelly Brook's manager and agent for a good ten years now, booking her numerous photoshoots, TV spots and even that short-lived sitcom with Elisha Cuthbert a couple of years back.

    Kelly had had it with her current boyfriend. And out of frustration, she invited me up to their studio apartment in the same way she had done with her several previous conquests. I'd watched this scene unfold before my very eyes numerous times in the past.

    Kelly had many tells. She would either cross her legs and stroke her thigh to get the guys attention. Or twirl her long brown locks in between her fingers. Or simply smile as she lightly bit her index finger. But how I knew she wanted me to follow her up to the apartment from the lobby bar was when she caressed the inside of her massive cleavage.

    I always wanted to keep things completely professional between us, even despite the many sexual fantasies I'd had about her during the past decade. I feared if I came on to her, then it would be curtains for our working relationship. This woman couldn't be alone for a second, and couldn't go more than a couple of days without sex. And I was to be the next of her conquests.

    There wasn't a word spoken as I approached the buxom brunette who casually sat in her recliner, holding a glass of wine as she drew me in with her alluring eyes and wondrous cleavage.

    "Oh shit, this is really happening!" I gasped, standing before her as she went straight for my belt buckle from her seated position.

    It didn't take long before she had my trousers down, followed by my boxers, allowing my long hard cock to be freed from it's restraints.

    "My, my... So this is what you've been hiding from me all these years?" she giggled as she delicately caressed my length and softly tickled my sensitive balls.


    Kelly devoured my length in one go, much to my delight, sucking and slurping like a pro and permitting me to grab the back of her head with both hands so I could fuck her wet mouth. She smacked my turgid boner against her extended tongue and rosy cheek, before continuing her oral assault.

    As she continued to blow me, I reached down her back to unzip her top, sliding the thin fabric to unveil her braless 34E sized boobs. I pinched her fat nipples and molested her soft chest as she slobbered her way all over my length.

    Withdrawing from her aching mouth, I quickly stripped her skirt off and tore at her silk panties. I had her pin her legs back against her stomach as her flawless, puffy pussy was finally presented to me for the very first time.

    With much urgency, I roughly slammed my dick into her tight, velvety snatch, railing into her as though I was an out of control freight train.

    "Uhhhh, that's it, pound me boss!"

    She always liked to call me "boss". And I was very much in charge here, holding Kelly's ankles as I sawed in hard and deep, feeling her juices drench my cock and pubic hair, the heaving model rubbing her clitoris as I continued.

    I leaned down to tongue kiss my most important client for the first time, Kelly meeting me with equal passion and enthusiasm as I never relented in filling her heavenly pink box. Her nipples were like pencil erasers, only thicker, and were begging for my mouth to give them some much needed attention. I duly obliged, cupping her gargantuan knockers and sucking, biting and licking those erect nubs, which caused the "Piranha 3D" star to cum all over my dick.

    "Fuck my titties boss. I know you want to" she suggested, sitting up on the edge of her recliner to offer me her soft, milky chest.

    "Oh fuck yes" I groaned, Kelly closing those huge, soft mounds around my soiled member, allowing me to pump my meat stick in between her incredible cleavage.

    "Cum baby, all over my tits!!" she demanded, swabbing her tongue across my tender tip as it surfaced above her luscious valley of titflesh.

    "Uhhhh!" I grunted as I jerked my cock, plastering my warm, sticky load upon Kelly Brook's huge titties, even glazing her neck and chin.

    "Hope it was worth the wait" Kelly laughed, licking some of my sticky residue from one of her more than ample breasts.

    Next photo, Ariel Winter

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    Ever since she'd turned eighteen, Ariel Winter had become an insatiable little cockhound, she could rarely get enough and as such, her relationships didn't often last more than a few wild weeks of passion. She either got bored of fucking the same guy over and over or he'd simply struggle to keep up with her needs.

    She enjoyed it in a way, giving guys the best, most memorable couple of weeks of their young lives but she wanted more and going off on vacation while single was the perfect opportunity to do so – somewhere where she wasn't well known, could easily flaunt her dynamite body and hook up with hot guys for some no-strings-attached holiday sex.

    Of course she never could have predicted what would actually happen.

    She'd had no luck during her first few days. It sometimes felt guys were simply intimidated by her body, all they wanted to do was stare at her tits and ass in a two-piece bikini but made no other move. If only they knew how easy she was, especially in her current, frustrated mood.

    Ariel and her friend had booked a short cruise on their third day but after a late night of partying and drinking hard, her friend was more than a little worse for wear the next morning, struggling to even get out of bed let alone leave the hotel and board a boat.

    Annoyed, the busty teenager set off alone. With the cruise already paid for and little else to do with her day, she figured she may as well go on the boat trip anyway – maybe there'd be a cute crewman, she thought.

    As it turned out there were six cute crewmen. Ariel's bikini bottoms practically flooded the second she stepped on board, feeling more like she was stepping into heaven as the six older, fit guys sorted out their yacht.

    She actually felt a little overwhelmed and barely knew where to look between each of the shirtless, muscular, tanned men and smiled to herself, secretly glad her friend hadn't been able to come, leaving her alone with this all you can eat buffet.

    Seeing the way they looked at her, openly checking out her busty young body, Ariel knew it was simply a matter of choosing who the lucky guy would be as they left the dock and headed out into the open waters.

    Ariel had plenty of time of course so decided to tease the crewmembers by laying out at the front of the yacht to tan in her one-piece swimsuit which left little to the imagination. While she had her eyes closed just knowing she was being ogled by six men set her pulse racing and she actually found it a struggle not to touch herself as she flipped onto her front to give them a good look at her ass.

    Before long one of the men had the courage to approach her, offering her a bottle of icy water. Ariel rolled over again and took it graciously, meeting his eye as she took a drink and purposely let the water drip down her chin and onto her eye-catching cleavage.

    She grinned, the guy was completely under her spell, unable to tear his eyes away from her mammoth chest. Just seeing the way he looked at her finally set her up. It had been over a week since her last cock and she couldn't wait a second longer. Ariel grabbed her bottle of tanning oil and tossed it at him, giggling as he fumbled to catch it.

    "Do you mind?" she asked innocently.

    The look on his face was priceless then as she nonchalantly slipped the straps off her shoulders and let her huge, natural tits free. Ariel glanced over his shoulder to see his five friends watching on enviously as, with shaking hands, he poured some oil onto his hands and knelt beside the horny teenager.

    "Come on, don't be shy," she purred, grabbing his hands and pulling them to her breasts.

    "Fucking hell," he breathed quietly as he began massaging her large tits, covering them in oil and giving them a shiny sheen.

    He was so captivated by her titties he barely noticed when she reached for his cock and began to do some fondling of her own, soon pulling it out and jerking it with two hands.

    "Fuck it, stand up," she hissed urgently. "I need this cock!"

    He stood in an instant and a second later she lunged forward, taking his shaft into her wet mouth. Ariel was already salivating, she loved giving head and nothing made her wetter than feeling a cock get hard and grow in her slutty little mouth.

    By now a few of his friends were edging nearer and with a subtle wave of her hand she encouraged them suddenly coming to the conclusion that this could be her change to live out one of her deepest, darkest fantasies – why have one of these hot guys when she could have six?

    Before she knew it she was surrounded and in heaven, six long, thick cocks all rock hard just for her as she gave each of them due attention with her hands and mouth. Her pussy was almost aching she wanted to touch it so bad but she couldn't, not without taking a hand away from pleasuring one of the lucky men.

    As time went on the men surrounding her became more and more bold, groping and squeezing every inch of her body until she finally felt one of them slide their hard cock between her slippery, oil-coated tits.

    "Mmpphff—yeh—fuck my tits!" she moaned with her mouth full.

    As they had their way with her, her swimsuit was eventually torn off leaving her naked on deck as they began to manipulate her onto all fours. Fortunately for them this was by far her favourite position and before she even had to shout out and demand it, she finally felt a hard cock slide into her needy cunt from behind.

    She didn't even know which one it was fucking her, she didn't care, all she knew is that it felt good – really good. She heard him complimenting how good her pussy felt and smiled proudly around the shaft buried in her throat.

    Unsurprisingly he didn't last long, pumping into her pussy for a few good minutes before she gasped when she felt him spray her back and ass with steamy hot spunk. Ariel could only moan wantonly around the meat in her mouth as a second guy swiftly took his place, this one felt considerably thicker than the last.

    Just feeling the second man in as many minutes push into her pussy made her squeal and cream all over him as he grabbed handfuls of her thick ass and began pummelling into her.

    Ariel was going almost delirious with pleasure as he quickly finished, this time blasting his load deep inside her as the man in front of her fucked her open, drooling mouth until he also came, choking her with his cum as she greedily gulped it all down.

    Ariel was giving herself over to them completely and all six men were happy to take advantage. She was finally getting the hard fucking she'd always dreamed of so she didn't even bat an eye when she felt them prepare her backdoor with her tanning oil.

    The insatiable teenager damn near passed out with pleasure when she was unceremoniously DP'd for the very first time on the deck of her rented yacht.

    She was a hot, sweaty mess, covered in cum as the six guys repeatedly tagged out but she'd never felt sexier in her life – and the day was only just beginning.

    Next Picture
    (Michelle Keegan)

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    Michelle Keegan

    Sorry if it's shit, best I could do at 3:30am Lol

    It's been a while since I last saw Mark and to be honest, I never thought i'd see him ever again unless fate had brought us face to face for some miraculous reason. I'd known Mark from a young age as the two of us had trained through the same footballing academy during our junior years but unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately?... as you will soon find out) our footballing careers never really took off, forcing us to go our separate ways.

    I haven't actually spoken to Mark since he made a name for himself in showbiz but whenever I saw or heard his name in the tabloids, I couldn't help but think back to that very incident; you know, that being when you walk in to see one of your mate ploughing (thankfully now) ex-girlfriend behind your back.

    As you may already know Mark is now married to former star of Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan. I’d often wondered if Michelle even knew half of Mark's antics from his past life before the two had tied the knot. Despite us not being in contact, I really can't see how he's changed all that much over the last few years. I was frustrated to say the least, knowing that the bastard is married to one of Britain's finest pieces of ass and yet, probably cheating on her with someone else every second week or so.

    I'm not ashamed to confess that I myself, am attracted to the Lipsy spokesmodel ( could you not be?) and often dreamt about that same scenario he had put me though. Only difference though it was me ploughing his wife behind his back. Of course, this was all a mere dream until tonight.

    Thankfully, being a semi-successful businessman I am required to attend various Charity gala's, tonight being one of the many. I don't normally fly solo at these events but my date dropped out last minute leaving me with no choice but to go myself since I had promised my attendance in advance. Soon after arriving, I was ushered inside to my designated table.

    After spending some time chatting away with my table-counterparts, before I knew it the glamours couple (yes, Mark and Michelle) made their way into the ballroom, heading towards us to occupy the remaining seats. I really couldn't believe it because I wasn't expecting them to be here, or to be heading towards the same table I was seated at. Mark saw me a mile away in advance, giving the nod before the couple finally took their seats beside to me.

    Fair play to Mark though, he was cool from the beginning before introducing his lovely wife and expressed our friendship during our footballing days. I recall that very moment when Michelle and I first shook hands, I couldn't begin to fathom what it must felt like having those soft hands wrapped around your shaft. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting hard, just from her touch...

    As the gala went on, Michelle and I casually chatted about what Mark and I were like during our footballing days (trying my best to talk about anything BUT the obvious) whist her husband did his rounds to greet guests whom sat on other tables around the ballroom. Michelle couldn't help but notice how Mark had drunk a lot more than his usual self tonight, at an "alarming rate" she said. I could only assume he was trying his best to avoid a proper conversation with me at all costs, so drinking himself away wasn't exactly such a bad idea. Before long, we noticed that Mark had been ushered back to our table, well and truly smashed. Thankfully, the gala was coming to end anyway so I helped Michelle manhandle her drunk husband outside where there was a limo waiting.

    At this point I thought my job was done for the night, after dumping the bastard in the backseat. But the “Tina and Bobby” actress insisted I should join them, expressing concern for how she wouldn't possibly be able to drag Mark out of the Limo by herself, yet alone into the house once they got home (I'm sure the limo driver could of helped but when Michelle Keegan asks, you simply oblige). I got in from the other side and Keegan was sat in the middle between us. From the very moment I stepped into limo, I was intoxicated from her sweet smelling scent. All your senses suddenly gets elevated by being this close to Keegan, an overwhelming experience (in a good way) to say the least. I couldn't divert my attention away from her smooth looking legs especially, the softness and silkyness of her skin. I swear they were the best set of pins I'd ever laid eyes on and not to mention, how much of it was on display too from the short hem. It was hard to take everything in and to be honest. I could of blown my wad by just trying to picture what they would look like wrapped around my head whist I ate her snatch like a man dying from starvation.

    It wasn't long into our ride before Mark's drunken mind took control, and ultimately got the better of him. He finally began to spill details about our colourful past, fumbling a sorry memo together, insisting it was my (then) girlfriend who flung herself to him etc. Things only got worse when he began to speak in intimate detail about the sex but to be honest, I really couldn't give a fuck what came out of his mouth because my attention was diverted 100% towards Keegan, enjoying the sight as the Lipsy spokes-model trying to shut her man up. I was captivated by every inch her perfect slender body as she fought her husband while trying to cover his mouth from further shame.

    Eventually we made our way back to the couples Essex home and I unloaded the package to the living room with Keegan's assistance. Soon after dumping Mark to rest on the couple's couch, we headed over to the kitchen and Chelle poured something out of the fridge as a token of her appreciation (bastard was heavy quite after all). It was that moment the brunette actress bluntly asked me,

    "Was it true?"

    Clearly referring to Mark's shenanigans earlier. There was a brief moment that I’d told myself to lie and say no, but knowing this was probably my best chance for anything... I thought why hell not? I told her the story, exaggerating by making everything sound a lot worst than it probably was at the time.

    To my surprise (whist I was still blabbering away) Michelle made her move by giving me a cheeky wink before proceeding ever closer to me. I could almost feel steam emanate from her as our bodies came so close to touching distance, before she eventually whispered into my ear.

    "What if we kept this between us?"

    She was probably expecting me to give her a reply of sorts but closed in on each other, locking our lips together. Keegan responded with approval by grabbing my throbbing member down below without hesitation. I was standing towered in front of the British actress, freely exploring her body for the first time, one arm locked behind her waist whist the other exploring almost every inch of where ever else I could get my hands on.

    This continued for sometime before moments later I moved myself behind Keegan, now groping her exquisite rack by reaching both of my arms forward, moving up and down her waist for as long as I could remember before shifting her forward in one momentum, her elbows and chin now rested on the kitchen counter in front with her ass sticking back out, legs spread apart.

    "Go on, pull them down" as she turned back and hissed.

    With her invitation I proceeded, and I knew I couldn't restrain myself any longer. I finally dropped her laced thong down to below her ankles and inserted my index finger into her moist snatch. The former Coronation Street actress was making all sorts of moans as I displayed my finger-jabbing skills and my god was she WET! I couldn't believe I was finger-blasting Michelle Keegan's cunt, rotating between using my index and middle finger. My fingers entered in and out of Keegs for moments before I insisted she should have a taste of her own juices. The Coronation Street actress drowned in moans, engulfing my digits into her warm mouth.

    I pulled my pants down without wasting further time and firmly thrusted into Keegan's cunt with one hard assault without warning.

    "Uggh, come on, show me what you got!" Keegan hissed.

    I proceeded with one fierce thrust after another, long, deep and hard, gradually building up my momentum. Here I was, banging Michelle fucking Keegan from behind whist Mark, passed out metres away, didn't have a fucking clue.

    After what felt like forever I finally couldn't hold myself together anymore and erupted inside Keegan's pussy. I don't think I've ever blown as hard and deep ever in my life but god, it felt incredible. I swear her cunt found a extra level of suction the moment I squirted my load into the Lipsy spokesmodel.

    Tired, I finally managed to disengage myself from a out of breath Keegan, the glorious brunette turning to look me in the eye and saying,

    "You know, I don't even let Mark cum inside me…”

    Next one up: Miranda Kerr

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    It was almost too easy.

    I was never the biggest fan of super models. Sure they're banging hot, but let's face it, their type has had it fucking easy in life compared to the rest of us.

    This couldn't be anymore evident for someone like Miranda Kerr, who has it all yet still wants more. Her track record with incredibly wealthy men is well documented. Packer, Bieber, and more recently the creator of Snapchat whom I read was worth more than twenty billion dollars! It couldn't be more obvious that she was just another gold digging, attention seeking whore, that needed to be taken down a peg or two.

    I let her chase me rather than the other way around. It's amazing what women will believe if you can sell a bunch of lies convincingly. Telling her that I was at this app designing convention because I was the nephew of a certain Bill Gates, (we have the same surname by pure coincidence) was my in. It helped that she was attracted to me and looked nothing like my geeky "supposed" Uncle. I could see the dollar signs in her eyes when she pondered how much I was worth, even though unbeknownst to her, I really wasn't.

    About half and hour after meeting, we were up in my hotel room as the convention carried on downstairs.

    Miranda Kerr lay across the bedsheets in a sexy camisole, slightly soiled panties, and her alluring hose stockings that attracted my attention when I first made conversation with her.

    "Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed. Was expecting you to be staying in the penthouse" she said.

    Cheeky bitch. I quickly replied with a justifiable retort.

    "Normally I would but it's kind of hard to when my uncle is in town and commandeers the whole top floor".

    "Fair enough then".

    She leaned up and sat on the edge of the bed, curling her index finger and beckoning me closer towards her.
    Miranda quickly removed my business pants, my hard cock flinging out, almost smacking against her adorable face.
    I didn't have the thickest cock, but it was the length and width of my bellend that usually caught women by surprise.

    "We have about a half hour before the conference wraps up. Better make every minute count".

    I was treated to one sloppy blowjob, the Victoria Secret model only using her hands to grab my hip and cup my hanging balls as she attempted to deep throat me. Saliva dripped from out of her sucking mouth and a strand hung from the base of her chin.

    "That's it! Suck me gorgeous!" I uttered as she audibly upped the tempo of her oral pleasuring.

    Wanting to not waste the short time we had, I forced the horny Australian off my lubed up shaft, demanding she remove her panties and sexy camisole. As she did this, I used her stockinged feet to jerk my boner.

    She had the most exquisite looking pussy I'd ever laid eyes on, no doubt waxed on a regular basis.
    Without anymore hesitation I ploughed my long prick inside her surprisingly tight taco, feeling her inner cunt walls sucking me further in with each of my short thrusts. Seeing her squeeze her pert little breasts and pinch at her hard brown nipples only encouraged me to fuck her harder until she was wailing like a banshee.

    Flipping us over, I let the insatiable MILF ride me, allowing her to chase her orgasm first. This was just how I'd imagined Miranda, that long glorious brown silky hair flinging in every direction, her firm supple breasts jiggling and hips undulating as she got herself off on my hard as rock tool. She had me put two of my fingers in her mouth to help suppress her screams.

    I lastly took her from behind, salivating at grinding against that succulent derriere of hers, rubbing up against her just as sweaty body, that angelic face looking back over her shoulder at me, demanding that I pound her even harder.

    I duly obliged, cupping those taut asschecks of hers, and even parting them to get a grand look at her sweet, brown puckered hole. Without permission, I dipped my middle finger in my mouth, then jammed it inside her searing hot anus, making the lithe beauty grunt at the unexpected intrusion.

    I would have loved to sodomize her incredible ass but time was of the essence, and Miranda Kerr being unable to walk straight when she headed back downstairs would certainly draw some unwanted attention towards her. Thrusting her body back against me, no doubt desperate to get off again, without thinking I gripped her hourglass hips tightly as I released what seemed like endless streams of cum inside her world class snatch.

    There was a mirror on the opposite wall to watch her contorted face as we both came, her eyes clenched shut and mouth agape as she endured another orgasm and felt me cream deep inside her.

    I gave her a fake number as we went our separate ways, no doubt wanting my digits in case her things with her current beau fell through. Heading out of the hotel, I could only imagine the look on Miranda's face when she eventually found out that I wasn't the man whom I claimed to be.

    Next pic.... Sara Underwood

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    You get a call from your buddy to hang out and watch the big game. You're hesitant to go, but you ultimately agree knowing that his Playmate Girlfriend Sara Underwood will also be there. You rock up to the house to find Sara clad in nothing more than a tiny tank top and panties.

    Naturally, you can't help but steal glances at her all night as she gets excited and jumps up and down at critical parts in the game. The game ends and your friend has to go on a work call, leaving you and Sara alone. She's noticeably drunk and starts putting the moves on you.

    "You know I've always known that you have a thing for me." she quips.

    "I don't have any idea what you're talking about" I reply.

    "Bullshit! You've wanted to fuck me since the day you met me."

    "Well can u blame me? You're hot as fuck, Sara!"

    She giggles at my comment as the two of you start making out right there on the couch, before she pushes your head down and you start eating her freshly shaved clam until she squirts all over your face.

    Next pic

    Tahan Lew Fatt

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    I've been best mates with V8 Supercar Driver, David Reynolds for a number of years now, so when he called me up, asking if I could accompany his girlfriend, Tahan Lew Fatt to a red carpet movie premiere for a film called Fifty Shades Darker, as he wouldn't be able to make it, I said yes, even though I had zero interest in the movie myself.

    After walking the red carpet, and having the paparazzi take several pictures of her, both Tahan and I made our way to the screening area where we took our seats in the back row, as it was one of the few aisles that didn't have people sitting in it. It was about half way through the movie, when the gorgeous model leans over, whispering into my ear...

    "So as Dave's best friend, I assume he told you about our little arrangement?"

    "You mean..."

    Tahan cuts me off...

    "The fact that we're in an open relationship."

    With that, Lew Fatt brings her hand to my crotch, before unzipping my pants, fishing out my cock, and wrapping her hands around the base, giving me a handjob. Once I got hard, the former grid girl bends over, taking my shaft into her cock hungry mouth, bobbing her head up and down, as she sucks me off.

    Getting a wicked blowjob from my best friends girl, I can't help but let out an audible moan, despite the fact we were in such a crowded area and could have easily been caught. Considering how talented the Australian native's oral skills were, it took no more than five minutes until my prick started throbbing, and I busted my nut, shooting a load down the back of her throat.

    Tahan Lew Fatt then readjusted herself, sitting back up, before suggesting that we sneak out of the movie theater, and head back to my place to continue the fun.

    Next Picture

    Jennifer Lopez

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    It was a bet I never expected to win.

    I'd been trading insults with the actress turned pop diva for as long as I'd known her. We'd had plenty of mutual friends but Jen was never keen on even a one night stand with me. Still, I enjoyed exchanging barbs with her whilst checking out that expensively insured booty of hers when the opportunity presented itself.

    But this game of cards took on extra importance once the full table whittled down to just myself an JLo. Upping the stakes, she whispered in my ear during the final hand,

    "How about we make this interesting? If I win, you get to be my slave for the next three months. You do whatever I say, whenever I want! And trust me, it won't be enjoyable!"

    The arrogant bitch!

    "OK, and what do I get if I win?"

    "Anything you like, name it! Won't matter because this hand is as good as won".

    "Alright then. I'll take your most expensive, insured possession. In other words, I get to tap that ass right after this card game is finished!"

    "Deal" she said without hesitation.


    Twenty minutes later, we were back at my place, Jennifer already stripped down to her underwear and on all fours on my bed.

    "You ever had a cock in your butt before Miss Lopez?" I asked, secretly hoping she hadn't as I kneeled in behind her, caressing JLo's round coloured flesh.

    "Yeah, a couple of times" she replied, quite nervous after realising the consequences of her actions.

    "Well then. Lift that impeccable ass of yours up and let's get started then shall we?"

    The Latino singer did as she was asked, placing her hands in front of her, that magnificent round booty hoisted up in the air as Jennifer removed her panties and lowered her face down to the mattress.

    I took some lube and lathered it in and around her dark puckered starfish, oiling up her tight ring up as much as possible, until I had two fingers gliding in and out of her twitching anus with little resistance.

    Kneeling over her, I guided the lubricated tip of my cock towards her glorious asshole, pushing the spongy head against her clenching ring.

    "Beg me for it" I devilishly requested.

    Against her will, or so I thought, she ultimately replied,

    "Fuck me! Fuck my ass with your huge cock!" Jennifer demanded, that sexy Latino accent firing me up.

    I deeply groaned as Jennifer cried out with a screech when my shaft pierced a way inside of her vice like shitter. The head of my knob was soon completely enveloped by Lopez' clenching asshole.

    Holding her hips, I got a steady rhythm going, burying inch after long, thick inch inside her world famous booty.

    "Ohh it's so fucking good, so fucking tight!!" I exclaimed, looking down to watch my length disappear inside Jennifer Lopez' plump derriere. Soon my thighs were pressed against her thick, round cheeks, my balls rubbing against her tender cuntlips.

    "Tell me you want it!"

    "I want it!"

    "Tell me where it is".

    "In my ass. Your cock is in my ass!!"

    "Ask me to fuck it!"

    "FUCK MY ASS!!!" she begged, using her hands to cup her ass cheeks and spread them apart.

    This spurred me on, and within seconds I began pummelling her lubed up asshole, my balls slapping against her wet pussy.

    I ignored her cries and gripped her ass tight as I battered her sordid hole, drawing it out except for the tip, and then plunging my entire length inside Jennifer Lopez' obscenely stretched shithole.

    "Tell me you love having your ass fucked Jennifer!"

    "I love having my ass fucked!"

    "Where do you want me to cum?"

    "In my ass! I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY ASS!!!"

    "Ahhh!!! Grrrrr!!! Fuckkkkk!!!!" I grunted as I spurted my load deep into her bowels, pumping my sore cock until every last drop of my seminal fluids was deposited inside Jennifer Lopez' flummoxed booty.

    Next pic... Elisha Cuthbert

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    You'd only recently moved into your new Hollywood home and already were having problems with the young people in the neighbourhood. It seemed during the period of time the house was unoccupied, they made a regular habit of climbing the gate and playing in the outdoor pool late at night.

    Even after you'd moved in they still did it, it seemed having someone to chase them off added to the thrill of it and during the first week you'd already scared the drunken, laughing teenagers off three times.

    While they eventually got bored of the sport a few continued to turn up in the middle of the night and eventually you managed to get your hands on one while her friends hopped the fence and escaped into the night.

    You can imagine your surprise however when you lead the drunken blonde to your front porch with every intention of calling the police when you realise that, not only is she one of the hottest creatures you'd ever seen, but you actually recognise her as TV/Film actress Elisha Cuthbert.

    Add that knowledge to the fact she's completely soaked through from her dip in your pool, with a revealing red bra on display through her white shirt and you're instantly hard and have second thoughts about calling the authorities.

    "Please don't call the cops," she begs, just as an evil idea forms in your mind.

    As she pleads her case your eyes can't help but drift downwards to her exposed, wet chest. Catching your leering, Elisha suddenly jumps on board and smiles while pulling her blouse a little, revealing more of her sexy bra.

    "...I'm sure we could come to some arrangement?" she pouted flirtatiously.

    "What did you have in mind?" you ask, ensuring it was her idea.

    Elisha makes it perfectly obvious when she takes another step closer and seductively slides her hand over your crotch to squeeze your large boner. Meeting her lustful gaze you drop the phone, making her smile as she pushes you back onto the wooden bench, dropping to her knees right there on your porch.

    Without another word she's all business as she loosens your pants and fishes your thick cock out before swiftly taking you in her mouth. You can only grunt as she keenly services you, moaning softly around your thick meat. Under the light of your porch, anyone walking by could have seen exactly what the young starlet was up to but neither of you care.

    After a little encouraging you convince her to lose her wet shirt and bra, exposing her perky little tits to the cool night air, her nipples rock hard as she playfully slaps them with your spit-covered cock.

    "Mmphhff—you like that?" she asks while stuffing your meat back in her warm mouth. "When was the last time you had your cock sucked by a hot, young blonde like me?"

    You don't even bother replying and suddenly grab a fistful of her wet hair and begin forcefully fucking her sweet mouth, eliciting some lewd, loud gagging noises before you suddenly erupt, flooding her throat and mouth with your hot load. Elisha immediately takes over again and continues sucking, determined to completely drain you before swallowing the entire lot.

    Next Picture
    (Maia Mitchell)

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    "Fancy a swim Uncle Rod?" my young celebrity niece asked, there before me in nothing but a two piece black bikini.

    She was always like this (flirty with me) when she returned home to visit family here in Australia. But the main difference this time was she was single, having recently split for good with her on again off again boyfriend John over the past few years.

    Maia had confessed a crush on ages ago, and I was soon to find out on this camping trip in the Aussie outback just how attracted to me she really was.

    'Knock it off Maia. Your Mum and Dad are out looking for you, we best catch up with them".

    "Oh c'mon Uncle Rod. Just a quick swim and I promise we'll go find them straight after".

    Against my better judgement, I took the bait.

    "OK fine".

    What she did next was something that nearly made my jaw hit the red sanded ground.

    "Just need to lose these" Maia replied, her back facing me as she untied the string to her bikini top, and then slipped her bottoms down her smooth legs, bending over to show off her succulent little ass, even giving me a sneak peak at her tight looking pussy lips.

    "Maia what are you doing?" I said, panic setting in.

    "Nothing like skinny dipping under the hot summer sun!" she giggled, gracefully diving into the water.

    My eyes were like saucers and my cock started to stir in my shorts, and I knew that there was no easy way to convince my cunning niece to get out of the water.

    "What are you waiting for? Come join me in here Uncle Rod!"

    I began to shed my clothes, leaving all but my boxer briefs on.

    "It's called skinny dipping for a reason!" Maia said, her eyes attracted to my last piece of clothing and the huge erection it was concealing.

    "Fine, but turn around!"

    She did so, and I then swiftly dropped my shorts and jumped into the warm water, making a huge splash.

    Maia swam over towards me, until she was within close range.

    "See, was that so bad?"

    "We should really get going Maia" I reiterated, fearing we'd get caught.

    "Ok, but not before I get a kiss first!" she playfully suggested.

    I didn't have enough time to react when Maia lunged at me to press her lips against mine, her luscious young body crashing against mine.

    I groaned when I felt her soft, supple breasts press against my chest, holding her hourglass hips as she tried to massage her tongue with mine.

    "I love you Uncle Rod" she sweetly said.

    "I love you too sweetheart. But seriously, this has gone far enough".

    "Tell me you haven't fantasised about fucking me and I'll hop out of the water right now!"

    She had me there, and my hesitation to respond suggested as much. Whilst the balance of my mind was thinking about her question, the teasing minx wrapped her fingers around my stiff boner, lightly stroking it which made my stomach tighten and caused a shiver up my spine.

    "I'm so wet for you Uncle. And not because of the water!"

    I was mesmerised to the point I let her take control of the situation, simply watching on as she straddled my hips, guiding the head of my cock towards the incredibly tight opening of her little pussy.

    Placing her hands on my shoulders, Maia bit her lip and closed her eyes as she pushed her body down onto my cock as I pushed my way up into her vice like vagina, our simultaneous moans echoing around our idyllic surroundings.

    "Ohhh Uncle Rod, your dick is so big! I feel like I'm going to split into two!"

    It took a few minutes, but I finally bottomed out inside of my niece, feeling the short hairs upon her labial lips grazing against my lower stomach.

    "Oh God sweetheart, you feel so good!" I admitted, her succulent breasts jiggling above the surface and Maia's legs wrapping around me like a belt, grinding her slickening cunt up and down my eight inch meat stick.

    Maia hugged me tightly as she came, never relinquishing her grip on me as I too released the tension, creampieing into my not so innocent niece.

    Next pic... Dove Cameron

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    Despite the fact she was trying to wander the convention hall in disguise, it was her creamy smooth legs that first caught my = attention and a second later I saw her pretty face and recognised the Fappening star Dove Cameron in a sexy little school girl outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place in one of her private bedroom selfies.

    Naturally I immediately abandoned my booth and approached her, manoeuvring myself next to her in the crowded space until our bodies were touching. She glanced up at me briefly and smiled sweetly when I caught her eye.

    "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I asked, acting dumb as we continued to shuffle forwards with the crowd.

    "No I don't think so," she replied looking down again.

    "I'm sure I do, I'd recognise those lips anywhere."

    I don't think she expected me to be quite so bold because she flashed me a cynical look yet those very same lips curled into another smile nonetheless.

    "I'm undercover," she whispered, bringing a finger to her lips.

    "I can see that, but maybe if you wanted to go undetected you shouldn't have worn something this eye-catching?" I replied referring to the leg show she was putting on.

    Dove merely smiled over her shoulder at me as the crowd came to a stop and I ended up behind her only to be bumped forward causing my crotch to briefly press against her ass.

    "Ooh, hello?" she giggled feeling my hard length against her.

    "My bad," I apologised but noting her positive reaction I didn't hesitate to do it again until I was subtle grinding away at her.

    "I can't believe I'm letting you do that," she blushed a moment later while biting her lip.

    "You want me to stop?"

    "God no, it feels nice."

    It was then the crowd began moving again and we were forced to stop our public canoodling and move with it until thankfully it came to another stop and Dove and I picked up right where we left off.

    It was just as well the convention hall was dimly lit but even so if anyone had looked twice it would have been plainly clear what we were up to.

    "You want to know my little secret?" she whispered in my ear at one point.

    "Sure, go ahead."

    "What if I told you I was feeling extra naughty this morning and decided to leave my panties in my hotel room?"

    The revelation almost made me jizz in my pants as I tried to remain composed and reply.

    "In that case I'd have to find out for myself."

    Dove didn't object as I pulled her closer and wrapped my arm around her, feeling her super soft thigh before moving it up and under her short plaid skirt.

    I could hear her wavering breath in my ear as I edged closer to her treasure trove in the midst of the heaving crowd.

    "You sexy little slut," I whispered at her when I discovered her underwear-free cunt.

    The seemingly sweet teenager simply gave me another of her innocent smiles which broke into a shocked gasp when I slipped two fingers inside her.

    The action was so unexpected Dove almost buckled in my arms, her legs failing her as I keenly explored her slick cunt all while we took another few steps forward.

    "Ugh. Ohmigod," she panted, starting to panic. "What if someone sees?"

    "Let them watch," I growled back at her.

    By now I could easily hear the audible wetness of her tight pussy as I drilled her and wondered if anyone around us could as well if not surely they could smell her arousal.

    "Cum you little slut," I hissed in her ear. "Cum in front of all these people."

    Dove immediately let out a strangled squeak as she did just that, her body shuddering and almost collapsing as she came on my probing digits which I quickly slipped free as she glared at me over her shoulder.

    "I'm going to get you back for that one!"

    Next Picture
    (Sarah Ellen)

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