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Thread: "NOLA Dawn" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "NOLA Dawn" with Olivia Holt

    NOLA Dawn
    With Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, deep-throat, dirty talk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only. As far as I know Holt isn't nearly as much of a hot little slut as I make her out to be in my head. In any event, I hope you like it.

    The apartment they shared didn't have any curtains, so when Olivia Holt and Aubrey "AJ" Joseph awoke in the morning the suns rays struck them directly across the face, and exposed their partially naked bodies. His dark chocolate skin contrasted starkly against her own porcelain complexion, reminding Liv of the forbidden nature of their recent hook up.

    Despite knowing each other briefly, the chemistry they shared was palpable. Some might say it was precisely why the producers had cast them as love interests on the new hit show, "Cloak & Dagger."

    In any event, the new co-stars just couldn't keep their hands to themselves and soon hopped into bed together. While Olivia would claim that this was an anomaly, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact her relationship with Ray was already on the rocks, with him being away at college on the other side of the country.

    Fact of the matter was Olivia had needs, and Aubrey just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and they clicked.

    AJ kissed her on the cheek before rolling out of bed, and didn't bother to cover up as he stood naked in front of the large window drinking a glass of OJ. It was a glorious morning in NOLA (New Orleans) as the couple were treated to an uninterrupted view of the city from the twentieth-third floor hotel suite.

    Although the day had started to heat up already, Liv elected to lay around in bed and enjoy the company of her athletic on-screen love interest. Privately, she never imagined that she'd find herself implicated in a "interracial" relationship, but life had a funny way of throwing curve balls.

    As the actress lay there leisurely studying her lovers physique, she gently toyed with her clit, rubbing it in circles and pinching it between two fingers. Her thighs were still sore from the nights events, while her sex was noticeably wet allowing her digits to deftly glide along her ultra soft lips.

    Olivia couldn't help but be incredibly aroused as she lay there casually petting herself. In fact, she was constantly wet in AJ's presence and was still adapting to the effects he had on her body - knowing how dangerous it was for them to be together.

    "Babe, come back to bed." she said, while leisurely touching herself under the sheets.

    "Is it time for breakfast already?" he grinned, before sliding back into bed and between her legs.

    "Why don't you come here and find out,"

    Her teasing comment was promptly interrupted by a moan as his lips quickly replaced her fingers and he licked and sucked at her flawless cunt, just the way she liked it.

    "ugh-god," Liv squirmed, spreading her legs wide for him. "I love it when you do that, the way you eat my pussy."

    As much as she enjoyed his oral dexterity, she wanted to taste him too. She pulled him up to kneel beside her head, and before he could think of anything witty to say, slipped his fat cock into her mouth and began to suck him in earnest.

    "Ah, Liv—" he groaned while fondling her bare breasts. "You suck dick so good,"

    Holt winked graciously at the compliment as she worshipped his snake, running her tongue along the full length of his eight-inch monster, before swiveling it around the head to tease and polish him.

    "You're just lucky I love sucking cock," she smiled.

    "Yeah, I noticed. You're really good at it too." he replied while twisting and tweaking her erect nipples.

    The actress teased him for a few additional minutes, stroking the base as her lips kissed and licked every inch of his bell-end. AJ really seemed to respond when she'd spit and slobber all over his tool, allowing long drools of spit to dribble down from her chin and across her neck and chest.

    It was a hot, sloppy, mess but precisely how they both liked it. Dirty.

    Holt wondered just how much of his enormous cock she could take in her mouth and began challenging herself to push longer and deeper, causing herself to choke involuntarily before pulling back.

    "Fuck, Liv—" Aubrey hissed with glee. "That's so hot - its like you're taking me all the way into the back of your throat!"

    Her Larynx burned while her throat was stuffed with meat, as Aubrey's entire body shuddered to the act. She watched him place a firm pressure on the back of her head, urging her to try again ...and again, until she grew more accustom to his girth.

    Her throat screamed for relief but she wasn't about to let up. Ultimately AJ lost his nerve and suddenly shifted around the bed, moving between her legs and into a scissor position - shoving her onto her side.

    The blonde starlet was so wet already it didn't take much for him to just slide his saliva-coated shlong home in one swift action.


    She always loved the sensation of a nice hard cock stretching her young pussy, but Aubrey was different. He was much bigger than her usual lovers, and and she couldn't help but snicker quietly as an old adage swirled around in her head, "...once you go black, you never go back."

    Considering her current situation and state of mind, she had to wonder if it was true - if she'd ever date an "average" sized dick again.

    Holt rubbed her clit as her co-star pulled back slowly and thrust in again, taking her breath away. He then proceeded to fuck her on the bed like a rag doll, using her 5'2 inch frame for his own gratification - twisting and turning her body from side to side, while shifting her legs together and apart, trying in vain to strike her g-spot.

    Amusingly enough it didn't take long for her to cum, causing her pussy to squeeze down around his prick like a velvet glove. Just the thought of his huge black cock spearing in and out of her made her cum instantaneously, knowing that what they were doing was considered wrong, and yet oh-so hot and nasty.

    "oh-god," she panted. "Harder. You're so deep."

    Olivia could tell Aubrey was already close to the edge - as he tried to adjust his position while sweating profusely all over her. It was at this point that they mutually decided to change it up and try a new position.

    Intuitively, they both moved into the doggy position, where there he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her back onto his black python. The onetime "IDDI" star grunted in anticipation before she was pushed face-first into the mattress, leaving her face down and ass up!

    Aubrey carefully filled her tight pussy with his love-muscle, pulling back slowly, only to S-L-A-M it back in again – pounding her fast and hard and deeper than ever before, eager to get his rocks off.

    "ugh-shit! shit, shit, shit!!" she muttered incoherently at the feel of his jungle-spear stabbing her again and again.

    It pain was almost too much to bear, but the pleasure was intoxicating.

    The two co-stars were fucking each other so intensely now that the headboard banged loudly against the wall, leaving little doubt as to what the cast of "Cloak & Dagger" were doing in their hotel room.

    To his credit, Aubrey continued to pummel the blonde vixen from behind for several minutes before SHE decided to have some fun, and pulled a trick on him. Years of kegel exercises had made her already tight pussy feel like a steel trap. As she felt him slow down gradually, she squeezed hard and locked his tool in her pussy, sending him into hysterics.

    "Ah shit!" he hissed out loud. "oh fuck, Liv—?!"

    The pint-sized Disney princess giggling under her breath, knowing the effect she had on men (if and when required)

    To her surprise though, Aubrey kept trying to push his cock deeper but her strong vaginal muscles pushed back against him creating a sensation of such intense pleasure that they both moaned. Olivia ultimately relaxed her muscles enough to allow him to fuck her steadily again, and he responded by gripping her hips as tightly as possible and plowed into her even harder than before.

    "Fuck-yes, yes! Right there!" she cried while being drilled mercilessly from behind. "Don't stop, please! Slap my ass! SPANK ME!!"

    Aubrey was only too happy to oblige, and did as instructed.

    In fact he smacked her ass so hard he was sure he'd leave red welts across her buttocks, but Olivia didn't seem to care. If anything the entire seedy encounter only riled her up more, almost as though being "punished" in this lewd way really turned her on.

    "Ah-fuck, I'm such a bad girl!" she chanted under her breath. "Punish me. I'm a bad girl, a baaaad girl, aah fuck-yes!"

    Noting this tone, AJ spanked her again and again and then pulled her back into a deep kiss, his cock still embedded inside her from behind. The sweaty couple moaned and tongued each other aggressively as she was forced to arch her back sharply while he now slammed into her cunt from a new angle.

    "You're so fucking sexy," he growled into her ear while squeezing her neck with both hands. "I love pounding you like this."

    Olivia's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her oxygen was briefly cut, before she pushed back against her companion, urging him to give her everything he had.

    "Fuck me AJ. Don't you dare stop!" she howled. "You better give me every inch of that black cock, you hear me!!"

    "Ah, you little slut!" he hissed back at her fervor, which only seemed to push her buttons.

    "Slut? Come on, really fuck me!" she insisted. "Gimme that huge cock! Pound me!! FUCKING POUND ME AUBREY!!!"

    Aubrey picking up the pace and utterly jack-hammered his tiny co-star on the bed. Olivia wailed as she felt the intensity rise between them and sensed he was about to cum, but prayed he'd hold out just long enough for her to climax again.

    "Please baby, please—" she begged over her shoulder. "Don't shoot yet! Please let me cum all over your cock, please."

    AJ growled at the premise while squeezed her ass-cheeks hard with both hands - feeding her his huge cock and noting the way in now glistened in a fine filament of cream, thanks to her over-excited cunt.

    "—is that what you want baby?"

    "Fuck yeah!" she implored. "Then you can shoot that load right across my face, down my throat."

    Just hearing this whorish tone from her was enough to set him off.

    "Fuck, Liv. Your gunna make me cum."

    "Do it, cum for me!!"

    Aubrey immediately pulled out of her tight cookie, allowing her to turn around and point his sword at her pretty face, just in time for it to explode and bathe her gorgeous mug in several streams of spunk!!

    The insatiable slut licked at the spewing organ like a wanton wench, moaning out loud with her tongue out, as she lapped at the scorching ejaculate with her lips before gulping down his salty seed.

    Having quenched their thirst they both collapsed on the bed and snuggled up together in the morning light. In fact they were so spent she almost refused to answer the phone when it rang a few minutes later, only to hear the production assistant tell her that they were required on set as soon as possible.

    "ugh," she sneered while curling up beside her on and off-screen lover. "They want to re-shoot a few scenes today,"

    "Damn, so much for spending the day in bed together," Aubrey lamented while drawing circles on her naked back.

    "Don't worry, we've got all afternoon to pick up where we left off," she grinned. "And I promise I'll make it worth the wait."

    The young actor couldn't help but grin at his dumb luck - having scored such an insatiable little slut for a co-star and friend.

    "Race you for the shower?"

    "You're on, pal!"

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    and a shit ton more emojis cause fuckity fuck fuck i have no words to describe how great that was. Please make a part 2. Holy shit balls.

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    Damn, just damn.

    I'm lost for words, it was that good.

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    Just HOT!

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    A very interesting story.

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