Lucky Bastard 10: Set Visit
Starring Emma Stone, Appearance by Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, Oral, Anal
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

"That feel good?" Anna Kendrick asked as she bounced on my cock. We were in her trailer on the set of Ryan's movie. She was dressed in her clothes for the role and would have to be on set soon, but for now we were enjoying ourselves. With not much to do currently in LA, I had been making visits to the set in Seattle every now and then. Usually when I stopped by set, Anna I would end up hooking up either in her trailer or in her hotel room. I had also hooked up with Joey twice more, but unlike with Anna, I had made sure to keep that on the down low.

"Yeah, you like how my pussy feels as I ride your big dick' Anna continued.

"You know I do."

"Yeah, you gonna come soon?"

"I can keep going a little bit longer"

"Good." We continued to fuck for a couple more minutes, until Anna came. "Fuck that was good."

"Come on, keep going I'm almost there." I tried to spur her on, but instead continuing to ride me, Anna simply stood up, got off the couch we were having sex on, and left me hanging. I was in disbelief. "Really, you're just going to stop?" I asked as Anna checked her hair and makeup in the mirror. "Is this about yesterday?"

"Fuck, yeah it is" she answered. You see yesterday was the day they were filming Anna's big sex scene. She was really nervous about it. Although she got to keep her bra and skirt on, her costar would only have on a monastery pouch (aka a cock sock) and it was supposed to be a very intense sex scene. I asked her if there was anything I would do to help her relax, and next thing you knew I had my head between her legs and was eating her out. The issue occurred as right when Anna was close to cumming, I stopped. She was pissed. I told her she should use that sexual frustration in the scene, and while she was not happy about this, but to be fair she killed it in the scene. Talking with Ryan this morning he said that the daily's looked amazing. However, it may have worked a little too well in some respects, as during the 4th take Anna was dry humping her costar so hard the pouch came off and he actually came in the middle of the scene. He came so hard you could literally see his cum flying up into the air on camera.

Now a day later, Anna had gotten her revenge by getting and orgasim of her own and leaving me hanging and pent-up. I stuffed myself back into my pants as Anna was making me leave her trailer as she was leaving to go shoot her scene. I now stood outside her trailer watching Anna walk back to the set. I knew I deserved what happened but I was unsure what to do now. Luckily, I did not have long to think as I soon heard a woman laughing from over to my right. I looked over and saw a red headed Emma Stone chuckling as she walked towards me. Dressed in a tank top, yoga pants and sneakers, it was obvious she was coming from working out and heading to her trailer when she came across me and Anna.

"I take it she got you back for yesterday?" Emma finally said after her laughter died down.

"Yup" I simply replied. Emma and I had developed a friendly rapport during my time visiting the set. Just like Anna I found her easy to talk with and always in a mood to joke around. Right now however, I was too frustrated to joke around.

"Well, you did kind of deserve it."

"I guess."

"God, she really did get you worked up before she ditched you, huh?"

I assumed she was talking about a bulge in my pants, "Yeah I guess it's pretty noticeable." Looking down I lifted up my t-shirt a bit and you could clearing see the outline of my hard on stretched down my pant leg and trying hard to break free.

"Oh my god!" Emma yelled staring opened mouth at my crotch. "I was talking about the look at your face and how you were acting. Damn, it looks like you're dick is about to bust through your pants like the Kool-aid man." Emma reached out and slid her hand along my shaft. "Whoa."

I dropped my shirt back down into place and Emma reacted by pulling her hand back. Emma bit her lip and began to look around to see in anyone was around watching us. When it was clear no one else was around, she grabbed my arm. "You need to have that taken care of. Come with me." She happily pulled me with her and we went to her trailer. Once inside she locked the door, moved me to the middle of the living space, and dropped down to her knees.

"All right, let's see this," She says as she undoes my pants and pulls them down. Once freed from its constrains my hard on sprang up and smacked the Oscar winner in the chin. "Oh wow. No wonder why Anna loves it when you visit the set." Emma spat into her hands and began to stroke my cock. It's not often I would say this, but the girl gave a heck of a hand job. She looked spectacularly sexy looking up at me and smacked my cock across her face a few times.

"I heard Anna through the walls moaning about your big dick," Emma was referring to the few times I had gone back to Anna's hotel room which was next door to Emma's, it even had a connecting door. "But I never would've believed you'd be this big, or nearly this thick."

"Thanks? I think."

"You're welcome," looking up at me with her big green eyes Emma finally took me into her mouth. Watching the La La Land star's pretty face bob up and down on my cock combined with the work Anna Kendrick had done earlier I was quickly reaching my limit.

"Oh god Emma, I'm gonna cum soon."

Emma pulled me out of her mouth. "That's a shame," she gave the head of my cock a kiss, "I like the way you stretch out my mouth." She then went back down on my dick, with increased vigor. I could feel myself about to explode, I put a hand behind the red head's head and thrusted my cock to the back of her mouth before cumming down her throat.

"Ugghhh gawd," I groaned as I came. Pulling out of her mouth with my last two blast of cum landing on the actress's cheek.

"Feeling better?" Emma asked before putting me back into her mouth and cleaning off my cock.

"Oh god yes. So much better. Thanks." I said as I pulled up my pants and relaxing on her sofa.

Emma gave a throaty chuckle, "Yeah, I bet." Emma got up off the floor and set next to me. "So, ummm... you and Anna… you're not…"

"Oh no. We're just friends."

"With benefits."

"Well, yeah" I said with a smirk.

"So...she wouldn't mind if we have a little fun?" Emma was starting to lean in.

"Nope." I leaned towards her and just as we were about to kiss their was a loud knock at the door,

"Fuck! What time is it? I thought I had more time until I had to be on set." Emma said as she checked her face in the mirror, then going to unlock and open the trailer door. As they talked I snuck into the bathroom to cleaned up. As I left the bathroom Emma was finishing up her conversation with one of the PAs. When the PA left Emma closed the door and locked it again.

"Soooo, turns out they are running behind on set." Emma said with a big smile creeping across her face.

"How far behind?"

"Two hours or so." Emma then pulled off her tank top revealing her black sports bra "So, care to join me in the shower?"

The two of us quickly stripped and left a trail of discarded clothing on the way to the shower in her trailer. The two of us were nude in the shower making out up against the wall of the stall. Like her costar, Emma was not the curviest of Hollywood starlets, each one did have an asset that set them apart. Anna was stacked up top great breast, Emma had smaller breast with quarter sized, rosy colored nipples. And while Anna had very skinny legs, Emma's were much more shapely and were topped off by maybe her best feature, her bubble butt which I was currently groping with both my hands.

"Mmmmm, tell me how did a skinny white girl like you get such a nice ass."

"Skinny white girl? Really?" Emma laughed. "How's it a dorky white boy like you is so hung?" She asked mockingly as she gripped my cock.

"I work it out and exercise it."

"Oh yeah? Really?" She said with a big broad smile.

"Yeah, can help me out and be my workout partner today?"

"Well, I've already been to the gym today, but I could use some cardio." With that she pulled me back in and we went back to making out.

"You know, I should really help you clean up while we're in here," With that I grabbed the body wash off the shelf and rather than pour it onto a loofah I poured it into my other hand. Emma took the bottle from me and I used my hands to lather up the Oscar winning actress' body. Taking my time as I soaped up her breast, giving her nipples a bit of a pinch and a twist as I passed over them, and also enjoying myself as I used my soapy hands to play with her ass once again. Emma followed my lead, using her hands to spread body wash over my body, with her hands lingering as they went down to my crotch. She carefully soaped up my shaft, essentially giving me another hand job.

"I can't believe this thing actually fit inside Anna. She's so small, I'm surprised you didn't split her in half."

"Well I've tried my best to."

"Oh I heard, trust meEEEE!!!" She squealed at the end as I slid my hand down and slipped two fingers inside her. Emma had her back pressed up against the glass and was pushing her shaved crotch into my hand. As beautiful as her nude body looked I was a bit disappointed to see she had shaved. I knew she was a natural blond but was curious if when she dyed her hair red, like it currently was, if maybe she had matched the rug to the curtains.

As I finger blasted the actress she 'accidentally' knocked the body wash off the shower shelf.
"Oohhh, oops I dropped the soap" she said with fake surprise, moving my hand out of the way, she shifted her body around. She then bent over at the waist, keeping her legs straight, acting like she was actually interested in picking up the bottle, but as she grabbed it she looked up at me over her shoulder and gave me a wink. That was my cue to act, and I did, slapping my cock up against her pussy before sheathing it into her love tunnel. Between how wet she already was and the water from the shower there was little friction as I slid in and out of her pussy.

"Gawd, if I knew how good this would feel I would have busted down the door to Anna's room and demanded a turn instead of just masterbating while I listened to you to go at it."

"You fingered yourself while listening to us?"

"Yeah, every time. Those walls are thin and she can be pretty loud."

"Still eavesdropping is wrong. You should really be punished" With that, I gave Emma's ass a firm slap.

"Ah! Yes, do that again!" She screamed, and I spanked her once more. "Again!" This process repeated several more times before she quickly stood up and spun around. Putting her arms behind my head she jumped up wrapping her legs around me and I pushed her back up against the wall. Slamming in and out of her as fast as I could Emma's breathing was getting faster and faster.

"Quick, bite my nipple!"


"Bite me" She said as she forced my head down to her chest. As my mouth clamped down on her nipple, it set off a chain reaction that ended with her pussy clamping tightly around my dick and her screaming out loud as she came.

"Damn girl, and you said Anna was loud" I said as I continued to drill her up against the shower stall.

"Whatever, just keep fucking me."

"Fine by me" I said and continued to drill her up against the shower stall wall for several more minutes.

"This feels so good… but...let me down, there's something else I wanna do." Dropping her back down she turned off the shower and left the shower grabbing a towel the way out. I quickly followed to her bedroom. Emma didn't use the towel to dry off at all, instead she spread it on her bed before getting up on it on all fours on top of it.

"Come fuck me in the ass." Emma said in a sexy raspy voice.

"You think you can handle me?" I said as I approached her.

"Do you really think I do all those workouts to make my ass look good in a dress on the red carpet? I do it so when I tell some to fuck me in the ass I don't have to ask twice, now stick that big cock in." She said as she shook her booty at me.

I quickly jumped up on the bed behind her, grabbing her waist with one hand and the base of my dick with the other. I didn't even think about lube at all as I placed the head of my cock up against her sphincter, luckily we were both still very wet from the shower. While meet with resistance at first Emma gasped as I finally pushed forward and my cock head squeezed into her anus. After the head got in I slowly slid another 10 inches of dick down the Easy A star's poop chute, and she moaned out in pleasure while I did it.

"Good god" she groaned "You're completely stretching my ass out."

"Yeah I am, and you fucking love it." I say to her as a begin fucking her ass.

"I do! I do love it!" I now had a firm grip on her hips with both my hands and I was pounding away at her.

"Tell me" I said as I gave her ass a slap "who does this ass belong to?" I then gave her another spank.

"It's yours"

"Whose?" **SLAP**

"It's yours! My ass belongs to you and your big dick!"

"Yeah it does!" **SLAP**

I got Emma to cum twice as a fucked her asshole. She no longer was on all fours, but instead was lying on her stomach with her ass up the air and instead of being drenched in water from the shower, her body now had a fine shine of sweat. I had been trying to hold back from cumming for a few minutes but I was starting to lose the battle.

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum. Fuck. Where do you want it?"

"Anywhere. I don't care. So long as we can do this again you can cum where ever you want."

"Your face. I wanna cum all over that pretty face of yours."

"Ummm yeah." Emma moaned as I stabbed her ass one last time before pulling out completely. I got to my feet and stood up on the bed while Emma whipped around kneeling on the bed in front of me. She made sure to tuck her hair back as she looked up at me with her big green eyes. "Do it, please cum on my face," she pleaded as she toyed with her clit.

Looking down at her I beat my meat like as though my life depended on cumming in the next minute. "Yeah, you like when guys cum all over your face?"

"I love it! Even since my first boyfriend did it to me, I've loved feeling a guy shoot his hot load all over my face. Plus it's a well known secret that it's great for you skin. So please cover me with it."

"Ugghhhh." I grunted as I started to cum. The first shot hit her in the forehead above the eye, the next across the cheek. Emma closed her eyes and opened her mouth up wide sticking out her tongue as cum continued to splatter across her face. When it was over her face resembled a toaster strudel and she was laughing.

"Oh my god, are you serious with that huge load?"

"What I thought you said you liked getting a facial."

"Are you kidding I fucking loved it!"

After wiping some cum off her eyelid, she sucked whatever was left in my dick out and then went back to the shower to clean up. I stayed on her bed and relaxed. After she got out of the shower I watched her walk round the room in the dude and we talked as she got dressed for her scene. Once she was dressed I put my clothes on and gave Emma my number saying that if she wants to hangout at all while I'm in town to text me.

Later that night

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, yes" Emma moaned as I fucked her in the ass on her hotel bed. She had called me after dinner for a booty call and I was all too happy to meet her at her hotel room to screw that booty once again.

"Fuck yeah, you like thick cock in your ass." I said as I smacked her ass with left hand.

"God yes, I love it" I kept on pounding her ass until we heard banging on the connecting hotel room door.

"Hey, you guys wanna keep it down" Anna yelled through the door. Without much thought I pulled out of Emma Stone's backside and walked nude over to the connecting door. Opening it up, Anna stood there in a tight t-shirt without a bra and a tiny pair of running shorts. She was a bit startled to see me at first but that quickly faded. "I should have known," Anna said as her eyes scanned my body, lingering at my full erection.

"Yup, and you can either go back to bed, come in and watch us or you can join us. Either way, if you come in those clothes you're wearing stay in your room." Anna looked up at me and then looked over to bed where a naked Emma Stone laid on her stomach and gave Anna a wave.

"I figured it was my turn to have a go with him." Emma told Anna. The Pitch Perfect star then returned her gaze back to me. Whipping off her shirt and dropping her shorts, Anna pushed passed me and walked towards the bed. "Let"s do this" Anna yelled out as she jumped onto the bed next to Emma.