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Thread: "The Girl Next Door" with Jami-Lee Boyle

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    fanfiction "The Girl Next Door" with Jami-Lee Boyle

    The Girl Next Door
    Introducing Jami-Lee Boyle
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, voy, mutual mast, oral, public
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    She was just about the hottest chick in the neighborhood, much less our street, who as it turned out lived right next door to us. Despite being three years my senior, I'm happy to report that Jami-Lee Boyle wasn't opposed to smiling and flirting with me at any and all opportunity, and was as friendly as she was beautiful.

    However, as much as I enjoyed these public gestures, it was behind closed doors where I truly became a fan, since all I'd have to do is look out my bedroom window on any given day and catch her swimming or tanning by the pool.

    Fortunately for me Jami (or JBL as my friends and I came to call her) seemed well aware of the fact that my bedroom window faced her backyard, but it didn't seem to faze her in the least. In fact I dare say she got off on it - knowing she had her own personal fan next door.

    That being said, it was a balmy summer afternoon when I peered out my window only to find her scantily clad in little more than a white two piece bikini, while listening to the radio.

    Now this wasn't an uncommon occurrence, so I took a brief look and went about my usual business, until I suddenly stopped and saw her reach back and unhook her bikini top - leaving her completely and utterly topless. Sadly for me, she lay face down on the towel so I couldn't actually see anything, but that didn't make the incident any less exciting.

    In fact I probably stood there staring at her for another ten whole minutes until she finally reached over to grab a drink and looked up to notice me there. I practically froze like a deer in headlights, but to her credit Jami didn't flinch and simply smiled as she enjoyed her beverage.

    While logic dictated that now was a good time to move away from the window and give her some privacy, I instead watched her apply suntan lotion to her body. I don't mind admitting that at this point I was literally drooling against the window, fantasizing about what it would be like to touch her.

    Being the consummate tease that she was, Jami merely laid back and continued to read her girly magazines, while brandishing a sly grin on her face, knowing full well that I was still up there in the window salivating over her body.

    It took me several minutes to find the courage, but I finally marched downstairs and went over to the side fence to say hello, only to realize the radio was too loud, so I took it upon myself to hop the fence and have a quick chat.

    Thankfully, the blonde bombshell appeared to be in a playful mood and was up for a chat, while I now prayed to the GODS for an accidental nip slip, that never came. However unlike previous instances, Jami suddenly seemed fascinated with my dads new ride (new model JEEP) and remarked how she wished she could go to the beach but didn't have any form of transport.

    Naturally, I was only too happy to oblige and offered to take her to the beach (one day), never thinking she'd actually take me up on the offer immediately.

    "Wait, right now?"

    "Sure," she countered. "Do you have any other plans for the day?"

    We both knew I didn't, but she was gracious enough to ask me anyway.

    "You've got access to the keys, right?" she asked.

    We both knew that what she was asking me to do would get me into a whole lot of trouble, but strangely enough it was almost like she was daring me to do it.

    "Don't dare me to take the truck, cause you know I will."

    "I guess you're fresh out of excuses then,"

    With our destination agreed, Jami got up from the towel (her hands covering her nipples) and rushed into the house to get some supplies before we set off to the local beach. In truth, I wasn't actually sure I'd get away with pinching my old mans new ride, but I knew I wasn't about to let an opportunity like this go to waste. I mean, if anyone was worth the risk, it was her.

    "You're such a great guy to do this for me," Jami smiled as we climbed into the JEEP a few minutes later.

    Truth be told, I was so unprepared by the sudden turn of events I didn't even have any shoes on.

    The ride across town was interesting to say the least since I was only wearing shorts, which were having a hard time concealing my raging hard-on. Just being in her presents was one thing, but every time I looked over at her I'd catch my own breath at the sight of her loose fitting summer dress which flapped around in the wind, flashing me more of her white bikini underneath.

    We briefly talked about her work and friends, and her relationship issues and how she wasn't looking for anything serious – claiming that all she wanted to do now was "play the field" and have some fun, having apparently had some bad experiences of late.

    She even joked about how possessive her ex-boyfriend could be, and how she had considered hooking up with some stranger in a club the night before, just to set him off. This of course had predictable consequences with the two guys getting into a huge fight that almost shut down the entire club.

    "Well I hope we don't run into your ex today," I laughed nervously.

    Funnily enough my comment seemed to frazzle her a bit, as she then suggested that we head out to one of the more secluded beaches where we wouldn't be recognized by any family or friends, and where she could continue working on her tan and go topless. I almost crashed the car when she made the suggestion, but tried my best to act cool.

    We ultimately found a small private cove where I backed up the truck right onto the sand, and thanks to local foliage, managed to stay relatively hidden away from any onlookers while the back of the truck allowed us to lay in the sun.

    "How about we just lay around for a few minutes before we take a dip," she said, while untying her bikini top. "You don't mind do you?"

    I gulped hard as the girl of my dreams now proceeded to undress beside me. Just the smell of her hair combined with the scent of cocoa-nut oil was enough to make me giddy. Thankfully, it was there I was finally granted permission to rub lotion all over her body, and words can't describe how satisfying it was.

    Strangely enough the entire time as I caressed her, all I could think about was what her rugby player boyfriend would do or say if he saw us like this.

    "Mmmm, that's nice." she cooed softly as I massaged her back. "You're really good at this, we should do this more often."

    "Just as long as you're boyfriend isn't around."

    "Nah, no way. Brad would kill us right now if he saw the way you were touching me."

    "Well, that's reassuring." I quipped, making her giggle.

    "Don't worry about it," she winked. "Besides, I'm worth it."

    I didn't doubt it.

    The afternoon was quickly turning out to be the best day of my life, as I not only got to apply syrupy body lotion to her back and hips, but Jami actually turned over and permitted me to caress her chest, and ultimately her bare-naked breasts. To say my hands were trembling, would be an understatement. Particularly since I was so over my head.

    Up until that point I had only dated a handful of girls, most of which were my age or a few years young. And yet here I was with the neighborhood babe, a legitimate MAXIM Magazine model, and who was three years older than me no less. Yep, everything about it was surreal to say the least.

    "Wow," she commented at one point, while noticing the huge TENT in my shorts. "Err, you might want to take care of that."

    "Yeah, suddenly I'm all conflicted," I joked. "Apart of me doesn't want to stop, while another wants to rush home and beat off."

    The stunning model laughed, her perfect breasts jiggling beneath me.

    "Well, don't let me stop you." she quipped. "Wouldn't be the first time its happened."

    Naturally I assumed she was joking, but when I realized what she was insinuating I froze.

    "I mean, you're not shy are you?" she added.

    "Err, not at all. Just wish I had three hands right now."

    "I'm sure you can manage. I don't mind if you only use one," she said, while virtually inviting me to beat off beside her.

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and before I realized whether or not it was a good idea, I used one hand to pull out my cock and slowly stroked it while the other remained on her body, casually caressing her bare hips and belly, and across her tits.

    Her body was simply magnificent, and felt as good as it looked.

    "Mmm, that's so fucking hot." she whispered as she glanced over to watch me stroke my meat.

    Suddenly, I felt her wriggle beneath me and watched her slide her own fingers into her bikini bottoms to play.

    My head was spinning as we now proceeded to mutually masturbate in front of each other, while parked on the secluded beach. It was at this point that I panicked briefly when I heard the sound of several teenagers walk by our vehicle and set up a picnic just feet away from our location.

    I cussed audibly, annoyed at the timing but Jami didn't miss a beat and continued to play.

    "Don't worry about it, just ignore them." she said. "They'll leave eventually."

    "Yeah I know but, god damn it!"

    "Forget them! Do you think you can still cum?"

    I squeezed her natural titties in my hand and assure her I could, "Fuck-yeah, if you keep playing like that I will."

    I then watched her bring her slick fingers up to her lips and suck them into her mouth, before peeling her bikini bottoms down her legs to reveal her fully shaved mound. She just about had the prettiest little pussy I'd ever seen, and I watched spellbound as she initially rubbed her clit before gliding two fingers up into her cunt.

    "Tell me when you're gunna cum okay," she hissed. "I want to feel it shoot all over me."

    My hand seemed to have a mind of its own, as I now jacked off beside her like a man possessed - not wanting to let her down. I took this opportunity to shuffle over so that my cock pointed directly over her tits, and just a few inches away from her face.

    She now pushed two digits up into her cunt and rubbed her clit in earnest, while staring over at my huge cock, her breath wafting over the my purple helmet.

    I watched in awe as she impatiently plunged two fingers deep into her pussy, all the way to its second knuckle. Her body gave an involuntary jerk as it hit some pleasure spot while stretching her poor horny pussy to its limits.

    "God I can't wait to watch you cum," she panted. "I want it all over me. Do you hear me, you better not pussy out."

    "You're so fucking hot Jami," I panted back. "I've dreamed about watching you like this since forever."

    "You better fucking cum for me,"

    She started to pound her fingers to the depths of her sex, bumping her cervix at the bottom of each stroke. Her body was getting involved, rocking her hips in time with her strokes. The fact that we had several local swimmers setting up camp and now kicking around a football nearby only seemed to add fuel to the fire.

    Jami watched me stroke my cock in time with her fingers, my prick shiny with pre-cum. A part of me so desperately wanted to just push her hand away and ram her box with my sword, but I didn't want to risk offending her or going too far, and ruining the moment.

    In any event, the sides of her fingers now glistened with her juices as they plunged deep inside her at rapid succession.

    "Fuck, fuck, I'm gunna cum soon—" she hissed softly. "Do you hear me. You gunna watch me, yeah?"

    I lifted up a little, getting closer to her face, grasping my cock tightly, the head red and pulsing. Watching her on the verge like this was almost too much for me to handle. GODS I wanted her mouth on my cock, so fucking bad. In fact I even began to tap the head of my cock against her chin, but she refused to put it in her mouth.

    "Mm. I bet you want me to wrap my lips around that cock of yours so bad right now, am I right?"

    I placed my hand on her breast and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to moan. Despite all the teasing, she too was just moments away from climaxing, when I decided to go for broke and suddenly slid my hand down her naked body to push away her fingers and cup her mound directly.

    Jami grunted as I slid my finger onto her slit, and wriggled it inside her. She spread her legs as if to welcome my advance, as I parted her inner labia and inserted another finger into her wetness. Her chest heaved up as her breathing got deeper.


    Without thinking, I surprised her yet again by leaning over to kiss her hard on the mouth.

    There was a soft moan as our tongues met and immediately wrestled back and forth. I plunged my fingers deep into her cunt and pushed against the wall above her pubic bone, where I stoked her G-spot hoping to arouse her further.

    The pace of her breathing increased as I then kissed my way down her body, across her neck and breasts, over her belly and hips, before sliding myself between her parted legs. I then pulled my fingers out of her sex and swiftly replaced them with my tongue, taking her breath away. I used two fingers to spread her lips apart as I worked the ball on her clit, her hands now pawing at her own breasts.

    "ah-shit, fuck!" she moaned out loud. "Yes, don't stop."

    I felt a hand on the back of my head as she drove her pussy into my face, while I gulped down her delicious nectar. Her cum had a sweet but bitter taste, and I didn't want to waste a drop, as she continued to grind her hips against me while my tongue slurped loudly at her box.

    "fuck-fuck-fuck," she chanted while getting off, before her breathing eased and her climax subsided.

    I made my way back up beside her and laid on my back, allowing her to roll on top of me. My cock was rock solid and I wanted to fuck her so bad, but again I didn't want to seem too aggressive.

    However, Jami had other ideas and wriggled above me while reaching down between us to grasp my cock. I moaned into the crook of her neck as she guided the head of my bell-end against her slick opening and teased me for a minute - still wet from my tongue lashing, before I finally slid home.

    "Fuck," I grunted as she took me all the way in, clasping me like a warm tight glove.

    I took her tit into my mouth as she carefully impaled herself and proceeded to rock back and forth, using me like her own personal fuck toy. Her long blonde hair hung down across her face, as she increased the tempo of her hips, giving my cock a wild ride.

    I was so fearful of blowing my load too quickly, I had to grab the cheeks of her ass and forced my cock deeper inside. You could hear the slurping sound as my cock slid in and out, and was convinced it was covered with her milky broth. We kissed each other with such intensity it was like we were devouring one another.

    "Pound me baby," she whimpered above. "Just fuck me. Give it to me."

    I was only too happy to oblige, and grabbed her ass with both hands and speared her again and again. I don't know what turned me on more, the tight velvety grip of her pussy or the sexy little whimpering sounds she made in my ear as I pounded her relentlessly.

    I held her close against me as I approached my zenith. She now kissed me hard on the lips and seemed determined to take over and do all the hard work, riding me hard and fast. When I spanked her ass in recognition, she moaned out loud and stopped to shove her entire tongue down my throat - pausing for a moment to swap a mouthful of spit.

    A moment later I could feel my wad explode deep inside her, my entire body twitching wildly as I filled her womb with hot gooey spunk. I could feel it run from her body and on to me, before she finally collapsed and rolled over. I was still in a dazed liked state as she reached down between her legs and scooped up some of the load, sucking it into her mouth.

    "Mm, you taste good."

    "I could say the same for you,"

    Jami smiled and kissed me again.

    "We should do this again, when our folks aren't home."

    The mere notion alone caused my cock to jump, making her giggle.

    "Ha, I see you like that idea." she smiled while squeezing my cock. "Maybe if you're lucky I'll sneak over to your bedroom one of these nights and suck your dick while you sleep."


    "Or maybe you could come over and I can sit on your face, and we could sixty-nine all night long."

    God she knew how to push my buttons.

    "But for right now," she teased. "Time for a swim, to wash off."

    I looked over at the handful of beach goers who only now noticed Jami get up and climb out of the back of the truck, while still topless. Judging from their dumbfounded expressions they were clearly shocked and amazed at the same time.

    "Jami, what about the guys?" I pointed out, reminding her that she was still relatively naked.

    The blonde bombshell simply shrugged.

    "Meh, I don't care. Let them watch."

    I didn't argue. After all, the girl's always loved having an audience.

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    FARRRRRKING HELL!!! What an introduction for one of mine and yours new personal faves. hehe glad to see her story cherry got popped. I think this is just the beginning of seeing this girl around here. :D

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    Yeah this girl drives me MENTAL, unlike any other aussie I know.
    I'll definitely be writing about her again, and again, and again (hopefully)

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    Fuck, fuck, fuck... now that's how you make a first impression.

    Definitely glad you introduced her to the boards, looking forward to whatever future stories, you punch up that feature Jami.

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    Thanks LW, glad you liked it. Yeah I definitely intent to write more about her.
    Down here in Oz she's JUST starting to get some expose, with her being in the latest issue of MAXIM Magazine.
    Hopefully she gets a little more fame, although wouldn't really make any difference to me
    cause I'm absolutely cunt-struck with her.

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