Coyote Ugly – After Hours
Author: Homer A.C
Pairing: F/F
Cast: Lil (Maria Bello), Violet a.k.a Jersey (Piper Perabo), Cammie (Izabella Miko)
and Rachel (Bridget Moynahan)
Usual disclaimers... not mine, not pretending to be mine-no money changes hands, this is just for fun.
Summary: Two of the coyotes have some fun when they’re left to lock up the bar...

Lil had a social life.

To the few girls that knew her, it came as a surprise to find she did anything but work, breathe and live
the Coyote Ugly. Rachel, Cammie and even Violet were quick to exchange looks when Lil delivered the

“I’m going to need one of you to lock up tonight, I’ve got a date.” Lil said, raising her voice above the
deafening music as she swerved in and out of the barmaids, five beers held effortlessly in one hand.

Cammie threw Rachel a look before winking at Violet. “A date, Lil? Who’s the lucky gal?”

Lil managed a smirk, before taking the customer’s cash and shoving it into the cash register.

“*He* happens to be an old friend. Now can you handle this responsibility or do I have to cancel?”

“I can’t. I need to get out as early as possible tonight.” Violet explained, awkwardly pouring shots the
way she'd seen the others do it.

Cammie looked over at Rachel. “We’ll do it Lil. No problem.”

Rachel rolled her eyes and said nothing.

Satisfied, Lil returned her attention to the demanding customers. “Next?”

“Thanks.” Rachel hissed as she passed Cammie to reach for the tequila. “I ain’t staying behind to help
you out. You volunteered, you stay.”

Cammie quickly deposited her customer’s drinks on the bar and walked past Rachel to help the man
leaning so far over the bar he was no longer touching the floor. “Lighten up, Rach. Think of all the fun
we could have.”

Rachel shot a glance at Lil, to make sure she wasn’t in earshot, before turning back. “Does the fact you
have a boyfriend mean anything to you?”

Cammie just laughed. “It never bothered you before.”

Rachel just shook her head in amusement and continued serving.

“Just think about it.” Cammie whispered in Rachel's ear as she passed her by.

Before Rachel could comment, Cammie jumped up onto the bar and began to dance to the rhythm of the
music...conveniently shaking her ass in front of Rachel.

“Two can play that game.” The dark haired girl muttered, lifting herself up there and moving her own
body seductively.

Violet groaned. Another dance on the bar. She was sure she’d never get the hang of it.


“Goodnight, Jersey.” Cammie sang as Violet walked out, leaving her alone. She’d watched as Lil and
Jersey had left, but she hadn’t seen Rachel go. Convinced she’d managed to miss her, Cammie began to
clean up.

“All gone?”

Cammie spun round and grinned at the face that greeted her. “There you are...”

“Thought I’d leave?” Rachel asked, tossing her hair behind her.

“Well, you didn't exactly seem thrilled by the idea, earlier.” Cammie pouted. “Thought maybe you
weren’t interested anymore”

Rachel moved forward, her arms slipping round Cammie’s waist until their pelvises pressed together.
“Now why would you think a stupid thing like that?”

Before Cammie could answer, Rachel swung her round, slamming her back into the bar. She giggled as
she was lifted on top of it, Rachel following her up on all fours. Cammie quickly kicked off her shoes
and shifted back as Rachel grabbed the back of Cammie’s head and pulled their lips together, kissing
wildly until Cammie’s hand slipped up and under Rachel’s top.

Pulling back and breathing hard, Rachel lifted her top off and looked back at Cammie with a smirk. She
partially closed her eyes as delicate hands touched her breasts, teasing her nipples with deliberate ease.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” Rachel hissed, bringing her own hands to Cammie’s, trying to apply more

“That’s me.” Cammie smiled, moving her hands away to remove her own top.

Rachel inhaled as Cammie’s breasts fell from the top, her nipples erect with want. “You don’t know how
much I’ve wanted this since last time.”

“You got me anytime you want, baby.” Cammie murmured, leaning over to kiss Rachel, her hands
returning to her breasts.

Rachel’s own hands slipped down from Cammie’s waist to the waistline of the tight pants she wore.
She carefully undid the zip at the front before slipping her hand inside.

Cammie gasped as Rachel found her target, rubbing against her clit slowly. Cammie’s hips began to
move with Rachel, easing herself up and down as her eyes closed.

“Want some more?” Rachel asked, softly.

Cammie just nodded, biting her bottom lip.

Removing her hand, Rachel pushed Cammie down onto the bar, crawling over the smaller girl and
looking down at her. “Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me, please Rach. I need you so bad...” Cammie whispered.

Pulling back, Rachel tried to pull the pants free from Cammie’s legs. As Cammie lifted her hips to help,
they finally came free, pulling the tiny panties down with them. Taking a moment to just look at the
blonde’s perfect little body, Rachel smiled. “You’re so fucking hot...”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Cammie grinned, her hands playing idly with her nipples as she waited
for Rachel to continue.

Placing her hands on Cammie's ankles, Rachel slid them up the perfectly tanned legs, moving her half
naked body with them. She paused as she got half way, her hands parting Cammie’s legs until she rested
comfortably between them. Her head dipped down as her fingers parted the lips she found there. Her
tongue reached out, flicking across the aching clit.

Cammie’s whole body tensed and a small moan was uttered. Rachel reached out again, this time slowly
circling it until pressing it roughly with her tongue. Her lips and teeth began to play, alternating between
rough and gentle as the petite blonde grasped at the bar with pleasure.

“Fuck...harder...Rach, please...oh fucking good.” She babbled as her whole body began to shake
with the impending orgasm.

Rachel slipped two fingers inside Cammie, thrusting into her as she nibbled on her clitoris. She felt
Cammie tense her legs around her and broke away as the orgasm subsided.

She watched as Cammie began to breath hard, the powerful explosion of pleasure slowly dying down.
She began to remove her own pants and shoes, throwing them behind the bar as she descended on the
younger girl. She carefully straddled Cammie, her cunt only inches away from Cammie’s face.

She grunted as she felt Cammie’s warm tongue dart out to taste her. Rolling her own nipples harshly,
Rachel began to ride Cammie’s face, feeling the tongue fucking her cunt as she went.

Building up an orgasm, Rachel groaned as Cammie sucked on her clit and pushed her over the edge. She
pressed down onto Cammie’s face as the throbbing pleasure pounded inside of her, before finally leaving
her sated.

She swung her leg over and jumped down behind the bar to grab her clothes.

Cammie sat up, breathing out the afterglow, before looking round for her own discarded clothes. A figure
caught her attention and she looked over at the nervous girl standing across the room. It was Jersey.

“ coat.” Violet stammered, her face red with embarrassment.

Rachel stood up from behind the bar, wearing only her pants and looked at Cammie.

They both began to laugh as Rachel helped Cammie down.

“I’ll...just go...” Violet stuttered, rushing out of there without the coat she’d come back to collect.

“You think she’s gonna fit in round here?” Cammie asked, leaning back into Rachel as she felt the arms
wrapping round her waist from behind.

“She’ll learn.” Rachel said with a smile, “We’ll made sure she does,”

The girls laughed then kissed.