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Thread: "Perfect Fit" with Debby Ryan, Miranda Cosgrove and Selena Gomez

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    fanfiction "Perfect Fit" with Debby Ryan, Miranda Cosgrove and Selena Gomez

    "Perfect Fit"
    With Debby Ryan, Miranda Cosgrove and Selena Gomez
    Written by GIGGIDYGOO

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    The warm sun hit my face hurting my eyes as I woke up, still a bit groggy I looked around the room. I was alone on the bed making me wonder if everything that happened last night had been real or if it had just been just an amazing and very realistic dream. I dropped back on the bed when a loud bang stood me back up. Grabbing just a pair of pants I walked out the bedroom into the hallway when I heard the the shower running.

    I approached the bathroom door but then another loud bang coming from the kitchen caught my attention. I walked into the kitchen to find my niece Debby Ryan looking through the cupboards, wearing one of my shirts. She turned and smiled at me.

    "Hey, Uncle Joe" Debby ran over and kissed me "how did you sleep?"

    "I slept fine sweetie, uh, what are you doing."

    "Well I was going to fix breakfast, but it hasn't really gone the way I thought." gesturing to a stack of burnt pancakes.

    "So instead I was going to make some ham and eggs but I can't find the ham."

    I laughed making Debby blush, embarrassed at her failed attempt at cooking. Upset at my outburst the Disney star took a seat with her head down pretending to cry.

    "Oh, honey. I didn't mean to..."

    "I just wanted to thank you for last night" she sobbed.

    "With everything you and Miranda did last night I should be the one making breakfast."

    We shared a smile then walked over and picked up the spatula on the counter making the shirt lift up a bit allowing me to see her cute round cheeks.

    "I want an omelet" the blonde hottie joked now in a better mood.

    Feeling my dick waking up I grabbed Debby by the waist.

    "I know something you'll enjoy more"

    Looking down and seeing my newly erect penis the teen grinned then looked up at me again before we embraced in a long passionate kiss. I undid my pants and maneuvered myself out of the piece of clothing. With her tongue in my mouth I took a hold of each cheek lifting her, Debby's legs wrapped around me, I walked her over to the kitchen table. Debby moaned into my mouth as my erection rubbed in between her tight ass and her pussy soaked the base of my manhood.

    I placed her on the table top while she pulled my shirt over her head and flung it to the floor. We kissed again, out tongues wrestled while my hands fondled her amazing chest, tweaking her puffy nipples. I squeezed and pulled at each nipple stretching them making Debby's lips part from mine to let out a loud groan. I kissed her neck and using my body weight I pushed her down, pinning her to the table.

    The Disney star wrapped her hands around my neck, her legs still holding my waist and the tip of my cock teasing her longing pussy.

    "I love you Uncle Joe" Debby cooed as she felt her sex burning to feel my meat inside of her.

    "I love you too" I whispered, really meaning it.

    "Make love to me Uncle Joe, please make love to me"

    With that I slowly entered the busty teen. We stared into each other eyes as I gently penetrated her repeatedly. We could feel something more between us then just sex, something real. It was weird thinking that I could have these type of feelings for my own niece, but after all we had been through, the feelings we had for one another felt right.

    I increased my hip movement just enough that the table began to move with every thrust. Our lips slightly touched before they were separated every time by my invasion of her young wet cunt. Debby's nails dug into my back but the pain felt so good that in return I stuffed my entire length into the teen actress's womb. The TV star arched her back as my cock touched a nerve that had never been touched before, making her body tense up.

    Debby's moaning rang loud in my ears when I rotated my hips from side to side making my hard flesh rub her inner walls more intensely sending a shock wave through her entire body. It was all too much for the blonde teen, she couldn't control her body anymore and in an instant of complete and utter pleasure Debby had the greatest orgasm she had ever experienced.

    The sensation of my niece as she climaxed sent me over the edge making me pump load after load of my man juice into my beautiful lover. As our orgasms subside we laughed. With the remainder of my erection still inside her we kissed once more.

    "U hum"

    Debby and I looked up in the direction of the sound to find Miranda Cosgrove standing at the kitchen door in a towel. Lost in the heat of the moment we had forgotten that Miranda had been in the shower the entire time.

    "Am I interrupting something" Miranda clearly upset with both me and Debby for not including her in our resent sexual experience.

    I pulled out of Debby, she moaned, and gestured Miranda to join us. As Miranda walked across the kitchen she held open the towel, showing off her slender and wet body, before letting the towel drop behind her.

    "Why didn't you wait for me?" Miranda made a sad face

    "We waited for you but you know Debby, she get very impatient" Debby, still laying on the table, gave me a playful kick.

    "Well then I think there is only one thing to do" Miranda gave me a naughty grin.

    "What would that be?" I played along.

    "I think she should watch us fuck" A devious look covered Miranda's face

    I looked at Debby which nodded in agreement. With that settled Miranda kissed me hard, her body against mine wetting it. I pulled her head back by her hair as I kissed her all over while my hand molested the teen star's wet clam. I stabbed two fingers into her as we tumbled to the kitchen counter were I turned her over. Knowing what do Miranda rested her body on the counter and raise her pale ass in the air.

    "What would you like today?"

    Looking over her shoulder and without talking Miranda gripped my throbbing hardness while she moved her body back placing my mushroom tip at her backdoor. I smiled to myself thinking that thanks to me, and Debby, Miranda now enjoyed anal sex. I held her by the hips and stared at her firm pale ass before separating her cheeks with my hard rock dick, which still had cum residue.

    Unlike Debby, I was fucking Miranda hard, spreading her bottom to enter her until the base of my erection made contact with her clenching hole. The brunette's legs flailed between my legs as I pushed hard into her. I did my best to hold her down but her squirming body made it difficult.

    "Your in so deep, I want more" Miranda hissed

    "Oh you'll get more"

    I pulled Miranda by the hair and took her over to the table. There Debby looked on as I ravaged her friend's behind while she stuffed three fingers knuckle deep into her sopping wet cunt. The TV stars moaned in unison. I grabbed Debby's hand and yanked it out of her womanhood and jammed the three juice covered fingers into her friend's mouth. Miranda sucked on the three fingers before I pulled them away from her and aggressively returned them to into Debby's pussy.

    Miranda whimpered as I returned my attention to destroying her teen ass. Despite having a similar treatment the night before, Miranda's ass was still pretty tight. Wanting to change that I revved up the speed almost to the brink of breaking my hip.

    Every second that passed I could feel my body have it's usual reaction before I was ready to finish. With nothing left before I came I rammed into the firm little rump like never before making Miranda scream in pain and of course pleasure. Just as I felt my seed escape me I pushed Miranda's noisy head and pushed it down against my niece's sex making her moan out loud as she rubbed her juice covered fingers all over her body.

    Once finished I slowly retreated from Miranda as her rectum tighten as if begging for my member to stay. Once I freed my cock I ran it along Miranda's body wiping of any goo that was left.

    "Ok, let's go eat" I quipped.

    Once the three of us got ready we hopped into my car and drove off. Seeming that both girls were used to going to more upscale places we drove half way across town to a place that met their standards. We grabbed a table near the back, for more privacy, and took our seats. Debby sat next to me while Miranda sat across from her blonde friend. We ordered our food and chatted when in the middle of our meal both Tv stars shrieked as they saw someone they knew walk up to our table.

    I looked up to see one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on, even thought she was dressed in just jean and a t shirt, she managed to look amazing. The three friends hugged and said their hellos before Debby finally turned to me.

    "Uncle Joe, she is Selena Gomez. Selena, he's my Uncle Joe."

    We shook hand as we both automatically said "nice to meet you", I genuinely meaning it.

    "So do you want to join us?" Miranda quickly added.

    "I would but I'm not alone" just then, what I thought was a girl came running up to Selena.

    "Hey babe, I got your bag from the car."

    "Thanks" Selena said annoyed.

    Not wanting to be rude Selena presented the so called boy as her boyfriend Justin. As soon as I heard those words come out of the gorgeous teen's mouth my mind went crazy, searching for an explanation as to why such an attractive goddess was in a relationship with a 16 year old douche. I quickly shook that idea out of my head as Debby and Miranda had convince Selena to have a seat at our table even thought she had undesired company at her side.

    Selena sat across from me while the little twerp took a chair from an adjacent table and sat next to my new crush. Seeing that we had new people at our table the waiter walked over to take their order. Ordering for both of them, Selena made it quite obvious that she was the boss in the relationship. As the waiter walked away Selena turned to both of my lovely companions.

    "Are you guys wearing the same clothes as yesterday?" Both girls looked at each other as if trying to communicate telepathically.

    "Yeah its just that we were a bit tipsy and we didn't want to deal with our parents, so we crashed at my Uncle's" Debby sighed in relief as she finished telling her lie.

    "Really?" Selena looked at me, I nodded while I took another bite of my food.

    "Your lucky to have and uncle that cool" Selena seemed impressed.

    "I really am" Debby gleamed as she ran her hand along my leg under the table making me jump a little.

    "Yeah and this way we have an excuse to go shopping" Miranda added.

    The four of us continued the small talk throughout the entire meal while I laughed internally every time the fifth wheel tried to show Selena some affection only to be reject. Once we finished I asked for the check when the waiter informed that it had already been taken care of. Knowing that neither Debby or Miranda would of paid since I had been the one to invite them the only other person that could of done that was Selena.

    I said nothing but I did feel upset about the whole thing as my pride as a man had been hurt. As we headed the three starlets made plans for the rest of the day but feeling like too much of a crowd we decided that not everyone was going.

    "Hey, sweetie" Selena turned to the annoyance "I forgot something at home could you please go and get it"

    "Sure, babe, what is it?"

    "You'll know when you find it" Selena responded

    With that the pest jumped into his car and drove of while Debby, Miranda and I laughed at the entire thing. Once we got into my car the ladies instructed me to head to fancy boutique that they frequented. Wanting to keep my girls happy and to keep a good impression Selena, I did as I was told even thought it wasn't the way I wanted to spend an afternoon.

    As we entered the boutique I noticed that it was completely empty. Noting my confusion Debby explained that they had called in advance so that the shop could be cleared, allowing the actresses to shop without having a fan come up to them every five seconds. Totally impressed, I followed the teens as I went through a list of other perks famous people might have.

    As I ran out of thing to add to my mental list I began to be filled with boredom as I waited for the girls to through rack after rack of clothing. Hours passed when they finally decided on a handful of things to try on. Each girl took a turn modeling the clothes while the other two gave their critique. I on the other hand sat back and enjoyed as Debby then Miranda gave a fashion show while I impatiently waited for Selena's turn.

    As the "Wizard of Waverly Place" went into the changing room Miranda told Debby of some jewelry they had to check. Watching as both girls hurried over to the accessories I decide that this was the perfect time to confront the Disney star.

    "Can I talk to you?"

    "Sure" Selena responded

    "Did you pay for lunch?" I went straight to the punch

    "Yes, I did" the casualness in her voice annoyed the hell out of me

    "Well I was going to pay" I continued

    "What's the big deal about who paid?"

    "Well..It's" I stuttered as I thought to myself looking for an explanation that didn't make me seem like an asshole.

    "Never mind" I gave up trying to explained but Selena quickly caught on as if reading my mind.

    "Did my paying make you feel less like a man?" she taunted

    "What? No" my voice shaky

    "I can tell it did"

    I cursed at my voice for giving me away.

    "Look I'll tell you what. How about we go for some ice cream and you can pay then?"

    I couldn't believe Selena was trying this to pull this crap on me. The anger I felt was too much that it stopped my brain from thinking correctly.

    I flung the dressing door open
    "Look here you little bitch I'm not your piece of crap boyfriend that you can treat however the fuck you want, you got that?"

    Shocked by my barging in Selena stood frozen but not backing down.

    "I will treat you how ever I want" she quipped

    "I will"

    "You will what?" she challenged

    Just then some of my anger was replaced by lust as I realized that Selena was standing in front of me in nothing but a pair of black lace boy shorts. As I marveled by the young stars voluptuous body only one thought popped into my mind as a devious expression filled my face.

    "You'll see what I'll do"

    With that closed the door and charged forward grabbing Selena by the throat and pinning her against the wall. Fear overtook Selena as she tried to set herself free from my grip.

    "Let me go" she yelp but I just squeezed my hand tighter around her neck.

    Her face turned red as her oxygen supply decreased and her continuing attempts to escaped me didn't help.

    "You said you wanted to see what I would do, well now I'm going to show you."

    I grabbed one of her tits, which were bigger than I had initially thought, and stuffed it in my mouth. She did her best to try and push me away but my grip on her deterred anymore attempts. I kept sucking on her tan nipple while I placed my hand inside her underwear feeling my way along her folds. I moved away from the glorious breasts and stared into Selena's teary eyes.

    Seeing the amount of pain in Selena's eyes my conscious kicked in telling me to stop but just I loosened my choke hold Selena got enough air to speak.

    "I knew you weren't a man. You're just a weak pussy"

    Taken aback by the brunettes comment I look at the teen once more and realized that it wasn't fear that I saw in her eyes but lust. Being the one in control in her so called relationship all she wanted was for someone to take charge. To my luck I had been the one to respond in this manner making her deeply attracted to me. Knowing what I had to do I returned my attention at my hand that was still at her pussy and jammed two fingers into her moist cunt.

    I pressed my lips against hers as my fingers repeatedly plunged into her making Selena wetter. As my fingers explored more of Selena's pussy the TV actress began grinding her hips to the rhythm of my hand. Taking this as an invitation to continue I decide to add not one but two more fingers into play. I pulled at her boy shorts, my fingers getting Selena's juices all over her underwear, until they finally slipped down the Disney stars smooth legs.

    I pushed half of my hand into the soaked tight pussy, Selena bit my lip drawing blood and letting it go into her mouth.

    "You little fucking bitch" I snapped while she smiled at what she had done.

    I spit in the teen's face catching her off guard. The wad of saliva ran down her cheek while she looked at me with a mix of hatred, lust and pleasure. I noticed that Selena was collecting her own saliva to retaliate but before she could do anything I wiggled my fingers inside her private treasure making her swallow her own spit as she moaned loudly.

    I knew we weren't alone, that just outside this small room was my niece, Debby Ryan, her friend Miranda Cosgrove and a couple of employees. At this point I didn't care if anyone could hear what was happening in the dressing room, all I wanted was to teach this teen slut a lesson.

    I pulled my hand out as it dripped with Selena's juices, needing something to clean my hand of I decided that Gomez's mouth was the perfect place. Not fighting me too much anymore the teen star opened her mouth ready to taste herself. As soon as a drop of her woman water hit the teen's mouth she impatiently lunged for my hand. Feeling in a playful mood I moved my hand away at every attempt she made to get my hand in her mouth.

    To torture her even further I liked my own fingers getting every last drop of Selena's juice making her disappointed. As the Selena's flavor began to fade from my mouth I turned her around, bending her over in front of the full body mirror. My mouth only centimeter away from the teen's pink snatch. I flung my self forward plunging my tongue between the star's meaty lips while my thumb caressed her clit.

    My mind reeled at the amazing taste of Selena Gomez's teen pussy. I kissed her meat curtains before pulling at them with my mouth which only made the teen sensation wetter. I couldn't believe at how horny Selena got every time my tongue made contact with her intimate area. As I held her round cheeks opened I noticed the Disney star's puckered little asshole and with out thinking it twice I ran my tongue over her tight orifice, plastering it with saliva. I pressed my tongue flat against her rear end before inserting it as deep as I could go into the brunette's backdoor.

    Selena squirmed at the new sensation. I moved my tongue in and out of the rear end when I thought to myself "why let my mouth have all the fun?" With that in mind I stood up behind Selena and told her to spread her legs open to which she shook her head.

    "I said open you legs you fucking slut" I growled

    I slapped my hand across both of the teen's butt cheek leaving a red mark. The stinging made her obey and I quickly pulled down my pants and rubbed my hard flesh on along Selena's clam before pushing into her and penetrating her completely. I stuffed her repeatedly like rabbits in heat making her purr.

    Feeling her body tremble in pleasure I realized that this wasn't punishment Just as I began to think of something that would really teach her a lesson I looked down and saw her gleaming moist asshole and letting a devilish smile show I pulled out of the young cunt and aimed at the Selena's back door. When the young teem felt my mushroom tip brush her rim her ayes grew wide.

    She had enjoyed everything that I had done to her getting her ass fucked really truly terrified her. Seeing the horror in the star's eyes I chuckled and thrusted. The tip made an entrance but the of my length had trouble entering the tight bum. Not wanting to be defeated I pushed harder while Selena gritted her teeth at the extreme pain her body was going through.

    I slowly crept deeper inside, now truly torturing Selena. The actress yelped as inch by inch her rectum was invaded by my rod. I stopped halfway before I began my journey out until only my mushroom tip kept her hole stretched. I repeated the treatment a few times, meanwhile the violation of Selena's behind had turned her pain into complete pleasure as she joined by pushing herself back against me.

    In a moment of weakness Selena broke her silence.

    "Fuck me faster Joe" she shrieked

    Surprised by Selena's comment I did the opposite.

    "You want me go fuck you faster?" Selena simply nodded "Well the you're going to have to beg."

    Feeling ashamed at what she was doing, but also wanting it so bad, Selena took matters into her own hands and impaled herself on my rod. I put one hand on her buttocks while I used the other one to pull her head back by her hair.

    "What do you think you're doing?" I snipped at her before slapping her across the face.

    "You know what you have to do you little slut."

    Having no other choice Selena opened her mouth to speak.

    "Please fuck me faster Joe" she mumbled

    "I can't hear you" I pulled harder at her hair "and it's Uncle Joe"

    Taking a deep breath she spoke raising her volume.

    "Please fuck me faster...Uncle Joe" this time her voice cracked

    "That's better, but tell me why I should fuck you"

    I saw the reflection of her puzzled look. Feeling generous I gave her a hint.

    "Because your a little..."

    "I'm a little slut"

    "That's right. Now, say it all together" the entire thing drove Selena crazy but her hornieness overshadowed every other feeling.

    "Please fuck me Uncle Joe, because I'm a little slut." the 18 year old snapped

    With that said I viciously banged the tight hole, the strength of my thrusts pressed Selena's face against the mirror. The moaning got louder while I enjoyed the pulsating muscles around my cock. I kept bashing the round bum until my entire manhood was engulfed to its entirety. I could feel I was close to coming when I saw the reflection of Selena moaning with her mouth fully opened.

    At that moment I knew I couldn't finish until I had felt the teen mouth on my cock.

    "Do you want to taste yourself now?"

    "Yes" she whispered

    "Then you know what to do" The pleasure I got from torturing Selena like this was incredible.

    "Please let me taste myself Uncle Joe, because I'm a little slut" she cooed

    I thrusted into her backside a few more times before returning to the brunette's cunt. The slapping sounds of her rump slapping my body grew loud while my cock got fully covered in Selena's juices.

    In one move I pulled out of Selena's clam, swung her around and pushed her to her knees. I stared as the Disney star gulped as she knew what was coming next. Just then with no warning at all I rammed my slick cock into the teens tiny mouth, her lips stretched to the max as my hardness ran along the top of the actress's wet tongue.

    Not much of my cock went in before I reached the back of Selena's throat making her gag. I tricked the teen by beginning to pull out, giving her the idea that I was going to let her rest, when I plowed forward once more. I held her head as I proceeded to fuck her mouth. A few minutes of choking the teen celebrity with my dick I began to feel exhausted, after all I had fucked Debby and Miranda earlier, I decided to let then Selena take control as I rested against the wall and enjoyed.

    With her newly found freedom Selena continued sucking me but with out stuffing her precious mouth. Her head bobbed up and down at lighting speed before she took the meat out of her mouth and ran her tongue all over my erection.

    "Oh fuck yeah, just like that" I moaned as Selena trace each vain with her tongue.

    Her head lowered to my groin as her skillful tongue fondled my sack while her hand rapidly traveled up and down my length. The pleasure was too much when my mind was blown by her next action. I looked down and saw Selena insert on of my balls into her mouth gently followed by the other one. I couldn't believe it, Selena Gomez had my ball sack completely in her mouth to the point were her lips were against my skin.

    I could feel as the saliva collected on my groin as Selena swirled her tongue around. Thinking that this was all that the teen star had up her sleeve, I was happily surprised when the teen began to hum. The vibration of her mouth sending an intense feeling of pleasure that I had never felt before. That was the final straw, I couldn't stop myself, as my body tensed up. I pulled Selena by the hair.

    "I'm coming" I moaned

    Making a loud smooching sound my sack flung from her mouth. A string of cum escaped me landing on Selena's chest and neck before my dick finally enter her mouth and pumped the rest of my sticky cream down her throat which she expertly swallowed. As I removed my cock Selena gripped it and ran her tongue ll along the underside of my satisfied member, swirling her tongue around the tip. She then place the end of her tongue in my cock's eye and as she moved it away one last string of goo landed in her mouth.

    Totally beat, I put my pants back on then watched as Selena struggled to bend over as she tried to grab her clothes. After a while she finally dressed and I walked over to her.

    "Did you learn your lesson?"

    Selena nodded then headed for the dressing room door. We walked out of the changing area were Debby and Miranda were standing and giggling.

    "I needed help with something" Selena tried to explain, completely embarrassed.

    The star walked passed her two friends and headed for the register followed by Miranda, while Debby stayed back with me.

    "How was she Uncle Joe." Debby whispered

    "She was amazing"

    We smiled at each other before joining the other two girls who were already on their way out.

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    Unbelievably good...thanks once again

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    debby ryan is so hot

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    Well since its been requested, the next one will be the just the iCarly girls.

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    Brill story! :D Looking forward to the Icarly one :).

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    Just another thing, when will the Icarly one be done? :)

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